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6/22/2008 - 6/28/2008

Fresh releases out this week from Nurse With Wound, Pelt, Hecules & Love Affair, Odd Nosdam, and Sigur Rós. Reissues include classics from Glenn Branca and Gore, as well as a deluxe edition of Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville. Also of note is a live CD+DVD package from Babyshambles and the second volume of Sub Rosa's Musics in the Margin series entitled Bôkan!.


Abiku, "Right" (Automation) CD
Aborted, "Strychnine.213" (Century Media) CD
The All-Star Project, "Your Regard...A Bullet" (Forgotten Empire) CD
Anniversary, "Devil on our Side: B-Sides and Rarities" (Vagrant) CD
AU, "Verbs" (Aagoo) CD
Babyshambles, "Oh, What A Lovely Tour" (Astralwerks) DVD+CD
Be Your Own Pet, “Get Damaged” (XL) 7”/CD-EP
Beneath The Sky, "The Day The Music Died" (Victory) CD
*Glenn Branca, "Symphony #5" (Atavistic) CD
Carnifex, "The Diseased and the Poisoned" (Victory) CD
Cassy, "Idle Blues/April" (Cassy) 12"
Chic Miniatrue, "Escandalo" (Crosstown Rebels) 12"
Coffins, "Buried Death" (Southern Lord) CD
Karen Dalton, "Green Rocky Road" (Delmore) CD
Dawsano, "Get on the Funk Train/On A Journey" (A Jackin' Phreak) 12"
Bill Dixon, "17 Musicians In Search of a Sound: Darfur" (Aum Fidelity) CD
James Flavour, "Code of the Streets" (Dirt Crew) 12"
Forward Russia, "Life Processes" (Mute) CD
*Gore, "Mean Man's Dream" (Flingco) Digital
Peter Grummich, "Therapy Remix EP" (District of Corruption) 12"
Russell Haswell, "Second Live Salvage" (Editions Mego) 2xLP
Jim Haynes, "Eraldus"/"Eravaldus" (Elevator Bath) Picture Disc LP
Hercules & Love Affair “S/T” (Mute) CD/LP
Kiko, "1.15" (Afu Laboratory) 12"
Hans Krüsi, "Ex Hk." (Alga Marghen) LP
Los Updates, "First If You Please--The Remix Part 1 (Cadenza) 12"
Love as Laughter, "Holy Glacial" (Pace/Epic) CD
Made Out of Babies, "The Ruiner" (The End Records) CD
*M.E.V., "Spacecraft/Unified Patchwork Theory" (Alga Marghen) CD
Mr Raoul K, "Himalaya" (Baobab Music) 12"
Mugison, "Mugiboogie" (Ipecac) CD
*Musica Elettronica Viva, "Friday" (Alga Marghen) CD
Nurse With Wound, "Huffin' Rag Blues" (United Jnana CD)
Odd Nosdam, “Pretty Swell Explode” (anticon.) CD
Pelt, “Dauphin Elegies” (VHF) CD
*Liz Phair, "Exile in Guyville" (ATO) CD+DVD
Quartetto, "Organic, Playco 1969" (Algo Marghen) CD
Jay Reatard, “Always Wanting More b/w You Mean Nothing to Me” (Matador) 7”
Jay Reatard, “Singles 06-07” (In the Red) CD+DVD/2LP
Rick Reed, "Dreamz"/"Blue Polz" (Elevator Bath) Picture Disc LP
Retribution Gospel Choir, "S/T" (Aural Exploits) LP
Sigur Ros, "Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust" (XL) CD/LP
S/T, "Und So Weiter..." (Dirter Promotions) CD
James Taylor, "Leave Me Alone" (240 Volts) 10"
Ricardo Tobar, "Boy Love Girl" (Border Community) 12"
Vampire Weekend, “Oxford Coma” (XL) 7”
*Ricardo Villalobos vs. Jay Haze, "Contexterrior #8.5" (Contexterrior) 12"
Wombats, "A Guide To Love, Loss, and Desperation" (Roadrunner) CD
Eri Yamamoto, "Duologue" (Aum Fidelity) CD
Andrey Zots, "I Am/Zoid" (Acid Fuckers Unite) 12"
V/A, "Bôkan! Musics in the Margin" (Sub Rosa) CD
V/A, "Cocoon Compilation H" (Cocoon) CD
V/A, "Gruppenzwang EP Part One" (Catenaccio Records) 12"
V/A, "Sampler Zero Eight" (A.I.) CD