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Forced Exposure New Releases for week of 6/17/2019

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New music is due from Elva, Biosphere, and Charles Hayward, while old music is due from Suzanne Ciani, Klaus Nomi, and Pussy.

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PRICE: $30.50
CHEN YI The 1978-1983 LP
Originally released in 2006, Chen Yi's The 1978-1983 aims for a collective approach of art. As an isolated group of humans/numbers operating directly from a secret place in Chelmsford (UK), they developed a personal and bizarre utilization of guitars, machines, voices, and distortion, giving as a result an unconventional group of compositions from among a lot of lost/unreleased recordings. This is likely what got John Peel interested, which lead to an inexplicable CBS contract. The results couldn't be finalized, because CBS suddenly pulled out of the contract. Due to their raw and alternative "self-made" musical approach, they've been compared to the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Borghesia, and Severed Heads or more underground names such as Het Zweet and Biting Tongues.
PRICE: $12.00
AUGUST, DAVID David August X Ron Trent X Rafael Anton Irisarri 12"
Two tracks from David August's album D'Angelo are given two radically different takes from two titans of their fields, on David's first official remix EP. Rafael Anton Irisarri deconstructs "Florence" and rebuilds it into something grander, even more filmic than the original. Sparse, dripping piano, warbling, fizzing drones, and haunting specters of voices phasing through the mists. Ron Trent reconstructs and extends "Elysian Fields" into a slowly evolving soulful house jam. Insistent drums, blissful guitar, and piano themes are all perfectly interlocked, with David's plaintive vocals reconstituted into a textured layer flowing underneath and above.
PRICE: $25.00
BRUNNEN The Garden Of Perpetual Dreams LP
"Last night I turned into a cat. Just like that." A Colourful Storm present a re-visioned issue of Brunnen's The Garden Of Perpetual Dreams, a recorded cassette dating back to 1989. Brunnen, aka Freek Kinkelaar, one of the everlasting beacons of the Dutch underground. One half of fabled group Beequeen (1988-2015) with Frans de Waard and collaborator with the likes of Nurse With Wound, Paul Panhuysen, The Residents, Merzbow, and Edward Ka-Spel. Kinkelaar presents The Garden of Perpetual Dreams as a new vision, produced with Raymond Steeg of The Legendary Pink Dots and mastered by Steeg and Peter Van Vliet (Mekanik Kommando, De Fabriek, The Use Of Ashes). Edition of 150.
AR 121CD
PRICE: $16.50
CAT #: AR 121CD
Were David Hanke to pass on from this mortal coil tomorrow, Nevertheless might prove his perfect epitaph. It's a refreshingly honest and autobiographical album that harks back to his early twenty first century musical influences but actually has its route much earlier in this self-styled "Renegade Of Jazz"'s life. The album's appellation refers back to Hanke's first live concert experience when in 1984, at the age of six, he went to see a blues-rock band called Nevertheless whose guitarist was none other than his own father. With music clearly already running through Hanke's DNA, this was the moment that, perhaps subconsciously, triggered his life-long love affair with soulful sonic creativity. Nevertheless sparks into action with the irresistibly uplifting "Lemon Squeezers," a suitably life-affirming opener complete with exhilarating guitars and as the man tells us, "(the) basic characteristic, the beat!" and it's a rock-solid beat at that. With some Renegades Of Jazz trademark horns added for extra spice, and of course everything programmed by Hanke himself, this is the perfect introduction to his scintillating style. "Big Fish" continues the brass obsession -- it has a more sonorous, almost big band feel, even though it is being delivered solely by one pair of hands and that singular, special musical brain. Hanke adds some nifty piano work for extra cheekiness, a theme continued on "Another Day (Going In Too Deep)," where Hammond-style keys and perfectly chosen vocal samples do battle with more foot-friendly beats, before going deep with Afro-flavored licks and horn riffs. The title track starts life as something of a moment of calm with a more introspective feel, but not for long as it makes way for more trademark beats and vocal loops, and more of those irresistible horns! It's the prelude for a watershed moment on the album as Hanke introduces his first guest in the shape of Bristolian rapper Donnie Numeric (one half of Delegates Of Rhyme) on the scorching "Hot Wired." It's the perfect illustration of our producer's love for the hip-hop art form, and Donnie's smooth lyrical flow combines with those Renegades Of Jazz brass and guitar riffs to make more demands to move one's feet. CD version in digipak.
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: ATN 048LP
D.K. Riding For A Fall LP
Is another EP from D.K. landing on Antinote. Well, this looks very much like a series and -- spoiler alert -- Riding For A Fall is the second installment in a trilogy. With a BPM crossing the 120 line on two out of three tracks, there's little doubt that this second 12" is also meant to be played in a club environment. The nine-and-a-half minute-long "Voices" sprawls over the whole A side. Like many productions stamped "D.K.", the structure is linear only in appearance: it winds up and down between fantasized exotic landscapes, digital plug-ins mimicking "far east" instruments that are barely recognizable. It gets even snakier with the Samurai Showdown-inspired "Shoubuari (Battle)": pixel swords brushing past our ears, martial drumming and menacing synths (D.K., were you the kind of kid who owned a Neo Geo?) -- it's pretty obvious that we're in the world of SNK's legendary fighting game. Things calm down with "Riding For A Fall": less button-mashing, more concentration as you witness the sacred martial art known as Street Fighter's quarter circles... But enough with these video game metaphors! No need to be a pro-gamer to enjoy this piece of music. It's sad and slow house music with a cinematographic quality -- and, perhaps, the most moving moment in this series of 12". To be continued...
PRICE: $29.00
DURAN, KELMAN 13th Month 2LP
Kelman Duran follows up his amazing 1804 Kids with a double-album of textured, emotive dembow, hip-hop mutations, and field recordings inspired by time spent on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota -- site of the tragic Wounded Knee massacre. 13th Month is titled after the Lakota Native American community's 13-month lunar calendar. It's arguably a perfect title to reflect the poignant, mystic appeal of Kelman's music, evoking a unique perception of time that's key to his mix of ancient, rooted rhythmic nous, and forward/sideward looking arrangements of cut 'n paste textures, voices, and haunting electronics. Kelman has an uncanny ability to connote an otherness and transport us into his headspace. With 13th Month he offers something akin to a spiritual memory upgrade, using fine-tuned powers of intuition to fluidly sculpt richly impressionistic scenes evoking the trampling fervor of the Ghost Dance, but purposely transposed to downtrodden people and sites of worship in the here and now. Opening with a couplet of scrolling, collaged panoramas in "13th Month in 3 Movements" and "CLUB 664B" that surely recall the more recent, expansively cut-up nature of Burial records, Kelman continues to map out a mosaic of more succinct pieces, grouting stripped-down club rhythms with brooding moments of introspection and a spectrum of voices, from urgent to mournful and frankly alien Latinx styles. Like Burial's patented two-step, Kelman's dembow mutations are integral to the push and pull of his music. While it may take a bit of imagination to slot some of them in-the-mix, their brittle, skeletal structure and rugged function only heightens the inexorable yet sore, vulnerable appeal of his arrangements. Perhaps the strangest element of this whole record is the way it feels like you've heard it before -- it's so familiar, in a trippy, dream-like sense. RIYL: Burial, DJ Screw, Príncipe, Rosalía, DJ Python. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $28.50
SCSI-9 Squares And Circles 2LP
An uncompromising return comes from Apparel Tronic: the internationally known Russian duo SCSI-9 is back with Squares And Circles an eight-track album. The eighth record in the label's electronic catalog is an abstract, geometric, but above all, analog journey through Anton Kubikov and Maxim Milutenko's souls; an identifying concrete work of research which displays the "two-dimensional and mathematical" approach of their connected minds. The whole double-LP is musically pervaded by all the sound investigations they made throughout the production period and tells of their inner perfectionism. Coming to the raw music itself, they succeed in a complex process of making simple what's extremely heterogeneous, embodying the psychological theory of the thought against the speech: it's easier to talk than to think. Well, they talk perfectly through their music which is really difficult to separate into tracks, being such a climax of organic emotions, flowing from the opening "No Rush" with its tight rhythmics and space-y atmospheres to the more low-key and harmonious approach of "You & Me"; rolling on to the firmest and energetic constancy of side-B starting with "Get Some Lfo" and slowing down again with the meekest, warm, far-out sensations of "Stairs and Stars": this track is one of SCSI-9's watermarks on the album and it's a drive through an ascendant field of harmonies, peaking at its zenith and oscillating back to a state of peace, letting the last beat taking over. Uncrating the second LP of the package, you access the substantial envelope of "Pha In The Hau" and "Systematic", a track that instantly takes you to an unknown region between the moon, Chicago, and Ivory Coast, dancing along to some sort of Zaouli tribe percussions. D-side brings the perspective to the edge of SCSI-9's universe gives you an even closer look to the landscape they've created with this treasure album. "303 Views" is the last wind storm on the Lake Michigan, touching all the musical influences that come from that specific area of planet Earth while the last blow "Onigiri" is a soft lysergic guided tour on their very own trigonometric asteroid, with no fear of falling off it. Squares And Circles is a determined, hard-lined, and intransigent statement of what Anton and Maxim want to communicate with their vibrations; no matter if you don't get the whole point, just plunge into the these waters.
PRICE: $26.50
WRIGHT, EDNA Oops! Here I Go Again LP
2016 release. Be With Records present a reissue of Edna Wright's Oops! Here I Go Again, originally released in 1977. Edna Wright's idiosyncratic Oops! is one of the most sublime vocal refrains in soul music history. Anchoring its host album's leadoff cut, it sets the tone for a uniquely satisfying modern soul LP. Indeed, whilst many of its ilk come laden with filler, Wright's one solo record is an exercise in elegant restraint; a concise killer. Originally released in 1977 on RCA, this rare and sought-after album followed the 1973 disbanding of Edna's much-loved Honey Cone. Produced by her husband, legendary producer/songwriter Greg Perry, the album was somewhat of a risk; a deep soul album released during the period when disco was altering the landscape of popular music. And perhaps inevitably, despite the stellar production and spine-tingling vocals throughout, the album glided gracefully under the radar, spawning only one single and seeing no chart action. That single -- the magnificent title-track -- soon became a notorious rare groove stepper in its own right. However, in the years since, it has become a crate-digger's classic. Its fame was elevated among hip-hop heads when Prince Paul memorably looped the shimmering intro when crafting the melodic hook for De La Soul's late-summer-stunner "Pass The Plugs", a wistfully melancholic back-porch nostalgia trip. And, more recently, Leon Vynehall liberally lifted the same intro for his sepia-tinged "Midnight On Rainbow Road" to augment the excellent Rush Hour compilation Musik For Autobahns 2 (RHM 018CD/LP, 2016). Yet this album is so much more than its most famous song. An assuredly lean masterpiece from start-to-finish, the album features a further six dynamite tracks of warm, smooth soul. As such, it's an impossible task to choose certain tracks to highlight alongside the mighty title track. Throughout, Edna's strikingly mature vocals are wonderful, proudly stepping out with a sophisticated groove reminiscent of Jean Carn or Gloria Scott, whilst Greg Perry's gorgeous string-drenched backdrops add a rich depth. Following her glowing role in the acclaimed documentary 20 Feet From Stardom (2013), Be With Records hope this long overdue reissue will allow further light to shine on Edna. Officially licensed and beautifully remastered for vinyl by Simon Francis. On 180 gram vinyl for the first time and features the original iconic artwork; printed inner sleeve with a sumptuous black-&-white photo, full lyrics, and heartfelt notes from Edna herself.
PRICE: $26.50
HUTCH, WILLIE Soul Portrait LP
2016 release. Be With Records present a reissue of Willie Hutch's Soul Portrait, originally released in 1969. Soul Portrait is a slice of Southern-fried soul, a blend of beat ballads and dancers. Increasingly rare, this reissue is most welcome and showcases the early work of a soul legend. Officially licensed and remastered by Simon Francis, it's pressed on 180 gram vinyl for the first time and features the original artwork and liner notes. A monumental force firmly rooted in the soul canon, Willie Hutch is most notable for recording two of the best Blaxploitation soundtracks, The Mack (1973) and Foxy Brown (1984). Yet his legacy is much greater. Outside of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Smokey Robinson, Hutch was arguably Motown's top male solo artist of the '70s. Prior to his association with Gordy et al, Hutch crafted his opening statements for RCA, two vital LPs. His debut, Soul Portrait (1969), is an incredible slice of gritty, Southern-fried soul. Think Stax with a touch of Detroit sparkle. As a whole, the album demonstrates the self-contained act Hutch was; he wrote every tune on the album while also arranging and conducting for it. The album's centerpiece is undoubtedly the iconic, brooding minor-key masterpiece "A Love That's Worth Having". The album's most recognizable track, it's a towering ballad drenched in stylish, sliding horns, and elevated by its stunning backing vocalists. It was famously sampled by Madlib to augment his soundtrack for Stones Throw's Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton (2013) as well as 9th Wonder for the Murs classic "Dreamchaser". Horn-heavy opener "Ain't Gonna Stop" is a funk-fueled monster, Hutch's fatback vocal aided by a vicious drum 'n' conga rhythm whilst the bumping uptown soul of "You Can't Miss Something That You Never Had" anticipates the Motown-vibe that Hutch went on to create. Supple guitar licks propel the loping, head-nod breaks of "Good To The Last Drop" whilst "That's What I Call Lovin' You" features gospel piano and plaintive, tender vocal turn. The blazing horns of "You Gotta Try" hints at the Blaxploitation that was to come. The thundering proto-70s-Motown rhythm of "Let Me Give You The Love You Need" segues neatly into the bouncing Northern soul favorite "Lucky To Be Loved By You" whilst Hutch's gutbucket guitar stylings are all over the smoldering "Keep On Doin' What You Do". "Your Love Keeps Liftin' Me Higher" is not a rendition of the Jackie Wilson classic; rather, it's a powerhouse original that indicates where Hutch would take his sound on The Mack. Closing the album, the anthemic "Do What You Wanna Do" name-checks contemporary dance fads before instructing the listener to just get up and dance. Brilliantly supported by a heavy roster of studio cats who combined to create a winning combination of horns, strings, and gorgeous female background vocalists, Soul Portrait is as complete a soul album as the decade's very best.
