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Forced Exposure New Releases for week of 11/18/2019

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New music is due from Emily Jane White, Ruins, and Aziza Brahim, while old music is due from Arthur Russell, Lustmord, and The Fox.

we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321

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FORCED EXPOSURE / 60 Lowell Street / Arlington, MA 02476 / USA

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2MR 044EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: 2MR 044EP
SIMONETTI, MIKE Mike Plays Ann O'Dam/Sonnen Schein 12"
This "Like A Prayer" edit has been a secret weapon in Mike Simonetti's DJ sets for almost three years, and has been one of his most requested tracks. The fact that it has amassed over 15,000 downloads on SoundCloud before being taken down by Madonna's people has only added to the mystique of this particular rework. The b-side is the polar opposite -- yet equally as effective -- rework of krautrock legend Faust. Here, Mike takes a meandering kraut masterpiece, and in a more classic edit style, turns it into an 11-minute dancefloor journey with bigger drums, faster BPMs and buildups/breakdowns. Where the Madonna edit is sparse and bare, the Faust edit is lush and ecstatic.
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: AFS 040EP
Obed Ngobeni and his backing singers the Kurhula Sisters were among the originators of Shangaan Disco, a genre that helped shape South Africa's bubblegum sound of the '80s. The group emerged in 1983 with "Kuhluvukile Ka Zete," a hit that later gained international recognition as "Kazet." In 1984 Ngobeni followed this with the album Gazankulu, which included the irresistibly catchy "Ta Duma," pioneering in its fusion of traditional and electronic -- a sign of things to come. Heads Music boss Emil Dean Zoghby also cooked up a disco version of the track with producer Peter Moticoe and engineer Phil Audoire for release as a 12" (with a dub, of course), replacing the original version's guitars with another layer of stinging synths and a proto-house beat to drive the song's emphatic call-and-response chorus. Ta Duma, the latest release on DJ Okapi's Afrosynth Records, brings together all three versions of this massive track for the first time -- a tribute to the roots of bubblegum. On the B-side, "Xikhobva" offers a more traditional bass and guitar-driven groove over simmering drums. This one's hard!
SIDO 020-21CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: SIDO 020-21CD
The Early Years collection has been released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the music-theater company, Operating Theatre, by composer Roger Doyle and performer Olwen Fouere. Operating Theatre has been active in two phases: the first from 1981 to 1988, and the second from 1998 to 2008. This double-CD set celebrates the first phase, during which the company operated as both a theatre company, integrating music as an equal partner in the theatrical environment, and as a band releasing records.
PRICE: $14.00
SKY CIVILIAN At the Seams 12"
"A work of searching, and in many moments, finding" Maggie Thornton as Sky Civilian is set to release her second EP via Atomnation: At the Seams. It's a stepping stone, from the lyrical, gentle, genre-agnostic electronica of Open Door (ATMV 065LP), to Maggie's own rounded and angelic take on acid-house. Maggie's cinematic, synth-heavy style emerged after a decade of orchestral French horn playing and classical studies. She combines this brass-inspired, synth-forward approach with her weightless, almost-whispered vocals, and dancefloor ready beats. The melding of influences present in her work make Maggie a fresh and promising new artist in the electronic music scene, an artist we hope to hear more from for many years to come.
AU 1017CD
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: AU 1017CD
"Over the past decade, the visionary musician Arthur Russell has entered something close to the mainstream. Sampled and referenced by contemporary musicians, his papers now open to visitors at the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center in New York, and his name synonymous with a certain strain of tenderness, Russell is as widely known as he's ever been. Thanks to Russell's partner Tom Lee and to Steve Knutson of Audika Records, who have forged several records from Russell's vast archive of unreleased material, the world now hears many versions of Arthur Russell. There's the Iowa boy, the disco mystic, the singer-songwriter and composer, and the fierce perfectionist deep in a world of echo. While all of these elements of Russell are individually true, none alone define him. Now, after ten years of work inside the Russell library, Lee and Knutson bring us Iowa Dream, yet another bright star in Russell's dazzling constellation. Blazing with trademark feeling, these nineteen songs are a staggering collection of Russell's utterly distinct songwriting. And although Russell could be inscrutably single-minded, he was never totally solitary. Collaborating here is a stacked roster of downtown New York musicians, including Ernie Brooks, Rhys Chatham, Henry Flynt, Jon Gibson, Peter Gordon, Steven Hall, Jackson Mac Low, Larry Saltzman, and David Van Tieghem. Musician Peter Broderick makes a contemporary addition to this list: more than forty years after Russell recorded several nearly finished songs, Broderick worked diligently with Audika to complete them, and performed audio restoration and additional mixing. Several tracks on Iowa Dream Russell originally recorded as demos, in two early examples of his repeated brushes with potential popular success -- first in 1974, with Paul Nelson of Mercury Records, and then in 1975, with the legendary John Hammond of Columbia Records. For different reasons, neither session amounted to a record deal. Russell kept working nearly up until his death in 1992 from complications of HIV-AIDS. At once kaleidoscopic and intimate, Iowa Dream bears some of Russell's most personal work, including several recently discovered folk songs he wrote during his time in Northern California in the early 1970s. For Russell, Iowa was never very far away. 'I see, I see it all,' sings Russell on the title track: red houses, fields, the town mayor (his father) streaming by as he dream-bicycles through his hometown. Russell's childhood home and family echo, too, through 'Just Regular People,' 'I Wish I Had a Brother,' 'Wonder Boy,' 'The Dogs Outside are Barking,' 'Sharper Eyes,' and 'I Felt.' Meanwhile, songs like 'I Kissed the Girl From Outer Space,' 'I Still Love You,' 'List of Boys,' and 'Barefoot in New York' fizz with pop and dance grooves, gesturing at Russell's devotion to New York's avant-garde and disco scenes. Finally, the long-awaited 'You Did it Yourself,' until now heard only in a brief heart-stopping black-and-white clip in Matt Wolf's documentary Wild Combination, awards us a new take with a driving funk rhythm and Russell's extraordinary voice soaring at the height of its powers. On Iowa Dream, you can hear a country kid meeting the rest of the world -- and with this record, the world continues to meet a totally singular artist."
PRICE: $13.00
CAT #: AUM 107CD
WARE TRIO, DAVID S. The Balance (Vision Festival XV +) CD
2019 repress... "The Balance is the fourth edition in the DSW-ARC Series; it presents an outstanding and incendiary David S. Ware concert, in trio with William Parker and Warren Smith. A tenor sax / bass / drums excursion of full intensity from the first note, this suite of spontaneous form was created at NYC's Vision Festival in 2010. Ware had been a perennial at this vital annual gathering since its beginning; this was his first time back since his revered Quartet bid farewell there in 2006, and it was a wholly exhilarating return. This DSW Trio convened only three times over their 10 month existence: the Dec. 2009 studio session for Onecept, this June concert, and the Oct. 2010 album release celebration at the Blue Note in NYC [documented on Live In New York, 2010]. Also included here are four exceptional out-takes from the Onecept session -- all of which had been completed and considered for inclusion at that time. This new release, together with the aforementioned, present the total work which this group created. Each of their three communions has its own flavor: Onecept deals exquisitely with space and purposefully featured David on three different horns (tenor, stritch, saxello), with Warren Smith on tympanis/percussion in addition to drum set. The night at the Blue Note features the most extensive documentation of Ware on alto sax in existence (a straight version; the stritch), with the Mid & Far-Eastern tones he brought forth on the instrument blossoming beautifully over the course of two sets in an intimate setting. This festival stage concert is premier 21st Century free jazz rendered with the virtuosity and lucidity that only Ware (with his esteemed peers) could provide. A profound and utterly complete treat. Packaged in a limited edition deluxe 6-panel digipak, with liner notes by Ware's long-time producer, photographs from the concert, and the vivid witness painting on the cover, which was made during this performance."
PRICE: $13.00
CAT #: AUM 112CD
"Eri Yamamoto transcends jazz, classical and folk forms to create a stunning new suite for jazz trio & 50-member choir. Eri Yamamoto transcended jazz, classical and folk forms in creating her new work : for jazz trio & 50-member choir. She has seamlessly melded biography, group improvisation and far-ranging compositional vocabularies in a momentous seven-part suite, featuring her longstanding trio in collaboration with New York-based Choral Chameleon, directed by its award-winning founder, Vince Peterson. The suite is based off of the 'Goshu Ondo,' a traditional circle dance song from Shiga, Japan, where it was sung during the summer Bon festival to warmly welcome ancestral spirits. The suite commences with the folk song's melodic kernel from which the rest blooms. Choral Chameleon's heterophony, polyphony and unison singing interweave with Yamamoto's trio, often with gorgeous open vowels evocative of natural scenes in works ranging from Claude Debussy through Charles Ives to Duke Ellington. All is bolstered by gentle trio improvisation, Ambrosio and Takeuchi propelling the band forward and ultimately building to a life-affirming choral unison. As the final movement's ecstatic and celebratory rhythms surge, crest and dissipate and the various musical threads converge, a sense of transcultural journey is palpable, of many and disparate experiences existing in luminous multi-communal nexus. The coda composition performed by the trio, 'Echo of Echo', provides a final moment of reflection, mirroring the suite's ultimate descent toward silence; demonstrating, again, that the part is in the whole, which far exceeds the sum of its components."
PRICE: $13.00
CAT #: AUM 113CD
WARE NEW QUARTET, DAVID S. Theatre Garonne, 2008 CD
"The David S. Ware Archive Series was launched in November 2015, and AUM Fidelity has marked the anniversary of his birth -- November 7, 1949 -- with a vital new edition therein every year since. David S. Ware was a master saxophonist of the highest order, and an unparalleled sonic alchemist of the modern jazz era. As his distinctly potent sound & vision was an integral inspiration toward the creation/devotion of AUM Fidelity, that mission continues strong with the DSW-ARC series. Théâtre Garonne, 2008 presents a luminous concert from a transitional period in David S. Ware's ever-creative life. His 17-year-longstanding Quartet with Matthew Shipp & William Parker, which had achieved a naturally ascendant worldwide acclaim, performed their final concerts on a triumphal European tour in March 2007. Knowing that this end was coming, David had already begun writing new compositions and conceptualizing what would become his new quartet. The first iteration of this group -- foundationally with guitarist Joe Morris -- debuted at New York's Iridium jazz club in mid-July. The group was made whole with Ware's stalwart musical companion William Parker back on bass and fellow master musician Warren Smith on drums."
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: BFE 055LP
B.F.E. Records present a reissue of the fantastic debut LP from France's pioneer avant-electronic unit, Art & Technique. Clima-X was originally released in 1981 by Hi-Tech Records. Haunting obscure minimal electronic sounds, ambient and atmospheric ventures, minimal wave with some ethnic elements. And excellent use of rhythm boxes, sound generators and strange vocals, reminiscent of 23 Skidoo's "7 Songs", early Muslimgauze or O Yuki Conjugate's sound. Remastered by former member Bernard Filipetti. Edition of 300.
PRICE: $17.00
BIG HANDS Baroque Sunbursts EP 12"
"Four freshly dare-to-be different cuts of bass-driven techno, electro/IDM grooves, atmospheric dub chords, weird percussions and odd-uneven rhythms. There's a subtle sense of tension and restlessness in the guts of this music but also a lot of space, both colliding in the powerful dubby synth-solo closing track."
PRICE: $29.00
2019 repress. Be With Records present a reissue of The Ahmad Jamal Trio's The Awakening, originally released in 1970. Ahmad Jamal is a jazz giant and The Awakening is his iconic masterpiece. The landmark deep trio session -- recorded in NYC and released on Impulse! in 1970 -- is an essential album and perennially sought-after on vinyl. Ahmad Jamal is a jazz giant and The Awakening is his iconic masterpiece. As a "Zen master of jazz piano" and one of its greatest innovators, Jamal evolved his elegant sound with this adventurous record. The Awakening showcased his fast, richly melodic chops in remarkable variation. A consummate orchestrator of his own complex arrangements, Jamal was emboldened here by his potent sidemen. Backed by the exquisite timing of bassist Jamil Nasser and the precision of Frank Gant's drumming, he was liberated by the reliability of the trio setup. Free to juggle rhythmic dexterity with harmonic intricacy, Jamal brilliantly performed groove-oriented compositions written by himself, alongside wonderful renditions of tracks by Herbie Hancock, Oliver Nelson, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. It is impossible to discuss The Awakening without acknowledging its indelible mark on golden age rap. A defining album of hip-hop culture, producers of the highest caliber have famously sampled elements of this timeless record to lace all-timers with a foundation for their most legendary tracks. Indeed, both the experimental "DJ Premier In Deep Concentration" and Shadez Of Brooklyn's seminal "Change" utilized Jamal's sparse title-track to stunning effect. A melancholy motif from "I Love Music" was employed by Pete Rock for Nas's crucial "The World Is Yours" whilst, over a more abstract refrain from the same track, Jeru memorably delivered his "Me Or The Papes" ultimatum. Over in Chicago, No I.D. elevated Common's peerless "Resurrection" by lifting a precise riff from Jamal's plaintive rendition of "Dolphin Dance" whilst the head-nod quality of All Natural's hypnotic "Renaissance" owes it all to the looped keys of Jamal's take on "You're My Everything". With bold beauty and unhurried grace, Ahmad Jamal plays piano differently from everyone else. He was a huge inspiration to Miles Davis and influential to how Wynton Kelly performed across Kind of Blue (1959). Presented in a gatefold sleeve adorned with the original eye-catching artwork throughout, along with the original sleeve notes. Mastered by Simon Francis and pressed for the first time on 180 gram vinyl.
BH 060EP
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: BH 060EP
LOGOS Fifth Monarchy EP 12"
"Logos leaves the weightless sound for a minute and cooks up a stew with ingredients as tasty as the Bloom era Aardvarck white labels, Shed as Panamax Project and Wormhole era Ed Rush & Optical sound design. Ossia delivers one of the heaviest remixes of the year, taking the ice-cold grime sensibilities of Eska and infusing them with the militant sound of early Aba Shanti I on that Jah Lightning album. Soundsystem music at its best."
BH 062EP
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: BH 062EP
OSSIA The Marzahn Versions 12"
"The third part of our 'Ode To The Soundsystem' is here and the abstract sound of the last Ossia album is no longer evident. The influence of the early Disciples 12"s shows up for the first time, with a Drexciyan connection happening on the b-side, creating one of the most lethal and militant 12"s that we have ever released. Ossia is back on Berceuse Heroique and we are very happy about it."
