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3/16/2008 - 3/22/2008

Notable new releases out this week from Adam Green, Diebold (feat. members of Silver Mt. Zion), Charalambides, Evangelista (aka Carla Bozulich), John Zorn, Oren Ambarchi & Z'EV, the Kills, Fuck Buttons, and Sven Väth. Reissues include several each from Moondog, Dead Boys, and Mission of Burma.


Afrilounge, "Lux Dementia" (Connaisseur Recordings) 12"
A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!), "Everybody Make Some Noise!" (Metropolis) CD
Oren Ambarchi & Z'ev, "And the Cherubim Lifted Up Their Wings" (Tzadik) CD
Antonelli, "Soulkiller" (Italic) 2xLP
Robert Babicz, "Chrystal Castle" (Systematic) 12"
Cyro Baptista, "Banquet of the Spirits" (Tzadik) CD
Bar Kokhba, "Lucifer: Book of Angels Volume 10" (Tzadik) CD
Be Your Own Pet, "Get Awkward" (Ecstatic Peace) CD
Benga, "Diary of an Afro Warrior" (Tempa) CD/3xLP
Biome, "State of Emergency/Agitated" (Subsonik) 12"
Art Bleek, "Euphorized" (Connaisseur Recordings) 12"
*Borko, "Celebrating Life" (Morr Music) LP
Martin Buttrich, "Stoned Autopilot/Cruise Control" (Planet E Communications) 12"
Chaim, "Moon" (BPitch Control) 12"
Charalambides, "Rose/Thorn" (Klang Industries) LP
Clark, "Turning Dragon" (Warp) CD/LP
Claro Intelecto, "Metanarrative" (Modern Love) CD/2xLP
The Coathangers, "Shake Shake"/"Dreamboat" (Suicide Squeeze) 7"
*Lula Côrtes and Zé Ramalho, "Paêbirú" (Mr. Bongo Recordings) CD/2xLP
Crystal Castles, "S/T" (Last Gang) CD
Dada Life, "Sweeter Than Fever" (Pickadoll Music) 12"
Billy Dalessandro, "Soulchaser" (Harthouse) 12"
*Dead Boys, "We Have Come For Your Children" (Sire) LP
*Dead Boys, "Young Loud and Snotty" (Sire) LP
Destroyer, "Trouble in Dreams" (Merge) CD/LP
Devotchka, "A Mad and Faithful Telling" (ANTI-) CD
Diebold, "Listen to My Heartbeast" (Bangor Records) CD/LP
Tom Demac, "The More Things Change EP" (Hypercolour) 12"
Patrice D'Angelo & Nick Holson, "Deckwatch EP" (Zebra 3 Recording) 12"
DJ DLG, "Xess" (Pickadoll Music) 12"
DJ Sandrinho/Daniel Haaksman/DJ Beware, "Rio Baile Funk Breaks" (Man
Recordings) LP
*Dungen, "Tio Bitar" (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Dyed Soundorom, "Question/Infection" (Freak n' Chic) 12"
Danton Eeprom, "To The Bone" (Tsuba) 12"
*Egg, "S/T" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
The Embassadors (feat. Michel Ongaru), "Healing the Music" (Nonplace) CD
Dominik Eulberg, "Herbarium" (Traum) 12"
Evangelista, "Hello, Voyager" (Constellation) CD/LP
*Bill Fay, "S/T" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
*Bill Fay, "Time of the Last Persecution" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
Ferguson Hullit, "Mushroom Palace" (Kiva) LP
The Field, "Sound of Light" (Nordic Light Hotel) CD
Nate Fisher, "Tinto Absoluto" (CMYKmusik) 12"
Fuck Buttons, "Street Horrsing" (ATP Recordings) CD/2xLP
Fused Forces, "The Fused Force EP" (Fused Forces) 12"
Geddes, "Trial & Error" (Tsuba) 12"
*Malcolm Goldstein, "A Sounding of Sources" (New World Records) CD
Adam Green, "Sixes & Sevens" (Rough Trade) CD
*The Group Image, "A Mouth in the Clouds" (Fallout) LP
Growing, "Lateral" (Social Registry) CD
*Richard Hell and the Voidoids, "Blank Generation" (Sire) LP
Innerzone Orchestra, "Bug in the Bassbin" (Mo'wax) 12"
Teiji Ito, "The Shamanic Principles" (Tzadik) CD