PRICE: $29.00
2017 release. Be With Records present a reissue of The Ahmad Jamal Trio's The Awakening, originally released in 1970. Ahmad Jamal is a jazz giant and The Awakening is his iconic masterpiece. The landmark deep trio session -- recorded in NYC and released on Impulse! in 1970 -- is an essential album and perennially sought-after on vinyl. Ahmad Jamal is a jazz giant and The Awakening is his iconic masterpiece. As a "Zen master of jazz piano" and one of its greatest innovators, Jamal evolved his elegant sound with this adventurous record. The Awakening showcased his fast, richly melodic chops in remarkable variation. A consummate orchestrator of his own complex arrangements, Jamal was emboldened here by his potent sidemen. Backed by the exquisite timing of bassist Jamil Nasser and the precision of Frank Gant's drumming, he was liberated by the reliability of the trio setup. Free to juggle rhythmic dexterity with harmonic intricacy, Jamal brilliantly performed groove-oriented compositions written by himself, alongside wonderful renditions of tracks by Herbie Hancock, Oliver Nelson, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. It is impossible to discuss The Awakening without acknowledging its indelible mark on golden age rap. A defining album of hip-hop culture, producers of the highest caliber have famously sampled elements of this timeless record to lace all-timers with a foundation for their most legendary tracks. Indeed, both the experimental "DJ Premier In Deep Concentration" and Shadez Of Brooklyn's seminal "Change" utilized Jamal's sparse title-track to stunning effect. A melancholy motif from "I Love Music" was employed by Pete Rock for Nas's crucial "The World Is Yours" whilst, over a more abstract refrain from the same track, Jeru memorably delivered his "Me Or The Papes" ultimatum. Over in Chicago, No I.D. elevated Common's peerless "Resurrection" by lifting a precise riff from Jamal's plaintive rendition of "Dolphin Dance" whilst the head-nod quality of All Natural's hypnotic "Renaissance" owes it all to the looped keys of Jamal's take on "You're My Everything". With bold beauty and unhurried grace, Ahmad Jamal plays piano differently from everyone else. He was a huge inspiration to Miles Davis and influential to how Wynton Kelly performed across Kind of Blue (1959). Presented in a gatefold sleeve adorned with the original eye-catching artwork throughout, along with the original sleeve notes. Mastered by Simon Francis and pressed for the first time on 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $26.50
2018 release. Be With Records present the first officially licensed vinyl reissue of Batteaux's self-titled album, originally released in 1973. A notoriously jaw-dropping folk-funk classic, long treasured by the Balearic fraternity, the self-titled LP from the brothers Batteau nevertheless remains a criminally underheard gem. Appealing to fans stuck on Ned Doheny's scorching blue-eyed soul as well as Gene Clark's rich country-rock, this is and undoubted masterpiece of proto-Yacht-Rock. Like a forgotten piece of baroque folk caught in 1973, Batteaux's eponymous album somehow sounds magically timeless. A full 45 years after the fact, it remains a mystery as to why they weren't better known. The lush production and virtuoso playing conforms with the ruling aesthetic of the time -- well-crafted, melodic songs performed with precision and balance -- whilst the shimmering AOR atmosphere and sun-dappled vocal washes align neatly with the best Crosby, Stills & Nash records. Throughout, the beautifully penned tracks hold traces of Jimmie Spheeris, America, and Seals & Crofts. The immaculately orchestrated percussion and additional instrumentation (electric piano and fiddle to name a few) are performed by perennially celebrated West-Coast cats including Tom Scott, John Guerin, and Andy Newmark.It's no surprise that the heavenly "High Tide" is such a Balearic touchstone. A free soul aqua-space groover, its sophisticated rhythms predict the swing of CSN's canonical "Dark Star" by a full four years. An alternative measure of its enduring magnificence can be gauged by MF Doom sampling Paul Horn's wonderful version, subsequently used by Ghostface Killah. The highlights are many and memorable. Gorgeous opener "Tell Her She's Lovely" is the perfect example of the addictive, melody-driven songwriting which really should have earned them stardom. Moody ballad "Living's Worth Loving" is nothing short of heartbreaking whilst the chugging elegance of "Wake Me In The Morning" showcases their bewitching harmonies. The hypnotic yearning of "Lady Of The Lake" is an exquisitely string-drenched, piano-laced favorite that achieves a peculiar strutting-funk. This lovingly curated reissue enables a long overdue reappraisal of the hitherto buried genius of Batteaux. The serene aqua artwork which adorned the original jacket -- their father worked on a dolphin-human communication project in Hawaii, hence the infamous design -- and sumptuous inner sleeve have been faithfully restored. Whilst, with access to the original tapes, Simon Francis's sensitive mastering elevates the sound throughout and, as ever, it has been pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $30.50
2018 release. Be With Records present the first ever official reissue of Kimiko Kasai with Herbie Hancock's Butterfly, originally released in 1979. The positively sublime and very rare Butterfly LP, recorded in Tokyo in 1979 by Japanese songstress Kimiko Kasai and jazz legend Herbie Hancock. Due to its super-rare status as a Japan-only release, this exquisite collection of covers never got the recognition it deserved at the time, despite incredibly inspired performances from Kimiko, Herbie, and the supremely talented musicians assembled for the project. From heavenly drummer Alphonse Mouzon and renowned organist Webster Lewis to bassist Paul Jackson, reedman Bennie Maupin, and the master percussionist Bill Summers, the legendary performers crafted amazingly good vocal versions of Herbie/Headhunters jazz-funk. Unsurprisingly, it has been heavily in demand for many years. The LP opens with Kimiko's highly desirable version of "I Thought It Was You", an elegant take on Herbie's own anthem. Other superb re-workings include the delicately soulful "Butterfly", jazzy groover "Sunlight", the smooth and sexy "Tell Me A Bedtime Story", and the beautiful ballads "Maiden Voyage" and "Harvest Time". A wonderful example of perfectly understated and masterful jazz-funk soul fusion that shouldn't be missed, the set closes with a jaw-dropping version of Stevie Wonder's "As". This lovingly curated reissue enables a long overdue reappraisal of this hitherto unavailable masterpiece. The stunning artwork which adorned the original jacket -- complete with obi strip and sumptuous four-page folded insert -- has been faithfully restored. Mastered by Simon Francis, and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $26.50
2018 release. Be With Records present the first officially licensed vinyl reissue of The Deirdre Wilson Tabac's self-titled album, originally released in 1970. Recorded in Philadelphia in 1969, The Deirdre Wilson Tabac's sole album is a beautiful blend of funk, jazz and soulful pop. Possessing the complex grooves and truly soulful weirdness that The Rotary Connection pedaled so brilliantly, the LP didn't connect with audiences on its original release. In the decades since, it has attracted a considerable cult following and has correspondingly become increasingly tricky to pick up a clean copy for less than eye-watering sums. The Tabac were, in fact, a trio. Discovered, managed and produced by Svengali Sonny Casella (who'd earlier managed garage band The Magic Mushrooms), they comprised Deirdre Wilson, Stu Freeman (formerly of said Mushrooms), and Barbara Payne (formerly with the James Brown Revue). They were backed by session players including jazz guitarist Chuck Anderson, bassist Hugh McDonald, and keyboardist Roy Bittan (who went on to be a long-term Bruce Springsteen sideman). Their first single coupled two fine Casella compositions, each featuring powerhouse vocal workouts; the supremely funk-fueled blues beat of "The Other Side Of Life" and the psychedelic-flavored 'Look In My Face" -- both of which are featured here. This 7" picked enough up airplay to merit an album, which duly appeared early the following year, but, as is often the way with these lost classics, it received barely any press. Correspondingly, sales where low and the trio didn't last long. And herein lies the real tragedy. The rest of the LP deserves to be heard from start-to-finish -- it's that good. A beguiling mix of funky folk and rocky jazz tracks, with some deep, string-drenched harmony soul ballads and a handful of remarkable covers elegantly presented throughout. Indeed, they put some sauntered head-nod funk into The Beatles' "Get Back" whilst tearing through a version of "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay" which gives Otis's original a real run for its money, But the real standout cut for most -- with its soulful, haunting vocals, swinging Hammond organ and stabbing horns, is the incredible 6/8 time jazz dancer "I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes". An undoubted masterpiece of freaky funk-rock. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $26.50
HAYES, LIAM Korp Sole Roller LP
2018 release. Be With Records present the first vinyl edition of Liam Hayes's Korp Sole Roller, originally released in 2014. A wonderful companion piece to the totemic Fed (2018). Liam Hayes's magical fourth full-length LP was previously only available on a rare Japanese import CD. Produced and arranged in 2010 by Pat Sansone (Wilco, The Autumn Defense). The common impression of Plush is that of an underground rock myth, lent greater poignancy by the lofty vision that galvanized his music. Yet while he has long been a cult concern, clued-up celebrity fans periodically declare their profound love for Hayes's maverick genius. Indeed, after Jason Schwartzman introduced Plush to Roman Coppola, several stunning songs from Korp Sole Roller sound tracked Coppola's A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III (2012). As ever with Plush, it's easy to imagine you are listening to a privately pressed rarity from the mid-late 1970s. Or one of the criminally neglected jewels from the discography of Jimmy Webb or Burt Bacharach. The sound on Korp Sole Roller does differ crucially from Fed, however. It is more streamlined. These ten gorgeously seductive creations careen around ornate string and wind instrument arrangements and producer Sansone's deft work is likely the reason for this. Yet, brilliantly, it still possesses that sun-warped take on classic pop-rock, that Plush specializes in. That peculiar "down-lifting" phenomenon of performing upbeat songs in an enigmatically mournful way. Upon completion, Korp Sole Roller barely received anything resembling a release. Press coverage was zero because none of the major magazines or blogs knew of its existence. Liam himself has described it as the favorite of his albums. Pat's delicate work is astounding. Remastered especially for this special limited edition, it is presented in a gatefold jacket with high-end art photography throughout, including full color inner sleeves. Finally, here's your chance to own a slice of kaleidoscopic pop history. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $30.50
SORCERER White Magic 2LP
2018 release. Be With Records present the first ever vinyl issue of Sorcerer's White Magic, originally released in 2007. A perfect summer record, White Magic was the lauded CD-only debut album by Sorcerer (Californian Dan Judd, one half of Windsurf with Hatchback). Back in summer 2007, this majestic set gently nestled itself into the Balearic soundtrack-to-summer slot for many, making him a household name for cosmic disco heads alongside the likes of Lindstrøm, Metro Area, Todd Terje, Mudd, Studio, and Quiet Village. In the intervening years, exceptional producers have created vibrant variations on the dreamy, dubby, melodic nu-disco theme. Happily, the emergence of such luminaries as Jex Opolis, Harvey Sutherland, Suzanne Kraft, Tornado Wallace, et al has only served to make the master -- Sorcerer -- sound ever more brilliant and vital. Utilizing his array of guitars, drum machines, synths, and trusty MPC, the loved-up Sorcerer sound inspires halcyon memories of warm days, endless sunsets and pure youthful abandon. Influenced by surf, '80s dance pop, acid-R&B, space jazz, krautrock, disco, dub, and AM radio gold, his music maps a tour through a uniquely Californian lifestyle. Yet when music so vividly captures a vibe and a feeling, it can make writing about it appear almost redundant. Instead, to glean the full color of what your turntable will soon gratefully radiate. Remastered by Simon Francis. Pressed on heavyweight double vinyl. Presented in a deluxe gatefold jacket with freshly commissioned artwork throughout from original designer Rich Robinson; Edition of 500.
PRICE: $30.50
2018 release. Be With Records present the first ever vinyl issue of Sorcerer's Neon Leon, originally released in 2009. A continuation of his kaleidoscopic sun-dappled cosmic-disco, Neon Leon was the much-loved CD-only album by Sorcerer (Californian Dan Judd, one half of Windsurf with Hatchback). Remastered. Double gatefold package with freshly updated artwork throughout.
PRICE: $36.50
2018 release. Be With Records present a reissue of Sleepy's Theme's The Vinyl Room, originally released in 1998. With powerhouse production trio Organized Noize, Sleepy Brown orchestrated Atlanta's hallmark sound of the '90s; his slow-cooked southern-fried G-Funk providing hits for TLC, Outkast, and Goodie Mob. However, by 1998 and post-Aquemini, his desire was to take center stage. The dizzying result was Sleepy's Theme and their wonderful throwback LP, The Vinyl Room. Their vintage, '70s soul-steeped magnum opus was promptly passed on by Jimmy Iovine at Interscope, released only on CD on a limited scale, and on. Be With Records finally present the inaugural vinyl edition of this landmark record as a DJ-friendly double LP. Blending organic instrumentation from one of the tightest, greasiest, yet sophisticated bands in the land, The Vinyl Room presented dreamy melodies, warm synth textures, stately horns and wayward beats. Brown conceived his "garage funk band" as adhering to the sonic touchstones of Blaxploitation and he achieved it. Featuring keyboardist/singer Eddie Stokes, drummer Victor Rico Cortez, guitarist Bill Odum, vocalist Keisha Jackson, and the late Pimp C, the sound was always going to be in the pocket. While it eschewed contemporary trends, the underground sound was nevertheless fresh and grounded in the hat-tip spirit of hip-hop. With Sleepy bragging that there were no samples, The Vinyl Room comprised a richly textured, mesmerizing and confident sound where the recurring themes were women, cars, and weed. The luscious bass grooves, silk-soft cymbal pats, raindrop-drowsy keyboards, and country-fried wah-wah guitar licks conjure Bobby Womack in the lab with Marley Marl, Isaac Hayes laced by Dr. Dre or Curtis Mayfield bring introduced to DJ Quik. "Can't Let Go" with its heist movie aesthetic, morphs into a strung-out love song as Sleepy slurs compellingly throughout. Pimp C's low-riding beat for "Simply Beautiful", a bouncing track brilliantly inspired by Barry White's swaggering "You're The One I Need", is exceptional. Perhaps as a nod to the great Brick, the horn section on "Grind On" is quietly joyous and profound whilst "Curse On You" is a dark groover and features a great vocal from Cee-Lo Green. "Still Smokin'", another rousing track, is a peculiarly laidback anthem; hypnotic, hot and smooth. Perhaps the highlight of the entire piece, "Choked Out Saturday Night" sounds like the old Atlanta. Remastered. Gatefold jacket, adorned with purple foil layer; printed lyrics across two double-sided inner sleeves. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $26.50
2018 release. Be With Records present the first officially licensed vinyl reissue of Marti Caine's Point Of View, originally released on BBC Records in 1981. Marti Caine's infamous Point Of View is a groovy blend of slow-mo funk, dark disco, and precise pop. It has attracted a considerable cult following this century. Featuring expert liner notes written by Bill Brewster -- perhaps the record's most notable champion. The outlandish artwork -- presenting a striking, green-eyed Marti treating a tiger to a headlock -- has been faithfully restored and is arguably worth the price of admission alone. With access to the original tape transfers, Simon Francis's sensitive mastering elevates the sound throughout and, as ever, it has been pressed 180 gram vinyl. The odd charity shop score aside, it has been impossible to find a copy for less than eye-watering sums (often selling for over £200). Marti Caine was a popular UK TV entertainer in the late 1970s onwards and Point Of View presented her with an opportunity to proceed in a hip direction by working with British R&B heavyweight Barry Blue. His legendary reputation was secured with a string of great records, among them the first three Heatwave albums, the Balearic hit "Afro Dizzi Act" by Cry Cisco and the cult smash "Breakin' In" by Javaroo. However, despite the array of talent working on the album, Point Of View sank without trace at the time. It's something that Blue attributes to the bizarre way BBC Records worked, and he entertainingly expands upon this within the liner notes. Musically, the highlights are many and memorable. Its most notorious track is the sublime soul stepper "Love The Way You Love Me", the reason most people covet this album so profoundly. However, from the dark dubby disco of "Snowbird City" to the moody ballad "Love Is Running Through Me", the lesser heralded tracks are nothing short of exquisite. Indeed, the chugging elegance of sleazy disco opener "Can I Speak To The World Please?" showcases a string-drenched strutting-funk that would've been enviable the world over. Sadly, Marti died of lymphatic cancer at the tragically early age of 50 in 1995, so is not here to experience what we hope will be a long overdue reappraisal of the hitherto underheard genius of Marti Caine, the singer. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $14.00
Cinthie and Stevn.Aint.Leavn return to their Beste Modus imprint with a split format four-tracker. Cinthie leads with "Everything I Say", employing choppy synth stabs, bumpy bass and heavily swung 909 drums alongside a hooky vocal before "Good For You And Me" edges into garage territory. On the flip is two cuts from Stevn.Aint.Leavn, the first of which, "Quins", takes a more stripped-back approach via rumbling subs, metallic percussion and a stuttering synth line throughout. 'Spiff' then closes the package with an array of organic drum hits, soft chords, airy chimes and heady electronic synths.
