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Forced Exposure New Releases for Week of 12/9/2019

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New music is due from Jim O'Rourke, Joy Overmono, and Peter Brötzmann, while old music is due from Gas, Biting Tongues, Comateens, Magma, and PLVG.

we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321

and via mail:
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3000GRAD 017CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: 3000GRAD 017CD
MOLLONO.BASS Remix Collection V CD
Sometimes with, sometimes without vocals; sometimes with tangible, sometimes with virtual instruments; and always with a solid dose of bass. Buzzing with an unmistakable groove, the productions of Mollono.Bass take ever new directions. That's why his Remix Collections present themselves as broadband tonics for party heads with musical sophistication. Number five in the series in no exception: From hands-up-in-the-air moments of collective euphoria to glandular tickles and cortical itches, there's pretty much everything a real good party experience is made of. Features Whale vs. Elephant, Elias Doré & Acado, Taster Peter, Bonfante, Dandara, Anissa Damali, Dole & Kom, Stereo Express, Matchy & Bott, Oh Sleep, Mark Tarmonea & Yannek Maunz, Renga Weh, Einmusik, Junge & Maedchen, and Antoine Villoutreix.
4GN3S (UK)
4GN3S 003EP
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: 4GN3S 003EP
GOLDEN FILTER, THE Autonomy Variations 12"
Fresh from the release of their third album Autonomy (4GN3S 002LP) in the summer of 2019, comes Autonomy Variations: four brand new perspectives from four exciting, innovative kindred spirits of the avant-pop duo. South London's Medlar breaks the seal. Following a series of incredible live collaborations with Dele Sosimi (Fela Kuti), he's has turned "Autonomy" into a minimal, percolating house track. Swapping the acid spikes for analog bleeps, Medlar's signature can be felt every step through this vivid energetic stomper. Fabric resident Anna Wall follows with another beautiful subversion as "New Politik" is given a smoldering take. Moody, intimate, downtempo; there's some serious late night HTRK-esque vibes to Anna's twist. Further into the remix trip you glide to find Dischi Autunno, Ombra International affiliate Curses pulling "Electric Light" into the fringes. Taking the upbeat, crystalline pop of Penelope and Stephen's original and flipping it into a stark postpunk Bauhaus-inspired take, Curses' live bass and driving new wave beat shine a whole new light on the original and write it a whole new chapter. Finally, brand new act, Isolating have the honor of closing the EP with industrial modular apocalyptic take on "Infinity". A vast playground of contrasts, at points it's dirty and pounding. At others it's quiet and menacing. File under: Dystopian Techno. Four extensions on one of the most interesting electronic albums released this year. DJ Mag stated it's The Golden Filter's best work yet while Clash called a it a bruising return. These remixes follow with complete forward-thinking consistency.
PRICE: $21.00
Dream Rooms, the new release from the shadowy Italian project Ambienti Coassiali, is an organic development rising out of the ashes of the surreal synthesized tone poems they released in the late 1980s, developing into cult favorites, spoken of with quiet reverence. Spread out over two sides, Dream Rooms is an immersive listen, ambience that's frigid but not dark; a cold morning in the valleys. Recorded with a vintage EKO Ranger guitar from the early 1970s, loops extend to infinity, echoing into the distance and melting into themselves, over and over again. There's not much manipulation, sounds are left alone to slowly evolve and develop organically. Over their three decades of creating music, Ambienti Coassiali show that, whether synthesized or organic, they are able to construct complex atmospheres out of the ether, all parts in their place; music for the conscious, and the subconscious. 180 gram vinyl.
AKU 1018LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: AKU 1018LP
Akuphone presents Saz Û Dilan, the second solo album of Rizan Said. After King Of Keyboards, (CREP 034LP, 2016) this release brings the most exciting Kurdish-Syrian dance music to one's ears. Surrounded by young local singers, Rizan offers his own interpretation of the modern dabke through eight original uptempo compositions full of energy. Rizan Said is a composer, musician and producer, responsible for hundreds of Syrian recording industry productions as well as compositions and themes for television and cinema. Hailing from Ras Al Ain, in northeastern Syria, Rizan was a musical prodigy from a young age -- a gifted player of percussion and reed instruments before a wealth of synthesizers began flooding Syria in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Steadfast on the Syrian cassette album circuit at the time, Rizan was already sending his signals out from the Jazeera frontier, thanks to a partnership with local Syrian producer Zuhir Maksi. Later, he was the man behind Omar Souleyman's music and has recorded and toured across the world with him. Nowadays, he performs as a solo artist and brings the original dabke dance sounds of Syria to European festivals and concerts. Includes download.
AKU 1019LP
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: AKU 1019LP
The prolific Kink Gong (aka Laurent Jeanneau) returns in a unique duet with one of the most prominent artists of the Chinese avant-gardist scene, Li Daiguo. Kink Gong and Li Daiguo first met in Chengdu (capital of Sichuan Province, China) while playing the same night at the Jahbar music venue. A few months later, as they become neighbors in Cai Cun, a village near the old town of Dali (Yunnan), Kink Gong begins recording Daiguo playing pipa, cello, and zheng. He then proceeded to deconstruct these recordings while adding voices that he mainly recorded in Yunnan Province. This fantastic combination of field recordings, experimental folk melodies, and electronic treatment leads its listeners to a fourth underground universe reminiscent of Jon Hassell's finest hours. Includes download.
AKU 1020LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: AKU 1020LP
SPIRITCZUALIC ENHANCEMENT CENTER Me And My Students Have Reached Higher Levels LP
Deep on a mind trip aboard the ISS Kingston, you are floating upon the low-gravity armchairs of its "Disco 3000" cocktail lounge. Brain-dance soundwaves are being distributed by means of the Akuphone, transmitting the psychedelic music of Spiritczualic Enhancement Center. Me And My Students Have Reached Higher Levels presents itself as an obscure and ever-morphing spectral-jazz album. Produced by eight outer-national musicians, once originating from Iran, Israel, America, Russia, Romania, and Germany, this record carries a distinct centrifugal force. Suspending musical particles out of a brewish stew full of drones, bleeps, and feedbacks, you hear a retro-futuristic sound which could have been big fun back in 1974. It makes you envision the electric dreams of an artificial intelligence modeled after Lee "Scratch" Perry. Given the task to create a dubby fusion requiem for "Bela Lugosi's Dead", it seems Perry's AI has been applied to a jukebox full of Can's and Sun Ra's 7-inches. Includes download.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: AND 024EP
NORTH COLLECTIVE Haunt (Dominik Marz Remixes) 12"
Jannis & Lean are North Collective. Why North Collective? Because they romanticize cold and stormy places. Nobody ever took them to the Caribbean. They released their Nurture EP in 2016. Dominik Marz got almost the same feelings, even when he is based in Augsburg/Bavaria. With his 12" release "Tryads" in 2017, he delivered a masterpiece for And Music as well. He is doing pretty well right now. Together with his dude David Kochs (Only For A While) they have some smashers in circulation. For example: "Bavarian Belter" finds support by Ame & Dixon. Dominik delivers two fresh versions for "Haunt". Clubby, dark, and deep. Perfectly converted into something great. Forever and timeless.
PRICE: $70.00
Four-LP boxset. Includes 40-page booklet. Five-time #1 DJ in the world Armin van Buuren unveiled the name and full tracklist of his seventh artist album. Balance, which follows on previous albums -- 76 (2003), Shivers (2005), Imagine (2008), Mirage (2010), Intense (2013), and Embrace (2015) -- is set for release on Armada Music. Rumors that Armin van Buuren was putting the final touches to his new artist album have been circulating the web for months now, and it'll definitely please the legions of dance music fans to know that those rumors weren't false. Features Avalan, Avian Grays, Jordan Shaw, Sam Martin, Garibay, Josh Cumbee, Candace Sosa, Inner City, Ne-Yo, James Newman, David Hodges, Conrad Sewell, Lucas & Steve, Matluck, Shapov, Above & Beyond, Haliene, James Newman, Olaf Blackwood, Bonnie McKee, BT, Nation Of One, Tempo Gusto, Luke Bond, Karra, and Cimo Fränkel.Armin van Buuren: "I'm so glad I can finally reveal the name and release date of my new album. Balance is a new chapter in my book of life, the result of venturing into known and unknown territories while finding the balance in between. I can't wait to share it with you!"
