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6/8/2006 - 6/14/2006

New and notable releases this week include stuff from Cloudland Canyon with Lichens, Odd Nosdam, Paavoharju, Robert Pollard, Syclops, and Chicks On Speed while classic vault material surfaces from Yazoo, Scientist, 808 State, and Yellow Hand. Also worth a mention are a pair of massive LP boxsets from two Aussie industrial legends: S.P.K. and Severed Heads.

Shlomi Aber, "In Theory Yes/Efrat" (Be As One) 12"
Adultnapper, "Audiomatique Volume 2.0" (Audiomatique) CD
Aeroplane (feat. Kathy Diamond), "Whispers" (Eskimo) 12"
Af Ursin, "Aura Legato" (La Scie Doree) LP
Armaberokay, "The Hype EP" (Einmaleins) 12"
Axel Bartsch, "Kiss" (Karmarouge) CD
Adam Beyer, "Fuse Presents Adam Beyer" (Music Man) CD
Mari Boine vs. Mungolian Jetset, "It Ain't Necessarily Evil" (Luna Flicks) 12"
Gui Boratto/SCSI 9, "Speicher 55" (Kompakt) 12"
*Brothers Unlimited, "Who's For the Young" (Fallout) CD
Cassetteboy, "Carry on Breathing" (Barry's Bootlegs) CD
Chicks on Speed, "Art Rules" (Chicks on Speed Recors) 12"
Cloudland Canyon/Lichens, "Exterminating Angel" (Holy Mountain) LP
*The Common People, "Of the People, By the People, For the People" (Fallout) LP
Control Club, "Facile Les Filles" (Diamond Traxx) 7"
Karen Dalton “Green Rocky Road” (Delmore) CD
Dapayk & Midnight/Ezekiel Honig, "Open The Door" (Fenou) 10"
Dapayk & Padberg, "Black Beauty Rmxs Part 2" (Mo's Ferry) 12"
DJ Godfather, "For the Freaks: The Detroit Connection Part 3" (Matrix Music) CD
Dosh “Wolves and Wishes” (anticon.) LP
Dubxanne, "Police in Dub" (Echo Beach) CD
*Monte Dunn and Karen Cruz, "S/T" (Fallout) CD
Eclier, "Boxon Say Hello" (Boxon Records) 12"
Danton Eeprom, "Ostalgie EP" (Change Records) 12"
*808 State, "Quadrastate" (Rephlex) 2xLP
Elon, "Birds EP" (Dumb-Unit) 12"
Errors, "It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever" (Rock Action) CD/LP
Eye of Style, "Stick/Burlesque" (Front Room) 12"
Fabulous Diamonds, "Fabulous Diamonds" (Siltbreeze) LP
Force of Nature, "3-European Edition" (Mule Musiq) 12"
*Forest, "S/T" (Phoenix Records) CD
*Fuck Buttons, "Street Horrrsing" (ATP Records) 2xLP
Andres Garcia, "No More Tears" (Connaisseur Superieur) 12"
Laurent Garnier, "Back to My Roots EP" (Innervisions) 12"
Gas, "Nah Und Fern" (Kompakt) 2xLP
Grouper, "Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill" (Type) CD
Gummihz, "Back To Black Vol. Two" (Mobilee) 2xCD
Harrisons, "No Fighting In The War Room" (Melodic) CD/DVD
*Hot Chip, "One Pure Thought" (EMI) 2x12"
*H.P. Lovecraft, "H.P. Lovecraft II" (Phoenix Records) CD
In Flagranti, "Firmly Planted Memories" (Codek Records) 12"
Intertrigo vs. the Phat Riderz, "Audio Fight 1" (Big Splash Records) 12"
Skip James, "1931 Sessions" (Mississippi Records) LP
Tob Jona, "Troika EP" (A.R.T.Less) 12"
Kaliber, "Kaliber 19" (Kaliber) 12"
Jeremy Kelly, "S/T" (Digitalis) CD
Akiko Kiyama, "Seven Years" (District of Corruption) CD
Oliver Klein & Peter Jurgens, "Scoville" (Kling Klong) 12"
Las Malas Amistades, "Patio Bonito" (Honest Jon's Records) CD
Rod Lee, "Money Lotion #6" (Money Studies) 12"
Lil Wayne “The Carter III” (Cash Money) CD
*Lily & Maria, "S/T" (Sunbeam) LP
