New music this week includes Flying Saucer Attack, Cold Cave, Destroyer, and Holy Ghost! while old music includes Rodelius, Dead Can Dance, and Acid Mothers Temple.

Elektro Guzzi - Live P.A. (Macro) CD
Mobthrow, "Mobthrow" (Ad Noiseam) CD
The Teknoist, "Trainwreck Magnetism" (Ad Noiseam) CD

*Acid Mothers Temple, "Pink Lady Lemonade - You're From Inner Space" (Alien8) CD/2xLP
Afternoon Naps, "Summer Gang" (Happy Happy Birthday to Me) 7"
Alela Diane, " Alela Diane & Wild Divine" (Rough Trade) CD/LP
Americans In France, "Crawling" (Odessa) CD
Oren Ambarchi / Jim O'Rourke / Keiji Haino, "Tima Formosa" (Black Truffle) CD
Amiina, "Puzzle" (Sound Of A Handshake) CD/LP
Astrobrite, "Crush" (Blvd) LP
*Birth Control, "Backdoor Possibilities + Satory Live" (Boutique) 2xCD
*The Black Angels, "Another Nice Pair" (Light In The Attic) LP
Blueprint, "Adventures In Counter" (Rhymesayers) CD
Bill Callahan, "Apocalypse" (Drag City) CD/LP
Cold Cave, "Cherish the Light Years" (Matador) CD/LP
Colorlist, "The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean" (Serein) 10"
*Stanton Davis / Ghetto Mysticism, "Brighter Days" (Cultures Of Soul) CD
*Dead Can Dance, "Spiritchaser" (MoFi) 2xLP
Matthew Dear, "Slowdance" (Ghostly International) CDEP
Destroyer, "Ideas For Songs" (Triple Crown Audio) LP
*Diagram Brothers, "The Peel Sessions" (LTM) CD
Ed Wood Lovers, "Ciencias Exactas" (Elefant) 7"
Eureka California, "Modern Times" EP (Happy Happy Birthday to Me) 7"
Family Portrait, "Family Portrait" (Underwater Peoples) LP
Flying Saucer Attack, "Chorus" (Drag City) CD
Foxes!, "The Panda Bear Song" (Elefant) 7"
*Zeus B. Held, "Voice Versa" (Boutique) CD
Holy Ghost!, "Holy Ghost!" (DFA) CD
Michael Hurley, "Have Moicy!" (Light In The Attic) LP
If By Yes, "Salt On Sea Glass" (Chimera) CD
Insane Clown Posse, "Magnets, Bitches & Tape Loops" (Beta-lactam Ring) LP
J-Live, "SPTA" (Triple Threat) CD/LP
Just Handshakes (We're British), "Falling Over Our Fear" (Elefant) 7"
Kills, "Blood Pressures" (Domino) CD/LP
Maritime, "Human Hearts" (Dangerbird) CD/LP
Orca Team, "Vancouver B.C." (Happy Happy Birthday to Me) 7"
Papa Topo, "La Chica Vampira" (Elefant) 7"
Dave Phillips / Cornelia Hesse-honegger, "Mutations" (Ini Itu) LP
The Raveonettes, "Raven in the Grave" (Vice) CD/LP
*Roedelius, "Piano Piano" (Bureau B) CD/LP
Robbie Robertson, "How to Become Clairvoant" (429) CD
Daniel Romano, "Sleeps Beneath the Willow" (You’ve Changed Records) CD
Sleep Over, "Casual Diamond" (Hippos In Tanks) 7"
Submerged, "Before Fire I Was Against Other People" (Ohm Resistance) CD/2xLP
Sun Stabbed, "Des Lumieres, Des Ombres, Des Figures" (Doubtful Sounds) LP
Timber Timbre, "Creep On Creepin'" (Arts & Crafts) CD/LP
[V/A], "Back and 4th" (Hotflush) 2xCD/3xLP