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3/30/2008 - 4/05/2008

New releases this week from Diamanda Galás, Nadja, Buckethead, and the Apples in Stereo, as well as a split from Wolf Eyes and Sickness and a pair of Sublime Frequencies compilations. Reissues include titles by Silver Apples, John Cage, and Giles, Giles, & Fripp.


Diamanda Galás, "Guilty Guilty Guilty" (Mute) CD

{{{Sunset}}}, "Bright Blue Dream" (Autobus) CD
Ilyas Ahmed, "The Vertigo of Dawn" (Time-Lag Records) CD/LP
Alter Ego, "Gary" (Klang Elektronik) 12"
Andomat 3000, "BND2" (Four:Twenty) 12"
The Apples in Stereo, "Electronic Projects for Musicians" (Yep Roc) CD
Jonas Bering, "Can't Stop Loving You" (Kompakt) 12"
The Black Keys, "Attack and Release" (Nonesuch) CD
*Blue Mountain Eage, "S/T" (Fallout) LP
Bobby and Blumm, "Everybod Loves..." (Morr Music) LP
*The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, "Gorilla" (Timeless Records) LP
Borko, "Celebrating Life" (Morr Music) CD/LP
*Bread, Love and Dreams, "The Strange Tale of Captain Shannon and the
Hunchback" (Sunbeam Records) CD
*Edgar Broughton Band, "Wasa Wasa" (Timeless Records) LP
*Pete Brown and His Battered Ornaments, "A Meal You Can Shake Hands With in the Dark" (Timeless Records) LP
Buckethead/Viggo Mortensen, "Pandemonium from American" (TDRS) CD
Joshua Burkett, "Where's My Hat?" (Time-Lag Records) CD
Buzzcocks, "Orgasm Addict Live" (Cleopatra) CD
*The Byrds, "Sweatheart of the Rodeo" (Sundazed) LP
*John Cage, "Thirty Pieces, Music for Piano" (Hungarotron) CD
*Caravan, "In the Land of the Grey and Pink" (Timeless Records) LP
Jennifer Cardini, "Feeling Strange" (Kompakt) CD
Costa Music, "Lighter Subjects" (Stilll) CD
*Country Funk, "S/T" (Fallout) CD
Crow Tongue, "Ghost:Eye:Seeker" (Hand/Eye) CD
Dakota, "I Need Help EP" (Tsuba) 12"
*Dr. Strangely Strange, "Kip of the Serenes" (Timeless Records) LP
Dop, "The Lighthouse" (Orac) 12"
Dub Kult, "Petit Mal EP" (Living Records) 12"
Edu K, "Me Bota Pra Dançar" (Man Recordings) 12"
Dominik Eulberg, "Herbarium" (Traum) 12"
*Fairport Convention, "S/T" (Timeless Records) LP
*The Far Cry, "S/T" (Fallout) CD
Fennesz/Jeck/Matthews, "Amoroso" (Touch) 7"
Tolga Fidan, "All Pleasure is Relief EP" (Vakant) 12"
B. Fleischmann/Tarwater, "Morr Music Japan Tour 2005" (Morr Music) CD
*Forest, "S/T" (Timeless Records) LP
*Fraser & Debolt, "With Ian Gunther" (Fallout) LP
Greg Ginn, "Goof Off Experts" (SST) CD
*Denny Gerrard, "Sinister Morning" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
*Giles, Giles, and Fripp, "The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
*Group 180, "Music for Pieces of Wood" (Hungarotron) CD
*Keef Hartley Band, "The Time is Near" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
*Keef Hartley Band, "Overdog" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
Housemeister, "In Order to Dance EP" (AllYouCanBeat) 12"
Jam Bang, "Connecting" (SST) CD
Samuel James, "Songs Famed for Sorrow and Joy" (Northern Blues) CD
*Julian's Treatment, "A Time Before This" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
Mathias Kaden, "Lucidas" (Freude Am Tanzen) 12"
Kaliber, "Kaliber 18" (Kaliber) 12"
*Peter Kelley, "Path of the Wave" (Fallout) CD
*Khan, "Space Shanty" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
Koss, "Four Worlds Converge As One" (Mule Electronic) CD
