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5/11/2008 - 5/17/2008

Look for new recordings this week from Grails, Burning Star Core, Philip Jeck, Tindersticks, Vetiver, and Nurse With Wound (whose disc also comes with a large book of paintings). Reissues include titles from 808 State, Vladislav Delay, and the classic RE/Search tome, "Pranks!".


A. H. Kraken, "A. H. Kraken" (In the Red) CD/LP
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO, "Recurring Dream and Apocalypse" (Important) CD
Adultnapper, "Audiomatique Volume 2.1" (Audiomatique) 12"
Oren Ambarchi, "Destinationless Desire" (Touch) 7"
Joseph Arthur, "Vagabond Skies" (Lonely Astronaut) CD
Robert Ashley, "Concrete" (Lovely Music) 2xCD
Asobi Seksu, "Strawberries" (Oli) 7"
Robert Babicz, "Dark Flower" (Audiomatique) 12"
Beckett & Taylor, "World of Me" (Hand on the Plow) 12"
Black Taj, "Beyonder" (Amish Records) CD
Bloody Mary vs. Sierra Sam, "Spiel Bank EP" (Einmaleins) 12"
Marek Bois, "Boissche Untiefen" (Rrygular) 2xCD
Gui Boratto & Martin Eyerer, "The Island" (Audiomatique) 12"
Falko Brocksieper, "Heavy Day" (Sub Static) 2xLP
Falko Brocksieper, Heavy Day Remixes" (Sub Static) 12"
Bulbs, "Light Ships" (Freedom to Spend) CD
Burning Star Core, "Challenger" (Hospital Productions) CD
Butcher the Bar, "Sleep at Your Own Speed" (Morr Music) LP
Caetitu, "S/T" (Emanem) CD
Richard Chartier, "Further Materials" (Line) CD
Cosmologic, "Eyes In The Back of My Head" (Cuneiform) CD
*Crystal Image, "Crystal Image II: Rock and Roll" (Red Lounge) CD
Darkstar, "Need You/Squeeze My Lime" (Hyperdub) 12"
*Vladislav Delay, "Anima" (Huume Recordings) CD
Demian, "S/T" (Fallout) CD
DJ Spooky, "Sound Unbound" (Sub Rosa) CD
Dominique, "More Love Now" (Dial) CD
Donor/Truess, "Perception EP" (Dumb-Unit) 12"
Dosh, "Wolves and Wishes" (Anticon.) CD/LP
Educution, "Ting Chuggy Volume 2" (D1 Recordings) 12"
*808 State, "Quadrastate" (Rephlex) CD
Electroserge, "Gimme Data" (Normoton) CD
Evolutive System, "City Soul" (Snapshot Records) 12"
*JW Farquhar, "The Formal Female" (Shadoks Music) LP
Fenin, "Been Through" (Shitkatapult) CD
Fern Knight, "Fern Knight" (VHF) CD
GOTO80, "Made On Internet" (Pingipung) CD
Grails, "Take Refuge in Clean Living" (Important) CD/LP
Graser & Notic Nastic/Willie Graff & Patrick Tuccillo, "I'm Very Close/Paru Paru" (Liebe Detail) 12"
Tim Green, "Revox" (Dirtybird) 12"
*Group Doueh, "Guitar Music from the Western Sahara" (Sublime Frequencies) CD
Hercules and Love Affair, "Blind Remixes" (DFA Records) 12"
Lars Hollmer, "Viadra" (Cuneiform) CD
*Jake Holmes, "'The Above Ground Sound' of Jake Holmes" (Phoenix Records) CD
Juli Holz, "Tränen Auf Dem Dancefloor" (Stil Vor Talent) 12"
*Horsepower Productions, "In Fine Style" (Tempa) CD
*Horsepower Productions, "To The Rescue" (Tempa) CD
Hudmo, "Ooops!" (Lucky Me/Wireblock) 12"
Essie Jain, "The Inbetween" (Ba Da Bing!) CD
Philip Jeck, "Sand" (Touch) CD
Jens Joneleit, "In Between - Blues Pieces" (Neos) CD
Jens Joneleit, "Maze Drum Solo" (Neos) CD
Elmore Judd, "Insect Funk" (Honest Jon's Records) CD
Mauricio Kagel/Alberto Posadas, "Donaueschinger Musiktage 2006 Vol. 4" (Neos) CD
Takahiro Kido, "Fleursy Music" (Plop) CD
