Cabaret Voltaire
Get Out #5, 1988

[The press release that comes with a Hula compilation LP lists Nort's involvement with many 'cult' bands such as Cabaret Voltaire, Chakk and Hula. So how did this association with all of these bands arise?]

Nort: " Everybody started off together at about the same time, although only the two guys from the Cabs, Richard and Mal, and myself come from Sheffield, the other people came from college. At the end of '79/'80 a lot of people had similar interests."

[In 1981 'The Surface Mutants' saw the light of day, this was a collaboration between Nort and the Cabs...]

Nort: "Well with the Cabs, because me, Richard and Mal were mates we used to meet and use a studio on the cheap to do a single we were working on. At about this time there was this guy called Wally from the band Junk who was doing a benefit gig for a friend who had been busted for drug smuggling in Spain. Wally asked the Cabs to do this benefit, they agreed as long as it was under a different name. I said that I would like to do something, so we had a few rehearsals and played the gig at the university. The money got the guy out of prison.

Because of that, the tracks we did came out on a bootleg, it was meant to be legal but the guy did a bad one on us and made loads of money. We thought that we'd get something out of it, we recorded the four live tracks with four others which came out as the Cabs '2x45' album."

Digital assistance and credit: Simon Dell

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