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3/23/2008 - 3/29/2008

New full lengths are available this week from the Silver Mt. Zion, Soltero, and Excepter, as well as a new  Merzbow/Band of Pain split picture vinyl, and a collaboration between Fabrizio Palumbo (of Larsen) and Ernesto Tomasini (known for his work with Andrew Liles). Notable reissues include Coil's The Ape of Naples (with a full disc of alternate versions from the aborted Backwards release.)


Absolut Null Punkt, "Absolute Magnitude" (Blossoming Noise) CD
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., "Never Ending Space Ritual - History of Acid Mothers Temple" (Swordfish) 2xDVD
*Antoine Rencontre Les Problemes, "S/T" (Sweet Dandelion) LP
*William Basinski, "The River" (2062) 2xCD
*Luciano Basso, "Voci" (Vinyl Magic) LP
*Martyn Bates, "Letters Written/The Return of the Quiet" (Cherry Red) CD
Richard Belsom, "Banshee" (Confused Recordings) 12"
B-52s, "Funplex" (Astralwerks) CD
*James Blackshaw, "Celeste" (Tompkins Square) CD
*James Blackshaw, "Sunshine" (Tompkins Square) CD
*James Blackshaw, "Lost Prayers and Motionless Dances" (Tompkins Square) CD
Booka Shade, "Planetary/City Tales" (Get Physical Music) 12"
*John Cale, "Slow Dazzle" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
*John Cale, "Helen of Troy" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
Can't, "Private Time" (Weird Forest) LP
The Chapin Sisters, "Lake Bottom" (Plain Records) LP
*Guy Clark, "Old No. 1" (DBK Works) CD
*Guy Clark, "Texas Cookin'" (DBK Works) CD
*Coil, "The Ape of Naples/The New Backwards" (Important) 4xLP
Colorlist, "Lists" (Off) CD
*Cooley-Munson, "In Debt" (Guerssen Records) CD
*Julian Cope, "World Shut Your Mouth" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
*Julian Cope, "Japrocksampler" (Bloomsbury) Book
*Cream, "Fresh Cream" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
*Cream, "Wheels of Fire" (Vinyl Lovers) 2xLP
*The Cure, "Faith" (Vinyl Lovers) 2xLP
*The Cure, "Pornography" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
Deepchord, "Grandbend" (Echospace) 2x12"
Deepchord Presents: Echospace, "Spatialdimension" (Echospace) 12"
DJ Sandrinho/Daniel Haaksman/DJ Beware, "Rio Baile Funk Breaks" (Man Recordings) LP
*Earth, Roots & Water, "Innocent Youths" (Light in the Attic) LP
*Ernsen, "S/T" (Finders Keepers) CD
Excepter, "Debt Dept" (Paw Tracks) CD
John Fairhurst, "Joys of Spring" (Humble Soul) CD
Furt, "Plus Equals" (Psi) CD
*Ron Geesin, "A Raise of Eyebrows" (Earmark) LP
Johannes Heil & Christian Pass, "Faith" (Metatron Recordings) 12"
Idea Fire Company, "The Island of Taste" (Swill Radio) LP
*The Jesus & Mary Chain, "Psychocandy" (Rhino) CD
*The Jesus & Mary Chain, "Darklands" (Rhino) CD
*The Jesus & Mary Chain, "Honey's Dead" (Rhino) CD
*The Jesus & Mary Chain, "Stoned & Dethroned" (Rhino) CD
Kid Dakota, "A Winners Shadow" (Southern) CD
Phil Kieran, "Missp" (Cocoon) 12"
Marcel Knopf, "Thinkaboutyou" (Rrygular) 12"
*James Last, "James Last in Los Angeles" (Bureau B) LP
*The Left Banke, "Walk Away Renée/Pretty Ballerina" (Shasam) LP
London & Glasgow Improvisers Orchestras, "Seperately & Together (2007)" (Emanem) CD
*Henry Mancini, "Touch of Evil OST" (El Records) CD
Nicolas Masseyeff, "Deva" (Herzblut) 12"
*John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, "A Hard Road" (Vinyl Lovers) 2xLP
Merzbow/Band of Pain, "Reptile/Insect" (Dirtier Promotions) LP
Miss High Heel, "The Family's Hot Daughter" (Blossoming Noise) CD
*The Monochrome Set, "The Independent Singles" (Cherry Red) CD
*Alan Munson, "First Light" (Guerssen Records) CD
*Alan Munson, "Good Morning World" (Guerssen Records) CD
Napalm Death, "Utopia Banished" (ECH) CD
*Os Mutantes, "Mutantes" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
*Osanna, "Palepoli" (Vinyl Magic) LP
Palumbo - Tomasini, "Canes Venatici"   (Blossoming Noise) CD
Panther, "14 Kt. God" (Marriage Records) LP
*Evan Parker, "Conic Sections" (Psi) CD
Pennywise, "Reason to Believe" (MySpace Records/Epitaph) Digital/CD
*Washington Phillips, "What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?" (Mississippi Records) LP
*Iggy Pop, "Pop At His Top" (Get Back) LP
*Procession, "Fiaba" (Vinyl Magic) LP
Sebastian Roya, "Andante" (Connaiseur Superieur) 12"
Samuel L. Session, "Off the Chain" (Klap Klap) 12"
*Ravi Shankar, "Flowers of India" (El Records) CD
Singer, "Unhistories" (Drag City) CD/LP
Soltero, "You're No Dream" (Southern) CD
Spedicati & Capriati, "Giallo Canarino" (CMYKmusik) 12"
*Taku Sugimoto, "Mienai Tenshi" (Weird Forest) LP
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, "13 Blues for 13 Moons" (Constellation) CD/2xLP
*Traffic, "Mr. Fantasy" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
Marty Topp, "Paradise Now: A Collective Creation of Living Theatre" (Arthur) DVD
*Tyrannosaurus Rex, "My People Were Fair and Had Sky In Their Hair" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
Valet, "Naked Acid" (Marriage Records) LP
Van Rivers, "Messed Up Alternative" (Islands & Islets) 12"
*Richard Villalobos, "Alcachofa" (Playhouse) CD
Doug Wimbish, "Trippy Notes for Bass & Remixes" (Dude Records) CD
Wraiths, "Oriflamme" (Aurora Borealis) LP
Yellow Swans, "At All Ends" (Weird Forest) LP
Yellow Swans, "Conan Island" (Weird Forest) LP
*Zauber, "S/T" (Mu) LP
Zomby, "Mu5h/Spliff Dub (Rustle Remix)" (Hyperdub) 12"
V/A, "Delirium of the Senses: Psychedelia in Italian Cinema" (Bella Casa) CD
V/A, "Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label" (Numero Group) 2xLP
*V/A, "I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore 1927-1948" (Mississippi Records) LP
*V/A, "Life is a Problem" (Mississippi Records) LP
V/A, "Psychedelic Jumble Volume One" (Rev-ola) CD
V/A, "The Second Marriage Records Compilation" (Marriage Records) 2xCD
V/A, "Shapes and Sounds Volume Two" (Top Sounds) CD/LP