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Forced Exposure New Releases for the Week of 8/5/2019

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New music is due from DJ Vadim and Jman, Spectral Wound, and Bana Haffar, while old music is due from Placebo, Meredith Monk, and Marica Griffiths.

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AA 678LP
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: AA 678LP
MARLEY, BOB Legend in Dub LP
Not really a Bob Marley album, but rather a collection of his tracks played by non-Jamaicans at a studio in Long Island, New York (the not-legendary "Pro-Jam Studios").
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: FOX 006LP
REICH, STEVE Information, Transmission, Modulation and Noise LP
New York-born experimental composer and abstract keyboardist Steve Reich was an important pioneer of minimalism. After studying with jazz pianist Hall Overton, Reich learned composition at the Julliard School of Music and later at Mills College, a hotbed of experimental music situated at the foot of the Oakland Hills, east of San Francisco. He later began experimenting with audio tape as a music medium at the San Francisco Tape Music Center with important figures involved in early electronic music experimentation, including Morton Subotnick, Pauline Oliveros, Ramon Sender, and Phil Lesh (bassist of the Grateful Dead) and more importantly with Terry Riley. Reich subsequently composed a number of film soundtracks and in 1967 collaborated with Oliveros and Richard Maxfield for the release New Sounds In Electronic Music. Phased patterns, sonic loops and electronic percussion were focal points from the mid-60s onwards. Information, Transmission, Modulation and Noise is an astounding release, though many reviews repeat inaccurate information about the recordings featured on it. The music was first broadcast to the world in the early hours of November 6, 1970 on KPFA in Berkeley, California, when Reich and woodwind wizard/percussionist Jon Gibson made an unscheduled appearance at the studio, armed with a number of recent recordings. The first to air was a masterful version of Reich's "Four Organs", taken from a performance given at the Guggenheim in New York in May 1970, featuring regular collaborators Philip Glass, Art Murphy, and Steve Chambers on combative organs, along with Reich, plus Gibson on non-stop maracas; it is strongly contrasted by the raw, mesmerizing power of a percussive piece recorded in Ghana in the summer of 1970, made with members of the Ghana Dance Ensemble playing traditional Ewe instruments; according to Reich's introduction during the broadcast, the piece is called "Gahu", featuring master drummer Gideon Alewoye on the large agboba drum, dancer Freeman Dongo on the smaller kidi, dancer Thomas Annan on the even smaller kagan, and Reich and Steve Scott on axatse rattles, along with an unidentified player on a gonkogwe or gungong bell. On the B-side of the disc, Reich presents an equally mesmerizing rendition of Glass' "Music In Similar Motion", recorded at the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis in May 1970, featuring Glass, Steve Chambers and Art Murphy on organ, Gibson and Richard Landry on soprano saxophones, Beverly Lauridsen on amplified cello, and Reich on an electric harpsichord.
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: FOX 007LP
EVANS, BILL Conversations With Myself LP
Alternative Fox presents a reissue of Bill Evans's Conversations With Myself, originally released in 1963. The inventive and expressive pianist Bill Evans made significant and lasting impact in the jazz realm during a career that stretched from the late 1950s to the late 1970s. Born in Plainfield, New Jersey in 1929, his father's alcoholism caused a disrupted childhood, though his musical talent was spotted early, leading to a scholarship at the Southeastern Louisiana University and the Mannes School of Music, where he majored in composition. Moving to New York in the mid-50s to work with George Russell, Evans's breakthrough came via his membership of Miles Davis's sextet, where his intense and melodic playing helped make Kind of Blue (1959) an outstanding landmark, during a time when he was also contributing to Chet Baker's self-titled LP. Evans formed a popular trio with Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian, which was cut short after LaFaro tragically died in a car crash, leading to the creation of a new trio with Chuck Israels. Then, following collaborative albums with Cannonball Adderley, Eric Dolphy, Shelly Mann, Jim Hall, and others, Evans recorded the concept album Conversations With Myself for Verve Records. Produced in a permissive atmosphere with Creed Taylor and engineer Ray Hall in February 1963 and subtitled A Searching Look into the Genius of Bill Evans, the album features a multi-tracked Evans playing only with himself on piano, with each track featuring an improvised second and third piano line, overdubbed atop what Evans laid down first. Reconstructed renditions of Thelonious Monk's "'Round About Midnight" and "Blue Monk" give way to "Theme From Spartacus" and Evans' own "NYC's No Lark"; this edition features two bonus tracks, the first a re-organized take of Monk's "Bemsha Swing", the second a rendition of the Broadway show tune, "A Sleepin' Bee".
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: FOX 008LP
AYLER, ALBERT Recorded in Stockholm, October 25th, 1962 2LP
Saxophonist Albert Ayler's work straddled various streams of the jazz idiom. Nearly 50 years after his tragically early death (his drowning in the East River most likely the result of suicide), critics, fans, and detractors are still arguing over whether Ayler can be considered a true "free jazz" player or whether his unorthodox style transcended or complimented the moniker. In any case, he was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1936, the son a semi-professional saxophonist who tutored him early on alto sax and exposed him to swing and bebop, along with the church music that was a big part of his upbringing. After studying at the Cleveland Academy of Music with jazz saxophonist Benny Miller, Ayler became known as "Little Bird" after Charlie Parker, for his mastery of bebop. As a teenager, he was already playing tenor saxophone in Little Walter's blues band during school holidays, and when he joined the US Army in 1958, Ayler began playing with fellow GIs such as tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine and the experimental composer, poet and keyboardist Harold Budd; he permanently switched from alto to tenor in this phase. Upon leaving the Army, Ayler sought work in Los Angeles and Cleveland, but found resistance from the purists for his continual pushing of boundaries. Relocating to Sweden in 1962 was the bridge to a successful recording and performing career as he led various Swedish and Danish groups on radio sessions, playing in an informal and uncredited capacity in Cecil Taylor's band in late 1962. The Albert Ayler Trio then consisted of Ayler, bassist Torbjörn Hultcrantz, and drummer Sune Spångberg; four dissonant songs from their live performance on October 24, 1962 would be issued on the Bird Notes label in Sweden as Something Different!!!!!! and reissued overseas as the first edition of The First Recordings; it included a barely-recognizable rendition of showtune "I'll Remember April", an off-kilter take of Sonny Rollins's "The Stopper" retitled "Rollins' Tune", and a wobbly cut of Miles Davis's "Tune Up", along with the original "Free". The exceedingly rare The First Recordings, Vol. 2 was also issued on Bird Notes -- at least in test pressings with photos of Ayler glued to the cover -- comprised of three extended meditations of discord, namely blown mutations of showtunes "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise" and "I Didn't Know What Time It Was", along with a growling cut of Count Basie's "Good Bait".
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: FOX 009LP
Alternative Fox present a reissue of Otis Redding's Pain In My Heart, originally released in 1964. Soul icon Otis Redding made immeasurable contributions to the form. As a singer-songwriter, producer, arranger, and talent scout, Redding was responsible for some of the music's biggest and most lasting hits during the 1960s, though his death in an airplane crash in 1967 brought his life and career to a tragically premature end. After singing in the high school band, he performed weekly gospel songs on radio station WIBB, winning local talent contests after being inspired by Little Richard and Sam Cooke. Since his father became ill with tuberculosis, Redding began supporting the family at the age of 15, working as a gas station attendant, a digger of water wells, and occasionally by playing piano with pianist Gladys Williams at the Hillview Springs Social Club. Then, in 1958, Redding had a repeat prize run at a talent contest held by broadcaster Hamp Swain, bringing him first into a group called Pat T Cake and the Mighty Panthers, and later into Little Richard's band (during a time when Richard switched rock and roll for gospel). Moving to Los Angeles in late 1960, debut single "She's All Right" was issued on the Trans World label (a subsidiary of Al Kavelin's Lute Records), credited to The Shooters featuring Otis; following the birth of their first child and his subsequent marriage to Zelma Atwood, Redding recorded the popular "Shout Bamalam" for Macon's Confederate Records. Redding cut the movingly emotive "These Arms Of Mine" at Stax studios in Memphis in 1962, backed by Booker T and the MGs, which surfaced on the subsidiary Volt label in October, reaching the charts some six months later. Subsequent singles "What My Heart Needs" and "Pain In My Heart/Something Is Worrying Me", recorded in September 1963, formed the bulk of debut album, Pain In My Heart, which was padded out by standard cover tunes of songs such as "I Need Your Lovin'", Ben E King's "Stand By Me" and Little Richard's "Lucille". The album, which surfaced at the start of 1964, reached the top 20 of the US R&B chart and also hit the Billboard Hot 100; this edition has an alternate track listing that includes the Trans World debut single tracks "She's All Right" and "Getting' Hip", as well as "Mary Had A Little Lamb", the B-side to "That's What My Heart Needs". Remastered; 45rpm.
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: FOX 010LP
Alternative Fox present a reissue of Piero Umiliani and Chet Baker's original soundtrack for Smog, originally released in 1962. As noted for the label's Il Paradiso Dell'uomo (FOX 001LP) soundtrack release, Italian film composer Piero Umiliani was responsible for over 200 original motion picture soundtracks during his long and varied career, creating 35 television theme songs and 40 music library albums. Born in Florence in 1926, he began to receive international recognition in 1958 for his work on the soundtrack of the comedic crime film I Soliti Ignoti (also known as Persons Unknown, Le Pigeon or Big Deal on Madonna Street, depending on the territory), which featured the contribution of jazz trumpeter and actor Chet Baker, an alumnus of Stan Getz, Charlie Parker, and Gerry Mulligan's bands that enjoyed a successful solo career, both in the US and in Europe, despite longstanding issues with heroin addiction. In 1961, Umiliani and Baker joined forces again for the soundtrack of the film Smog, a complicated courtroom drama about an Italian lawyer's travels to Los Angeles, which resulted in all manner of unexpected escapades. Baker features prominently on the moody theme song, the unexpected swing of "Thinkin' Blues", the terse melody of the aptly-titled "Tension", the lingering moodiness of "Alone In A Crowd" and the intense edginess of "Twilight At Los Angeles"; Helen Merrill contributes an alternate reading of the theme song in vocal form and a sultry number called "Dawn". The remainder is pure Umiliani, mostly in the form of heavily-orchestrated big-band jazz, fitting music for a silver-screen venture.
