New music is due this week from Keith Fullerton Whitman,JK Flesh, Jon Mueller & James Plotkin, Robert Hampson, and Sir Richard Bishop while old music is due this week from Can and Silver Jews.


Anthony B, "Freedom Fighter" (Ire) CD
Sir Richard Bishop, "Intermezzo" (Soma) LP
Burning Love, "Rotten Thing To Say" (Southern Lord) CD/LP
Dana Bouy, "Summer Bodies" (Lefse) CD/LP
*Can, "The Lost Tapes" (Mute) 3xLP
Cheveu, "Cheveu" (Born Bad) LP
Chymera, "Death By Misadventure" (Connaisseur) CD
Alice Cohen, "Pink Keys" (Olde English Spelling Bee) CD/LP
Espen Eriksen Trio, "What Took You So Long" (Rune Grammofon) CD
Exlovers, "Moth" (Young & Lost Club) CD
Feeling of Love, "Dissolve Me" (Born Bad) CD
Fixers, "We'll Be The Moon" (Dolphin Love) CD/LP
Fire! With Oren Ambarchi, "In the Mouth A Hand" (Rune Grammofon) CD
Robert Hampson, "Répercussions" (Editions Mego) CD
JK Flesh, "Posthuman" (3BY3) CD
Omar Khorshid, "Guitar El Chark (Guitar of the Orient)" (Sublime Frequencies) 2xCD
Mats Lindstrom, "Mig" (Soma) LP
Christian Loffler, "A Forest" (Ki) CD/2xDLP
Lorn, "Ask The Dust" (Ninja Tune) CD/2xLP
Misty Hush Rival, "Your Heart Is Broken" (Guerssen) CD
Jon Mueller & James Plotkin, "Terminal Velocity" (Taiga) 2xLP
Neung Phak, "2" (Abduction) CD
Alex Niggemann, "Paranoid Funk" (Poker Flat) CD/2xLP
Maayan Nidam, "New Moon" (Cadenza) CD/2xLP
Pariso, "Nothing Beyond Everything After" (Tangled Talk) LP
Polysick, "Digital Native" (Planet Mu) CD/2xLP
Paralisis Permanente, "El Acto" (Vinilsssimo) CD
Phantom Ghost, "Pardon My English" (Dial) CD
Plvs Vltra, "Parthenon" (Spectrum Spools) LP
Scythling, "Smokefall" (Aurora Borealis) CD/2xLP
Sensate Focus, "Sensate 5" EP
Shoes And Socks Off, "Miles of Mad Water" (Big Scary Monsters) LP
*Silver Jews, "Early Times" (Drag City) CD/LP
Taragana Pyjarama, "Tipped Bowls" (Kompakt) CD/2x10"
Trapist, "The Golden Years" (Staubgold) CD/LP
Christian Vogel, The Inertials" (Shitkatapult) CD
Keith Fullerton Whitman, "Occlusions; Real-Time Music For Hybrid Digital-Analogue..." (Editions Mego) LP
Zbigniew Karkowski, "nerve cell_0 (for cello and computers) (Sub Rosa) CD
[VA], "Skanish Sound: Jamaican Influenced Music From Spain" (Vampisoul) CD/LP