The Legendary Pink Dots
Live in Dallas - April 20, 1989

US VHS Videophile Magazine

  1. Casting the Runes
  2. Maniac
  3. The More it Changes
  4. Black Zone
  5. Talent Contest
  6. Thursday Night Fever
  7. Black Castles
  8. Blacklist
  9. Poppy Day
  10. Princess Coldheart
  11. I Dream of Jeannie

The Silver Man
Edward Ka-Spel
Niels van Hoorn

This is a poor quailty, semi-official release, one in a series of live performance videos of various artists released by Videophile Magazine.
After the live footage, there is a long sequence of a burning house, followed by an interview with Edward.
There is also another version with a different cover. Instead of the burning house and interview, it has Edward doing a reading of the lyrics to "Der Schrei", a German interview with Edward, and a performance of "Talent Contest" that appears to be from European television.

The quality of the video was ok, but the shaky camera made it quite unpleasant to watch. But as for the performance - I was not too impressed. There were three people - EKS on vocals and occasional keyboards, Silverman on keyboards, and Niels Van Hoorn who was playing woodwinds (clarinet and sax). Edward gave a great performance, and was quite energetic, and the silverman handled his end quite well, but the clarinet player was obnoxiously loud and unnecessary - they used the clarinet/sax in place of almost every other instrument except synths (and sometimes even in place of synths!), and he was so loud and piercing that you couldn't hear the rest of the music without blasting it, and then the clarinet really hurt my ears. oooooo I hate that!!! Even my favorite songs, "The More It Changes" and "Poppy Day" were butchered. Strange though - the live version of Poppy Day on Greetings 9 sounds so much better. I think he was just trying to show off how great of a sax/clarinet player he was, and I suppose he really was good, but he was playing at the expense of the rest of the band. The final song, I Dream of Jeannie, is available on Traumstadt 1 and the ltd edition CD3 from Maria Dimension, btw. The two recorded versions are quite different (the CD version is better IMHO, especially since it has violins in it), but the live version was not bad at all; the first time I heard the song was on this video, as a matter of fact. The version of Thursday Night Fever is totally different from the one on the Pink Box, and I think it is much better. There is a very lame interview with all 3 members of the band, which lasts over half an hour, tacked onto the end of the tape. - Alan Ezust