i want my old brainwashed back

hey guys, it's now i dunno how many months since the brainwashed restyling and i still don't like it. Some of the new features are nice but what i liked most about the old brainwashed is that it was just 1 page and you could read everything in 1 go. Now there's just too many back-and-forth clicking. Also the site is way too slow to enjoy. I don't want to sound too negative - the reviews and the eye are still great - but this last year the overall brainwashed experience just wasn't as enjoyable as other years.


We're really sorry you feel like this but the old system couldn't work any more.  We're a site built from volunteers who make no money and have no time to pull off making a publication once per week any more.  The little amount of money that comes in through sales, sponsorships, and donations helps pay for operating expenses. 

We like it like this however, as we don't have to flood the site with tons of ads OR tiptoe around or favor advertisers, which, always compromises the quality of any publication.  News happens every day and reviews happen every day and this new format was the best solution we found to keep the content alive and rich.  Unfortunately for you, while there might be some tweaks in the future, we're gonna leave it in this format for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for your concern and feedback.