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: BAL 025CD
CATTANEO, HERNAN Balance Presents Sunsetstrip 2CD
Balance presents Sunsetstrip is the next plateau of concept mixes. Featuring 33 tracks by established, and new producers, such as DAVI, Khen, Brian Cid, Navar, CID Inc., and more, plus a host of exclusive original collaborations, where you'll transverse multiple genres and tempos, all under the steady hands by one of the most highly regarded DJ in the industry today. Lovingly referred to as "El Maestro" by his legions of adoring fans, Hernan Cattaneo has, over the last 30 years, carved a career that eclipses all others. Fascinated by the synth-pop and post punk of the '80s, Hernan quickly discovered the futuristic sounds of dance music coming from Detroit and Chicago. Completely consumed by his new-found love, he progressed naturally to DJing. It was his life-changing residency at the epicenter of Argentinian club culture, Clubland in Buenos Aires, that he was catapulted into the global sphere by long-time friend, Paul Oakenfold. Over the years, his forays into the CD compilation market has enthralled, excited, and energized his fans. From those tentative first steps with Perfecto, through to the golden years of progressive with Renaissance, and then onto his groundbreaking Balance mixes, Hernan has always brought more than just a selection of upfront tracks, and his silky mixing skills. In his own words, Sunsetstrip represents a continuation of his legacy, by marrying his all-encompassing love of the music with his strong work ethic. From the opening bars of Darpan's "Blessing", you are treated to Hernan in wistful reflection. Painting the perfect sonic tapestry, richly musical nuggets dovetail with consummate ease as El Maestro teases every last drop of emotion from each track. Soon, a malaise of joyous energy hypnotizes you, as you travel with the soulful journeyman into the deepest realms of his imaginations. Disc two sees Hernan in cruise control -- the more familiar side of his DJing. The opening double from Mike Griego setting the scene well, as rubbery bass, and lightly tribal percussions whisk you off to wonderland. Easily shifting through the gears, things really get going midway as the sun sets and the music takes on a different meaning. Also features Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile, Mariano Mellino, Interaxxis, Landhouse & Raddantze, Iorie, Kymatik, Juan Hansen, Kevin Di Serna & Guhus, Graziano Raffa, Orsen, Bachir Salloum & Memory, Antrim, Mercurio, Anita Alvarez de Toledo, Paula Os, Subandrio, Black 8, Nick Varon, Marcelo Vasami, Ezequiel Arias, Sentre, Collé, and EANP. Double-CD download link includes MP3 individual tracks, MP3 mixes, photos & mini-movie.
BEWITH 004-7
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: BEWITH 004-7
CHILTON, ALEX It Isn't Always That Easy 7"
Two of Alex Chilton's staggeringly beautiful demos, on vinyl for the first time. "It Isn't Always That Easy" and "If You Would Marry Me" both sound like templates for some of Alex's best-known Big Star numbers. These demos come from the transitional recording sessions he made with Terry Manning at the Ardent Studio in 1969, but were missing from the vinyl version of the wonderful Free Again compilation that was released in 2012.
PRICE: $36.50
Be With Records present a reissue of Sweet And Nice, the vital debut album from Jamaica's undisputed first lady of song Marica Griffiths, originally released in 1974. It's reggae at its most soulful. Slinking through a tight ten tracks of R&B and pop-sourced material, it became an instant best seller. Sweet And Nice has appeared over the years with a revised running order and under different titles. But the original's opening sequence of loping soul is legendary, even beyond reggae circles. These songs are now returned to how they were presented on that first Jamaican release, and under their intended album title. Be With doesn't mess with magic. Marcia's version of "Here I Am (Come and Take Me)" has long been lusted after, played by genre-hopping selectors to snapping necks for decades now. It's followed by the sophisticated, rollicking wah-wah funk of "Everything I Own" and the slice of smooth lovers soul par excellence that is "Green Grasshopper" and her ace, lilting Neil Diamond cover "Play Me". The thundering, humid funk of "Children At Play" "sounds uncannily like a precursor of Massive Attack", as FACT Mag astutely noted when they put Sweet And Nice at number 16 in their list of the 100 best albums of the 1970s. Otherworldly, moody, and essential. Side two keeps the fire burning. "Sweet, Bitter Love" should leave you swooning, and is also one of the album's alternate titles. Curtis Mayfield's already-eternal "Gypsy Man" follows, recast as proto-lovers rock. "There's No Me Without You" is elevated to canonical status by the majestic, forlorn horns of the Federal Soul Givers and Marcia's heartbreaking delivery. And if this doesn't get you then surely the next track will: arguably the definitive version of Ewan MacColl's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". "I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" re-takes its rightful place at the end of the LP's second side... but Be With Records added an entire second record of rare material recorded around the same time as Sweet And Nice, much of it unavailable since it was originally released. Amongst these 14 extra tracks you'll find the exquisite late-60s singles "Melody Life" and "Mark My Word" which, along with the sumptuous reading of "Band Of Gold". All material is remastered. 140 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $20.00
PARIS, HUGO R.A. Threaded Habitat LP
Beacon Sound and Jacktone Records announce a limited-edition joint vinyl release by Hugo RA Paris entitled Threaded Habitat. The new LP from Paris follows two of Jacktone's most popular releases: Mystique Youth (2015) and Horizons Beneath The Surface (2016), which appeared under his alias, Lavender. The transition to the Hugo RA Paris moniker with this album marks a more personal shift in approach. Threaded Habitat combines ambient textures and techno rhythms to reflect tension between humanity and nature -- particularly the cyclical nature of collapse and renewal. It also marks Beacon Sound's first collaborative release with Jacktone, a Detroit and Berlin-based label co-owned by Darren Cutlip and Doc Sleep, specializing in techno, house, ambient, and experimental electronics. Paris resides in Portland and developed the flagship modular product for leading Eurorack manufacturer 4MS: the SWN. The album's closing track was entirely composed on a SWN prototype and recorded in one take. In fact, much of his work is done in layers of single takes with minimal processing to preserve its raw emotion and embrace minor imperfections. As an MIT-trained engineer and physicist, working with hardware -- from modulars to guitar pedals and tape loops -- is essential to his process of not only making but exploring sound. Threaded Habitat captures moments of claustrophobia and bliss in seven tracks and three accompanying videos directed by New Zealand artist Sam Hamilton. Visual art plays a central role in many of Paris's projects, which include intricate audio-visual performances and scores for full-length films like The Modern Jungle (La Selva Negra) and its forthcoming follow-up. Handmade vinyl package. Lacquer cut and mastering by Dietrich Schoenemann. Includes download code; Edition of 300.
BCM 9583CD
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: BCM 9583CD
PICCIONI, PIERO L'Italia Vista Dal Cielo CD
Beat Records presents for the first time on CD the complete edition of the soundtrack by Piero Piccioni for L'Italia Vista Dal Cielo, a series of fourteen documentaries directed by Folco Quilici from 1966 to 1978, all commissioned, sponsored, and produced by Italian Esso with the aim of portraying the scenic, artistic and architectural beauties of each region of Italy with aerial shots taken by helicopter. The most prestigious theaters were chosen in the capitals of the interested regions, such as the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, the Teatro Argentina in Rome, the Teatro Nuovo in Milan, the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, the Petruzzelli Theater in Bari and the Municipal Theater in Bologna, screened in the presence of political, civil, cultural, and religious representatives. The films were also shown in schools and universities and in the main cities of each region, eventually also disseminated abroad with English, French, German, and Spanish versions. Numerous screenings were organized together with the Italian embassies and institutes of culture through an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The films were put on display at fairs, Italian festivals, and other events. Presented here are the beautiful scores by Piccioni for the L'Italia Vista Dal Cielo episodes "Emilia," "Marche", and "Sicilia" in their entirety, assembled from the stereo master tapes of the original recording sessions. Previously, only one mono track called "Primavera" was issued on a C.A.M. library LP. For the regions "Emilia" and "Marche," Piccioni composed a score that is a true hymn to the joy of living. The main titles theme ("Primavera") provides the background for the aerial shots of colorful balloons flying in the background of a blue sky with green landscapes below, a perfect marriage of music and image. The pleasing motif is performed by a symphonic orchestra with beat arrangements. Piero Piccioni reprises this main theme with many wonderful versions, including Latin American, beat, sacred, cheerful, sad, slow, fast, etc., each allowing the listener to realize the greatness of this musician. For the "Sicily" region, Piero Piccioni wrote pastoral passages of rare beauty with sparse instrumentation including organ, guitar, flute, and oboe. This CD represents another wonderful addition to the ever-growing discography of Piccioni. Jewel case with a 12-page booklet designed by Alessio Iannuzzi. Mastering and liner notes by Claudio Fuiano.
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: CFS 003CD
ORTOLANI, RIZ Un Caso Di Coscienza -- Non Commettere Atti Impuri CD
Beat Records release for the first time on CD -- complete and in stereo -- the scores by Riz Ortolani for the comedy movies Un Caso Di Coscienza, directed in 1970 by Giovanni Grimaldi, and Non Commettere Atti Impuri, directed in 1971 by Guilio Petroni. For Un Caso Di Coscienza, Ortolani composed a wild shake theme that is introduced in the opening titles in a vocal version (with lyrics by the actor Fiorenzo Fiorentini and orchestra conducted by Natale Massara) performed by Il Supergruppo. This beat motif is revisited throughout the film in different versions and for the party scene in the Baron Favara palace. Ortolani composed other motifs for a magical and mysterious theme with ancient flavor for flutes and guitar, another danceable shake, an evocative piece with solo organ for the mass scene, and atmospheric lounge music for romantic or dining sequences. Beat Records used everything that was recorded in stereo during the recording session, stored in the private archives of the Ortolani family. The cue sheets indicate that track 12 was considered for a single that was never released, but in 1970 the song featured in the opening titles was officially released on Ricordi LP with the title Il Supergruppo, formed by members of other bands known in the '60s: Victor Sogliani of Equipe 84, Mino Di Martino of Giganti, Gianni Dall'Aglio of Iribelli, Petruccio Montalbetti of Dik Dik, and Ricky Gianco who supervised the production of the 33rpm. There is also a promotional white-label single featuring the song (same piece on both sides). For Non Commettere Atti Impuri, Ortolani composed a brilliant soundtrack that opens with a lively, beat-flavored main theme introduced in "Titoli Di Testa" and reprised as a shake. For the tender love story between the boy and girl, Ortolani composed a delicate motif with several variations, an agitated theme for psychedelic organ and percussion, religious music for organ and organ with Gregorian chant, and sensual music for the scenes with Barbara Bouchet, The main theme is reprised in the finale with rock guitar and brass, the middle portion featuring drums in a shake tempo with Gregorian chant. The material from Non Commettere Atti Impuri comes from the stereo master recordings stored in Beat Records' archives. Co-produced by Claudio Fuiano for CFSoundtracks and Daniele De Gemini for Beat Records. Mastering by Claudio Fuiano and Enrico De Gemini.
