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Forced Exposure New Releases for the Week of 10/21/2019

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New music is due from Pita, Mapstation, and Oiseaux-Tempëte, while old music is due from Psychic TV, The Legendary Pink Dots, and Jeff Mills.

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PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: ALT 048LP
TREVOR Becoming A Bed LP
Alter present the debut vinyl release from Melbourne's Trevor, aka graphic artist and Total Control drummer James Vinciguerra. Becoming A Bed gathers seven tracks that run the gamut between battered drum-machine beats, minimal-wave, scratchy noise, and spoken word. "Romp With Monty" is the album's least demented moment and delightfully evocative of its title with simple melodies and rigid drum machine patterns. A sharp contrast to the flailing gabber and breaks combination on "Cabbage Land", resembling something akin to Jamal Moss or Beau Wanzer experiencing a severe breakdown of both mind and hardware. These hybrids of erratic, free percussion and wild synth blurts (see also "Midi 2") lend the album a charming edge, favoring a playful kind of experimentation which extends to the album's calmer moments too. "Bedtime Story" provides one such bit of respite and the only appearance of Vinciguerra's voice, processed here in a cold, curious monolog that ruminates on lethargy and illness, atop looping dark ambient textures. It's position in the album providing a centerpiece of cavernous and confounding simplicity. Elsewhere, tongue-in-cheek end skits sound as if they were heckled at the end of a gig and then decidedly left on the tape. The reckless rave of closing cut "Speed Ave" reflects this in-the-moment sensibility, the machines being close to escaping their captain. It may provide the most didactic dancing effort on the record, but neatly aligns with a loose and uninhibited mindset that skirts around the same warped techno vision as label affiliates Cru Servers or Acolytes. This is music for the most fun of dancefloors.
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: FOX 016LP
Alternative Fox present a reissue of Eddie Harris's Bossa Nova, originally released in 1963. Tenor saxophonist Eddie Harris is best-known for his composition "Freedom Jazz Dance", which Miles Davis brought to prominence in 1966, and for being a pioneer of the electric saxophone, yet his career is long, distinguished and varied. Born in Chicago in 1934 to a Cuban father and a mother from New Orleans, Harris studied in his youth under the influential music teacher/violinist Walter Dyett at DuSable High School and then at Roosevelt University, where he played piano and vibraphone, as well as tenor sax, appearing with tenor sax giant Gene Ammons before graduation. Following a stint in Europe in the US Army, where he played in the 7th Army Band, Harris worked in New York for a time and then signed to Vee Jay upon returning to Chicago in 1961; debut album, Exodus To Jazz, was named for his jazz adaptation of the theme from the movie Exodus, a chart-topping smash which became the first jazz song to win a gold disc. There were further jazz/film soundtrack explorations for Vee Jay and some concept albums too, with Bossa Nova being the most noteworthy of the bunch. The Brazilian form had been gaining favor in the US thanks to "Girl From Ipanema", yet Harris's LP was not a tokenistic stab at faddism; instead, Harris uses the form as a launchpad for his own sterling solos, heard most enticingly on "Cev Y Mar" and on the dreamy opener "Mima", inspired by his young daughter, Lolita Marie. The stellar backing is part of the picture too, the hand-picked musicians led by esteemed pianist Lalo Schriffin (then still making a name for himself), with Coltrane/Monk bassist Art Davis, Dizzy Gillespie drummer Chuck Lampkin, and veteran guitarist Jimmy Raney allowing Harris all the space he needs, yet never playing mere filler behind him.
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: FOX 017LP
Alternative Fox present a reissue of Highway's self-titled album, originally released in 1975. Obscure Minnesota-based power trio Highway has a long and convoluted history. In 1965, guitarist/vocalist Steve Murphy joined The Epicureans, a band formed from the ashes of The Pacers and The Corsairs, both previously active in the town of Fairmont, located southeast of the state capital, Minneapolis. The group issued a couple of singles along the way (both on small independents, which unfortunately failed to generate much interest), and ultimately morphed into Highway in 1972, then with Murphy and fellow Epicureans Tim Messerli on keyboards and vocals, Tom Olson on drums, and John Goossen on bass. After opening for REO Speedwagon in Wisconsin, Olson was replaced by Dan Cammarata and Goossen by Eric Bannister. The resultant group's self-titled debut album was recorded at Westminster Studio, near Fort Dodge in neighboring Iowa, during a time when Highway was based in the tiny town of Ceylon, Minnesota; privately pressed in only 500 copies, it has since become a highly sought-after item for its unusual blend of melodic hard-rock lead guitar, psychedelic garage rock, and wistful, country-tinged blues rock. Although some fans and critics have compared the group to Thin Lizzy and Wishbone Ash, primarily because of the melodic and distortion-free lead guitar licks, the band has a sound all their own, especially since all three members provide vocals, as well as fierce instrumental licks, with furious drum rolls from Cammarata and Murphy and Bannister sometimes playing the same notes in unison. Highway's membership did not remain static for long and the group has since undergone further changes to yield the enduring Murphy Brothers band, yet their sole LP remains the most prized testament of their long, shifting tenure.
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: FOX 018LP
Japanese experimental group Les Rallizes Denudes are the ultimate rock 'n' roll enigma. Sometimes referred to as Hadaka no Rallizes or even as Hadaka no Rarizu, each appellation a variant of the name "Fucked Up and Naked", which equates to being high on hard drugs, they are seen as noise-rock pioneers, yet sifting fact from fiction isn't easy with their oddball tale. Emerging from the radical hippie communes of Kyoto during the late 1960s, the band was formed in November 1967 by university student Takashi Mizutani, taking the overamplified, distorted guitar of the Velvet Underground as a starting point. Early demo recordings apparently suffered from poor sound quality, leading the perfectionist Mizutani to retreat from the studio environment, meaning that most of the group's output has appeared as live bootlegs, with the occasional studio demo surfacing as well. Performances were initially staged as part of avant-garde theatre, though the band's propensity for super-loud noise soon put paid to such collaboration; the ever-changing membership saw Mizutani the only permanent force, despite his embroilment in the 1970 Red Army hijacking of a civilian Japan Airlines flight, enacted partly through bass player, Moriaki Wakabayashi, who defected to North Korea in its aftermath. Though perhaps not quite as notorious, fellow improvisational group, Taj Mahal Travellers, has a backstory of random international travels that is almost as intriguing as that of Les Rallizes; formed in 1969 by six experimental musicians and an electronic engineer, they embarked on a series of improvisational gigs across Japan, notably including an all-day marathon held at a Kanagawa beach, and made their way to Europe in 1971, where they crossed paths with Don Cherry and other like-minded practitioners. They later drove from Holland to the Pakistan border, acquiring santoors in Iran on the way to help broaden their already unpredictable repertoire. The OZ Days Live release is culled from the OZ Last Days festival held in the autumn of 1973, to benefit Tokyo's OZ Rock Café, which had been closed following repeated drug busts. Here the Taj Mahal Travellers are suitably cosmic, their echoing jams featuring looped vocal chants, disjointed string instruments and sparse, off-kilter percussion; in contrast, the contributions from Les Rallizes are more standard examples of instrumental psychedelic rock, which veers more towards the acid rock end of the spectrum as the performance progresses.
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: FOX 019LP
As noted on Alternative Fox's Berkeley November 7, 1970 (FOX 002LP) and Information, Transmission, Modulation and Noise (FOX 006LP) releases, the New York-born composer and abstract keyboard artist Steve Reich was one of the most important pioneers of minimalist music. After studying with jazz pianist Hall Overton, Reich studied composition at the Julliard School of Music and later at Mills College, a hotbed of experimental music in Oakland, near San Francisco. He subsequently began experimenting with audio tape as a medium for recorded and performed music at the San Francisco Tape Music Center with important figures of early electronic music, including Morton Subotnick, Pauline Oliveros, Ramon Sender, and Phil Lesh (the latter eventually a bassist in the Grateful Dead), and more importantly with Terry Riley, who joined Reich for the staging of In C in 1964, based on constantly shifting, fragmented music patterns. Reich went on to compose a number of noteworthy film soundtracks and in 1967 collaborated with Oliveros and Richard Maxfield for the LP New Sounds In Electronic Music. Phased musical and rhythmic patterns, sonic loops and electronic percussion were focal points from the mid- 1960s. Music For 18 Musicians was first released by jazz label ECM in 1978, based around pulsing patterns of tuned percussion created by several pianists, a vibraphonist and three marimba players, along with a clarinetist, a cellist, and a violinist, as well as three vocalists, with players switching to different instruments and percussion as necessary; the masterful version presented at Tokyo's Opera City on May 21st, 2008 features the choral group Synergy Vocals, close-microphone specialists founded by BBC Singers and London Choir alumnus Micaela Haslam, who first collaborated with Reich on his 2002 Drumming release.
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: ARA 003EP
VOISKI At The Speed Of Love 12"
Luc Kheradmand, under his "nom de plume" Voiski, has created a gem of a record for Ara, named At The Speed Of Love. His highly distinctive sound is distilled into five stunning tracks which feel both analog and futuristic. Diverse yet coherent, the record is a fantastic blend of positive energies, unfolding and revealing its different faces as it progresses; ecstatic at times, and moving at others. This is music with enough depth to project your own meaning and emotions. Each vinyl sleeve is individually painted with highly-pigmented acrylic, using a single-movement brush technic, on grey cardboard sleeves, protected by a high grade transparent outer sleeve. Since releasing physical records is increasingly becoming an irrational choice, each Ara record is irrationally produced as an hand-made work of art. Editions are individually numbered, recognisable as a part of a whole, while being slightly different by nature. Edition of 500 (numbered). Handmade with love in Berlin.
PRICE: $14.00
TUNNELVISIONS Channel Tropico 12"
Tunnelvisions third original outing since 2018's The Celestial Ritual (ATMV 060LP) and 2017's Midnight Voyage. Channel Tropico offers six tracks that show the diverse sound from the Dutch duo of producers. A must have for fans of percussive sounds and the analog vintage synth work.
AX 054CD
PRICE: $34.50
CAT #: AX 054CD
MILLS, JEFF Sight, Sound And Space: The Director's Cut Compilation 3CD
Sight, sound, and space are deeply rooted in the work of Jeff Mills. But what do these three quintessential elements mean? Is it possible to describe to someone what it is like to see for the first time, or to listen to music in a new way, or to travel throughout the galaxy without having to break through the earth's atmosphere? The man from the moon has deep-seated thoughts about these concepts and explains them through this massive compilation, Sight, Sound And Space. The project has Mills diving into his extensive catalog and selecting tracks which epitomize his feelings on each. Sight is a beautiful faculty bestowed upon the human race. Mills wants his music to draw the correlation between sight and sound. In this opening part, you see him select tracks which often soundtrack classical sci-fi films, in which what we experience is the embodiment of all three: sight, sound, and space. As in with opening track "Perfecture", composed for Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1927), where the track is to accentuate the perfection of the futuristic buildings John Coltrane used to deconstruct music when he listened to it, listening to each aspect individually to absorb and appreciate it completely. Repetition, or the lack of it, is often at the heart of listening to music: it helps us understand its structure. An understanding of sound aids in reaching into the realm of music which encapsulates things or experiences, and electronic music is the perfect tool for exploring these possibilities. Tracks like "Microbe" exude this point, with layered beats each with their own meaning and direction which make a tantalizing cut. Space is one of the pinnacles of Mills' interests. The similarities between it and techno are remarkable, the more that is discovered about each, the more possibilities they reveal. "One Man Spaceship" was constructed to give the listener the experience of navigating through the cosmos. Perpetuated here is electronic music as a guide. Space may frighten you as this gigantic continuum that is detached from you, but you must remember you are a part of it. Sight, Sound And Space is another installment in his The Director's Cut series. DVD package size, hard-cover book style package; Includes three CDs and a 50-page booklet.
BL 004CD
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: BL 004CD
Kelley Stoltz enters his 20th year in the record business with the release of his tenth full-length album, My Regime. This will be his second release for the Spanish label Banana & Louie after prior albums on Castleface, Third Man Records, and Sub Pop. A long-time DIY, home recording multi-instrumentalist, Stoltz again engineers, mixes, and plays all the instruments on the album and his unique brand of '60s/'80s pop, garage-rock, and folk sounds seem to have gotten better with age. My Regime was recorded during an emotional year that saw him get engaged to marry, his father pass away, and his tenure as rhythm guitarist with longtime heroes Echo & the Bunnymen come to an end. Jovial and reflective moods ensued and were put to tape by Stoltz in his Electric Duck Studios at home in San Francisco. The first single "Turning Into You" ponders the delight and soul connections of love, while "2020" asks "have you got what you need to ride it out... I wish I could see peace in 2020", in reference to the chaotic politics at home. "Fire On Fire" was written with his Dad on his mind, and is a big beat slow burner reminiscent of The Church's Starfish years (1988).
BL 004LP
PRICE: $28.50
CAT #: BL 004LP
LP version. Kelley Stoltz enters his 20th year in the record business with the release of his tenth full-length album, My Regime. This will be his second release for the Spanish label Banana & Louie after prior albums on Castleface, Third Man Records, and Sub Pop. A long-time DIY, home recording multi-instrumentalist, Stoltz again engineers, mixes, and plays all the instruments on the album and his unique brand of '60s/'80s pop, garage-rock, and folk sounds seem to have gotten better with age. My Regime was recorded during an emotional year that saw him get engaged to marry, his father pass away, and his tenure as rhythm guitarist with longtime heroes Echo & the Bunnymen come to an end. Jovial and reflective moods ensued and were put to tape by Stoltz in his Electric Duck Studios at home in San Francisco. The first single "Turning Into You" ponders the delight and soul connections of love, while "2020" asks "have you got what you need to ride it out... I wish I could see peace in 2020", in reference to the chaotic politics at home. "Fire On Fire" was written with his Dad on his mind, and is a big beat slow burner reminiscent of The Church's Starfish years (1988).