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: DDJ 048CD
BIXIO/FRIZZI/TEMPERA Tutti Possono Arricchire Tranne I Poveri CD
Tutti Possono Arricchire Tranne I Poveri is a 1976 film directed by Mauro Severino, starring Enrico Montesano, Barbara Bouchet, and Anna Mazzamauro. It tells the story of a couple who comes into sudden wealth thanks to a football lottery and of their vicissitudes in blowing the newfound fortune. The music for this funny and oblique comedy was composed by a trio of musicians very much industrious throughout the 1970s: Franco Bixio, Fabio Frizzi, and Vince Tempera. These three musicians had developed a defined triangular identity, composing wonderful scores such as 7 note in nero, Sella D'Argento, Godzilla il re dei Mostri, Il secondo tragico Fantozzi, Febbre da Cavallo, Roma l'altra faccia della violenza, I quattro dell'Apocalisse, and many more. It was an incredible and prolific collaboration that gifted Italian cinema with iconic scores, celebrated here once again with this unreleased score that doesn't delude expectations, released as part of the DDJ series and presented in a transparent jewel case. Includes 12-page booklet designed by Daniele De Gemini with liner notes by Marco Ferretti. Mastering by Claudio Fuiano.
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: DDJ 050CD
UMILIANI, PIERO Quando La Coppia Scoppia CD
Quando La Coppia Scoppia is a 1981 film directed by Steno and starring Enrico Montesano, Claude Brasseur, and Dalila Di Lazzaro in a comedy in which the protagonist Enrico Granata (Montesano) is facing a matrimonial crisis as a third party (Brasseur) tries to steal his wife (Di Lazzaro). A movie gifted with a score by Piero Umiliani, until now completely unreleased, one of the last composed by him and which denotes, once again, the maestro's proficiency in jazz orchestrations and provides rhythms for every situation, coloring the sparkling atmosphere of the movie. You find various orchestrations of the main theme, cues with a sexy flavor for a handful of nocturnal sequences and two tracks reused from prior films scored by Umiliani, Johnny Moggi Quintet (1975) and News! News! News! (1979). It's a nice tribute to the great Tuscan maestro that can't be missing from his fans' collections and which we are glad to offer in the DDJ series, namely dedicated to music of the '70s and '80s. The CD is presented in a transparent jewel case. Includes 12-page booklet with graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini and liner notes by Marco Ferretti. Mastering by Enrico De Gemini.
PRICE: $33.00
DJ NOBU DJ Nobu Presents: Beyond Space And Time 001 2LP
Beyond Space And Time is the new record label from Japanese music festival, Rainbow Disco Club (RDC). This time around, festival regular DJ Nobu kindly opens up his collection and shares the music he loves with everyone. On visual duty is Senekt -- his representational yet contemporary drawing illustrates the emotion that comes from DJ Nobu. DJ Nobu describes ten tracks this way: Laurent Garnier's "Water Planet": Highly respected French DJ/Producer Laurent Garnier has been releasing tracks for decades capturing the very essence of Detroit Techno and Breakbeat. He always manages to create something truly emotional. Mono Junk's "Beyond The Darkness": This track represents the very early days of Techno with it's ravey atmosphere. It has a primitive feel, and the obscure mixdown sounds almost unbalanced. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia's "The Valley": It was always my intention to include this track in a compilation if I were ever to do one. It has a fat underlying groove, with some indigenous spices thrown in. Melody Boy 2000's "Plenty Of Love": I wanted to include a track that had jacking feel to it -- that is my definition of dance music. This track mixes well in both techno and house DJ sets. Drax Ltd. II's "Amphetamine": This is my all-time favorite track by Thomas P Heckman. It asks questions and strikes down all the boring 'wanna be cool' techno tracks. Dan Curtin's "3rd From The Sun": Curtin's refined synth grooves and bass lines make this a true timeless classic. Front 242's "U-Men": The originator of Electric Body Music. Their husky vocals, hard rhythms and strong synth basslines made the group very popular at the time, and they are still to this present day. The Prince Of Dance Music's "E3 E6 Roll On": This is the track I played the most up until around 2006. It is a genuine house track that cuts through trends in music. Pan Sonic's "Lähetys / Transmission": Electronic music has existed for decades, and if you are to choose some of the best from all scattered and hidden places, Pan Sonic's 'Lähetys / Transmission' must be considered. The track emerges beautifully -- breaking structures and transcending the past. Burial's "Archangel": This track merges melancholic emotions with technological prowess at the highest level, and deeply impacted the dance music scene on its release..."
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: BLM 570LP
"Collection of field recordings originally recorded on New Year's Eve 1989 by Ko De Korte and Tom Haarsama. Additional overdubs produced by Bruce Watson at Delta Sonic Sound -- Memphis, TN 2018. Real and raw from one of North Mississippi Hill Country Blues' best -- Jessie Mae Hemphill."
BB 327CD
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: BB 327CD
Bureau B present a reissue of Notorische Reflexe's self-titled release, originally released in 1985 on Rebel Records. Mark Reeder on Notorische Reflexe: "I honestly can't remember the first time I saw Notorische Reflexe perform, but I imagine it was probably at some mad avant-garde experimental event in SO36 or Tempodrom, or somewhere, because those days have become a hazy, crazy mixture of drunken, drug-fueled fragments of memories that have become barricaded in the back of my mind. One thing I do remember, is that their performances were always packed with wild and experimental artistic creativity. They were always extremely entertaining to watch, mixing self-made movies and music at a time when it was not the norm . . . Yet, the Notorische Reflexe were not just a band in the traditional sense, they were a collective of artists, each with a unique talent of their own, which they pooled together to create an experimental experience with every performance. You didn't go to a Notorische Reflexe gig to listen to a collection of their greatest hits, you went to a Notorische Reflexe gig to be enlightened and always, challenged. The '80s were a time of creative liberation . . . It was as if they almost expected you to be weird and the weirder you were, the better and without doubt, Notorische Reflexe certainly fitted that bill. I loved watching them live. They were fun and funny. I sometimes got the impression they were trying to force a square peg into a round hole, like mixing disco with dirge, but that was the whole point of their unconventional presentation. They caused you to consider and query. Each performance was a one-off event never to be repeated. The movies mashed with the music, always in a bizarre setting, with piles of electronic junk as their stage scenery, which became their signature. Ok, the Notorische Reflexe might not be as well-known as Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Tödliche Doris, or Malaria!, but they were as equally important in creating what has meanwhile become known as the Berliner Geniale Dillitanten scene, because it was all the other bands like Notorische Reflexe (or my own band Die Unbekannten), who participated in this experiment, and who were an essential part of the pyramid of bands that supported the main feature and helped to create the Berliner Krankheit."
BB 327LP
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: BB 327LP
LP version. Bureau B present a reissue of Notorische Reflexe's self-titled release, originally released in 1985 on Rebel Records. Mark Reeder on Notorische Reflexe: "I honestly can't remember the first time I saw Notorische Reflexe perform, but I imagine it was probably at some mad avant-garde experimental event in SO36 or Tempodrom, or somewhere, because those days have become a hazy, crazy mixture of drunken, drug-fueled fragments of memories that have become barricaded in the back of my mind. One thing I do remember, is that their performances were always packed with wild and experimental artistic creativity. They were always extremely entertaining to watch, mixing self-made movies and music at a time when it was not the norm . . . Yet, the Notorische Reflexe were not just a band in the traditional sense, they were a collective of artists, each with a unique talent of their own, which they pooled together to create an experimental experience with every performance. You didn't go to a Notorische Reflexe gig to listen to a collection of their greatest hits, you went to a Notorische Reflexe gig to be enlightened and always, challenged. The '80s were a time of creative liberation . . . It was as if they almost expected you to be weird and the weirder you were, the better and without doubt, Notorische Reflexe certainly fitted that bill. I loved watching them live. They were fun and funny. I sometimes got the impression they were trying to force a square peg into a round hole, like mixing disco with dirge, but that was the whole point of their unconventional presentation. They caused you to consider and query. Each performance was a one-off event never to be repeated. The movies mashed with the music, always in a bizarre setting, with piles of electronic junk as their stage scenery, which became their signature. Ok, the Notorische Reflexe might not be as well-known as Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Tödliche Doris, or Malaria!, but they were as equally important in creating what has meanwhile become known as the Berliner Geniale Dillitanten scene, because it was all the other bands like Notorische Reflexe (or my own band Die Unbekannten), who participated in this experiment, and who were an essential part of the pyramid of bands that supported the main feature and helped to create the Berliner Krankheit."
