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12/11/2011 - 12/17/2011

New music is due this week from Charlotte Gainsbourg,Thirteenth Assembly, and the Howling Hex, but it's an exciting week for vault music including a Dome box, Muslimgauze, Sunn O)))/Nurse With Wound collaboration, and the Groovy Records catalog (Pete Shelly's brief record label) on Drag City.


*Dome, "1-4+5" (Editions Mego) 5xLP/Box
Elektro Guzzi, "Parquet" (Macro) CD
Daphne Oram, "The Oram Tapes Volume One" (Young Americans) 4xLP
Esperanza, "Esperanza" (Gomma) CD
Eyvind Kang, "Visible Breath" (Soma) LP
Charlotte Gainsbourg, "Stage Whisper" (Because Music) CD
C Joynes, "Congo" (Bo'Weavil) CD
Keepaway, "Black Flute" (Greenhead) CD
Mark Fell, "Periodic Orbits of A Dynamic System Related to a Knot" (Editions Mego) LP
*Muslimgauze, "Souk Bou Saad" (Staalplaat) CD
Othin Spake, "The Nethack Dictionary" (Sub Rosa) LP
Raleigh Moncriff, "Watered Lawn" (Anticon) LP
Hundreds, "Hundreds" (Sinnbus) LP
*Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound, "The Iron Soul of Nothing" (Soma) 2xLP
Souvaris, "Souvaris" (Gringo) CD
Swod, "Drei" (CCO) CD
Thee American Revolution, "Buddha Electrostorm" (Fire) LP
VA, "The Original Sounds of Cumbia" (Soundway) 2xCD
Bill Wells, "Lemondale" (Double Six) LP
Zomby, "Nothing" (4AD) CD

1000Names, "Invisible Architect" (Project: Mooncircle) 2xLP
Air Cav, "Don't Look Indoors" (Crystalline) CD
Anarchist Republic of Bzzz, "Anarchistic Republic of Bzzz" (Important) CD
Birds of Passage, "Winter Lady" (Denovali) CD/LP
The Callas, "Objekt" (Velvet) LP
Gaiser Presents Void, "No Sudden Movements" (Minus) CD
*Morphine, "Cure For Pain" (Modern Classics) LP
Wold, "Freermasonry" (Profound Lore) CD
Eddy Current Suppression Ring,"So Many Things" (Goner) CD
La Vampires Ft. Matrix Metals, "So Unreal" (Not Not Fun) CD
Fairewell, "Poor, Poor Grendel" (Sonic Cathedral) CD
The Howling Hex, "Wilson Semiconductors" (Drag City) CD/LP
Dan Mangan, "Oh Fortune" (City Slang) LP
Paper Dollhouse, "A Box Painted Black" (Finder's Keepers) CD/LP
Yui Onodera & The Beautiful Schizophrenic" (Whereabouts) CD
Groovy Records:
*Free Agents, "£3.33" (Drag City) LP
*Pete Shelley, "Sky Yen" (Drag City) LP
*Sally Smmit and Her Musicians, "Hangahar" (Drag City) LP
*Strange Men in Sheds With Spanners, "Strange Men in Sheds With Spanners" (Drag City) LP
Omar Souleyman, "Leh Jani" (Sham Palace) 2xLP
Swahili Blonde, "Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink" (Neurotic Yell) CD/LP
The Thirteenth Assembly, "Station Direct" (Important) CD
Wives, "Roy Tapes" (Post Present Medium) LP
Zomby, "Nothing" (4AD) EP