PRICE: $26.50
ASTEROID B-612 Not Meant For This World! LP
The long-awaited vinyl reissue of Asteroid B-612's Not Meant for This World!, a classic album of Australian high-energy rock n' roll. Originally recorded and released in Sydney, Australia in 1996 under guidance of their leader John A. Spittles (aka Johnny Casino), this album reached the maximum exposition of sonic attack and guitar army sound mixing Detroit's wildest with Australian classics. This album was released only in Australia, on CD and with a super short vinyl edition which is impossible to find nowadays. Bang! Records have reissued it here with added graphic material. Remastered in order to reach the deserved level of sharpened guitars and rusted wall of sound! A total must for all fans of MC5, Stooges, Dark Carnival, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Radio Birdman, The New Christs, Bored!, Hellacopters, etc. 150 gram vinyl; edition of 500.
PRICE: $17.00
HIETT, STEVE Down On The Road By The Beach CD
For the first time since its inception in 1983, Steve Hiett's elusive Down On The Road By The Beach is finally made available outside of Japan. Most recognized in the fashion sphere as an English photographer and graphic designer, Hiett's transportive audio portraits amplify his serpentine guitar to the infinite blue, recorded across Paris, Tokyo and New York. A career devotee of Brian Wilson's groundbreaking harmonies, Hiett shot The Beach Boys for Rolling Stone -- as well as The Doors, Miles Davis, and Jimi Hendrix -- while establishing himself as a fashion photographer. Decamping to Paris in 1972, he began what would become 20-year collaborations with Vogue Paris and Marie Claire. In 1982, representatives from Tokyo's Galerie Watari visited him to propose a solo exhibition. Asking if he could insert a 7" of original music into the back of the exhibition catalogue, Hiett laid down "Blue Beach - Welcome To Your Beach" in a Parisian radio station, playing all of the instruments himself, and two more cuts in New York with Yoko Ono, The Doobie Brothers, and Steely Dan hired-gun, Elliot Randall. Once dispatched, there were requests for him to fly to Tokyo to record; it wasn't until he arrived that he discovered CBS/Sony had facilitated an entire album. Heitt hastily gripped some petty cash, bought a guitar, and retreated to his hotel room to start writing. Entering the studio the following day, he was further surprised by a waiting room of session players known as Moonriders -- one of Japan's most acclaimed rock bands of the 1980s. Intimidated by their indecipherable sheet music, Hiett suggested Randall join them and with money being no object for major labels at the time, his wingman was on the next plane out of New York. Near-ambient arrangements that float in a space between The Durutti Column, Steve Cropper, and Ashra, Down On The Road By The Beach also crowns Hiett the master of recontextualization with his zero-gravity blues visions of "Roll Over Beethoven", Santo & Johnny's "Sleep Walk" and the 1967 Eddie Floyd soul hit, "Never Found A Girl". Produced in coordination between Be With Records, Efficient Space and the artist, this definitive reissue is restored from original masters; extensive liner notes penned by Mikey IQ Jones. CD version marks the release's first time on CD; digipack; includes six-page insert with photos and liner notes.
PRICE: $17.00
HIETT, STEVE Girls In The Grass CD
Three emotional years in the making, Be With and Efficient Space present Steve Hiett's Girls In The Grass. Pressed alongside the long-awaited reissue of his one-shot masterpiece, Down On The Road By The Beach (BEWITH 001CD/061LP), these ten Balearic soul instrumentals are of equal necessity; unrivalled beauty rescued from the fashion photographer-guitarist Paris Tapes (1986-1997). While recordings unintended for release should often be approached with caution, this is a rare case of unheard material being assembled as an indispensable and coherent piece. Girls In The Grass is something super special. The light and shadow that defines Hiett's music is arguably more compelling here. It speaks to us in a language that feels profound, yet entirely comforting and familiar. Girls In The Grass reintroduces Hiett's languid electric blues boogie, crafted on Saturday afternoons with fellow art director Simon Kentish. Kentish would cook, pour some wine, and then utilize his arsenal of technology. He'd dial up a chugging rhythm, together with some ambient pads or keyboard textures, and anchor the weightless gauze of Hiett's six-stringed touch. Hiett's guitar sings with the same clean, crisp tone as Down On The Road, animated by a carefree weekend groove. Unlike his defining album which was boiled under pressure, these subsequent sessions have all the time in the world. The naïve melodies chart a missing link between Vini Reilly's ventures into electronica and Booker T, sounding like sun-warped takes on wordless, fractured non-hits from his heroes The Beach Boys. Remastered from the previously unreleased, original masters by Simon Francis. These private moments are adorned with Hiett's singular photography and feature typically idiosyncratic liner notes from Mikey IQ Jones. CD version includes two bonus tracks; digipack; includes six-page insert.
PRICE: $23.50
The first LP from France's Humming Dogs. Born from the radical Oiseau Mouche (Bird-Fly Company) -- a troupe of actors and comedians who focus on the theatre of gesture -- Humming Dogs make joyful, avant rock music, which pooh-poohs the po-faced in favor of a party. Humming Dogs are made up of eight members -- David Bausseron, Mathieu Breuvard, Florence Decourcelle, Thierry Dupont, Chantal Esso, Léa Le Bars, Florian Spiry, and Valérie Waroquier -- who each write and create songs, swap instruments, and sing collectively. Guitars, bass, drum kit, and keyboards mix with toy percussion, amplified pinecones, pot lids, iPads and a zither. "Ha Ha Ha" opens the record with the group dispersed and growling at one another, only to break out in infectious laughter, a free word riot and a thick bass melody. The traditional French song, "Karnaval", gets totally sent by keyboards and a heavy guitar scrawl egged on by the bands hooting and hollering. "Ça Me Gratte" haunts, grates, until it splits with a rising synthesizer, squeaking toys, vocal drones and spitting, near exhausted vocals from Chantel Esso. "Les Borigènes" contains the self-taught, simple charm of the Shaggs' Philosophy of the World (1969), performed in the spirit of village revelry and recorded and edited beautifully in the tradition of the GRM. Democratized experimentation, low ego rock n' roll, Les Borigènes is a truly joyous, remarkable and wild record. Artwork from London's Submit to Love Studios and Taylor Silk. Humming Dogs have performed at Sonic Protest, Cafe OTO, and Counterflows. 140 gram vinyl; edition of 500.
PRICE: $23.50
ZETA ZETA Dream Hotel LP
After his 2017 Blank Editions debut Bird, Daf Lloyd left his London studio to write a dream diary, experiment with hypnosis, and make space (rather than time)-oriented music, before temporarily moving to the Russian forest, where he started the construction of the Dream Hotel. Built over the period of a year, Dream Hotel explores the space experienced in dreams, memories, and altered states of consciousness. Dense textures, ethereal tunings and rhythms created with a mix of electronic and analog instruments guide the listener through deep corridors and reveal doors to hallucinatory environments and other dimensions. 140 gram vinyl; includes download; edition of 300.
PRICE: $14.50
CROSSON, RYAN Feet VanVleet 10"
The 401 highway which connects Detroit on its southern end and Montreal some 900km to the north east is quite possibly one of the most ugly, boring drives known to man. If any two people were qualified enough to recount the sordid tales one might find in the nooks and crannies of these secret sanctuaries of the wee hours, rest assured Ryan Crosson and Deadbeat have stories for days. Deadbeat's BLKRTZ label puts these two long-time friends together to deliver two atom bombs of breaks-driven grooves filled with dubbed-out vocals, massive funk, and impossibly heavy bass weight.
PRICE: $14.00
There was an aging writer called Mortise Koshimitsu who lived in a small apartment. The apartment was beset with problems. It was damp, the wiring was frail and in the summer, the leaking pipes added a must and swelling to the wood in the windows that effectively countered the joys of the heat. Koshimitsu's life had been lived chiseling away at circumstance, and circumstances had not proved easy. There was however, one small reliable rush to be had, and it lay through a gloomy doorway, down some stairs and past a register.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: COY 025EP
J. SPARROW Single Time/VHS 12"
Fresh from releasing his first artist album for Deep Medi (Dark 365) and overseeing a prolific year in charge of his Navy Cut imprint, J. Sparrow debuts on Coyote Records with two tracks of abstract, excursive pressure. Although long revered as one of dubstep's core UK innovators, Sparrow has also spent time experimenting with different sounds, palettes and rhythms over the last two years. "Single Time" and "VHS", both written during this period, not only spotlight Sparrow's willingness to aim for the outer reaches, but also embed themselves neatly within the Coyote Records discography defined by the new-gen grime of producers like Last Japan, Silk Road Assassins, and Utah. Still cut with a rolling dubstep lean, A-side "Single Time" is heavy on the hollowed-out, dubby weight and scything bass jabs, while B-side "VHS" -- referred to by Sparrow himself as "Egyptian grime in the 1980s" -- a bleepy, filmic, widescreen stepper that draws from the past as much as it does Sparrow's take on shiny, sci-fi grime of the future.
PRICE: $40.50
SAVINA, CARLO Goldsnake Anonima Killers LP
LP version, first time pressing on 180 gram vinyl. Digitmovies is pleased to reissue, the OST by Carlo Savina for spy film Suicide Mission To Singapore (1966) (original title Goldsnake Anonima Killers). For this OST, Carlo Savina composed lounge background music, at times dominated by a mysterious Asian vibe and by sophisticated jazzy vibes. "Gold Snake", the main score, is interpreted by the fabulous voice of Iva Zanicchi, written for a symphony orchestra, and accompanied by the New Orlandi choir. The leitmotif is reprised in a shake version and a slow danceable version. The well-known actress Yoko Tani, the film's protagonist, performs the romantic piece "Crazy", which also recorded in an instrumental version. The spy aspect of the plot is emphasized by suspense and action music. The mono master tapes of the recording session were used for the remaster.
PRICE: $23.50
VA Let Love Decide Pt 1 2LP
Karl O'Connor (Regis) rallies the Downwards troops for the odd family portrait of Let Love Decide, including the first new Concrete Fence collab between Regis and Haswell since that killer PAN hook-up (PAN 039EP, 2013), plus all new and exclusive tracks by label staples Mick Harris, Nick Dunton, Simon Shreeve, DVA Damas, and Karl Meier, plus Rachel Aiello's Layne, and Khrone/Mjolsness (Male) and various appearances by Regis himself in different formations. Cutting across the face of the label, Let Love Decide Pt. 1 is the first part of Downwards' contemporary portrait series aligning veteran hands with the new class of mutant industrial disciples. The nine tracks include a strong clutch of exclusive projects such as the EBM supergroup You Hung -- a quartet of Nick Dunton (vocals), Jim Siegel (drums), Simon Shreeve (live mix and Studio), and Karl O'Connor (synth) -- and Karl & Ken Meier's "ambient" alias Obelus, cued up beside previously unheard Fret gear by Mick Harris and a Cub collab between Karl O'Connor and Simon Shreeve, to highlight the label's strength in diversity and shared purpose. Naturally, the label kingpin Karl O'Connor is a constant throughout the compilation, a connective ligature that ties the slurred slow techno of Cub's "Teenage Fists" to the live band EBM praxis of You Hung, where O'Connor's synth underlines Krishna Goineau-styled vox by Nick Dunton (65D Mavericks) and the gnashing drums of Jim Siegel (Raspberry Bulbs), as well as the welcome reappearance of his Concrete Fence duo with Russell Haswell in a sharp cut of pranging industrial funk that sounds like vintage Autechre, chopped and skewed. Following his turn in Cub, Simon Shreeve also weighs in his powerful studio pressure on the soggy, gothic lurch of "The Space Between Cultures", while Mick Harris ramps the distortion on a ravenous Fret cut "Helicopter Rig". The rest is essentially a showcase of the label's American ambassadors, taking in the scuffed modular dub brawl of "Scale Reference" by Karl & Ken Meier's Obelus beside Layne's blank-eyed swagger, and a stark shot in the ambient unknown by Jonathan Khrone & Benjamin Mjolsness (aka Male), while L.A.'s DVA Damas stretch out across the D-side on a stripe of sexy darkwave-techno rolige. Mastered and cut to vinyl at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $15.50
RICHARD FEARLESS Atlas Of Insanity 12"
Hand-stamped white label, album sampler for forthcoming Richard Fearless album of the same title. "Atlas Of Insanity" is reactionary, big room techno from Richard Fearless; a pounding kick, death whip snares, and synth lines that drill into your core. This is raw, impulsive electronic body music made to lose your mind. With "New Perspective", Fearless delivers pure techno soul. With sonic leanings towards the North's Bleep scene and minimalist techno pioneer Mika Vainio's Philius and Ø alias.
PRICE: $23.00
With over two decades of formal exploration and exhilarating abstraction, Get On is, somewhat surprisingly, only the fourth solo Pita full-length. Peter Rehberg has always been vouched for pushing the very limits of the technology du jour, be it software or in recent years a complex modular set. Rehberg's motives are one of unbridled exploration often resulting in extreme and exhilarating audio works. Having spearheaded the contemporary electronic sound with his uncompromising explorations of noise, rhythm, and extreme computer music, he has also worked with numerous experimental musicians in collaboration. Rehberg stands in the wake of a sonic revolution, once fringe, which transformed over time into the sound of a generation of experimental geeks and club freaks worldwide. Get On follows on from the 2016 release Get In (EMEGO 218CD/LP, 2016). As with other titles in his Get series, Get On in an unwieldy blend of noise, abstraction, gnarled rhythm, and blurred melody. Both analog and digital tools are deployed as a means of expressing something outside of everyday electronics. "AMFM" launches proceedings with some delightfully disorientating ricocheting electronics setting off a subversive sonic spectrum. "Frozen Jumper" presents some ugly skittering electronics which rotate into exquisitely mangled forms before launching into an unsettling euphoria. The last piece "Motivation" is a towering sensitive work, simultaneously haunted and emotionally moving. Get On marks another monumental work in the ongoing evolution from one of the ground zero pioneers of contemporary radical electronic music. As uncompromising as ever, this is Pita in his prime. Emotion rung from the most twisted of frames. Artwork by Tina Frank. Recorded and mixed by Peter Rehberg at Twisted, Wien, 2018/2019; Mastered by Russell Haswell, July 2019; Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, August 2019.
EF 093EP
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: EF 093EP
Endless Flight's old friend "Sasse" comes back to label for the first time since 2007. His homie, veteran artist Jimi Tenor joins the new single. Endless Flight are fans of their collaboration on Studio Barnhus. The title track on side A is a super romantic, '80s style vocal disco track. Side B track is spiritual jazzy deep house.