PRICE: $26.50
From the same studio that brought us 48 Chairs (Gerry & The Holograms), The Fall, and The Blue Orchids, while following the bona-fide bloodline between Danny And The Dressmakers, Toolshed, and 808 State, the "difficult second album" by Biting Tongues (released on a minuscule cassette run by The Buzzcocks' vanity label) has since become a near mythical artifact of Mancunian DIY. Cementing the path between the Absurd label's kitchen sink synth assaults and Factory's 99 informed downtown aspirations, Biting Tongues' bass-driven, pounding-sounding, schizo-skronking, squat-pop put the emergence of punk-funk under a blinding interrogation bulb then hid 'round the corner evading secret police. Pouring three letter words like "ESG", "DAF", "PIL", and "ACR" into Ken Hollings Scrabble bag would result in a unique form of wordy dictaphone agit-rap and closed-circuit commentary to Graham Massey's overqualified punk ensemble, laying foundations of future Manc activity using uncertified sand and gravel tactics, only to be safety checked every 38 years, or thereabout. Live It, the lost Biting Tongues album, still breathes. Including what the original members of this pioneering post-punk platoon unanimously consider their greatest work, Biting Tongues seldom-heard, second roll of the dice was presented to The Buzzcock's own label New Hormones to coincide with full-length DIY debuts by Ludus, Dislocation Dance, and a distinct tightening of purse strings. Recorded on half-price studio time (in the midst of a multi-track repair session) and duped on to compact cassettes to keep pressing costs down, the album Live It even entirely bypassed the non-existent art-department before landing in the hands of a small readership of peculiar-punk die-hards, instantly slipping into obscurity, evading official band future discographies, and reaching an imaginary status in the history of unchartered Manc-manufactured messthetics. Now available, on vinyl, with two sleeve variations and extensive notes from Graham Massey and Ken Hollings, Live It is a welcome misplaced release and an essential addition to Finders Keepers' Cache Cache catalog. Biting Tongues make wise heads!
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: CSR 274CD
SPK Zamia Lehmanni: Songs Of Byzantine Flowers CD
Originally released by Side Effects in 1986, Zamia Lehmanni was the third (and final) core SPK album and was Graeme Revell's first truly solo project. He was in a period of transition, somewhere between the industrial noise of the early years and his later award-winning soundtrack work. On the day before this was first released, this style of music, now ubiquitous (especially in soundtracks), did not exist. After Information Overload Unit (1981) cleared a space for subsequent explorations, and the environmental percussion and anchored mutilated sound collages of Leichenschrei (1982), the "body without organs" was fully eviscerated. Graeme felt "industrial music" was becoming ossified and needed to be taken into radically new territories: "post-industrial". The track "In Flagrante Delicto" (mastered as originally intended here) was later used by Revell for his work on the soundtrack for the 1989 film Dead Calm, which won him Best Original Score from the Australian Film Institute. Unavailable in any format since Mute's 1992 CD edition, Cold Spring Records now present this landmark album on newly remastered CD, and on vinyl for the first time since 1986. Approved by Graham Revell, this release comes with new artwork by Abby Helasdottir and is remastered by Martin Bowes (The Cage). New liner notes from Graeme Revell, 2019. CD version comes in six-panel digipak; the track "The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice" appears on CD only.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: CSR 276CD
COIL Stolen & Contaminated Songs CD
Cold Spring Records announce the long-awaited reissue of Stolen & Contaminated Songs, Coil's 1992 album. Stolen & Contaminated Songs was recorded and produced by Coil in 1992. It is comprised of over 60 minutes of outtakes and unreleased songs, evolved during the recording sessions for their prior album, Love's Secret Domain (1991). A wealth of superb material showcasing the diversity of Coil: dark, violent, vivid, and fractured, yet cohesive and beautiful. Combined with the latest studio technology and Coil's ever-evolving production skills, S&C Songs walks a fine line between tradition and innovation, continually creating semi-abstract soundscapes with a cinematic quality. CD version comesin in six-panel digipak.
PRICE: $12.50
FULL CIRCLE Back To Disco Valley Vol. 4 12"
The pioneers of slo-mo trance are back with the fourth installment of their Back To Disco Valley series on Crowdspacer. Don't get misled though, there's almost nothing disco about Full Circle (aka Alexis Le Tan and Joakim). Instead you're in for 15 minutes of psychedelic slow techno that became the trademark of the duo: on the harder, epic acid side of things on "Alien Nation" (probably the duo's biggest club edit so far) and on the trippy, tribal side on "Shivering Shiva".
PRICE: $13.00
CAT #: COS 509EP
BRO DAVID Remixes 12"
"Belizean artist Bredda David Obi set out to put Belizean music on the map in 1984 with the release of his debut LP No Fear. With this album he introduced the world to a new Belizean groove he called kungo (or cungo). A mélange of traditional Belizean brukdown music and sprinklings of the rock, funk, calypso and reggae. He would further develop this modern tropical sound on subsequent albums, integrating more and more elements from Belizean niche genres like sambai and paranda. Years later DJs and record collectors found his records in basements of record stores in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. These DJs incorporated his music into their DJ sets to the excitement of dance floors all over the world. The DJs and remixers on this 12" took it a step further and edited and remixed David's music. DC based DJs -- Sol Power All-Stars morph 'Dancin'' from an electro brukdown breakbeat into a four on the floor acid house track with an Afro-Caribbean feel. Los Angeles based DJ and record collector DJ Duckcomb tastefully melds both the dub and original versions of 'Experience' into one epic reggae discomix. My Rules Records owner and DJ/producer Justin Van Der Volgen uses his heighten production skills to turn Bro David's 'Sunshine' into a heady trippy cosmic version of the track. Last but not least LA-based Heatwave DJs turn 'Cungo Music' into a dancefloor tested and approved extended anthem."
PRICE: $15.50
Synergizing their respective studio prowesses and harnessing their accomplished hardware artistry has helped establish Neon Chambers as a modern symbiosis of atmospheric, contemporary club sounds, and multi-rhythmic machine-driven sonics, the two producers have set out on the beginning of a new era of electrifying, astute sound design, and breathtaking modern electronic music. The duo's debut EP, One is a whirlwind of crushing modern sonics, that is equal parts jagged rave, progressive dub-fueled two-step and night time-ethereal IDM. Throughout all five-tracks, the producers wield a wicked awareness of state-of-the-art sound design, that makes each kick cerebral, every bass-sound an epic vibration, and every synth a futuristic cacophony of finely-tuned noise. The sounds are an amalgamation of everything that has made each artistic unique in their own right, while correspondingly helping create something new. "Apollo" is a prodigious working of melodic synthesis, with delicate, and rolling breaks, while "Cascade" moves into a more grandiose, heavenly territory, befit with trance-like, precision synthesis. "What It Takes" brings on board a more UK, post-dubstep sound, albeit one with more craft, and sonic mastership. "Your Touch" toys once more with atmospheric rolling breaks and solemn vocal samples, while "Helles", the closing track, is an excursion into more compelling, auditory realms.Neon Chambers is the new project of UK producer Sigha, and French artist Kangding Ray. Sigha, aka techno producer James Shawm comes from a steadfast background in abstract and grounded techno, with previous works on Token Blueprint, Avian, and his own Our Circular Sound imprint. Kangding Ray, aka David Letellier, has made a career for himself with genre-breaking and experimental sonic adventures that have taken him across such era-defying labels such as Raster-Noton, and Stroboscopic Artefacts. In 2019, he also started his own imprint ara for more bespoke, avant-garde releases. The duo came together to create Neon Chambers to further extend their analogous ambitions, and create bigger, and more daring live and audiovisual performances.
