Ød Lot
2009 March CD UK United Dairies UDCD201
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Track Listing
  1. A Jigsaw With 2 Pieces - Colin Potter (6:26)
  2. Frog's Porn - Colin Potter (5:42)
  3. The Tadpole Variations: Swamp Things - Andrew Liles (2:23)
  4. The Tadpole Variations: Caravan Of Love - Andrew Liles (1:10)
  5. The Tadpole Variations: Compost, Mildew, Moss - Andrew Liles (2:59)
  6. The Tadpole Variations: Toad In The Hole - Andrew Liles (4:39)
  7. The Tadpole Variations: Two Tailed Tadpole - Andrew Liles (2:46)
  8. Fine Writin' - Steven Stapleton (8:27) [dd15107]
  9. Let Sleeping Toads Lie - M. S. Waldron (17:33)
Sleeve Notes
Colin Potter
1. A Jigsaw With 2 Pieces
recorded in Rome & Preston, with thanks to D. Cascella for the voice
2. Frog's Porn
an accidental tangent

Andrew Liles
3.-7. The Tadpole Variations:
A. Swamp Things B. Caravan of Love C. Compost, Mildew, Moss D. Toad in the Hole E. Two Tailed Tadpole
recorded from Nov 2008 to Feb 2009 at the Bear Den, Brighton, UK
lead vocal on 'Toad in the Hole' by Melon Liles
the 'Toadpole Variations' is dedicated to Colin Potter, Steven Stapleton and Matt Waldron and all who sail in them.

Steven Stapleton
8. Fine Writin'
with Hazel Two Twiggs: words & voice, Drew Daniel: detailed scrapings, Colin Potter: testicular randomisation

M. S. Waldron
9. Let Sleeping Toads Lie
recorded at Felton Empire Studios, Jan-Feb 2009
this track was created solely through the manipulation of oatmeal

front cover and layout: M. S. Waldron
back cover: Babs Santini
inner panel: Andrew Liles
disc image: Colin Potter