PRICE: $12.00
DJ NOBU Beyond Space And Time Sampler (Pan Sonic - Lahetys/Transmission) 7"
Beyond Space And Time is the new record label from Japanese music festival Rainbow Disco Club (RDC). RDC has been welcoming music-loving people to Japan for over a decade. Throughout the festival's history, the organizers have been fortunate to collaborate with amazing performers and DJs who've provided a beautiful dance floor year in, year out. These relationships have lead RDC to start their own label, and they are now given the opportunity to reveal one of the best-kept secrets: what is in a DJ's record bag? This time around, festival regular DJ Nobu kindly opens up his collection, and shares the music he loves with us all. On visual duty we welcome Senekt -- his representational yet contemporary drawing illustrates the emotion one feels from DJ Nobu. DJ Nobu selects Pan Sonic's epic "Lähetys/Transmission," for this limited one-sided 7". It is the first time this track has been released on vinyl. The release is meant as a preview to the forthcoming compilation from DJ Nobu -- a voyage that navigates much of his musical background, and includes his all-time favorites. DJ Nobu describes the track this way: "electronic music has existed for decades, and if you are to choose some of the best from all scattered & hidden pieces, Pan Sonic's 'Lähetys/Transmission' must be considered. The track emerges beautifully -- breaking structures and transcending the past. Every layer of the piece is produced with such delicacy and care, that as a whole it magically drags you into the world of the unknown."
BS 040LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: BS 040LP
2019 repress. First of all, Bengt Berger -- a pioneer of the Swedish underground of the '70s and historical member of bands such as Archimedes Badkar and Arbete Och Fritid -- is a versatile drummer-percussionist and well-educated ethnomusicologist with several research sojourns in India and Ghana. Deeply influenced by Hindustani, Carnatic, and West Africa music, he founded the Bitter Funeral Beer Band in 1980, an ensemble of 12 elements, basing his ideas on the traditional funeral music of the people of LoBirifor, in the northern region of Ghana. The sound material reinterprets the spirit of the funeral ritual, when the dance and its songs become a moment of catharsis, releasing a sense of joy in the trance for the liberation from pain. The marriage between this Afro-polyrhythmic roots, with the spiritual jazz of the eternal Don Cherry, and the Ondian sarod of K. Sridhar, it is in the direction to a pan-internationalism of profound spirituality, which blends different geographical traditions in a single contemplative gaze. It is the convergence towards a music without boundaries, where every instrumental voice shines and is well fermented and integrated.
BT 048LP
PRICE: $34.50
CAT #: BT 048LP
ROSENBOOM, DAVID Brainwave Music 2LP
Repressed. Black Truffle present the first ever vinyl reissue of David Rosenboom's legendary Brainwave Music, originally released on A.R.C. Records in 1975. This is an expanded double-LP edition with over 40 minutes of additional contemporaneous material. Pioneer of live electronics, innovator in music education, collaborator with artists as diverse as Jon Hassell, Jacqueline Humbert, Terry Riley, and Anthony Braxton, Rosenboom is renowned for his ground-breaking experiments with the use of brain biofeedback to control live electronic systems. Each of the three pieces that make up the original Brainwave Music LP integrates biofeedback with musical technology in different ways. In the side-long "Portable Gold and Philosophers' Stones", four performers have electrodes and monitoring devices attached to their bodies to receive information about brainwaves, temperature, and galvanic skin response. This information is analyzed and fed into a complex set of frequency dividers and filters, manned by Rosenboom, but essentially played by each of the performers through their psychophysiological responses. The result is a slowly unfolding web of filtered electronic tones over a tanpura-esque fundamental, possessing the unhurried, stately grandeur of an electronic raga. In "Chilean Drought", three different variations of a text about a drought in Chile, read by a different voice in a different style, are associated with the beta, alpha, and theta brainwave bands. Alongside an insistent piano accompaniment, three constantly shifting vocal recordings are controlled by the relative preponderance of each of the brainwave bands in the soloist. "Piano Etude I (Alpha)", the earliest piece included here, is based on research into the link between alpha brain wave production and the execution of repetitive motor tasks. As Rosenboom plays a very rapid, incessantly repeated pattern in both hands, two filters controlled by monitoring his brainwaves process the piano sound, moving gradually higher in frequency as the average alpha amplitude increases. For this reissue, the original LP is supplemented with an additional LP containing an unreleased 1977 live recording of Rosenboom's "On Being Invisible", in which the composer himself performs on an array of electronics that are fed information from his brainwaves. Stretching out over 40 minutes, the piece begins in similar territory to "Portable Gold and Philosophers' Stones" but eventually becomes far wilder, building up to pointillistic bleeps and dense layers of electronic fizz that unexpectedly cut to near-silence. As Rosenboom explains, the piece creates a situation in which the "performer's active imaginative listening became one of the ways to play their instrument, as well as an active agent in how self-organizing musical forms might emerge." Includes archival images and new notes from the composer. Gatefold sleeve design by Lasse Marhaug. Mastered by David Rosenboom from the original analog tape masters. Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
PRICE: $33.00
RENALDO & THE LOAF Play Struve & Sneff (40th Anniversary Edition) Cassette
"Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of their D.I.Y. cassette debut, Renaldo & The Loaf revisit Play Struvé & Sneff with a very special deluxe run of only 200 copies! For the first time since 1979 this very rare release is faithfully recreated, right down to the photocopied images and typewritten cassette labels! In addition, the cassette is included within a beautiful custom retail box alongside a signed/numbered 'RATL & A Stranger' promo card and a 36 page booklet telling the complete story of how Struvé & Sneff came about way back when! So just who are Renaldo & The Loaf? Two British guys, Brian Poole and David Janssen, who met in 1970 and self-taught themselves to play their instruments in their own very individual way. Always recording their own material in a bedroom studio, over time they developed an increasingly strange yet very British repertoire of oddly accessible songs. Spurred on by the D.I.Y. ethic of the late 70s, in 1979, they compiled their first album as Renaldo & The Loaf, a hand-made cassette that was sold locally and thru mail order. Only about 250 copies were ever made. In late 1979 that cassette was brought to the attention of The Residents and it directly lead to the band signing to Ralph Records in San Francisco. They went on to release five albums on the label including a unique collaboration project with The Residents themselves. Original copies of the cassette album are now a prized collector's item and with its 40th anniversary in September 2019, a special re-issue will be an exciting prospect for their loyal fanbase."
PRICE: $40.00
FALL, THE Room To Live (Marbled Color Vinyl) 2LP
"1982 was a decisive year for The Fall. Their critically acclaimed album Hex Enduction Hour was released in March on Kamera Records, closely followed by Room To Live in September. This double LP includes the classic album (Room To Live) plus live recordings in Manchester, London, New Zealand, Netherlands and Canada. This release is a double vinyl on coloured marble effect vinyl."
CW 002LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: CW 002LP
ARP FRIQUE & ERIK (KEYSIE) RITFELD Improvised Suites for Analog Machines LP
Erik "Keysie" Ritfeld and Arp Frique's Improvised Suites For Analog Machines celebrates the most influential analog synthesizers of the '70s and '80s. Each track is uniquely dedicated to a different synth, experimenting with the variety of sounds each is capable of producing while telling a story of the past. The whole album is a mesmerizing improvisation demonstrating what each instrument can do, while maintaining a wonderful fusion of old and new. Performed and composed by Erik "Keysie" Ritfeld and Arp Frique.
PRICE: $21.00
TRUEBY, RAINER Slouse - Fishing in Slower Territories 2LP
2019 repress. Double LP version, featuring the vinyl-only track "Tonight" by Chroma Keys. Slo-mo house in its best deep shape, including the rare, sought-after Maurice Fulton remix of Alice Smith's "Love Endeavour." Compiled by Rainer Trueby. We live in hectic, turbulent times. It seems seasonable and reasonable to slow things down a bit. In fact: slow house down to what they're calling now, SLOUSE, implying down-to-earth club music, with a foot tapping under 116 beats per minute. House music and its many sliding genres have ruled the clubs and charts, and a special focus on slo-mo house is well-deserved. Rainer Trueby has become a guarantee for vanguard soulful dance music and club tunes with a special vibe. He has gained approval not only as a DJ but also with successful compilations such as Glucklich, Maiden Voyage on Compost, DJ-Kicks (K7) and compilations for Nuphonic, King Street, Talkin' Loud, and other labels. Rainer Trueby is an artist who spreads love like in the good old days, and he has selected here some of the best tunes on the planet -- some rare and sought-after such as the rare Maurice Fulton remix of Alison Smith's "Love Endeavor," as well as in-demand tunes like S3A's "Deep Mood Act2," or Ron Deacon's "Untitled." There are also amazing discoveries like the Moonstarr tune, and the Laid Back remix by M.ono, as well as a few underrated tracks. All the tunes here are worth the grab and will get played again and again. It's a full palette of slo-mo house flavors and moods as Rainer Trueby takes us on a magical trip into his imagination of Slouse. The result is a future-classic compilation with melodic and groovy masterpieces, made for your home, garden, car, etc. Other artists include: The Blaxploited Orchestra, Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt, Fetsum, Paskal & Urban, Sello, Egyptian Nipples, Session Victim, Bambooman and Eckoclick.
CR 120013EP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: CR 120013EP
Here comes the time of another stepper release, after releasing one of the first vinyl of Digid Cubiculo Records team up again and bring on board Dubbing, Bukkha, and Ras Addis for the label's 13th release. A spatial journey through the cosmic stepper sounds, blending heavy synthesizer sounds, ruff drums patterns, and heavy bass lines. On the A side there is the well-known duo Digid and Dubbing Sun, hailing from Belgium and Austria, and also Ras Addis on the vocals, the B side features a heavy remix from the American, Bukkha.
PRICE: $15.00
"Debut studio album from retro Italian powerpop band Zac! Features members of Giuda."
PRICE: $19.00
LP version. "Debut studio album from retro Italian powerpop band Zac! Features members of Giuda."
DFC 5523EP
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: DFC 5523EP
SUENO LATINO WITH MANUEL GOTTSCHING PERFORMING E2-E4 Sueno Latino (30 Years Anniversary Version) 12"
A cult of house music reprinted on its thirty-year anniversary. Includes Derrick May "Illusion First Mix". "Sueño Latino," one of the most famous Ibiza summer anthems and a house music classic, encountered licensing difficulties upon its initial release due to an unauthorized and uncredited sample from Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4. Now, thirty years after its 1989 release, and long after the Paradise original went out of print, Dance Floor Corporation and Göttsching have decided to release this unique tune once again.A1. Sueno Latino (Paradise Version) (10:35)A2. Sueno Latino (Acappella) (1:28)B1. Sueno Latino (Derrick May Illusion First Mix) (11:15)B2. Sueno Latino (Winter Version) (9:45)
PRICE: $23.00
Freedom Engine's A Box Full Of Magic is experimental work from Mathew Jonson. Worthwhile albums tend to be as much about the process of making them as they are about the end products themselves. One can almost hear formal, technical, even philosophical questions being asked and answered on them in order to arrive at something personally and politically new for the artist. A Box Full Of Magic is at once sprawling, cosmic, and psychedelic in the best of ways, follows in this album-making tradition. It is a record steeped in off-kilter percussive time, live recording, occasionally summer cloud-paced tempos, and lush, emotional, melodic instrumentation. "A Sunrise On the Front," the final track of the record (and a composition crushing in its beauty), encapsulates much of this: recorded live on a Rhodes, the melody gives voice to the paradoxical sense of hope even during the pathology of war. Such conceptual ambition fits perfectly well within the capacious vision of Jonson's Freedom Engine, a project whose name explores the conceptual paradox and complexity of approaching freedom through the engine of technology. In a fundamental sense, this tension between freedom and machine informs much of the album. Desiring to break out of his old ways of production, the album abounds with fresh fascinations in things like the sound of mathematical equations, quirky time signatures, and experimental phrasing through intuitive timings. There is likewise an interest in the liberating potential of deconstructing old sounds to make new ones, as Jonson applies techniques like innovative noise gating on classic drum samples to create space-age percussion. At other moments, air itself is sampled in field recordings to create unnatural percussive patterns. An encyclopedia of machines and synths are employed in the making of A Box Full Of Magic but what is perhaps new here, and in keeping with the dialectic he traces between freedom/engine, is a non-mechanistic, spontaneous impulse. While it is not a live album, it has an at-times spiritual and organic inclination despite or perhaps because of the way his panoply of gear attempts to capture dream-like tonalities that reach poetic heights on a track like "Sunrise" or morph into an almost diabolical, Lynchian dimension on "An Evil Charm (Where Is the Forest)." A Box Full Of Magic helps to expand the sonic vocabulary of contemporary dance music.
PRICE: $26.50
Double LP version. Freedom Engine's A Box Full Of Magic is experimental work from Mathew Jonson. Worthwhile albums tend to be as much about the process of making them as they are about the end products themselves. One can almost hear formal, technical, even philosophical questions being asked and answered on them in order to arrive at something personally and politically new for the artist. A Box Full Of Magic is at once sprawling, cosmic, and psychedelic in the best of ways, follows in this album-making tradition. It is a record steeped in off-kilter percussive time, live recording, occasionally summer cloud-paced tempos, and lush, emotional, melodic instrumentation. "A Sunrise On the Front," the final track of the record (and a composition crushing in its beauty), encapsulates much of this: recorded live on a Rhodes, the melody gives voice to the paradoxical sense of hope even during the pathology of war. Such conceptual ambition fits perfectly well within the capacious vision of Jonson's Freedom Engine, a project whose name explores the conceptual paradox and complexity of approaching freedom through the engine of technology. In a fundamental sense, this tension between freedom and machine informs much of the album. Desiring to break out of his old ways of production, the album abounds with fresh fascinations in things like the sound of mathematical equations, quirky time signatures, and experimental phrasing through intuitive timings. There is likewise an interest in the liberating potential of deconstructing old sounds to make new ones, as Jonson applies techniques like innovative noise gating on classic drum samples to create space-age percussion. At other moments, air itself is sampled in field recordings to create unnatural percussive patterns. An encyclopedia of machines and synths are employed in the making of A Box Full Of Magic but what is perhaps new here, and in keeping with the dialectic he traces between freedom/engine, is a non-mechanistic, spontaneous impulse. While it is not a live album, it has an at-times spiritual and organic inclination despite or perhaps because of the way his panoply of gear attempts to capture dream-like tonalities that reach poetic heights on a track like "Sunrise" or morph into an almost diabolical, Lynchian dimension on "An Evil Charm (Where Is the Forest)." A Box Full Of Magic helps to expand the sonic vocabulary of contemporary dance music.
PRICE: $14.00
DAMPE Garden (feat. ASOK Remix) 12"
It's been a busy eight months since Dampé's debut on Dirt Crew Recordings. That time has seen the producer hold down monthly slots on Rinse FM, contribute a downtempo electronica/jazz edit to the S3A Pages Remixes EP (DIRT 121EP) as well as open big rooms for the likes of Surgeon and Blawan. The intervening months have also seen the producer set up camp in the Rhythm Section studio in South East London, and the result of new access to studio gear can be heard all across Garden. Compared to the debut Peach Shuffle, this is a far more machine-led and darker listening experience. Snatches of acoustic instruments and space remain, but it's never long before the disembodied vocals and oversaturated classic drum kits return reminding you this is music best enjoyed in the club. "A Basement, 10 Years Ago" featuring C_YS started just there. A bass line dimly recalled from a long-lost 6am jam is sequenced on a weighty analogue keyboard, while syrupy R&B vocals dance around mbira and gangsa, all slowly building and building together. "727 and Arp Breaks" is a love letter to two of the producer's favorite instruments from the studio. A TR-727 and an Arp Odyssey collide across dubbed out stabs to form some very rolling breaks. "Sunday Night Machines" sees Dampé tame the box-of-physics that is the Arp Odyssey again with a sprawling meditation on two repeating arpeggios. "Garden" is the one for the dancers. Four variations play with the same melodic theme in distinct sections, with the second variation being the deepest and most floor-ready the whole record gets. "France" is a warped dub-come-hip hop beat that manages to conjure both Lil Jon and Yusef Lateef. Liverpool's finest, ASOK (Lobster Theremin, M>O>S Delsin), comes on for remix duties, closing out the record with a twisted bang. He turned in a propelling weapon that brings a whole new texture to the track listing. It's very '90s, very rave-y, and very raw, in a true IDM style.