D 50020CD
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: D 50020CD
MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS 100 Meisterwerke Mozart 5CD
Five-CD set presenting 100 masterworks composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Performed by various orchestras and choirs from Germany, Hungary, Great Britain, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia -- with all the details and credits noted in the enclosed six-page leporello booklet.Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (born January 27th. 1756 -- died December 5th, 1791), baptized as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, was the prolific and influential composer of the classical era. Born in Salzburg (Austria), Mozart showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood. Already competent on keyboard and violin, he composed from the age of five and performed before European royalty. At 17, Mozart was engaged as a musician at the Salzburg court but grew restless and travelled in search of a better position. While visiting Vienna in 1781, he was dismissed from his Salzburg position. He chose to stay in the capital, where he achieved fame but little financial security. During his final years in Vienna, he composed many of his best-known symphonies, concertos, and operas, and portions of the Requiem, which was largely unfinished at the time of his early death at the age of 35. The circumstances of his death have been much mythologized.
D 50022CD
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: D 50022CD
VA 100 Meisterwerke Oper 5CD
Five-CD set presenting 100 masterworks of the opera, from Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, Gioacchino Rossini, Vincenzo Bellini, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Georges Bizet, Jacques Offenbach, Charles Gounod, Bedrich Smetana, Peter Tschaikowsky, Modest Mussorgsky, Richard Wagner, and many more. Performed by various orchestras, conductors, singers, choirs from Germany, Hungary, Poland, Great Britain, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic -- with all the details and credits noted in the enclosed six-page leporello booklet. Also features operas by: Ruggiero Leoncavallo, Gaetano Donizetti, Arrigo Boito, Amilcare Ponchielli, Pietro Mascagni, Alfredo Catalani, Georg Friedrich Händel, Jean Philippe Rameau, Claudio Monteverdi, Henri Purcell, Christoph Willibald Gluck, Luigi Cherubini, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Peter Cornelius, Camille Saint-Saëns, Jules Massenet, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakoff, Michail Glinka, Otto Nicolai, Albert Lortzing, Carl Maria Von Weber, Conradin Kreutzer, Franz Schmidt, Friedrich Von Flotow.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: DDS 041LP
MADTEO Dropped Out Sunshine 2LP
Dropped Out Sunshine is NYC mutant Madteo's incredible new album of trigger-happy club graffiti on Demdike Stare's DDS, weighing in a keenly anticipated follow-up to 2012's cult-classic Noi No LP for Sähkö. Splitting at the seams with deviant funk and irrepressible attitude, Madteo's first LP in sevem years forms a fractal, mixtape-like mosaic of asymmetric techno informed by skewed traces of rap, house, R&B, and dancehall. Its 12 tracks are delivered in an enviably nonchalant, freehand style that's become the Italian-American artist's ear-snagging signature since 2012's Noi No and Mad Dip Revue albums, and also a dozen 12"s and mixtapes over the interim; all of which exerted heavy inspiration for everyone from Andy Stott and Joy O to Demdike Stare over the past decade, making this new LP a perfectly unusual fit for the anything-goes DDS aesthetic shared by label alumni including Mica Levi, Equiknoxx, Iueke, and Shinichi Atobe. Without beating around the bush, Dropped Out Sunshine is a straight-up masterpiece of cut-up sampledelia bound to make the club dance differently. Crammed with sawn-off edits that never lose the thread, its wild and effortlessly inventive turns of phrase are anathema to linear club music convention, generating fizzing alchemy from mutually exclusive bedfellows such as dancehall and techno, or R&B and noise that could really only be executed by a producer of Madteo's caliber. Yet for all its singular nature, the album is also patently symptomatic of the times, sub-consciously parsing a gripping intimacy, personality and urgent yet elusive psychedelia from ubiquitous media overload. Kicking off with another *****-sampling zinger "1 4 U" (following his infamous use of "Marvin's Room" on Noi No), and ending up mired in the melancholy gauze of "The Lies That Bind", at each step the album effortlessly resists a struggle to square the nature of artistic expression. Fragments of gospel blues noise intersect gauntlets of filtered house fuckery, while restless Autechrian electro rubs up against uncoiled trap and needle-worrying levels of textured bass turbulence, leading to an outrageous turn of stuttering ragga-tekno in "Resident Alien (Broke-'n-Steppers Reluctant Club Mix)" and a final side of collapsed, post-club styles that will leave listeners wondering wtf just happened, and ready to do it all again. RIYL: Andy Stott, Joy O, Mica Levi, Demdike Stare, Moodymann. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
DR 040LP
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: DR 040LP
"Digital Regress's foray into the fabled NZ underground hops over to the North Island for two exquisite pieces of acoustic DIY and shadowy, cracked pastoralia. After a few years spleen venting at the front of Wellington art brutes Shoes This High, Brent Hayward struck out on his own, self-releasing a few EPs as Smelly Feet before forming The Kiwi Animal with Julie Cooper in 1982. The duo released their first album, Music Media, on Massage Records (their own imprint) in 1984. Billing itself 'New Acoustic Music,' the Kiwi Animal's debut is a set of introverted and austere yet lambent folk songs. Textural, gently hypnotic guitar chords anchor minimal arrangements, as Hayward and Cooper's entwined vocals -- think Pip Proud meets The Vaselines -- project paranoia and forlorn, diffident cool. Wry, imagistic lyrics somewhere between the stoned political economy of D. Boon and the head-fuck soliloquies of Robert Ashley complete The Kiwi Animal effect. The music of The Kiwi Animal, moody and intelligent and often abruptly gentle, works subcutaneously, propelled by guitars that churn and weave -- no jangle here -- and a his 'n' hers vocal delivery for the ages. Digital Regress is happy to make these essentially perfect records available again."
PRICE: $22.00
Digitmovies presents the original soundtrack by Nico Fidenco for the film Blue Jeans. An EP single (RCA, TBBO 1114) was originally released with the songs "Blue Jeans" and "A Final Step", performed by the group Cyan, which open sides A and B. For this LP, Digitmovies used the original tapes in full stereo that were preserved in the RCA archives. Nico Fidenco composed a pleasant soundtrack with a pastoral flair which is dominated by the main theme, a romantic ballad where you hear a faster and slower vocal version. It is then reprised with different instruments: cheerful and rhythmic flute, harmonica and orchestra, harmonica and strings with a touch of country, harpsichord, and classic guitar. Directed in 1975 by Mario Imperoli, Blue Jeans starred Gloria Guida, Paolo Carlini, Annie Carol Edel, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Mario Pisu, Marco Tulli, Barbara Betti, Rino Bolognesi, Domenico Bua, and Mario Di Girolamo.
PRICE: $22.00
FERRIO, GIANNI Un Dollaro Di Fifa CD
Digitmovies release the complete edition CD of the original soundtrack by Gianni Ferrio for the spaghetti western A Dollar of Fear (original title: Un Dollaro Si Fifa). The Italian-style western, or spaghetti western, officially originated with the famous Dollar trilogy by Sergio Leone, even though it was Gunfight at Red Sands (aka Gringo) by Mario Caian which inaugurated the genre in Italy in 1963. With A Dollar of Fear the series started in 1960, although this film was just a comical parody of the worldwide success of Rio Bravo, directed by Howard Hawks in 1959. The Digitmovies producers used the title Un Dollaro Di Fifa which plays on the Italian title Un Dollaro d'Onore (Rio Bravo in the US). Gianni Ferrio composed a brilliant orchestral soundtrack with epic, action and romantic passages alternating with a pleasant saloon song with a female voice and songs with mixed choirs. For this CD, Digitmovies were able to use the mono master tapes of the original recording session. This CD is definitely a rarity for fans of spaghetti westerns.