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: ESC 110LP
SONNE, ASTRID Cliodynamics LP
Cliodynamics is the second release by Copenhagen composer and musician Astrid Sonne. The mini-LP is a collection of tracks written and recorded over the past year in Germany, Portugal, and her birth island Bornholm in Denmark. Acting as a sequel to her debut album Human Lines (2018), Cliodynamics allows the listener to delve deeper into the enveloping elements of her compositional practice. The result is an even more refined electronic expression, continuing to bring in her instrument of choice, the viola, as a natural part of her music. As well as adding something new to her work, working with four vocalists. With a reinforced interest in transitions and crossings in form and structure, the six tracks present their very own perception of emotional states of being. Each composition is a thorough exploration of their own dynamics and pace, paying close attention to the qualities connected to the sensitive features. Cliodynamics in total becomes a guide carrying the listener through islands of both high-intensity polyrhythmic and careful ambience with equal kindness. Common for the compositions is the continued way of working with the balance between repetition and renewal in the musical material. While some themes remain the same, others naturally evolve showing Sonnes growth as a composer. The viola can now be found directly connected to electronic elements bringing forward the acoustic/electronic dualism of Sonnes musical practice. Sonne explores an inner mediation on beginnings and endings, on memories and awareness of universal temporality blending an emotional soundscape with minimalistic compositional tools, resulting in a crystal-clear musical aesthetic. Astrid Sonne's connection to choir music emerges in the closing track of Cliodynamics with the vocal piece "Strong, Calm, Slow". Each voice has its own distinct features and qualities, creating four unique ways of singing by vocalists Andrea Novél, Henriette Motzfeldt, and Xenia Xamanek. However, it is the unity of these different expressions that create the piece, maintaining their individuality while being more than the sum of four voices at the same time. This union between such diversities becomes a strong metaphor within the mini-LP too, six different sides of Sonne's universe appearing in total as a multifaceted quartz crystal that is Cliodynamics. Starting points for the two last tracks, "Area Under A Curve" and "Strong, Calm, Slow" were both written as parts of a longer live piece "Ephemeral", premiered at Berlin Atonal 2018.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: ETB 058EP
BASTINOV All Through The Night 12"
Luca Agnelli's Etruria Beat sees Italian artist Bastinov return with a fantastic full-length album entitled All Through The Night. Bastinov is a master-craftsmen who imbues his music with melody and spirituality. After first releasing on Etruria in 2013, his standout sound design and the richness of his synth-work has continued to catch attention from the likes of Adam Beyer, Sven Väth, Pan-Pot. Across six superb EP releases, he has subtly developed his sound and now, on this debut album, makes his most complete and coherent musical statement yet. The Veneti artist showcases his ability to make synths take any form as he skews and stretches them to the heavens, or breaks them into crystalline droplets on "Arponoid" and "Elaysia". Bubbling synths and drums get you in a trance on "All Through The Night" and Bastinov expertly explores a range of moods on celestial melodic rain of "Proteus".
PRICE: $23.50
MAUNICK, DANIEL Macumba Quebrada 2LP
Double LP version. 180 gram vinyl; includes download code. From Far Out Recordings' in-house producer, Daniel Maunick's debut solo album Macumba Quebrada conjures scenes of collective hedonism from start to finish. Spanning Afro-Brazilian spiritual dance ceremonies, late-80s Detroit techno parties, and jungle and broken beat raves in '90s London, Maunick celebrates our instinctive, age-old desire to come together and lose our sense of self. Daniel Maunick practically grew up behind the mixing desk. As the son of Brit-funk legend Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick (of Incognito fame), he found himself immersed in music from an early age, and quickly became involved in London's drum n' bass, acid-jazz, house, broken beat, and soul scenes, releasing his first production at the age of sixteen on Gilles Peterson and Norman Jay's Talkin' Loud label. Since then, he has produced albums by the likes of Azymuth, Marcos Valle, Terry Callier, Incognito, Ivan "Mamao" Conti, and Sabrina Malheiros. Reflecting his dual residence between Rio de Janeiro and East London, Macumba Quebrada features deep house stompers and broken bangers littered with Brazilian rhythms -- in the form of both dusty percussion and Maunick's intricate drum programming. But the album sees Daniel draw inspiration from across the black music continuum, and the rich histories of communal celebration in Detroit techno, Chicago house, London D'n'B, and New York disco. Bringing all this together in explosive peak-time club tracks, moments of eerie ambience, South American swing and tribal earthiness, Macumba Quebrada expands on Maunick's recent vinyl-only EPs A Vicious Circle and Sombra Do Dragao. Taking its title from a syncretism of South American spiritual practices, the cover art is photograph taken by acclaimed French photographer and self-taught ethnographer Pierre Verger, who traveled the world documenting civilizations that would soon be effaced by progress. Settling for good in Salvador, Brazil, Verger became initiated into the Candomblé religion, eventually officiating rituals and ceremonies within the community. Without having become an ordained priest, Daniel Maunick shares both Verger and Far Out Recordings' love for Brazil: its people, its culture, and its music.
PRICE: $23.00
DESOLATE Exceptionalism 2LP
Berlin's producer, sound designer, and composer Sven Weisemann's fourth full-length as Desolate arrives on Fauxpas Musik. Entitled Exceptionalism, it features 11 tracks melting the '90s. The tracks are intelligent down-tempo with a touch of ambient. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $15.50
PLETNEV No Bad Decisions 12"
Four-track EP No Bad Decisions is Pletnev's debut on Cologne-based imprint Feines Tier. And here he matches perfectly with label requirements -- hidden melodies, dozens of layers and sounds. Truly simple and addictive music for parties with soul, big or small. For the recent few years, Pletnev did a solid statement as a producer with releases for Lithuanian Le Temps Perdu imprint or French labels KUMP and Hard Fist where he always explored a variety of genres melting tribal, EBM and techno into one solid peace of gold. Originally Russian, Pletnev now settled in Vilnius where he represents incredibly booming local scene being a resident of Opium club. Title tune "No Bad Decisions" is a noisy electronic boogie with drunk arpeggios and filtered bassline. Comemé based Ana Helder delivers more dancefloor-oriented version of the track. "Almost Equal" continues the general line of the EP with jumpy boogie beat and tribal percussions. "Norton Commander" makes a perfect balance and adds mystic darkness through running sub bassline and sliding atonal bells. And simple 808 beat makes out of tune a perfect trance-y option for the late party hours.
PRICE: $14.50
RADIO SLAVE X DEETRON Figure Jams 007 12"
The newest joint effort on Figure Jams unites two stalwarts in their own right, both of whom have honed their specific sound over decades. Having the A-Side to himself, Radio Slave goes for the murky and twisted end of the spectrum, forging some seriously hypnotic grooves. Where skeletal claps and soaring synths make an exhilarating uphill rush, its psychedelic sibling's patterns soon lead into a eyes-down experience, predestined to lose oneself completely to. Deetron instead builds on a dry drum framework, then cleverly fills in the space with robotic rhythms and lively synthwork for what's simply a fun tune to follow. He finishes things off more seriously though, sliding in these heavily submerged chords and going for a vibrantly soaring beatdown track.
PRICE: $31.00
DAVID J Missive To An Angel From The Halls Of Infamy And Allure 2LP
Double LP version. Solo album by David J (Bauhaus, Love And Rockets) is an intensely personal, self-deprecating, confessional song cycle and ultimately a glowing tribute to his wife of many decades. It is intended as a cyclic swan-song, the last track, "I Hear Only Silence Now" being a new version of the song which was the first on J's 1983 solo debut, Etiquette Of Violence. The new album was recorded in Prague, Berlin, and Los Angeles as well as Wellingborough, England when J revisited Beck Studios where his former highly influential band, Bauhaus cut "Bela Lugosi's Dead" in 1979. The new album features contributions from Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre), Toby Dammit (Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds), Paul Wallfisch (Swans), Sean Eden (Luna), Rose McGowan, Asia Argento, Emily Jane White, Annabel (lee), and the great Czech violinist Karel Holas, amongst others. J sees the album as the culmination of 36 years of solo/collaborative work. It is also a "coming home" of sorts as the label behind the release is the London based Glass Modern (the newly reactivated Glass Records) which originally released some of J's earliest critically acclaimed works.
PRICE: $18.00
AQUARIAN BLOOD A Love That Leads To War LP
"A Love That Leads To War is a clear departure in style and mood for Memphis Tennessee's Aquarian Blood. The band's 2017's debut LP on Goner Records, Last Nite In Paradise, is a chaotic punk epic, rising and falling like the soundtrack to a paranoid nightmare. As a live act, the six-piece band's sonic atrocity left clubs and house shows around Memphis on life support. The band's follow up Goner release, A Love That Leads To War, is a more intimate offering of fifteen tracks. Indirectly sparked when full-band drummer Bill Curry was temporarily lost due to a broken arm, Aquarian Blood began playing out in February 2018 as a scaled-down, four-piece incarnation. This more personal album was written, recorded and (almost entirely) performed by founding husband/wife duo J.B. Horrell (Ex-Cult) and NOTS alum Laurel Horrell. Just grazing the surface of the album can draw a line backwards from the acoustic entirety of A Love That Leads To War to Aquarian Blood's unsettling past. The opening track 'There's A World' is a finger-picked fever dream nailing the rarified 'beauty jumps into bed w/ horror' sweet spot so squarely one can't believe it's not a cover of some hippy hangover perfection dating back to the Nixon administration. It's no first-song/best-song hat trick, but rather a deft setup of the next thirty-nine minutes. 'No Place I Know,' 'In the Water,' and 'Their Dream' would fit in well in the shimmier side of the Shimmy Disc catalog, and 'Thought Of Her' is reminiscent of Damon and Naomi. Taken as a whole, though, this album retains the unsettling feel of the best atmospheric '60s loner psych better than any of the above, and the occasional addition of swirly Moog and staccato drum pad beats keep it from slipping into nostalgia. A Love That Leads To War is the perfect sound to erase the summer and soundtrack the low-hum of cold-weather anxiety."
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: GBM 003LP
JEWISH MONKEYS Catastrophic Life LP
LP version. After Mania Regressia (2014) and High Words (2017), Tel Aviv's grandfathers of punk are back to present their latest album Catastrophic Life. Grandfathers of punk?! Not all band members will agree. In fact, several talented young bloods joined the ranks of the Jewish Monkeys over the past years, flashing polyphonic brass and shredding guitar riffs to keep the old guys on their heels. The ten new album tracks were all written by the band itself and see the expedition venturing into unfamiliar territory. Fans have become well aware that popular shtetl tunes blended well with ska rhythms. This time however, they up the dosage, adding Afrobeat, reggae, and funk licks, Caribbean flair, wild guitars as well as a pinch of Balkan sauce to the driving mix. While their biting, satirical verses are quick to rub salt in the wound, the Monkeys are equally prone to address their own inadequacies as they come to terms with old age, impotence, lying politicians, and the incessantly rising temperatures on planet Earth. Social criticism is simply part of the game as is Jewish humor and a knack for emphasizing one's personal shortcomings: Indeed, it is a Catastrophic Life for all those hopelessly married forever, claims a song from the album, but there's always hope. For "All the Great Things" always happen when you're least expecting them, and in the end, it's all just one "Grand Bazar", a grand mix of cultures and neuralgic points. We're living in a "Robot Age" as submissive victims to the algorithms. We'd be hopelessly lost, were it not for the one they call "My Jewish Girl". And finally, "Punkfurt" takes things back to the city where it all began: Frankfurt. One of their notorious performances was even documented by German public television (ARD). During their regular tours of Germany, the Jewish Monkeys were readily welcomed by audiences who showed great interest in their musical potpourri of Eastern European descent. Let's not ignore the fact that German audiences in particular have a lot to swallow, when faced with the band's relentlessly open-minded and provocative lyrics, but usually break into relieved laughter just moments later. German Hi-Fi magazine Audio put it this way: "The Jewish Monkeys demand listeners leave their sentiments at the door. This Tel Aviv-based outfit employs an aggressive mix of cabaret, circus marches, Frank Zappa-ish horseplay and klezmer punk to shock its audiences; Jews and Gentiles alike!"
HG 1904LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: HG 1904LP
HORN, MARIA W Epistasis LP
Following the success of her 2018 solo debut album Kontrapoetik (PRTLS 017LP), the Swedish composer Maria W Horn returns with Epistasis, her most ambitious record to date. The title track, "Konvektion" and the two parts of "Interlocked Cycles" see the XKatedral co-founder explore radical approaches to composition that combine avant-garde methods with electronic means. While Kontrapoetik highlighted Horn's strength as a conceptual and political artist, Epistasis is to be understood as an advanced statement by a forward-thinking composer who throughout four pieces channels her influences, ranging from black metal to minimal music, through state-of-the-art technology. Originally composed as an audiovisual piece for synchronized multi-channel sound and lights and premiered in 2018 at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, "Interlocked Cycles" is a series of pieces exploring a gradual increase in tempo and density using various instruments. It was written to be performed by a computer-controlled upright Disklavier piano while the electronic part was generated within the Supercollider framework using phase modulation synthesis. An exercise in minimalism that combines the subtle gravity of Phill Niblock's work with the visceral theatrics of Anna von Hausswolff's organ pieces. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: HJR 211LP
COMPANY Epiphany 2LP
Honest Jon's Records present a reissue of Company's Epiphany, originally released in 1982.Epiphany \ i-?pi-f?-n? \ (1) a manifestation of the essential nature of something (usually sudden) (2) an intuitive grasp of reality through something (usually simple and striking) (3) an illuminating discovery or disclosure.All three definitions apply perfectly to this span of music recorded at London's ICA in July 1982. It's a miracle of group interaction, wonderfully paced, moving steadily between moments of mounting intensity and tension. The passage about halfway through -- when Derek Bailey's harmonics ring out above a sheen of inside piano tremolos and shimmering electronics, topped off by Julie Tippetts's soaring vocalese -- is simply sublime. After which it's fun to try and tell the two pianists apart. Are those runs Ursula Oppens, with her formidable technique honed from years performing some of the twentieth century's most difficult notated new music, or are those Keith Tippett's crunchy jazz zigzags? Are those intriguing twangs from one of Akio Suzuki's invented instruments or could they be Fred Frith's or Phil Wachsmann's electronics? Bah, who cares? There's plenty of room for the more delicate instruments too, like Anne LeBaron's harp picking its way gingerly through a pin-cushion of pings and scratches from Bailey and bassist Motoharu Yoshizawa. Of course, some performers are instantly recognizable: Tippetts, as lyrical and flighty on flute as when she sings, Phil Wachsmann, sinuous and sensitive on violin, and trombonist George Lewis, who, as John Zorn once put it, "swings his motherfucking ass off." So many magical moments abound, from the opening dawn chorus of Tippetts' voice and Frith's guitar swooping through a rainforest of exquisite piano cascades, to the Zen calm of the closing moments. Epiphany, indeed. Housed in a gatefold sleeve.