PRICE: $25.50
A stunningly accomplished work, Deep Rave Memory is an insight into Richard Fearless's worlds --both metaphysical and geographical. Pulsating in unison with the heartbeat of a modern metropolis, it was recorded at the Metal Box -- his studio located on the peninsula of land where the River Lea meets the Thames. The haunting and wistful blue ambient "Vision of You" leads into the bracingly chilly "New Perspective", which evokes a heavy rush where perceptions are blurred and vision is freeze framed, via elements of techno-soul, Sheffield Bleep and Mika Vainio. A snarling beast of a track, the relentless machine funk of "Devil on Horseback" perfects the pure cathartic release of dark n' hot body music, whilst "Acid Angels" is a throbbing low-fi 303 requiem, which encapsulates that perfect dancefloor moment, when the first light breaks through the shutters. A future classic and the album's modus operandi, title track "Deep Rave Memory", features discordant filter passes sweeping across a hypnotic melody, communicating a deep sense of warm nostalgia and taking you on an epic journey -- stretching out a single riff over 12 minutes -- akin to the krautrock greats of which Fearless is so fond. "Atlas of Insanity" is big room techno with pounding kicks, death-whip metallic snares and head spinning, spiraling synth lines that drill into your core. This is raw, impulsive and frantic music that sizzles with electric effervescence. The Germanic kosmische idyll of "Driving with Roedelius" is a homage to one of Richards' heroes -- Hans-Joachim Roedelius -- and was inspired by his experience playing a set consisting solely of the electronic pioneer's music, at a festival celebrating his life and career. On the album's closer, Fearless recounts, "'Broken Beauty' is something I've always strived for in my art. It's inspired by Robert Frank, William Eggleston and the way they could take the most inane object a turn it into something of beauty. It's equally schooled by the aggressive simplicity of King Tubby's dubbing and the transcendence of Joy Division's 'Decades'. The sparse allure of the best dub and techno is something I'm always striving for; being able to conjure emotion with the fewest possible elements; to not fix what's broken, but to make it shine."
PRICE: $29.00
GRAU, DANIEL El Magico Mundo de Daniel Grau LP
When Daniel Grau, Venezuelan producer and musician achieved his first success in 1974 with Dejando Volar El Pensamiento, he personally brought the tapes from his home studio to Caracas radio stations. The "magic sound of Daniel Grau" were made almost artisanal and self-promoted. Through ten years of productive work from 1974 to 1984, he never imagined the ups and downs ahead of him and much less that his country would suffer a future debacle that would lead it to a downward spiral. His abrupt silence in the mid-80s after nine magnificent albums is still an enigma. What happened to Daniel Grau? Where is he now? El Palmas Music, a new record label in Barcelona may finally bring the answer to you: Grau has been always there, he's still alive and running, and never stopped composing in the same home studio where he started 45 years ago. Having contacted Grau, El Palmas was allowed to access his current work, and finally decided to end with his long silence. In this, his first release as a record label, they bring to life a completely unpublished work of Daniel Grau. El Mágico Mundo de Daniel Grau presents eight new songs to give him back a voice. This album offers a fusion between space disco and amooth jazz that connects you directly with his previous work, however, on this basis Grau is building an amalgam of styles resulting from his experience over these years, freeing his work from any classifications. El Mágico Mundo evades the vacuous exactitude and automatism like water to oil, Grau offers a humanized sound from synthesizers and sampling of instruments, music that he has played, sweated and, definitively, lived in the flesh. Different ingredients come and go introducing you to a singular world, the "magical world" where Grau wants to tell you something, youfind his old footsteps and his new elements touch us, pop synths are suddenly colored with textures, reminiscent of the disco era piano are wrapped between brushstrokes and ornaments of funk and soft rock. In general, Grau invites us to a sensory reconnection with sounds that he has collected in his head for 30 years, striking elements that we can imagine as a living thing against a world almost numbed by the automation of production tools. Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Grau under the executive production of Maurice Aymard.
MTE 070-71LP
PRICE: $42.50
CAT #: MTE 070-71LP
Limited repress on clear vinyl. Double LP version. LPs pressed on premium audiophile-quality vinyl at RTI from Kevin Gray Lacquers; Presented in a textured gatefold Stoughton "laserdisc" jacket with a cover painting by Lisa Alvarado. Jackets, retro-audiophile sleeves and record labels hand-screen printed by Alan Sherry at Siwa Studios, Northern New Mexico. Mandatory Reality, the new album by Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society, is here. Setting aside (for the moment) the electric instrumentation of Simultonality (GB 048CD/MTE 068LP, 2017) and Magnetoception (MTE 063-64LP, 2015), Joshua Abrams conceived Mandatory Reality for an eight-piece acoustic manifestation of NIS, consisting of himself on guimbri, Lisa Alvarado on harmonium and gongs, Mikel Avery on tam-tam and gongs, Ben Boye on autoharp and piano, Hamid Drake on tabla and tar, Ben Lamar Gay on cornet, Nick Mazzarella on alto saxophone, and Jason Stein on bass clarinet. A double album, Mandatory Reality is comprised largely of two performances, both Joshua Abrams compositions, 24- and 40-minutes in length. While new to the band's records, long duration pieces are familiar to those who've heard Joshua Abram and NIS in concert in recent years, where elaboration on a single composition for an hour or more is not unusual. Gradual tempos dominate Mandatory Reality. Recorded two months before the 2017 solar eclipse, Mandatory Reality is the sound of Joshua Abrams and NIS taking its time. Merging methodical compositions with sonically voluptuous orchestration, Abrams heightens the immersive and hypnotic qualities Abram and NIS music is known for, taking the band and the listener deep into a collective meditative space. A grand realization of long-form psychedelic music, Mandatory Reality is a dispatch from a sound world that is increasingly unique to itself. All performances on Mandatory Reality are full takes recorded live to tape by the full ensemble, magnificently captured by Greg Norman at electrical audio, Chicago -- the first true "audiophile" recording of Joshua Abrams and NIS. Mastered by Helge Sten at Audio Virus, Oslo.
PRICE: $23.00
RADICAL EMPATHY TRIO Reality and Other Imaginary Places LP
LP version. This album was recorded during Thollem McDonas's 2017 residency at Brooklyn-based multi-discipline mecca Pioneer Works. It's the second by Radical Empathy, which combines three uncategorizable improvisors. Michael Wimberly has been astonishing folks since his days in Charles Gayle bands and Steve Coleman & Five Elements in the early '90s, and has gone on become a composer and educator of note. Nels Cline has spent decades changing people's ideas about the role of the electric guitar in multiple contexts, ranging from Wilco to Anthony Braxton (think about that!) as well as many projects as a leader; this is his fourth album in trio with Thollem, and a fifth will follow in 2020, also on ESP-Disk. Some people have given ESP-Disk' flak (and "flak" was not the first word choice here) about putting out Thollem McDonas albums. "He's not in the jazz tradition," they say, and even though their idea of the jazz tradition includes Albert Ayler; ESP-Disk' think that this album will make their little, closed minds explode. The heavy electronic sound of the first track, with its swathes of distortion, put it very much in noise territory, with Wimberly contributing coloristic accents and heavier flurries of rhythmic activity. After the twenty uncompromising minutes of "Collective Tunnels", for "Conscious Tunnels" Cline switches to a guitar tone John Abercrombie wouldn't shy away from and Thollem sits down at an acoustic piano (for a while) -- though their free improvisation is just as uncompromising. The timbres cease pacifying jazzers when blippy 1950s electronic sounds slinkily slither from the speakers. Then the piano comes back, but the guitar's tone gets dirty. Genre boundaries are crushed underfoot as the moods continue to vary wildly as "Conscious Tunnels" covers an amazing breadth of timbres and textures. Personnel: Thollem McDonas - keyboards; Nels Cline - electric guitars; Michael Wimberly - drums. Recorded by Justin Frye at Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY Sept. 13, 2017.
JD 047EP
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: JD 047EP
AZYMUTH Jazz Carnival 12"
Celebrating the label's 25th anniversary, Far Out Recordings presents a series of limited-edition vinyl 12"s highlighting its contribution to underground dance music. Including reissues of sought-after floor-fillers, previously unreleased club tools and brand-new productions from some key players in Far Out history, the series begins with Global Communication's "Space Jazz" remix of Azymuth's "Jazz Carnival'. One of the label's most requested reissues, it's a typically timeless effort from the duo comprising Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton and has stayed relevant within the house/techno canon for over twenty years. The A side presents the original LP version of Azymuth's 1996 redux of their all-time classic, instrumental disco hit "Jazz Carnival", which originally appeared on Azymuth's first full-length venture on Far Out, Carnival (1996). Presented in a special 25th anniversary house bag, the full-length 12-minute version of this all-time classic has been re-mastered from the original DAT and pressed to heavyweight vinyl. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: FTR 466LP
MOSQUITOES Vortex Veering Back to Venus LP
Repressed on teal transparent vinyl "The aural pleasure created by this somewhat mysterious trio of London musicians continues to accrue. After two fine self-released records (one a 7", th' other a 12"), and the superb Drip Water Hollow Out Stone on the great Ever/Never label, Feeding Tube is honored to present the Mosquitoes' latest assault on the temples of beauty. The music on Vortex is of a piece with earlier recordings. By this, I mean there is a wonderfully 'out' approach to basic rock instrumentation and vocals, which détourns the basic assumptions listeners have about what rock instruments sound like. A good number of bands have done this in the modern era, from This Heat to U.S. Maple, but the only band the Mosquitoes continually call to my mind is late period Mars. That NYC unit had pretty much destroyed conventions of song and structure by the time they called it a day, and the instrumental/vocal mangling these guys do is equally brilliant. They really take every piece of sound apart and put it back together in a weird way. There are passages on Vortex that actually make me think of early Suicide as well (I think they use amp-noise-loops to approximate Rev's keyboards), but none of the music here has the aggression of Suicide. Instead, it projects a transcendent sense of confusion that is as head-scratching as it is appealing. If you like your music to be equal parts brains and power, you won't find many things more satisfying than the music of the Mosquitoes. Every one of their records is great. And they just keep getting better. How lucky for you." --Byron Coley, 2019
PRICE: $14.50
DAMAGE, BENJAMIN Overton Window EP 12"
Following his remix of Len Faki on Robot Evolution Remixes (FIGURE X008EP), Benjamin Damage now fully signs for an EP with the label. Here he shows just what is defining his sound as a singular artist. Known for weaving together the various threads in UK club music, this EP is tied it all up together. There's the rolling sound, so deep and dramatic, the signature that first got him credited. Then the record picks up old themes of early Bass music, playing wonky horns and nodding respect to South London's burrows. On the flip you get treated to a more dreamy and introspective side of Damage's sound, one genuinely exploring the melodic trope, yet without losing the steady groove forward. Finally closing the EP out with a mighty roar, the ultimate track is bellowing and bustling with rhythms, like a beast of creativity trying to break loose.
FP 066EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: FP 066EP
Although a new Rett I Fletta 12" by Christian Engh is ready to drop, Full Pupp just had to share this piece of fine cheese with you. The trance-y AND heavy original on the A-side and a slightly "disco-fied" but over-the-top version on B-side, and finally a little teaser-version towards the end. Something for everyone!
GB 083CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: GB 083CD
On the front cover of Saharawi singer-songwriter and activist Aziza Brahim's new album, Sahari, a young girl poses in ballet shoes and a glistening white tutu. It's a common childhood scene, but it's tipped upside down. She's an exile, living nowhere near her homeland, and behind her stand the tents and buildings of a refugee camp. There's a desert on the ground and a burning sky above. Yet even in this bleakness, she has optimism. She believes in a better future. The music Aziza Brahim makes reflects both the sorrow and the hope of these people. She grew up in one of those camps in the Algerian desert, along with thousands of other Saharawi who were removed from their homes in the Western Sahara. Her grandmother was a famous Saharawi poet, her mother well-known as a vocalist, and they passed their strength and fearlessness to her. Now, as one of North African most lauded singers, Brahim uses her position to make the plight of her people known -- and of the refugees across the world who have no choice but to exist in the camps. Sahari is for them as much as it's for her own family. The political remains intensely personal for Brahim. She lives in exile, in Spain, and the music for Sahari -- her third album for Glitterbeat -- was written there. And while her songs remain grounded in her homeland, her gaze is increasingly global. To achieve that, Brahim worked with the acclaimed Spanish artist Amparo Sánchez of the band Amparanoia on the album's pre-production, and the collaboration has made a transformative impact on the music. The focus is broader, with programming and keyboards a vital part of the new sound. The different approach extends to the very root of Brahim's music, the tabal drum that's been the heart of Saharawi music for centuries. The process was made smoother by having a sympathetic band who've been with her for years. All the members played a part in framing the new material. When Brahim began as a composer, her work reflected her own reality, growing up in the far, rocky desert known as the hamada. These days she's become a voice for refugees across the globe, and what she sees every day on the news has inevitably affected her writing. Perhaps Aziza's empowered, healing music, can help refuel our sense of justice and compassion.
PRICE: $23.00
The sounds Jan Harder and Steve Hartmann discover in their studio sessions unravel their power between the notes. What they capture is for the listener to marvel at. The eeriness, the beauty. Like observing a ghost in the headlights.
GMNV 010-4EP
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: GMNV 010-4EP
VA 5 Years Of Goldmin Music Vol. 4 12"
In order to celebrate five thrilling and inspiring years, Goldmin Music gathered well-known artists, Goldmin regulars, and emerging talents. It was really important for us to express the elusive nature of the Goldmin sound, in the form of a compilation tracklisting. Over the past five years, the label had the chance to meet most of these guys in person, follow their very own creative path, share ideas, thoughts and there's no doubt that they all had their part to play in crafting our sound. This intimate and stimulating kind of collaboration had to be expressed and there couldn't be a better way to capture what we've been busily working for, than a series of Various Artists 12". What it comes down to is a quintessential, hard-to-follow Goldmin selection devoid of any specific standard or norm. And this whole compilation seems to reflect that non-septate artistic direction, this little something, which has grown throughout the label's catalog. Thats why, picking these select few tracks, that could illustrate Goldmin Music's essential freedom was probably our toughest work yet. It was also important to pick only the most original and iconic tracks from each artist. In the end each track had to be their most Goldmin one and they all have been tried in all types of situations, in club at 1 and 5 AM, on the highway at night or even staring at the ceiling during a sleepless insomnia session. They all fulfilled their duty. Volume 4 features Alcatraz Harry, Stefano Greppi, K'Alexi Shelby, and Stas Karpenkov.