BT 049LP
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: BT 049LP
Black Truffle announce the release of this genuine head-scratcher, the first collaboration between DJ/mixtape-compiler Kayo Makino and underground legend Tori Kudo. Originally created to be played between acts at the launch of Eiko Ishibashi's acclaimed The Dreams My Bones Dream (2018) and then reworked and refined for LP release, the two side-long pieces are sonic environments constructed by Makino for Kudo's piano to inhabit, or, as the LP's credits suggest, a "cinéma pour l'oreille" in which Kudo's piano plays the starring role. Beginning with a soothing field recording of crickets dramatically punctuated by smashing glass, the first side finds Kudo playing his way repeatedly through one of Satie's 1897 Pièces froides. Best known to many listeners for his role as leader of the ecstatically shambolic rock unit Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Kudo's performance of Satie's whimsical yet haunting melody is alternately halting and fluid, delighting in the hesitations of unstudied technique and the subtle variations between repeated attempts. While the combination of Kudo's piano and the background of crickets initially suggests a documentary approach to recording -- as if the you are simply hearing incidental sounds creeping through an open window -- things take an unexpected turn a few minutes in when Kudo's piano is suddenly doubled. Layering two separate attempts at the same piece of top of each other, Makino's unorthodox mixing blurs Satie's original into a fog of stumbling echoes that becomes increasingly dreamlike as the chirping crickets are overtaken by pattering rain, German dialogue and traffic sounds. The second side begins in a similarly inscrutable vein, with snatches of birds and film music providing a gentle backdrop for Kudo's improvisational variations on a chord progression that, as his performance builds over its twenty-minute duration, somehow begins to suggest the sadly swaggering grandeur of Mick Taylor-era Rolling Stones. Makino accompanies and eventually overwhelms Kudo's piano with a bizarre layer of digitally processed voice and drums, stretched out into a disorienting haze before suddenly retreating to leave Kudo's piano accompanied only by a barking dog. Seemingly unrelated to anything else being produced in the world of contemporary music, this is a striking collaboration between two unique musical personalities that bridges the mundane and the surreal, opening up a dream-space both haunted and hospitable. Cover design by Lasse Marhaug. Mastered by Jim O'Rourke at Steamroom, Japan. Vinyl cut by Rashed Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: BPX 002EP
ALLIEN, ELLEN Alientronic Rmxs 1 12"
Ellen Allien brings in a stellar line-up of artists to put their own spin on tracks from her latest album Alientronic (BPX 001CD/LP) for the first of several remix packages. Terence Fixmer and Introversion remix "Love Distortion": Terence rocks out with a gnarly guitar riff and extra bold percussion, while Introversion injects a murky feel to his rework, adding a trance-inspired element. Regal drops an "XTC Remix" of "Electronic Joy" with high-octane percussion and an enchanting retro feel. Lastly, there's a special edit of "Love Distortion" which offers a more restrained version of the killer original.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: BYG 312LP
2019 repress. 12th volume in the BYG Actuel series; 180 gram vinyl. "Super-session recorded in Paris on August 17, 1969. Alan Silva collected here many of the top free jazz players of the time, an incredible 11-piece ensemble featuring, among others, Grachan Moncur III, Archie Shepp, Anthony Braxton, Dave Burrell, Leroy Jenkins, and Malachi Favors. As a result, this is a very free record and a historical document of Pan-African high art music. Two tracks."
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: BYG 323LP
2019 repress. 23rd volume in the BYG Actuel series; gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl. "This album was recorded in Paris on August 18, 1969 by Clifford Thornton (cornet and conga drums) with Grachan Moncur III (trombone), Archie Shepp (soprano saxophone), Arthur Jones (alto saxophone), Dave Burrell (piano), Sunny Murray (drums), Beb Guerin (bass), Earl Freeman (bass) and Claude Delcloo (drums)." "'Clifford Thornton was a player and a composer whose obscurity was offset by the high esteem in which he was held by his fellow musicians... like Shepp, Thornton was actively involved in advancing the ideology of the black nationalist movement... and all of his recordings are intense and important about those matters that were close to his heart -- liberation, communication and unity." -- Thurston Moore and Byron Coley.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: BYG 328LP
Repressed; 28th volume in the BYG Actuel series; gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl. "Originally recorded at Studio Davout in Paris on August 12th, 1969... the Art Ensemble Of Chicago stands out as one of the most influential and long-lasting avant-garde and free jazz bands of all time. 4 tracks."
PRICE: $18.00
French electro-pop band Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra presents Hayao's Garden, their new EP, which closes the triptych of the two previous albums. This is an imaginary road trip in agreement with the previous records, keeping the usual groove-to-psychedelic flights while maintaining the melancholic melodies dear to the Kimonos. The beginnings of this EP are also based on remarkable encounters, especially with Gregory (Point G), the spiritual guide who pushes this introspective work, and then many more crusaders on the way. It is also the meeting of four musicians, who knew each other for a long time and waited for the right moment to regroup, forming Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra. Rich with melodies close to the variety and music of '80s French movies, and Japanese funk, this opus is romantic and delicate. There is a desire to be naive, light, and free at the same time, to be caught by the movement of clouds in the sky. Features Moodoïd.
PRICE: $19.50
Mark Du Mosch and Eliott Litrowski. This is the new association that makes up Cracki Records' Vâhana #2. This unique alliance perfectly represents what Cracki Records wishes to create and transmit with its project Vâhana, i.e. the meeting between an established artist and an artist in the making. On the one hand, the experienced Dutch producer, respected by the entire electronic scene thanks to his raw and emotional work. In the imagery of Cracki Records, he would be the equivalent of the Indian god Ganesh, a huge elephant symbol of intelligence and power, who came to illuminate the minds of all with his extensive knowledge. At his side is Eliott Litrowski, the young French revelation living in Copenhagen with mad energy and boundless creative ambitions. At the head of his own label Fuego International, he also recently released Smock Machine, the latest release on David Vunk's label Moustache Records. Eliott here represents the "Vâhana" of the god Ganesh, i.e. his mount, which is represented in Indian Mythology by a malicious and stirring little mouse. Thanks to his help, the imposing Ganesh can finally get everywhere and solve all the problems. For this Vâhana #2, elephant Mark and mouse Eliott join forces and offer us a two-part adventure. Eliott opens the ball with "Fistebar", and sends us to distant horizons, with a gentle introduction dressed in cosmic arpeggiators. "Hello Wave" then takes you aboard a spaceship for a wild and rich race in suspense, before moving on to the song "Peace Zone". Contrary to what its name suggests, this excited title is a real intersidereal war zone where lasers are flying. The second part, directed by Mark du Mosch, brings you back to Earth. The inspirations on this side originate below the Earth's surface, in the heat of the planet's liquid core. "Liquo & Patchou" offers us an introduction in the form of romantic and dreamy poetry, before "Stormwatch", a raw and rough piece, symbolizes the explosion of the EP's outlet. This second side finally ends with "P2 Lush Dub", a vaporous and mysterious outro, closing this record by already letting you dream of the next one.
D 20002CD
PRICE: $10.00
CAT #: D 20002CD
VA Masterpieces Of Jazz 2CD
36 classics and great namedropping on a double-CD set. The stylistic origins of jazz are blues, ragtime, spirituals, folk, marches, classical, music of West Africa, and the cultural origin was in the late 19th century, Southern United States. Typical instruments include piano, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, keyboards, double bass, drums, guitar, vocals. Known subgenres: avant-garde, jazz, bebop, big band, chamber jazz, cool jazz, free jazz, gypsy jazz, hard bop, Latin jazz, mainstream jazz, modal jazz, M-Base, neo-bop, post-bop, progressive jazz, soul jazz, swing, third stream, and traditional jazz. This double-CD collection features: Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Harry James, Tommy Dorsey, Chick Webb, Count Basie, Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Jimmie Lunceford, Jimmy Dorsey, Earl Hines, Charlie Barnet, Les Brown, Cab Calloway, Nat King Cole & George Shearing, Louis Prima, Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck, Woody Herman, Chris Barber, Dorsey Bros Orch., Humphrey Lyttelton, The Nat King Cole Trio, Thelonious Monk, Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers, and Miles Davis.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: ELP 043LP
Following Not Waving's stellar recent recordings with Jim O'Rourke, Colin Potter, and Jay Glass Dubs, Downwelling finds him in a striking Pas de deux with alt. rock god Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, QOTSA). It's one of those rare link-ups that truly transcends the sum of its parts, with Not Waving's rolling range of nuanced electronics acting as backdrops for Lanegan's smoky baritone storytelling. Delivered in a husky but pliable voice that has come to define the American alternative rock scene since the early '90s, Lanegan inhabits the songs with a reserved presence that has served him well for decades, but which has never been heard in quite this context. Pairing music recorded by Alessio Natalizia between London, Italy, and Paris over the past five years, with vocals recorded by Lanegan in LA, the duo arrives at dreamy non-place that's not defined by geography or time. Instead the album offers a timeless insight into human behavior, as reflected in the sleeve art details from the "Lights Of Canopus", a Persian version of the ancient Indian book of animal fables, the "Panchatantra". Thanks to Lanegan's classically dusty tone -- famously described as being "scratchy as a three-day beard yet as supple as moccasin leather" -- and the breadth of Not Waving's production, the results draw listeners deep into the artists' shared plane of world-weary but quietly hopeful conception, emphasizing the power of closeness and empathy. Their songs come on like waves lapping a shore that's ever-shifting, ever the same. This cycle is epitomized on the opener, "Signifying The End" with Lanegan's raspy tone met by honeyed synths, before scaling the nocturnal heights of "City Of Sin" and coolly channeling Suicide in "Burn Out Babylon". The waters calm again for "Persimmon Tree" suitably set to harp-like arps, while the deathly croon and impending throb of "Murder In Fugue" comes to rest in the serene resolution of "The Broken Man" in a manner that's entirely modernist but speaks to eons of human emotion. Echoing everything from latter-days Scott Walker to David Sylvian at his most strung out, and even the odd energy of Moebius, Conny Plank & Mayo Thompson's Ludwig's Law album (1998), or the arcane creak of John Duncan's Bitter Earth (2016), Natalizia and Lanegan's efforts will realign listeners presumptions of both artists and place them in a category all of their own. Mastered and cut by Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $22.00
DOME Dome 1 LP
Restocked. With the demise of the group Wire in 1980, founder members Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis joined forces to create Dome. With the assistance of engineer Eric Radcliffe and his Blackwing Studio Dome took the ethic of "using the studio as a compositional tool" and recorded and released three Dome albums on their own label in the space of 12 months: Dome (July 1980), Dome 2 (October 1980), and Dome 3 (October 1981). A final fourth album, Will You Speak This Word: Dome IV was released on the Norwegian Uniton label in May 1983. These albums represent some of the most beautifully stark and above all timeless exercises in studio experimentation from early 1980s alternative music scene. Previously issued in the out-of-print Dome 1-4+5 box set in 2011. Now available as standalone LP; Includes download card. New artwork by Dave Coppenhall. B.C. Gilbert: voices, guitars, bass, percussion, tapes, drums; G. Lewis: voices, guitars, bass, percussion, tapes, synthesizer; A.M.C. - voice on "Cruel When Complete". Recorded on March 10th & 16th, 1980 and April 1st, 1980; Produced by B.C. Gilbert and G. Lewis; Engineer - Eric Radcliffe; Asst. engineer - John Fryer; Floating-point re-master by Russell Haswell, August 2011; Cut at Dubplates & Mastering by Rashad Becker, August 2011.