HH 3190749LP
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: HH 3190749LP
CAREY, BEN Antimatter LP
Ben Carey is a Sydney-based saxophonist, composer and technologist. His practice is profoundly informed and extended by technology, through the creation of audio-visual works, the development of his interactive performance software: _derivations and more recently, his fixation on modular synthesis. Ben's work is driven by a fascination with the symbiotic relationships that develop between human and machine in composition and performance. His work has been performed and exhibited at numerous national and international festivals. He is also a serial collaborator, working regularly with artists/ensembles such as Zubin Kanga, Joshua Hyde, Ollie Bown (Tangents), Sonya Holowell, Kusum Normoyle, Alon Ilsar, Sydney Chamber Opera, and others."The three pieces on this record are the result of live interactions with complex and unwieldy networks of electricity, realized on a small Eurorack modular synthesizer system in the studio sometime between late 2017-mid 2018. Over the past few years this instrument has become a core part of my musical practice. For me, working with a modular synthesizer is about experiencing musical composition as an interactive process, where the lines between sound design, composition and improvisation are enticingly hazy. The first two pieces are edited from longer improvised sessions on the instrument. 'Peaks' evolves from a single, restless microtonal line into a sea of metallic resonances and unstable bass snarls. Named after the Danish physicist Søren Absalon Larsen, the second work explores a gestural language based around audio-feedback, the acoustic phenomenon he discovered. Feeding the outputs of filters, oscillators and amplifier circuits back into their inputs, 'Larsen' exploits the resultant textural, timbral and rhythmic instability of these chaotic vibrations. Finally, the long-form improvisation 'Networks Articulated' drives relentlessly forward through active surface textures to arrive at a monolithic, suspended noise-scape woven from un-synced oscillators, swirling filters and crackling analog noise." --Ben Carey
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: IML 012EP
The best thing about trends is often their counter-movement. In times of digital hysteria, the contradiction lies unsurprisingly in deceleration, in turning away from algorithms. The search for the diffusely concrete, a kind of musical memory from the infinite ocean of sounds and acoustic figures, is at the center of a dark glowing cloud called Mantra Mantra. Between techno and Toto, drop shadows and ethereal patterns, Sam Irl and Daniel Helmer simmer their hypnotic sounds. The music whispers with every note; the product of two interconnected home studios, quietly eloquent through the night as an anti-hysterical mantra to all the recipients of this universe. All tracks produced and mixed by Mantra Mantra. Mastered at IML Headquarters, Vienna. Artwork by David Stöger.
PRICE: $22.00
LP version. Carla dal Forno announces her second full-length album, Look Up Sharp, on her own Kallista records. Dal Forno beckons a bold new era in her peerless output pushing her dub-damaged DIY dispatches to the limits of flawless dream-pop. In a transformative move towards crystal clear vocals and sharpened production, Look Up Sharp is an evolutionary leap from the thick fog and pastoral stillness of her Blackest Ever Black missives, You Know What It's Like (BLACKEST 015CD/LP, 2016) and The Garden EP (BLACKEST 068EP, 2017). Three years since her plain-speaking debut album, the Melbourne-via-Berlin artist finds herself absorbed in London's sprawling mess. The small-town dreams and inertia that preoccupied dal Forno's first album have dissolved into the chaotic city, its shifting identities, far-flung surroundings and blank faces. Look Up Sharp is the story of this life in flux, longing for intimacy, falling short and embracing the unfamiliar. In her own territory between plaintive pop, folk and post-punk dal Forno conjures the ghosts of AC Marias, Virginia Astley, and Broadcast through her brushwork of art-damaged fx and spectral atmospheres. The first half of the record is filled with dubbed-out humid bass lines, which tether stoned hazes of psychedelic synth work, as on "Took A Long Time" and "No Trace". These are contrasted with songs like "I'm Conscious" and "So Much Better" that channel the lilting power of YMG and are clear sequels-in-waiting to dead-eyed classics like "Fast Moving Cars". The second half begins with the feverish bass and meandering melody of "Don't Follow Me", which takes The Cure's "A Forest" as its conceptual springboard. It's the clearest lyrical example since "The Garden" of dal Forno's unmatched ability to unpick the masculine void of post-punk and new wave nostalgia to reflect contemporary nuance. Look Up Sharp reaches its satisfying conclusion with "Push On" -- dal Forno's most explicit foray into an undiscovered trip hop universe between Massive Attack and Tracey Thorn. Adding further depth to Look Up Sharp are the instrumentals, which flow seamlessly between the vocal-led pieces. "Hype Sleep" and "Heart of Hearts" drink from the same stream as The Flying Lizard's dubbed-out madness and the vivid purple sunsets of Eno's Another Green World (1975). While "Creep Out of Bed" and "Leaving For Japan" funnel the fourth-world psychedelia of Cyclobe's industrial-folk into the vortex of Nico's The Marble Index (1968). A deeply personal but infinitely relatable album its many surfaces are complex but authentic, enduring but imperfect, hard-edged but delicate.
PRICE: $21.00
TEAGUE, RYAN Recursive Iterations LP
LP version. 180 gram vinyl; edition of 150. Bristol-based composer Ryan Teague presents his seventh studio album, Recursive Iterations, a suite of seven extended compositions that incorporate cinematic arrangements and cutting-edge sound design within an algorithmic framework to striking effect. The resulting pieces combine elements of neo-classical, post-rave, and soundtrack music, to create an utterly compelling contemporary soundscape balanced by a calculated, almost architectural use of space and restraint. The musical structure is derived from a custom-written algorithmic system that sequences harmonic and rhythmic events in ever-shifting patterns. Hyperreal electro-acoustic phrases and digitally synthesized fragments come and go in continual rotation, re-framed and re-contextualized by their proximity to other events in the sequence as the compositions evolve. The effect evokes a minimalist bricolage, hypnotic and kaleidoscopic in nature, and calls to mind artists such as Oneohtrix Point Never, The Haxan Cloak, and Ital Tek. At the same time, a core theme running throughout the record is a masterly use of absence and inertia influenced by the Japanese concepts of ma (? - negative space) and the enso (?? - circle), which serve to complement and counterbalance the diverse sound palette. By integrating these qualities, tension is built and resolved in equal measure, creating a dramatic sonic impression where fragmented rhythms, dynamic textures, subsonic basses, and delicate ambience all coexist. Recursive Iterations is a bold, powerful, and unique work that pushes sonic boundaries whilst revealing more with each listen.
PRICE: $14.50
VA Speicher 113 12"
After Anna & Kittin's monstrous "Forever Ravers" (KOM EX112EP) which is already deemed as one of 2019's biggest tracks, Speicher is back with three-tracker brimming with raw energy from three hotly tipped up-and-comers. Blackrachas commands the A-side with his immersive late-night tune "Giorno Di Pioggia". It's pure trance (not trance) of a darker kind with ecstatic melodic outbursts that'll tingle all the right places. Stockholm's Christian Nielsen is making his welcome return and he's out to kill. Imagine a chimera made of brute early '90s Belgian proto-techno and uplifting hard house beats that recalls Jason Nevins at his prime. Last but not least, Odd Oswald & Stephan Barnem deliver a smart industrial banger complete with unexpected twists and turns that'll certainly do the right kind of damage on any trusted main floor.
PRICE: $32.00
CAT #: LAD 045LP
Life And Death label boss DJ Tennis works with Israeli duo Red Axes as they express themselves with total freedom and explore the similarities and differences between their respective sounds. DJ Tennis and the Red Axes duo were first introduced to each other by The Pachanga Boys at a festival in Corsica. "Their faces, their expressions and their attitude -- gentle, smart, loving and funny -- impressed me at first sight," remembers Tennis. They have deepened their personal and musical connections since. Around a year ago, they were having a discussion and decided they should attempt to combine their "love of psy and Mediterranean influences" and scheduled a week of recording sessions together. After making at 9am and having a proper Israeli breakfast, the artists went to a studio on top of a decadent old shopping mall in the Centre of Tel Aviv. Each of them then set up in one corner of the studio with their own instrument (including Tennis's Pearl Syncussion, a small modular setup, a Juno and bunch of guitar pedals, while Niv and Dori "used their usual weird cheap instruments including bass and guitars" and they began playing, experimenting and jamming, recording everything they did then swapping stations and repeating the process. They then took all the recordings into various editing sessions and finalized the adventurous, multi-genre exploration that is Redrago. "The aim was to find a kind of Italian-Israeli connection in our musical approach," explain Red Axes. "The album journeys from psychedelic Italo disco to Israeli trance rock with a lot of rave elements. We call it falafel disco mixed with a 1/4 of spaghetti sauce." The album opens with the freaky synths and punchy drums of "Rave 'N Roll", which has layers of exotic instrumentation and beguiling sound design. "Redrago" is a Balearic track with expansive pads and sun-kissed melodies, while "Il Veliero" is a complexly woven tapestry of intoxicating leads and drunken tabla drum sounds with a psyched-out vibe. The soft rock licks and conversational synths of "The Kohlrabi Session" make for a chugging disco groover while "Plastelina" is a deep and late-night cosmic exploration that continues through the star gazing ambiance and long-legged drums of "Shalom Alanation". Acid squiggles and tropical vocals make "Ventilo" another fantastically fresh track while "Phantom Rag" closes out with a flurry of wild synth patterns, techno drums, and intergalactic feels. Four-color splatter on clear vinyl.
LR 142C-LP
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: LR 142C-LP
VELOSO, CAETANO Caetano Veloso (Araçá Azul) (Clear Vinyl) LP
Repressed. Lilith Records present a reissue of Caetano Veloso's Caetano Veloso (Araçá Azul), originally issued in 1972. Apparently when this album was originally released in 1972, confused and bewildered fans, expecting more of the same found on Transa, released earlier that year, returned the album to the shop, demanding a refund. Meanwhile, critics raved, and many now consider Araçá Azul to be one of his great creative moments. To be fair to his many fans, it was a stark departure from his previous releases, which were decidedly more pop, but Veloso had been through a lot recently, having just returned from political exile in the UK, so it is no wonder that the artist was feeling a bit like he needed to fly in the face of conformity. In Veloso's own words, "I made this album without thinking, without taking the time to stop to think." He refers to the album's "insolent experimentalism" and calls it a kind of "last stand." Clear vinyl.
PRICE: $15.50
FORT ROMEAU Dweller On The Threshold 12"
Fort Romeau returns to Live At Robert Johnson with two epic proto-house cuts on his brand new EP titled Dweller On The Threshold.
PRICE: $15.50
VOODOO SOUND CLUB Afroderrick EP 12"
Mondo Groove introduce Afroderrick EP by Voodoo Sound Club, the brand new 12" release on Mondo Groove. "Afroderrick" is a storming Afrobeat track with special guest legendary Italian trumpeter Roy Paci that originally came out on Guglielmo Pagnozzi's Voodoo Sound Club project's debut CD album on Cinedelic Records, Same, in 2011. The track became kind of a cult during the years with many DJs asking for a vinyl version. And here it is, in its full glory, the original itself opening the B side, followed by a solid breakbeat "Voodoo Strange Fruit Remix" by Detox, with the A side massive with another couple of interpretations, an euphoric house "Fresco Remix" done by Leo "Fresco" Beccafichi, DJ, producer, and collaborator of Italian popstar Jovanotti, and another remix this time in trippy Afro style by heroes Daniele Baldelli and Marco Dionigi.
MT 034LP
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: MT 034LP
VELVETTE, LORETTE Don't Crowd Your Mind LP
First time ever on LP for Don't Crowd Your Mind, a compilation of songs from Lorette Velvette, originally on rare 45s and CDs. The collection sees the ex-Panther Burns and Hellcats member with guests like Alex Chilton, Mick Collins, Lee Baker, Doug Easley. Garage blues and raunch n' roll, originals songs, and startling covers -- the true Memphis sound, savage and soulful!
MT 035LP
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: MT 035LP
Mono-Tone Records present the first vinyl reissue of Coronados' Un Lustre, originally released in 1989. One of the great French bands of the '80s. Coronados created a perfect mix of wild garage, off-beat influences (for the times) -- like Alex Chilton, Kevin Ayers, Harry Nilsson, or Beefheart as well as French twisted '60s pop -- delivering it all in their own original and even eccentric style, savage but literate, loose but subtle. Un Lustre is Coronados' second album. The first one, N'Importe Quoi, had a very bare sound (that the band didn't like at the time but that has aged well). Un Lustre has a great full production, perfect for the ambitious songs. Despite great reviews, in France and abroad, and praise from their peers, they split soon after and have never played again, adding to their myth and cult status. A vivacious cult LP for garage fans and literate rockers. Buy or die!
PRICE: $23.00
SLEPIAN, DON New Dawn: New Music for Digital Orchestra LP
"'360 degrees of freedom is overwhelming in music, and you need not truly begin to find freedom until you put yourself under extremely narrow constraints.' It was with this quote that Don Slepian laid the groundwork for over 40 years of musical output. Slepian's work draws equally from the harmonic terrain he explored while performing with a Javanese gamelan ensemble, as well as his time spent building and modifying electronic audio equipment for studios and fellow musicians. Gravitating towards improvisation and experimentation, Slepian built a breathtaking sound-world that stretched the briefest of moments into an eternity of detail and depth. In 1980, Slepian self-released a series of cassette albums that built upon and perfected this practice, offering New Music for Digital Orchestra. New Dawn is one of those albums -- an enthralling example of New Age euphoria, and early-electronic experimentation. New Music For Digital Orchestra? An ironic subtitle for an album without any traces of digital technology found within. The instruments, tools, and recording techniques are entirely analog. A Korg PS3100, Mellotron voices, Mellotron flutes, analog tape echo and analog recorder were used to create both of the pieces found on New Dawn with both tracks being recorded live with no overdubs."