PRICE: $40.00
MIGHTY BABY At A Point Between Fate And Destiny: The Complete Recordings 6CD BOX
"The band-authorised 6-CD set At A Point Between Fate And Destiny features all surviving recordings, with much-loved studio albums Mighty Baby and A Jug Of Love joined by rehearsal sessions, a complete and previously unissued alternative version of the first album, audio from the band's only TV appearance and other studio outtakes."
HG 1905LP
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: HG 1905LP
Viaje is the debut album by Swiss musician Roland Bucher and was produced with an instrument developed and built by the artist himself, the noise table. Viaje presents the culmination of almost a decade of exploring the possibilities that the curious device offers. Combining the physicality of the improvisational praxis with a classical approach to composition, these five songs highlight the emotional, narrative, and atmospheric potentials of granular noise. Viaje was not only produced with an unheard-of instrument, it also comprises music that no one ever has heard quite like that before. 180 gram vinyl.
HG 1906LP
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: HG 1906LP
Still Und Dunkel is the project of musician and visual artist Christoph Brünggel, film maker Benny Jaberg, and media artist Pascal Arnold. Their debut album Abandoned comprises ten compositions created for their audiovisual art live performances which draw on an ever-growing archive of moving images and sound recordings. The three artists started working together in 2011 and visited abandoned and hidden places at night or underground throughout the world to collect images and sounds. The trio documents and archives the transformative processes that these former symbols of civilisation have been undergoing since they had been deserted or forgotten -- that is, if they had ever before been accessible to the public in the first place. Abandoned contains additional information on Still Und Dunkel, as well as artwork by Arnold and Jaberg, including a 64-page booklet with images from the project and its creation as well as an essay by writer Brian Dillon. All this makes it one of the most ambitious releases on the Hallow Ground to date.
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: HFN 099LP
Blaue Blume are a Danish alternative art pop band with a deep connection to the romanticism of the early '80s UK scene. Referencing artists such as Talk Talk, The Smiths, and Cocteau Twins, it's clear their influences are with the more sensitive, magical aspects of music -- and the eternal questions of love, life and death. Following two singles (Lovable and Vanilla) the album Bell Of Wool is finally released. It's suitably enchanting from start to finish. Two themes dominate Blaue Blume's new album Bell Of Wool; darkness and adventure. With the record mostly made before singer Jonas Smith slipped into a depressive episode, the album's lyrics and moods draw pictures of the darkness, anxiety and tension that would mark Smith's depression. Sonically, the album sounds a distance away from anything they've done before. Indie and electro pop and rock are out, and instead the album is crafted from soft, glowing synthscapes, dawns and skies transformed into sounds. Even on hints of their older work, like on the acoustics of "Rain Rain", the synthwork comes into the picture and swells the song into something bigger and more majestic. Opener "Swimmer" introduces the listener to the softness and subtlety of the new sound, whereas songs like "Morgensol" and "Bombard" show the band at its biggest, evoking something more grand.
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: HINF 8682EP
JOY O Slipping 12"
Joy O on the release: "Slipping a new EP by me is up next on Hinge Finger. This one was a bit of a transitional record for me, personally and musically. it paints quite a vivid picture in my head that I hope you'll enjoy, summer in my studio with two of London's finest, @mansurbrownmusic & @keyahblu and a snapshot of winter in New York with @4everinfinite. Oh and a bit of autumn with dad too! The cover is a picture of my nan in London taken some time in the 70's, lovely right? This photo really makes me smile, my mum summed it up the best tho -- 'washing on the line, empty pond and my mum doing the three things she loved the most. sunbathing, smoking and a glass of something'. There's clearly a lot to learn here (get pissed in the garden more?) but I see it as a reminder to make the most of what you have."
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: HJR 212LP
COMPANY Epiphanies I-VI 2LP
Ever played that game where you imagine you can invite a few people from any period in human history to a dinner party guaranteed to produce rich, stimulating, and provocative conversation? Derek Bailey did it for real, musically, in his Company Weeks. In July 1982, his guests at London's I.C.A. were contemporary classical pianist Ursula Oppens, folk/jazz singer-turned-improviser Julie Tippetts and her partner pianist Keith Tippett, violinist/electronics wizard Philipp Wachsmann, guitarist Fred Frith, trombonist George Lewis, harpist Anne LeBaron, and, from Japan, free jazz bassist Motoharu Yoshizawa and sound artist Akio Suzuki. In addition to the stellar group improvisation Epiphany (HJR 211LP), they also recorded enough material for two more full-length albums, of which this is the first. That line above about conversation presupposes that music is some sort of language -- a thorny proposition indeed on which whole books have been written. Suffice it to say that if it is a language -- music certainly communicates, that's for sure -- it's not an Indo-European model: the only way music can express the notion of past tense is by repeating something, so that listeners can identify it as something they've heard before. Improvised music, however, is forever "in the moment", as improvisers like to put it, i.e. the present tense -- and the present tense has never been more wonderfully communicative than it is in these six epiphanic improvisations. Yoshizawa and Oppens (both on the keyboard and inside her piano) bounce ideas off each other like ping-pong balls ("First"); Tippetts, Wachsmann, and Bailey do extraterrestrial cubist flamenco ("Second"); Lewis and Frith rumble at everyone magnificently ("Third"); Tippett and Oppens kaleidoscope the entire history of the piano into just over 15 minutes ("Fourth" and "Fifth") with added seasoning from LeBaron and Wachsmann, and on the closing "Sixth", Akio Suzuki, despite describing himself elsewhere as "pursuing listening as a practice", makes one hell of a racket with his self-made instruments: a flute, a spring gong and his analapos (two single-lidded cylinders attached by a long steel coil, which he can manipulate and strike, as well as vocalize into the tube). Yoshizawa and Bailey give him a real run for his money though, and it all builds to an ecstatic swirling, grinding climax, with Suzuki whooping and hollering wildly. Is it language? You decide. Is it rich, stimulating and provocative? You bet. What a dinner party! Bon appetit!
PRICE: $36.50
CAT #: HJR 213LP
More buried treasure from the 1982 Company Week at London's I.C.A., seven more epiphanies (previously unreleased!) to add to the six on Epiphanies I-VI (HJR 212LP) and the 48-minute ensemble Epiphany (HJR 211LP). Fred Frith's diverse activities as composer and educator in recent years shouldn't let us forget he's a stellar improviser -- 1974's Guitar Solos is still a seminal album of free improv -- and he has three opportunities here to showcase his considerable talents. "Eleventh" is an extended techniques tour de force, with George Lewis working slowly but surely through a variety of trombone mouthpieces while Frith's guitar, strummed, bowed or prepared, could be a Theremin, a koto, a mouse trapped inside a grandfather clock, or a lion cub inside a shoebox. Bookending the album, on "Seventh" he swaps Webernian shards with Lewis and harpist Anne LeBaron and on "Thirteenth", with pianist Keith Tippett, condenses a whole lifetime of musical exploration into a mere twelve minutes. Elsewhere, on "Eighth", violinist Philipp Wachsmann reveals his understated mastery of both his violin and the electronics he's devised to extend its range, and pianist Ursula Oppens proves she's as adept as conjuring forth magic from inside her instrument as she is caressing it out from the keyboard. Those that moan that improvised music is more about finding extraordinary new sounds and less concerned with exploring nuances of pitch, both horizontally (melody, yes) and vertically (harmony), should listen up. "Ninth" is a spikier affair, with Lewis giving a whole new meaning to the word embouchure, quacking, spitting and wheezing like a flock of geese let loose in a fairground, while Derek Bailey and Motoharu Yoshisawa patiently explore the outer limits of acoustic guitar and double bass. Bailey and Lewis team up again on "Twelfth" to take on Oppens -- and everybody wins. Voice is more to the fore on "Tenth", with Julie Tippetts's coloratura and flute and Akio Suzuki's analapos and spring gong flying high while LeBaron, Wachsmann, and Yoshizawa weave intricate webs of pizzicati, spiccati, and glissandi beneath. The word that comes to mind here most often is virtuosity, not just in terms of simple ability on one's chosen instrument(s) but also in knowing just how and just when to display it -- not surprisingly it was Fred Frith who coined the term "virtuoso listening". That's what these folks do, and ever so well: be a virtuoso listener yourself and check it out.
PRICE: $34.50
CAT #: HOS 607LP
SLOGUN The Pleasures of Death 2LP
Hospital Productions present a reissue of Slogun's The Pleasures of Death, originally released in 1997. From the austere and frightening cover with the name of forgotten killers to the monolithic washes of analog synthesized grit and dust cloud vocals of the id, this legendary album first released as a limited cassette of 100 on the cult Labyrinth Recordings from NYC (one of the all-time great NYC cassette imprints) and then famously reissued to wide distribution via cold meat industry sublabel Death Factory, The Pleasures of Death came to prominence in the minds of the same era of release entertainment and descent magazine and Alchemy Records and Bloodlust. Never has there been such an in-depth, caustic, intelligent and evil exploration of true crime violence. Slogun has managed to take familiar stories, untangle them and create deep profiles that leave the listener with unsettling conclusions that do not provide the answers we are commonly forced to accept. Set against the decline of America, the abstraction of the victim landscape is shattered with the brutal and disturbing lyrics faithfully reprinted. A classic of NYC radical art and true crime electronics. Wide spine sleeve; includes large-format booklet and poster taken from the original cassette version.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: HOS 639LP
MASONNA Shinsen Na Clitoris LP
Hospital Productions present a reissue of Masonna's first full-length CD from 1990, Shinsen Na Clitoris, originally on Vanilla Records. The supreme voice of Japanese noise here on vinyl for the first time with audio preparation by Kris Lapke. What would become an inimitable explosion of energy and vision from Japan heralded in the glory days of '90s alternative rock, death metal, and psychedelic synth music, Masonna surpassed all extremes with a full frequency violence that was as fast as it was psychedelic. Not once has any artist emerged with more intensity and focus in the history of noise. It was said onstage that Masonna has reduced the pure elements of classic rock, the guitar stack, the feedback, and the lead singer to an explosive few seconds of visceral feedback, metallic noise from the physical shaking and pressure of his fist around the shaker, processed through the self-described "harshtronics" and indeed ending in "exclamation!" If you have wondered where to start in the vast and increasingly difficult to find discography of this legend look no further. Presented in immaculate sleeve recreated original art with poster and insert.
PRICE: $15.50
DOCTORSOUL Too Slow To Disco Edits 04 10"
DoctorSoul is one of the hottest Parisian disco and soul producers, who releases his A.O. tunes on Yam Who's disco label Midnight Riot Records from London. He's regularly featured in the disco charts and recently hit No.1 in the Traxsource charts with "Secret Friend". With his own unique production style, he balances dub and pop while always respecting the original. A difficult balance to strike, which he masters with finesse. Born and raised in West Africa, DoctorSoul has collaborated with many artists from diverse genres (funk/disco/boogie/rock/rap and even jazz) in bringing production Remixes for the likes of legendary Brazilian pianist virtuoso Tania Maria, singer Jeff Cascaro, soul/west coast band Mandoo and disco/funk veterans Interview (among others...) DJ Supermarkt's sets have been full of DoctorSoul's productions for years now, but it was when he heard DoctorSoul's amazing, totally unique production work for "Saturday Morning", that he immediately called and asked him to save that track for a new TSTD Edits 10".
BEC 5543357
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: BEC 5543357
VA Shaolin Soul Episode 2 2LP+CD
2019 repress. Reissue of Shaolin Soul Episode 2, originally released in 2001. One of three LP reissues celebrating the 20th anniversary of 1998's Shaolin Soul Episode 1 (BEC 5543356). Legendary deep soul French compilations featuring many soul classics, sometimes forgotten, which have been sampled countless times by some of the biggest hip-hop acts. Available for the first time on vinyl + CD. Original packaging strictly reproduced. Cut from original masters. Double-LP comes in a gatefold sleeve; Includes CD.Episode 2 features Syl Johnson, Ann Peebles, Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters, The Emotions, Black Ivory, Jackson 5, Al Green, Eddie Holman, Montana, Detroit Emeralds, Labi Siffre, Southside Movement, The Sweet Inspirations, Mad Lads, George Jackson, and Teddy Pendergrass.
PRICE: $25.50
Jessica Ekomane's debut LP, Multivocal, is brilliantly original, and will appeal to fans of Caterina Barbieri, Alessandro Cortini, Shasta Cults, ELEH, and the strand of minimal electronic music that runs through the Important catalog. Multivocal is a polyphonic maze that unfolds to both the body and the mind. A generative take on rhythm and spatial perception, it presents the same events in different configurations. The two pieces of the album, "Solid of Revolution" and "Never Odd or Even", mirror each other with the same principle in different musical scales: steady pulses with one millisecond difference in tempo start beating together, then slowly phase organically and progress into ever-changing rhythmic patterns until they finally return to unison. Multivocal emphasizes shifts of attention in the listener's experience and plays with the expectations that frame it. Originally conceived for quadraphonic sound, the pieces reveal the many different aspects and modes of perception that can arise within the same sequence of notes. In this way Multivocal is influenced by concepts of gestalt psychology such as multi-stable perception -- a term describing ambiguous patterns that offer multiple interpretations at once. The minimalism and repetitive quality of the music also refers to trance-inducing and collective music practices, driven by the strong bodily affects induced through the use of rhythms. Those two compositions were recorded live during Ars Electronica 2018 at the occasion of the sleeping event "Sonatas for Sleep/less", curated by multimedia artist Shu Lea Cheang and cultural theorist Matthew Fuller. First pressing in an edition of 500.
PRICE: $8.00
CAT #: ITR 340EP
VICTIMS, THE Horror Smash EP 7"
"The 7-inch EP of new recordings of 'Charlie', 'Horror Smash', 'I Wanna Be With You' and 'Everynite' proves that the Victims now (featuring Ray Ahn from the Hard-Ons on bass), some 40 years after their heyday, could still easily take on any au courant band half their age." --Ben Blackwell
PRICE: $23.50
For the latest release in their ongoing International series, Into The Light Records takes the listener to Sydney and the dreamy, softly spun musical world of talented multi-instrumentalist Max Santilli. Surface is Santilli's debut album following years spent working alongside Jacob Fugar in Ken Oath Records-signed downtempo duo Angophora. It draws on a personal archive of home recordings made between 2016 and 2018 using a range of guitars, synthesizers, and acoustic percussion instruments. As you'd perhaps expect, it's an intimate and personal set that wraps drowsy, slowly-shifting musical flourishes around gentle, sun-kissed rhythms and suitably spacey chords. Santilli offers subtle nods towards his various inspirations -- think the mesmerizing ambient-jazz fusion of Michael Bierylo, Steve Hillage's timeless early ambient works and the intricate acoustic guitar playing of Steve Tibbetts and Miguel Herrero -- while forging his own distinctly lo-fi and otherworldly path. As a result, Surface is an album of impressive depth and diversity, held together by Santilli's reflective, emotion-rich vision.