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: EPR 052LP
VIDEODRONES Atavistic Future LP
On their third album, the Danish duo Videodrones explore their kosmische take on synth wave further. Videodrones' first two albums tapped into short arabesque-like pieces, playing out like cues in a film. Atavistic Future sees them broadening out, with the two main tracks on the album clocking in at eight and almost 12 minutes respectively. And it's not only in the track lengths that Videodrones are reaching beyond: There is a wider range of influences and nods -- from the Phillip Glass Koyaanisqatsi-repetitions of "Church" to the Suzanne Ciani Buchla-bursts of on the title track. It's the seamlessly weaved together influences, that makes Atavistic Future tick. The album is based around improvisation and repetition, allowing ideas to drift and emerge -- catching fire at random. As always, most of the material were captured during a single prolonged day and night of jamming at Jonas Munk's studio, digging into his expansive collection of synthesizers. The pieces were then folded and reassembed by Jakob Skøtt -- maintaining the improvised spirit, where synths and float out of tune and clock, yet intricately detailed and ever changing -- bringing forth the best of both studio-production and jagged improvisation. As the title might remind you, we're always forgetting the most favorable traits of yesteryear -- in search of what's ala mode, we're missing what the future must have felt like in the past. Videodrones is a silver-clad reminder of what can come out of having keen eyes and ears in the past as well as the future -- leaving behind something vital for the present.
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: EPR 053LP
MONARCH Beyond The Blue Sky LP
LP version. In recent years, Southern California has proved to be fertile ground for heavy psych, prog, and free rock. The amount of excellent bands growing out of the San Diego soil is simply unparalleled. Among the youngest generation of these bands are the five-piece Monarch, a band rooted in psychedelia and experimental prog, with a view towards broader horizons. There's something refreshing about Monarch's take on psychedelic rock: they aren't afraid to weave Allman Brothers-esque dual guitar lines with synthesizers and saxophone. They can be heavy, but there's an unmistakable panoramic quality to their compositions too, reflecting the rich and diverse environment they've grown up in, with dazzling pacific coastlines, mountains and desert highways. Compared to their debut album, Two Isles from 2016 (EPR 035CD/LP), Beyond The Blue Sky is a more complex record. The three-year journey has led the band through several separate recording sessions and ended up going all-analogue at Audio Design studios. It's an album that's meticulously crafted and with sights set on new musical territory. Their songwriting has matured and each track feels like a mini-epic, traveling unexpected routes before reaching their sonic destination. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the album's centerpiece, the three-part "Beyond The Blue Sky/Phenomena/Counterpart", where Monarch manages to fuse all their influences into one mammoth composition. It's an album to drive off into a careless summer sunset and beyond.
EE 004LP
PRICE: $38.50
CAT #: EE 004LP
XT Palina'tufa 2LP
Empty Editions presents Palina'tufa, the newest work from saxophonist Seymour Wright and percussionist Paul Abbott's long-running duo XT. Wright and Abbot's respective practices have been marked by a simultaneous engagement (with) and desire to challenge the limitations (of) the British tradition of improvised music -- represented by groups such as AMM and John Stevens's Spontaneous Music Ensemble. This album charts a new trajectory for Wright and Abbott, as they draw on recent live collaborations with RP Boo and Container in developing a sound which hybridizes the spontaneous interplay and timbral experimentation of free improvisation with the recursive formal structures of dance music. The album's title is an enigmatic portmanteau of "Palina" (taken from the name of a species of butterfly sighted by the duo during recording) combined with the word "Tufa" -- a type of rock composed of ash ejected from a vent during a volcanic eruption; the bedrock of the island of Hong Kong. Compellingly, the green sheen of the Palinurus butterfly is not produced by pigments, but emanates from the microstructure of its wing scales. Similarly, XT's Palina'tufa contains a brilliant internal logic of stacked component parts all amalgamated into a singularly iridescent instrumental structure. Recorded during a two-week studio residency in Hong Kong, Palina'tufa departs from XT's previous albums -- primarily documentations of live performances -- in its embrace of the recording studio as a form of instrumentation: a tool to sculpt, overdub, and (re)assemble their chimeric sounds. The result is a striking cybernetic version of the classic sax-and-drums duo pioneered by legendary groupings such as John Coltrane and Rashied Ali, Evan Parker and Paul Lytton, and Jimmy Lyons and Andrew Cyrille. Wright's unconventional use of feedback and Abbott's heavily deconstructed electro-dance textures expand upon this simulated space, unfurling their instrumentation into an authentically liberated territory. Across four dynamic fifteen-minute cuts, the duo craft an esoteric response to the real (and imagined) landscape(s) of Hong Kong. Interpreting their experience of the island as a kind of extended metaphor, Palina'tufa translates chance encounters, pockets of cultural history, vernacular architecture, and local wildlife (among other phenomena) into organizing principles for the creation of speculative music. Palina'tufa is a brilliant showcase of Wright and Abbott's composite sound: naturally synergistic, with careful attention paid to how psycho-geographical experience is transposed into the deeply considered interplay of their respective instruments. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering. Featuring artwork by Ikebana artist Kosen Ohtsubo. 180 gram vinyl; edition of 300.
EF 018CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: EF 018CD
EDDIE C Green Space CD
Canadian beatdown master Eddie C is back with his fourth full-length on endless flight, Green Space. This new album is his unique mixture of laidback hip-hop and lo-fi house sound which is inspired by late '80s to early '90s music, and much darker than usual. Green Space kicks off with old school hip-hop tracks of "Carbondate", "In The Park" then the new wave disco sound of "Way Uptown" -- its reminiscent of NYC post punk/new wave artist konk. There's the dubby Brazilian percussive disco track "Batucada", and "Berlina" is early '90s NYC house, like Pal Joy. The most club-friendly track "Bad Words" is wired, new wave-y vocal house madness and the album closes with the dreamy downtempo track "An Der Wedding" -- heavy krautrock influenced stuff. Features Mister Joshooa.
PRICE: $14.00
PUESTEL, RICO Exhibition 1 12"
After his renowned tour de force on Cocoon Recordings, Rico Puestel continues with his dedicated streaks of unique and progressively driven techno on his brand-new imprint Exhibition. "Exhibit 1.1" kicks off proceedings with evolving, melodic structures fused with sweeping synths and effervescent, rolling drums before trance-inducing modulations, thrashing percussion and mesmerizing leads in the distance are expertly deployed in "Exhibit 1.2". Euphoric oscillations, growling mechanics and acid-tinged synthesis continue within "Exhibit 1.3" until "Exhibit 1.4" rounds off proceedings with glistening melodies alleviating the senses and euphonious.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: GZH 091CD
Several Wives lie in the darkened corner of a room. Paintings torn, forgotten against the wall. Dead rhythms seep through the floor. Everything is tired. Everything is jaded. Göldi Fell is Several Wives' newest work, following on from the excellent Blonde, Arms Tight Black cassette release on Tombed Visions (2017). The bowed, electro-acoustic, heavy drones continue and present an almost horror-soundtrack performance of intense beauty. It's a deep, dark world of reverb, echoes, and distant pulses all struggling to be heard and understood. This is a stunning piece of experimental, almost classical work, evoking a sense of ethereal dread and mournful regret. A thick air creeps in. It's a doom-ladened record and one that will take you over if you let it. File under: avant-garde, experimental, drone, ambient. Part of Gizeh's "Dark Peak" series. CD version comes in an edition of 175; Housed in a black, gatefold, recycled card sleeve; Each copy is printed and assembled by hand at Gizeh HQ; Includes download code.
PRICE: $22.00
DEAD NORMAL There Is Nothing Left But The Enjoyment Of Senseless Destruction LP
There Is Nothing Left But The Enjoyment Of Senseless Destruction is the first deadly plastic bullet from Dead Normal, a Barcelona-based trio fusing harsh electronics with a confrontational punk aesthetic to devastating effect. Think early SPK meets 1990s Whitehouse, distorted Scorn/JFK-type skull-crushing beats, a sprinkling of deconstructed Mark Stewart/Tackhead-esque mutant groove, and a ferocious dual male/female vocal attack reminiscent of Mark E. Smith at his most irascible combined with Crass' Eve Libertine at her most acerbic. Push the levels into the red and you're still only half way close to the unique and original hybrid of Dead Normal's punishing sonic assault. Founded in 2016 by Mario (electronics) with Oriol Rosell and Zoë V sharing vocal duties, the members of Dead Normal have a pedigree spanning two decades in the experimental/avant-garde scene, including collaborations with artists such as The New Blockaders and 2nd Gen. Dead Normal have played in Spain, London, and Berlin alongside a diversity of acts from hardcore punk to power electronics and synthpop with further live performances to be announced shortly.