PRICE: $40.50
LP version. The soundtrack appears here for the first time on vinyl; Edition of 300. Digitmovies presents the original soundtrack by Nico Fidenco for the film Blue Jeans. An EP single (RCA, TBBO 1114) was originally released with the songs "Blue Jeans" and "A Final Step", performed by the group Cyan, which open sides A and B. For this LP, Digitmovies used the original tapes in full stereo that were preserved in the RCA archives. Nico Fidenco composed a pleasant soundtrack with a pastoral flair which is dominated by the main theme, a romantic ballad where you hear a faster and slower vocal version. It is then reprised with different instruments: cheerful and rhythmic flute, harmonica and orchestra, harmonica and strings with a touch of country, harpsichord, and classic guitar. Directed in 1975 by Mario Imperoli, Blue Jeans starred Gloria Guida, Paolo Carlini, Annie Carol Edel, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Mario Pisu, Marco Tulli, Barbara Betti, Rino Bolognesi, Domenico Bua, and Mario Di Girolamo.
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: ELP 047LP
Transdisciplinary NYC artist Gavilán Rayna Russom beautifully comes into her own with a distinguished solo debut album statement including the voice of Cosey Fanni Tutti and brass arrangements by downtown legend Peter Zummo. After decades exploring her sonic personality through here deep immersion in NYC's club and avant-garde scenes, Rayna uses The Envoy as a vessel to firm up and convey her personal conclusions on intersections of gender and electronic music. Enriched with complex human experience and key influence from sci-fi writer Ursula K. Le Guin's novel The Left Hand of Darkness (1969) -- a book with descriptions of an alien race with multiple sexual characteristics -- the album is intended to realign misconceptions of Russom's prescient early work such as 2005's The Days of Mars LP for DFA, which arguably foreshadowed a rise of beat-less and more ambiguous urges commonplace in contemporary dance music. With The Envoy, Russom returns to a 2019 music scene that's better prepared with the politics of an emerging new world. Entwining Russom's perspectives on gender, the occult, and spirituality, and how they relate to the body and music's healing properties, The Envoy expresses the artist's concerns in nine interrelated parts. Practically devoid of percussion, but full of body-moving polyrhythmic pattern, the pieces spill out of the lines of any typically imposed "grid". Within this loose context, porous to the chaos of noise, Russom smudges a blend of analog and digital synths to connote an elusive sense of self. Employing the fluid potential of electronic music at its most fundamental in a way that loops right back to the gliding suspense of her prized early work, literally incorporating elements of solo recordings made in the late '90s in the wake of Russom's psych/noise band, Soma. Unanchored by kicks, yet pulsing in its own ways, the album flows with an underlying elegance from Cosey Fanni Tutti's spellbinding recital of Russom's text in "Kemmer", set to an organic, orgiastic writhe of arps and stressed noise, and on thru the free-floating organ scape of "Envoy", to acknowledge more industrial impulses with "Strength Out of the Dark" and a towering highlight of the album in "Discipline of Presence", where Russom's throbbing mass is hauntingly illuminated by plangent brass arrangement from Peter Zummo (key Arthur Russell collaborator). The ten-minute "Winter" then wraps it all up under a titular reference to Ursula K Le Guin's novel, placing Russom as a filament of solo piano-playing light within the cold expanse of NYC. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Edition of 300.
ET 903-03LP
PRICE: $34.50
CAT #: ET 903-03LP
WAVES is an ongoing research project by Dutch artists Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik that involves so-called shakers, a kind of loudspeakers that reproduce sound frequencies as vibrations, attached to long strings. Started in 2010, the project has so far produced a number of installations and concerts, some recordings have been published previously on Edition Telemark as a double 12" in 2016 (ET 628-01LP). For a few weeks in 2016 and 2017, Dubach and van Horrik had the chance to work on WAVES in the former Church of the Holy Heart in their hometown of Eindhoven where they stretched two 50 meters long strings between columns of the building and placed a piëzo transducer on one end and a shaker on the other end. Using this setup, they developed three different systems for generating feedback, spawning numerous experiments and recordings, a selection of which is presented on this LP. Video recordings of the process are enclosed on a DVD, showing the building and the strings as well as performances by Petra Dubach where her body and movement influences the standing waves in the space and thus the sound. Edition of 200 in full-color sleeve with photos from the church and liner notes by Petra Dubach, Mario van Horrik, and Ruud Post. DVD enclosed inside the sleeve."All our experiments didn't have any plan as a basis; the sounds of one setup resulted in changes for the next setup. This could be: changes of drivers, adding or removing preparations, changing position of the recording device or the external driver, changing parameters of the mixing board or amps, or changing nothing at all: through the vibrations of the strings the preparations were more or less slowly transported across the length of the strings; sometimes forward, sometimes backward. We have made recordings of this process of more than one hour where the sounds constantly change under the influence of this transportation. But sometimes the movement would end in a fixed state." (from the liner notes)
ET 903-04LP
PRICE: $38.50
CAT #: ET 903-04LP
FRICKE & ALPER MARAL, STEFAN Am Grabe (At the Grave) 2LP
Am Grabe (At the Grave) is an ongoing audio ritual executed by Stefan Fricke and Alper Maral. Since 2015, they have been visiting the graves and burial grounds of composers from various eras in order to record the sounds and noises present. Each sequence is a pure field recording, serving as a memento of a bit more than four minutes in length. After having been compiled for a series of radio programs, selections from Am Grabe here appear on audio media for the first time. This edition commemorates 36 composers -- from Bach to Beethoven, from Mahler to Eisler, from Stockhausen to Ben Patterson -- the recordings connected serially, sometimes overlapping, and compiled across four LP sides."Am Grabe is a work in progress, a collection of homages which shall and can never end, as long as emphatic music will exist and will constantly be invented in the world." (from the liner notes)Stefan Fricke (b. 1966 in Unna) is a German musicologist. He founded the Pfau Verlag, specializing in books about contemporary music, in 1989, and since 2008 is editor for contemporary music and sound art at Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Broadcasting Corporation). He teaches as honorary professor at the University of Mainz.Alper Maral (b. 1969 in Istanbul) is a Turkish composer whose oeuvre encompasses theatre and film music, symphonic and chamber works, electro-acoustic music, a.o. He plays in a number of ensembles such as -- for early music -- ?stanbul Barok, A-415, and Bornova Trio, as well as -- for contemporary music -- Kar?nca Kabilesi, Control Voltage Project, and Alper Maral Multiphonics Ensemble. He is professor at the Ankara Music and Fine Arts University.
ET 903-05LP
PRICE: $27.50
CAT #: ET 903-05LP
Edition Telemark presents the first vinyl LP since 1989 by Munich's long-running ensemble for experimental music, PHREN, formed in 1968 by Michael Kopfermann. Informed by the musical avant-garde at the time and especially the problems discussed by other improvisational groups, Kopfermann developed his own approach to improvisation and tone production and sought to find instruments and playing techniques that allowed him to realize what he had in mind. His thinking centered around the treatment of noise and the eschewal of a separation between noise and tone, as well as methods for overcoming the limitations of the pre-conceived tones of the tempered system. This ruled out quite a few instruments, and also electronic techniques available at the time were deemed to primitive for the tones he sought to produce. After initially experimenting with Turkish cymbals stimulated by cello bows, Kopfermann settled on a range of instruments that included traditional string instruments, e.g. viola and violoncello, and certain wind instruments like the flugelhorn and the helicon. All instruments were prepared, the string instruments with thicker gut strings and unusual tunings, the wind instruments with longer elbow pieces. The preparations, along with the development of new and uncommon playing techniques, allowed the players to create and improvise on previously unheard noisy tones that are not static and pre-conceived but substantially individual. Over time, the number of musicians in the ensemble expanded up to six and the activities under the PHREN moniker became morefold, most notably with the formation of the PHREN theater group led by Carmen Nagel-Berninger. Still, even during the sextet years, trios and duos of varying instruments were played, often called "analytical" because they were meant to focus individual voices against the background of the larger ensemble. From early on, PHREN published about their activities in written form and on LPs and later CDs, mostly in their own PHREN-Verlag. This new LP thus compiles recent recordings from 2010 and 2018 of the duo of Carmen Nagel-Berninger (prepared viola) and Inge Salcher (prepared flugelhorn). The duos heard here are not so much meant as analytical studies, but rather as fully valid, improvisationally generated pieces, applying the musicians' long-term experience with their music in a way that doesn't sound reduced despite the small line-up. Printed inner sleeve and extensive liner notes in German and English by Reinhard Kapp, Carmen Nagel-Berninger, and Inge Salcher, as well as a detailed discography; Edition of 300.
