The Notwist, "Neon Golden"

In the four years since their last album, 'Shrink,' the members of this German group have kept active with numerous other projects, including two astonishing albums from Lali Puna; two incredible full-lengthers and a remix disc from Tied and Tickled Trio; plus notable LP, EP and remix releases from Console; and various appearances on others albums. 'Shrink' was probably such a phenomenal pop/post-rock electronic jazzy breakthrough that I may have been expecting something similar. 'Neon Golden' has far exceeded my expectations, however.

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Director Doug Pray has easily made one of the most entertaining documentaries since his own 'American Pimp' and possibly the most entertaining musical documentary ever. 'Scratch' explores the hip-hop world of the DJ and turntablism (sorry, no Otomo Yoshihide or Thomas Brinkmann here), with interviews of legendary superheroes Afrika Bambaataa, DXT (Herbie Hancock's "Rockit"), Jazzy Jay (Soulsonic Force), and GrandWizzard Theodore (who many point to as the inventor of the scratching) as well as some of today's superstars Mix Master Mike, Q-bert, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, and Rob Swift.
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Donnie Darko

Hard to imagine I have been completely blown away by two incredible movies this weekend but it happened. The film is the first motion picture from young writer/filmmaker Richard Kelley and takes place in a rural Virgininan town in the month before the Presidential election of 1988. Donny Darko, the middle child of three is being medicated for emotional issues after burning down some house.
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Nurse With Wound, "The Man With the Woman Face"

Longtime NWW fans are going to be very very very pleased with thisalbum. Shaved down to a mere duo featuring Steven Stapleton and ColinPotter, this is almost a tribute to the more ambient and free-formearly to mid-period Nurse with Wound.
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Limp, "Orion"

The debut Morr Music release from this quartet of Danish wanna-becosmonauts takes the form of a marvelous six-track EP.
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Kammerflimmer Kollektief, "Hysteria"

The latest release from Thomas Weber's Munich-based 'ShimmeringCollective' is somewhat of a crossover between the previous twofull-lenthers recently issued in North America by Temporary Residence.The six-song EP continues with Weber's love of both organic jazz/improvand affinity for electronics, almost split down the middle between thecollective playing and Weber's solo electronic journeys.
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Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, "Pocket Symphonies For the Lonesome Subway Cars"

This has got to be the worst CD I have ever listened to ten times in arow. Strange but true, this disc of juvenile adventures on cheap18-year-old keyboards in late night bedrooms is fucking terrible yetsomewhat addictive.
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"Anthology 2"

Come Organization's second anthology collection may not be as lengthyas the double CD first volume, but it is of equal importance. Thematerial picks up where the last one left off, pulling music from 1981and 1982 including Come's entire album 'I'm Jack,' most of thecompilation, 'Für Ilse Koch,' as well as two pieces from MaurizioBianchi's 'Weltanschauung' LP.
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Christian Kleine, "Valis"

The multi-talented German instrumentalist has followed-up last year's'Beyond Repair' LP with this somewhat dull EP on Morr. Once again,organic bass guitar and guitar riffs are looped alongside somewhatslow-driving 4/4 instrumental electronics.
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"Vertical Forms"

UK-based label Vertical Form have failed on a number of planes withthis compilation. First off, I don't ever want to see another promo CDshow up in my mailbox without a cover, artwork, a tracklisting, ornotes to go along with it. This compilation has received a ton of spinson my players at home, work and inbetween, but up until now I haven'thad a goddamned clue as to who's on it.

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"Musique Concrète Soundtracks To Experimental Short Films 1956-1978"

In the 21st century, audio preservation and restoration will become ahot topic. I believe it's going to be a struggle as copyright owners(both private and corporate) will be the main factors of lettingmusical works die. I fear history will only be recorded for the mostpopular icons of the most popular western music genres. Thankfully,there's a small number out there who aren't willing to accept that.These first three CDs in this series exemplify what I consider'guerilla preservation'. The music that appears on these compilationshas been mastered from both 16mm prints and first-generationvideotapes, illegally, with a host of mysterious credits.
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Slicker, "Frustrache"

Generally, most US released EPs make a reasonable amount of sensewhereas a number of UK-issued EPs (with two parts, each for $10 andrarely featuring more than one exclusive track) leave me feeling pissy.Thankfully this release follows that convention more closely. Thelatest from Slicker is a follow-up to last year's 'The Latest' with theoriginal LP version of the title cut plus five other tracks of remixesand other songs.
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Stephin Merritt, "Eban & Charly"

If you've always wondered what it would be like for the madman behindMagnetic Fields to score a dramatic gay independent feature film,here's your answer. However, if you're looking for the new MagneticFields album, this isn't it.
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Gordon Mumma, "Live-Electronic Music"

Most people reading this haven't had much exposure to Gordon Mumma, ifany. I can't exactly blame them however as very few recordings are inprint or easy to come by. However, a full article has surfaced in TheWire recently and Tzadik has just released this collection ofrecordings from 1963-1985.
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Ida, "Shhh..."

This release can be somewhat confusing. It's not quite a full-lengthalbum of new stuff, it features altered versions of some older songs, acouple unreleased things and quite a lot of versions of their songs"Shrug" and "Shotgun" from 'Will You Find Me'.
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The Church, "After Everything Now This"

Some bands never give up. Last year marked the 20th anniversary fromthe very first Church release and after a number of lineup changes,solo records, big time hits and big time bombs, they haven't quit.
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"Wave Two - Unbearable Heroes"

The second CD compilation to emerge from Unbearable Recordingshighlights recordings from Cursor Miner, Goodiepal and Nish. Anybodyfamiliar with the music of Nordic wonder, Goodiepal knows there isabsolutely no predictability.
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Meat Beat Manifesto / Jack Dangers Remix Collection

I was living in NYC in 1991 when a co-worker's roommate had asked me togo down to where he worked for something. He was working for MTV andwas on a team putting together a new show called "The Real World" andwanted me to audition. I picked up the entry form, filled it out, butwas kinda revolted and reluctant and turned around and left (with theentry form in hand!) One of the things they asked was to name some ofyour favorite bands. Funny thing is, five years later I would neverhave guessed I'd be hosting web sites for nearly all of them. (Thenagain in 1991, a graphic internet was barely even conceptual anyhow.)Regardless, Meat Beat Manifesto was on that list.
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Static, "Eject Your Mind"

The sky is grey and dismal on a cold, rainy winter day. You're alone ina room, looking up at the ceiling, with piles of things to do and noenthusiasm to do them. All is not bleak, however. As fate has it, thereare excellent albums like this one to keep you company, painting abright picture on an aural canvas.
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Troum, "Tjukurrpa (Part Two: Drones)"

While I had always enjoyed what I've heard from Troum and Maeror Tri,it was the first part in their 'Trilogy' ('Harmonies') which made mefall in love. Be warned, however, as the second part in the trilogy isnot nearly as gentle as part one. Ironically, 'Drones' is not 100%drones, a characteristic of a number of their other releases.
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