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: JPR 057LP
SEICHE Demo Press LP
"Seiche formed in Chicago as a recording project to show off the skills of the musicians and the engineer. The resulting record: Seiche - Demo Press LP was a hard psych prog record released in 1981, that sounded like it came straight out of 1973, but was mostly unavailable, due to its extremely limited release (50 printed copies). Inspired by Psychedelic Rock and fresh out of high school, Seiche melded the often disparate worlds of histrionic hard rock soloing with some of the more skewed elements of full-blown psychedelia. This Jackpot release pulls out all the stops, sourced from the original masters and loaded with archival and bonus materials. Don't miss out this time around."
KR 072EP
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: KR 072EP
G.A.M.S. Lalaland Symbiose (feat. Felix Kubin) 7"
A vinyl 7" with the non-album track "Lalaland Symbiose" by G.A.M.S. featuring Felix Kubin backed with a remix by Unprofessional! G.A.M.S. is the new duo of Andi Stecher (drums) and Guido Möbius (feedback).
KH 9091CD
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: KH 9091CD
GUY, BUDDY House of Blues 1995 2CD
Buddy Guy, live from the House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA March 23rd, 1995. Buddy Guy finally achieved the recognition he deserved in the early '90s, winning Grammys for Damn Right, I've Got the Blues (1991) and Feels Like Rain (1992). This blistering set at the House of Blues, West Hollywood was performed and broadcast by National Public Radio, soon after the release of his classic Slippin' In album (1994), and finds him on superb form on a variety of his trademark numbers, as well as some sly impersonations of other players. Backed by Scott Holt (guitar), Greg Rzab (bass) and Ray "Killer" Allison (drums) and featuring introductions from superfans Dan Aykroyd and John Goodman, it's an absolute blast for all fans of true Chicago blues. The entire National Public Radio broadcast is presented here together with background notes and images.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: KDS 012LP
LIGHTS FLUORESCENT The Oldest Sons Of The Oldest Sons LP
Made up of Dave Harrington (Darkside, Dave Harrington Group) and Benjamin Jay (NDF, Benoit & Sergio), Lights Fluorescent is, as the two describe it, an "experiment in the spaces between song and texture, idea and reference, past and present." On their debut album, The Oldest Sons Of The Oldest Sons, the duo develops an atmospheric, slant-pop sensibility that lists toward the experimental tendencies of improvisational and ambient music. The result is a set of songs meant to be lived with. Entirely percussion-less, recordings drift on a tenderness of guitar, revenant feedback, and vocals of autumnal intimation. "Space Metal" and "July 9th" process layers of bespoke noise and washed out chords to tarry with integral depth, light, and shadow, while Hotels distills country-western longing into its nth dimensional essence always unrequited. From within these sonic panoramas, vocals emerge more as watercolor traces than coarse etchings. They aim to capture evocative, lyrical intensities, eschewing the solace of the literal. As such, the album favors "the gestural, the implicit, and the miniature over the more adolescent urges of grand narratives and epic." These preferences map onto the album in all of its moves. "J Girls" reveals a hint of story buried, like its context, deep in whorls of feedback. Fleeting images of monuments, cathedrals, or epitaphs on tracks like "Palace Walls" or "Small Sacrifices" speak to a sense of memory and community paradoxically ungrounded by the material instantiations meant to keep things in place.
PRICE: $36.50
CAT #: KOM 410LP
VA Pop Ambient 2020 2LP
Double-LP version includes 44-page art book with the whole distinctive cover-series; includes additional track by Thore Pfeiffer; includes download.Wolfgang Voigt on the release (September 2019): "20 years of Pop Ambient. Already? One didn't notice. It's an anniversary which comes quietly. An anniversary with quiet tones. In the spirit of the special restraint of pop-elegance, it has no reason to drawn attention to itself with a big 'Tam-Tam'. Or better: 'Bum-Bum'. The bass drum stays outside. Nevertheless, in fast-paced, overstimulated times of moving forward, it's a joyful occasion to look back. What strikes most by putting or listening to 20 years of Pop Ambient in a row is the central theme that holds together the dense aesthetic concept like the pearls of a necklace. Floral beauty for digital naturalists. Music like flowers, that don't wilt. Timeless. Ageless. But with all of the conceptual unity and resolution, Pop Ambient would not be Kompakt without the break, the friction, the expansion of musical boundaries in between tradition and innovation, in between conspiracy and the openness of the discourse. Aestheticism, escapism, acting in the spirit of 'nevertheless'. Swans drifting by, clouds pass over, everything is floating and: 'Boredom is a stylistic device' (Andy Warhol). Pop Ambient music is medicine against illnesses, that you don't even suffer from. It's giving everything, demanding nothing. Musical lotus leafs, off which the virtual wastewater of our time is rolling like the reality is dripping off the matrix. In this sense, we're happy about the pop-ambient anniversary greetings from new and old companions like Thore Pfeiffer, Max Würden, Yui Onodera, Jörg Burger, Thomas Fehlmann, Morgen Wurde, Leandro Fresco, as well as contributions from T.Raumschmiere, Andrew Thomas, and, after a long break, from friends from early days like Joachim Spieth, Markus Guentner, and Klimek... Breath in. Breath out. Thank you." Also features Maria Estrella, Gen Pop, and Pepo Galan.
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: KOM 411LP
VA Pop Ambient 2001 LP
While during the 1990s -- higher, faster, further! -- the straight bass drum has been shot around the globe, there arose a number of variations of more or less contemplative slow and sacred music from all kinds of corners at the same time. In a sense, it's the other side of the medal: chillout, lounge, easy listening, trance, muzak, and elevator music, electronic music and intelligent techno... and of course and in particular: ambient. In classical and new variations. Beside the constant pushing forward of the so called "Sound Of Cologne" -- minimal techno in the home of Kompakt, there was also a strong faible for ambient sounds. Not only because of the labels origin and its operator's preference for the pop music of the '70s and '80s, there was evolving a variety of ambient music, that added the aspect of pop to the confusing diversity of genres during that time. Not pop in the sense of actual classic pop music: pop in the sense of subculture, of pop art and, first and foremost, in the sense of pop as an attitude. This was how Pop Ambient was launched and the way it established its own authentic music with a high recognition value. Pop Ambient is indulging the beauty and the timelessness. Pop Ambient is a sonic cosmos of attitude for itself and has no fears of contact with adjoining genres nor with kitsch, art or carnival. It's ambient if you do it nevertheless. Features Joachim Spieth, Ulf Lohmann, All, Dettinger, Geometric Farms, Mint, Markus Guentner, Reinhard Voigt, and Gustavo Lamas.
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: KOM 413LP
FIELD, THE From Here We Go Sublime 2LP
If Kompakt had to name one thing fans have been consistently asking for, it's a vinyl version of The Field's legendary first album From Here We Go Sublime: originally rolled out in 2007, this much-acclaimed full-length debut of what was to become one of the most celebrated projects in the label's fold saw a regular CD edition and an accompanying 12" sampler -- but never a full vinyl release. Following Kompakt's long sold out 2014 limited edition reissue for Record Store Day, the label welcome From Here We Go Sublime back as a double-LP in gatefold vinyl.Axel Willner, aka The Field, joined the Kompakt family in 2005, bringing forward a new fusion of ambient and techno that fed on his adoration for Wolfgang Voigt's classic '90s projects Gas and M:I:5 as well as the shoegazer rock of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. Called a "techno pop landmark" by Pitchfork, From Here We Go Sublime almost immediately became a cult favorite, starting a trend that continues to this day -- as can be seen with The Field's 2013 full-length offering, Cupid's Head, that has been lauded by critics and crowds alike. The most striking feat of From Here We Go Sublime must be its sonic cohesiveness, debuting a fully-formed artistic vision that -- seven years and three albums later -- hasn't lost any of its luster. As a fixture in The Field's discography, it remains as important as ever, with Axel Willner installing a blueprint that inspired many but sounds like no one else... except himself. Giving you a feeling of warmth and familiarity on first listen that you can't quite grasp, it's like this sound has always existed, when in fact it was the unique creation from one highly gifted producer. And it all starts here.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: KRY 013LP
MODICA, MATHIAS Kraut Jazz Futurism 2LP
Mathias Modica's Kraut Jazz Futurism compilation is evidence of a new musical wind blowing through Germany -- especially in Berlin. After years of having been the techno capital of the world, the city now is embracing a much wider musical palette, attracting a new generation of sonic adventurists: international jazz musicians as well as German talents. These highly skilled performers are searching for something new, merging different styles and influences. It's a fact: jazz no longer 'smells funny.' And after London and L.A., Berlin is on its way to becoming a new hotspot for the next generation of jazz-influenced musicians, thanks to its free hedonistic spirit as well as a blossoming scene of new live clubs, festivals and happenings. This compilation showcases some of the most interesting artists on the new German scene to date. Yet, while other new jazz movements are more influenced by hip hop and R&B, these young German musicians have audibly steeped themselves in their own heritage: Krautrock and electronic music. The majority of the tracks on this compilation were composed exclusively for this release or have only seen a limited release via the artists' own channels. Features Karaba, SALOMEA, David Nesselhauf, Shake Stew, and more. Also features: Karl Hector & The Malcouns, Stimming x Lambert, Sissi Rada, C.A.R., Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, Oracles, Onom Ogemo And The Disco Jumpers, Torben Unit, JJ Whitefield, Niklas Wandt, Ralph Heidel // Homo Ludens, Keope, and Toresch. 180 gram pressing, gatefold jacket.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: MUS 201LP
2019 saw Irreal face guitar player changes. With a new line-up they entered studio with Dani Frutos to record the nine songs on Fi Del Mon. Nine tracks or urgent hardcore punk continuing the tradition of modern Barcelona hardcore while keeping an eye in Finnish hardcore and which are not afraid to turn the speed down to a pace that could bring to mind mid-paced Discharge or Cro-Mags. The riffs are thick and crunchy, full of feedback and distortion, backed by a solid rhythm section and an assertive Catalan voice.
LR 349LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: LR 349LP
2019 repress. By the time this album was released, Antonio Carlos Jobim was already an international superstar. Having recently won a Grammy (1965) for "The Girl From Ipanema", by 1967 all the big name stars from up north were breaking down his door to work with the new "Gershwin of Brazil." In fact, Jobim had just finished working on an album with Frank Sinatra when he went into the studio to record this album. Recorded in 1967, Wave is actually one of the lesser known masterpieces of Brazilian music, and undoubtedly one of Jobim's greatest. Here Jobim and the great Claus Ogerman lead a top-flight cast on hidden classics like Batidinha, Triste and Wave.
PRICE: $14.00
LEIF Igam-Ogam 12"
Livity Sound's final transmission of 2019 comes from the esteemed Freerotation resident and UntilMyHeartStops co-founder, Leif. Quietly earning himself a well-deserved reputation for his outer-worldly production stance and forward-thinking approach to DJing, Leif has spent the last decade refining his musical palette with a slew of releases including highly acclaimed LPs for Whities and UntilMyHeartStops. In 2017, he launched the TIO-Series label as a vehicle to showcase the more off-kilter rhythmical side of his own productions releasing contemporary anthems such as "July V" and "Bluebird". This new EP for Livity Sound continues in the exploratory TIO-series vein finding Leif in percussion mode, combining nimble rhythms, deep bass, and hazy synths in his idiosyncratic style to dazzling effect. This 12" vinyl release comes with brand new art direction from Tess Redburn in a full-color artwork reverse board sleeve.Livity Sound is a label set up by Peverelist in 2011 as a vehicle for a raw and exploratory strain of UK techno, rooted in the heritage of UK dance music and sound system culture. It has since become one of the UK's foremost protagonists for cutting edge underground music.
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: MFG 065LP
"A composer, writer, percussionist, singer and coordinator, Doug Hammond was born in Tampa, Florida in 1942, the city where he cut his teeth in percussive studies with Don Templeton's Tampa Metropolitan Symphony, preparing for a career in classical music that he would never enter into. Instead, Hammond began a career that would eschew typification and stylistic categories, excelling at everything from blues to bop and free jazz. Though he may be most remembered as the composer and one of the vocalists of Mingus Moves, Hammond is much more than that. His journey began as a musician. Before his high school graduation, he was playing blues music with Barney Lowis and B.B. King, who went onto get him his first gigs sitting in with Earl Hooker. By the grace of pianist and vocalist Kitty Daniels, Hammond was inducted into jazz, at first playing with Andy 'Gump' Martin and then, upon graduation, The Five Royals, Little Willie John and Sam and Dave. Splitting his time between New York City and Detroit in the 60s and 70s, Hammond lent his percussive and vocal talents to Donald Byrd, Sonny Rollins, Kenny Dorham, Charles Mingus, Sam Rivers, Etta James, Nina Simone, the Dorothy Ashby Trio and more. In 1967, he became a founding member and vice president of the Detroit Creative Musicians Association, an artist-led cooperative that presaged Tribe, Strata and Strata-East. Released in 1977, Ellipse features Hammond on percussion, drums, piano and voice along with Karen Joseph on flute and alto flute. Moving fluidly from the uptempo 'Warm Up' to the deep, dreamy 'Concentric Dream', this session runs the gamut with Hammond drawing inspiration from an 'inner-voice that has roots in Africa, which manifests itself through impressions perceived by the composer in America from his African ancestors'. A rare and underrated spiritual jazz excursion."
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: MFG 066LP
"Released in 1980, Hammond's third album is described by jazz critic Francis Davis (Village Voice, Atlantic Monthly) in Downbeat Magazine as 'something of an omnibus -- there's a little bit of everything here, the best of it excellent.' Expect bright original compositions filled with dancing rhythm duets, sonorous cello, modal vocalese & more. Recorded with bassist Cecil McBee, vocalists Angela Bofil and Bessie Carter, saxophonists Steve Coleman and Byard Lancaster and cellist Muneer Abdul Fataah, Hammond is an unassuming leader, acting as an imaginative drummer who allows the soloists to shine time and time again. Now considered a rare, classic spiritual jazz session of the era."
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: MFG 067LP
"Released in 1982, Spaces features alto saxophonist Steve Coleman and cellist Muneer Abdul Fataah writing with Hammond as the Doug Hammond Trio, with guests Byard Lancaster (Alto Saxophone, Flute) and Kirk Lightsey (piano). It's an album is full of strong, succinct statements that, according to Musician Magazine (Cliff Tinder, 1982), belie an abstract, soulful approach to free jazz. The exhilarating cello and angular horns show each player's experience and artistry while the heady, asymmetrical rhythmic concepts of Hammond and Steve Coleman add a playfulness to the dissonance. Creative, dynamic, modern, Tinder notes that Spaces gives any jazz master a run for their money."