PRICE: $15.00
BIKINI KILL Reject All American LP
LP version. "Originally released in 1996, Reject All American is Bikini Kill's second and final full-length. Out of print for seven years. Bikini Kill was a feminist punk band based in Olympia, WA and Washington, D.C., forming in 1990 and breaking up in 1997. Kathleen Hanna sang, Tobi Vail played drums, Billy Karren (a.k.a. Billy Boredom) played guitar and Kathi Wilcox played bass. Bikini Kill is credited with instigating the Riot Grrrl movement in the early '90s via their political lyrics, zines, and confrontational live performances."
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: BIO 036EP
SAVER, COOPER Pacifico 12"
Cooper Saver has been busy of late, prepping EPs for a host of labels including Permanent Vacation, Internasjional, ESP Institute, and Hivern Discs. Biologic Records welcome him to the label with two stunning remixes from Khidja and Abstraxion.
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: BIO 031LP
BIOSPHERE The Senja Recordings 2LP
The Senja Recordings is a collection of various outdoor recordings and studio improvisations recorded on the island of Senja, Arctic Norway, between 2015 and 2018. Biosphere is the main recording name of Geir Jenssen, a Norwegian musician who has released a notable catalog of ambient electronic music. He is well known for his works on ambient techno and arctic themed pieces, his use of music loops, and peculiar samples from sci-fi sources. His 1997 album Substrata (BIO 005LP/BIO 028CD) was voted by the users of the Hyperreal website in 2001 as the best all-time classic ambient album.
BR 001LP
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: BR 001LP
2019 repress "'I never wanted to ever start a record label. Ever. But there is something about her voice I couldn't let go of. It's an actual voice. An actual beautiful voice. This one's a classic sounding voice. Not to mention her song writing, recording and guitar playing. Jessica Pratt's music feels like I have found a lost LP of an old forgotten mystical folk singer, that feeling of discovering a record all by myself: Without the help of friends or the Internet. Like Stevie Nicks singing over David Crosby demos, with the intimacy of a Sibylle Baier. I am in love with it. So much, that I saved up and threw all my money to get it into this world. I actually care about it, no matter which way the winds blow.' --Tim Presley, White Fence"
PRICE: $14.50
MR. STIFF Freehanded Woman EP 12"
Birthportal presents its second release featuring tracks from Mr. Stiff. Look deep into your consciousness, textures and intricate rhythms coalesce within the essential realms of possibility. Absurdist levels of techno funk and minimal jamage.
PRICE: $36.00
SPECHTL, ANDREAS Strategies (Limited Edition) LP
LP version. Limited edition comes in gatefold sleeve and includes LP booklet; 180 gram vinyl. "They say that the avant-garde moves faster than light and therefore has to travel under cover of darkness, flying blind, destination unknown. Little of today's realpolitik-related gloom casts its shadow over Strategies, the new album by restless avant-garde auteur Andreas Spechtl. On the contrary. Whereas the two preceding albums Sleep and Thinking About Tomorrow (And How To Build It) (BB 278CD/LP, 2017) documented quietly intimate, personal journeys along the margins of Europe or Iran, casting a skeptical eye on neoteric political shifts, Strategies is an altogether more explosive affair, buzzing with beats, effervescent with the energy of techno, dance, a celebration of resistance. The sense of unease engendered by global politics has given way to a new sense of self, to new strategies, an eagerness to escape into ecstasy, madness, anarchy. Right from the word go, as the first melodies take shape, as the first lines unfold, even as quiet, intimate moments from prior recordings linger on, a piano fades away, a saxophone passes by and then the beats kick in -- an almost anthemic 'yes, we will change the world/because we've done so/many times before' sets the euphoric tone for the rest of the album. And oh, the voice; following its disappearing act on the previous discs, it returns here on a wave of charming dandyism, dancing, screaming, whispering, moaning, striding unwaveringly, casually, aggressively, through techno, tribal and disco beats, scanning lyrics whose palpable, newly-gained coolness might just be a universal antidote against the world's political vacuum. It is also a voice which suddenly switches to Spanish on 'When We Were Young,' joined by Anna Seghers as a ghostly witness. The album was written in Santiago de Querétaro, not far from Mexico City. It was crafted mostly on a modular system and two synthesizers, without VST or digital equipment, the computer downgraded to the status of a mere multitrack recording device. Andreas Spechtl appears to have arrived at the core of his own self, all new, as if he had rewired himself amongst all the modules -- without having even tried to find himself, yet discovering someone in the circuits who had almost been forgotten or would be forgotten again, someone who only existed right there. With the philosophical and musical activism on Strategies he offers us the clearest, most readable signs pointing into the future." --Thomas Köck, January 2019.
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: BSR 911LP
REVELATION Variation On A Theme LP
"180 gram vinyl. LP reissue of the 1979 album from Revelation. Variation On A Theme is the dub companion album to Revelation's Book of Revelation and has been out of print on vinyl since its release."
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: BSR 916LP
"George Nooks first found success performing under the name Prince Mohamed, as a deejay on discomix tracks for producer Joe Gibbs, notably on Dennis Brown's 1978 hit 'Money In My Pocket'. His first album, a joint effort with General Echo, People Are You Ready, was released on the United Artists subsidiary Ballistic in 1978. This was followed by African Roots, recorded the following year for producer Linval Thompson. He had a hit in Jamaica with 'Forty Legs Dread', and the increasing violence in Kingston prompted Nooks to record a version of Little Roy's 'Tribal War', now singing rather than deejaying, and released under his real name. His 2016 album Ride Out Your Storm reached number 4 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart, and number 22 on the Gospel chart."
PRICE: $41.00
MEMBRANES, THE What Nature Gives... Nature Takes Away 2LP
Double LP version. "The new double album from the influential UK post punk band Membranes fronted by John Robb -- and their first to feature a choir, adding a dark and thrilling epic edge to their songs. Follows the success of 2015's critically acclaimed Dark Matter/Dark Energy (made following their return after 20 years), which was a 6music favourite and received positive reviews across the world. The album's environmental theme was inspired by a conversation with fellow nature and post punk fan Chris Packham (who guests on the album), about the beauty and violence of nature and the transient nature of life and love. Sixteen epic, powerful and darkly romantic songs of powerful, epic post punk with several tracks using the BIMM. Boasts adventures into krautrock, dark dub, off kilter rhythms, death disco, tribal, dark opera, neo-classical and apocalyptic bass driven noise. Featuring guests such as 84-year old folk singer legend Shirley Collins, the original punk icon Jordan and Kirk Brandon from Theatre Of Hate."
PRICE: $18.00
MEMBRANES, THE What Nature Gives... Nature Takes Away CD
"The new double album from the influential UK post punk band Membranes fronted by John Robb -- and their first to feature a choir, adding a dark and thrilling epic edge to their songs. Follows the success of 2015's critically acclaimed Dark Matter/Dark Energy (made following their return after 20 years), which was a 6music favourite and received positive reviews across the world. The album's environmental theme was inspired by a conversation with fellow nature and post punk fan Chris Packham (who guests on the album), about the beauty and violence of nature and the transient nature of life and love. Sixteen epic, powerful and darkly romantic songs of powerful, epic post punk with several tracks using the BIMM. Boasts adventures into krautrock, dark dub, off kilter rhythms, death disco, tribal, dark opera, neo-classical and apocalyptic bass driven noise. Featuring guests such as 84-year old folk singer legend Shirley Collins, the original punk icon Jordan and Kirk Brandon from Theatre Of Hate."
PRICE: $47.00
RENBOURN, JOHN Unpentangled: The Sixties Albums 6CD BOX
"Pentangle's recordings are widely available. However, Renbourn recorded extensively both before and during the band's early genesis. Housed in a clamshell box that boasts replica album sleeves, some very rare photos and a new essay on the man, the 6-CD set anthologizes that essential but often overlooked body of early work."
PRICE: $15.00
TREHA SEKTORI The Sense Of Dust And Sheer CD
"A collection of previously unreleased material from video and film works as well as material available on vinyl only and the audio material accompanying the Dehn Sora The Sensation Of Being One Of Them Book/CD. This last work was made in collaboration with Mudh and featuring guest vocals by Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver). Also included is the track 'Onverth Emh' from the split 10' vinyl with Amenra, the track 'Dehn Semteh' from the split 10' with Innerwoud, the track 'Severh Devrah' featuring Syndrome from the Cyclic Law 10 Year Anniversary Label Sampler and previously available as video the track 'Sahe Fernah' and the track 'Ehiessieh' taken from the film score for the Lost And Found documentary directed by William Lacalmontie."
PRICE: $19.00
GALILEO 7, THE There Is Only Now LP
"Heritage can be a harsh mistress. Ex-This, formerly of That. Past acclaim -- particularly when it's attached to some of the most visceral and elemental rock 'n' roll of one's generation -- can become both a help and a hindrance; impossible to shake off but crucial to continued acceptance in the fickle world of pop music. Not that this is any concern of The Galileo 7 of course. As the title of their sixth album proudly proclaims, There Is Only Now, and this record is nothing if not Now! From humble beginnings 10 years ago as a DIY outlet for Allan Crockford's songwriting ambitions (he was rarely afforded such luxuries as bass-wielding anchorman of The Prisoners, JTQ, Prime Movers, Solarflares et al) The Galileo 7 has evolved into a powerhouse live act delivering the kind of lysergically-inclined technicolour garage-rock rarely witnessed these days; one born of experience, exploration and an enjoyment of one's own craft. Following a period of fluctuation, the present line-up stabilised around Crockford (vocals, guitar), Paul Moss (bass, vocals), Viv Bonsels (keyboard, vocals) and the busiest man in garage, Matthew 'Mole' Lambert (drums, vocals) -- yep, there are a lot of vocals in the mix here and the record is all the brighter for it. The G7's long-players since 2016's storming 'live in the studio' set Live-O-Graphic have carried way more clout as a result of this newfound energy, breathing fresh life into Crockford's songs as the songs themselves delve ever more skillfully into a pool populated with Dandyish psychedelic pop, British Invasion muscle, new-wave sparkle and that ever-present Medway magic."
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: VCR 003LP
DOLAT-SHAHI, DARIUSH Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar LP
Restocked, last copies. This release will undoubtedly be met by the same deep breaths that have been shared by the small group of collectors who, over the past few years, have held original copies of this rare Folkways release in such high regard. In simple terms this LP is the kind of record you wished existed while nothing really came close to the mark. Respectfully and subtly combining traditional Persian instrumentation, modular synth exercises, field recordings and tape manipulation -- this debut release from 1985 by Dariush Dolat-Shahi bridges multiple cultural and stylistic voids and vindicates the vinyl-buying market's disparate interests in bygone Eastern experimental rock music, radio-phonic experiments, musique-concrete, sound design, neo-tantric meditational records and other early accidental acidic electro murmurs. For those who enjoyed the re-contextualized music of Ilaiyaraaja and Charanjit Singh while holding tight to the legacy of Pierre Schaeffer, Daphne Oram, Ilhan Mimaroglu, and harbor penchants for all things drone, Teutonic, electronic, demonic, and euphoric, this record has just changed all your plans for the weekend. A perfect primer for the aforementioned labels and a proud indication of what to expect from this eternally studious camp in 2013. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering.
PRICE: $18.00
GAYLADS, THE Fire And Rain (Expanded Edition) CD
"Leslie Kong's Beverley's Records dominated the Jamaican music scene throughout the years that immediately followed the arrival of reggae music in the late Sixties. During this hugely exciting period, Kong's artists roster included many of the island's finest talents, notably the Maytals, the Pioneers, Desmond Dekker, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley & the Wailers, the Melodians and, of course, the Gaylads. The latter having been regular Jamaican hit-makers ever since Harris 'BB' Seaton, Winston Delano Stewart and Maurice Roberts first collaborated in 1963. The trio's tenure with Kong's Beverley's Records commenced in the summer of '69, after which they set about producing a slew of high quality recordings, with significant sellers from the period including such enduring works as 'There's A Fire', 'Tell The Children The Truth', 'Soul Sister' and a version of James Taylor's 'Fire And Rain' that proved so popular it provided the title for the group's ridiculously collectable album from the close of 1970. Now, almost half a century since its original release, the Fire And Rain LP is finally made available once more, with the original track-listing bolstered by the remainder of the Gaylads' recordings for Leslie Kong, including numerous Jamaican hits and such rarities as 'ABC Reggae' and 'Baby I'll Be Yours', both of which make their CD debut."
PRICE: $21.00
VA Put On Your Best Dress: Sonia Pottinger Ska & Rock Steady 1966-1967 2CD
"Between the summers of 1966 and '68, the sound of rock steady dominated Jamaica's musical landscape, and throughout this time few producers proved more successful or influential than the island's premiere female music maker, Sonia Pottinger. In recognition of her achievements, Trojan Records gathered a number of her best-known tracks in the style on Put On Your Best Dress, a popular long player released by the company on its Attack subsidiary in 1990. Now, almost 30 years later, the LP has been expanded to include the very best of Ms. Pottinger's output from the early rock steady period, thus creating a superb stand-alone collection of high-quality Jamaican sounds."
PRICE: $17.00
"Sweet and joyful sounds from the first half of 1960's Tanzania. Salum Abdallah and Cuban Marimba Band were at the forefront of 'muziki wa dansi', the emerging dance music scene influenced by Cuban 78s, crazes like the twist and cha cha cha, and the local sounds of their home country. Hailing from the town of Morogoro, they rose to be stars across the country. Out of over 100 sides recorded for local labels, mostly Mzuri Records of Kenya, these twelve songs are the cream of the crop. Only a few of these have ever been re-released in any form, and that hasn't happened in eons. Lots of toe tappers, smile enhancers, and downright dancers, with a few slower and sweeter songs to round it out. Taken from 1961-65, these twelve songs shine a brighter light on an already bright light that was Salum Abdallah, taken away from this earth all too early at the age of 37. The 12 song LP comes in an old style tip-on sleeve with lyrics in Swahili with English translations on the inner sleeve."
PRICE: $14.00
QINDEK Come Closer 12"
Stellar new EP on the way from Dutch producer Qindek. Come Closer will be the fifth release from the label: it features the original mix "Come Closer" and three remixes from Voltmar, Edit-Select, and Kuf. The original cut is a primal, tribal number merged with club elements. Cologne based artist Voltmar takes the first remix, making the original feel more tribal, with more jungle elements. Edit-Select takes the track and elongates it, adding underground elements and a slight bit of tempo. Swedish artist Kuf, provides a high velocity, all-out assault club banger.
EB 136LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: EB 136LP
DUBBLESTANDART Dubblestandart & Firehouse Crew Present Reggae Classics LP+CD
LP version; includes CD. Dubblestandart presents -- with the deepest respect to the originators -- & Firehouse Crew Present Reggae Classics, a limited selection of reworks of reggae classics. The album focuses on works that have been pivotal for the inspiration of Dubblestandart's bandleader Paul Zasky since day one, when forming the band. Today this music is considered classic reggae, what this little island called Jamaica has provided in content and creation, especially roots reggae of the late '60s, '70s, and '80s. This doesn't even scratch the surface of the political actuality of many of these songs, which seem to respond to today's world of unrest as if they were written yesterday, coming straight from the heart of all those much-loved and admired originators.
