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Tor Lundvall, "A Dark Place"

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Dark Place (Purple Vinyl)

Dais Records is proud to unveil the new dark pop masterpiece from artist and composer Tor Lundvall. His first vocal album since 2009’s Sleeping and Hiding, and following the release of two instrumental albums and three CD box sets since that time, Tor returns with an album of beautifully intricate sadness and reflection: A Dark Place.

Born in 1968 in Wyckoff, NJ, Tor Lundvall is a painter and ambient composer.  The son of Blue Note Records legend Bruce Lundvall, Tor was exposed to artwork, music, and creativity from a young age, and  began his professional painting and music output in the late '80s.

Widely known for his dark imagery and thoughtful, provocative soundscapes, Tor Lundvall’s artwork is all-encompassing. His music, when paired with his paintings, creates a world within which one could easily disappear.

An intensely private individual, Tor Lundvall eschews the gallery circuit and live performances for his private studio in Eastern Long Island, NY, preferring to show his artwork privately and focus on studio production and writing without the pressures of the audience and all it encompasses.

Dais Records is honored to provide another glimpse into his world through his recordings.  We hope you find it as special and as unforgettable as we do.

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