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6/3/2012 - 6/9/2012

New music is due this week from Liars, Jonas Munk, and Eric Copeland while old music is due from M√∫m, Conrad Schnitzler and Burial Hex.


*Burial Hex, "Book of Delusions" (Cold Spring) CD
Bob Chance, "It's Broken" (Trunk) CD/LP
Jin Choi, "A Thousand Whales of Love" (Private Gold) CD
Suzanne Ciani, "Voices of Packaged Souls" (Dead-Cert) LP
Eric Copeland, "Limbo" (Underwater Peoples) CD/LP
Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti, "Gramercy" (Miasmah) CD
Ryan Davis, "Particles of Bliss" (Traum) CD
Drainolith, "Fighting!" (Spectrum Spools) LP
Easter, "Innocence Man" (White Box) CD
Grass Widow, "Internal Logic" (HLR) LP
Laurel Halo, "Quarantine" (Hyperdub) CD/LP
Human Woman, "Human Woman" (hfn) CD/LP
Japandroids, "Celebration Rock" (Polyvinyl) CD/LP
Kira Kira, "Feathermagnetik" (Sound of a Handshake) LP
Lego Feet, "Lego Feet" (Skam) 2xLP
Liars, "WIXIW" (Mute) LP
Man Without Country, "Foe" (Lost Balloon) CD
Cliff Martinez, "Drive O.S.T." (Invada) 2xLP
Mere, "Mere" (Gizeh) CD
M√∫m, "Early Birds" (Morr Music) CD/2xLP
Jonas Munk, "Pan" (El Paraiso) CD/LP
Oxia, "Tides of Mind" (Infine) CD/2xLP
The Pirate Ship Quintet, "Rope For No-Hopers" (Denovali) CD/2xLP
Pyrolator, "Inland" (Bureau B) CD/LP
Guy Reibel, "Granulations-Sillages/Franges Du Signe" (Recollection GRM) LP
Rom, "Foot Signal" (Pingipong) LP
Gunter Schickert, "Überfällig" (Bureau B) CD/LP
*Conrad Schnitzler, "Endtime" (Minimal) CD
Sleep Research Facility, "Stealth" (Cold Springs) 2xCD
Stiebler Ernstalbrecht, "Sequenz II - Mitteltöne Trio 89" (Minimal) CD
Stonewall, "Stonewall" (Kimset) LP
Suum Cuique, "Ascetic Ideals" (Modern Love) LP
Sebastien Tellier, "My God is Blue" (Record Makers) LP
The Walkmen, "Heaven" (Bella Donna) CD/LP
[VA], "Eat the Dream Gnawa Music From Essaouira" (Sublime Frequencies) LP