PRICE: $22.00
BARBIERI, CATERINA Ecstatic Computation LP
Repressed. Caterina Barbieri is an Italian composer who explores themes related to machine intelligence and object-oriented perception in sound through a focus on minimalism. Following 2017's acclaimed double-LP Patterns Of Consciousness (IMPREC 449LP), Ecstatic Computation is the new full-length LP by Caterina Barbieri. The album revolves around the creative use of complex sequencing techniques and pattern-based operations to explore the artefacts of human perception and memory processes by ultimately inducing a sense of ecstasy and contemplation. Computation is turned from being a formal, automatic writing technique into a creative, psychedelic practice to generate temporal hallucinations. A state of trance and wonder where the perception of time is distorted and challenged. Equally nervous and ecstatic, the fast permutation of patterns can create a state where time stands still whilst simultaneously being in motion. Is this propulsive music moving forward or backward? As long as the perception of the present is constantly enhanced and refreshed in an endless sense of loss, re-discovery and the search for self-orientation this question lies mute aside the thrilling and perplexing moment of the matter at hand. Vocals on "Arrows Of Time" performed by Annie Gårlid and Evelyn Saylor; recorded by Stefano Tucci at Failsafe Studio. Artwork by Ruben Spini. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering.
PRICE: $32.00
CAT #: RD6
RENALDO & THE LOAF Songs For Swinging Larvae/Songs From The Surgery 2LP
A biomedical scientist and an architect form a band in the early '70s with nothing by the way of traditional musical talent or skill but with endless enthusiasm and their own unique musical sensibility. The ensuing career and creative output of this ongoing home studio/bedroom band remains one of the most significant song based 'outre' catalogs ever produced in the United Kingdom. This comprehensive two LP set contains their first official LP (originally released on The Residents' legendary Ralph Records label) along with an extra album of different versions and extra tracks which reside here for the first time on vinyl. The duo Renaldo & The Loaf, originally Portsmouth-based, and now in Portsmouth and Mid-Wales, remain an enigma whilst amassing an enormous cult following worldwide. Their singular take on music encompasses wit, strange melodic construction and an off-kilter sensibility which successfully rendered them engaging for each emerging generation. The ability of Renaldo & The Loaf to unnerve and entertain in equal measure is what binds these songs to a musical universe outside of all other forms that existed around the time of release -- The Residents are obvious spiritual heirs. Songs For Swinging Larvae is a classic collection of confounding songs which lead the listener into a surreal world of twisted tunes and perverted pop. Songs From The Surgery is made up of improvisations, early/alternative versions of various Larvae tracks and unreleased pieces from the same period. The results leave one laughing through a thick veil of unease. As the original Ralph Records press release said of Songs For Swinging Larvae: "This is an album of primitive modernism, energetic obnoxious noises, manic high pitched vocals and sweet brilliance." All tracks written and produced By Renaldo And The Loaf, originally mixed at Elephant Studios, London, November 1980. Cover and layout by Nik Void, original album artwork by Gary Panter. Re-mastered for vinyl and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin, November 2018.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: EOM 004EP
MONOLINK Remixes 12"
Berlin's own Steffen Linck, a multi-instrumentalist known as Monolink, announces the 12" remixes via Embassy One. Artbat, Ben Böhmer, Patrice Bäumel, Monolink -- no more words needed.
PRICE: $30.50
CAT #: MTE 068LP
Limited restock, last copies. Simultonality is the follow-up to Joshua Abrams's critically acclaimed 2015 album Magnetoception (MTE 063-64LP, 2015). Credited to Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society (NIS), it is the first recording in the project's nine year, four album history made by a regularly gigging manifestation, rather than a special assembly of friends. Recorded in 2014 and 2015 in single takes by the full ensemble during and after tours of the US and Canada, Simultonality once more affirms the project's unique approach to joining traditional musics, American minimalism, and jazz with the Gnawa ceremonial instrument the guimbri. Stasis, continuity, and repetition, central qualities of Abrams language, defined Magnetoception, listed by many as one of the best records of 2015. These same qualities form the heart of Abrams's music on Simultonality. But where Abrams once said Magnetoception is about "winter and death", Simultonality, in Abrams's words, is an album of "pure motion". Without sounding frenetic it is the most explosive NIS music on record, and without sounding over-determined, it is Abrams's most structured and through-composed music yet. Much of it is also fast, a mass of densely patterned elements swiftly orbiting constantly reconfiguring centers that are variously harmonic and rhythmic, clearly stated or implied. The music is at no time any more disorderly than a colony of bees pollinating a vast garden. Its many moving parts function in mutualistic relationship toward fulfilling Abrams's long stated intention for the project: to help listener's achieve a meditative center and to consciously use music as a gateway to living. Abrams credits William Parker as an inspiration for this intention. The musicians on Simultonality date back to the nascency of NIS. Along with Hamid Drake, Mikel Avery and Frank Rosaly are Abrams first-call drummers for the project. On Simultonality, Avery is in the left channel, Rosaly the right. Astute heads may recognize the rhythm in "Sideways Fall" as Jaki Leibezeit's drum break in Can's "Vitamin C". At Abrams behest, the two drummers divided the beat into separate parts. According to Hamid Drake, the rhythm was popularized, if not originated, by John "Jabo" Starks and Clyde Stubblefield of the J.B.'s. Nearly ten years into its existence, Abrams and the NIS wear their influences with creativity and ease. Long standing NIS members, Ben Boye and Emmett Kelly, were previously together with Abrams, or not, in Bonnie Prince Billy's band, and Abrams and Boye have at different times played in Kelly's band The Cairo Gang. Harmonium player Lisa Alvarado contributes the large format pattern paintings used by NIS at concerts and for its album covers. Personnel: Joshua Abrams - guimbri, bass, small harp, bells; Lisa Alvarado - harmonium, Leslie, percussion; Michael Avery - drums and percussion; Ben Boye - chromatic electric autoharp, piano, Wurlitzer; Ari Brown - tenor saxophone (on "2128½"); Emmett Kelly - electric guitar; Frank Rosaly - drums and percussion, resonator bells. Pressed on premium quality audiophile vinyl by RTI, presented in replica audiophile dust sleeves and heavyweight Stoughton LaserDisc jackets screenprinted by Alan Sherry/Siwa.
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: FKR 099LP
As a genuine vanguard of electronic music composition at the forefront of the modular synthesizer revolution in the late 1960s, Suzanne Ciani's forward-thinking approach to new music would rarely look to the past for inspiration, which makes this unheard composition from 1969 a rare exception to the collective futurist vision of Ciani and synthesizer designer Don Buchla. In choosing to adapt the controversial prose of French poet Charles Baudelaire, Suzanne would join the ranks of ongoing generations of pioneering musicians like Olivier Messiaen, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Serge Gainsbourg, Etron Fou Leloublan, Celtic Frost, and Marc Almond (not forgetting Star Trek's William Shatner!), all equally inspired by the 19th century writer's works of "modernité" (modernity), a self-coined term dedicated to capturing the fleeting, ephemeral experience of life in an urban metropolis, best exemplified in Les Fleurs du mal (Flowers Of Evil). In her varied career that would combine art gallery installations, major film soundtrackings, and commissions for Atari, Suzanne Ciani's earliest experiments remain some of her most challenging, beguiling, and timeless. Flowers Of Evil ticks all the above boxes and flicks switches that would power-up a new uncharted universe of her own musical modernité. For the many enthusiasts that have already drawn the parallels between Baudelaire's writings and experimental/electronic music (a relationship rivalled only by the likes of J. G. Ballard and Aldous Huxley) some might instantly recognize an unconscious sistership between this recording and another 1969 electronic adaptation of Flowers Of Evil by celebrated female electronic composer Ruth White. An interesting distinction of White's excellent version of Flowers Of Evil (released via Limelight records) is that its dark tone generation and vocal manipulation was created with a Moog synthesizer, the commercially triumphant rival to Suzanne and Don's Buchla Systems. The fact that Ciani's version was never intended for commercial release is also poetically reflective of the nature of Ciani and Buchla's alternative perspective. The choice to present this extract from Flowers Of Evil in its intended French language further distances Ciani's faithful reaction from some of its better-known variations. Having attempted to voice the poem herself, the multilingual Italian-American composer's French accent did not meet her own standards, resulting in the request for a fellow unnamed French student who lived on campus at Mills College in Oakland to accurately verbalize the section of Baudelaire's collection entitled Élévation.
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: FEP 028LP
XOA Way West LP
XOA, led by London-based producer and musician Nick Tyson, releases their debut album Way West on Five Easy Pieces. XOA means to look outwards, to draw inspiration from many sources. Way West is alive with this: steeped in the rich analog sonics of the past, the warmth of machines and influence from the sounds of London's fervent music scene. Featuring a blend of contemporary electronic production and live instrumentation, '70s Afrobeat-inspired drums and cosmic melodies are thrust into the present day with strong cues from house and techno. Three vocalists contribute across the album, with Tyson choosing to work with singers with whom he has a personal admiration and friendship. Hollie Cook, known to many for her ethereal pop-tinged reggae, delivers a sumptuous contribution on "Heartland," adding a beautiful emotional dimension to the horn-led track. Lulu Jones' vocals are treated more as a sample for the garage-tinged "Call On Me" and Ruby Wood, of Submotion Orchestra, has worked with Tyson over a number of projects and their shared love of '90s soul comes to the fore on the laid-back grooves and sun-kissed "Only One Thing." Says Tyson, "when collaborating, especially with vocalists on melodic and lyrical ideas, it's important to have that personal connection and respect for each other's craft. That's why I never ask vocalists to prepare anything in advance for the tracks; I like to get in the room and just see what happens in the moment, to trust each other's ideas, and for it to be a natural, organic and spontaneous process". Collaboration has always been at the heart of the project for Tyson. He plays the bulk of the instruments on the album but invites Marijus Aleksa on drums to provide live energy, extra synth work from Parisian Kenzo Zurzolo, and a notable Rhodes solo from Johnny Tomlinson (a member of Bonobo's live band) on "Osu." After well-received releases on Soundway Records, Cin Cin (with Wayward) and Banana Hill (with Contours); Way West shows another step up for Tyson as a writer and producer.
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: GOO 008LP
2019 repress. "Sonic Youth's eponymous debut EP, reissued in a deluxe double-LP edition on the band's own Goofin' imprint, was recorded in late 1981 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC and originally released on composer Glenn Branca's Neutral label. The album is loosely based on compositions the newly formed group had performed at that year's week-long Noisefest event (and remains the only recorded document of an early line-up featuring actor Richard Edson on drums). The newly remastered vinyl also features extra live material from a 1981 gig, and a track from a previously unheard studio session."
PRICE: $25.50
ABUELO & NADA, MIGUEL Miguel Abuelo & Nada LP
Guerssen Records present a reissue of Miguel Abuelo & Nada, originally released in 1975. A stunning blend of psychedelia, hard-rock, and prog-folk courtesy of Miguel Ángel Peralta, aka Miguel Abuelo, the legendary Argentinean rock pioneer. Recorded and released only in France in 1975, featuring some top Argentinean musicians such as killer guitar player Daniel Sbarra. Miguel Abuelo was a musician, poet and singer from Buenos Aires, Argentine. During the '60s, he was the leader of early psychedelic band Los Abuelos de la Nada, who released a highly sought-after 45 in 1968. In the early '70s, Miguel, a free spirit who left Argentina for Europe and ended up busking in Paris. There, he formed a band called Nada featuring guitar player Daniel Sbarra and other expat Argentinean musicians. Supported by their producer, Moshé Naïm, who was fascinated with Miguel's personality and voice, they registered in France their only album, recorded circa 1973 but actually released in 1975 on Moshé's own label, just when the band had decided to part ways. Housed in a beautiful gatefold cover depicting Miguel in full hippie-fashion along with his little child Gato Azul, Miguel Abuelo & Nada is simply one of the best Argentinean rock albums ever recorded. Cleary influenced by bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, and the like, Miguel and Daniel managed to create a very unique sound, powerful yet delicate, highlighted by Miguel's heartfelt vocals (sometimes treated as just another instrument), outstanding guitar playing by Daniel (listen to him doing one of the early known examples of proto-metal tapping on "Tirando Piedras Al Río"), well-crafted songs and deep, poetic lyrics. The album was recorded at a state-of-the-art studio located in the countryside and was carefully produced: electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, flute, keyboards (including Moog), cello, violin. Sadly, the release date kept getting delayed, the band had to go on tour without the album in the street and when it was finally released, Miguel and Daniel had decided to take separate ways. During the '80s, Miguel obtained mainstream success in Argentine until his death in 1988. Miguel Abuelo & Nada is now widely regarded worldwide as a legendary, cult album. Master tape sound. Original artwork in gatefold sleeve; includes insert with lyrics, rare photos, and liner notes by Daniel Sbarra.
PRICE: $23.00
Monkey Safari's third album comes in perfect time for the summer sunshine. The duo follow-up their last album, Odyssey (HOME 023CD/LP, 2017), with this warm, inviting collection of music designed to brighten your day and complement the glorious sunny days that bless us during the summer. Sven and Lars learned some valuable lessons from their last long-player, and the new album HI comes from a far more relaxed, easy-going place. An organic project that came together quite naturally, their third album sees the duo in high spirits ready to bring a large dose of positive vibes and emotional depth to the party. With Lars about to welcome his first child, the duo is clearly full of goodwill, optimism, and good vibrations and HI is reflective of this positive headspace. Click play, ease into the soulful selection and let the album lift your spirits. Features Sterling Grove and Monsoonsiren.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: HJR 040CD
VA The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From The Congo, 1954-55 CD
2019 repress. This is the fifth release in Honest Jon's series of albums exploring vintage recordings held in the EMI Hayes Archive. This album uncovers the dizzy beginnings of the golden age of African music zinging with the social and political ferment of the independence movement and anti-colonialism, after the Second World War and the daredevil origins of Congolese rumba -- the entire continent's most popular music in the '60s and '70s. The new music grew in concert with a burgeoning night life especially in the twin capitals of Leopoldville (today's Kinshasa) on the Belgian side, and Brazzaville on the French, where humming factories lured increasing numbers of rural Congolese with the offer of a steady, relatively well-paying job. The astonishing inventions of Europe and America also played an important role in the music's development. Traditional Congolese musicians began to master imported guitars and horns by mimicking what they heard. The jazz of Louis Armstrong and the ballads of European torch singers like Tino Rossi captured the imagination of the rapidly-expanding working class as well as the familiar-sounding music of Latin America. Local musicians swapped the Spanish of the originals for Congolese languages. In his version of "Peanut Vendor," included here, A.H. Depala replaces the seller's cry of "mani," or "peanut," with a lovelorn lament for a woman named "Moni." Depala went on to land a spot in the house-band of the prestigious Loningisa studio. Others failed to gain equivalent recognition, but their music was no less impressive. Listen to likembe (thumb-piano) player Boniface Koufidilia as he makes the transition from traditional to modern in the first few seconds of "Bino," which hits you with a vamping violin while he muses about death (including that of the popular Brazzaville musician Paul Kamba). Andre Denis and Albert Bongu both echo the sounds of palm-wine brought to the Belgian Congo by the coastmen. The sweet vocal harmonies of Vincent Kuli's track were learned, perhaps, in a mission church. Rene Mbu's nimble, likembe-like guitar plucking shines on "Boma Limbala," and is Laurent Lomande using a banjo as a backdrop to "Elisa?" Aren't those kazoos, buzzing along on Jean Mpia's "Tika?" It's as if the musicians, fired up by the times in their zeal for experimental self-expression, tossed into a bottle some new elements and some old, some near and some far, and then shook it hard, to see what would happen. With rare photographs and notes by Gary Stewart, author of Rumba On The River. Sound restoration done at Abbey Road.