PRICE: $14.50
GUY, LAURENCE Why Do Cowboys Never Die In The East? 12"
The second release from the brightest hope in modern deep house scene, Laurence Guy. The title track is something like a nice mixture of Four Tet and DJ Koze. It will be lovely DJ tool for all house DJs. "The One Where I Like The Vocals" is more UK-style with jazzy broken beats, and "Dissociation In The Car Park At Sain" is a trademark elegant deep house tune in Guy's style.
MR 006LP
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: MR 006LP
LA SECTA Blue Tales LP
La Secta's Blue Tales was recorded and released in 1990. It was an effervescent time with a very active and top-quality Basque music scene which included bands such as Los Bichos, Cancer Moon, La Perrera, and La Secta. They were spearheads both in their respective cities and areas of influence as in the rest of Spain, La Secta especially lauded by the alternative press circuit (fanzines) outside the Iberian Peninsula (United States, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Switzerland), creating a very favorable impact. Blue Tales marked a before-and-after in Spain's music scene with very good reviews in the specialized press. On the album, you can hear very clearly the band's influences but all sifted and recreated under a unique style: Scientists, Stooges, Music Machine, Suicide, Seeds, 13th Floor Elevators, Marc Bolan, kraut rock, pre-grunge, noise, chaos, acid folk, bad vibes, broken hearts, ecstasy, hallucinogens, innocence, and risk... a dangerous cocktail. Sonic Boom (Spaceman 3) captained this boat through seas of daring experimentation, which is why the end result is a timeless record that still sounds powerful and fresh today. The album is now presented with a new face, new cover, images, and poster that reflect the spirit of its content and the creators of this soundtrack, with a renewed sound thanks to the mastering of Sergio Delgado, where details of Patxi's guitar, hidden in the original production of 1990, are now shown. Liner notes with contributions by Kim Salmon (Scientists, Surrealists, Beasts of Bourbon) with a long connection to the band and good knowledge of their adventures; Fernando Gegúndez, an experienced music journalist from Bilbao and aware of the evolution of La Secta since its inception; and Lindsay Hutton, founder in the mid-1980s of the long-running fanzine The Next Big Thing, creator of the Cramps fan club from 1980-1983 (initially with Morrissey), and contributor to music magazines such as Sounds and Mojo. Produced by Sonic Boom (Spaceman 3). Co-released by Munster Records and Secta Records. Includes bonus tracks. 150 gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve; includes poster; edition of 500.
MR 398LP
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: MR 398LP
Peru enjoyed a thriving and exciting music scene since the mid-1960s. Bands such as Los Saicos, Los Shain's, and Los York's, to name just a few, released a number of brilliant records that drove young fans crazy and set an example for many to follow. The end of the decade brought about an evolution in sound and new music genres, as Peruvian bands kept an eye on the groundbreaking British and US artists exploring baroque pop, psychedelic rock and early prog. One of them was Traffic Sound, founded in Lima in 1967. Over a very short period of time the band managed to successfully develop their career transcending their starting point, in which they'd simply record covers of artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Cream, or The Young Rascals, moving on to the more mature sound of their first LP with self-written songs, Virgin (1969), a masterpiece of Latin rock, and this second self-titled LP, released in 1970. Traffic Sound incorporates here complex arrangements and long song structures with which they approach prog music. However, the immediacy of songs like "Yesterday's Game", with a fierce and contagious guitar riff, or "Chicama Way", a terrific anthem, clear any possible doubt about the sound principles of the band: groovy rock. While tracks such as "Those Days Have Gone" or "America" show the friendliest yet psychedelic side of the group, "Tibet's Suzettes", the opening song of the album, simultaneously introduces all the ingredients of the Traffic Sound recipe: hypnotic rhythms, untamed guitars, and very skilled playing. Although some influences cannot be ignored, this second Traffic Sound album is huge and deserves to be considered one of the greatest recordings of its time, even internationally, as essential as the most hailed works of Cream, Caravan, or Led Zeppelin that served as a bridge for rock music between the '60s and '70s. Presented in facsimile tri-fold sleeve and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
NK 201810LP
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CAT #: NK 201810LP
Limited edition multicolor vinyl LP. Two stunning BBC sessions from the heyday of the British band fronted by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi. One shot recorded before the release of the debut album on Island Mr. Fantasy, the second -- December 11th -- right after. Facing the beginning of a new groove ideology after the blues explosion.
NK 201902LP
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CAT #: NK 201902LP
Things are getting more sophisticated down here. Traffic just released his debut album and they were ready to roll. With their second self-titled album almost there, a number of key tracks like "Pearly Queen", "Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring", and "Feeling Alright" were close to ready. Three different radio sessions from winter and the hot summer of '68. Multicolor vinyl.
OR 003EP
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CAT #: OR 003EP
SASSON, ISAAC Cantos Campesinos EP 7"
Olindo Records present their first release of 2019 and the third their initial Venezuelan trilogy of 45s. Featuring two original compositions by Caracas based multi-instrumentalist and composer Isaac Sasson, with a remix on the flipside by London producer and drummer Hector Plimmer (Albert's Favourites). Side A kicks off with "Paseo En Un Sueño", a short composition that reflects a dream that begins in the village of El Hatillo and ends at dawn in the hills of Caicaguana, its main theme is a beautiful flute melody played by Tomasito Garcia. As the instruments and vocals fade away, "Canción Para Mi Familia, Venezuela" begins, with Isaac singing "esta melodia es especial para mi mamá, dedicada a mis abuelos, a mis hermanos y a mi papa". This song is a sort of mantra or prayer dedicated to Venezuela and Isaac's family and friends; its spiraling guitar riff and various percussion instruments quickly descending towards a chaotic state of bliss. Hector Plimmer's remix on the B side reassembles elements from another Sasson original, "Cantos Campesinos", focusing on a particular vocal motif. Hector retunes the rhythm to his purposes, building tension and borrowing a bell sound to raise it even further, before releasing a skittering drum pattern with plenty of swing and a heavy dose of low end. Before the song ends, Hector goes deeper, adding sensual synth chords and finally a flute-like synth solo to complete this musical trip that is surely destined to soundtrack a few hazy evenings this summer. The music on this EP has been previously self-released by Isaac on his album Memorias del canto campesino, but appears here for the first time on vinyl. Edition of 300.
PRICE: $23.50
LP version. 2018 release. Olindo Records present the second release and first LP on the label, by London-based Afro-Latin jazz quintet Waaju. A project that never stands still, Waaju's members have been busy as part of other ensembles (Caravela, Bahla, Jordan Rakei, and Ashley Henry, to name a few), which means they cherish each time they get to make music together. The five cuts on this album are only a snapshot of what they're doing and continually try to do -- the tip of the iceberg -- but one that speaks volumes about their intentions. Kicking off the album is "Ali's Mali" is an ode to the great Malian guitarist Ali Farka Toure, but seen through a different lens, as he did himself in reinventing West African music. His spirit is transcended into the modern soundscape mixed with dub, electronic music, and echoes of Cuban batá drumming, reminiscent of the two countries' cultural exchanges throughout the 20th Century. "Kaolack" draws from a Senegalese rhythm found in sabar and mbalax music. It's transformed into a gritty, surging groove with heavy touches of psychedelia and smatterings of traditional sounds pulsating from its textures. "Neleh" explores different sides of a love song and has a myriad of influences displaying different characteristics. Tinges of yearning Tuareg music from Northern Mali, sizzling son percussion and delicate chimurenga-fused guitar, together presenting an introverted, drifting piece with twists and turns. "Waaju" is influenced by the samba funk of 1970's Brazil combined with the more widely known Louisiana funk of The Meters, et al. Its irresistible lilting rhythm and infectious energy are brought into a new modern jazz sphere displaying the spontaneity in improvisation of each member. "Maroc" draws from the chaabi music of Morocco and Algeria, which bandleader Ben experienced firsthand whilst in Marrakech. Much less known internationally than Moroccan gnawa music, its heavily syncopated drum rhythm creates a frenzy of energy, which is interpreted here much more slowly and dirtier in character, with dubby bass and dissonant harmonies.
PRICE: $26.50
2018 release. La Candela del Río is the debut album by Paris-based Venezuelan quartet Insólito UniVerso. In the space of eight tracks, the band fuses traditional Venezuelan styles, such as joropo, merengue caraqueño, or tambores de San Millán, with psych, chanson, and contemporary electronics. Co-produced by The Heliocentrics' Malcolm Catto, the record shows two distinct sides; on the one hand there's euphoric music that begs to be danced to, while on the other, there's melancholy, mystery, and devotion.
PRICE: $14.00
MAYER, DAVID Skanda EP 12"
David Mayer returns to Ouie following his well-received The Call EP from 2018 and The Circle released on the new sub-label Ouïe Circle. Though being born in south Germany, Mayer grew up between Norway and Lanzarote, perhaps a clue to his expansive and border-less sound. Here he brings three new tracks to the label from Acid Pauli and Nico Stojan. Title track "Skanda" is a psychedelic trip through firing percussive elements, wonky synths, distorted vocals, and an unstoppable groove. "Snake Dance" has a similarly unhinged feel, building around a one-note bassline and crisp, rolling drums before heading to the stratosphere with sparkling arpeggios. On the B-side, there's the vinyl exclusive, "Ouroboros" -- an eight-minute odyssey into Mayer's interest in hypnotic percussion and psychedelic track structures.
PRICE: $30.50
CAT #: ODR 069LP
GIUDA Racey Roller LP
Overdrive present a reissue of Giuda's debut album, Racey Roller, originally released in 2010. Giuda is a five-piece band from Rome, Italy. Their mix of anthemic '70s glam pop hooks and the punchy delivery of early UK punk, has stunned listeners all across the globe. Working from the same glammy three-chord blueprint as groups like Slade, T. Rex, Faces, Status Quo, and The Sweet, Giuda take you back to a monumental bygone era of '70s rock n' roll -- specifically the pre-punk, glitter days when music was all about monstrous riffs, bousterous attitudes, high energy experimentation and fun. Gatefold sleeve. "Giuda are the greatest '70s glam-rock band to have existed since... the 1970s." --NME
PRICE: $30.50
CAT #: ODR 070LP
GIUDA Let's Do It Again LP
Overdrive present a reissue of Giuda's second album Let's Do It Again, originally released in 2013. Gatefold sleeve; includes poster.Noel Gardner of NME on Giuda: "When a band is described as 'the new Gary Glitter' -- by legendary pop Svengali Kim Fowley, no less -- and their label proudly slap the quote on their website rather than irately demanding a retraction, you're entitled to wonder what the hell is going on. The answer: Italian quintet Giuda are the greatest '70s glam-rock band to have existed since... the 1970s. Bedecked with more handclaps and tambourines than a Pentecostal church, their second album starts with a Mud reference ('Wild Tiger Woman'), cribs from The Sweet's 'Blockbuster' ('Teenage Rebel') and reaches a conceptual zenith with the song title 'Roller Skates Rule OK'. Their zeal for time travel would be frightening if they didn't write such stomping tunes."
PRICE: $14.00
JORKES & HARD TON Cross The Line 12"
Taking inspiration from a vast musical sphere, the Munich-Vienna pair Jorkes are widely-recognized for their open-minded and passionate approach to electronic music which is translated through their Freeride Millennium imprint and own unique productions. Cross The Line will be the duo's first outing since 2016 seeing them join up with the Italian pair Hard Ton who are known for releases on Wonder Stories, Luv Shack Records, Toy Tonics, and many more. Jorkes invite Live At Robert Johnson artist Massimiliano Pagliara and Philpot founder SoulPhiction, aka Jackmate, for remix duties which tops off this distinctive release highlighting the openness and sensibility of their musical philosophy. "Cross The Line" begins the EP with alleviating pads balanced harmoniously with alluring, heartwarming vocals and gentle keys drifting throughout before Massimiliano Pagliara delivers an infectious remix focusing on hypnotic bass grooves, effervescent drums and undulating pads fluttering naturally with the stirring modulations. Jackmate's "Dub Mix" deploys low-riding resonations fused with muffled tones and thrilling, shuffling rhythms within whereas Jackmate's "90s Mix" focuses heavily on organic percussion rolling throughout with robust musical elements and looping vocals. SoulPhiction's "Dub Mix" completes the pack with a tranquil take on the original laying focus on funk-infused instrumentals and subdued jazz drums keeping the atmosphere smooth yet enticing.
PRICE: $25.50
Fred Peterkin assumes his Black Jazz Consortium alias again to continue his fascinating musical journey with a spellbinding new album entitled Evolution Of Light -- the first Black Jazz Consortium album since 2013. The 12-track record is a further development of the American's deeply enchanting style and finds him influenced by the music and culture of Brazil. A notorious album specialist who was once putting out one a year, Peterkin is most at home with the longer playing times of a full length. He is someone who needs time to tease out his lasting emotions, to sink you into his musical mindset and allow you to marvel at its beauty. "There has been a lot of growth since my first album," he says, rightly, "I wanted to answer with a follow up that is honest, and along the way Brazil became a focus, so here we are."
PRICE: $21.00
Bell ringer by day, DJ by night, Philipp Gorbachev returns to his own PG Tune label for his fascinating third LP, Kolokol ("The Bell"). A singular blend of cutting-edge techno and industrial with the distinctive sound of Orthodox church bells, Philipp Gorbachev's unique vision, also extended to an accompanying experimental documentary and a radical live show, documents the life and spirit altering experience of becoming a bell ringer himself in the time since his last full-length, 2016's uncompromising Unlock The Box (PGTUNE 001LP, 2016). Now, on Kolokol, Gorbachev utilizes his masterful use of electronic music textures and his multi-instrumental to adapt and subvert some of the most inspiring sounds that have ever rung out. Originally conceived as an Eastern "gospel" inspired album in the vein of Robert Hood's pulpit trips as Floorplan, the resulting record is an earthier, more brooding journey, arguably echoing the soothing and powerful tones of the bells themselves, which match the Earth's frequency of 8hz, rather than classic and increasingly digital club sounds. Those anticipating claps, snare rolls, hi-hats, and melodies may find themselves surprised and moved in unexpected ways; in the sonic church of Gorbachev's creation, the ever-unpredictable Gorbachev mines tension, ecstasy, and catharsis in the sound of more than 40 belfries, played live by hand, sampled and then sequenced with compelling and inspiring results. In an accompanying and beguiling short film, we glimpse Philipp Gorbachev at the mercy of both the bell and a higher power at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Berlin, and wandering across the vast, snow-dusted plains of his native Russia. Abstract and provocative visual sequences combine the experimental, industrial sound design of the record with distinctive imagery from Christian Orthodox heritage, to subtle and even quietly psychedelic effect. Completing Philipp Gorbachev's holistic vision for the project is a new live show, already premiered at Moscow's legendary Mutabor club. An ambitious and highly personal statement, Kolokol is an independent and necessary call for new bridges between spirituality and rave culture, demonstrating how an unexpected blend of technology and faith can transform ancient dogmas into communicative code that can heal anger and separation in the modern age.
