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1/2/2010 - 1/15/2010

Catching up with new releases, new things to expect in stores include Wire, British Sea Power, CD version of Cyclobe's latest, and some reissues from Grandaddy.


Gaiser, "Unstable Static" (Minus) 12"

2000 and One & DJ Madskillz, "Sleep Walker" (100% Pure) 12"
Aeroplane, "Without Lies" (Eskimo) 12"
Lauri Ainala, "Unien Savonlinna" (Fonal) DVD
Johnny Blackburn & Mary Lauren, "Echoes Of Love's Reality" (Guerssen Records) LP
The Brief Encounter, "Special Release" (Jazzman Records) CD/LP
Cyclobe, "Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window" (Phantom Code) LP
Culoe De Song, "Webaba EP" (Innervisions) 12"
Daniel Dreier, "Black Madonna EP" (Highgrade) 12"
Damin Eih, A.l.k. And Brother Clark, "Never Mind" (Nero's Neptune) LP
Tolga Fidan,  "Ballads EP" (Cadenza) 12"
Flied Egg,  "Good Bye" (Bamboo) CD
Floating Bridge, "Floating Bridge" (Aurora) CD
Foxx, "FOXX  The Revolt Of Emily Young" (Aurora) CD
Fredrik, "Origami" (Kora) 7"
* Grandaddy, "Sumday" (The Control Group) LP
* Grandaddy, "The Sophtware Slump" (The Control Group) LP
* Grandaddy, "Under The Western Freeway" (The control Room) LP
Green, "To Help Somebody" (Aurora) CD
Petri Hagner, "Man With A Video Camera" (Fonal) DVD
H.O.S.H., "Connecting The Dots" (Diynamic) 2LP
Petri Hagner, "Man With A Video Camera" (Fonal) DVD
IFM, "Journey Through The Sound EP" (Quintessentials) 12"
David Keno, "Bambi EP" (Trapez) 12"
Basil Kirchin, "Primitive London" (Trunk) CD/LP
Micha Klang, "Babes In The Woods EP" (Clap Your Hands) 12"
Layo & Bushwacka!, "Endangered EP" (Plus 8) 12"
Mathew Leutwyler, "The Wilderness EP" (Internasjonal Spesial) 12"
Melchior Alias, "Melchior Alias..." (Aurora) CD
Modeselektor, "Modeselektion Vol. 01" (Monkeytown) 2LP
Brendon Moeller, "Close Up EP" (Ann Aimee) 12"
Motorcitysoul, "Ushuaia EP" (Simple) 12"
Oleg Poliakov, "Comet EP" (Circus Company) 12"
Ramadanman & Appleblim, "Void 23 EP" (Aus Music) 12"
Redshape, "Future Shock EP" (Delsin) 12"
Scuba, "Triangulation (Interpretations)" (Hotflush) 2CD
The Seventh Dawn, "Sunrise" (Guerssen Records) LP
Speed, Glue & Shinki, "Eve" (Phoenix Records) CD
Stimming, "Change EP" (Diynamic) 12"
Studnitzky, "Hauke EP" (Best Works) 12"
Marcus Sur, "If The Tiger Eats The Lotus Flower" (My Best Friend) 12"
Tassilo, "Les Patates EP" (Rrygular) 12"
Blanche Thomas/little Esther, "You Ain't So Such A Much/Hound Dog" (Jazzman Records) 7"
Trentem√∏ller, "Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!" (In My Room) 12"
Sven Weisemann, "Sole Exception EP" (Essays Music) 2x10"
V/A, "Cabis/La Senora" (Hohenregler) 12"
V/A, "Family Values EP" (Vakant) 12"
V/A, "Kitsuné Maison 10: The Fireworks Issue" (Kitsune) 2CD
V/A, "Swarf Pot (Transition Dubstep)" (Ringo Records) 2CD
V/A, "The Internalization Of Mässy" (Massy) CD

British Sea Power, "Valhalla Dancehal"l (Rough Trade) 2xCD/2xLP
Wire, "Red Barked Tree" (Pink Flag) CD
Tape Deck Mountain, Secret Serf" (Lefse) EP
Winter Drones, "Blood in the Coffin" (Weird Forest) Ltd CD/LP
Wire, "Red Barked Tree" (Pink Flag) CD/12"

* Chris & Cosey, "Exotika" (CTI) LP
Frans de Waard, "Kubus" (My Own Little Label) cassette
Ben Gwilliam & Jason Zeh, "Brombron 16: Dots" (Korm Plastics) CD
KK Null & Z’EV, "Brombron 17: Extra Time, Extra Time" (Korm Plastics) CD

* Roedelius, "Gift of the Moment / Geschenk des Augenblicks" (Bureau B) CD/LP

* Bill Orcutt, "A New Way To Pay Old Debts" (Editions Mego) CD