1. Comus - Diana
  2. Ze Ramalho e Lula Cortez - Pedra Templo Animal
  3. Catherine Ribeiro And Alpes - Un Regard Clair (Obscur)
  4. Bobby Callendar - Nature
  5. Spires That In The Sunset Rise - I Am Sewn
  6. Gandalf - Can You Travel In The Dark Alone
  7. Ananda Shankar - Jumpin' Jack Flash
  8. The Unfolding - Electric Buddha
  9. Oliver Wallace/Peggy Lee - The Siamese Cat Song *from Lady and The Tramp*
  10. Butthole Surfers - Kuntz
  11. The Wind In The Willows - There Is But One Truth, Dad
  12. Diana Rogerson & Andrew Liles - Ever Afflicted With
  13. Ana Rita Simonka - Mais Filhos De Gandhi (Brazil)
  14. Right-Eye Rita - JGeschtika Monstre Laughika
  15. Tuluum Shimmering - Nitrous Flesh
  16. Tanya Tagaq - Suluk

Arvo Fingers, delirious insomniac
Chicago, Illinois

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