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: HOS 626LP
LUSSURIA Three Knocks LP
Definitive Hospital Productions artist Jim Mroz, aka Lussuria, follows duties on Prurient's Rainbow Mirror LP (HOS 597LP, 2018) and an appearance on Vatican Shadow's Berghain 09 mix/compilation (OSTGUT 119LP) with a new opus worthy of comparison to his dank ambient classics, American Babylon (2012) and Industriale Illuminato (HOS 420CD, 2014). In the foreboding Three Knocks, Lussuria limns an unconscious, near-death experience based on a tale told by his mother, who was admitted to ER after an allergic reaction escalated into something inexplicable. She was put in a medically-induced coma and administered a breathing tube. When under the effect of heavy sedatives, she spoke of a visit by angels who warned of an impending disaster. She eventually came around, and recounted that her illness was preceded by three knocks at her office door, slow and heavy -- proposing that each knock was a mockery of the Holy Trinity; one knock for each crucifixion -- but when she answered nobody was there. This omen, and its confirmatory hallucination form the basis of Lussuria's utterly absorbing new album. Using a Hawaiian flute made from a human femur, and an iron lung for percussion (don't ask how he accessed it), together with operatic tape cut-ups and field recording made on the shores of Long Island's empty asylums, Lussuria stages his mother's vision in four parts of lugubrious, black metal ambient gloom. The atmosphere is just frighteningly tangible, revealing a sense of depth perception and stone cold clamminess that brings its spirit vividly within touching distance, from the over-the-shoulder vocals and cracked window pane howl of "Fentanyl Chaser", to the hollow clank of oil drums and spent ammo casings in "Three Knocks", and through to the frankly terrifying descent thru choral loops into a bony flute solo with "Confused And Ill By Shadows". This would all just be another urban myth were it not for the exquisite detail and dramaturgy of Lussuria's production and arrangement, which typically imparts its feeling in no uncertain terms, most acutely hyperstizing (making a superstition real) a state of psychological dread and panic induced by the occult imagination. RIYL: Cold Meat Industry, It, Prurient, Deathprod. Mixed and mastered by Josh Eustis. Vinyl cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. First copies on silver vinyl.
PRICE: $34.50
CAT #: HOS 630LP
ORPHX & JK FLESH Light Bringer 2LP
Light Bringer documents with pristine detail and gravity the live collaborations between two legends of early industrial techno and rhythmic noise, Orphx and JK Flesh. Consisting of one recording each from Berlin's Atonal Festival and the infamous Katharsis events in the Netherlands, these eight tracks show a peculiar flow and visceral funk rarely seen from live exchanges. Expert mastering by Joshua Eustis ascends these eight blinding cuts far away from any earth grounding and shows the rest of us how live electronics are done. Includes poster; Edition of 666.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: HVM 004EP
HVMBLE Textures 4/4 12"
Hvmble is a newly-formed Berlin-based collective engaged in house music production and label work. Hvmble aims at staying versatile. Hvmble's debut EP series Textures features an eclectic practice where diverse elements of dance music are teamed playfully. Hypnotizing groove structures, vibrant hi-hats and a sublty-formed bottom-end unite and stimulate the body-mind. Textures invites the listener/dancer to float through skillfully-meshed patterns and dreamy layers, to experience promising new spaces. Cover by visual artist Peter Aurisch.
PRICE: $14.00
OLIVEROS, PAULINE Accordion & Voice CD
Restocked; now packaged in a 6 panel digipak with heavy-duty stock and a matte finish. Pauline Oliveros (b. 1930) is an accordionist and composer who currently resides in Kingston, New York. Her instrument is tuned in just intonation and she often includes it in her meditative improvisational music. Her music is not meditative in the sense that it is intended for listening to while meditating, rather each piece is a form of meditation, such as her aptly-titled "Sonic Meditations." "Accordion & Voice was the first of my recordings as a soloist. I was living in an A-frame house in a meadow just below Mount Tremper at Zen Mountain Center. I had a wonderful view of the graceful saddle mountain top. When away on a performance trip I would imagine the mountain as I played 'Rattlesnake Mountain.' I followed the feelings and sensations of my many experiences of the mountain -- the changing colors of the season, the breezes and winds blowing through the grasses and trees. 'Horse Sings from Cloud' taught me to listen to the depth of a tone and to have patience. Rather than initiating musical impulses of motion, melody and harmony I wanted to hear the subtlety of a tone taking space and time to develop. The tones linger and resonate in the body, mind, instrument and performance space. My thanks to Important Music for bringing these pieces to be heard again." --Pauline Oliveros, 2007
IF 2076EP
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: IF 2076EP
ABDELWAHED, DEENA Khonnar Remixes 12"
Emerging artists rarely exceed listeners' expectations with a complete album right out of the box, but Deena Abdelwahed is the exception that proves the rule. While the young artist of Tunisian origin stood out with her daring DJ sets, it is her surprising first album, Khonnar, released on InFiné (2018), which sealed her status of eclectic producer, guaranteeing her a place among the best releases of the year. Khonnar Remixes compiles a series of remixes in 12", inspired by the unique atmosphere of Deena Abdelwahed's first album. Remixes by M.E.S.H., Karen Gwyer, Ital Tek, and Lord of The Isles.
JAZZ45 005EP
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: JAZZ45 005EP
GROSSMANN, MURIEL Golden Rule/Okan Ti Aye 7"
With ten albums already to her name, Muriel Grossmann is well-placed to create more sonic waves in 2019. Taken from her mesmerizing spiritual jazz LP Golden Rule (2018), it's deep jazz, modal jazz, esoteric jazz, spiritual jazz; refined, intensified, and concentrated into two whirlwind sides.
JAZZ45 006EP
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: JAZZ45 006EP
SOKRATIS VOTSKOS QUARTET Almopian Etude/Sevenates 7"
The Sokratis Votskos Quartet was formed in Greece in 2017 with a mindset firmly rooted in the sound and aesthetics of European jazz. Add to the mix a strong influence of US legend Wayne Shorter and of course their own personalities and inherent Greek cultural background -- here is a sound of jazz like no other.
PRICE: $14.50
Jazzman Records presents a reissue of 47 Times Its Own Weight's Cumulo Nimbus, originally issued in 1975 and presented here as Number 28 in the Jazzman Holy Grail Series. Fable is a small independent record label started in Austin, Texas in the early 1970s by a young trombone player named Michael Mordecai. In autumn 1975 he debuted a trio of albums by Austin bands; with only 1000 of each pressed, and each carrying a different emphasis on soul, funk or jazz, all three have gone on to become highly sought-after by collectors and DJs around the world. Jazzman met with Michael at its UK offices and over several hours he told the label the highs and lows of running Fable Records, leaving no stone unturned, with success and tragedy in equal measure. Jazzman also spoke with members of all three bands, and they shared interesting stories and cool anecdotes of the wild times in the mid-70s when their records were made. The label acquired informative press cuttings and some awesome posters and flyers, compiling them in a booklet.
PRICE: $14.50
Jazzman Records presents a reissue of Steamheat's Austin Funk, originally issued in 1975, and presented here as Number 29 in the Jazzman Holy Grail Series. Fable is a small independent record label started in Austin, Texas in the early 1970s by a young trombone player named Michael Mordecai. In autumn 1975 he debuted a trio of albums by Austin bands; with only 1000 of each pressed, and each carrying a different emphasis on soul, funk or jazz, all three have gone on to become highly sought-after by collectors and DJs around the world; these have become numbers 28, 29, and 30 in the Jazzman Holy Grail Series. Jazzman met with Michael at its UK offices and over several hours he told the label the highs and lows of running Fable Records, leaving no stone unturned, with success and tragedy in equal measure. Jazzman also spoke with members of all three bands, and they shared interesting stories and cool anecdotes of the wild times in the mid-70s when their records were made. The label acquired informative press cuttings and some awesome posters and flyers, compiling them in a booklet.
PRICE: $14.50
Jazzman Records presents a reissue of Starcrost's Starcrost, originally issued in 1975 and presented here as Number 30 in the Jazzman Holy Grail Series. Fable is a small independent record label started in Austin, Texas in the early 1970s by a young trombone player named Michael Mordecai. In autumn 1975 he debuted a trio of albums by Austin bands; with only 1000 of each pressed, and each carrying a different emphasis on soul, funk or jazz, all three have gone on to become highly sought-after by collectors and DJs around the world; these have become numbers 28, 29, and 30 in the Jazzman Holy Grail Series. Jazzman met with Michael at its UK offices and over several hours he told the label the highs and lows of running Fable Records, leaving no stone unturned, with success and tragedy in equal measure. Jazzman also spoke with members of all three bands, and they shared interesting stories and cool anecdotes of the wild times in the mid-70s when their records were made. The label acquired informative press cuttings and some awesome posters and flyers, compiling them in a booklet. CD version includes two bonus tracks.
JSP 77214CD
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: JSP 77214CD
VA Spreading The Word: Early Gospel Recordings 4CD BOX
"This is a superbly remastered and presented 4 CD set of the earliest, deepest and most soulful Gospel recordings. There is an intensity about all these recordings that illustrates a profound faith and belief but also is a 'cry of pain' of people struggling for dignity and rights which were being denied them. These are seminal early Gospel from some of the great legends-essential music!"
K7 386EP
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: K7 386EP
RED AXES Trips #2: In Vietnam EP 12"
Red Axes' return with a second EP in the Trips series, exploring the rich rhythms of Vietnam. "Ho Chi Minh" is a brisling track with funky bass loops and the hustle and bustle of a market square. "Hanoi" is even more exotic thanks to the enchanting lead vocal, jungle bird calls, and low-slung bass, while "Phu Quoc" gets more rave, with phased bass riding up and down. "Hue" is a blissful and almost Balearic beat. Features Bèo D?t Mây Trôi & HCMC Students, Cô ?ôi Th??ng Ngàn & Viet Rice Band, Minh Duong, and Music Academy Students.
GG 301CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: GG 301CD
"Charles Hayward is an English drummer and was a founding member of the experimental rock groups This Heat and Camberwell Now. He also played with Mal Dean's Amazing Band, Dolphin Logic, and gigged and recorded with Phil Manzanera in the group Quiet Sun project as well as a short stint with Gong. He was a session musician on The Raincoats' second album, Odyshape, and on one occasion played drums for the anarchist punk band Crass. Since the late 1980s he has concentrated on solo projects and collaborations, including Massacre with Bill Laswell and Fred Frith. His first solo record, Survive the Gesture, was released in 1987. Since then, he has released 10 more long players, and has been touring with the reformed This is not This Heat. Begin Anywhere is his brand new solo album and shows a different side to the Charles Hayward we know. The drum set is left in the corner, and instead we get fragile yet powerful songs on piano and voice. A very personal Hayward album, let yourself be surprised."
PRICE: $16.00
SALOLI The Deep End CD
"Portland, Oregon resident Mary Sutton's solo debut materialized in the wake of a performance she gave at a clothing-optional soaking-pool sauna: 'I had never composed for synth before but wanted to make something people sitting motionless and naked in hot bubbly water would want to hear.' It was while in this headspace that she reconnected with Satie's entrancing cyclical motifs, particularly the way 'he subtly spins melodic fragments, and pivots harmonies and phrases so the repetitions feel new and surprising yet soothingly familiar, as if casting a spell.' The nine intuitive instrumentals comprising The Deep End accomplish exactly that, threading complementary shades of soft-hued hypnosis, dazed modal introspection, icy amusement park reverie, and lunar lullaby into a prismatic suite of contemplative melody and synthetic communion. Sutton's songs are active rather than ambient yet their structure is more suggestive than scripted, full of lulls, asymmetries, and daydreams. Each track was written specifically to be played live on an analog synthesizer, with no overdubs or post-production wizardry. The sound of Saloli is one of warm-blooded wiring, turned on and tapped into, emotive and electric, storied machines speaking through all too human hands."
PRICE: $16.00
EARTHEN SEA Grass And Trees CD
"Jacob Long's reductionist rhythmic ambient vessel, Earthen Sea, ebbs towards a more purely elemental state on his second excursion for Kranky, Grass And Trees. He describes the creative process as one of 'simplifying things as much as possible,' designing uncluttered spaces traced in nothing but breath, field recordings, and 'sounds that could be played by hand but weren't.' The results feel decentralized but dynamic, low-lit evocations of ambiguous nocturnal environments -- dub techno disassembled into stray pulses and spare parts. It's a music both interior and infinite, languorous yet transformative, made in the outer boroughs of a metropolis but existing in its own liminal wilderness. Long's vision is a grounding one, rooted in the physical body but attuned to larger currents: 'In response to living in a fairly hectic city, and at a very hectic time for the world at large, creating something more drawn back and restrained felt appropriate.'"
PRICE: $14.50
LF RMX 016 clearly splits its intention between the two sides. First going head-on and far out in Len Faki's trancey but fast-shoving "Hardspace" edit of Jesse Somfay's 2005 track "Can You See Me I'm Waving". Then it's all about imagining the place suggested by "Small Pebbled Forest", where water-like melody sprinkles over deep, progressive basses, and fireflies seem to be lighting up an enchanted scenery.
PRICE: $23.00
"An album featuring: Helena Noguerra, Fifi Chachnil, Bertrand Burgalat, Sean O'Hagan (High LLamas), Don Fleming, Werner 'Zappi' Diermaier (Faust), wrapped in wonderful, surreal Bart Johnson artwork. With music by: Kevin Coral, Misawa Masanori, Olivier Collet, Joe Wiltshire, Otis Fodder, Sean O'Hagan & Zappi Diermaier"
PRICE: $25.00
INDEX Originals Vol. 2 (1969) LP
"In February of 2009, Jim Valice of Index discovered three reels in a cardboard box stuffed in a closet of his parents home in Michigan. These songs from 1969 were on those reels. Fourteen original compositions by Index, seven making their vinyl debut, the other seven released for the first time ever, all transferred from the original tapes! Index was once again a pure power trio by 1969. There was massive demand for Index personal performances. Index was not interested. It was becoming more difficult for guitarist John Ford to travel back from Yale University to Detroit on a weekly basis. Index wanted to push the bounds of their own creativity. They chose to use their limited time together to write and record. Index were the epitome of a DIY band. They made great use of the newly developed sound on sound (SOS) technology. It allowed Index to record basic tracks (guitars, drums and lead vocals); with SOS they then could add keyboards, additional guitar tracks and vocals. A musical revolution in miniature! The addition of Tom Ballew on bass in 1968 made a positive impact on Index's sound. He and drummer Jim Valice laid down a musical foundation in and around which John would weave his guitar. 'Livin' In Detroit' and 'Kick It Out' are two perfect examples of that dynamic. Here you'll also find over-the-top psychedelic numbers like 'Street Crime' and the fast version of 'Yesterday and Today.' But on this album you'll also find mature romantic ballads filled with angst, such as 'Love is Here To Stay' and 'I Walk Alone.' The hip-shaking, organ-driven '432 Lakeshore' highlights another groovier aspect to Index's sound. The music of Index has been lauded by music heads for decades with good reason: the band has a druggie sound, with songs full of feedback and fuzzy guitars, hazy guitar riffs and loud pushy rhythms. It's wonderful, droning, murky and introspective: the atonal side of late 1960's rock that would leave the most lasting impression on those who would eventually become punk, post-punk and indie rock... artists like Joy Division or the Fall or Felt to name three out of a thousand. Or in the case of the previously unreleased song 'Something Sweet,' The Jesus & Mary Chain. It's as if Index projected their sound through time and space, creating sonic templates for future artists. Index continues to inspire bands all over the world even to this day. Listen to Index and feed your soul. All tracks are new to vinyl +this is first release in any format for seven out of the fourteen total tracks. Includes a 4-panel color insert, written by Index drummer Jim Valice, detailing the band's rock and roll adventures, replete with rare photos."