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: ESC 116LP
Fourth studio album by Danish experimental, electronic pop trio, When Saints Go Machine. Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild (vocals, production), Jonas Kenton (production), and Silas Moldenhawer's (production) unique brand of digital pop experiments has seen them collaborate with the likes of Killer Mike (Run The Jewels), carved themselves an exciting niche and received critical acclaim worldwide. The three-piece's sound was born of a complicated melting pot of musical influences. A heady mix of modern electronics, European club culture, contemporary rap and a dualism between composed and produced sounds. The engaging, extra-terrestrial feel to "So Deep" is another ambitious move from the three-piece and its genesis came about through a collaboration with the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, who reinterpreted material from earlier records for live performances. That process inspired further collaborations and the expansive sound of "So Deep" is the result of that continued affinity between two tribes of musicians who, on paper, may seem the antithesis of each other. The album incorporates club inspired elements, both in sound and arrangement, exploring the process and dialogue between traditional music creation and modern digital creation. The band work tirelessly to create an expansive sample bank of orchestra recordings to put into a digital world, and then pushed and stretched them into something else entirely. The band manipulated sounds while recording in real time, which then became the sample. Samples were crafted into a score that was given back to orchestra, completing the work. A symphony of synthetic and traditional was the result, sinews between the past and future of music to create something truly unusual. This playful sense of pushing forward, of a restless desire to do something different and otherworldly is apparent across the record, an alien experiment in sound.
PRICE: $29.00
"Terry Fox was a first generation Bay Area conceptual artist. Beginning in the 1970s, he worked extensively with sound, especially the use of piano wires detached from their native instrument and anchored between opposing walls of the performance space. Linkage, Fox's first album, was originally released in 1982 to accompany an installation at Kunstmuseum Luzern in Switzerland. The record would mark Fox's first attempt to realize his groundbreaking and visceral piece 'Berlin Wall Scored for Sound.' Side one links five ways of playing the piano wires: drumming, pulling, bowing, beating and scraping. The room itself acts as a type of natural resonator as Fox moves the wires with padded mallet, his bare fingers, violin bow, wooden shish kebab stick and rusted metal rod. The effect of such plain arrangements can be utterly hypnotizing. The second half of Linkage was recorded in the attic of Künstlerhaus Bethanien, West Berlin, in May 1981. A thirty-three meter long wire was held in contact with a sardine tin. Over the course of 20 minutes, pulsating drones dissolve into rhythmic patterns that sound almost synthetic in origin. As noted in the original LP pamphlet, all these sounds were strictly acoustic; the only electronics involved was the recording equipment. In an introduction for this edition, Marita Loosen-Fox and Ron Meyers write, 'The desire to eliminate any barriers between the art and the viewer/audience connects all of Fox's situations/actions/performances. The ultimate goal is to communicate as directly as possible, which finds its most concentrated expression in the artist's works with sound.' This first-time reissue is limited to 750 numbered copies. Comes with booklet."
PRICE: $22.00
2019 repress. Far Out Recordings presents a reissue of the first and only album from the mysterious Brazilian vocal sensation Dila (pronounced "Jee-la"). Having reportedly died in a car crash shortly after the album's release in 1971, there is very little known about the woman behind the voice. But the joyous music Dila left behind gives us a picture as good as any, of a powerful feminine soul at the top of her game. The liner notes on the elusive original LP, written by composer Arnoldo Medeiros attest: "Friend, look out! Because when this girl starts to sing, you're in trouble. Hold the railing so you don't fall down the stairs, because she's coming this way and shaking up everything." Arranged and produced by Durval Ferreira, alongside his studio band affectionately known as Os Grillos (The Crickets), Dila is a rare glimpse into the authentic soulful samba sound of Rio's favelas in the late sixties and early seventies. A blast of funky, percussive Brazilian breaks, scorching hot brass, and swing-laden piano, the music is as iconic as the album's stark cover, as is clear on opener "Inez," composed by The Crickets bassist Romildo. There's a fantastic interpretation of the Ivan Lins classic "Madalena" (made famous by Elis Regina), a moving version of the Tom Jobim and Vinicius De Moraes classic "O Morro Não Tem Vez," and a number of sunny original compositions by Madeiros, whose other writing credits include music for Marcos Valle, Wanderlea, Evinha, and Dom Salvador. With original LPs extremely hard to come by, this rare treasure of Brazilian soul, which fans of Gal Costa, Celia, Evinha and Elis Regina will love, gets a much-deserved official reissue. Personnel: Durval Ferreira - guitar; Sidney Marzullo - piano; Romildo - bass; Fernando - drums; Horacio - percussion; Christ - brass. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: FTR 438LP
LANE, WILLIE A Pine Tree Shilling's Worth LP
"Proud we are to reissue the final piece of Willie Lane's original Cord-Art LP trilogy. It was recorded in various spots throughout Western Mass, in the years following the release of Guitar Army of One. Initially issued in 2016, in an edition of 350, this lovely session disappeared into the fog of the forest before most folks were able to catch its scent. Now it has re-emerged with re-interpreted cover art by Max Milgram, and sonics we think will please even the most finicky listener. A Pine Tree Shilling's Worth is my personal fave of Willie's first three Cord-Art LPs. It has a hazily unstoppable flow, incorporating elements of American Primitive and Bay Area Ballroom-era string greats in equal measure. Mostly played on electric (although there are some acoustic overdubs), the music manages to be abstract and melodic at the same time, with individual lines splanging off in oddball directions, then reasserting their formal qualities inside a single musical breath. The specific quotes that exist inside the playing are crafty, episodic and display a strange syncretic streak. A nice example of this is the sprawling track, 'New Arrivals,' on the first side. Lane manages to obliquely reference both John Fahey's improvisations for the soundtrack of Michelangelo Antonioni's film, Zabriskie Point (1970), as well as Jerry Garcia's work that was used in place of the bulk of Fahey's music after he and the director had a savage falling out. Willie reconciles their differing approaches to blues architecture with mighty slide playing and sheer dint of will. Rumors are currently swirling that Willie's next Cord-Art release will have vocals, so this three pack of instrumental genius may well be the primary documentation of one phase of this maestro's aesthetic trajectory. Hope you've got them all." --Byron Coley, 2019
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: FTR 453LP
"Amazingly, here is the glorious (long-delayed) follow-up to Fred Lane's 1988 Shimmy Disc LP, Car Radio Jerome. In the wake of that surreal masterpiece, Shimmy announced an LP called Icepick to the Moon, but it took 31 years to wrestle this slab of bacon to the mat. And you'll be glad we did. Icepick takes up where Jerome left off. As inhabited by visual artist, Tim Reed, 'Fred Lane' (I'll drop the quote marks after this) is a lounge crooner with smoothly classic vocal chops and a taste for lyrics shaped by Alfred Jarry's proto-Dada writings. Fred Lane is a creature of the 'Pataphysical South, inhabiting the same pocket universe as Bruce Hampton and Eugene Chadbourne. And we guarantee his music is as deeply fried as anything you've ever heard. Or eaten. The roots of Lane have been explored in Skizz Cyzyk's great documentary, Icepick to the Moon (to which this is not a soundtrack LP), and are traceable back as far as high school in the late '60s, where Lane and the late guitarist Davey Williams had a weird-o cover band. A couple years later, they both ended up in the Tuscaloosa Alabama student/hippie ghetto (near the University), where some older artists -- Craig Nutt (aka "Ron 'Pate") and a few odd others -- had formed an art collective, Raudelunas, to do all the whacked out stuff interesting people like to do . . . This was the beginning of a long Alabama Surrealist tradition that includes LaDonna Smith, Anne LeBaron, Wally Shoup, and many others. Anyway, at some point, Reed brought his Fred Lane persona to the party -- an accretion of totally insane lyrics and performance tropes, set to what almost sounds like swinging cocktail music until you start noticing the bizarre detailing and avant-garde highlighting. Coming at the same early '70s moment that lounge retro was functionally hip (Manhattan Transfer, Asleep at the Wheel, Capt. Matchbox, etc.) the results were a complete mindfuck . . . The music, penned by Reed with Roger Hagerty (aka Dick Foote), played by a band with Williams (aka Cyd Cherise) on guitar, is unbelievably fine. Sadly, this was Williams' last recording session, but the instrumental inventions are a wonderful extension of Jerome (which was notably more sophisticated, sonically, than earlier recordings)..." --Bryon Coley, 2019