Jichael Mackson, "Same Same But Different EP" (Stock5) 12"
C Joynes, "God Feeds the Ravens" (Bo Weavil Recordings) CD
Mathias Kaden, "Lucidas EP" (Freude Am Tanzen) 12"
The Kills, "Midnight Boom" (Domino) CD/LP
A Kiss Could Be Deadly, "S/T" (Metropolis) CD
Kombinat 100, "Wege Übers Land" (Acker Records) CD
Reiko Kudo, "Licking Up Dust" (Hyotan Records) CD
Frank Kusserow, "The Core/Atomsplit" (Datapunk) 12"
Daniel Lanois, "Here Is What Is" (Red Floor) CD
*Arthur Levering, "Still Raining, Still Dreaming" (New World Records) CD
*J.J. Light, "Heya!" (Sunbeam) 2xLP
Likhan, "Terre/Unwill" (7even) 12"
Tony Lionni, "Better Change" (Mule Electronic) 12"
Lopazz, "2 Fast 4 U" (Get Physical Music) 12"
*Martinez, "A Chemical Imbalance" (Re:Connected) 2xLP
Kawaguchi Masami's New Rock Syndicate, "Cat vs. Frog" (Palindrone Recordings) LP
The Matches, "A Band In Hope" (Epitaph) CD
*Mats/Morgan, "Trends and Other Diseases" (Cuneiform) CD
Joe McPhee/John Heward, "Voices: 10 Improvisations" (Mode) CD
*Phil Miller, "Digging In" (Cuneiform) CD
Minilogue, "Jamaica" (Cocoon) 12"
*Mission of Burma, "Signals, Calls, and Marches" (Matador) CD
*Mission of Burma, "The Horrible Truth About Burma" (Matador) CD
*Mission of Burma, "Vs." (Matador) CD
Rod Modell, "Incense & Black Light" (Plop) CD
*Moondog, "Playing Moondog's Music" (Honest Jon's Records) 10"
*Moondog, "Moondog and His Friends" (Honest Jon's Records) 10"
*Moondog, "The Viking of Sixth Avenue" (Honest Jon's Records) 2xLP
Nerk & Dirk Leyers, "Perse X" (Klang Elektronik) 12"
Nicone, "Habibi" (Force Tracks) 12"
No Neck Blues Band, "Aftypiclipse" (Sound @ One) LP
Raz Ohara, "Kisses" (Get Physical Music) 12"
*Os Mutantes, "Everything is Possible!" (Luaka Bop) CD
Osborne, "Ruling EP" (Spectral Sound) 12"
*Shuggie Otis, "Inspiration Information" (Luaka Bop) CD
Pellerin, "Gundsø" (Statler & Waldorf) CD/LP
Plasmik, "Interswap Remixes Part 1" (Connaisseur Recordings) 12"
Plasmik, "Interswap Remixes Part 2" (Connaisseur Recordings) 12"
Popol Vuh, "Nachts: Schnee/Aguirre I (Remixes)" (Editions Mego) 12"
Santos Resiak, "Derrape EP" (Gluckskind Schallpl.) 12"
Ripperton, "Zugunruhe" (Connaisseur Recordings) 12"
Anthony Rother, "We Are Punks 2" (Datapunk) 12"
Michael J. Schumacher, "Five Sound Installations" (XI) DVD-R
She & Him, "Volume One" (Merge) CD
*65daysofstatic, "The Fall of Math" (Monotreme) CD
*65daysofstatic, "Hole EP" (Monotreme) CD
Skat, "Concrete Jungle" (Karat Records) 12"
Skyphone, "Avellaneda" (Rune Grammofon) CD
*The Stick Men, "Insatiable" (Cuneiform) CD
*Jade Stone & Luv, "Mosaics: Pieces of Stone" (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Super Flu, "Brink" (Herzblut) 12"
Tall Firs, "Too Old to Die Young" (Ecstatic Peace) CD
Tetine, "I Go To The Doctor!" (Soul Jazz Records) 12"
The Third Man, "Before We Begin" (A.I.) 12"
13ghosts, "The Strangest Colored Lights" (Skybucket) CD
Tinchy Stryder, "Cloud 9: The EP" (Stryder) CD
Sven Väth, "The Beauty and the Beast" (Cocoon) 12"
Warrior Queen and the Heatwave, "Things Change" (Soul Jazz Records) 12"
Whip, "R. Mutt's Blues" (O Rosa) CD
Wonder, "What (Caspa Remix)" (Wonderland) 12"
John Zorn, "The Dreamers" (Tzadik) CD
V/A, "The Best" (RRR) LP
V/A, "Phantom Guitars: A Cool Collection of Twangin' Guitar" (Psychic Circle) CD
V/A, "76