LMS 5521233LP
PRICE: $28.50
CAT #: LMS 5521233LP
BRONSKI BEAT The Age Of Consent (Limited Picture Disc) PIC. DISC
This era-defining, pop classic includes debut single "Small Town Boy", a huge global hit, which continues to resonate with today's LGBT+ generation and remains a dancefloor staple. To celebrate the 35-year anniversary of Bronski Beat's forming, The Age Of Consent is presented here on picture disc. Limited edition, 2019 picture disc in clear sleeve.
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: MAR 010LP
ZECA DO TROMBONE & ROBERTO SAX Zeca do Trombone & Roberto Sax LP
Mad About Records present the first worldwide reissue of Zeca do Trombone & Roberto Sax, originally released in 1976. Another Brazilian funk landmark made by two of the most exceptional instrumentalists of the soul funk scene of the '70s. José da Silva, better known under the pseudonym of Zeca do Trombone, is a trombone player who has worked with a multitude of Brazilian artists, including Tim Maia and Carlos Dafé, Elizeth Cardoso, Beth Carvalho, Milton Nascimento. Roberto Sax, or Zé Roberto Simonal, is none other than Wilson Simonal's brother. The original press of this LP is one of the rarest in Brazilian music.
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: MAR 011LP
IMANI Out Of The Blue LP
Mad About Records present a reissue of Imani's Out Of The Blue, originally released in 1983. The incredible San Francisco area jazz funk spiritual band Imani's Out Of The Blue was originally privately pressed in an edition of 500 copies. This is a deluxe reissue of an "impossible to find" original. Privately pressed by Preston Phillipps and Pam Byrd, this record has been called the "ultimate private press vocal anthem" of bay area jazz. If you like John Heartsman, Aposento Alto, or Minority Band, don't miss a true killer record.The label head of Mad About Records on the reissue: "I was at a 'jazz bop' party in Brighton, the UK in the late 1980s and Giles Peterson played an amazing track that I asked him about from across the booth. I could barely hear what he said -- all I caught was the word 'Imani'. Too much time had passed but finally, my own label, Mad About Records, is proud to present this ultimate jazz private press holy grail fully licensed."
MIG 1163LP
PRICE: $30.00
CAT #: MIG 1163LP
AGITATION FREE Shibuya Nights: Live In Tokyo 2LP
"'... finest German Prog Rock, from year one, like we used to love, in modern shape: entwined melodic ornaments, dramatic breaks, intricate and elaborate, endless dynamic gains, electronic storms, spheric sounds, cosmic feelings... highly recommended, not only for 'Krautrock'-Lovers!' --Rocktimes. In 2007 three concerts were recorded in Shibuya O'West/Tokyo, finally mixed into this outstanding album. A more than 70-minutes time travel back to the 70's, filigree and majestic. A matchless mixture of spacy-psychedelic Krautrock and ethno-music. Agitation Free proves again on this album that they are one of the most important representatives of the so-called 'Berlin school' (next to Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze or Ash Ra Tempel."
PRICE: $14.00
TIBIA Polypola 12"
Man Band returns with its second release of 2019. Newcomer Tibia makes his first contribution to the label with Polypola, an outstanding five-track EP of otherworldly broken techno, rolling downtempo rhythms, and electronica hits for spiritual awakening.
PRICE: $23.00
Second outing from Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft in their MATstudio series. These records are intended to catalog some of the experiments, explorations, accidents, and fortuitous events that regularly take place at their Amsterdam studio. Each record features two compositions created from a collage of works.
PRICE: $23.00
VA 10 Years Of Monkeytown 2LP
Double LP version. Ten years, a hundred releases, and countless outstanding tracks: Monkeytown Records is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a compilation of new and exclusive productions by the artists that shaped the label in the past and will do so in the future. These artists represent electronic music in all its shades, from more experimental to dancefloor focused approaches. Monkeytown has always tried to combine both spheres simultaneously, never neglecting fun nor freethinking. The 12 tracks from the likes of Shed, Mouse on Mars, FJAAK, Redshape, Anstam, and many more showcase and celebrate the label's continuing mission: to explore new sounds and to seek out new bangers. Monkeytown was launched in 2009 by Modeselektor. Originally conceived as a means to release music by friends and Modeselektor's own records, it soon developed into much more. The label and its offshoot 50Weapons became key players in connecting the various strains of dance and bass music, the scenes of Berlin, London, and everyone affiliated to these. This compilation unites artist that stick with the label since the very beginning, like Siriusmo or Anstam, and newer family members like Catnapp or FJAAK. Over the years, some renowned producers found their way to Monkeytown, among them Shed and Redshape. These two of course provide the techno and house part of this collection, while Gajek's kraut-influenced electroacoustic piece or Alex Banks's blissful opening ambience show that it's not necessarily all about beats. There are a lot of beats though: Dark Sky and Robot Koch like them rolling and sweetly broken, Mouse on Mars smartly frenzied, and Modeselektor themselves contribute a multidimensional track in honor of the famous Roland Space Echo, the device which lent them their name. There's also a world premiere inhouse collaboration by Otto von Schirach and Catnapp, a weirdo match made in heaven. Next to releasing great records, the best thing a record label can achieve is to have a sound of its own. Monkeytown has long become a household name for everyone who loves electronic music. Also features Radarbird and Drumno.
BT 5002C-LP
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: BT 5002C-LP
PUSSY Pussy Plays (Color Vinyl) LP
"180 gram audiophile vinyl edition of this much sought after 1969 Pussy album. This repress is on cream vinyl. A real deal heavy psych classic!"
MOV 2327LP
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: MOV 2327LP
"Toots and the Maytals' Funky Kingston is a brilliant reggae album and suitable for both beginners as experienced listeners. The album was released twice and with so much success that it charted in the Billboard 200 and eventually made it to the Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The album consists of both original songs written by Frederick 'Toots' Hibbert as covers of songs by Ike Turner, Shep and the Limelites, and Richard Berry. It's an uplifting album with some sparkling reggae, soulful moments and rhythm and blues."
MOV 2417LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: MOV 2417LP
DREAD, MIKEY At The Control Dubwise LP
"Mikey Dread was a Jamaican singer who played an important role in the popularization of the reggae during the 1970s. At The Control Dubwise was created in the hallowed space of Channel One Studios and carries the classic status that a ton of music emerging from that recording space enjoyed. The sound quality is extraordinarily sharp and well mixed, and has everything moving along at a compelling pace. It's another bunch of classic Reggae tunes from the master himself. At The Control Dubwise is available as a limited edition of 1000 copies on transparent red coloured vinyl."
NM 024EP
PRICE: $28.50
CAT #: NM 024EP
A second double EP of Denis Kaznacheev on Nervmusic. Vocals by Lisokot on "BFR Express" and Lasha Chapel on "XX For Starman".
PRICE: $14.50
Nicolas Bougaïeff presents a four-track EP, On The Grid. This is the final instalment in a series of EPs inspired by Greg Egan's sci-fi novel Permutation City (1994). "Eden Configuration" combines a monolithic synth line with propulsive bass grooves. "Rip Tie Cut Toy Man" introduces a furtive synth melody tucked beneath rhythmic rumbles. The stripped-back title track "On The Grid" is a playful alternative to dark dystopia -- a fast and upbeat cut, reminiscent of '90s minimalism, delivered with punchy modern production. "Skyscraper Model" features a fluid acid line amidst reverberating warehouse beats, providing a sense of energetic resolution.
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: NNT 012LP
Nyege Nyege Tapes' revelatory first Singeli series culminates with a rush from scene bossman Mohamed Hamza Ally, aka Sisso, whose studio in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania is the epicenter of the world's most thrilling, punkish new dance style. Arriving after incendiary instalments in 2018 by Bamba Pana (NNT 008LP), Jay Mitta (NNT 010LP), and Duke (NNT 011LP), and the introductory Sounds of Sisso compilation in 2017 (NNT 005LP), the Mateso album pulls focus back to the scene's lynchpin with eight none-more-compelling cuts of breakneck loops and helter-skelter riffs on vinyl, supplemented by a tape with equally exhilarating bonus material awaiting quick clickers and dancers. The collected 16 tracks chronicle Sisso's work over the past four years, spanning a period after his informal studio in the sprawling ghettos of Dar-Es-Salaam grew from a small shack selling DVDs and MP3s, to come to catalyze countless new releases from local producers such as Bamba Pana, DJ Longo, and Balotelli, as well as a wave of new MC's, including Makavelli, Cad Reedah, Anti Virus, Dogo Muchi, Dogo Mjanja, Rehema Tajiri, and Yung Yuda. Sisso's productions epitomize Singeli's hyperlocal scenius, distilling the vitality and struggle of life of the fringes of the Swahili-speaking world's most populous city, into a unique music which seems to reflect the idea of keeping a cool head in frenetic situations. Between his ratchet rhythms and pitched-up melodies there's a sublime, unresolved tension at play, where the music feels to accelerate so fast that dancers are gliding, sustaining a breathlessly "up" effect that uncannily recalls mid '90s UK happy hardcore as much as Chicago footwork, Caribbean Soca, and Shangaan disco, yet with a psychotomimetic appeal all of its own. The tracks on Mateso are no doubt some of Singeli's most potently direct and crafty, circling from proper knees-up whirligigs to hyper, laser-riffing funk, ecstatic choral cut-ups, and hard but super-sweet steppers that will spark off any up-for-it dance the world over. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton. Pressed on emerald green vinyl.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: PEN 004EP
The Stone Tape EP is the fourth record in Session Victim's Pen & Paper series and sees Matthias Reiling's first solo outing for the imprint. Fellow Sorcerer Leafar Legov's coproduction and Erobique's enchanting melodica on "Tarot Nouveau" and "Ouija Dub" add more layers of depth and an extra set of black magic spells to the whole. On top of that, Italian beatsmith Broke One stuns everyone at Pen & Paper with his remix of "Vibrate", boosting the original with an intense rhythm section.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: PHS 064LP
SARABIA, CHELIQUE Revolucion "Electronica" en Musica Venezolana LP
LP version. Includes insert with liner notes by Chelique Sarabia. Pharaway Sounds present a reissue of Chelique Sarabia's Revolucion "Electronica" en Musica Venezolana, originally released in 1971. Ultimate space-age exotica trip from Venezuela. In the early '70s, well-known composer and arranger Chelique Sarabia (who penned the famous "Ansiedad" when he was just a kid) decided to register an album of traditional and folkloric songs from Venezuela but giving them a modern touch, using especially developed equipment (M.R.A.A.), based off of the principles of the Moog. Chelique, helped by a team of gifted musicians, employed traditional instruments like the cuatro and the bandola llanera, filtered these instruments through oscillators, playing with feedback, tape delay, synthesized frequencies, echoing sounds. The result was Revolución "Electrónica" en Música Venezolana, an album with a truly exotic, psychedelic, and ahead of its time sound. Originally, the album was sponsored by the Shell Company in Venezuela, given away to customers, employees, and friends of the company as a Christmas gift in 1973. It was titled 4 Fases del Cuatro - Música Venezolana desarrollada Electrónicamente por Chelique Sarabia (4 Phases of Four - Venezuelan Music Electronically Developed by Chelique Sarabia). Once the exclusivity period with the petrol company was over, Chelique did a commercial release, this time under the name of Revolución "Electrónica" en Música Venezolana (Electronic Revolution in Venezuelan Music). Thanks to this, Chelique and his team were considered electronic music pioneers in Latin America. Master tape sound. Includes insert with liner notes by Chelique Sarabia."In the past five decades, there have been many attempts at modernizing the vast folkloric tradition of Venezuela, but nobody has reached the level of depth that Chelique Sarabia did when he put his impeccable reputation as a composer and arranger at risk with this out-of-the-blue revolutionary musical manifesto in 1971. 47 years later, an album that remains ahead of its time." --Alex Figueira (Fumaça Preta)
PLE 65397EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: PLE 65397EP
PARKER, TERRENCE God Loves Detroit Remixes 12"
Planet E present the Michele Chiavarini and DJ Steve Crawford remixes of "Just Like Muzik" and "The Sabath" taken from Terrence Parker's 2017 album God Loves Detroit (PLE 65380CD/LP). For the first and last track of the EP Michele Chiavarini reworks "Just Like Muzik", with a bass lick which dances in-and-out of shuffling hats, channeling the high energy of the original house patterns and stabs into something different. DJ Steve Crawford's remix of "The Sabath" sees him transpose the arpeggiated synth rhythm and pads of the original into a fresh grooving 4/4 affair.
QV 015EP
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: QV 015EP
WOOD, THOMAS Quiet Storm EP 12"
After the first great success, finally Thomas Wood comes back to Quality Vibe Records. 180 gram vinyl; vinyl-only.
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: RGM 896LP
DEVIANTS, THE The Deviants #3 LP
"The Deviants were the closest thing the '60s British rock scene had to The Mothers of Invention, with a Stooges-like fondness for fuzz guitar freakouts thrown in. And playing the Frank Zappa role as lyricist, singer, and provocateur was Mick Farren, one of the most intriguing figures to emerge from the UK underground. Farren actually had a much longer and distinguished career as a writer than he did as a musician -- he penned a total of 23 novels and 11 works of non-fiction, all of them redolent of his unique sensibility (his 1976 article 'The Titanic Sails at Dawn' for New Musical Express predicted the rise of punk rock). And on the music side, he never did anything that wasn't extreme, collaborating with Lemmy of Hawkwind and Motörhead and Wayne Kramer of the MC5 among others residing on the cutting and bleeding edge of rock and roll. 1969's Deviants III was the third and last record he cut with his band The Deviants (the other members went on to form Pink Fairies); despite the strains in the band and Farren's later panning of its quality, it's regarded in some quarters as a masterpiece, capturing the dark side of the end of the '60s with such songs as "Billy the Monster" and "The People's Suite." Our reissue features the rare gatefold art that came out on the Sire label in the States, with a black and white "nun's habit" vinyl pressing limited to 1000 copies. Farren collapsed while playing on stage with a re-formed (but not reformed!) version of The Deviants in 2013 and died soon thereafter, a fitting way for the unrepentant radical to go. R.I.P. Mick Farren."
PRICE: $30.00
CAT #: RGM 906LP
"Klaus Nomi was a fixture in the late '70s NYC East Village performance art scene, but his big coming-out party was when he performed alongside David Bowie on Saturday Night Live in 1979. It wasn't easy to out-alien The Man Who Fell to Earth, but Nomi's demented harlequin act complete with plucked, Elsa Lanchester-like eyebrows, whiteface and widow's peak -- not to mention a pink poodle doll pal -- pulled it off (Nomi often claimed he was from outer space). That got Nomi signed to RCA, where he recorded two studio albums (and adopted the oversized plastic tux that Bowie wore when he sang 'The Man Who Sold the World' on SNL) before succumbing to AIDS in 1983 at the age of 39, one of the first celebrities to die from the disease. This is his 1981 debut record, generally regarded as his crowning achievement; it includes his signature 'The Nomi Song,' as well as just-plain-weird cover versions of Lou Christie's 'Lightning Strikes' and Chubby Checker's 'The Twist' that display the German countertenor's incredible vocal range and uncompromising artistic vision (with help from Nomi's original musical director Kristian Hoffman of the band Mumps). Throw in some startling performances of classical repertoire like Henry Purcell's 'The Cold Song' and Saint-Saëns' aria to Samson and Delilah and you have a record destined to crash and burn commercially but to live on in cult classic-dom forever. Real Gone Music's reissue features the original album art and inner sleeve; the vinyl comes in a black and white 'cabaret smoke' vinyl pressing limited to 1000 copies."
