About Music Permissions

Hi there,  I'm an avid listener of the Brainwashed podcast.  I am currently
recording my own podcast here in LA. As a longtime brainwashed reader
and fan of the brainwashed artist roster, I would like to ask about the
feasibility of using select music in my own podcast. What might I have to
do to get this accomplished ?

There has been big news recently about the RIAA coming down on Adam Curry for
using music that isn't 'podsafe' and this has forced many podcasters like
myself to research different options. I come to you guys first because I want
to expose listeners to artists that I personally love. We aren't a radio show
so I won't be playing songs in their entirety; rather I would like to showcase
song segments or as something in the background. I would give on air credit at
all times, and follow that up with links on our webpage showing listners where
they might purchase material from the aritst.

Anyway, tell me what the rules are on this game. I'm new to all of this so
excuse my ignorance on the issue. As I said, I come first and foremost as a fan
that wishes to share his favorite music and hopefully generate sales for the
artist. Thank you for your time.

The Brainwashed Podcast only features music from the artists and labels whose websites are hosted on brainwashed.com.  I can't speak for other music we don't have permission to play nor other Podcasts in this world. You should either contact bands and labels directly who you want to use or just Podcast at your own risk.