Western Edges, "Dependency"

Sound In Silence is proud to welcome back Western Edges, presenting his new album Dependency.

Western Edges is the ambient/electronic solo project of Richard Adams, founder member, alongside his brother Chris, of the legendary Leeds band Hood. Since Hood went on hiatus in 2005, Richard Adams has recorded his music under the moniker of The Declining Winter, either solo or with help of friends such as Martin Cummings (Northerner), Paul Elam (Fieldhead), Mick Harrison (Prolapse, National Screen Service), James Yates (Seamajestea), Barrie Cummings, Joanne Ellis and many others, having released several sublime albums, EPs and singles on labels such as Home Assembly Music, Rusted Rail, Monopsone, Mobeer and Rural Colours, amongst others. He is also member of several other projects such as Memory Drawings, Great Panoptique Winter and Northern Exchange, along with friends such as Joel Hanson (Judgement Of Paris), Sarah Kemp (Brave Timbers, Last Harbour), Gareth S Brown (Hood), Chris Cole (Manyfingers, Movietone), Jason Sweeney (Panoptique Electrical) and others.

Dependency, Western Edges’ second full-length album, consists of nine new tracks, ranging from soothing ambient to dreamy lo-fi electronica and minimal techno. Adams continues exploring the world of ambient and electronic music, blending ethereal pad washes, eerie synth melodies, shimmering electronics, slow moving drones, dubby bass lines and crunchy rhythm patterns, nicely into a fluid mix creating another wonderful album.
Dependency is a re-imagining of the sound of ‘90s garage, techno and ambient music coming out a car radio on an eclectic pirate radio station mixing in with the buffeting air around the hills and valleys of Yorkshire and Lancashire, UK... a journey through remote moorland after a ‘90s rave.
Expertly mastered by George Mastrokostas (aka Absent Without Leave), Dependency is an impressive album, full of blissful soundscapes, gently repetitive motifs, delicate textures, rhythmic electronic impulses, hazy nostalgia and deep heartfelt emotions, which appeals to all fans of DeepChord, Aphex Twin, bvdub, Space Afrika, Boards Of Canada and late-period Hood.

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