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5/18/2008 - 5/24/2008

New stuff this week includes Marc Almond and Michael Cashmore, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Dresden Dolls, Indian Jewelry and Eric Chenaux while old stuff is due from Current 93, Mudhoney and Yazoo.

Adultnapper, "Audiomatique Volume 2.2" (Audiomatique) 12"
Mark Almond & Michael Cashmore, "Gabriel & the Lunatic Lover" (Durtro/Jnana) CD
Blue Skies for Black Hearts, "Serenades and Hand Grenades" (King of Hearts) CD
Bonnie "Prince" Billy, "Lie Down in the Light" (Drag City) CD/LP
Book of Shadows, "You Were Seen In A Time Machine" (Unfun) CD
*Brainbombs, "Obey" (Armageddon) CD
Braincell, "Absorb" (Harthouse) 12"
Burial Hex, "Inititiations" (Aurora Borealis) CD/LP
Joseph Capriati, "Farlocco EP" (Frankie Records) 12"
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, "More News from Nowhere" (Mute) 7"/CDS
Eric Chenaux, "Sloppy Ground" (Constellation) CD/LP
Chloe, "Be Kind to Me" (Kill The DJ) 12"
*Circle X, "Prehistory" (Blue Chopsticks) CD
Cluster, "Berlin 2007 (Important) CD
Anthony Collins, "Rabouine House EP" (Freak n' Chic) 12"
Jason Crumer, "Ottoman Black" (Hospital Productions) CD
Current 93, "Black Ships Heat The Dancefloor" (Jnana) 12"
*Current 93, "The Inmost Light" (Jnana) 2xLP
CV313, "Affiniti" (Fortune8) 12"
CV313, "Deepspace" (Fortune8) 12"
*Death In June, "The Rule of Thirds" (NER) 2x10"
Discodeine, "Texas Gladiators EP" (Dirty) 12"
The Dresden Dolls, "No, Virginia..." (Roadrunner) CD
Kevin Drumm, "Imperial Distortion" (Hospital Productions) 2xCD
Echospace, "Sonorous" (Fortune8) 12"
Echospace, "OBMX" (Fortune8) 12"
Einsturzende Neubauten, "Jewels" (Potomak) CD
The Explorers Club, "Freedom Wind" (Dead Oceans) CD
Free Kitten, "Inherit" (Ecstatic Peace) CD
French Kicks, "Swimming" (Vagrant) CD
Dan Friel, "Ghost Town" (Important) CD
Gnaw Their Tongues, "Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood" (Crucial Blast) CD
Svarte Greiner, "Til Seters" (A Room Forever) LP
Hugg & Pepp, "Smuggeli Krook EP" (Dahlback Recordings) 12"
Fredd Hush, "Definition Track" (Kill The DJ) 12"
Indian Jewelry, "Free Gold!" (We Are Free) CD
Islands, "Arm's Way" (ANTI-) CD
Jeremy Jay, "Place Where We Could Go" (K) CD
Joan of Arc, "Boo Human" (Polyvinyl) CD
Scarlett Johansson, "Anywhere I Lay My Head" (Rhino) CD
King Darves, "The Sun Splits For...The Blind Swimmer" (Destijl) CD/LP
Ladytron, "Ghosts" (Nettwerk) CDS
Margaret Leng Tan, "Sorceress of the New Piano" (Mode) DVD
Alan Licht & Aki Onda, "Everydays" (Family Vineyard) CD
Mates of State, "Re-Arrange Us" (Barsuk) CD
*Medium Medium, "Hungry, So Angry" (Cherry Red) CD
Mount Eerie, "Black Wooden Ceiling Opening" (Elverum & Sun P.W.) 10"+CD
Okkyung Lee, "I Saw The Ghost of an Unknown Soul and It Said..." (Ecstatic Peace) LP
MSK, "Lunar" (Institubes) 12"
*Mudhoney, "Superfuzz Bigmuff" (Sub Pop) CD
*Mudhoney, "The Lucky Ones" (Sub Pop) CD
Namlook vs. Pepe Bradock, "Subharmonic Atoms" (Macro Recordings) 12"
The National, "A Skin, A Night + Virginia" CD+DVD
Dylan Nyoukis & Japp Blonk, "Dubbletwee" (Ecstatic Peace) LP
*Jim O'Rourke, "Tamper" (Drag City) CD
Osorezan, "Mimidokodesuka" (Drag City) CD/LP
Graham Parker & the Rumour, "The Vertigo Singles Collection" (Lemon Recordings) CD
Remote, "The Hardstick" (Kill The DJ) 12"
Rossella, "Photographers EP" (Cyclical Tracks) 12"
Solomun, "Flying Pics" (Diynamic) 12"
Soultek, "Clouds Overhead" (Fortune8) 12"
Soultek, "Dreaming Under A Starlit Sky" (Fortune8) 12"
Spiritualized, "Soul on Fire" (Sanctuary) 7"/CDS
Tigerskin, "Peter's Secret Weapon" (Dirt Crew) 12"
The Wedding Present, "El Rey" (Manifesto) CD/LP
Windsor for the Derby, "How We Lost" (Secretly Canadian) CD
*Yazoo, "Upstairs at Eric's" (Mute) CD
*Yazoo, "You and Me Both" (Mute) CD
Justice Yeldham & The Dynamic Ribbon Device, "Birthdays" (Anarchymoon Records) LP
The Young Gods, "Knock On Wood: The Acoustic Sessions" (PIAS) CD+DVD
V/A, "A Factory Night Once Again" (LTM) DVD
V/A, "The In-Kraut Vol. 3" (Marina) 2xLP
V/A, "Spire Live - Fundamentalis" (Autofact) 2xLP

Robert Pollard, "Miles Under the Skin/Frostman (Long Version)" (Happy Jack Rock Records) 7"