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: HOS 637EP
LINEKRAFT & ALBERICH Shock Industrialization 10"
The two modern masters of industrial noise and cacophony, Linekraft and Alberich, collide on this crushing 10" intersecting at the little known and largely forgotten Cold War crossroads of the Cambodian Civil War and which some could argue, its deep predecessor of the Korean War. Two decayed and corrupted tracks from each artist spreading rotten winds. Fold over cover; includes download virus code.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: HTH 114CD
Bedroom Tapes is comprised solely of lost material from a recently discovered box of cassettes that emerged in the process of a house move. These tracks capture some of Paul Woolford's most wide-eyed and naïve creative impulses at a tender age. Seemingly lost forever, some were part of sessions that led to him being signed to now-defunct UK techno imprint Blue Basique. This is the first chapter in this archive and an intimate portrait of the artist at a key stage of his creative development. The tracks have been carefully mastered at Metropolis with a loving hand by Matt Colton who has been meticulous to retain their idiosyncrasies. Manufactured at optimal media, Germany.
PRICE: $33.00
CAT #: HTH 114LP
Double LP version. Bedroom Tapes is comprised solely of lost material from a recently discovered box of cassettes that emerged in the process of a house move. These tracks capture some of Paul Woolford's most wide-eyed and naïve creative impulses at a tender age. Seemingly lost forever, some were part of sessions that led to him being signed to now-defunct UK techno imprint Blue Basique. This is the first chapter in this archive and an intimate portrait of the artist at a key stage of his creative development. The tracks have been carefully mastered at Metropolis with a loving hand by Matt Colton who has been meticulous to retain their idiosyncrasies. Manufactured at optimal media, Germany.
PRICE: $16.50
Restocked. Live At Issue Project Room is the first recording of the expanded configuration of Catherine Christer Hennix's Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage just-intonation ensemble, documenting a 2014 performance at Issue Project Room. The ensemble of Hennix (voice) and Hilary Jeffery and Robin Hayward (brass) is expanded to include vocalists Imam Ahmet Muhsin Tüzer, Amir Elsaffan, and Amirtha Kidambi; brass players Paul Schwingenschlögl and Elena Kakaliagou; and Marcus Pal and Stefan Tiedje on electronics. Live At Issue Project Room is packaged in a deluxe letterpressed sleeve."She has created a sound that reliably taps into our subconscious and frees us from linear time" --The Quietus. Catherine Christer Hennix (born 1948 in Stockholm) is an artist, poet, composer, and philosopher with a strong interest in logic and formal music theory. In late-1960s Sweden, she was a pioneer of experimenting with mainframe computer-generated composite soundwave forms, and in the 1970s she was a key protagonist of the Downtown School along with La Monte Young and Henry Flynt, with whom she has collaborated on numerous occasions. She pursued studies with master vocalist Pandit Pran Nath and led the just-intonation live electronic ensembles Hilbert Hotel and The Deontic Miracle. Hennix's interest in drone music and the meditative, trance-like state it induces is apparent in her exploration of similar music in many other cultures and traditions, including, for example, Japanese gagaku music and the 13th-century vocal music of Pérotin and Léonin. In 2003 she returned to computer-generated composite soundwave forms or "soliton(e)s," of which Infinitary Composite Sound Wave Form Composition Soliton(e) Star (2003-present) was the first result. She subsequently formed the Choras(s)an Time-Court Mirage just-intonation ensemble; in 2012, Important Records released a performance by this ensemble of "Blues Dhikr Al-Salam (Blues Al Maqam)" as Live At The Grimm Museum Volume One (IMPREC 354CD). In 2012 Henry Flynt asked Hennix for a new, expanded realization of an "Illuminatory Sound Environment" for an installation at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany, for his "Henry Flynt. Activities 1959 --" exhibition. In response Hennix realized a four-channel composition, Rag Infinity/Rag Cosmosis, her first four-channel computer-assisted composition since 1969.
PRICE: $25.50
RADIGUE, ELIANE Geelriandre / Arthesis LP
Restocked. Eliane Radigue's Geelriandre / Arthesis is named for the pieces that fill its two sides. Geelriandre, realized on an ARP 2500 synthesizer in 1972, features Gérard Fremy on prepared piano. Arthesis, realized using the University of Iowa's Moog in 1973, comprises the full duration of side B. Eliane Radigue has received much deserved praise for her transcendent composiitions for tape, synthesizers, and acoustic instruments. Her work is deep, slowly changing, and timelessly resonant with slowly shifting timbres so dense that they seem infinite. Acute physicality, overtones, and psychoacoustic activity fills your space, follows you, grounds you, pulls you in or lets you go. It's all here/hear. Pressed at RTI; first edition of 1000.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: KZN 005EP
SILAS & SNARE Pressure EP 12"
Silas & Snare return to the Kaizen fold with the three-tracker Pressure EP. Lead track "Pressure" is a continuation of Kaizen's recognizably weighty bass-inspired sound, carried by hefty kicks and screwed synths after a lengthy cosmic build-up. A downtempo influence runs through "Dreamscape", the floaty synths countered with skittering drums, while EP closer "Whistle Blower" is packed with industrial percussion and creepy bleeps made for those heads-down, screw-face moments on the dancefloor.
KR 062LP
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: KR 062LP
STIEBLER, ERNSTALBRECHT Ernstalbrecht Stiebler Reworks LP
Frank Bretschneider, Bérangère Maximin, Jasmine Guffond, Phonosphere, and Kammerflimmer Kollektief celebrate Ernstalbrecht Stiebler's 85th birthday with exclusive reworks of compositions by the German minimalist composer. Ernstalbrecht Stiebler (born March 29th, 1934) is one of the first German composers involved with minimalism and ranks among the pioneers of reductive, repetitive, sound-oriented music. Although honored with several prizes (e.g. the "Bach-Preis der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg"), up to the current day only true connoisseurs of contemporary music are familiar with his oeuvre. On the occasion of his 85th anniversary this year, Karlrecords launches a series of albums with original pieces by Stiebler who besides his compositional work served as director for new music at Hessischer Rundfunk for over 25 years (where he supervised recordings of Morton Feldman, John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Giacinto Scelsi, amongst others) and published numerous essays in Musik-Konzepte, MusikTexte, and other music journals. The new Stiebler series, however, kicks off with Reworks -- five artists from different musical backgrounds present their approach to and understanding of Stiebler's minimalist aesthetics for which he cites "sonority, rhythm, and duration" as his three principal compositional concerns. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. 180 gram vinyl; includes download code.
KR 068LP
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: KR 068LP
Following 2018's ?eb-i Yelda EP under the R.A.N. moniker (KR 054EP), Hüma Utku delivers Gnosis, her debut full-length album under her own name. A blend of abstract electronics and ritualistic throbbing beats with field recordings and ambience. With ?eb-i Yelda, Hüma Utku introduced her musical style to a broader audience -- storytelling through elements of industrial, techno, and abstract electronics, blending in field recordings and traditional instruments from the Middle East. A sonic journey that now continues on Gnosis that owns the signature sounds of the Istanbul-born/Berlin-based electronic artist and pushes them further. The Greek word "Gnosis" meaning "knowledge reached through intuition and individual experience" has been used throughout history by various schools of esotericism and thought, to signify gaining insight on workings of the universe. Coherently the album follows the hermit-like, truth-seeking traveler on a path through various times and geographies, through different forms of human experience. Merging field recordings that Utku did in Greece, Egypt, and Turkey with ambient soundscapes, abstract electronics, and ritualistic throbbing beats, Gnosis is an intense sonic travelog where the storyline exceeds the borders any specific musical genre. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. 180 gram vinyl; includes download code.
KR 069LP
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: KR 069LP
ZEITKRATZER Performs Songs From The Albums "Kraftwerk 2" And "Kraftwerk" LP
LP version. 180 gram vinyl; Includes insert and download code. Second volume of "modern composition supergroup" (The Wire) Zeitkratzer's re-interpretations of early compositions by electronic pioneers Kraftwerk. In more than two decades Zeitkratzer has created an astonishing broad catalog from the obligatory (20th century avant-garde composers like Cage or Stockhausen) to the unexpected (electronic artists such as Carsten Nicolai, Terre Thaemlitz, or underground experimentalists like Throbbing Gristle and Keiji Haino) but hardly anyone was prepared for the ensemble's choice of early Kraftwerk pieces. When volume one was released in 2017 (ZKR 021CD/KR 035LP), Zeitkratzer founder and director Reinhold Friedl announced that there'll be a volume two of course -- and here it is. From the opening drone-y horns of "Harmonika" to the subtle guitar of the album closer "Wellenlänge", the four tracks own all the interpretory and aesthetic acerbity the ensemble is known and praised for. The first album made it immediately into The Wire's "Office Ambience" playlist and Bandcamp Daily's "Best Contemporary Classical Releases". Recorded live at Hellerau, European Centre for the Arts, Dresden in January 2019, Performs Songs From The Albums "Kraftwerk 2" and "Kraftwerk" delivers the compositions that were still missing to complete Zeitkratzer's stunning take on the early, hybrid kraut-esque electronic avantgarde albums Kraftwerk (1970) and Kraftwerk 2 (!972). Mission accomplished! A must-have. Personnel: Reinhold Friedl - direction; Frank Gratkowski - flute, clarinets; Hayden Chisholm - flute, saxophone; Hild Sofie Tajford - French horn; Hilary Jeffery - trombone; Reinhold Friedl - harmonium, piano; Didier Aschour - guitar; Maurice de Martin - drums; Lisa Marie Landgraf - violin; Biliana Voutchkova - violin; Elisabeth Coudoux - violoncello; Ulrich Phillipp - doublebass.
PRICE: $14.00
The Lehult Sub series returns with two breezy summer jams by Erobique, Hamburg local legend and renowned keyboard wizard. His live sets are the stuff of mythical tales and his release schedule would be best described as mischievous, being involved in many projects under diverse monikers. This one is full-on Erobique, then: raw, live and spontaneous on a hand-stamped, vinyl only Lehultsub release ready to make a splash.