R 058LP
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: R 058LP
TWOMEY, ALEX The Entertainer LP
"The Entertainer is Alex Twomey's first album since 2012. Many have been waiting and finally, here we are! During the silence, Twomey's keyboard work has germinated into a more framed compositional structure, beaming with orchestral strings, woodwinds, and brass; eleven cinematic settings and bouncing refrains mark this LP. Alex describes the album as, 'vignettes alluding to a vague narrative regarding one's idea as an artist.' A somber beauty is penned. Alex previously recorded as Mirror To Mirror, and operated the record label Jugular Forest from 2004-2012. I first met him in 2010 during a large concert in Santa Cruz, CA. Alongside Twomey, myself, Kyle Parker (Infinite Body), Matthew Sullivan (Earn), Pedestrian Deposit, Mike Pollard, and Peter Friel performed that night. Alex's performance was a thick ocean of chords, a penetrating grace that I can still recall. Everyone has since bloomed from the ambient roots of that time in their own way. Alex has held onto utilizing the keyboard, albeit as a tool to build a larger musical world, a legend to the map. On this album the melodies dance as twinkling bulbs along a retired parade float. A dark comedy, a tragic smile, love found in the rough of it all. Twomey is currently studying composition at Occidental College in Los Angeles" --Sean McCann, April 2019. Edition of 250, includes signed postcard.
R 063LP
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: R 063LP
SAMSON & REBECCA SAMSON, MICHEL The Claviorganum & The Violin LP
"The Claviorganum & The Violin is the first published recording of Michel Samson since his unparalleled work with Albert Ayler's quintet in the late 1960s. Samson's violin playing has changed me with his great exuberance and ecstasy, all sliding through an interlocking sadness. Since I first began Recital, I have dreamt of contacting Michel to publish an album that gives reverence to his violin playing; seven years later, it has come to be. The collection on this LP holds numerous 17th century works of the Italian Baroque, performed by Samson and his wife, Rebecca. It showcases some of the earliest music composed for the violin as a featured soloist. Rebecca accompanies on a replica -- believed to be the only extant replica in the United States -- of the claviorganum, a rare and curious instrument that traces back to the 15th century. Comprised of both an organ and a harpsichord integrated into a single case, the claviorganum harkens to a time of experimentation and artistry of design. Michel's violin was made by Francesco Gobetti in 1718; its sound carries beautifully throughout the room. Samson worked as a dealer of rare and antique violins for many years, and has an ear for majestic craftsmanship. The style adopted by Italian composers during the baroque was one of heightened lyricism, emotion, and ornamentation, especially when voiced through the violin; it is no accident that Michel's unique approach to articulation and intonation speaks both to the present and the past. In these recordings one can hear the same joy dripping across the strings, as in his days with Ayler; it shows what beauty can be instilled inside someone. Rebecca's playing is exquisite, too, complementing each movement as they fold on. Please enjoy this special album" --Sean McCann (with contributions by Sarah Davachi), April 2019. Edition of 250, includes eight page insert with program notes and paintings by Michel Samson.
PRICE: $25.00
KUNGENS MAN Chef (Orange Vinyl) LP
Kungens Män from Stockholm, Sweden has been around as a musical unit since 2012. The roots as friends go way back though. Noises, impulses, fuck-ups, and improvised jams have been recorded since day one and some of them have been put out on record. This is the first one on Riot Season. While the previous album Fuzz På Svenska (2018) on the German label Adansonia Records was somewhat jazzy and pretty introverted, this new one Chef is more rock and to the point, but still in the exploring, heady way typical of Kungens Män. Oh, Chef doesn't have anything to do with cooking -- it means "boss" or "chief" in Swedish. The inspiration comes from the drone, the rattle of the loose screw, the circuit failure of the effects, the phat-ness of the Moog and from the very diverse wiring of a bunch of middle-aged Swedish freaks. Kungens Män never plan the next musical move -- it presents itself. Sometimes the costume sewn is really ugly, but somehow there's always room for the sublime as you turn it inside out. Chef is the most effective Kungens Män album yet. Four pieces, one LP. Four different moods, the Kungens Män sound distilled. Dive in, walk around, start over again. It never stops. Orange vinyl; Redesigned gloss orange sleeve with double sided insert and download code; Edition of 300.
RB 081EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: RB 081EP
KINK Piano Power 12"
With unmistakably titled Piano Power EP, the Bulgarian hit factory KiNK does what it does best: infectious melodies, moving bass, and gnarly acid lines as well as the ill beats around. "To Love U" is a freestyle jam with regular collaborator, vocalist Rachel Row. "I Remember" on the other hand, is presented here as a "303 Mix" that loses the classic house sample of the first version, in favor of the squelchy sound that DJ Pierre invented. "Raw" is the kind of happy-go-lucky piano-bazooka that invokes the spirit of Baltimore's production outfit Basement Boys in todays' pagan parties.
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: RBL 069CD
BOSWELL, SIMON Demons 2: Original Soundtrack CD
"Finally, Demons 2: Original Soundtrack is available. Definitive release of the iconic horror/gore movie directed by Lamberto Bava. Simon Boswell combines dark electronic prog grooves with violently smashing rock. The result is an epic musical score rich with analog synthesizers, guitars tense rhythms and Boswell's signature atmospheres. Welcome to the world of demons. Contains unreleased tracks and a remixed track by Motion Kapture. Special six panel digipack."
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: RBL 069LP
BOSWELL, SIMON Demons 2: Original Soundtrack LP
LP version. "Finally, Demons 2: Original Soundtrack is available. Definitive release of the iconic horror/gore movie directed by Lamberto Bava. Simon Boswell combines dark electronic prog grooves with violently smashing rock. The result is an epic musical score rich with analog synthesizers, guitars tense rhythms and Boswell's signature atmospheres. Welcome to the world of demons. Contains unreleased tracks and a remixed track by Motion Kapture. Special six panel digipack."
PRICE: $14.00
FAIRMONT Gazebo Remixes 12"
Exclusive remixes of classical Fairmont track "Gazebo" from ANNA, Patrice Bäumel, Moscoman, Jacques & Stefan Smith."I'm thrilled to say that the finished package is a set of very fresh and thoughtful reinterpretations with a wide range of styles. Each remix stands on its own and brings something completely unique to the table. I couldn't be happier." --Fairmont
PRICE: $15.00
"Well-known bluesman and one-time Oklahoman Bill Homans, known in the blues world as 'Watermelon Slim' and known by '70s rare psychedelic vinyl collectors as Merry Airbrakes found work as forklift driver, funeral officiator, small-time criminal, newspaper reporter, saw miller, and truck driver for industrial waste among others. In 1979, Slim and a friend came to Oklahoma and wound up in Pushmataha County, where he bought a piece of land and took up watermelon farming. That vocation didn't last, but the nickname he got doing it did. It was in Vietnam, while laid up by an extended illness at a Cam Ranh Bay hospital, that Homans negotiated in French the five-dollar purchase of his first guitar from a 'papasan' in a tiny commissary on the hospital grounds. 'It was the nastiest old guitar you ever saw, but it did have all six strings on it,' he said. There, with a Zippo lighter and a broken shard of a coffee can top, he began to teach himself to play his unique, backwards style of bottleneck slide. After returning stateside he would join the ranks of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), and in 1973 recorded with his brother and friends an LP titled Merry Airbrakes, a protest album he categorized as 'psychedelic folk.' A cut from that record eventually appeared on a Country Joe McDonald compilation of music by Vietnam veterans. However, his music career would soon tank. A brief career in petty crime ensued, which he would forsake by 1978. What is an underground album? Some people would say that it is one which has been produced outside, or in spite, of the music industry, whether or not it has prospered. This album, Merry Airbrakes, has incontrovertible underground credentials. This may be one of the only albums one can hear by a Vietnam veteran, and aside from certain American bluesmen, John Prine, and a literal handful of others, American music has never addressed the Vietnam War and its effects. Certainly it is the only place one can ever hear a song from the Vietnamese point of view."
PRICE: $20.00
LP version. "Well-known bluesman and one-time Oklahoman Bill Homans, known in the blues world as 'Watermelon Slim' and known by '70s rare psychedelic vinyl collectors as Merry Airbrakes found work as forklift driver, funeral officiator, small-time criminal, newspaper reporter, saw miller, and truck driver for industrial waste among others. In 1979, Slim and a friend came to Oklahoma and wound up in Pushmataha County, where he bought a piece of land and took up watermelon farming. That vocation didn't last, but the nickname he got doing it did. It was in Vietnam, while laid up by an extended illness at a Cam Ranh Bay hospital, that Homans negotiated in French the five-dollar purchase of his first guitar from a 'papasan' in a tiny commissary on the hospital grounds. 'It was the nastiest old guitar you ever saw, but it did have all six strings on it,' he said. There, with a Zippo lighter and a broken shard of a coffee can top, he began to teach himself to play his unique, backwards style of bottleneck slide. After returning stateside he would join the ranks of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), and in 1973 recorded with his brother and friends an LP titled Merry Airbrakes, a protest album he categorized as 'psychedelic folk.' A cut from that record eventually appeared on a Country Joe McDonald compilation of music by Vietnam veterans. However, his music career would soon tank. A brief career in petty crime ensued, which he would forsake by 1978. What is an underground album? Some people would say that it is one which has been produced outside, or in spite, of the music industry, whether or not it has prospered. This album, Merry Airbrakes, has incontrovertible underground credentials. This may be one of the only albums one can hear by a Vietnam veteran, and aside from certain American bluesmen, John Prine, and a literal handful of others, American music has never addressed the Vietnam War and its effects. Certainly it is the only place one can ever hear a song from the Vietnamese point of view."
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: SLP 053LP
PARKINSON, TIM Pleasure Island LP
Pleasure Island is British composer Tim Parkinson's disquieting and joyous Slip debut: play time in end times. Titled after the Disney adaptation of Paese dei balocchi (or the "Land of Toys") in Carlo Collodi's The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883), Pleasure Island is a metaphysical playground of organic and digital cohabitation, its inhabitants pacified by toys and comforts. Alongside Dawn Bothwell, Suze Whaites, Laurie Tompkins, and Francesca Fargion, Parkinson exerts an uncannily emotional pull from an unlikely but potent alliance of ultra-minimal aesthetics, dead-beat drums, junk electronics, and mechanized mantras. Voices are hemmed in by electronic sound. People buffeted around by machines. Words surrounded by garlands of digital interference. Time repackaged as countdown. Tim's trash-opera "Time With People" continues to be performed around the world, past champions of which include Object Collection,, Edges, and NEC, and he is a co-curator of London's longstanding "Music We'd Like To Hear" series. Despite decades of fiercely independent production, this is his only piece conceived of first and foremost as an album.
PRICE: $25.50
VOX DEI Jeremias Pies de Plomo LP
Sommor Records present a reissue of Jeremías, Pies de Plomo, the third album by Argentinean power-trio Vox Dei, originally released in 1972. Solid hard-rock/heavy blues with cool folky/acoustic touches, killer guitar leads and vocals. Formed in Buenos Aires in 1967, Vox Dei were one of the leading '70s rock band from Argentina. Originally born as a quartet, they soon mutated into a wild power-trio, with Ricardo Soulé on guitar, Willy Quiroga on bass, and Rubén Basoalto on drums. Jeremías, Pies de Plomo was released on the Disc Jockey label just after their legendary concept album The Bible (1971). Master tape sound. Includes poster.
SNDW 12036EP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: SNDW 12036EP
REBLES Sweetest Taboo (Soca) 12"
Soundway reissue the massively in-demand Soca cover-version of Sade's classic cut "Sweetest Taboo" by Caribbean band Rebles from 1986. In the late '80s, as electronic music permeated popular culture, Rebles helped define the soca genre outside of the Caribbean. Also known as D' Rebel's Band and led by St Vincentian band-leader and trombonist Denniston Young, the group were the 1980s house band for Caribbean label, Strakers Records, based in Brooklyn, New York. Strakers released hundreds of Calypso and Soca releases over a thirty year period from 1970 to 2000. This 12" paves the way for a Soca compilation on Soundway.
SNDW 12037EP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: SNDW 12037EP
Soundway Records presents the official vinyl release of George & Glen Miller's 1979 hit "Easing" -- encapsulating late '70s New York in its blend of disco, soul and Caribbean soca. Restored, remastered and cut loud for the dancefloor, the 12" single features the original vocal on the A-side and the essential instrumental on the flip. Soft, subtle keys and guitars are punctuated with layered trumpet and violin riffs, complimenting George's silken, restrained vocal. Frankie McIntosh's arrangement shines through with what might be his finest work, placing this track on the mantle with other New York classics of the time.
PRICE: $29.00
CHAPTERHOUSE Whirlpool: The Original Recordings LP
Repressed, originally released for RSD 2019. Space Age present the first issue of Whirlpool: The Original Recordings from Chapterhouse. This release consists of the original Whirlpool (1991) recordings from VHF Studios Rugby, Sawmills Cornwall, Stoneroom Studios London and Refuge in Reading. Featuring three extra tracks, including the never before released "Thrasher" and longer/alternate mixes of "Something More", "Rain", and "Guilt". Re-mastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studio especially for vinyl. 180 gram vinyl; sea blue vinyl.
SP 010LP
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: SP 010LP
2019 repress; transparent green vinyl. Flux is the 1981 debut solo outing of Robert Turman, an American multi-instrumentalist and avant-garde composer. Until recently, Turman was perhaps best known for his contributions to the ballistic NON project with Boyd Rice, as well as other obscured U.S. industrial acts such as Z.O. Voider. In the summer of 1981, Turman decided he would take a drastic turn from the noisy/electronic/industrial work of his compatriots, and began work on what is now the classic Flux cassette. Flux was originally self-released in extremely limited numbers. Weary of the noisescapes of old, he set out to create long-form minimalism utilizing kalimba, piano, "Mini-Pops Jr." drum machine, and tape loops to create a complex bed of interweaving micro-stasis. The results of these new experiments were as beautiful as they were perplexing. A curious, dusty fidelity carries these classic tracks across four sides of vinyl, including all of the original Flux content. These compositions glow with a sprawling, slow-motion haze that's light years ahead of its time. Flux reveals wide spectrums of sound from melancholic kalimba and percussion patterns to slowed-down, syrupy exotica. Turman had complex ideas in his mind, yet only the simple technologies of the day were at hand. Hear the click of the stopping and starting Tascam 3340 open-reel tape machine as one hand presses the "record" and "play" buttons and the other plays piano phrases. While there are similarities in style to classical minimalism, Turman's sound and vision is his own and is exclusive to his limited discography. Released in a limited edition 2xLP set. Lovingly remastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering from the original C-60 cassette master. Original cassette artwork and scans provided by Aaron Dilloway.
PRICE: $14.00
COSMIN TRG Romanian Deadlift/Exuberant Gambit/Mae Geri 12"
Sportiv 005 is Cosmin TRG going on the offense with a three-track tactical package. "Romanian Deadlift" celebrates the spirit of acclaimed Olympians with resolute, floor-shattering kickdrums and a superset of corrosive arps and leads. The tempo picks up with "Exuberant Gambit", a jungle-tekkno hybrid that flexes a rugged, mutant "Think" break under porous beats and an eerie aerobic melody. "Mae Geri" delivers the final forward thrust with abrasive percussion underlining a paranoid sequence reminiscent of '90s era NYC warehouse material.