Annea Lockwood, "A Sound Map of the Danube" (Lovely Music) 3xCD
*The Legend, "S/T" (Fallout) CD
Tony Lionni aka Alpha Child, "Better Change" (Mule Electronic) 12"
Los Camesinos, "Hold On Now, Youngster..." (Arts & Crafts) CD
Marascia, "Nova/Nympho" (Boxer Recordings) 12"
*Mellow Candle, "Swaddling Songs" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
*McDonald & Giles, "S/T" (Timeless Records) LP
*Montreal, "A Summer's Night" (Fallout) CD
My My, "Southbound/Pink Flamingos" (Ostgut) 12"
Nadja, "Skin Turns to Glass" (The End) CD
Nalle, "The Siren's Wave" (Locust) CD
*Fred Neil, "Trav'lin Man: The Early Singles" (Fallout) CD
Nerk & Dirk Leyers, "Perse X" (Klang Elektronik) 12"
*Iggy Pop, "Pop at His Top" (Get Back) CD
Osborne, "Ruling EP" (Spectral Sound) 12"
Steve Peters, "The Webster Cycles" (Cold Blue Music) CD
Piemont, "Bastille" (My Best Friend) 12"
Pierce & Jerl, "Curvee" (Numero Group) 12"
Pretty Things, "S.F. Sorrow" (Sundazed) LP
Renderizors, "Submarine" (Last Visible Dog Records) CD
*Room, "Pre-Flight" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
*Julian Jay Savarian, "Waiters on the Dance" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
Shonky, "Time Zero Part One" (Freak n' Chic) 12"
Shonky, "Time Zero Part Two" (Freak n' Chic) 12"
*Silver Apples, "S/T" (Phoenix Records) LP
Kate Simko, "She Said EP" (Spectral Sound) 12"
Skyphone, "Avellaneda" (Rune Grammofon) CD
*Shel Silverstein, "Boy Named Sue and His Other Country Songs" (Water) CD
SLG, "Lost in Shibuya" (Trapez) 12"
*Sly & the Family Stone, "A Whole New Thing" (Sundazed) LP
*Sly & the Family Stone, "Dance to the Music" (Sundazed) LP
*Sly & the Family Stone. "Life" (Sundazed) LP
*Sly & the Family Stone, "Stand!" (Sundazed) LP
*Sly & the Family Stone, "Fresh" (Sundazed) LP
*Elliott Smith, "XO" (Plain Recordings) LP
*Elliott Smith, "Figure 8" (Plain Recordings) 2xLP
Son Palenque, "Samba/El Lobo/Augusta" (Honest Jon's Records) 12"
*Spirogyra, "Old Boot Wine" (Timeless Records) LP
*Stained Glass, "Crazy Horse Roads" (Fallout) LP
*Meic Stevens, "Gwymon" (Sunbeam Records) CD
*Jade Stone & Luv, "Mosaics: Pieces of Stone" (Subliminal Sounds) CD/LP
Style of Eye, "The Prophet" (Pickadoll Music) 12"
Preston Ari Swirnoff, "Maariv" (Last Visible Dog Records)
*The Terminals, "Touch" (Last Visible Dog Records) CD
*Terence, "An Eye For An Ear" (Fallout) CD
Three Legged Race, "Living Order Mourning Order" (Tone Filth) LP
Tomcraft, "Boogie Nights (Like an Eagle)" (Great Stuff Records) 12"
Scott Tuma, "Not for Nobody" (Digitalis) CD
Twinsistermoon, "Levels and Crossings" (Digitalis) CD
James Unk, "Glitch Control" (Serie Noire) 12"
Up-Tight, "Live at the Lucrezia" (Last Visible Dog Records) DVD
Vibert/Simmonds, "Rodulate" (Rephlex) 3xLP
Wolf Eyes/Sickness, "There is a Part of Me That You Will Never Know" (Hospital Productions) LP
Woods Family Creeps, "S/T" (Time-Lag Records) CD
Zomby, "Mu5h/Spliff Dub" (Hyperdub) 12"
V/A, "Bollywood Steel Guitar" (Sublime Frequencies) CD
V/A, "Death is Nothing to Fear 3" (Spectral Sound) 12"
V/A, "Diamanten und Raketen II" (Klang Elektronik) CD
V/A, "Don't Press Your Luck! The IN Sound of 60s Connecticut" (Sundazed) CD/2xLP
V/A, "Fuji Ouija" (Honest Jon's Records) 12"
V/A, "My Favorite Things" (Mule Electronic) 12"
V/A, "Nigerian Disco Funk Special" (Soundway) CD/2xLP
V/A, "Pebbles Vol. 6" (AIP) LP
V/A, "Pebbles Vol