LCD 1051CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 1051CD
Restocked; Originally released in 1971. Key contains Meredith Monk's earliest compositions for voice. The songs that make up Key were composed and performed in a three year period between 1967 and 1970, when Monk collected them into this 45-minute "invisible theater" experience. Meredith Monk on the release: "In Key I wanted to create a constantly shifting ambience. Each song dealt with a different vocal character, landscape, technical concern or emotional quality. I was trying for a visceral, kinetic song form that had the abstract qualities of a painting or a dance. I knew that I didn't want to set music to a text; for me, the voice itself was a language which seemed to speak more eloquently than words. I chose certain phonemes for their particular sound qualities. In a sense, each song became a world in itself with its own timbre, texture and impulse." Personnel: Meredith Monk - voice, organ, jews harp; Daniel Ira Sverdlik, Dick Higgins, Collin Walcott, Lanny Harrison, Mark Monstermaker - voices.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: MIX 049CD
POPCAAN Where We Come From CD
2014 release. After a string of hit singles, Popcaan releases his debut album, Where We Come From, on Mixpak. The release, which hit #2 on the Billboard Reggae chart, was praised as "one of the best pop albums of the year" by Pitchfork and hailed as the strongest dancehall LP of the 2010s by many. As suited to start-to- finish headphone listening as it is to club play, Where We Come From is an album-length artistic statement in a genre where singles rule supreme.
PRICE: $14.00
LE RUBRIQUE Children Of The 80s 7"
German artist Le Rubrique debuts on NDYD Records with a magical journey to the '80s by recreating a sound of an époque that has defined today's music in so many ways. The pumping "Children Of The 80s" jump-starts the journey right onto the dancefloor of NYC's legendary club Disco 54 and gets feet shuffling and bodies moving straight away. On "1984", the Frankfurt-based producer teamed up with Dan Bay to craft a master-pieced loaded with original synth and drums coming straight from that era.
PR 000EP
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: PR 000EP
Repressed. "Flørist returns to Pacific Rhythm with two versions of a track called 'DVOTE' that have been circulating around the Canadian underground for quite some time. You'll know exactly what to do with it! With a risographed insert on parma-violet card."
PR 001EP
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: PR 001EP
D. TIFFANY Blue Dream EP 12"
Repressed. Blue Dream EP from D. Tiffany. Features Regular Fantasy.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: PHS 034LP
LOS MIRLOS Cumbia Amazonica LP
2019 repress. Pharaway Sounds presents Cumbia Amazonica by Los Mirlos. After the celebrated Cumbias Chichadélicas compilation (PHS 029LP), Pharaway Sounds collaborate for a second time with the legendary Infopesa label from Peru. Los Mirlos were one of the most celebrated Peruvian Cumbia bands who recorded for the famous "orange" label. Featuring the incredible electric guitar of Gilberto Reátegui, Los Mirlos released a total of seven LPs for Infopesa. Spanning from 1972 to 1980, Cumbia Amazónica features all of their classics like "El Sonido de Los Mirlos", "Sonido Amazónico", "Poder Verde" and more. Real Amazonian cumbia/chicha sounds straight from the jungle, full of surf, echo & reverb drenched electric guitars, cheap keyboards, exotic percussion and effects. Master tape sound. Includes insert with liner notes and photos.
R 061BK
PRICE: $18.50
CAT #: R 061BK
MORROW, CHARLIE The Book of Numbers & Spells Book
"The Book of Numbers and Spells is multi-hatted composer and inventor Charlie Morrow's first book. Number and letter games bejewel the pages of this anthology (pulling pieces and writings from 1974 to 2019). These works are largely text scores. It wasn't until I saw Charlie perform 'Ten the Long Way' with a room full of participants that the performative power became clear to me. Chanting numbers: the meditative, transparent, and unifying joy that swept across the room was beautiful. Charlie, a born networker of people and ideas, has naturally included two close friends in the book. Jerome Rothenberg provides a poetic essay, 'A Gematria Sampler', along with a compelling article written by composer Tom Johnson. These supplements embolden the scope and richness of Morrow's transparent systems." --Sean McCann, June 2019"The range of Charlie Morrow's work if laid out end to end would show him clearly -- though never completely -- as a protean and transformational composer and performer. He is, from where I see him, both the leading proponent of an active ethnopoetics in avant-garde musical performance and a master of new technologies as they come into contemporary practice. It's this dynamic of old and new that a gathering like this again makes plain. The effect, all in all, is cumulative, the power in the ensemble, the full range of his explorations: shamanic-inspired dream chants, animal language events, performance pieces based on modern signal codes and ancient numerologies, soundscapes derived from the new wilderness of urban spaces and the old wilderness of arctic tundras, recompositions of familiar repertory works and of long neglected or forgotten chants and hymns, works for multiple massed single instruments (ocarinas, tubas, cellos, harps), international radio events in celebration of winter and summer solstices, and an extraordinary range of massive public spectacles. Now after fifty years of active engagement, the work, as serious and deeply rooted as it gets, is conceived and played out with a boundless energy and good humor -- in a style as distinctive as his familiar and ever present bowler hat." Jerome Rothenberg, 2019130 pages; 6x9" perfect bound. Limited edition of 100; hand numbered in red ink.
R 066LP
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: R 066LP
Recital label head Sean McCann on the record (June, 2019): "Father Fugue is Nour Mobarak's first full-length album. The Los Angeles-based artist spent years sculpting this LP, and the result is piercingly emotional. A foray into her being; a sound artist, a songstress, a sculptor. Nour's creativity orbits an ever-moving center. Thus, glimpses, reflections, and splinters of her oeuvre embody Father Fugue. The side-long titular piece on the LP is unlike anything I have ever heard. Nour describes the piece: 'the left channel of 'Father Fugue' is composed of conversations with my father, Jean Mobarak, a polyglot who has a 30-second memory and lives in the mountains of Lebanon. The right channel is composed of improvised song.' Nour and her father speak through four different languages (French, Italian, English, and Arabic), a full transcription and translation is included with the LP in a 24-page booklet. They speak of cars, of soccer, of Italy. They speak in games, in rhymes, and in song. The sonic division of voice and time across the stereo pattern is captivating. The second side of the album is comprised of eleven songs. The word 'song' must be taken widely and liberally in this instance. Elements were recorded in her car, in the shower, in the ruins of Oaxaca, Mexico: a rainbow of personal documentation. The vase holding the bouquet is of jubilation and abstract humor. A chanson written by Nour's great-great-grandmother, at the turn of the 20th century in Constantinople, is sung throughout the LP. The first side concludes with her and her father singing it in duet, as Nour's solo performance begins the second side. Bound by time, Father Fugue reveals Nour Mobarak's expression from and response to her father's place and memory. A flip of the record uncovers her expression and response to her own." 24-page libretto booklet (Arabic/French/Italian/English transcriptions and translations; credits/photo card; Edition of 250.
RB 080EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: RB 080EP
DIXON, ALAN La Danza EP 12"
Alan Dixon's La Danza EP gives you Italo-house waves that would make Irma and Calypso records proud, washing over you, arpeggiated disco bass lines, boogie swag, and a beautiful ambient composition that makes you dance without beats. The London-based debut for Running Back is at the same time joyous, carefree, smart, bold and bittersweet. Four tracks for almost every taste and definitely the icing on any dance cake.
PRICE: $23.50
Answering a need for sincerity and intimacy in overwhelming times, Berlin's Perila makes her striking solo debut on sferic with a suite of sonic erotica, ASMR, and sensuous ambient environments. Born in St. Petersburg and based in Berlin, Alexandra Zakharenko, aka Perila, cut her teeth as in-house designer and programmer at the recently defunct Berlin Community Radio (BCR) before co-founding the Russian online station, which hosted one of her early productions on the SYGMATURE compilation in spring 2019. Perila is also founder of WET (Weird Erotic Tension), an online community exploring ideas of sonic sexuality in podcasts mixing spoken word, poetry, ASMR, and field recordings. Irer Dent stems directly from two WET podcasts, revolving readings of an erotic novel and a collection of poems by Nat Marcus and Inger Wold Lund, each set to absorbingly hypnagogic backdrops, and both accompanied by quietly seductive, original instrumental works. In five parts the album traces a filigree line between reality and fantasy in a more literal way than the label's previously all-instrumental releases. On "Nat's Poems" the voice of Nat Marcus regales a poetic account of Berlin nightlife woven with classic house lyrics from Rosie Gaines and Mr. White over 12 minutes of tumescent sub bass and phosphorescing pads. Where sensuality is implied on that piece, it's quietly explicit in the LP's other vocal piece "Sweat", which revolves around Inger Wold Lund recounting a dream about suppressed sexual desire in a hushed and unaffected manner amid a shimmering forcefield of spectral energy and meridian birdsong. Both pieces are complemented by extra subtle originals, including the barely-there, pink/purple hues of "Mouth Full of Tahini". Slipping very sweetly into sferic's liminal ambient space alongside Space Afrika, Echium, and Jake Muir, Irer Dent lends a distinct new shade of modern, adult, atmospheric emotion to the exploratory, Manchester-based label. RIYL: Félicia Atkinson, Huerco S, Leslie Winer. Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space, cut at Dubplates & Mastering.
PRICE: $18.00
SCOPPA, ENZO New & Old Friends CD
Founded in 2013 and based in Rome, Italy, Sonor Music Editions specializes in synchronization music for films, radio, and television. The label shares rare and obscure pop, jazz-funk, breakbeats, cinematic lounge, funk, psychedelic and progressive music, spacey cosmic sounds, easy listening, and all that good vintage Italian vibes hailing from library and soundtrack music production. The latest album on the label is by the legendary Italian jazz sax player Enzo Scoppa, and it's the first CD ever released on the label. New & Old Friends, featuring the famed and timeless duo Santucci-Scoppa active since 1958, is a modern jazz work and interpretation of bebop, big band, and contemporary jazz with sestet, quintet, and orchestra accompaniment. Alongside Basso-Valdambrini Sextet, the Santucci-Scoppa Quintet is the most ancient and solid ensemble in the history of Italian jazz. On this refined jam session, every performance is high quality and perfectly executed, thanks to the skill of talented musicians like the great arranger Antonello Sorrentino, the legendary trumpet Cicci Santucci, and the expert drummer Pietro Iodice. Liner notes by Adriano Mazzoletti.
