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4/27/2008 - 5/3/2008

The shift from April to May finds us with a pair of notable new releases from Jandek and Bobby & Blumm. Reissues include a disc comprised of the until now out-of-print debut release and early singles from space-age pop master Juan Garcia Esquivel, a nice looking disc of comedian Bill Cosby's far-out soul/psych-funk meanderings with his group the Bunions Bradford Band, and a compilation of unreleased radio work from Orson Welles' Mercury radio theatre company.


*After Shave, "Skin Deep" (Rockadrome) CD
AM/PM, "So It Goes" (Dreck) 12"
*Robbie Basho, "Bonn Ist Supreme" (Bo Weavil Recordings) CD
Benga, "Diary of an Afro Warrior" (Tempa) CD/3xLP
Bobby and Blumm, "Everybody Loves..." (Morr Music) CD/LP
Marek Bois, "Boissche Untiefen Part 2" (Rrygular) 12"
Marek Bois, "Boissche Untiefen" (Rrygular) 2xLP
Gui Boratto, "Tales From The Lab Remixes 1" (Defrag Sound Processing) 12"
*Eric Burdon & The Animals, "Winds of Change" (Rev-Ola) CD
Cafeneon, "S/T" (Station 55) CD
*Chapterhouse, "Blood Music" (Cherry Red) CD
Chop Shop, "Oxide" (23five) CD
Cloudland Canyon, "Lie in Light" (Kranky) CD/LP
*Concept, "Invasion" (Long Hair) CD
*Concept, "Supra Surge" (Long Hair) CD
*Bill Cosby, "Badfoot Brown & The Bunions Bradford Funeral & Marching Band" (Dusty Groove) CD
Cotti/King Soly, "The Search/Bassface/Takeover" (Soul Jazz Records) 12"
*Bob Crewe & Charles Fox, "Barbarella OST" (Dynovoice) LP
Cult of the 13th Hour, "Wickedness" (Soul Jazz Records) 12"
*The Cure, "Seventeen Seconds" (Vinyl Lovers) 2xLP
CV313, "Dimensional Space" (Echospace) 12"
Daso, "Tinnitus" (Connaisseur Records) 12"
Daso & Pawas, "Det" (Spectral Sound) 12"
Delon & Dalcan, "Elephant Tanz (Tanz Pt. 1)" (Boxer Recordings) 12"
Delon & Dalcan, "Dirty Tanzer (Tanz Pt. 2)" (Boxer Recordings) 12"
Delon & Dalcan, "Tanz" (Boxer Recordings) CD
*Dillard & Clark, "The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark" (Water) CD
Dominique, "More Love Now" (Dial) LP
*Droids, "Star Peace" (Repressed) CD
*Van Duren, "Are You Serious?" (Water) CD
Juan Garcia Esquivel, "Mexico Days" (El Records) CD
Lee Everton, "Inner Exile" (Rootdown Records) CD
Foat & Boddy, "Droidnosh" (Mule Electronic) 12"
Head>>Fake, "Live: In the Area of Prague" (Dude Records) DVD
Peter Horrevorts, "Evolver Remixes" (Kanzleramt) 12"
Intrusion, "Intrusion Dub" (Echospace) 2x12"
*Peter Ivers, "Knight of the Blue Communion" (Epic) LP
Jandek, "Glasgow Friday" (Corwood Industries) CD
Joy Division, "Let The Movie Begin" (Ozit) 2xLP
*Joy Division, "Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes" (Ozit) 2xLP
Kadebostan, "Ruff Dancer EP" (Freude Am Tanzen) 12"
La Ira De Dios, "Cosmos, Kaos, Destruccion" (World In Sound) CD
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet, "The Breadwinner" (Erstwhile) CD
Thomas Leer, "Contradictions" (Cherry Red) CD
Les Georges Leningrad, "Supa Doopa Remix" (Musique Risquee) 12"
*Lily & Maria, "S/T" (Sunbeam Records) CD
Losoul, "Raw Beauty" (Playhouse) 12"
Martinez, "Retrospective EP" (3rd Floor) 12"
Jasmina Maschina, "The Demolition Stories" (Staubgold) CD/LP
Minilogue, "Animals" (Cocoon) 2xLP
Minilogue & Kab, "That's A Nice Way To Give Me Feedback Remixes" 12"
Model 500, "Starlight" (Echospace) 2x12"
Brendan Murray, "Commonwealth" (23five) CD
*The New Rotary Connection, "Hey Love" (Cadet Concept Records) LP
Toshimaru Nakamura & English, "One Day" (Erstwhile) CD
*New York Dolls, "S/T" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa, "Passing Out" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) CD
Obskuria, "Discovery of Obskuria" (World In Sound) 2xLP
*Os Mutantes, "A Divina Comédia Ou Ando Meio Desligado" (Vinyl Lovers) LP
*Paper Bubble, "Scenery" (RPM) CD
Peace Division, "Presents The Lab" (Tsuba) 12"
Pluxus, "Transient EP" (Kompakt) 12"
*Principal Edwards, "The Devon Tapes" (Cherry Red) CD
Quantec, "Unusual Signal" (Echochord) 2xLP
Raglani, "Web of Light" (Kvist) LP
Ramadanman, "Carla/Offal/Kablammo Eleven" (Soul Jazz Records) 12"
Mihalis Safras, "Interafrica" (Trapez) 12"
Scotti B, King Tutt, Say Wut (feat. Moleque Bil & MC Gus),
"Funk Mundial #6 - Mais Ela/Vai Sentar" (Man Recordings) 12"
Sebrok, "Pyrolator" (Paso Music) 12"
Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan, "More Flowers of India" (El Records) CD
Shantel, "Disko Partizani" (Essay Records) 12"
*The Shivas, "Where Have You Gone To?" (World In Sound) CD
Shrubbn!!, "Rumpleritter" (Musick) 12"
*Judee Sill, "Dreams Come True" (Water) 2xCD
*Jeff Simmons, "Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up" (World In Sound) LP
Sutekh, "Influenza B" (Stock5 Ltd.) 12"
Sweet n' Candy, "The Wicked Keeper EP" (District of Corruption) 12"
*Sun Ra, "Disco 3000: Complete Milan Concert 1978" (Art Yard) 2xCD
*The Walker Brothers, "Take It Easy With The Walker Brothers" (Water) CD
Orson Welles, "Your Obedient Servant" (El Records) CD
Zero Cash & Khan, "Chitin Body EP" (I'm Single) 12"
V/A, "African Scream Contest - Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds..." (Analog Africa) CD
V/A, "Blitzing the Ballroom: 20 UK Power Glam Incendiaries" (Psychic Circle) CD
V/A, "Death Is Nothing To Fear 4" (Spectral Sound) 12"
V/A, "Good Vibrations - The Punk Singles Collection" (Anagram Records) CD
V/A, "Nigeria Rock Special" (Soundway) CD
V/A, "Perfect Unpop: Peel Show Hits & Long-Lost Lo-Fi Favorites" (Cherry Red) CD