Low Motion Disco, "Love Love Love Part 2 of 2" (Eskimo) 12"
Low Motion Disco, "Things Are Gonna Get Easier" (Eskimo) 7"/12"
Lutzenkirchen, "Moonlight EP" (Flash Recordings) 12"
*Magik Markers, "Boss" (Arbitrary Signs) LP
*Rod Modell, "Sacred Geometry EP" (Echocord)  12"
*Morgen, "S/T" (Phoenix Records) CD
*Mushroom, "Early One Morning..." (Phoenix Records) CD
My Education, "Bad Vibration" (Strange Attractors Audio House) CD
My Morning Jacket "Evil Urges" (ATO) CD
Pete Namlook, "Atom" (Ambient World/Fax) CD
N.E.R.D. “Seeing Sounds” (Virgin) CD
Nil, "Comme Un (Presque) Printemps" (Gourmet Recording) 12"
Oblio, "The Crux of the Matter" (Codek Records) 12"
Odd Nosdam “Pretty Swell Explode” (anticon.) 2xLP
Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra, "Kisses" (Get Physical Music) 12"
*Omega, "Trombitás Frédi És A Rettenetes Emberek" (Hungaroton) CD
Baudouin Oosterlynck, "1975-1978" (Metaphon) 4xCD/4xLP
*Os Lobos, "Miragem" (Mandrax) CD/LP
*Paavoharju, "Yhä hämärää" (Fonal) LP
Paavoharju, "Laulu Laakson Kukista" (Fonal) LP
Fricara Pacchu, "Stories of the Old" (Fonal) 7"+Book
Paulussen & Cali, "Macchina/Bicicletta" (Lo-Fi Stereo) 12"
Perc, "Serious Moonlight/Cylinder Swing" (CLR) 12"
Pitch & Hold, "Twins EP" (Love Triangle Music) 12"
*Plain Jane, "S/T" (Fallout) CD
Plus1, "Over" (Koax) 12"
Robert Pollard, "Robert Pollard is Off to Business" (Guided By Voices Inc.) CD/LP
*Joseph Pusey, "In My Lady's Chamber" (Mandrax) CD/LP
Quantec, "Unusual Signals" (Echocord) CD
Redshape, "Robot/Neon" (Music Man) 12"
The Rice Twins, "The Signifier" (K2) 12"
Eleanoora Rosenholm, "Vainajan Muotokuva" (Fonal) LP
Rory St. John, "Ear Cycle EP" (Mantrap Recordings) 12"
Sassomatic, "Basic Needs EP" (Mood Music) 12"
Anja Schneider, "Beyond the Valley" (Mobilee) CD
Scientist, "At The Controls of Dub: Rare Dubs 1979-1980" (Jamaican Recordings) CD/LP
Severed Heads, "Adenoids: 1977-1985" (Vinyl on Demand) 5xLP
Sr. Replicante, "Victimas EP" (11:00 A.M.) 12"
The Skull, "Must Have Back" (Kindisch) 12"
South3rn, "Fully Loaded/Muslim Dub" (Lodubs) 12"
S.P.K., "Dokument 1110: 1979-1983" 6xLP
Stimming & Einmusik, "Madeleine/Magdalena" (Dynamic) 12"
A Storm of Light, "And We Wept the Black Ocean Within" (Neurot) CD/2xLP
Supergrass “Diamond Hoo Ha” (Astralwerks) CD/LP
Syclops, “I’ve Got my Eye on You” (DFA) CD/2xLP
Francesco Tristano, "The Melody" (In Finé) 12"
The 23s, "Bolivia" (Karaoke Kalk) CD
Lee Van Dowski, "The Last Ruin" (BPitch Control) 12"
Timo Van Luijik/Kris Vanderstraeten, "Costa Del Luna" (La Scie Doree) LP
Vetiver “Thing of the Past” (Gnomonsong) LP
U.S. Christmas, "Eat the Low Dogs" (Neurot) CD/LP
*Rufus Wainright, "S/T" (Plain Recordings) LP
Wooden Shjips, "Vol. 1" (Holy Mountain) CD/LP
Iannis Xenakis, "Music For Keyboard Instruments" (Neos) CD
Yazoo, "In Your Room" (Mute) 3xCD+DVD
*Yellow Hand, "S/T" (Fallout) CD
V/A, "Ed Rec Vol. III" (Because Music) 2xLP
V/A, "Fairy Cakes for Tea: Fairytales Can Come True Volume 2" (Psychic Circle) 2xLP
V/A, "Funkhouse Express" (Soul Patrol) LP
V/A, "Grand Cru 2008" (Connaisseur Recordings) 2xCD
V/A, "The In-Kraut Vol. 3" (Marina) CD
V/A, "Round Black Ghosts" (Scape) CD
V/A, "Sounds Superb Vol. 3" (Codek Records) 12"