Crap Your Pants, Say "Waaah!" article

After reading your great article last week on the dire state of the music
industry in relation to the consumer I came across this :

 The BBC have got together 4 supposed "experts" on the industry in relation to
digital media and are going to get them to answer questions submitted by
readers.  I thought it would be interesting to get as many people as possible
asking them the real hard questions which you brought up in your article.
Already they are getting a lot of questions about DRM, artist's royalties and
copyright extentions.  I believe the question submission ends on the 24th.

Thanks for the note, but looking at the panelists is disturbing. Once again the media only recognizes the major labels as being "the music industry."  They're gravely mistaken and complete assholes for feeding the fallacy.  The thing that irritates me most is the fact that the major labels and their lawyers are writing the laws that effect the bands and businesses they have NO REIGN over.  These assholes will all be out of work soon with any luck.