Cabaret Voltaire
B-Side #45, July 1994

Kirk on 'The Conversation' album:
"There's one track on there, it's the very long track ['Project 80'], that reminds me of very early Cabaret Voltaire. It actually has a sample from 'Red Mecca' on there so maybe that's what it's all about!"

Kirk on Mallinder's involvement in Cabaret Voltaire:
"Mal's taken a bit of a back seat for the last few records ['Plasticity', 'International Language', 'The Conversation'] and just let me get on with it which is what I am good at and what I enjoy doing."
[Richard relates that Mal made the move to Australia after the album ['The Conversation'] was recorded in November of 1993]

Kirk on Mallinder's vocals:
"I always preferred the more spartan whispery vocals. Then Mal moved away from that and started getting into singing which I didn't feel was right. There was this nagging notion that it didn't feel like the Cabs when Mal deliberately decided to sing on 'Laidback'. No, it didn't. It started to sound more like Phil Collins which was very disturbing."

Kirk on playing live gigs:
"I have no great desire to run out and stand on stage whether it be in America or England or somewhere more exotic."

Kirk on reuniting with Mallinder:
"I was thinking about going to Australia and doing some recordings out there. If I can engineer the circumstances, I want go. And it's nice and warm there as well."

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