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Roland Kayn, "Simultan" reissue

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Simultan by Roland Kayn

"Finally, Roland Kayn’s breathtaking cybernetic salvo, Simultan; one of the most important works by one of the 20th century's greatest (if unsung) composers; all newly remastered from original tapes and reissued for the first time since the original 1977 release by classical music label, Colosseum.

Italy's Die Schachtel, following the lead of Frozen Reeds' 16CD edition of A Little Milky Way of Sound in 2017, have the honour of reintroducing Simultan into the wild. Presented to the highest possible standards on the format it was intended for, the unfeasibly complex dynamics and revelatory perceptive spaces opened up inside Simultan are bound to generate jaw-dropping reactions with Kayn's growing ranks of followers and even the most hard-to-please fans of outer-limit composition.

Collapsing ideas from electro-acoustic, concrète, electronic, and computer music disciplines into what he termed “cybernetic music,” Kayn methodically and effectively worked off-the-radar towards a form of Artificial Intelligence in music from 1962 until his death in 2011. Building on his earlier studies with seminal figures such as Boris Blacher and Oskar Sala, as well as time spent playing organ and piano with Ennio Morricone and Egisto Macchi's exploratory Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Kayn devoted his life’s work toward realizing what would become recognized among the most incredible, genuinely prism-pushing arrangements of sound ever recorded.

Simultan is the first in a series of seminal Roland Kayn boxed sets released between 1977 and his blinding masterpiece Tektra in 1984. While he had previously contributed Cybernetics III to a Deutsche Grammofon split with Luigi Nono, Simultan was where Kayn's ideas really came to fruition, and with results that practically document the birth of a new music, or a computer manifesting its first signs of sentience in sound.

Weighing in at six pieces clocking in at over two hours, it's arguably a difficult, spasmodic birth when compared with the smoother contours and expansive arrangements of his subsequent releases, but that amorphous atonality and noisy unpredictability accounts for much of the attraction to Simultan, which sounds like very little before it, or even since.

If you're the insatiably curious, technically pedantic type, then many of your queries about Kayn’s music will be answered in the lucubrate liner notes included on the insert, which provide all the technical context one would need to know. But it’s better to just dive head-first into Simultan and let your head be consumed, dissolved into those micro-organismic diffusions and unfathomable chaos.

Mercifully this 2nd wind will prevail on further reissues of Kayn’s aforementioned run of boxed sets up to and including Tektra. We advise making some space on your shelves and your calendar to spend some time with this incredible music.""

-via Boomkat

More information can be found here.



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