Sweeney, "Stay For The Sorrow"


Sound In Silence is proud to welcome back Sweeney, presenting his new album Stay For The Sorrow.

For over twenty years Jason Sweeney, based on Kaurna Country in South Australia, has been composing and recording either solo under his own name, in various electronic bands (Other People’s Children, Pretty Boy Crossover) and under the composer alias of Panoptique Electrical.

Stay For The Sorrow, Sweeney’s fourth full-length album under his own name, consists of ten emotional songs, carefully mastered by Antony Ryan of ISAN, with a total duration of about 38 minutes. The album’s instrumentation is centered on Sweeney’s fragile vocals, wistful piano lines, warm synths, acoustic guitars and minimal beats, enhanced by saxophone performances by Melinda Pianoroom, while subtle electronic glitches, vocal samples and field recordings perfectly fill the background atmospherics.
Stay For The Sorrow is a collection of queer, melancholy, ambient pop tunes that traverses the tender territory of companionship lost whilst searching for a brave new heart.

In Sweeney's words:
A heart broke open.
A queer melodrama.
An album was written.
A house was not a home.
But then a landscape appeared.
And in the midst of melancholy there was another love.
He might be replaced with another him but the heart remains true.

More information can be found here.