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: FTR 462LP
MILLION BRAZILIANS Urban Fossickated Octave LP
"Beautiful new LP (the seventh, I believe), from this wonderfully abstract outfit, who were birthed in the shadow of Smegma (Portland, OR), but have since relocated to Maine. The foundational members of the band are Grant Corum (keyboards, vocals, tin whistle, vocals) and Suzanne Stone (alto sax, khene, vocals). For this album, recorded by Big Blood's Caleb Mulkerin, they are joined by Caleb himself (tape loops and treatments) and Tom Kovacevic (piano and synth), both of whom played together back in Cerberus Shoals. The quartet is hot. Even when it's a trio. The music has a blocked-out and dreamy quality, with jazzoid touches and perhaps less of an ethnographic quality than some of the band's work. But the music also exists in large chunks, which are moved around in a way that almost recalls (strategically, if not sonically) groups like Colorado's Mnemonists/Biota collective. There's a heavy and reflective quality to all the sounds generated and how they are shaped. The album takes its title from the work of the late visionary artist, Paul Laffoley, from whom the band learned many lessons, and for whom the music stands as a sort of threnody. And the sounds here seem to inhabit some of the same psychic space as Laffoley's work -- creating panels of aural architecture with Mandalic balance and flow. Million Brazilians' music has lots of depth and a shifting focus that makes it hard to identify as any particular brand of music. But as Duke Ellington so elegantly put it, 'If it sounds good, it is good.' And Urban Fossickated Octave sounds more than good. Take it from the Duke. And then some." --Byron Coley, 2019 Edition of 250.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: FTR 502LP
ROLIN, MATTHEW J. Matthew J. Rolin LP
"We're excited to release the debut solo LP by Matthew J. Rolin, currently a resident of Columbus, Ohio. Rolin cut his teeth with garage and psych outfits in Cleveland, appearing on vinyl by Shoreway and Nowhere before he found himself adrift and wandering in the direction of Chicago at the end of 2016. Matthew had always been a fan of Jim O'Rourke's brilliant Bad Timing LP (Drag City, 1997), and when he caught a set by Ryley Walker soon after arriving in the city, he decided to throw himself into developing his acoustic chops. Without really knowing much about the history or context of the American primitive/concert steel string scene, he managed to create a distinctive sound and approach to the instrument, owing less to the music's arts-blues fundamentals than to the contemporary players who have expanded outward in all directions from those initial impulses. Playing his first solo gig in Cleveland, opening for Daniel Bachman, an audience member mentioned John Fahey to Rolin, but he had no idea who the guy was talking about! The root-thread of Rolin's playing flows more from Glenn Jones onward, through Rose and Bachman and Blackshaw and Walker and Lane. I feel like I detect a 'Vaseline Machine Gun' urge towards Kotte-esque density in certain spots, but maybe that's just me. Regardless, Rolin's talents as a solo player (abetted only by Jen 'Donkey No No' Gelineau's violin on one track) are immediately clear from the first note he plays. Matthew currently works both solo, and in a duo with dulcimer player, Jen Powers. If you get a chance to see him don't pass it up. Nor should you pass up this chance to score his first long player while it's hot off the presses." --Byron Coley, 2019 Edition of 250.
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: FKR 103LP
Mesmerizing minority language acid folk and wayfaring world music forges a river of revolution between langue doc and Côte d'Azur with this stunning seldom spoken 1978 intimate community pressing. Weaving a fragile thread through collectible outsider genres such as acid folk, French jazz, Braziliana, and world music it is virtually incomprehensible that this incredible one-off solo album by mononymous Occitan language singer, songwriter, and activist Miquela has managed to evade notoriety and wider affection over five decades. Captured via a humble makeshift studio set-up in a classroom in 1977, this startlingly crystalline recording is one of the best examples you are likely to hear, not shying from ambitious small string arrangements and intimate Gallic jazz infusions this LP represents the quiet storm erupting from the pride and protection of the ancient "Romance" language known as Occitan, as spoken by less than 1.5 million people in Southern France (as well as parts of Italy and Spain). Naturally combining a wide range of influences, and fueled by the same impassioned fervor found in privately pressed minority language records from Britanny, Catalonia, and Wales, Miquela's first and only solo record was recorded by request of poet Ives Roqueta for his exclusively Occitan language label Ventadorn. Including players from Miquela's surrounding area of Toulon the album also enlisted arrangements from important musicians such as co-author Jean-Michel Mariou, jazz contrabass player Didier Capeille (later affiliate of Marseilles' Etron Fou Leloublan), and guitarist Gilles Cardon, who would regularly play for Britanny-based label Nevenoe (knotting the ties between both French language rehabilitation movements). Released and well-received by a supportive and emotional Occitan fan base, this would be Miquela's only ever solo LP (preceded by a 7" picture sleeve EP, drawing similarities to Welsh label Sain) and laid the foundations for future releases with her folk rock girl group Lei Chapacans (The Vagabonds) which led to tours as far as Sardinia, Yemen, and Moscow. As a vital forerunner of a maligned genre of Occitan femme-folk singers such as Estela, Nicòla, Jacmelina, Rosina De Peira E Martina, and Claudia Galibert, this LP marks the start of a journey that would eventually find its beloved protagonist at the heart of the galvanized Occitan language media.
PRICE: $20.00
MILLER & STEVE SHILL, GRAEME Woodland Band (Parade) 7"
Graeme Miller and Steve Shill's Woodland Band (Parade) consists of homemade electronic and mechanical music heard exclusively via British TV speakers as an eerie backdrop for the Polish-made stop-motion adaptation of the Finnish comic strip. Custom-composed for radically reedited daily five-minute episodes (alongside reconstituted storylines and the narrations/impersonations of comedy actor Richard Murdoch), the short cues written and played by the two Leeds-based post-punk avant-theater composers helped exacerbate the program's bizarre spectral storylines and characters, earning a firm fixture of fear, intrigue and infatuation in the hearts and memories of a slightly confused electro-fed generation. Ticking all the boxes that attract freak-folk enthusiasts and "synthusiasts" alike, the combined efforts of Shill and Miller deployed thumb pianos, backwards tape effects, wooden pipes, and a Wasp synthesizer (the almost-affordable post-punk synth of choice) to replace the original '70s German jazz soundtrack, thus dramatically mutating the tonality of the hundred episode-long saga. Miller and Shill's unique DIY approach follows characters like Moomintroll, Sniff, Snuffkin and the Snork Maiden as they encounter hobgoblins, sand lions, and the mysterious Groke, complete with their individual detuned electronic voices and theremin-esque whimpers. Based on the original sprites invented by Tove Jansson, the modified fuzzy felt figurines were designed by animator Lucjan Debinski at the legendary Se Ma For studios in Poland for German syndication resulting in what many regard as the definitive and most enigmatic version of the story, succeeding further animated adaptations form Japan and Russia. Sharing the same nostalgia and oblique exoticism as The Singing Ringing Tree, The Little Mole, The Magic Roundabout, and other reconstituted imports seen on programs like Granada TV's Picturebox, The Moomins and its synonymous theme tune and sound effects render this limited 7" vinyl release an essential addition to the record shelves of soundtrack collectors, domestic electronic fans and absent bygone tele-addicts as well as animation and design enthusiasts on account of its unique imagery and packaging. Includes an extended take of "Woodland Band" and a never-before-heard cue from the forthcoming Lost Tapes. Like the running lengths of the original episodes, these rare specimens won't stick around for long -- act fast, relax, regress, and rejoice for the return of the Moomin trolls. Custom-made felt backed 7" sleeve depicting original production stills.