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: MAT 014LP
LAND OF LIGHT The World Lies Breathing LP
After a seven-year hiatus since the release of their debut LP on ESP Institute, Kyle Martin and Jonny Nash's Land Of Light return with The World Lies Breathing, their sophomore album for Melody As Truth. Written and composed over the course of two years, The World Lies Breathing reflects the pair's shared development towards spacious, abstract composition crafted from a wide range of contrasting sound sources. Utilizing a combination of acoustic instruments, contact microphones and Martin's self-built modular synthesizer The World Lies Breathing focuses on the space between sounds, conjuring up an organic yet alien landscape that exists on the edge of an unknowable void.
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: MDF 004LP
PANIC GIRL Cake On Jupiter LP
Combining hardware such as modular synthesizers, the ARP 2600, and a Juno 60 along with field recordings and gentle voicescapes, Panic Girl manages to create an album that blurs the line between electronic composition and naturally organic ambience. Each title captures the listener through hypnotic and mesmerizing means, luring you further down a welcoming abyss where you find yourself situated within the playful terrain littered with scrap book like audio elements. A personal and intimate tour through the mindset of an ambitious daydreamer that dares you to dream with her. White, 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $22.00
Rabih Beaini's Upperground Orchestra (Beaini, Alvise Seggi, Tommaso Cappellato, and Piero Bittolo Bon) are back with their first studio material since 2008. Upperground Orchestra is the hybrid jazz band of Rabih Beaini and his fellow musicians Cappellato (drums), Bon (woodwinds/electronics), and Seggi (bass/oud). The band returns with a new LP, seven years after The Eupen Takes (DOSER 013LP, 2012). Euganea is a five track LP recorded during their Musica Veneta residency, promoted by FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) in the great setting of Villa dei Vescovi. Working around Veneto music, the band developed pieces that merge the deep roots of original fusion (tape music, electronic synths, and processing) with the free spiritual jazz sound of Upperground Orchestra.
PRICE: $22.00
MA comes from the Tokyo rap and hip-hop scene, and throughout the years his style has evolved into more noisy and experimental beat-making. On Ama, he blends ritualistic ancient Japanese lyrics and vocal methods, on music that he creates using his voice and/or field recordings. The result is alienating, weird, and haunting but at the same time fascinating and futuristic. MA's "Beehayden" is being remixed by Sugai Ken, another outstanding artist and performer from Japan. MA made his first short live performance at Dommune Tokyo in May 2019, revealing his craft and performative side.
PRICE: $21.00
TXLAX is Dave Aju's first album since 2015. As always, there is plenty of fresh genre-defying ideas in the music, but this time wrapped in a much more relaxed and focused aesthetic -- a fitting personal soundtrack for the homecoming theme of his move back to Los Angeles from Berlin, as the combined airport letters in the title suggest. There is a sonic stylistic bridge of sorts between the sister cities on display as well, all imbued with that inimitable combination of raw playfulness and warm refined soul as only Dave Aju does. From the soaring west coast future funk opener "Bird's Eye", the nautical disco-not-disco of tomorrow in "Out To C" and the bugged-out broken beat flavor of "Silverfish" to the slick melodic electro vibes of the title track, and gorgeous shuffling deep house closer "Yulia", TXLAX is a masterwork filled with beauty, character, and detail that will reward many repeat listens.
PRICE: $34.50
CAT #: MFM 043LP
RUINS Marea/Tide LP + 7"
Music From Memory's latest release sees the reissue of the lost art record Marea/Tide: Sound And Image Research Volume One by Italian Wave duo Alessandro Pizzin and Piergiuseppe Ciranna aka Ruins. Ciranna and Pizzin first conceived the Sound And Image Research series back in the early '80s, when they were involved in various multimedia projects in art galleries and unique exhibition spaces across Italy. In 1984 Ciranna and Pizzin came across the works of Italian artist Luigi Viola, a painter whose work was already known internationally and who was active in galleries worldwide. When the opportunity arose for the three to come together it quite naturally led to the creation and production of the album Marea/Tide -- a record not only inspired by the work of Viola but evolved in symbiosis with him. It was to be the first and sadly the only volume in Ruins' Sound Image series. Marea/Tide was released in early autumn 1984 and showcased on November 24th of the same year at an exciting one-off event, alongside exhibitions of the visual works and listening sessions at the well-known Villa Sagredo in Venice. Further showcases were performed at galleries across Italy by the duo alongside Viola's art. The records, for the most part were available solely at those events. The first (and only) edition of the album was limited to 600 copies, 200 of which also included an original screen-print of two different works by Viola; Cuore Veneziano/Venetian Heart, numbered and signed by the artist. Due to poor management and disagreements with the label which produced the record, 300 copies were held for many years in storage and then later sadly destroyed; Marea/Tide disappeared almost completely without trace. Includes bonus 7" with four stunning unreleased tracks, and printed insert with updated liner notes.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: NLR 018CD
"In 1925, Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett disappeared in the indescribable jungles of Brazil during an expedition to find the lost city of Z. The city not only represented a sort of El Dorado, but also a state of consciousness in which the traveler and the jungle became a single being. Fawcett describes this ideal moment as the appearance of an inverted oasis; a deserted space in-between lush vegetation where one cannot longer distinguish one plant from the other, water from land or bugs from birds. All of them form a unified harmonic tissue of organic matter. Strange Oasis by Million Brazilians is in sound what Fawcett dreamed to find. Loaded with layers of tribal percussion, far-out atmospheres and exotic melodies, this record achieves to gather lush and mystery in a tangible fabric of sound. Flutes pass as birds, taps as humid drops, melodies as organic currents. A ritual happening far away and within simultaneously. As the music crowds round us, the sounds take on animal and vegetal flesh to form a strange oasis in the exact middle of the inner jungle."
NA 5046LP
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: NA 5046LP
VA Forge Your Own Chains 2LP
Subtitled: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads And Dirges 1968-1974. 2019 repress, originally released 2009. 2LP version. "Deluxe gatefold jacket containing extensive and detailed liner notes and annotation by Egon, rare photos and other ephemera." Artists: Top Drawer, Sensational Saints, East Of Underground, D. R. Hooker, Shin Jung Hyun & The Men feat. Jang Hyun, T. Zchiew & The Johnny, The Strangers, Damon, Ellison, Morly Grey, Shadrack Chameleon, Ofege, Ana Y Jaime, Kourosh Yaghmaei, Baby Grandmothers.
NA 5165LP
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: NA 5165LP
AXELROD, DAVID Song Of Innocence LP
2019 repress. "David Axelrod delivered one of the great psychedelic albums with 1968's Song Of Innocence, based around the poetry of William Blake. It is considered by many his masterpiece. Song Of Innocence is this weird hybrid that no one, not even Axelrod himself, could ever really describe. The listener is pulled in by his melodies, simplistic at first blush, but colored by odd chord progressions and turn arounds, grounded by the drummer Earl Palmer and Carol Kaye's funk, torn between the juxtaposition of musical elements -- a jazz vibraphone solo here, a fuzz guitar tear here, a nod to the baroque in Don Randi's clavichord comps -- and put at ease, always, by Axe's arrangements, which utilize brass and strings in a way that no 1960s arranger did. It's worth noting that there are really count-on-your-hand examples of anything that might even be compared to Song Of Innocence. Perhaps Arthur Verocai's self-titled and only artist album, issued on the Brasilian Continental label in 1972, or the collaborations between Serge Gainsbourg and Jean Claude Vannier, which found their epitome in 1971's Histoire de Melody Nelson. But even these albums, superb, in any thinking music fan's canon of the best from this era, perhaps in their lives -- and perhaps in line with Song Of Innocence -- are one-offs. Axelrod's Song Of Innocence set in path a series of artist albums on Capitol and other labels and influenced the world countless times over, from The Verve to DJ Shadow to Madlib to J.Dilla. Remastered from the original tapes in a new transfer, with extensive liner notes and unpublished photos."
PRICE: $16.50
PTWIGGS Darkening Of Light LP
Ptwiggs second EP Darkening Of Light brings her signature heavy industrial drums alongside ethereal auto-tuned vocals embedded in immersive building melodies. Exploring concepts of pre-determinism, fatalism, and the influence of the Ancient Chinese divination system, the I Ching. Darkening Of Light is cryptic without passing into the realms of the unknowable; It's six tracks should be given time to unfurl and explain themselves in full. The opening single "Worth It" introduces a threatening throaty bassline contrasted with delicate emotive vocals that echo "I don't understand why you hold my hand, look me in the eyes, am I worth the lies??" layered industrial riffs ring out under the weight of crushing hardstyle drum breakdowns. "When Shaken By A Strong Wind" delivers hazy liquid synthesizers and flickering guitars give homage to a post punk palette. The track based off the Bible; Revelation 6:13 signifies the natural self -- becoming separated from the spiritual self -- bringing an apocalypse to the world. "Ebb And Flow" swirls distorted pads, with celestial multi-dimensional vocals, soft percussion and soaring leads. The track conjures up a dream-pop essence with the lyrics an abstract reflection that speaks peacefully about the origin of all things flowing into one. Closing the EP is the track "The Town Of Death" a remarkable soundscape with a floating choir pad smothered by a detuned existential lead building form to a battle ground of drums and vocals that flood in with lyrics of despair: "All the stars fell down". Dedicated to a town in Russia called '????????' -- Chapayevsk also known as the "town of death" due to the high amount of toxins present in the environment. Darkening Of Light can be both oblique in its reference and entirely accurate about its being. Ptwigg's music deals with this human experience of denial, acceptance, inadequacy and pride, both of personal body and wider environment in a balanced manner. Entering darkness to understand the light, free from craving and aversion you will find everything in nothing.
ON 201EP
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: ON 201EP
BOB Convenience 7"
Originally released in 1989 on The House Of Teeth label, this indie classic which made John Peel's Festive Fifty of that year, gets a 30th anniversary reissue as part of our Optic Sevens 2.0 reissue series. It is backed with the previously unreleased "Coquette" which was recorded in 1992, remixed in 2017 and only available on this release of the 7-inch. Color vinyl (randomly packed -- green, amber or red); Includes postcard, sticker, and poster; Edition of 800.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: OSR 078LP
Out-Sider present a reissue of Stone Harbour's Emerges, originally released in 1974. The absolute king of lo-fi basement psychedelia, originally released as a private pressing in 1974 by this duo from Ohio. From dreamy melancholic tracks to insane fuzzed-out heavy psych ones. Remastered sound; Insert with photos and liner notes by band member Ric Ballas; Includes download."... It's 1974, you're young and have a head full of Hawkwind and Roky and the Elevators, old brutalist blues in the Hound Dog Taylor/Fred McDowell backwoods whisky-fucked mode, freak folk and LSD; you're stuck in Hicksville, USA -- that's Youngstown, Ohio to you lot; the music scene sucks; glam's dead or dying slowly; punk a good year or so from even starting to get itself born. Town's too damn small to even muster up a band in. It's just and your buddy and that's it, man. So you grows your hair and wear satin, wander wide-eyed and tripping across small town railway tracks and hang loose at the weekend in your basement. You gather a bunch if cheapo instruments on the never-never and you start cutting low-fi bedroom demos... Stone Harbour were Ric Ballas (electric, acoustic and slide guitars; organ; piano; synthesizers; bass guitar, percussion, voice) and Dave McCarty (lead vocals, drums, and percussion), and out of nowhere and nothing, at entirely the wrong time, they cut an LP that will blow your head clean off. This is a trip into the true dark heart of psychedelia . . . Dave McCarty's vocals emerge from some subterranean cave and the keyboards flicker, flicker, flash across the periphery of the song; 'Rock & Roll Puzzle' is dark, twisted fried garage punk blues brutality in the same mold as 'White Faces' or 'Cold Night For Alligators', pre-empting The Gories and Pussy Galore by a good ten years!! . . . Songs fade in and out; finger-picking blurs into screaming squelching synths; guitars melt in the mid-summer heat. 'Grains Of Sand' frazzles like The Stooges through a fucked-up amp and filtered through a transistor radio with the valves burning out. 'Thanitos' is the freak-out ending of 'Julia's Dream' lost in suburban downtown US of A with the taillights cutting on the freeway... whilst 'Summer Magic Is Gone' is the most haunted, haunting song I've heard in many a long strange moon . . . Best record I've heard all year." --Hugh Dellar (Shindig!)
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: PART 4107CD
VA Dustin E Presents... Cornflake Zoo: Episode 20 CD
As the world spins out of control and our esteemed global leaders seem bent on building walls and knocking down bridges, we are on our own. So, before the tanks roll in and Armageddon tweets, here's your chance to hear something that is beyond their understanding... and not quite so destructive. Episode 20 is an international war of words and power chords with hooks and swipes from South America, Asia, Europe and beyond. Oh, and a couple of Brits who may be European... or not... Hang on, hold tight, we just might make it through somehow... 20 tracks released between 1966-1970. Features The Blue Caps, Mel Williams, The Black Jacks, The Blue's Men, League 66, Les Marquis, Les Serpents Noirs, Crni Biseri, The Knacks, Maquina, John's Followers, The Light Stones, Topmost, The Flames, Kadikoy Ticaret Lisesi, and Topmost. Includes a 20-page full-color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs.
PRICE: $17.00
VILLALOBOS, RICARDO Dependent and Happy CD
Repressed. The distance from Ricardo Villalobos' last field trip Thé au Harem d'Archimède (PERL 043CD) in 2004 to the present epic album is a galaxy of electronic expression through sound, independent from time and space. It is said that funk is defined by the notes that are not being played. The space between the notes here is so vast, that funk becomes transformed into the spirit that creates unfathomable emotional adventure. The rules of dynamics between 0 and 1 shift the relation from reality to relaxation. Previously-unreleased, mixed, free-floating sessions are made out of natural, secret ingredients from the limbic system of astro-Aztecs. They evolve from rituals, ending in the release of the sinuous percussion ghost from the machine who breathes out a score for easy living, which sounds like a primordial soup aerosol of funky molecules and molluscs. The CD version is a continous mix, although slightly shorter. The vinyl edition comes in three parts and contains a total of 14 tracks.
PERL 103-1EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: PERL 103-1EP
2019 press. The first part of Thomas Melchior's Meditations series.
PERL 103-2EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: PERL 103-2EP
2019 repress. The second part of Thomas Melchior's Meditations series.
PRICE: $23.50
VILOD Safe in Harbour 2LP
2019 epress; Double LP version. The smart and airy groove of atoms in space rules this mesmerizing album from Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer as Vilod, leading off with an irresistibly deconstructed downbeat monstrosity deceptively tagged as the "Modern Hit Midget" -- it's actually a giant. One giant of seven, to be precise: Safe in Harbour contains seven giants of free funk that proceed through a variety of way-out psychedelicacies. Which increase in flavor under headphones. The wane of the free-floating energy in Villalobos and Loderbauer's 2011 Re: ECM work is more than offset here by the increase in rhythmic push through sensual syncopation and eruptive bass energy. The duo is the impetus in Perlon's swinging machine.