PRICE: $33.00
LEW, BENJAMIN Le Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple Isole LP
"Benjamin Lew was an enlightened amateur, in the noble and almost Renaissance-like sense of the word: he dabbled with equal grace in photography, writing, visual arts ... and worked part-time as a cocktail mixer in a tropical bar which was one of the favorite watering holes of Brussels' thriving artistic community of the early '80s. Tuxedomoon had just moved to Brussels, and Steven Brown was among the many musicians, designers, and artists who patronized the bar. Benjamin had a secret passion: he wasn't a musician, but had acquired a small analog computer, with which he had started creating these strange mysterious little pieces. Benjamin played them to Steven and asked him if he'd agree to record with him. Steven was taken with them and accepted. The Douzième Journée was largely created in the studio by both protagonists, with the help of Gilles Martin and myself, in the spring of '82. Listening to his albums (he went on to record four more with Crammed) is like embarking on a dream journey to the Sahara or the Far East. You'd think that some of the pieces feature non-European musicians or samples but: no... this is just Benjamin's imagination, his synths, and his friends... " --Marc Hollander, Feb. 2019
PRICE: $14.00
MLIR Trans-World Junktion 12"
Exactly two years after their debut release landed on Studio Barnhus, MLiR are back with Trans-World Junktion, a summer-ready two-tracker that packs enough musical twists and turns to put your favorite quadruple 12-inch to shame. Half part wide-eyed exotica, half high-intensity festival blitzin' from this Swedish musical collective fronted by Marco Gegenheimer and Einar Christoffersson. Artwork by Stockholm's very own Leolyxxx.
GB 077LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: GB 077LP
LP version. 180 gram vinyl. Includes download code. Park Jiha's debut album Communion (GB 057CD/LP) -- released internationally by tak:til in 2018 -- drew well deserved attention to the young Korean instrumentalist/composer's vivid sound world. The widely acclaimed album graced 2018 critics lists at The Wire, Pop Matters, and the Guardian. Her new album Philos -- which she calls an evocation of her "love for time, space and sound" -- is every bit as inventive, elegant, and transcendent as her debut. While Park Jiha's music is often contextualized by its kinship with minimalism, ambient, and chamber jazz, her creative backbone is Korean traditional music. Jiha formally studied both its theory and practice and has mastered three of its most emblematic instruments: Piri (double reed bamboo flute), saenghwang (mouth organ), and yanggeum (hammered dulcimer). On Communion, Park Jiha wove these ancient instruments into an ensemble sound that included other musicians contributing on vibraphone, saxophone, bass clarinet, and percussion. The effect felt revelatory; it seemed to naturally evoke Jon Hassell's "Fourth World" ethos, morphing across time and tradition. Philos is both an extension of, and a swerve away from, her previous record. It shares its predecessor's patience and deeply resonant hypnotic effects. It similarly looks to the future, while continuing to converse with a rich instrumental language from the past. But the overall tone and intent feels much more interior and personal -- more rarefied. Whereas Communion featured the classic sound field of a group of musicians playing in a room, Philos trades that for more density and concentration. Each sound has been given the artist's full attention. In Greek, "Philos" is the plural for "philo" which can mean "love" or "the liking of a specified thing." The album's compositions include "Arrival", which slowly introduces every sound featured on the record. The gift of unexpected rain in the heat of midsummer is heard on "Thunder Shower". "Easy" is a poem written and recited by the Lebanese artist Dima El Sayed who visited Korea to participate in the Hwaeom Spiritual Music Ritual and was inspired by Park Jiha's work. The title track "Philos" was created by overlapping sounds and stretching time. "Walker: In Seoul" evokes the vivid soundscape of the city in which Jiha lives. "When I Think If Her" features the ghostly melodies of the yanggeum and saenghwang. Park Jiha reaches for a sturdy simplicity. A borderless connection between her life and her accomplished musical art.
TR 433LP
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: TR 433LP
ELVA Winter Sun LP
LP version. Elva is the new project of Allo, Darlin's Elizabeth Morris and Ola Innset, of the Norwegian bands Making Marks and Sunturns. Winter Sun was recorded in the Autumn of 2018 in an old school house in the Swedish forest, during moose hunting season. Meaning "The River" in Norwegian, Elva take their inspiration from the natural world, the beauty of the Scandinavian summer and the harshness of the winter. Several of the songs on the album are tellingly inspired by the birth of Elizabeth and Ola's daughter. Some might feel the album is sonically most similar to the Allo, Darlin' album Europe (2012), thanks in part to the lush string arrangements courtesy of long-time Allo, Darlin' collaborator Dan Mayfield on violin and cellist Ofelia Østrem Ossum. Michael Collins, who played drums in Allo, Darlin', recorded and produced the album, building on work he has done in recent years with artists like Metronomy and Girl Ray. Diego Ivars on bass and Jørgen Nordby on drums round out the band. The sonic palate of the record is detailed and delicate, with a mix of acoustic and distorted guitars, vintage keyboards, strings, and intricate vocal harmonies. Lyrically and melodically, the album showcases the depth of both Morris and Innset's songwriting. At times recalling the gentleness and screech of American indie bands like Yo La Tengo, at other times the country-tinged heartbreak of Linda Ronstadt or Laura Veirs, Winter Sun is something of its own: a rich combination of polar opposites. Summer and winter, Australia and Norway. Elizabeth says: "I really wanted to make an album that had a nice mix of really quiet and gentle songs, together with the louder feedback-y stuff. It was great to be able to share songwriting duties with Ola, as finding time to write is trickier these days with a baby in tow, so it really took the pressure off to write all the songs myself. It also gives the album another dimension, and I have always loved bands with two songwriters, like the Go-Betweens. Hopefully we bring out the best in each other's writing. But having less pressure on myself to write all the songs meant that the songs I could contribute felt worthy enough of having a place on the record."
TR 434LP
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CAT #: TR 434LP
LP version. "... Everything could have stayed the same, but you can rely on Levin Stadler to break with the norm. His Levin Goes Lightly project has earned a plethora of plaudits in recent times -- a cover of Iggy Pop's 'Nightclubbing' made it all the way to the master's headphones and straight onto the aforementioned's BBC radio show. Latterly, Trentemøller was curating a compilation (HFN 085CD/LP, 2018) and put in a request to include Levin's song '1989'. Levin Goes Lightly has thus transcended the barriers which usually stand between German pop music and a wider audience. Under normal circumstances, Nackt, the fourth album, might have been expected to continue along the same stylistic path, had Levin not felt the irresistible urge to step outside his comfort zone. In a live context, he has always worked with different musicians, Max Rieger (Die Nerven) among them. Since the last album GA PS, Levin Goes Lightly has developed from a solo project into a collaborative one. The songs on Nackt were crafted with the support of Thomas Zehnle (Wolf Mountains) and Paul Schwarz (Human Abfall). Shortly after the release of GA PS in 2017, this trio began taking regular trips to France, lodging in a remote country house to work on new ideas. Inspired by the strange rural setting, their songwriting sensibilities ventured into the unknown. The most obvious change saw Levin switch to exclusively German lyrics. He did not, however, follow their innate linguistic rhythm, instead choosing to play with ambiguities and irritations. In some places, the lyrics on Nackt echo flowery American metaphor, in others they lurch into the untempered brutality of early NDW (German New Wave) bands. On 'Stroboskop', Levin ultimately expresses his desire in a deep timbre reminiscent of Gabi Delgado (D.A.F.). Heavy vocals weigh down on a weirdly dreamy pop beat with subtle, deep bass. The music on Nackt still ploughs the melodious, psychedelic furrows of beautiful pop we have come to associate with Levin Goes Lightly. But urgent dissonances break through to the surface, engendered perhaps by the morbid depths of the crucible that is Stuttgart. Take the guitar sounds winding around 'Rote Lippen', reverberating with My Bloody Valentine-esque density. Or the hypnotic synthesizer on the title track, recalling Violator period Depeche Mode . . . Tangibility, concreteness slip through our grasp nevertheless: Levin Goes Lightly remains androgynous, a fascinating phenomenon betwixt the icy coolness of a Ziggy Stardust and the comforting intimacy of a time-honored crooner." --David Hutzel
TR 437LP
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CAT #: TR 437LP
GARRIE, NICK The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas 2LP
Double LP version. Tapete present a reissue of Nick Garrie's The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas, originally released in 1968. The Englishman recorded his folk-pop masterpiece in France at the tender age of nineteen. The year was 1968 and Garrie felt ill at ease with the lavish arrangements accompanying his songs. Worse still, the label owner committed suicide and the record virtually disappeared without trace -- until it resurfaced in 2005. Tapete's release includes numerous bonus tracks, rare photograph, and extensive liner notes."... The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas feels unmistakably English, and yet never ventures near the childlike tropes of British psychedelia, never hints at prog or flirts with the pastoral folk stylings coming out of the UK in the late 1960s. One very good reason for this oddness is that this album in fact came out of Paris as the result of one heroic act of cross-Channel cultural misunderstanding . . . the story of his debut LP sounds eerily poignant in today's age of European turmoil. It is the tale of a boy who grew up on both sides of the Channel, forever too French for Britain and too British for France, with roots that went back a lot farther still . . . His father's idée fixe meant that come his 18th birthday young Nick found himself in line for two years' service in the French army. Ten years prior to that, the British side of his upbringing had condemned him to the trauma of a Norwich boarding school . . . In his youth, Garrie's 'gods' were Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens and Georges Moustaki. No wonder The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas sounds and feels a lot more like the Tuileries than Hyde Park, more French Riviéra than Brighton pier. In fact the beaches of Saint Tropez were the place where these songs first found an audience when a still teenage Nick Garrie lived precariously on the run from the French army. Having produced some demos in Brussels (included in this collection, alongside a non-album single and one later demo) and renounced his French citizenship, Garrie passed an audition with Lucien Morisse, boss at the then predominant Parisian record label Disc'AZ . . . None other than the eminent Eddie Vartan was employed to give the young Englishman's songs a full orchestral makeover. Having finished his recordings with some 50-odd grumpy French studio hacks in just two weeks, Garrie eagerly awaited the album's release. But on the day before Stanislas was due to appear the news broke that Lucien Morisse had committed suicide. The unexpected death of the man who had signed him also meant the death knell for Garrie's record..." --Robert Rotifer
TR 439LP
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CAT #: TR 439LP
LP version. "A balmy autumn evening in London: I'm nestled in the crowd of a sold-out show at The Lexington to witness one of Louis Philippe's rare performances. The opening act, Friedrich Sunlight, hits the stage. Right from the first notes of the opening song, I listen spellbound. Catchy 'Ba-ba-bas' and unbelievable arrangements pull me and the others closer to the front: Who is that? I'm amazed but yet, can't understand a single word being sung: The singer, gifted with a soft, distinctive voice, sings everything in German. Later in the evening, I bump into him again. He's involved in a lively conversation with a distinguished gentleman. I step in, we introduce each other: His name is Kenji and he is telling Robert Forster of The Go-Betweens the story of his life, how he, a child of Japanese immigrants, moved from San Francisco to Germany. And finally, how he ended up in Augsburg to join like-minded musicians to make music influenced by sunshine pop of the '60s and British pop of the early '80s under the name Friedrich Sunlight . . . The following summer, I'm standing on the concrete roof of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. It's already early evening, but it's still brutally hot, and much to my surprise, I see Kenji again: Friedrich Sunlight is the opening act for The Zombies, which somehow suits the motto of this evening's event: "Goodbye UK -- and Thank You for the Music". After their two intoxicating performances, I get the chance to meet the other band members -- pianist Bernd, guitarist Florian, bassist Thomas, and drummer Marc. We talk about the recordings for their second album and about the new songs, including the Northern Soul-tinged 'Sag Es Erst Morgen', likely the first single, and 'Kleines Haus', a tune reminiscent of The Velvet Underground and a cheerfully sharp reckoning with Donald Trump . . . Months later I hear from Friedrich Sunlight, along with some sad news they send me an advance copy of their album: The energetic, string-laden opener 'Sag Es Erst Morgen' kicks off the LP of the same name, as well as eleven other highlights of contemporary pop music. The album, masterfully mixed in London by a friend of the band, Ian Button, immediately seems airier, pleasantly more accessible and more varied than the first album. Sunshine pop numbers ('Mit Dir') are followed by bossa nova-like pieces ('Fernweh') and '60s persiflages ('Radical And Chic'). The endless search for harmony, the polyphonic vocal arrangements and the band's very own lyrical world harken back to their debut. But whoever hasn't lifted off the ground by now, just listen to those horns on the second track: 'Was Will Man Noch Mehr'..." --Rikard Gustavson
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CURRENT 93 Invocations Of Almost LP
LP version, ivory vinyl. Current 93 have dreamt a new album, Invocations Of Almost, using music from her FuturePast and her PastFuture, to accompany David Tibet's art exhibition, Invocations Of Almost, which opens on March 9 at The Begovich Gallery in Fullerton, CA and lasts for around two months. The CD version is 59 minutes long, as it is launched on David's 59th birthday, March 5, whilst he is in LA for the official opening of his show. The music on Invocations Of Almost will be played on a continual loop in The Begovich Gallery whilst the exhibition is open.
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Restocked, last copies. Since upsetting the techno multiverse with Man With Potential, ex-Yellow Swan Pete Swanson has tirelessly continued his exploration of the form, quickly breaking it down and molding it in his image. Pro Style is the result of those experiments, and finds Swanson at his most explosive, with his archetypal searing synthesizer blasts directed over warehouse kicks worthy of the Downwards catalog. This is possibly Swanson's most technoid investigation to date, but any "mainstream" form is peppered with more than enough failure to put a smile on the faces of unconvinced Yellow Swans fans. Pro Style is far from Berlin's precise minimalism, instead taking a raw, hands-on direction that we haven't heard in the genre for many years. Whether you're in the club or in the basement, Swanson's pounding kicks and (surprisingly) booming basses should keep the apocalypse at bay, for now at least. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
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CAT #: UKY 012LP
OHBLIV Soulphonic LP
"Soulphonic means speaking from the soul, and that's what my sound is all about." --OhblivOhbliv is the alias of Richmond-based beatmaker and curator Bradford Caudle, also known as DarkTwaine. He draws inspiration from Madlib, and like-minded contemporaries/collaborators, Knxwledge and Ahnnu. Ohbliv released the first installment of his LewseJoints cassette series in 2012; it's said that most copies have been permanently lodged into the tape decks of hotboxed cars across America. 135 gram vinyl; Includes printed inner sleeve and download card; Edition of 300.
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Back in August of 2015, the legendary London grand seigneurs of improvisation pioneers, AMM (John Tilbury and Eddie Prevost) joined forces with Lebanese electro-acoustic-free-jazz outfit "A" Trio (Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoui, and Raed Yassin). Two generations of improvisers with a very differing approach to work, captured dancing slowly along a very thin line of fine-tuned, both, clear and crackling improvised sounds. Harsh at times with magic mellow moments of intense, fragile, broken noises. No overdubs, no use of electronics. Unjazz at times. Recorded by Andreas Pysiewicz at St. Elisabeth Kirche, Berlin on August 27th, 2015 in the context of Daad's Mikromusik Festival. Artwork and design by Mazen Kerbaj. Mixed by Fadi Tabbal at Tunefork Studios, Beirut. Produced in Lebanon by Al Maslakh and Unrock; Mastered by Peter Körfer at Ivory Tower. One-time pressing.
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CAT #: WOJ 002EP
WISTFUL OL' JUNKIES ALL STARS/LIP & COLORINA Tribute to Anthony Wayne Moore/Emirates of Ylaruam 12"
Second release of the label. Remixes by Anthony Nicholson, Ben "Como D" Cenac, and Mateo & Matos. 180 gram vinyl; edition of 200.
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