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...and the church all they want is your money
...and the church they snatch your money
...and the church all they want is your money
...and the church they snatch your money
...and the church all they want is your money
and the queen mother is dead boys and it's so lonely on a mechanical limb////

LIKE ONE BIG HOAX- the queen mother is not dead NOW_ indeed she passed away over 20 years ago ++ precisely when morrissey broke into the palace with a sponge and rusty spanner - what we have been left with is indeed a mechanical replica which has been running on a cocktail of GIN and engine OIL-- fitted with top quality components,,,, made to hit 100 like a trophy from another AGE__ everyone's favourite granny (as if)- well the outpouring of grief over here is non existent outside of a few royalists and people who have nothing else to worry about except for putting a bunch of daffodils outside buildings// indeed my good freind ANIMAL has been on the GIN ever since he heard the news// a big celebration_ (the last time he did such a thing was when metal mickey didn't get an extra series back in the 1980's _ he has a thing for robots and their eventual meltdown))-

SO anyway the FOOL is this, the QUEEN MOTHER IS NOT DEAD BOYS- merely warming DOWN- the process so we're led to believe takes around 4 weeks or maybe 5 for a full shutdown once the plug was pulled. The engine is still WARM and the pistons will fully shut down mid to late april leading to full engine siezure++

We foresaw the queen mum's demise only this week as on friday we officially announced our own QUEEN MOTHER IS DEAD tribute record, the orders were coming in hours before the offical announcement, within minutes of this V/Vm was being innundated with feelings of pure joy. Now this is something the news fails to report over here- people are actually happy that another one has gone with of course princess margeret popping off only weeks ago// the media claims we're a nation in sadness + whatever.

WHich leads us to the tribute, it's limited to 101 copies_ one copy for each bottle of gin consumed per calander month by our dearly departed granny (the thing to do here is research what she was like when she was younger_ racist for one thing_and building huge debts to name but 2+ and yet she is portrayed as your favourite grandmother-- special// the evidence is out there for you to find)-////

We only have a few copies of our tribute left as demand is overly HIGH for such a treasured document._

copies will be mailed out once we are sure the engine has fully cooled and beyond a JUMP start +++ a special robotic tribute for a special robotic person/ _ a purchase will also entitle you to pay your own tribute on the V/Vm site_ a few words to help others through the trauma of it all/

details on how to preorder the tribute can be found at the website. With our heartfelt condolences to the GIN INDUSTRY, OIL INDUSTRY and TEAM OF MECHANICS we can now confirm that the QUEEN MOTHER will officially be dead in around 5 weeks.......

in memorium
The Queen Mum Is Dead Long live V/Vm

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