This is the new site for  There's a lot of new things here.  Now, people can submit news, reviews, links, and other things.  We've got a forum and a photo gallery for people to contribute to.  Reviews will be posted when they're available as well as site news and offsite news.  Sign up for an account if you want to contribute to the site.  Registration is quick and painless.  If you're interested in volunteering, we REALLY need the help.  Read more for that!

Volunteers are needed to copy and paste old content from The Brain into the new system.

If you dig through the reviews here (Brain Menu) you'll see what years and blocks are missing.  

Using Firefox, please go to the past issues of The Brain to copy content by individual article. 

Click "Submit News" to submit a news item, "Submit Event" for release dates, "Submit Review" for music reviews and The Eye, "Submit Editorial" for the occasional blathering rant, and "Submit Link" for Link of the Week.  Choose the appropriate cagegory when submitting (ie: Reviews / Albums, Reviews / Movies, and for The Eye, just choosed Concert Report or something).  

Make sure you copy and paste all images and links to sound samples.  They should show up fine in the display window.

Type the author's name in the appropriate field in the Publishing tab below, and make sure you specify the correct publishing date (the date is on each issue of The Brain at the top) .

Click SAVE when done (it's the diskette) and go on to the next one.  There's so much content to do that it'll be very helpful to have as many volunteers doing this.

Thanks for your help!  If you have questions, contact us, and the hard working volunteers will get to choose music from the Brainwashed Recordings catalogue to get for free!