PRICE: $23.50
Odd Okoddo is a Kenyan/German duo consisting of Olith Ratego and Sven Kacirek. The two artists met in Kenya, around 2009, when Sven Kacirek was recording his Kenya Sessions (PING 020CD, 2011), an album that put Kacirek on the map of outernational producers. It was reviewed as a "World Music 2.0" (de:bug magazine), whose "fascination endures" (The Wire). Olith Ratego also made an appearance on the Kenya Sessions, on the track "Too Good To Be True". The duo formed the project Odd Okoddo in 2018, with the two musicians joining their various talents which dovetail in perfection. Ratego writes the lyrics and vocal melodies while Kacirek composes, records and produces the arrangements of all nine songs on Auma. They create a colorful, dynamic sound which is defined by both Ratego's enormous vocal compass and range of timbres as well as Kacirek's outstanding skills as a sensitive percussionist. Olith Ratego sings in a musical style called "dodo", which originates from the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya, high in pitch and soulfully expressive. He refers to his music as "dodo blues". His lyrics touch upon the topics of politics, family and of course: love. As a skilled luthier, Ratego builds his instruments himself, like the five-stringed Okodo which lends its name to the project. Sven Kacirek is a multi-instrumentalist who has been commuting between Germany and Kenya for many years now. In the past he has closely collaborated with various international musicians, among them Nils Frahm and Shabaka Hutchings. Kacirek's sound builds upon a powerful bass marimba which is present throughout the album. It sometimes invokes the sound of a tuned 808 kick-drum. He works with Kenyan an arsenal of percussion instruments as well as household objects and found materials. Kacirek has now settled into a signature sound which has been described as "thrilling and dizzyingly inventive" by the Australian magazine, Cyclic Defrost. LP comes with a printed inner sleeve with liner notes by Tabu Osusa from the Nairobi based label, Ketebul, as well as explanations about the song lyrics.
PRICE: $14.50
NACHTBRAKER When You Find a Stranger in the Alps Remix EP 12"
One year after its release, Quartet Series presents the remix EP of Nachtbraker's successful debut album, When You Find a Stranger in the Alps (QSCD 001CD/QSLP 001LP). A collection of remixes by some serious talent. These three producers were carefully selected by Nachtbraker because of their impeccable reputation and ability to bring something unique to the world of music. Humble Danish maestro Central (Help, Dekmantel) flips "Flambo" into a Jori Hulkkonen'esque summer anthem with a highly addictive bassline. Preacher of wonkiness Frits Wentink (Wolf, Heist, Bobby Donny) took "LOL" and brought it some serious keys on a solid breakbeat while maintaining its jolly character. Flipping the record, Nachtbraker offers the evolution of "Just Doing My Thang" turning it into a quirky dancefloor tune whilst also showcasing his ear for detail. Up-and-coming talent Nemo Vachez (Forest Ill, Opia Records, Rakya) dives deep into "Horsepony" as if he's cruising the depths of a rainforest in a submarine. His surreal dub mix is the perfect final track of this fine piece of wax.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: RGV 012EP
HWA Granular Line 12"
Beijing-based techno producer HWA (aka Elvis. T) is releasing his first 12" EP Granular Line on Ran Groove. This EP has two deep pulsating techno tracks, as well as one a droning ambient track produced using his customized modular synth system. As one of the leading figures in China's techno music scene, HWA creates left-field experimental sound design, delicate poly-rhythmic grooves, dark and twisted massive soundscapes, and a full hardware workflow. Granular Line is the crystallization of HWA's persistent efforts on using the modular synth to produce techno music, it is the new envelope of his techno sound aesthetic.
RM 4107CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: RM 4107CD
CHANTLER, JOHN Tomorrow Is Too Late CD
Australian born, Sweden-based John Chantler returns to Room40 with his fifth solo edition. Tomorrow Is Too Late was commissioned by INA GRM for their Présences Électronique festival in 2018 and sees Chantler expand the horizons of his acoustic palette. Moving from subtle microtonal movements to passages of intense harmonic saturation, Tomorrow Is Too Late is his most dynamic work to date, a powerhouse of reductive intensity that bears witness to Chantler's uncompromising sonic articulations. John Chantler's recorded works for electronics are a dichotomy. Each of his editions, whilst entirely refined and composed, maintains a distinct sense of experimentation. Chantler's willingness to forgo the familiar in favor of the unknown or the unexpected has become a recurrent methodology which has resulted in a body of work that is simultaneously united and sprawling; Tomorrow Is Too Late typifies this dichotomy. Across each of the long-form pieces, he brings together unexpectedly vibrant sonic materials that converge and occupy attention with a dynamic intensity that exceeds all of his previous offerings. Rather than considering dynamics purely in terms of amplitude, Chantler uses frequency as means for creating elegant moments where stability is removed and we, as listeners, are left to find our own way amidst the towering, complex patterns he devises. The record also maintains a surrealist sensibility; audio hallucinations manifest, buried within the acoustic substrata. Voices, submerged within electronics hint at some imagined place. They bubble away at the very threshold of audibility. Similarly, stacked oscillating tones create hazy acoustic visions that suggest concrète landscapes, a nod to the storied history of the INA GRM studio. Tomorrow Is Too Late resolves a great many of John Chantler's interrogations into sound. It also opens a new chapter for his work, an aesthetic deepening that is sure to sustain him for many years to come. Chantler works with synthesizers and electronics to create unpredictable, highly dynamic music where passages of spare, alien beauty bridge distorted washes of masses harmonics. Originally from Australia, he spent a decade in London before moving to Sweden where he directs a small festival His work has been commissioned by Borealis Festival for Experimental Music in Bergen, Norway; Organ for the Senses, San Diego, USA; ElbPhilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany and Tectonics, Glasgow, UK. Chantler has also been artist-in-residence at the ZKM center for media arts in Karlsruhe, Germany and NOTAM in Oslo, Norway.
PRICE: $34.00
CAT #: SOL 175LP
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, THE The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse 2LP
"Let's hear it now for good old '89.... Following a year of devastating trauma where the Pink Dots went from being a six-piece band to just two stalwart survivors of myself and Phil (The Silverman), and our Amsterdam home was emptied so it could be transformed into a wine bar for Yuppies, the last 12 months of the decade were laced with the optimism of a new beginning. For a start, ace saxophone master Niels Van Hoorn stepped in, playing his first show perhaps three days after his first rehearsal. We'd been living in a caravan in the grounds of Niels' converted farmhouse, but were offered a flat in the 'worst part' of Nijmegen (which actually meant there were fewer buses on Sundays). Then, Niels' old friend and 'Golden Age' guest guitarist Bob Pistoor turned the Dots into a foursome and injected an intense passion into band. A good year. Lady Fate didn't seem quite so angry anymore, and a couple of cassettes bearing sketches for songs were fleshed out into the evergreen landmark that became The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse. Has it really been 30 whole years? The only sad footnote was that Bob joined the band a month too late to qualify for that elusive American work permit and The Pink Dots' first tour of the continent was as a three piece. His greatest ambition was to play in the USA, but the tiny mind of pointless bureaucracy can't cope outside the box. Tragically, Bob prematurely passed away in 1992, having never toured America. This 30th Anniversary edition of The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse is dedicated to Bob with undying love. --Edward Ka-spel, August 2019.This 30th anniversary edition of The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse includes the complete album as well as the tracks from Princess Coldheart EP and two extended session recordings on a bonus LP. It is presented in a deluxe gatefold jacket, with a lyric insert and a color postcard with a download code. Edition of 250."
PRICE: $40.00
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, THE The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse (Clear Vinyl) 2LP
Clear vinyl version, edition of 222. "Let's hear it now for good old '89.... Following a year of devastating trauma where the Pink Dots went from being a six-piece band to just two stalwart survivors of myself and Phil (The Silverman), and our Amsterdam home was emptied so it could be transformed into a wine bar for Yuppies, the last 12 months of the decade were laced with the optimism of a new beginning. For a start, ace saxophone master Niels Van Hoorn stepped in, playing his first show perhaps three days after his first rehearsal. We'd been living in a caravan in the grounds of Niels' converted farmhouse, but were offered a flat in the 'worst part' of Nijmegen (which actually meant there were fewer buses on Sundays). Then, Niels' old friend and 'Golden Age' guest guitarist Bob Pistoor turned the Dots into a foursome and injected an intense passion into band. A good year. Lady Fate didn't seem quite so angry anymore, and a couple of cassettes bearing sketches for songs were fleshed out into the evergreen landmark that became The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse. Has it really been 30 whole years? The only sad footnote was that Bob joined the band a month too late to qualify for that elusive American work permit and The Pink Dots' first tour of the continent was as a three piece. His greatest ambition was to play in the USA, but the tiny mind of pointless bureaucracy can't cope outside the box. Tragically, Bob prematurely passed away in 1992, having never toured America. This 30th Anniversary edition of The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse is dedicated to Bob with undying love. --Edward Ka-spel, August 2019.This 30th anniversary edition of The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse includes the complete album as well as the tracks from Princess Coldheart EP and two extended session recordings on a bonus LP. It is presented in a deluxe gatefold jacket, with a lyric insert and a color postcard with a download code. Edition of 222."
PRICE: $15.50
PROXYAN Network 313 12"
Google for Proxyan and you quickly get lost in the world of Bitcoins and proxy servers. Don't go there and simply accept the fact that this illusive Dutchman does not want his true identity to be known. Embrace the mystery and focus on his music, which is a tight fit between Detroit infused electro and the melodic wonders of Brits, like Silicon Scally and Mark Pritchard. The fascination for Motor City funk is most apparent in "Network 313" but shimmers throughout. Amsterdam-based, knob twidler Tracey delivers a spot-on remix of "Human Error Processor" which combines melancholica with crisp production.
PRICE: $37.50
CAT #: SME 060LP
GAZZANI, GIANCARLO Seduzione Coniugale LP
Sonor Music Editions reissue of a previously unreleased soundtrack for the obscure drama movie Seduzione Coniugale from 1974, directed by Daniele Franco. Originally published by CAM label with just two tracks recorded on a scarce 45, Sonor Music Editions was able to restore the music from the original CAM archive tapes to offer a proper vinyl edition that this beautiful score absolutely deserves. Maestro and orchestra director Giancarlo Gazzani -- the great musician and arranger behind several Italian grails like Feelings (1986) and more killer Library recordings from Costanza Records -- composed an enchanting and unmissable OST with loads of refined Morricone-esque orchestral arrangements, insane groovy beats, and Nuova Consonanza-inspired avant-garde music. The whole soundtrack is great with a huge strings orchestra that swings between sweet and flirtatious bossa nova themes and mental sounding experimentation with a driving drums kit.
PRICE: $31.00
TRECCA, FILIPPO Col Fiato In Gola 12"
The legendary hip-hop/dusty fingers heavy tune "Col Fiato In Gola" by maestro Filippo Trecca, originally released in 1978 for the Giallo TV mini-series Diario Di Giudice, directed by Dante Troisi. Sampled by tons of artists, this track represents a true holy grail for Italian TV-soundtracks music lovers and DJs with a totally mental down-tempo hip-hop beat played in a heavy funk key with just everything you could dream about: sleazy and punishing drum patterns, huge and ceaseless string cuts, heavy Giallo orchestration, meandering flutes, and a groovy and totally killer mood. Features versions by Kush and L.U.C.A..
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: SMR 003LP
"Enta Omri" -- A milestone in Arabic music history. "Enta Omri" is Om Kalsoum's most famous song, composed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab, who is still rightly regarded as a prominent musician and composer in Egypt. The creation of this song was the first long expected collaboration of two musical giants, which came at the repeated urging of Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser. There was talk in Egypt on the streets and in the media about what was believed to be a cold relationship between the two legends. Finally, after years of estrangement, Mohamed Abdel Wahab took the initiative and offered Om Kalsoum a song by poet Ahmed Shafiq Kamel, for which he had just composed a musical score. To his surprise, she responded positively and started to like the theme upon hearing it a few times. After a month of rehearsals, "Enta Omri" was released in February 1964 to critical acclaim and packed performances. The event was so grand it was labeled "The Cloud Meeting". With "Enta Omri", Abdel Wahab opened up the traditional repertoire of the diva to a more innovative style, for which the composer was known for. The use of the electric guitar and a long instrumental intro, fusing oriental themes with Western musical elements, made the song particularly special, securing its place in Egyptian musical history. Despite some criticism from other Egyptian composers from that era, the song was soon recognized as a milestone and opened a path to modernize Arabic music for many other musicians and singers. "Enta Omri" is loved by Arab and non-Arab audiences alike. Paying respect to the great diva, dozens of artists around the world have reinterpreted the song, adopting the intro's catchy guitar melody in their compositions. Souma Records thought it was time to re-release this monumental piece of music on a high-quality vinyl format, together with a repress of "Laylet Hob" (SMR 004LP), another classic song by Souma. Vintage inside out-sleeve; printed inner sleeve with liner notes.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: SMR 004LP
"Laylat Hob" -- Another meeting in the clouds. Mohamed Abdel Wahab wrote another big score for Om Kalsoum in 1972. In "Laylat Hob" (A Night of Love), you hear Arabic music and poetry in perfect symbiosis. The rich and lengthy instrumental intro is just a precursor of the emotion present in this song. The talent of the composer is underlined by how he utilizes the traditional style of singing poetry in a more open and creative way. Abdel Wahab's infusing of long and groovy interludes with varied tonality, rhythmical patterns, and an overall unique approach, carries Om Kalsoum's powerful voice and brings the song to an incredible climax. In this way, he gives more color and depth to the music and the skilled soloists in the orchestra are finally able to breathe. Sensual rhythms, breaks, and breathtaking solos of accordion, guitar (Omar Khorshid), violin, and organ (Hany Mehanna), have ensured this song is an all-time classic for belly dance routines. Souma Records thought it was time to re-release this monument on a high-quality vinyl format, together with a repress of "Enta Omri" (SMR 003LP), another classic song by Souma. Vintage inside out-sleeve; printed inner sleeve with liner notes.
