New releases are due this week from Boduf Songs, Cloudland Canyon, Oval, and Sam Prekop as well as a reissue from Nurse With Wound plus a DVD from Boredoms
Aeroplane, "We Can't Fly" (Wall Of Sound) CD
Akimbo, "Jersey Shores" (Alternative Tentacles) LP
ARP, "Soft Wave" (Smalltown Supersound) LP
The Black Twig Pickers, "Ironto Special" (Thrill Jockey) CD
Boduf Songs, "This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything" (Kranky) LP
Boredoms, "77 Boa Drum" (Thrill Jockey) DVD
Boston Spaceships, "Our Cubehouse Still Rocks" (GBV Inc) CD/LP
Circle Pit, "Bruise Constellation" (Siltbreeze) lp
Cloudland Canyon, "Fin Eaves" (Holy Mountain) CD & LP
The Doozer, "Great Explorers" (Siltbreeze)lp
Garotas Suecas, "Escaldante Banda" (American Dust) CD/LP
Gnaw Their Tongues, "L’Arrivee de la Terne Mort Triomphante" (Crucial Blast) CD
Intelligence, "Males" (In The Red) LP
Knights of the New Crusade, "Knight Vision" (Alternative Tentacles) lp
Nadja / Ovo, "Life and Death of a Wasp" (Vendetta) lp
Neon Bastard, "Meikhaus" (Robotic Empire) CD
Neurosis, "Enemy of the Sun" (Neurot Recordings) CD
Neurosis, "Live at Roadburn 2007" (Neurot Recordings) CD
Nurse With Wound, "Second Pirate Session" (United Jnana) CD
Oval, "O" (Thrill Jockey) LP/CD
Samiam,    "Orphan Works" (No Idea) 2xlp
Sam Prekop, "Old Punch Card" (Thrill Jockey) LP/CD
Siskiyou, "Siskiyou" (Constellation) LP/CD
Sole / Ravi Zupa, "Pyre" (Black Canyon) BK W/CD
Thermals, "Personal Life" (Kill Rock Stars) LP/CD
Venetian Snares, "My So-Called Life" (Timesig) cd
V/A "We Were So Turned On" (Manimal) 2xCD