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2/10/2008 - 2/16/2008

New releases this week include material from Tuxedomoon, Pauline Oliveros, and Lowfish, and reissues from Michael Cashmore, Frontline Assembly, John Cale, Erkin Goray, and Astrud Gilberto. Also of note are two landmark out-of-print reference books being made available once more: the psych tome, "Fuzz, Acid and Flowers" by Vernon Joynson (in deluxe faux-leather hardback), and the classic krautrock encyclopedia "The Crack in the Cosmic Egg" by Steven and Alan Freeman, now in CD-ROM form and packed with extras. 

The Advent, "Remove the Earth" (Tooth & Nail) CD
Alien Pimp, "Robots & Cellos/Oil Man" (Dubkraft) 12"
Alter Ego, "Why Not?!/Baby Kraut" (Klang Elektronik) 12"
*Eric Andersen, "Avalanche" (DBK Works) CD
*Eric Andersen, "S/T" (DBK Works) CD
*Mulatu Astatqé (feat. Fekade Amde Maskal), "Ethio Jazz" (L'arome Production) LP
*Paul Bley Trio, "Closer" (ESP-Disk) CD
Paul Bradley, "Más Memorias Extranjeras" (Alluvial Recordings) CD
Thomas Buckner, "New Music for Baritone & Chamber Ensemble" (Mutablemusic) CD
Jorg Burger, "Polyform 2" (K2) 12"
*John Cale, "Fear" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
*Michael Cashmore, "The Snow Abides" (Jnana) LP
Eric D. Clark, "E=dc2" (Firm) 2xLP
*Cluster, "One Hour" (Captain Trip) CD
*Cluster & Eno, "S/T" (Captain Trip) CD
Cotti vs. Kromestar, "Mozart 3000/Wicked King of Persia" (Bass Face) 12"
*Cream, "Goodbye" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
Dayton Sidewinders, "Let's Go Down to Funksville" (Funkapedia) CD
Dead Raven Choir, "My Firstborn Will Surely Be Blind" (Aurora Borealis) CD/LP
Manuel DeLorenzi, "Coconut EP" (8bit) 12"
*Demon Fuzz, "Afreaka!" (Janus) LP
Dilo & Franco Cinelli, "Matamoscas" (11:00 A.M.) 12"
Djunya/Borg, "Brahman Dub/Frogman/Kisses" (Immerse Records) 12"
Ed DMX/Asylum Seekers, "Hardcore House EP" (First Cask) 12"
*The Elastik Band, "Spazz" (Digital Cellars) CD
*Eno/Moebius/Roedelius, "After The Heat" (Captain Trip) CD
Alèmayèhu Eshèté, "Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 2" (L'arome Production) LP
Exercise One, "Wandering" (Lan Muzic) 12"
Flip & Def Jaguar, "This Sound" (Brut! Records) 12"
Steven & Alan Freeman, "The Crack in the Cosmic Egg" (Ultima Thule) CD-ROM
Hauke Freer, "Hungry EP" (Morris Audio Citysport) 12"
*Frontline Assembly, "Tactical Neural Implant/Millenium" (Roadrunner) CD
Sascha Funke, "Double-Checked" (BPitch Control) 12"
*Patrick Gauthier, "Bebe Godzilla" (Captain Trip) CD
*Astrud Gilberto, "With Turrentine" (Wah Wah Records) LP
*Erkin Goray, "Tutkusu" (GDR) LP
*Dominique Grimaud, "Les Quatre Directions" (Locust) CD
*Grupo Amigos, "Paloma Mensajera" (Guerssen Records) CD
Guy J, "Stop Hold" (Manual) 12"
The Hacker & Eric Borgo, "Zone" (Tsuba) 12"
Hektagon, "Running Thru/Elemental RMX" (Audio Freaks) 12"
Hugo, "Born to Bop" (Claque Musique) 12"
Ikonika, "Please/Simulacrum" (Hyperdub) 12"
*Bob James Trio, "Explosions" (ESP-Disk) CD
*Vernon Joynson, "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers Revisited" (Borderline Books) Book