PRICE: $32.00
VA Body Beat: Soca-Dub And Electronic Calypso 1979-98 3LP
Triple LP version. Gatefold sleeve. Soundway releases first Caribbean compilation in over ten years, Body Beat: Soca-Dub And Electronic Calypso 1979-98. 17 obscure soca B-side versions, dubs, instrumentals, and edits as well as vocal tracks influenced by disco, boogie, house-music, soul, and the more conscious lyrics of roots reggae. Owing as much to New York, Toronto, and London as to the Caribbean cities of Port of Spain, Bridgetown, and Kingstown this compilation traces the genre from its explosion in the late 1970s right up to the period just before contemporary soca became established around the end of the 1990s. Compiled by Soundway label founder Miles Cleret and DJ/collector Jeremy Spellacey, Body Beat, as with many compilations on the label, explores the fringes of this often maligned (by outsiders) genre. Boiled down to the bare bones of the matter though: soca is party music. Soca was originally a re-invention of Calypso music; a genre that in the 1970s was fast becoming usurped around the Caribbean by Jamaican reggae and American soul, funk and later disco. The originator of soca (or sokah as he called it), the calypsonian Lord Shorty, began experimenting and modernizing on the formulation of calypso in the early 1970s. His first album featured a strong emphasis on East African rhythms and a punchier recording style that emphasized the beat, and introduced arrangements that often owed as much to American funk and soul as to calypso. So here you go -- seventeen slabs of soca crossover, rapso, electronic calypso, and Caribbean "soca-soul" for your enjoyment -- and bound to fit well into modern, open-minded DJ sets alongside the resurgence of burger-highlife, digi-reggae, soukous, and zouk. Features Cito Jarvis, Roger Bain, *D* Ivan, Bill Campbell, Brother Resistance, Adonijah, Peter Britto, Juno D, Colin Jackman, Levi John, Spiking, Mohjah, Andre Tanker, Touch, D'Rebel Band, The Millers, and Chocolate Affaire. RIYL: Rebles' Sweetest Taboo (Soca) 12" (SNDW 12036EP), George & Glen Miller's Easing 12" (SNDW 12037EP), Wilson LeGendre.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: SDM 002EP
Twisted, healing, dark, enlightening. Space Drum Meditation is back with four airy slash pushing cuts driven by otherworldly riddims. Expect that breathe-in-breathe-out kinda vibe for both spesh' dancefloors and transcendental listening adventures. Features Messias Messiah, Cryptales.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: SPC 143EP
PROJECT PABLO Inside Unsolved 12"
For over five years, Canadian artist Patrick Holland has developed an inimitable perspective on melodic, freewheeling house music. And the myriad tracks he writes as Project Pablo have come to embody both the sensibilities of the producer and the environs of his Montreal home. Inside Unsolved, Project Pablo's dynamic four-tracker for Spectral Sound, specifically looks to Holland's local clubs and Canada's dance music past for inspiration. The old records of labels such as Steel City and Map Music course through the lush synths of emotional roller "Pressure No Impact" and the light-footed swing of "Big Room Delusion". While standing on the dancefloor at MUTEK two years ago, Holland dreamt up "Pill" in all of its billowy, percussive charms. Lead track "The Solution" cool-y and confidently kicks things off with the kinds of earworm synth lines, rich atmospheres, and effortless grooves now synonymous with Project Pablo. Inside Unsolved is yet another classy and classic record from an unstoppable force of quality dance music.
PRICE: $17.50
VA Coolsville Vol. 2 10"
Stay Sick presents ten inches of mean sleaze and kooky, far-out bongo blasters. Ding dong daddio, it's time for round two. So get out of this world, beatnik friends, and take a trip to Coolsville. You'll flip your lid till you're real gone, daddio. This stuff will murder ya. Side A is full of the sleaziest, low-down swingin' 'strumentals in town. So blast the Edison, don ya shades and get zonked on juice while these cats groove to the cool... hip and heavy... mean and moody. The flip side will knock you off your swingers! A set of kooky, cool 'n cerrrazy rock 'n rollers, heavy on the bongo beat. Finger-click your way through these skin beaters till you are, like, too far gone... Features Benny Joy, The Champs, The Rondels, Cozy Cole, The Piltdown Men, Duane Eddy, Joey Warren, Jimmy Dale & the Ding a Lings, Preston Epps, Jerry Madison & The Space Men, The Shadows, and Joe Hall & The Corvettes.
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: VAN 344EP
O'DOWDA, DAVID Wait/Better in the Dark 7"
David O'Dowda is an Irish songwriter who has been living in Manchester since 1999. Previous musical adventures include keyboard player with Sizer Barker, front man for Table (with a previous single release on Static Caravan) and more recently pianist for former Maccabees front man Orlando Weeks' The Gritterman (2017), featuring Paul Whitehouse. Since taking the legs off Table in 2012, he has written over 70 songs for Extreme music, one of the world's leading production music companies. His songs have been featured on lots of TV shows, trailers and films world-wide including Queer Eye, Hot Girls Wanted, and Homelands and he has composed for TV advertising short films and a feature film in 2018. Music from his last EP The World Retreats was featured on season two of the hit Netflix show Dark in June 2019. This EP marks the return of David to the Static Family. Edition of 250; includes download card.
PRICE: $18.00
STUDIO MULE Visible Cloaks Remix 12"
The first remixed release from Studio Mule/BGM. Portland based Visible Cloaks offers two mixes of. The original songs of both tracks are his all-time favorite Japanese tracks. Simply beautiful ambient music.
PRICE: $31.00
BGM Back Ground Music LP
Studio Mule present a reissue of BGM's Back Ground Music, originally released in 1980. The debut album from Japanese living legend, electronic music producer Takayuki Shiraishi. Released on legendary experimental music label in Osaka, Vanity Records, run by Yuzuru Agi when Shiraishi was high school student. Shiraishi was influenced by the music of post punk, new wave, kraut rock -- this album is his unique mixture of that kind music style. One of the most in-demand alternative music albums from japan finally reissued. Remastered from original tape and mastering by Kuniyuki Takahashi.
PRICE: $31.00
A reissue of Japanese singer-songwriter Nina Atsuko's debut album, Play Room, originally released in 1983. This album is one of the most-wanted Japanese city pop albums, but it's quite hard to find the original vinyl. Nina covered her favorite bossa nova, Latin, and American pops tunes in Japanese with the sound of '80s urban jazz fusion. All tracks match the big Japanese city pop revival trend perfectly.
SR 479LP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: SR 479LP
KNIZAK, MILAN String Quartets LP
Violin was Milan Knízák's first instrument. He has composed hundreds of works of this ilk. The first one "DHK", was written 45 years ago. Next to his destroyed works, Milan took notations of different composers, cut them and put them together (with his own score) into a collage, expressing his feelings and his apprehension of music. Recorded from February-July 2018 and performed by fama Q: David Danel, Roman Hranicka - violin; Ondrej Martinovsky - viola; Balázs Adorján - violoncello. fama Q is a string quartet founded in 2005 in Prague. Its members, also orchestral musicians with the Prague Philharmonia, were always devoted to chamber and string quartet music."I am aware that the majority of my compositions are technically challenging, since I employ uncommon intervals, so as to make the musicians think in a different, novel way and to produce different colors in the 'classical' passages too. If the instruments were arrayed 'beneath one another', simple melodies may come across as boring. In the case of interval skips, whereby I count with a certain fuzziness, even falseness of tones, music is far more colorful. I don't care who would perform my pieces, as long as they are solid musicians. I think I have written them in such a manner that they should not forfeit energy even when someone is not familiar with the modern playing principles, only their effect would somewhat shift. And I really don't mind any shift. One of my friends said that this music of mine is not similar to anything. I would like to add that it is similar to everything. Perhaps both are true." --Milan Knízák, April 2018.Prof. Milan Knízák, Dr.A. is a multimedia artist working in fine art (actions, paintings, sculptures), music, literature, architecture, fashion, and furniture design. Member of the international art group Fluxus. Featured in major galleries around the world as well as archives, catalogs, encyclopedias and dictionaries. His Broken Music (SR 400LP, 2015) was included among the 1000 most important compositions of the 20th century. A dictionary of designers published by Ambiente lists him as "a central figure in modern Czech design". Milan Knízák has had more than 120 solo exhibitions and hundreds of group exhibitions throughout almost the entire world. He has published approximately 80 books and catalogs and released many music recordings, as well as creating a number of design projects.
SR 490LP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: SR 490LP
OISEAUX-TEMPETE From Somewhere Invisible LP
LP version. Includes printed inner sleeve and poster; limited edition marbled vinyl. Edited and mixed between Montreal and Paris, From Somewhere Invisible summons the fever of experimentation and the powerful sound of the game coming together in the service of a luxuriant and psychedelic drift. Synthetic brass meets hammered rhythms, string electrics with cracked electronics, saxophone cries and laughter at a pulsing and seminal bass. Created in 2012 by multi-instrumentalists Frédéric D. Oberland and Stéphane Pigneul, Oiseaux-Tempëte (Storm Petrels) is a constantly evolving collective that, embracing the freedom of improvisation, transcends borders and cultures, straddling the intersection where amplified music (post/kraut/free-rock, jazz-punk, avant-garde, experimental electronics) collides and finds common ground -- a refuge. Sensitive to the beating of hearts, hypnotic beats, and explosions of materials, Oiseaux-Tempête embrace the community of collaboration, regularly inviting to the studio and tour friends, like: the electronic producer Mondkopf, the Dutch performer G.W.Sok (The Ex), drummers Jean-Michel Pirës (Bruit Noir, The Married Monk), Sylvain Joasson (Mendelson), Ben McConnell (Beach House, Marissa Nadler), British bass clarinetist Gareth Davis, contemporary Ondes Martenot player Christine Ott , and musicians Charbel Haber & The Bunny Tylers, Sharif Sehnaoui, Fadi Tabbal, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, Youmna Saba, and Two Or The Dragon. At the end of November 2017, Oiseaux-Tempête flew to Canada at the invitation of Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem In My Heart). The program for the quintet (Frédéric, Stéphane, Jean-Michel, Mondkopf, and G.W.Sok): two concerts in Montreal and Toronto in support of the collaborative project Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart (specially reformed for the occasion), fraternal encounters buried beneath the Canadian snow, and to finish, a mysterious two-day studio session in Montreal's legendary Hotel2Tango. Radwan shifts from the recording controls to the buzuk, the spiraling strings of Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt. Zion) a welcome surprise. With usual urgency, Oiseaux-Tempête rushes with joy towards the invisible outcome. The fourth studio album and seventh release on the Belgian avant-garde label Sub Rosa, From Somewhere Invisible embraces the new. Leaving aside for a while the logbooks of long journeys and the field recordings of the previous albums, the music of Oiseaux-Tempête unfolds as a twilight and prophetic orchestra around G.W.Sok's punctuated voice. The poems of Mahmoud Darwish, Ghayath Almadhoun, and Yu Jian question the modern man and his double, the strange and foreign, the fragmented real, the violence, society and its mirror.
PRICE: $22.00
OHNO, MATSUO Roots Of Electronic Sound LP
Futuristic synthesizer specialist and sound designer Matsuo Ohno was responsible for the sound design of a broad range of film, television, and radio soundtracks, most famously the animation series Astro Boy which he began working on in 1963 together with his assistant, Takehisa Kosugi. Ohno was born in the heavily-populated Kanda district of central Tokyo in 1930 and was heavily affected by the repeated bombing raids on the city enacted in World War II, which took place during his formative years. After the war, deeply motivated by philosophy and Surrealism, he was largely unaffected by popular music, other than the electronic abstractions of Karlheinz Stockhausen; the left-wing filmmaker Fumio Kamei was another early influence. Ohno began immersing himself in the realm of sound effects while working with the Bungaku-za modernist theatre troupe and he performed a similar function at NHK, Japan's national broadcasting corporation, but became so frustrated by the rigidity of the restrictions imposed on him there that he quit his prestigious post at the broadcaster, although his skills were such that he remained in high demand as a freelancer, which allowed him to refine his sound effects techniques with evolving analogue synthesizers. The five suites of tracks that make up the Roots Of Electronic Sound album were recorded between 1963 and 1966; initially released on the ALM label in 1975, it is comprised of brief tape experiments, the cover artwork fittingly representing Astro Boy, from which many of the audio interludes are taken. Includes full color insert; edition of 500.
PRICE: $25.00
PSYCHIC TV The Evening Sun Turns Crimson LP
LP version. A live musical performance to Derek Jarman's In The Shadow of the Sun. Recorded live at Cafe OTO, London, England on May 23, 2017. Derek Jarman's In The Shadow of the Sun forms part of a series of films, shot and edited on S8mm, grouped under the collective title The Art of Mirrors. In The Shadow of the Sun is the longest of these running at 54 minutes. Filming took place between 1972-74 and the film was completed in 1974. When Derek showed the film, he would play Verdi's requiem as an accompaniment. In 1980 the FDK in Berlin agreed to make a 16mm blow up of the S8mm film to be shown at the Berlinale forum. The footage was blown-up to 16mm by John Hall of Colour Technique. Derek felt that the new version should have a new accompaniment and, with this in mind, approached Throbbing Gristle to provide the music. In May 23, 2017, Psychic TV performed two live soundtracks to In The Shadow of the Sun at Cafe OTO in London. The recordings on this LP were made that night. For the realization of this project Psychic TV were: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge - violin; Edley ODowd - drums and percussion; Alice Genese - flute; Jeff Berner - guitar; John Weingarten - keyboards. Live mixing by Matski; Album produced by Edley ODowd.
