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2/17/2008 - 2/23/2008

New releases this week include full lengths from American Music Club, Hayaino Daisuki, Atlas Sound, Monade, The
Mountain Goats, Marc Ribot, and a split LP from Irr.App.(Ext.) and Panicsville. Reissues include LPs from Captain
Beefheart, David Axelrod, Silver Apples, and a mess of CD remasters from Eyeless in Gaza. Also of particular note is a
great looking set from Roland Auzet which includes three CDs, a DVD, and a 500 page book by French musicologist
Pierre-Albert Castanet on the history of percussion music.

*Acid Mothers Temple, "Magical Power From Mars" (Important) CD
AGF, "Words Are Missing" (AGF Producktion) CD
Ahleuchatistas, "The Same and the Other" (Tzadik) CD
American Music Club, "Golden Age" (Merge) CD
Andomat 3000, "Cognitive Dissonance" (Cecille Records) 12"
Atlas Sound, "Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel" (Kranky) CD
Roland Auzet, "Percussion(s)" (Mode) 3xCD+DVD+Book
*David Axelrod, "Earth Rot" (Capitol) LP
*David Axelrod, "Song of Innocence" (Capitol) LP
*David Axelrod, "Seriously Deep" (Dusty Groove) CD
Bell X1, "Flock" (Yep Roc) CD
Bass Communion, "Pacific Codex" (Equation Records) CD+DVD
*Billy Bond y La Pesada, "Volumen 3 + Volumen 4" (Cloud Forest) CD
*Boscoe, "S/T" (Asterisk) LP
Anthony Braxton, "Trio (Victoriaville) 2007" (Victo) CD
Anthony Braxton, "12+1tet (Victoriaville) 2007" (Victo) CD
Peter Brötzmann/Peeter Uuskyla Duo, "Born Broke" (Atavistic) 2xCD
*Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, "Dust Sucker" (Ozit) LP
*Brent Cash, "How Will I Know If I'm Awake" (Marina) LP
Andrew Chalk, "Time of Hayfield" (Faraway Press) CD
*Andrew Chalk & Daisuke, "The Days After" (Faraway Press) CD
Michel Chion, "Requiem" (Sub Rosa) LP
Dan Corco, "New World" (Circle Music) 12"
*The Contents Are, "Through You" (Shadoks Music) CD
James T. Cotton, "Like No One" (Spectral Sound) 2xLP
Hayaino Daisuki, "Headbanger's Karaoke Club Dangerous Fire EP" (Hydrahead) CD
The Damned, "Chaos Years: Rare and Unreleased 1977-1982" (Cleopatra) CD
DJ Amazing Clay, "Baile Funk Masters #4" (Man Recordings) 12"
DJ Hatcha, "Just a Rift" (Aphex Recordings) 12"
Mike Doughty, "Golden Delicious" (ATO) CD
Envy, "Completed Fragments: 1997-2003" (Temporary Residence Ltd.) CD
Escapee Planes, "Perfume" (Aphex Recordings) 12"
*Eyeless in Gaza, "Drumming the Beating Heart/Pale Hands I Loved So Well" (Cherry Red) CD
*Eyeless in Gaza, "Caught in Flux/The Eyes of Beautiful Losers" (Cherry Red) CD
*Eyeless in Gaza, "Photographs as Memories" (Cherry Red) CD
*Fields, "S/T" (Fallout) LP
Fracture/Compound One, "The Phonecall/Look Shook" (Compound One) 12"
Ellen Fullman/Monique Buzzarté, "Fluctuations" (Deep Listening) CD
Sascha Funke, "Mango" (BPitch Control) 2xLP
Funzion, "Helado en Globos" (11:00 A.M.) 12"
Geiom, "Island Noise" (Berkane Sol Records) CD
Dan Ghenacia, "Garden" (Freak n' Chic) 12"
*Ghosts on Water, "Senshu" (Faraway Press) CD
Henneberg, "Winter Dump" (Areal Records) 12"
Hugg & Pepp, "Mormors Hosta" (Dahlback Recordings) 12"
*Instant Orange, "S/T" (Shadoks Music) CD
Irr.App..(Ext.)/Panicsville, "Split" (Nihilist Records) LP
Kinder/Schaffhauser, "10 Jahre Ware" (Ware) 12"
Justus Köhncke, "Safe and Sound" (Kompakt) CD
Justus Köhncke, "Safe and Sound Vinyl Volume Two" (Kompakt) 12"
Last Exit, "Headfirst into the Flames: Live in Europe" (DMG ARC) CD
Laven & MSO (feat. Malte), "Reach" (Klang Elektronik) 12"
Heiko Laux, "Dubfix" (Kanzleramt) 12"
Lützenkirchen, "Paperboy" (Great Stuff Records) 12"
Monade, "Mostre Cosmic" (Too Pure) CD/LP
Moonbeam, "Spring Story" (Traum) 12"
Mountain Goats, "Heretic Pride" (4AD) CD/LP/Digital
Joel Mull, "Harmonautic String" (Cocoon) 12"
No Kids, "Come into My House" (Tomlab) CD
Oakeater, "Molech" (Nihilist Records) LP
PacificUV, "Longplay 2" (Warm) CD
Paint It Black, "New Lexicon" (Jade Tree) CD
Panther, "14 Kt. Gold" (Kill Rock Stars) CD
Pelle Buys, "Kiss the Ground" (Gedankensport) 12"
The Raveonettes, "Lust Lust Lust" (Vice) CD
Steve Reid Ensemble, "Saxaar" (Domino) CD
Marc Ribot, "Exercises in Futility" (Tzadik) CD
Schimpfluch Commune Int., "S/T" (Nihilist Records) CD
Secret Agent Gel & Warrior Queen, "Body/Refined" (Low Motion Records) 12"
*Silver Apples, "The Garden" (Bully Records) CD/2xLP
Ian Simmonds, "The Woodhouse EP" (Musik Krause) 12"
Sno, "Can't Touch Dis" (Boka) 12"
*Carl Stone, "Woo Lae Oak" (Unseen Worlds) CD
The Stone Quartet, "DMG @ The Stone Vol. 1: December 22, 2006" (DMG ARC) CD
*Sun Ra & His Arkestra, "Some Blues But Not The Kind That's Blue" (Atavistic) CD
*Tractor, "S/T" (Ozit) LP
The Vandermark 5, "Beat Reader" (Atavistic) CD
Wareika, "Men Village" (Connaiseur Superieur) 12"
*The Way We Live, "A Candle For Judith" (Ozit) LP
*Wipers, "Youth of America" (Jackpot) LP
V/A, "Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts of Deep City" (Numero Group) 2xLP
V/A, "Burn To Shine Seattle, WA" (Trixie) DVD
V/A, "Great Carnival Stuff EP Vol. 2" (Great Stuff Records) 12"
V/A, "Obsession" (Bully Records) CD/2xLP
V/A, "1+1" (Boxer Recordings) 12"
V/A, "Stuff" (Zero G Sounds) 12"

Robert Pollard, "Folded Claws/Speak Again" (Happy Jack Rock Records) 7"