PRICE: $47.50
VA Superlongevity 6 4x12"
2019 repress. 4x12" version. When Perlon started releasing their Superlongevity compilation series in 1999, it was not evident that the name, which had initially been chosen just for pun, would become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now in 2017, Perlon is in its 20th year, to celebrate this anniversary, the label invites its listeners to enter the sixth round of illuminating expression, once more driven by playfulness and fluffy swing-time. This time, the journey has no guidepost, except maybe the order to set the controls for the heart of the potoo. 18 tracks unfold their magic formulas to release a cascade of funky blobs. The collection reflects the label's unique interpretation of sound and vision, of caring and sharing, of "glitches and itches" -- by forward and froward thinking, artists who set landmarks and break standards for the sake of the sound of the extraordinary. Here's what you will find in this brand-new Perlon toy box that adds one more shade to the corporate color scheme: House bubbles that sound like they come straight from a "Bällchenparadies". A motor drive with a sexy beat. Tribal dances, warped ballads, romantic fantasies. Heavy bass fundaments with aerial notes that hover above like helium balloons. A meditation machine, chilly chimes and future clockworks. Speaking things with nonsense as a foreign language. Rumoring moods and sparkling modes. Crime jazz with a glitch. Bouncers, growlers, wobblers, and cuddly shuffles. Space invaders. Sunshine! Features: The Stowaway, International Anything, Bodycode, Kalabrese, Pile, Dimbiman, Margaret Dygas, Fumiya Tanaka, Baby Ford, Narcotic Syntax, Ricardo Villalobos, Binh, Darren, Spacetravel, Soul Capsule, Sammy Dee, Maayan Nidam, and Melchior Productions Ltd.
PRICE: $25.00
2019 repress; Double LP version. Get ready and prepared for a very exclusive visit. With Sea Of Thee, Maayan Nidam welcomes the inauguration of a place that feels exactly like it should be, in every moment, with every movement; it just adapts to one's preferences. Her sonic realm is an elastic and exotic wonderland, full of cozy challenges for feverish dancers, acrobat time travelers, shady lounges and lovers of small, clandestine gestures. It is a realm with many different angles and a wide perspective that opens the zone so one can marvel at its arcane resonance. Lost in space and time, sounds from far away come together before one's inner eye to caress each other like they have never met before but ever belonged together. They form up to tonal episodes that tell stories of sublime darkness, sneaky affection, mystery and magic, dream destinations, and the wisdom of sound. They provoke the awakening of a drama that takes twists and turns to express all facets of sweetness and danger. Falling into a void of pleasure, the mindset feels soft and warm and thick like a forgotten layer of a favorite, padded memory. Time to feel comfortable and alert; welcome to Maayan Nidam's realm of tech blues noir.
PRICE: $14.50
IACOBUCCI, IVAN Logic Solution 12"
Repressed. Four magic excursions through unknown territories by Ivan Iacobucci.
PRICE: $14.50
Repressed. Fumiya Tanaka and Thomas Melchior as Tofu Productions.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: PHS 066LP
Nese Karaböcek is a popular Arabesque singer and film/TV star from Turkey. She started singing at a very young age and has a vast recording career. Yali Yali is a selection of her grooviest tracks from the '70s, including the massive psych-funk dancefloor bomb title track plus other fabulous examples of Anadolu pop-funk, mixing Turkish melodies and instruments with disco arrangements, Moog keyboards, funky drums... and more! Remastered sound; Color insert with photos.
ASH 3054LP
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: ASH 3054LP
2019 repress, now including a CD version. First album from the legendary Japanese rockers fronted by Yuya Uchida. Although an album consisting mainly of cover versions, 1970's Anywhere still exhibited many of the musical traits that were to come to the fore on the band's next release, the classic Satori, an album of original material delivered with panache by the increasingly confident Uchida. An album made memorable by its risqué cover as well as its ground-breaking approach to Western rock music. Features the original LP artwork and includes the original Japanese insert. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $14.50
WAAJEED Detroit Love Vol. 3 CD
For the third instalment of Detroit Love's acclaimed mix series, none other than Dirt Tech Reck label boss and Slum Village co-founder Waajeed steps up for a 20-track mix paying tribute to the margins of Detroit and beyond. Hot on the heels of mixes from Carl Craig (PEDL 002CD/LP) and Stacey Pullen (PEDL 001CD/LP), Waajeed's Detroit Love Vol. 3 tells a highly personal tale of the Detroit spirit, of someone living and breathing its culture since a young age. Having grown up to the sounds of Roy Ayers, Kraftwerk, and Funkadelic, cultivated his sonic profile alongside J Dilla as part of Slum Village, Waajeed launched his own Dirt Tech Reck label that veers towards more dancefloor-focused tracks. And even though Waajeed's sound has gone through a multitude of changes over the years, his cautious understanding of the symbiosis between soul and grit has always remained true to its Motor City roots. For the mix he calls upon a number of his most respected contemporaries, forging an authentic blend of genres spanning familiar grooves and a slew of unheard exclusives. From Patrice Scott and Doc Link to LADYMONIX and DJ Rimarkible, Detroit Love Vol. 3 blends the old and the new, the jazzy and the industrial, bound together by their idiosyncratic nods to the city's legacy. Detroit Love Vol. 3 offers, yet again, a detailed portrait of the sounds and personalities that lend to the city's rich musical heritage. Also features 14Kt, Black Loops, Tall Black Guy, Scott Diaz, Rocco Rodamaal, Brian Tappert, Ninetoes, Sergio Fernandez, D-Love Muzic, Damon Bell, Camille Safiya, Roddy Rod, Matthew Law, Joss Moog, Teflon Dons, Harry Romero, 18. DJ Rimarkable, 19. Lux Groove, and 20. Preslav & C.Scott.Double-LP version includes an eight-track package featuring many of the new and exclusive tracks from the compilation; features Roddy Rod, 14Kt, D-Love Muzic, Teflon Dons, LADYMONIX, DJ Rimarkable, Matthew Law, and Damon Bell; Gatefold sleeve.
PRICE: $25.50
WAAJEED Detroit Love Vol. 3 2LP
Double LP version. Gatefold sleeve. For the third instalment of Detroit Love's acclaimed mix series, none other than Dirt Tech Reck label boss and Slum Village co-founder Waajeed steps up for a 20-track mix paying tribute to the margins of Detroit and beyond. Hot on the heels of mixes from Carl Craig (PEDL 002CD/LP) and Stacey Pullen (PEDL 001CD/LP), Waajeed's Detroit Love Vol. 3 tells a highly personal tale of the Detroit spirit, of someone living and breathing its culture since a young age. Having grown up to the sounds of Roy Ayers, Kraftwerk, and Funkadelic, cultivated his sonic profile alongside J Dilla as part of Slum Village, Waajeed launched his own Dirt Tech Reck label that veers towards more dancefloor-focused tracks. And even though Waajeed's sound has gone through a multitude of changes over the years, his cautious understanding of the symbiosis between soul and grit has always remained true to its Motor City roots. For the mix he calls upon a number of his most respected contemporaries, forging an authentic blend of genres spanning familiar grooves and a slew of unheard exclusives. From Patrice Scott and Doc Link to LADYMONIX and DJ Rimarkible, Detroit Love Vol. 3 blends the old and the new, the jazzy and the industrial, bound together by their idiosyncratic nods to the city's legacy. Detroit Love Vol. 3 offers, yet again, a detailed portrait of the sounds and personalities that lend to the city's rich musical heritage.Double-LP version includes an eight-track package featuring many of the new and exclusive tracks from the compilation; features Roddy Rod, 14Kt, D-Love Muzic, Teflon Dons, LADYMONIX, DJ Rimarkable, Matthew Law, and Damon Bell; Gatefold sleeve.
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: PSR 025LP
"The moon is out and it's time for experiments in the Pacific Northwest. Enter the abode of Smegma Laboratories, dwelling of Ju Suk Reet Meate & Oblivia (The Tenses) whom are active in Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) notable collaborators with Merzbow, Wolf Eyes, John Wiese and infamous rock critic Richard Meltzer. It's late in the evening and they have invited fellow Smegmateer David Morgan along with synthesized sculptors Brenna Murphy & Birch Cooper of MSHR, and psychedelic shape-shifters Corum & Suzanne Stone of Million Brazilians. All have arrived to share conversation in a new potent brew of Sonic Fermentations about to be set into motion. A distant brass vibrates to initiate 'Batch 1' whetting the mug as we gaze through low glow haze of undulating electricity and nervous clatter. We are directly dipped into a volatile vat of saxophone trills, whistling lasers, conch moans, tense string vibrato, rattle snake shake, knife sharpening, gong burst, eastern flute, percussive clang, ratchet stir, guided all by the sway of upright bass to soothe the highly expressive ooze. Now activated, 'Batch 2' is too mutagenic for any container, a deep drank of sci-fi exotica concoction with psychotropic effects churned by a monstrous kalimba, canned laughter, radio broadcast fritz, eerie lap steel, double reed riff, all torched in a broth of stretching electrical beams. Suspense arrives by waiting for these themes to disintegrate and dissolve steering into unrecognizable forms. Once that happens, allure clashes with grotesque, contours between exhilaration and wailing dissolve, and the music becomes a current of unified instinct by this Psychic Sounds Ensemble. Sip it or shoot it, either way will result in stimulating both head and visceral.' --Karen K. Full color Folkways style wrap-around cover. Hand stamped & metallic screen printed insert. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk. Limited pressing of 200."
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: RRS 109LP
SEX PISTOLS Here Comes the Filthy Lucre: Live At Stadio Olimpico, Roma, Italy July 10th 1996 LP
Red vinyl edition. Limited edition of the recording of the Sex Pistols live performance at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome in 1996. This was the very first Pistols reunion, the so called "Filthy Lucre" tour featuring the original line-up with the legendary Glen Matlock on bass. On July 10th, the band appeared in Rome as part of a one-day festival, sharing the stage with heavy weights such as Iggy Pop, Bad Religion, Slayer, and Sepultura. The Pistols threw out a killer set featuring the most of their hits, "No Feelings", "Pretty Vacant", "Holiday In The Sun", "God Save The Queen", and other generational punk anthems.
PRICE: $14.00
PEAK & SWIFT Floppy Drive EP 12"
Peak & Swift's first full EP and no surprise it's on Renate Schallplatten. The record comes along with a remix from Renate resident and friend, Marlon Hoffstadt. The Berlin based duo drops some heavy bass lines with storyline synths on the "Floppy", taking you to a time when you were high on the dancefloor; your eyes closed, the lights still shining through your lids. The bells ring in angelic exasty rounding off the title track to be a sure instant classic named after their party series Floppy Drive. The EP embodies '90s dance culture. Marlon Hoffstadt pumps up the drive and adds the depth that only a seasoned raver could reference, making you feel like a Sonic the Hedgehog speed walk. First track on the B-side, "Aurora", is the kind of music you would hear in a '90s sci-fi B-movie where the soundtrack aged better than the movie. The EP is rounded off with "Gonzo", a vintage house production from the duo hailing to '90s legend Torsten Fenslau.
PRICE: $25.00
Rush Hour RSS presents a reissue of the sought-after self-titled LP by Slovenian act, Videosex. While little-known outside of the former Yugoslavia, Videosex's self-titled debut album from 1984 sold in significant numbers, making superstars of the young Slovenian musicians responsible for making it. The set not only helped turn Yugoslavian teenagers on to the possibilities of Western-style electronic pop, but also inspired them via satirical, often explicit lyrics. Their debut performance at the Novi Rock festival in Ljubljana lead to an immediate contract offer from Slovenia's biggest record label. It wasn't long before the band were holed up in Studio Top Ten in Ljiublana, recording what would become their debut album. They effectively moved in to the studio for days and weeks on end, clocking up well over 200 hours of recording time in which they mixed experimentation with a desire to polish each song to perfection. The result was their first album -- nine songs touching on a variety of sexually charged subjects including erotica, lesbianism, voyeurism, and sadism. Includes printed inner sleeve containing exclusive pictures.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: RBL 072CD
"The original soundtrack for the cult film, Lucifer Rising, by Underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Composed by Bobby BeauSoleil who is joined in the performances by his prison band, The Freedom Orchestra, recorded 1975-1979 at Tracy Prison. The music of Lucifer Rising is closely linked with the occult elements with dark psychedelic mystical sounds. Bobby composed electronic sounds interspersed with interesting slow trumpet fanfares, keyboard wizardry and fine guitar solos. For sure one of influential soundtracks ever and one of the most important psychedelic ambient album of music history. Magical & essential. Artwork by Malleus. Limited edition digipack."
PRICE: $14.50
SOMAH Heart Sprint/Night Drive 12"
2019 has seen the rise of Somah. He returns to Scrub A Dub with two bass heavy rollers including his first collaboration with unsung hero, Nova. Championed by Mala, Egoless, and Toddla T, Somah mixes euphony and galloping rhythms to deliver some of his deepest cuts yet.
PRICE: $12.00
REFORM Quartet 12"
Four-track masterclass EP in driving drama built for big rooms -- new release for Pan-Pot's label, Second State Audio. Andrea Gengaroli and Ludovico Bracciali of the Italian duo Reform have only been releasing music since 2016 but they've already made quite the splash in Techno circles, receiving support from the biggest names in the scene. Tensions are running high on their fourth release on Second State, the Quartet EP, following another two releases on Luca Agnelli's Etruria beat label. Quartet is a masterclass in driving drama built for big rooms.
PRICE: $25.50
FOX, THE For Fox Sake LP
Sommor Records present the first vinyl reissue of The Fox's For Fox Sake, originally released in 1970. Sounding more akin to something released in '67-68, For Fox Sake is a superb example of UK psych, highly recommended if you're into Apple, Koobas, Zombies, Octopus, Skip Bifferty, Spencer Davis Group, Rubbles... Formed in Brighton in 1968 with roots to the mod-soul scene, The Fox consisted of Steve (Stephen) Brayne on lead guitar and vocals, Winston Weatherill (ex-Gary Farr & The T-Bones) on lead guitar and sitar, Alex Lane on keyboards and vocals, Tim Reeves on drums, and Dave Windross on bass. During their brief existence they supported The Herd and opened for David Bowie. Their sound was loud and righteous with great vocal harmonies, tight rhythm section and wonderful keyboard/guitar solos. After getting signed to a London management, they recorded their only LP in one session and they had it released in the UK on the Fontana label and on the USA on Crewe, featuring a different cover. Sadly, the band broke up following year and since the inclusion of "Butterfly" in one of the Rubbles comps several decades later, they've become a cult group among psych collectors. Remastered sound; Includes insert with photos/memorabilia, plus liner notes by band member Steve Brayne. Includes original UK artwork.
