When The May Rain Comes
1996 CD UK United Durtro UDOR4
1000 In card sleeve
Free with first 1000 copies of Ultrasonic Seraphim by Sand
Track Listing
  1. When The May Rain Comes (3:24) [c93unveiled] [rotorcd0010]
Michael Cashmore
David Kenny
Sleeve Notes
Unreleased version from the Thunder Perfect Mind sessions, May 1992. David Tibet: vocals, Michael Cashmore: guitar, David Kenny: bass, Rose McDowall: backing vocals, Steven Stapleton: drones. Mixed by Steven Stapleton, with the assistance of Denis Blackham and David Tibet. Composed by Sand, arranged by Current 93. © United Durtro 1996. (p) Ourobouros 1996. Made In England

This CD is given away free with the first 1,000 copies of Ultrasonic Seraphim by Sand, and is not to be sold separately.

God Bless The VerySound of VerySand!
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