The Legendary Pink Dots
ARTeFACT, 1998

by Fabrice Le Sceller

"I thank you very much for agreeing answering to my questions, Edward. There is really little number of bands acting so 'friendly' with their fans... ARTeFACT zine french readers are really fond of the Dots, and so do I! Your solo gig in Nantes last month was absolutely fabulous, and we wrote about it in our latest issue.

Well, here are some questions I'd like to ask you:

1)You've just finished to record the 'Hallway of God' successor, whose name might be 'Nemesis on-line'.Can you tell us more about this new album? Which are the points in common he would have with'Hallway...'? And the main differences?

EKS:Strangely it's taken a different direction to "H'way". Faster, heavier,though still dense in it's sound. Why the twist ....I don't know. It was recorded right after the US tour in '97 with the band on a high.

2)Being myself connected to the cloud-zero e-mail mailing list, I know that you've got many fans in the USA (perhaps due to your american label).Do you think you're now more famous than during the last 80's? For example, can we know (in average) how many copies of a new album you usually sell around the world ?

EKS:Hard to say exactly how many albums we sell.Just enough to stay alive - but we had much more success in the early 90's around the time of "Maria Dimension". At the moment we have no distribution in Europe and it's hurting us quite badly- although things have never been better in the States.

3)I think the Triple Moon Tribute is now about to be realeased... Was it one of your idea? Have you still listened to some of these covers? What is your opinion about it?

EKS:Not my idea- but I think it's really OK.Haven't heard any of the covers yet.

4)Do you admit THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS can have a positive influence on people's lives? When writing a song, are you counscious that one particular song can play a part in someone's life? Are you feeling responsible of it in some extent?

EKS: Sure. I met one guy who told me he was considering suicide until he heard "Methods" which made him laugh.Don't know if hat's true...but it made me feel good...

5)Although your music is quite often made with dark tunes, I do believe that 'happiness' is one of the main important themes in your music. Do you agree ? What represents the concept of 'happiness' specially for you, Edward ?

EKS: Happiness? Doing what I want how i want it when I want , while harming no-one in the process.

6)I heard about a project album with David Tibet (C93). Will it be soon realeased? What kind of music is it?

EKS: It's a project not yet realised, but I'd love it if it happens...

7)You of course had known about Rozz William's suicide... What did you think about this particular man and his music?

EKS: Don't know his music.But a sad story,nonetheless.

8)One last word to say to ARTeFACT's french readers? I hope you will be soon in Paris after this poorly cancelled show...

EKS:We want to come to Paris later this year.we were angry that the show didn't happen.