PRICE: $25.50
LUCIFER WAS Underground And Beyond LP
LP version. Sommor Records present a reissue of Lucifer Was's debut album Underground And Beyond, originally released in 1997 as a picture disc LP. Killer hard psych-prog from Norway, Underground And Beyond from cult proto-metal band Lucifer Was, contains songs written in 1971-72, but not recorded until 1997. Established in 1970 in Oslo, Lucifer Was were a powerful psychedelic hard-rock/hard-prog band that lasted until 1975. During those years, they gigged locally and played at some big festivals but they never got the chance to register any recording. The band hibernated until 1996 when they reunited again for a live concert. The chemistry was still there so they entered a recording studio and recorded in just 18 hours their first ever album, Underground And Beyond, featuring songs written in 1971-72. Their line-up included two flute players plus bass, drums and the killer lead guitar of Thore Engen. Fully '70s analog -- a powerful sound with devastating distorted lead guitar and flute. Imagine a cross between Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, and Atomic Rooster. Remastered sound; includes color insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby) plus rare photos.
PRICE: $14.00
VID/SUBB-AN 5 Years Anniversary Series 05 12"
Part Five of Sound of Vast's Five Year Anniversary series welcomes the return of label regular Vid with "Cherry Flowers," an eleven-and-a-¬ minute journey winding through modulating percussion, sub swells, breathy vocals and bubbling synths before Subb-an's "Type 3" concludes the series with dynamic drums, wandering bass licks and hypnotizing atmospherics. Sound Of Vast marks its five year anniversary this year and to celebrate it's offering up five special various artist packages across 2019, featuring material from the likes of Vid, The Mole, Cinthie, Shinichiro Yokota, San Proper, Akiko Kiyama, Com Sin aka Cosmin TRG, Subb-an, and more. Here the focus is on the core family as well as some new additions, celebrating the artists involved over the past five years and looking towards the future with some fresh, hotly tipped acts. This project also sees a new design concept for the imprint from London-based David Surman, using his painting installation project Paintings For The Cat Dimension which explores the motif of the cat as emblematic of Internet aesthetics, a place where all painting styles and modes now exist non-hierarchically as pure information. Edition of 250.
SS 078EP
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: SS 078EP
Theo Parrish's "This Is For You" with Maurissa Rose. Includes instrumental version.
PRICE: $31.00
VA Doing It In Lagos: Boogie, Pop & Disco In 1980s Nigeria 3LP/7"
2019 repress. Triple LP version. Includes bonus 7". Comes in gatefold sleeve. 2016 release. Soundway present a compilation of twenty rare and mostly unavailable tracks from the slick and sassy world of Nigerian pop music and club culture of the early 1980s. Buoyed by an explosive oil boom and a return to democracy after a series of military dictatorships, Nigeria's economy in the years of the early '80s was mirrored by its recording industry as countless young artists and groups hit the airwaves and dancefloors of the capital and beyond. Features: Hotline, Peter Abdul, Steve Monite, Oby Onyioha, Kio Amachree, Livy Ekemezie, Willy Roy, Danny Offia & The Friks, Rick Asikpo & Afro Fusion, Terry Mackson, Ofege, Odion Iruoje, Mike Umoh, Burnis Moleme, Sony Enang, Veno, Godfrey Odili, Toby Foyeh, Gboyega Adelaja, Lexy Mella, and Nkono Teles.
SNDW 12022EP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: SNDW 12022EP
2019 repress. This 12" release is a slab of 1980s West African disco crossover from the International Soleil Band from Guinee, West Africa. Composed by Gnamakoron Sidi Diabaté, it was featured originally on an album released in 1983 by French Warner's off-shoot WAM (West African Music) -- a short lived label that recorded about 20 releases of West African music released in France. Features an edit by Hide & Smile.
PRICE: $31.00
VAN DEN BROEKE, JAN 11000 Dreams (2019 Repress) LP
2019 repress of Jan van den Broeke's 11000 Dreams, an ambient/synth/wave compilation centering on the man who brought the world Absent Music, The Misz, and June11. Introvert gold!
PRICE: $20.00
A reissue of legendary Japanese jazz guitarist Ryo Kawasaki. Some of his famous works are mellow jazz fusion masterpiece Tarika Blue (1977), dance jazz classic Trinkets And Things (1978), cosmic new wave jazz Lucky Lady (1983), Balearic jazz album Little Tree (1980), and many more. Electric World was released on Kawasaki's own label, Satellites Records, in 1987. It seems the release was in very small production -- it's hard to find an original copy. The original version of "Electric World" and "727" are electric, jazzy, fusion disco. The main track on the EP is an extended version of "Electric World" -- a very playful, '80s freestyle boogie track.
PRICE: $31.00
A reissue of Little Tree by legendary Japanese jazz guitarist Ryo Kawasaki with his band The Golden Dragon, originally released in 1980. Some of his famous works are mellow jazz fusion masterpiece Tarika Blue (1977), dance jazz classic Trinkets And Things (1978), and cosmic new wave jazz Lucky Lady (1983). Little Tree, with his band The Golden Dragon, is probably the best album for fans of wired jazz, Brazilian, Balearic music. Japanese crate digger "Chee" picked this album as his favorite album from Japan on Resident Advisor. Little Tree is the first album that Ryo Kawasaki used a self-made guitar synthesizer. Rich in variety, Little Tree includes the Japanese Brazilian jazz fusion classic "Looking Around You", experimental guitar ambient piece "Capricho Arabe", the cosmic fusion of "Quasar Infection", Balearic jazz masterpiece "You Are The Sunlight", club jazz classic "Little Tree", folky jazz vocal "Jamiko" -- there's a lot of great songs on this album.
PRICE: $25.50
UNEBACK, MATTIAS Voyage Beneath The Sea LP
LP version. Clear blue vinyl; edition of 500. Join Mattias Uneback (known from Ìxtahuele and The Test Pilots) on a fantastic underwater exotica adventure in sound. Sail the high seas, explore their depths, marvel at their strange and colorful inhabitants. Beneath the waves and through the depths, forgotten worlds lie waiting. Bioluminescent creatures that have never seen the light of day, ancient beasts of gigantic proportions, sunken continents and underwater caves all await you. The Voyage Beneath The Sea album project is about composing music based on underwater fantasy worlds, as well as actual places. A musical discovery below the surface of the ocean; the mysterious unknown and one of the last outposts still uninhabited by man, but also the cradle of all life on our planet. You travel in to the deep sea, as a parallel to, and parable with, the exploration of outer space, as well as the inner worlds of the mind and the subconscious. This is visionary music inspired by the space-age underwater themed exotica recordings of the early 1960s as well as the peculiar aquatic library type albums of 1970s. The songs are amusing and entertaining one moment, dramatic and fierce the next, but most of all: serenely beautiful. The production of the album has been an important process for Mattias and he feels it has seriously widened his views as a musical and composer. Using a variety of both classical and novel instruments; from exotic percussion and full-scale orchestra and choir to vintage electronics, Mr. Uneback paints a vivid and living tableau for the receptive listener. This is exotic orchestral seduction for those willing to embark on a journey of imagination. Submerge yourself in the sounds!
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: TAL 113LP
"Emily Jane White's sixth album Immanent Fire recognizes our moment at the precipice of species annihilation, as she guides her listener through the feeling of life on a planet at the brink of destruction. White honors the sacred, the earthly, and all that is deemed feminine, even as these very elements are threatened with the violence of contemporary systems of power: patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism together conspire to ravage and to exploit natural world and its sacred beings, to subordinate women and other gendered people -- the vanquishing of both the feminine and nature in and of itself. This is the dominant paradigm of modernity that feminist spiritual philosopher and witch Starhawk has named the 'war on immanence.' Speaking directly from the fires incinerating California, White laments the destruction of the sacred feminine and the earth at once. White offers an exploration of the internal world. What is the feeling of life in the capitalocene -- A compassionate but also raw exposure of the anxiety, addiction and depression that have become normative. At the same time, she produces an alternative path: the revaluation of the feminine, the receptive, the vulnerable, the emotional. Ten songs present a deepening storm of melody that offers the hopeful ray of Emily's voice as the waves of rhythm crash and dance around her. Her voice is the listener's guide, a steady and reassuring presence as they march through eerie landscapes, caverns of reverb, church organs and synthetic arpeggios. The samples of birds, insects, and thunder mix with the blend of electronic and acoustic instruments, a subtle reminder of the necessary link between the fate of our ecology and the moral use of technology. White's new album juxtaposes a heavy melancholy with an intimate touching lightness through her singular alto voice backed by orchestral percussion, soaring strings, heavy guitars, a choir of voices, and an overall cinematic presentation of dynamic songwriting."
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: TEC 109EP
PINCH & KAHN FT. KILLA'S ARMY Crossing The Line 12"
This is a big release for Tectonic as label boss Pinch combines forces with Kahn to produce two killer rhythm tracks that meld deepness with futuristic dancehall powers. Normally this would be plenty to get excited about anyway -- but if you then add the vocal talents of Killa P, Irah, and Long Range -- aka "Killa's Army" -- there is even more reason! Dubstep meets grime meets dancehall, while Bristol meets Brixton. All three MCs in Killa's Army have their own, very distinctive but complimentary styles, bringing a hard, uncompromising vocal delivery to match Pinch & Kahn's tough beats. Long Range opens the track and sets pace, his rapid, agile lyrical flow bouncing off the distorted thumping of a darkside 142bpm dancehall-flavored rhythm. Killa P unleashes the chorus with full force, then setting up the next verse. Irah drops it an octave and holds the mood with his unique tone and delivery. The track pulls back then for a moment, like a filmic interlude, before the General himself, Killa P comes in to finish off anyone who might try test, like an end of level boss. "Crossing The Line" will be rattling out of speakers for many years to come, no doubt! Flip the vinyl over and you'll find another, instrumental track, from Pinch & Kahn. "Send Out" is a dubstep banger that holds a deep mood whilst pushing the energy levels through the roof. A rhythm track that has been pulled up, wheeled; set dance floors ablaze with it's almost heavy-metal levels of energy. An early version of "Send Out" originally appeared as an exclusive track on Kahn & Neek's Fabriclive mix (FABRIC 180CD, 2016) but is now available properly for the first time.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: TBCD 3002CD
GLASS MENAGERIE Have You Forgotten Who We Are?: The Anthology 1968-69 CD
The Glass Menagerie emerged in the late 1960s, in the Lancastrian backdrop of Burnley in the north of England. A move to London in 1968 led to a handful of singles with Pye before changes within the band marked a new chapter under Chas Chandler. A rapidly changing music scene and a lack of investment eventually took its toll on the band who split at the tail end of the decade. From 1968 to 1969, they recorded five singles, and various sessions for Top Gear, Saturday Club, and host Brian Matthew. The majority of songs from these live sessions, would be heading towards their unreleased album. Have You Forgotten Who We Are? presents a missing link in the British psychedelic phenomenon, and provides a precious glimpse into the world of "Frederick Jordan" and what might have been. Professionally re-mastered original sound recordings with a handsome 12-page booklet with expansive liners, interviews and rare memorabilia.
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Tresor present a reissue of James Ruskin's seminal Point 2 album. First released in 2000, it marked a fine debut that entrenches the minimal sequences, utilitarian funk and eerie hypnosis found within Ruskin's body of work. As Tresor's relationship with the UK sound grew stronger across the course of the '00s, it was Ruskin, the label owner of Blueprint Records, who played a critical part in this. Throughout the trio of LPs released over that decade, inspirations of the sci-fi minimal Detroit sound lie abundant, rendered through corporeal slammers typical of the UK vein. Point 2 was the first of Ruskin's trilogy for Tresor, and brought a direct and uncompromising vibrancy to the fore, from the aquatic symphony featured on "From Over The Edge" to the pinpoint gaze of "Subject". Gurning loops beat against alien samples, drained into refined abstractions of pure techno. Newly remastered and featuring two tracks previously not cut onto vinyl, this upfront and bold classic is set to span dancefloors once again. New mastering, new cut, two tracks previously uncut on vinyl, new artwork. 180 gram; includes download code.
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: UTR 110C-LP
TRASH KIT Horizon (Clear Vinyl) LP
180 gram, clear vinyl; edition of 300. Trash Kit are Rachel Aggs (guitar, vocals), Rachel Horwood (drums, vocals), and Gill Partington (bass). Three deeply creative individuals who play in a multitude of other groups including Bas Jan, Sacred Paws, Shopping, and Bamboo. Although Trash Kit have their forebears in bands like Sleater-Kinney, The Ex, and The Raincoats, their sound is still very much their own take on facing forwards and relies as much on the naturalism of an internalized folk music as on their sincerity of vision. For Horizon, carefully crafted through years of playing out live, the band have chased down the distance between what they wanted the record to sound like and its realization. They've augmented these songs with choral arrangements, piano, saxophone, harp, viola, and cello. Horizon finds itself full of themes, especially the notion of looking to the future. "Coasting", which opens the album, is concerned with "the end of the world and also the afterlife" and was written after Aggs read The Parable of the Sower (1993) by the Afro futurist sci-fi writer Octavia Butler, a novel set in an apocalyptic California and featuring a protagonist in search of change and renewal. "Sunset" draws on similar themes of ending and salvation, and proves equally ruminative. "Dislocate" on the other hand is an upbeat sprint of spinning guitar and piano riffs showcasing both Rachels's overlapping vocal magnetism. "Horizon" is a sleeping giant of a title track, forever reaching out and intensifying throughout its lively five-minute lesson in reinforcement. "Every Second" was written in the aftershock of Trash Kit's tour with The Ex on their big convoy anniversary tour. "See Through" sounds pointed and surly, urging you to "transcend, break down" outdated categories and patterns of thought that only restrict. Partington's bassline plummets heavily to hammer this home, making it one of the most affecting songs from the album. Meanwhile "Get Out of Bed" deals with "being an overachiever and the struggle to overcome self-doubt, get motivated, never feeling like you've done enough" Aggs admits. A strong undercurrent throughout Horizon concerns itself with the freeing up of power to make your own definitions, in this case how you can decide what truly makes you feel like you've achieved something.
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LUSTMORD First Reformed 2LP
Double LP version. Includes an extra track "Venice" which was featured at the Venice Film Festival red carpet event. Lustmord is a Welsh electronic musician, composer, and sound designer based in Los Angeles. Active since 1980 he has released a prolific body of work across various labels such as Touch, Hydra Head, and Blackest Ever Black. Often credited for starting the dark ambient genre with his Heresy album in 1990, Lustmord's music has been described as sweeping and profound, a vast dreamlike soundscape that utilizes organic and real-world scenes as source material. Lustmord albums have been made from caves, crypts, car crashes, cosmological activity, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the site of the first ever nuclear detonation.Lustmord has announced the launch of Vaultworks. Originally an imprint intended to release short editions of live CDs at his live shows, it is now launched as a wider platform for his work in general. Kick starting a planned series of new releases and reissues is the first time vinyl and CD release of his soundtrack to Paul Schrader's 2017 film First Reformed, starring Ethan Hawke, Amanda Seyfried, and Cedric Kyles. The release features extended versions of the score formatted as a standalone album.
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ANUNAKU Whities 024 12"
Inspired by cosmology and ancient mythology, the Anunaku project is a continuation of TSVI's debut album Inner Worlds (2018) and aims to explore the use of various drums from around the world combined with elements of UK underground club music.
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