PRICE: $19.50
VA A Hard Row To Hoe Volume 1 LP
Popcorn is a style of music and dancing first established in Belgium in the 1970s and 1980s. The style includes a wide variety of mostly American and British recordings of R&B and pop music made between the late 1950s and mid-1960s, often relatively obscure, and characterized by a slow or medium, rather than fast, tempo. The Popcorn music scene first developed from dances held at the Groove discotheque in Ostend, where mid-tempo soul and ska music played by DJ Freddy Cousaert became popular in the late 1960s. In September 1969, a café, De Oude Hoeve, opened in a converted farm barn at Vrasene near Antwerp, and began holding dance competitions on Sunday afternoons. Soon up to 3,000 people began attending each week, dancing in a "slow swing" style. De Oude Hoeve was later renamed Popcorn and the special genre had its name. Later on, the DJs messed up a perfectly fine recipe by adding all kinds of pop tunes as long as the groove was right. The typical Popcorn tempo was usually reached by pitching the record up or down, sometimes massively. This record features 14 pure Popcorn groovers from the "golden era". Features Big Daddy, Lou Johnson, Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks, Roy Brown and His Mighty-Mighty Men, Sam Fletcher, Ivory Joe Hunter, The Sims Twins, Roy Gaines, The Pilgrim Travelers, Lou Rawls, Otis Lee, Jack Grayson and The So And So's, Landy McNeil, Maylon Humphries and The Tri-Seniors, and Louis Jordan.
PRICE: $19.50
VA Slow Grind Fever Volume 9 LP
"Volume 9 in this amazing series of slow grinding R&B/soul/exotica tunes as they are being played in a club in Melbourne/Australia. Around midnight on the last Saturday of every month, an assemblage of juiceheads, grifters, kittens, dandies, and derelicts gather in a dimly-lit, smoke-filled room and dance together real slow. These are some of the records we dance to... Thanks to all the flute players and backing singers of yore for flavouring these old records up just like we like them." --Richie1250 Melbourne, 2019 Compilation and liner notes by Slow Grind Fever mastermind Richie1250. Features Abie Baker, Lee Richards with Lefty Bates Orchestra, Sam Butera & The Witnesses, Frank Heppinstall, Frankie Laine, Dick Holler and His Rockets, Johnny Guidry with Jeanie & The Clowns, Joe & Ann, The Miracles, The Patriots, Van Prince and His Complex, Roy Gaines, Jimmy Witherspoon, and Lonnie Donegan and His Skiffle Group.
PRICE: $14.00
Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man, Finnish legends and everything-but-grey eminences of electronic music, return to Studio Barnhus for another four-tracker full of the good stuff. Deep house as done by professionals! The world keeps changing, people and sounds come and go, but when Jimi croons away over Freestyle Man's Finn-tastic funk foundations, it all just about makes sense. Plenty of flute solo on this thing as well.
PRICE: $29.00
Studio Mule presents Missing Link, a collection by Japanese living legend electronic producer Takayuki Shiraishi. Missing Link is a collection of unreleased material recorded in the late '80s. Shiraishi started his career in working with BGM, who released material on the Japanese experimental label Vanity Records. Their one and only album Back Ground Music (1980) has been one of the most in-demand Japanese new wave albums. The present album is unique mixture of dark new wave, post punk, kraut rock, and experimental electronic music.
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: TAL 011LP
KUDO, REIKO Rice Field Silently Riping In The Night LP
Repressed; Tal present a reissue of Reiko Kudo's Rice Field Slowly Riping In The Night, originally released on CD by Majikick Records in 2000. Reiko Kudo first debuted on the Tokyo underground music scene in 1980 with Noise, a duo which apart from herself under her then maiden name Reiko Omura on voice, guitar, and trumpet featured Tori Kudo (Maher Shalal Hash Baz) on organ. Like other pioneering female producers from Japan such as Non (of Non Band), Phew, and Haco, Reiko Kudo has an incredibly unique, uncategorizable, and daring voice. Rice Field Slowly Riping In The Night was Reiko Kudo's second album under her own name. It features Tori Kudo as well as Saya and Takashi Ueno (Tenniscoats) on various instruments. The recordings took place in 2000 at Reiko and Tori's house in the rural surroundings of Shikoku Island. All recorded music on this album sounds like it originates in a parallel dimension where time and key signatures simply don't exist. There is nothing accidental or forced here, this is simply music created in a very different way. Restoration and mastering by Detlef Funder at Paraschall Mastering, Düsseldorf; Cut at Calyx, Berlin Translation by Miki Yui and Claus Laufenburg. Includes insert and download; Edition of 400."After producing the album Souvenir De Mauve with Maher Shalal Hash Baz which we released on our label Majikick, the idea came to us, to release Reiko Kudo's work. For Reiko's work, we brought our recording equipment from Tokyo to Shikoku and recorded the entire album at her house . . . Reiko plays only at certain times of the day, so that we were able to complete only two or three recordings a day. Therefore, we had plenty of free time. We went to a hot spring, to a cafe, or we tried pottery on a spinning wheel at Tori's workshop. It was a very rewarding time. When this album was finished, we brought it to her to listen to. She said happily 'I think this is the best work I have ever done.'" --Saya and Ueno (Tenniscoats), Tokyo, 2018
BK 040EP
PRICE: $13.50
CAT #: BK 040EP
A stunningly confident four-track EP that harnesses the power of deep rave with twisted-up vocals, acid lines, and techniques drawn from the best of classic house topology storming propulsively into the future. Love Letters is NY-based designer and musician Maxime Robillard whose creative process for both design and music often begin from the same consideration of function, "What is the use, what is the environment. How do I want people to move through or move to the sounds? Movement is integral to my creative process."
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: TMR 518LP
IRON & WINE Live At Third Man Records LP
"Iron & Wine performed and recorded an absolutely captivating live set of songs in the Blue Room venue at Third Man Records in Nashville. Armed with spartan set-up of a guitar, microphone and his minimal backing band in front of a sold-out audience, Iron & Wine's Sam Beam ambled through his discography, on touchstones like 'Naked As We Came' from classic album Our Endless Numbered Days, 'The Trapeze Swinger' from Around the Well and 'Winter Prayers' from Ghost on Ghost. It was a heartfelt experience without sacrificing any charm, personality or gestalt crowd connection."
PRICE: $6.50
CAT #: TMR 616EP
BUSH TETRAS There Is A Hum/Seven Years 7"
"Bush Tetras formed in 1979 out of NYCs No Wave/Post Punk/Art Funk/Dance Junk scene. The band's debut release Too Many Creeps on the legendary 99 Records is one of that scenes defining moments, capturing perfectly the vibe of that very particular moment in NYC. Bush Tetras was one of the supporting acts for The Clash's mythical 17-show run at Bond International Casino in the spring of 81. Topper Headon also produced their Rituals EP for Stiff Records. In 1983, the members of Bush Tetras went their own ways and the band remained relatively quiet and elusive for the next several decades. Original members Cynthia Sley, Dee Pop, and Pat Place now joined by Val Opielski taking over bass duties for the late Laura Kennedy. 2018 saw the release of Take The Fall EP on Wharf Cat Records the band's first new music in 10+ years and the welcome return of Bush Tetras!"
PRICE: $12.50
HAFFAR, BANA Genera: Live at AB Salon, Brussels CD
A lifelong expatriate, Bana Haffar was born in Saudi Arabia in 1987 and spent much of her childhood in the GCC. Through her switch from ten years of electric bass, preceded by classical violin, to modular synthesizers in 2014, Bana is attempting to dismantle years of institutional conditioning in traditional systems of music theory and performance. She is interested in exploring sonic disintegration and coalescence into new forms and synthesized experiences. Bana lives in Asheville, North Carolina.Instruments used on Genera: Live at AB Salon, Brussels: Eurorack modular: Make Noise René 2, Make Noise Tempi, Make Noise WoggleBug, Make Noise Morphagene, Make Noise QMMG, Make Noise tELHARMONIC, Make Noise Maths, Serge Resonant EQ, Mutable Instruments Shades, Mutable Instrument Clouds Non-modular. Field recordings made using a Zoom H6 and LOM mikroUsi microphones, GE 35383 Micro Cassette Recorder.
TEG 78509LP
PRICE: $30.00
CAT #: TEG 78509LP
BIG L Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous 2LP
2019 repress. "2015 was the 20th Anniversary of this undisputed New York classic from the late, great, Harlem MC, featuring production from D.I.T.C. legends Showbiz, Buckwild and Lord Finesse. The album itself was another shot across the bow of mid-90s pundits who were prophesizing the death of New York's boom-bap dominance. Alongside recent classics from Nas, Biggie, Mobb Deep and Smif N Wessun, Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous laid out the ascendancy of another visionary MC who could throw down brags punchlines with the best of them, but who never veered away from truly thoughtful lyrical dialogue. Most tracks on the album feature slower tempos, which gave the soon-to-be-immortalized MC the chance to fully explore a range of flows and approaches. Cases in point include the two commercial singles -- 'Put It On' and 'MVP' -- as well as the promo-only single 'Street Struck,' the latter produced by Lord Finesse and containing perhaps L's deepest rhymes on the album. There are also some great posse cuts here, starting with '8 Iz Enuff,' which was all about exposing L's crew (including Herb McGruff, Mike Boogie and Buddah Bless); and the amazing 'Da Graveyard,' which let established peers like Lord Finesse and Grand Daddy I.U. flow alongside another newcomer to the scene named Jay-Z. Less-renowned but no less crucial album cuts like 'All Black' and 'I Don't Understand It' help to tie it all up in a beautiful boom-bap package, with production by and from legends in the game that vaulted Big L into the national spotlight. L would be tragically taken from us in 1999, so this album -- along with 2000's posthumous The Big Picture -- will always be special to fans. Big L was a huge talent with the world in front of him, and it's only right to celebrate his life again on the 20th Anniversary of the album that started it all for him."
