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11/22/2009 - 11/28/2009

Look for releases this week from Kid Koala, Arthur Lee & Love, Tom Waits, and the DVD+CD of Decoder, the 1983 German film with music from PTV, Neubauten, and more.


Oren Ambarchi, "Intermission 2000-2008" (Touch) CD
Gray Matter, "Take It Back" (Dischord) CD
 Kid Koala Presents: The Slew, "100%" (Ninja Tune / Puget Sound) LP/CD
Arthur Lee & Love, "Love Lost" (Sundazed) LP/CD
Loney Dear, "Citadel Band" (Polyvinyl) LP/CD
The Mercury Program, "Chez Viking" (Lovitt) CD
Evan Miller, "Beeswax Ephemera" CD (Preservation)
*Skinny Puppy, "Last Rights" (Nettwork) 2xLP
Tom Waits, "Glitter and Doom Live" (Anti-) LP/2xCD
[V/A], "Daptone Gold" (Daptone) LP/CD
*[V/A], "Decoder" (Muscha) DVD+CD [1983 German film feat. music from Psychic TV, Einsturzende Neubauten, The The, and more]