Fridge - The Sun
1. The Sun
2. Clocks
3. Our Place In This
4. Drums of Life
5. Eyelids
6. Oram
7. Comets
8. Insects
9. Lost Time
10. Years and Years and Years

1) 'The Sun' is out now and available at all good record stores, including our own.

2) Thanks to everyone who came to see us play this year. We really appreciate it. Feel free to come and say hi on our myspace page. We probably won't play again until, next summer, so we'll see you when it gets warm again.

3) Contact us at if you want to get in touch with, interview or book the band.


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If you live in the US, please buy our records from Temporary Residence.
If you live in continental Europe, please pick them up from Domino Records.

Also available

HappinessHappiness is available on CD from and at (US CD/LP). It is also available through Domino in Europe and P Vine in Japan.

Eph ReissueEPH has been reissued in the US. It's a Temporary Residence release.


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From 'The Sun':
The Sun