New stuff is expected this week from Nurse With Wound & Graham Bowers, All the Saints, and FM Einheit/Imler/Paul Young as well as old music from Damon & Naomi with Ghost and Doug Jeremine1/30/2012
All the Saints, "Intro To Fractions" (Souterrain Transmissions) CD

Black Bananas, "Rad Times Xpress IV" (Drag City) CD/LP
*Damon & Naomi w/Ghost (Drag City) LP+7"/CD
FM Einheit, Irmler, Paul, Young, "Spielwiese 3" (Klangbad) LP
Jono El Grande, "The Choko King" (Rune Grammofon) LP
Loops of Your Heart, "And Never Ending Nights" (Magazine) CD/LP
Grimes, "Visions" (Arbutus) CD
*Doug Jerebine, "Is Jesse Harper" (Drag City) CD
The Micronaut, "Friedfisch" (Acker) CD
Nurse With Wound/Graham Bowers, "Rupture" (United Dirtier) CD
Zomes, "Improvisations" (Thrill Jockey) CD