The Art Of Noise
State Of The Art
UK 3xCD China Records WOL 1075
  1. Opus 4 (Youth Remix)
  2. Opus For 4 (Youth Remix)
  3. Nothing Was Going To Stop Them Anyway (Youth Remix)
  4. Crusoe (Youth Remix)
  5. Island (Youth Remix)
  6. Camilla (Youth Remix)
  7. Ode To Don Jose (Youth Remix)
  8. Counterpoint (Youth Remix)
  9. Roundabout 727 / Ransom In The Sand (Youth Remix)
  10. Eye Of A Needle (Youth Remix)
  11. Robinson Crusoe (Youth Remix)
  12. A Nation Rejects (Youth Remix)
  13. Art Of Love (7" Edition)
  1. Instruments Of Darkness (All Of Us Are One People) (The Prodigy Mix)
  2. Yebo (Interlude 1) (A Mark Gamble Mix)
  3. Roller 10 (The Rhythmatic Mix)
  4. Back To Backbeat (The Robert Gordon Mix)
  5. Shades Of Paranoimia (The Carl Cox Mix)
  6. Ode To A O.J. (Interlude 2) (A Mark Gamble Mix)
  7. Catwalk (The Ground Mix)
  8. Dragnet And Peter Gunn Have A Day At The Races (Interlude 3) (A Mark Gamble Mix)
  9. Legs (The Graham Massey Mix)
  10. L.E.F. (The Mark Brydon Mix)
  11. I Of The Needled (The Sweet Exorcist Mix)
  12. Crusoe (The LFO Mix)
  13. The Art Of Slow Love (Youth Remix)
  14. No Sun (Interlude 4) (A Mark Gamble Mix)
  1. Something Always Happens (Doc Scott Remix)
  2. Ode To Don Jose (Dom & Roland Remix)
  3. Art Of Love (I.L.S. Remix)
  4. Yebo (Lightfoot Remix)
  5. Opus 4 (PFM Remix)
  6. Island (Seiji Remix)
  7. Camilla The Old Old Story (J Majik Remix)
  8. Kiss (Haitian Vampire Mix)
  9. Eye Of A Needle (Lemon D Remix)
  10. Peter Gunn (Flyright Remix)
  11. Crusoe (Aquasky Remix)
This is a 3xCD box repackaging "The Ambient Collection", "The Fon Mixes" and "The Drum And Bass Collection"