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: TAL 014LP
MAPSTATION Present Unmetrics LP
LP version. Includes download code. Since 2000, Mapstation has been the moniker for the solo work of TAL Label founder Stefan Schneider. Schneider has won international acclaim as a founding member of Kreidler and To Rococo Rot, as well as through unique collaboration works with artists such as Joachim Roedelius (Cluster, Harmonia), Bill Wells, Katharina Grosse, Dieter Moebius (Cluster, Harmonia), Sofia Jernberg, or Jochen Irmler (Faust). There has not been a new Mapstation release since 2009's The Africa Chamber (SCAPE 059CD) which had former Fela Kuti member Nicholas Addo-Nettey on percussion. Present Unmetrics is not entirely a stand-alone creation either. There are guest appearances by Thomas Klein (Kreidler) on percussion, Michael Acher (The Notwist) on Sousaphone and an outstanding vocal contribution from Japanese singer Haco, all deeply woven into the digital topography of the music. Present Unmetrics offers a collection of radically subtle music. The guiding principle of the album was to construct direct and nuanced tracks which embody a sense of open-ended incompleteness and heterogenous dynamics. Out-of-sync bass arpeggios, infused with uneven rhythms, fractured synth stabs, and intimate melodies, frequently created here with a Schlumberg sine wave generator, are continuously engage with experimentation, both on sound and structure. Expertly pieced together and produced in timeless fashion, Present Unmetrics displays all the coherence and artistic authority of an album on a constant quest so vital to the music of Mapstation. An album that couldn't have been made by any other than Mapstation.
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: TER 058LP
ETHIER, ANDRE Croak In The Weeds LP
"Croak In The Weeds, the second instalment in a planned trilogy from ex-Deadly Snakes frontman André Ethier, will be released in fall 2019 on Telephone Explosion Records. The nine-song album was created in collaboration with Sandro Perri (producer) at his Toronto studio in late 2018/early 2019. Croak In The Weeds continues Ethier and Perri's musical relationship which was originally established on 2017's Under Grape Leaves. Croak expands upon that album, deconstructing synthetic elements to a point of raw organic beauty. Lyrically, André's approach has shifted to the natural world, focusing heavily on flora and fauna. Almost every track on the 34-minute album references animals, with central characters ranging from pigs to dragons. This is André's third attempt at a trilogy of records. Previous attempts have stalled for various reasons; disillusionment with genre, unrealistic sense of self, arachnophobia... Though it would not be inaccurate to suggest that he now has completed a trilogy of unfinished trilogies (he would thank you for your optimistic reasoning,) and is still planning to finish this one. Regarding trilogies, André opines: 'In the first you establish the tools and build yourself a room, in the sequel you live in the room and imagine what's outside, finally in the third... you escape?' He doesn't know, he has never gone all the way..."
PRICE: $16.00
Restocked. "This Heat, the band, emerged in early 1976 on the leading edge of what became the New Wave, but they were always apart, more scary and more subtle. Known as the most left-field, and at the same time most hard-edged, band in all of England, their concerts attracted experimental, punk and new wave audiences alike. Just a handful of performances made them the band everyone had to see, and every journalist had to interview. And the more we knew, the more enigmatic they became. This Heat was a passion. The band worked day-in, day-out for years in their own, now legendary, studio in Brixton (Cold Storage - sited in an old industrial meat refrigerator), or they were away somewhere touring abroad. In this hothouse environment, their material evolved and grew, and became increasingly intense; on the one hand more cuttingly simple, on the other more layered and more dense. When their first LP -- itself several years in the making -- finally appeared on David Cunningham's Piano label in 1979, with its distinctive blue and yellow sleeve, it acquired immediate iconic status. And over time it has also proved itself prescient; there are musical innovations here that anticipate genres that would take another 15 years to reappear. This Heat, the record was a landmark release. It tore up the book and laid new rules for band composition and performance. The music was without precedent; the musicians uncompromising; the recordings hammeringly intense and the sound deep, radical, and rich. This was music stripped back to the bone but never simplified. And it hasn't aged. This edition, the first on the new This Is label, re-mastered and repackaged by the group, will be doubly welcome. It is the first of a series of historical This Heat re-editions and unpublished works by the band to be released on this dedicated label."
PRICE: $12.50
AIR MAX '97 Bruxis/Ice Bridge 12"
The London based New-Zealander Air Max '97 refines his sound here with an emphasis on functionality and groove. Contemporary sonics interact with a FWD>>> attitude for a sound that is rude, tough and different.
PRICE: $22.00
LP version. This is for sure no fake news! F4 Fake is the exciting new album by Made To Break, the gripping quartet of Ken Vandermark, mixing jazz, funky patterns, and electronics in groovy improvisations -- interrupted by abstract insertions. Recorded by Daniel Schatz, November 29 2017 at Primitive Studios, Vienna. Mastering by Alex Inglizian at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago. Mixing by Alex Inglizian and Ken Vandermark. Artwork by Federico Peñalva. Personnel: Ken Vandermark - reeds; Christof Kurzmann - pooll/electronics; Jasper Stadhouders - electric bass; Tim Daisy - drums.
PRICE: $21.00
AKRON The Akron Quartet Plays "Ritualul Sferei" LP
Voyage Of Exploration (2012) and Synaptic Beat (2013) established Akron as one of the best sonic and mood explorers out there, achieving an engaging personal sound while carrying on the legacy of greats such as Les Baxter, Delia Derbyshire, Mort Garson, Sun Ra... Free from any scene or genre constraints, Akron managed to combine a myriad of sounds in a completely unique way. Soon after the release of Synaptic Beat, Akron became a quartet in order to perform their music on stage. After a few gigs they recorded an album with the aim to capture the essence of their live set-up. The result, Ritualul Sferei (The Ritual of the Spheres), resembles a pseudo-tribal ceremony that takes place in an inhospitable corner of the universe. It could be a rite from an unknown civilization living in a different planet or an enigmatic earthly celebration from another time (past or future). For five years that recording was put aside and the band's live performances stopped. At last, Ritualul Sferei has been finished and sees the light of day.
PRICE: $25.00
"Julián y su Combo was founded in 1962 by left-handed guitarist Julián Angulo Ponce, who was originally from Guapi, Cauca, Colombia and made his name in Cali and Buenaventura, signing initially with Bogotá's Sello Vergara in 1966. During a 20-year period Julián y su Combo released eight records (with several band name variations). Angulo was part of the first generation of artists from the Colombian Pacific who migrated to Bogotá in the 1970s, and his combo enjoyed popularity in his adopted city as well as in Medellín and Mexico. The band also travelled to Venezuela and the US. Angulo described his sound as 'Afroantillano', combining Cuban, New York Latin, and Puerto Rican elements with Colombia's own tropical traditions. The combo's arrangements were distinguished by the bandleader's funky, jazzy electric guitar work (Angulo played without changing the order of the strings), a hot rhythm section and the potent brass line-up of two saxophones and a trumpet (much like Cortijo y su Combo). Noche De Fiesta (1975) was the first of two albums Angulo cut for the Medellín-based INS label (Industria Nacional del Sonido Ltda), and the record was distinguished by having the great Peruvian bandleader and composer Alfredo Linares guesting on piano. Linares also shared the arranging duties with the combo's trumpet player Carlos Rivas. At that time Alfredo Linares was musical director at INS and this album bears his influence in the funky 'mambo rock' sections (breaks and handclaps galore!) and hot Cuban and Latin jazz piano styles that also graced his own records. The lead vocals were equally split by Julian's long-time singer José Arboleda and the band's drummer 'Guapachá' (guest artist Clelia Ramírez joined the band on coro). Noche De Fiesta is sought after by collectors and DJs the world over not only for its hard salsa and instrumental 'descarga' (jam) tracks but also because of the funky dancefloor cuts 'Enyere Kumbara' (covered by Quantic), 'INS-Rock' and 'Estoy Soda' as well as the excellent original version of 'Las Caleñas Son Como Las Flores' (made famous later the same year by The Latin Brothers)." --Pablo Iglesias, aka DJ Bongohead Part of a new Vampisoul reissue series of classic LPs from Colombia's INS label. Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $25.00
LOS AFROINS A Gozar Salsomanos LP
"By 1974, salsa was taking Colombia by storm and so the directors of the INS label (Industria Nacional Del Sonido Ltda), based in Medellín, Colombia, decided to create a band that would appeal to 'salsómanos' (salsa fanatics) and be able to compete with the area's two larger labels, Discos Fuentes and Codiscos. Thus was born the oddly named Los Afroins (a contraction of Afro, indicating the roots of the music, and '--ins', for the label name), an obscure, short-lived combo that would release two albums and six 45s. The repertoire focused on cover versions of hit Afro-Antillean tunes both classic and contemporary. Pianist Agustín Martínez 'El Conde', who would later work with Joe Arroyo and Juan Piña, led the group and did some arranging. INS artistic director Alfredo Linares 'El Inca', the famed Peruvian keyboardist and composer, oversaw the project and guested on piano for several tracks, doing some arranging as well. The vocals were handled by a pair of young as yet unknown singers, Lucho Puerto Rico and Ray Betancourt, who would later go on to more fame in the 1980s, the former with his own Lucho Puerto Rico y su Conjunto Sonero and Conjunto Son del Barrio, and the latter with Willie Salcedo, Reales Brass de Colombia, and Los Caribes. Óscar Toscano "El Márquez Argentino" (whose orchestra backed Palito Ortega in the 1960s) and Luis E Mosquera arranged as well, while the rest of the band was made up of INS-related studio musicians. Their first album, A Gozar Salsomanos Con Los Afroins, is a sought-after collector's item and contains ten brassy, heavy-duty salsa gems that don't let up for the duration of the record. There are covers of salsa hits by Ismael Rivera ('El Nazareno', 'Orgullosa'), Los Ahijados ('Virgen De La Cueva', 'Guayo, Pellizco Y Pata'), Roberto De La Barrera ('Sabrosón'), Cheo Marquetti ('Apriétala'), and even the smash pop hit by the French modern classical and electronic music composer Saint-Preux (a great instrumental descarga version of 'Concierto Para Una Sola Voz'). In addition, there are two originals ('Afroinspiración' and 'Cuídate') that are equally hot. The whole package makes for a very satisfying party record that deserves to be more accessible and better known by today's salsómanos who may have heard of Fruko y sus Tesos or Grupo Niche but have yet to discover Los Afroins." --Pablo Iglesias, aka DJ Bongohead Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $10.00
CAT #: VAMPI 45070EP
VILLAGE CALLERS, THE Hector/I'm Leaving 7"
The Village Callers were born out of a band called Marcy & The Imperials in the mid-1960s and soon became very popular in East Los Angeles, playing all the top venues. Their first 45 featured two original compositions: "Hector" on the A-side, an original composition which became a hit in Los Angeles, backed by the wonderful ballad "I'm Leaving". The infectious Latin groove of "Hector" was later sampled by hip-hop artists such as De La Soul, Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, and Ice Cube. "Hector" was also featured in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019).
VL 990020LP
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: VL 990020LP
MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS, JOHN Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton (Blue Vinyl) LP
2019 repress, light blue vinyl. Vinyl Lovers presents a reissue of John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers's Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton, originally released in 1966. This seminal British blues album gave Clapton the chance to finally show his chops, not surprisingly, launching Clapton into stardom. Recorded in 1966 during Clapton's short stint with the Bluesbreakers, just after leaving the Yardbirds (the birth place of other legendary guitar players like Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck) and before he joined Cream. Includes 4 bonus tracks. Light blue vinyl.
WG 064EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: WG 064EP
Cologne's Tim Engelhardt delivers his debut EP for Watergate. We got our first taste of Tim Engelhardt's prodigious talent when "Under Armour" featured on WhoMadeWho's acclaimed Watergate 26 compilation (WG 026CD, 2019) earlier this year. The track was a masterstroke of tension-filled chords and crisp drums that put him squarely on the radar of the WG faithful. His first EP for the label, Rhy, captures the essence of Watergate's famous Waterfloor at dawn. The title track is drenched in sheaths of warm melodies, as velvety vocal undertones and sweeping strings welcome the morning light. "When The Sun Illuminated Her Eyes," is the more driving accompaniment, as textured synths and delicate keys shine a light on Engelhardt's accomplished skill as a pianist.
PRICE: $31.00
Restocked; LP version. Wewantsounds present a reissue and the first international release of Hiroshi Sato's ultra-rare synth masterpiece, Orient, originally released in 1979 on Kitty Records in Japan only. This highly sought-after album is a superb breezy mix of Japanese synth-pop with a subtle touch of mid-70s Herbie Hancock-style funk and AOR. Originally released in 1979, at a fruitful time when Hiroshi Sato, Haruomi Hosono, and Shigeru Suzuki were fresh from playing in the group Tin Pan Alley and Haruomi Hosono had just formed Yellow Magic Orchestra, Orient is a unique balance of various styles. It has become one of the most sought-after Japanese LPs on the global Balearic scene and is now exchanging hands for astronomical prices. The album includes such cult tracks as "Son Go Kuw" and "Do-Jo" popular on the international DJ scene. It features the best Japanese musicians at the time, including Shigeru Suzuki on guitar, Haruomi Hosono on bass, Pecker on percussion, and Sato himself on keyboards and synthesizers. The album also features on Gilles Peterson's "Significant Album" List. Fully remastered from the original Kitty Records tapes by Universal Japan. Includes original four-page color insert, including English translations of the original liner notes by leading Japanese journalist Yasufumi Amatatsu, plus the full track-by-track musician line up. "Breezy Balearic synth pop with a Nippon twist" --The Vinyl Factory.
PRICE: $18.00
KUSHT Together LP
Kusht surfaces with a playful release full of tottery synths, crisp percussions, and mind-bending samples. On this six-track LP released on almost occult YNFND from Germany's ever rainy Baltic coast, the Scottish producer easily blends bluesy guitar riffs with wailing electronic pads. Shuffled backbeats melt with ominous samples into a sticky glue, trapping every listener into a bouncy dance. Kusht can already look back on a vivid and versatile back-catalog but still manages to top it off with a many-sided and thought-out work of art in his signature style. Full of folkloristic beats, Together has what it needs to become one of 2019's secret weapons, with early support of some of Germany's acknowledged tastemakers.
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