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Windy & Carl, "Blues for a UFO"

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BLUES FOR A UFO is music made from frustration and compassion. From a place of anger and of understanding. We have been living across from a huge construction project – a ten year overhaul of an old research and devolpment complex in Dearborn owned and operated by FMC, and it is ruining our lives. Day by day and bit by bit our house and mental health fade. Our beautiful historic home has cracks and issues and is covered in dirt and cement dust each day, with the sounds of cranes rumbling and cement trucks beeping going on for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. We tried to move, and found our home had been devalued until the work was done – in ten years.......

During this past year, our friends Dion Fischer and Aliccia Bollig-Fischer, had some issues of their own at the bar they run in Corktown, an up and coming neighborhood in Detroit. A multi-millionaire developer bought all the land around their historic bar and made a plan to build muti-story condos and high end reail. The UFO Factory lost it's egress for trash and grease storage and removal. They lost the chance to maybe purchase a tiny side lot for extra parking. They tried to take the developer to court to at least get their trash egress reinstated, and the judge threw out the case. The little guy was losing to the millionaire developer.

And then total tragedy struck. On the very first day of construction work for the new $150 MILLION dollar condo development, a cement truck ran into the side of the UFO Factory – splitting it's load bearing wall right open. The employees in the bar at the time escaped – but the bar has been structurally damaged and condemned by the city of Detroit.

We KNOW what this feels like. We KNOW how it is to be the little guy and have the huge corporation steal the life out from under us. And while we have tried, truly tried, to change our own situation, we've had no luck. Which is why we have taken our time and energy and turned it in a direction we can help.

This is new music, born out of frustration and sadness and anger, and hope. A hope that our energy can help heal the situation Dion and Aliccia have found themselevs in. A hope that making art and music gives way to release – a release of frustration and sadness, even if for only a little while. The knowledge that our love for the culture of Detroit, for the culture Dion has been a part of and spent 20 plus years supporting, could help in a time of need.

We are donating half of all proceeds from this new music to help the UFO Factory pay bills – all the bills a business has even if it is closed and the building s condemned. Insurance vendors, gas and electric, water, money for a new soundsystem, dollars to buy a new set of kitchen appliances....whatever is needed – we made this music to help. To help us in our time of utter frustration, and to help Dion in his time of temporary defeat.

Somehow, we will all beat this time of sadness. Please join us in supporting an institution in the Detroit arts and music scene, and help all of us have a little faith that the little guy can rise again.

Thank you.

Windy and Carl

August 2017

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