Kimble, "The Dust Off Volume Two" (Offkey Industries) 12"
Akiko Kiyama, "Fungi Reworked" (Lick My Deck) 12"
Kreon & Lemos, "Lookooshere" (Resopal Red) 12"
Lau Nau, "Nukkuu" (Locust) CD
Andrew Liles, "Auto Manipulator" (Lumberton) LP
*Linkwood Family, "Miles Away" (Firecracker Recordings) 10"
Loweck, "Misdirection" (Bullet:Dodge) 12"
Maestrom, "Edits EP #1" (Solardisco) 12"
*Magic Bubble, "S/T" (Fallout) CD
Mark E, "Slave 1" (Running Back) 12"
Jasmina Maschina, "The Demolition Series" (Staubgold) LP
Matchbox, "U Can Get Sonar" (Kindisch) 12"
Fabrizio Maurizi, "Ok, Switch On" (Minus) 12"
Phil Minton, "No Doughnuts in Hand" (Emanem) CD
Modey Lemon, "Season of Sweets" (Birdman) CD
Morning After, "Blue Blood" (Shadoks Music) LP
Move D & Benjamin Brunn, "Honey" (Smallville) 12"
Neurotron/Mollono.Bass, "SOS" (Ostwind Records) 12"
New, "Deadeye Tricksters" (Bo Weavil Recordings) CD
The New Age, "All Around" (Red Lounge) CD
Alex Niggemann, "Clean the Dish" (Sportclub) 12"
Nurse With Wound, "Images/Zero Mix" (Beta-Lactam Ring Record) Book+CD
Osborne, "S/T" (Spectral Sound) CD
Ido Oshkopun, "Out of Burma EP" (Cynosure) 12"
Pan-Pot, "The Remixes" (Mobilee) 12"
Pan/Tone, "Chubby Chaser EP" (Cereal/Killers) 12"
*Pita, "Get Out" (Editions Mego) CD
Bruno Pronsanto, "Why Can't We Be Like Us" (Hello? Repeat) CD
*Rainman, "S/T" (Fallout) CD
Raudive, "Myth" (Nummer-Schallplatten) 12"
*RE/Search, "#11: Pranks!" (RE/Search) Book
Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, "Forked Tounge" (Cuneiform) CD
*Sacros, "S/T" (Shadoks Music) LP
Itamar Sagi, "Black Gold" (Be As One) 12"
Mathias Schaffhauser, "Holy Pause" (Adjunct) 12"
Henrik Schwarz and Kuniyuki (feat. Yoshihiro Tsukahara), "The Session" (Mule Musiq) 12"
Giacinto Scelsi, "Chukrum/Quattro Pezzi/Natura Renovatur/Hymnos" (Neos) CD
Scorch Trio, "Brolt" (Rune Grammofon) 2xLP
Shonky, "Time Zero" (Freak n' Chic) CD
Sic Alps, "A Long Way Around To A Shortcut" (Animal Disguise) CD
*Skydog, "Just Want To Make You Happy" (Red Lounge) CD
Wadada Leo Smith, "Tabligh" (Cuneiform) CD
Solar & Poppcke, "Grounded EP" (Ostwind Records) 12"
Spirit Catcher, "Voo Doo Knight Remixes" (Mood Music) 12'
Spontaneous Music Ensemble & Orchestra, "Trio &
Steel an' Skin, "Afro Punk Reggae Dub" (Honest Jon's Records) 12"
Sutcliffe Jugend, "The Fall of Nature" (Hospital Productions) CD
Sven UK/Andomat 3000, "Limitiert #8" (Platzhirsch Schallplatten) 12"
*Tabaco, "Desintegracion" (Red Lounge) 2xCD
Tindersticks, "Hungry Saw" (Beggars Banquet UK) Digital/CD/LP
Triangle" (Emanem) CD
2562, "Techno Dread/Enforcers" (Tectonic) 12"
*Tzotziles, "Psalms, Stories and Music" (Sub Rosa) CD
*Univers Zero, "S/T" (Cuneiform) CD
Fred Van Hove, "Journey" (PSI) CD
Vetiver, "Thing of the Past" (Gnomonsong) CD/LP
We Are Scientists, "Brain Thrust Mastery" (Astralwerks) CD
Simone White, "I Am The Man" (Honest Jon's Records) CD/LP
Christian Wolff, "Piano Pieces" (Neos) CD
Iannis Xenakis, "Orchestral Works Vol. 5" (Timpani) CD
V/A, "Berghain 02 Part II" (Ostgut) 12"
V/A, "Black Stars: Ghana's Hiplife Generation" (Out Here Recordings) CD
V/A, "Dead Man's Hand" (Poker Flat) 2xLP
*V/A, "Music For Hairy Scary Monsters" (Sound of a Handshake) CD