US 499LP
PRICE: $30.50
CAT #: US 499LP
EXPRESS BRASS BAND Who's Following Who 2LP
Double LP version. The Express Brass Band is a Munich based group of international musicians. It has been influenced by the second line marching bands of New Orleans, as well as experimental jazz formations, such as the Sun Ra Arkestra and the Art Ensemble of Chicago. The band's repertoire reaches from jazz, soul, and Afrobeat tunes, to Eastern European and oriental music creating a unique and very own style. Who's Following Who is the fourth album by the Express Brass Band and it offers 13 new tracks."The sound of the Express Brass Band not only is in search of freedom. It is synonymous with freedom. A freedom, by the way, that is not free of something but free for something." --Dirk Wagner
PRICE: $96.00
CAT #: TPR 241LP
Trumpeter Bill Dixon and pianist Cecil Taylor, friends going back to their Truman-era school days, associated copiously in nearly every artistic fashion -- except making music together. Duets is their only meeting in studio apart from both artists appearing on Taylor's 1966 landmark Blue Note LP, Conquistador. In 1992 they made the briefest summer festival tour to Italy and France, budgeting in two additional days for this recording session. That musical output was prepared for a release that was shelved for more than a quarter century and now comes out as a posthumous release in tribute to both giants. The initiative to release this music began with the Bill Dixon Trust and was approved by Taylor in his final years. Now, a wider public will hear music that they both prized, documenting the extraordinary relationship between their musicalities. Duets is a remarkable and unique item in the extensive catalogs of both men's recordings. Fans familiar with Dixon and Taylor's distinctive styles will approach with curious uncertainty: How could it possibly work to blend styles of Joyce and Hemingway? Pollock and Kline? Nevelson and Brancusi? Bill Dixon and Cecil Taylor share a fundamental fiber of taste and reaction as the basis for their interaction. The complementary nature of Duets makes the case thoroughly that the project stands apart not just from the numerous duet projects of both instrumentalists, but from the wide field of improvised duets in this sector of the music. This double-LP set has been scrupulously mastered from the original tape, preserving both the high gloss and the brutal physicality of the recording. Plates cut by Sterling Sound's Grammy®-winning mastering master Steve Fallone have been pressed into virgin vinyl at QRP, and wrapped in a hand-numbered Old-Style Tip-On® gatefold jacket that Stoughton has perfected. The package also includes a new contextualizing essay by historian Ben Young, hitherto-unpublished photographs from the collaboration, and artifacts reproduced from the original release plans. Bill Dixon conceived this as a deluxe digital release; Triple Point is honored to bring Duets to vinyl reality in the 21st century. Strictly limited edition of 665 (hand-numbered).
UT 051
PRICE: $9.95
CAT #: UT 051
"This issue we turn up the volume all the way for the story of Randy Holden's days with Blue Cheer along with the making of his heavy rock colossus Population II. From the sixties garage band universe, we're presenting must-read features on the Night Shadows (aka Little Phil & the Night Shadows), and the Bad Seeds ('King of the Soap Box'). We also have fascinating interviews with Wally Bryson (the Choir, Cyrus Erie), John Dalton of the Kinks and the (pre-Creation) Mark Four, and the second and final installment of our interview with Lenny Kaye, rock writer supreme and Patti Smith's right-hand man. Harvey Kubernik covers (Ike and) Tina Turner in the '60s and '70s; Eric Davidson takes the lid off the epic new Peter Laughner box set; King Khan reveals the secrets of the Black Power Tarot; and Tim Stegall pays tribute to the recently departed Roky Erickson. All this and more, including our expansive review sections covering the latest reissues and rock-related books."
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: VEN 154LP
SPECTRAL WOUND Infernal Decadence LP
Vendetta Records presents the second album by Spectral Wound from Canada. "Spectral Wound play a voracious take on Black Metal. One that is seeped in atmosphere without the heavy use of keyboards or operatic elements. Their initial sonic declaration is grim, evil and drenched in unrefined disgust for our world. But even with their heavy leaning towards the Finnish style of Black Metal, they've managed to take it and twist out their own take and identity, a fact that comes into play the further one delves into this release." --CVLT Nation
PRICE: $27.50
PLACEBO Live 1971 LP
Repressed. We Release Jazz presents its fifth release, the first ever live performance and recording by Marc Moulin's sought-after jazz-funk band Placebo, captured at Casino Kursaal during the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1971 and never released before. June 17th, 1971, the Montreux Riviera, its delightful microclimate and postcard scenery, its fabled music history and the luscious wines of the region. A dream setting for Marc Moulin to lead his ensemble on a 26-minutes+ jazz adventure -- Nick Kletchkovsky on bass, Freddy Rottier on drums, Johnny Dover on bass clarinet, Alex Scorier on soprano saxophone, and Richard Rousselet on flugelhorn. The magic of that night is dripping through Placebo's sumptuous "Showbiz Suite", a soulful piece in two parts in which every instrument gets enough room to shine, smoothly navigating between cozy cognac-by-the-fireplace funk and heartfelt grittiness, served with a pinch of Soft Machine vibes. It's the night Placebo was born, when foundations were laid for three classic albums: Ball of Eyes on which you can hear a shorter studio version of "Showbiz Suite" (1971), 1973, and their final self-titled album (1974). Born in 1942 in Ixelles, the multifaceted Marc Moulin had one of the most fascinating careers in the history of Belgian music, from his jazz roots and Placebo to founding electronic disco pop band Telex ("Moskow Diskow", "Rock Around The Clock"), producing a vast array of French and Belgian hits (notably for Philip Catherine and Lio), pioneering downtempo and electro jazz with three albums on Blue Note, and exploring other avenues of expression such a radio hosting and comedy. He sadly left us in 2008. His incredible legacy shall live on. 180 gram vinyl mastered at half speed; housed in a 350gsm sleeve with UV coating and an obi strip.
PRICE: $27.50
11 Items is the textured first album by Pontiac Streator and Ulla Straus for Huerco S and his pals at West Mineral Ltd. The album sees the American duo expand upon the hazy mindset of their Chat EP (OUEST 097LP, 2018) across a flux of ambient interzones where they transmute fleeting, everyday feels into a bouquet of ephemeral and organically unresolved scenes The expanded double-LP palette of Streator & Straus' second release reveals a greater variegation of their overgrown, verdant electronics and free rhythms in a gently perplexing style of ambient inception. Each of the 11 Items feels like an exploration of dreams within dreams in a way that beautifully parses the poetic from the prosaic and cannily reflects a certain hyperaware yet hypnagogic state of modern ambient music. Recorded at 50 Wingz in Philadelphia, 11 Items convects a cool, communal sort of psychedelia from nose to tail, evoking the feel of friends in a room or a cabin communicating non-verbally. In the process it conjures the type of moments that lead to comfortable silences between familiar souls, and likewise has the capacity to stimulate and dissolve conversation with the babbling, forgot-what-I-was-talking-about flow and quality of MDMA chat between relaxed but frayed and buzzing minds. In an ambiguous style that has become key to West Mineral Ltd.'s aesthetic, the music is neither gloomy nor ecstatic but full of transitory sensations somewhere in between those poles. Each part feels pulled in multiple directions at once, resulting in a sublime schism between jazzy hustle and heavy-lidded electronics in "Item 1", and a subtle underlying tension between layered dimensions of humid, dusky acoustics and congealed electronics on "Item 3", while "Item 5" dices with urges to dance/lean back, and "Item 10" crystallizes this idea of alchemic multi-valency with an unmissable mix of fine grained mentasms firing like synaptic surges in iridescent grey matter. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Edition of 500.
XRP 1903CD
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: XRP 1903CD
DJ VADIM & JMAN Likkle More CD
Working under the title J&V, the duo of DJ Vadim and Jman has been in the studio to focus their combined talents into one solid project, which acts as the perfect showcase for their respective skills on the mic and behind the boards. The legendary DJ Vadim, sound design mastermind who's been slaying turntables for the last two decades. Being a student of the reggae/hip hop sound, he has deep understanding for the culture and its roots, giving him a fine ear for creating his own original riddims whether they're for reggae and dancehall legends Max Romeo and TOK from Jamaica, Fat Freddy's Drop in New Zealand to UK/US hip hop royalty Dilated People's and KRS 1, just to name a few. Then there's Jman, recognized as one of the most dexterous and adaptable MCs to come out of the UK, in terms of his lyricism and wordplay, as well as his ability to flow on almost any genre and style, from his infamous hip hop alias Babylon Dead to devouring grime raves, reggae dances, jazz band jams, jungle sessions, and beyond. After being signed to Greasy Vinyl at the tender age of 17, Jman released two solo albums before he went on to work and collaborate with an array of talent such as Rag'n'Bone Man, Mungo's Hi-Fi, High Focus, The Mouse Outfit, and Dub Phizix. The result of this union is a brilliantly constructed album that fuses elements of reggae, jazz, dub, hip hop, and jungle into perfection. The two main players are joined along the way by various supporting stars including amazing features from the likes of Jamaican ragga legend Daddy Freddy, upcoming sing-jay and Jamaican soap opera star Shanty B, Spanish cohorts Lasai from Legal Shot Soundsystem, OBF Soundsystem host Sr. WIlson, and award-winning multi-genre vocalist, Maddy.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: ZKR 026CD
ZEITKRATZER Performs Songs From The Albums "Kraftwerk 2" And "Kraftwerk" CD
Second volume of "modern composition supergroup" (The Wire) Zeitkratzer's re-interpretations of early compositions by electronic pioneers Kraftwerk. In more than two decades Zeitkratzer has created an astonishing broad catalog from the obligatory (20th century avant-garde composers like Cage or Stockhausen) to the unexpected (electronic artists such as Carsten Nicolai, Terre Thaemlitz, or underground experimentalists like Throbbing Gristle and Keiji Haino) but hardly anyone was prepared for the ensemble's choice of early Kraftwerk pieces. When volume one was released in 2017 (ZKR 021CD/KR 035LP), Zeitkratzer founder and director Reinhold Friedl announced that there'll be a volume two of course -- and here it is. From the opening drone-y horns of "Harmonika" to the subtle guitar of the album closer "Wellenlänge", the four tracks own all the interpretory and aesthetic acerbity the ensemble is known and praised for. The first album made it immediately into The Wire's "Office Ambience" playlist and Bandcamp Daily's "Best Contemporary Classical Releases". Recorded live at Hellerau, European Centre for the Arts, Dresden in January 2019, Performs Songs From The Albums "Kraftwerk 2" and "Kraftwerk" delivers the compositions that were still missing to complete Zeitkratzer's stunning take on the early, hybrid kraut-esque electronic avantgarde albums Kraftwerk (1970) and Kraftwerk 2 (!972). Mission accomplished! A must-have. Personnel: Reinhold Friedl - direction; Frank Gratkowski - flute, clarinets; Hayden Chisholm - flute, saxophone; Hild Sofie Tajford - French horn; Hilary Jeffery - trombone; Reinhold Friedl - harmonium, piano; Didier Aschour - guitar; Maurice de Martin - drums; Lisa Marie Landgraf - violin; Biliana Voutchkova - violin; Elisabeth Coudoux - violoncello; Ulrich Phillipp - doublebass. CD version comes on digipak.
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