1. Branimir Sakac, "Synthana"
  2. Ralph Vaughan Williams, "Allegro/Sixth Symphony"
  3. Lothar Voigtlander, "Drei Elektronische Studien"
  4. Jerry Hunt, "Cantrgral Segment 18. 17"
  5. Jacqueline Nova, "Creacion De La Tierra"
  6. Douglas Lilburn, "The Return"
  7. George Balch Wilson, "Exigencies"
  8. Paul Pignon, "Hendrix/Hardware Performance"
  9. Francois Delalande, "Decouvrir Les Sons"
  10. Ingram Marshall, "Sibelius In His Radio Corner"
  11. Francis Jeannin, "Chimie Du Son"
  12. Henry Jacobs, "Chan"

Jack Dangers
San Francisco, CA

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