*Lindha Kallerdahl, "Gold" (ESP-Disk) CD
André Kraml, "Skinny Long Hair EP" (Firm) 12"
Kromestar, "The Hungry Bully EP" (Crater) 12"
Kromestar, "Remixes (Body Count/Dysekta/Jigsaw)" (Dub Steppers) 12"
Ku Bo (feat. Joyce Muniz), "Um Korpo" (Man Recordings) 12"
*Steve Lacy, "The Forest and the Zoo" (ESP-Disk) CD
Lard Free, "Box Set" (Captain Trip) 4xCD
*Lard Free, "S/T" (Captain Trip) CD
*Lard Free, "I'm Around Midnight" (Captain Trip) CD
*Lard Free, "III" (Captain Trip) CD
*Lard Free, "Unnamed" (Captain Trip) CD
Lowfish, "Burn the Lights Out" (Satamile) CD/LP
*Bob Marley & the Wailers, "Rasta Revolution" (Lilith) CD/LP
*Martha & the Vandellas, "Dance Party" (Lilith) CD/LP
Mats/Morgan Band, "Heart Beats Live/Morgan Ågren Tourbook: 1991-2007" (Cuneiform) CD/DVD
John Maus, "Love is Real" (Upset the Rhythm) CD
*Moebius & Plank, "En Route" (Captain Trip) CD
*Moebius & Roedelius, "Apropos Cluster" (Captain Trip) CD
Negative FX, "Government War Plans: 1982 Demos" (Moulty) CD
*New York Art Quartet, "S/T" (ESP-Disk) CD
*New York Dolls, "Too Much Too Soon" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
*Nico, "The End" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
N.V., "Izipho EP" (Future Days) 12"
Pauline Oliveros/Miya Masaoka, "Koto Accordion" (Deep Listening) CD
October, "Invitation EP" (Caravan) 12"
Of, "The Sun & Earth Together" (Ultra Hard Gel) CD
Phonolulu, "Aloha" (Kickboxer) 12"
*Richard Pinhas, "Single Collection: 1972-1980" (Captain Trip) CD
*Richard Pinhas, "De l'Un et du Multiple" (Captain Trip) CD
Planeta Imaginario, "Biomasa" (Cuneiform) CD
Quantum Soul, "Waiting on Dub/Open Skies" (Dubting) 12"
*Bill Quick, "Maravillosa Genta" (Guerssen Records) CD
Alan Roth, "Inside the Out in the Open" (ESP-Disk) DVD
Tony Scherr, "Twist in the Wind" (Smells Like Records) CD
Ian Simmonds, "The Woodhouse EP" (Musik Krause) 12"
Solomun, "Beauty & the Beast" (Four:Twenty) 12"
Rob Sparx, "Independent Life" (Dubting) 12"
The Stargazer's Assistant, "The Other Side of the Island" (Aurora Borealis) CD
Dave Tarrida & Mike Fuzz, "Augenblau EP" (Musick) 12"
*Tyrannosaurus Rex, "A Star of Beards" (Get Back) LP
Tuxedomoon, "7707 tm: 30th Anniversary Box" (Crammed Discs) 3xCD+DVD
Tuxedomoon, "Vapour Trails" (Crammed Discs) CD
*Caetano Veloso, "Transa" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
*Caetano Veloso e Gal Costa, "Domingo" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
Mike Wexler, "Axis, Road of Awe/Glyph" (Caspian) 7"
Wolfmangler, "Dwelling in a Dead Raven for the Glory of Crucified Wolves" (Aurora Borealis) 2xLP
*Serge & Victor Yves, "Cagibi..." (Guerssen Records) CD
V/A, "An Uncommon Nautre" (Anomalous Records) LP
*V/A, "Art of Field Recording: Vol. 1" (Dust-to-Digital) 4xCD
V/A, "Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 1" (L'arome Production) LP
V/A, "That Mysterious Forest Below London Bridge" (Matchless Recordings) CD
V/A, "Top Ten 3/3" (Level Records) 12"
*V/A, "Tropicalia: Ou Panis Et Circensis" (Lilith) CD/LP
V/A, "Tuning #5" (Boxer Recordings) 12"