GET 51279LP
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: GET 51279LP
DAVIS, MILES Miles In Tokyo: Miles Davis Live In Concert LP
RSD Black Friday 2019 release. "Miles Davis was on the verge of forming one of his most acclaimed ensembles in 1964. It was this year that he travelled to perform in Japan for the first time, bringing with him 3/4ths of the musicians that would form his famed 'second great quartet'; Herbie Hancock on piano, Ron Carter on double bass, and Tony Williams on drums. In addition the jazz legend brought along saxophonist Sam Rivers to replace the recently exited George Coleman, who was primarily a free jazz musician, but had a long and extensive background in bebop. Davis and Rivers never developed any major chemistry between each other during the trip, and frequently found their distinct styles (Davis' cool and subdued traditional bop style contrasting with Rivers' wild but controlled avant-garde wandering) frequently clashing (or perhaps duelling) in their performances. But for all Davis and Rivers might not have meshed together, the crowd at Tokyo's Kohseinenkin Hall enjoyed it immensely. Davis himself reserved a special kind of respect and admiration for his Japanese audience as well, temporarily dropping his habit of exiting the stage during his fellow musicians' solos. Rivers would ultimately be dismissed from the group at the end of their trip, leading to the arrival of Wayne Shorter, and the inception of the 'second great quartet.' The partnership of Miles Davis and Sam Rivers may have been short-lived, but it did produce the live album Miles In Tokyo nearly five years later. The record is a rare jewel in Miles Davis' discography, featuring high-energy live versions of songs by Rodgers & Hart, Cole Porter, and Richard Carpenter, as well as a restlessly fast-paced take on the Davis staple 'So What'. This collection has previously only been available in Japan, but is now presented on vinyl for the first time in America by Get On Down, just in time for Black Friday Record Store Day. Miles In Tokyo is a must-have for completionists of free jazz, bop, and avant-garde alike."
GET 51313LP
PRICE: $33.00
CAT #: GET 51313LP
UGK Super Tight... 2LP
2019 repress; clear vinyl. "Super Tight... is the second album from hip hop legends UGK, originally released in 1994. The title of the album is taken from its stand out single 'Front, Back & Side To Side'. Bun B and Pimp C (R.I.P.) were already on fire from their debut album a few years prior but they perfected the southern playa sound with this record. At the time of its release Super Tight... was only issued on cassette and CD, so it's a must for fans and collectors to grab the vinyl now that it's available for the very first time. The album kicks off with 'Return', which after a few snare hits and the bluster of Pimp C's voice it is clear to the world - the underground kings are back. Countless tracks like 'Three Sixteens' (featuring DJ DMD), 'Stoned Junkee', 'It's Supposed To Bubble', 'I Left It Wet For You' and the previously mentioned 'Front, Back, & Side To Side' all perfectly showcase the chemistry between Bun B & Pimp C, over deep southern funk grooves. The production on this album is stellar, all bass heavy and features Meters lead guitarist Leo Nocentelli. Like their debut album Too Hard To Swallow, Bun B and Pimp C were ahead of the game, and with Super Tight... they perfected it."
GET 51332LP
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: GET 51332LP
RSD Black Friday 2019 release. "Throughout the mid-to-late 1970s, legendary jazz pianist and composer Herbie Hancock engaged in a prolonged period of experimentation across sounds and recording formats, over the course of several CBS/Sony albums, made only available in Japan. 1979's Directstep was one such album, one that made use of a new form of recording technology called 'Direct-To-Disc.' This method recorded masters in real time to acetate discs, rendering incredibly high fidelity LP pressings, but sacrificing the ability to edit or overdub. A distinct challenge, but one that Hancock accepted, entering Tokyo's CBS/Sony Studios in mid-October of 1978 with a stacked backing band including session veterans Bennie Maupin on saxophone, Ray Obiedo on guitar, Webster Lewis on keys and synths, Paul Jackson on bass, Alphonse Mouzon on drums, and Bill Summers on percussion. This group of seasoned pros were intent on having a record in one take. Directstep marked a lot of firsts for Hancock, chief among them was that it was one of his earliest recordings to feature a second synthesizer player (Webster Lewis), which was necessary to produce the electronic textures he'd been previously experimenting with on albums like 1974's Dedication. It was also the first one in Hancock's catalogue to make extensive use of the Sennheiser Vocoder, which would become a key part of his arsenal during his electro-funk period during the 1980s. The album also stands out as one of the earliest analog recordings to be converted into digital format and released on compact disc. Beyond all the technological achievements on Directstep though, is simply an incredibly solid collection of Herbie Hancock material, mid-transition between his success with jazz-funk fusion into his electronic-focused period. It features stirring remakes of Hancock staples 'Butterfly' and 'I Thought It Was You', as well as brand new track 'Shiftless Shuffle', incorporating brand new electronic instrument technology such as the electronic wind instrument the Lyricon, the freshly released Propet-5 synthesizer, and of course the aforementioned Sennheiser Vocoder. Get On Down is proud to present this reissue of Directstep, a gem of jazz-fusion, available on vinyl for Black Friday Record Store Day for the first time in 30 years!"
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: GBR 021EP
TRANCE/JD TWITCH Purification/Contemplation 12"
Back in 2017, Basso delved into his micro-press cassette collection to treat us to the first retrospective of kosmische wizard Trance. Spanning both the bucolic and galactic, "Tapes" (2017) suspended time and space, enveloping you in the nebulous beauty of Jürgen Petersen's misty ambience. Among the appreciative audience for this mind-expanding release was one JD Twitch, aka Keith McIvor, one half of the mighty Optimo Music. Keith's vision of remixing Peterson's "Purification" for the club was embraced by both the artist and the label guy with glowing eyes. Charting a course through progressive house, ambient techno, and the weirder bits of the solar system, McIvor combines the celestial synthesis of the original with some tough and tracky drum programming, turning the intensity up to 11 in pursuit of early morning ascension. A sensitive arrangement allows space for Peterson's waveforms to work their magic, while laser fire and additional fx abuse unlock evolutionary abilities buried deep in your unconscious mind. The previously unreleased, largely unheard "Contemplation" was originally intended to feature on the Tapes compilation, but fell off the edge of that flat Earth thanks to its maximal runtime. Too good to remain a secret, this crepuscular creation enjoys the entirety of the B-side, drifting through the eons via meditative electronics, delicate sitar and a touch of tapey flutter. Embrace the almost 40-year-old tape's flaws and imperfections that could not be restored and dive into the immersive and unparalleled.
GY9 005LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: GY9 005LP
ENHET FOR FRI MUSIK Det Finns Ett Hjarta Som For Dig LP
"Enhet För Fri Musik is a free-folk and experimental music collective formed in 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The band features assorted members of the current Swedish underground from bands like Neutral, Makthaverskan, Arv & Miljö, and Blod. A local scene supergroup, the band also runs the labels Förlag För Fri Musik and the Omlott imprint to document their own releases as well as the fertile underground scene surrounding them (much like the Xpressway label founded by artists Bruce Russell, Peter Jefferies, and Alastair Galbraith showcased the early experimental music scene in Dunedin, New Zealand in the late '80s and early '90s). Enhet För Fri Musik is the natural extension of a rich lineage going back to legendary Swedish bands from the '70s, such as Pärson Sound, Trad Gras Och Stenar, International Harvester, and Arbete Och Fritid, whose music pushed boundaries and chose artistic innovation over any commercial concerns. Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig is the band's fifth release and it's a unique masterpiece. The mysteriously hypnotic album, released in July of 2017 in an extremely limited pressing of 300, sold out quickly without receiving distribution to greater Europe or the United States. The atmospheric record features atonal guitar, organ, tape effects, saxophone, and field recordings, in experimental song constructions that defy genre, moving like a river might through different environments, taking and leaving things as it moves, and coalescing around Sofie Herner's haunting vocals. Grapefruit is extremely proud to be reissuing this rare thing of beauty in a deluxe gatefold jacket and original artwork provided by the band."
PRICE: $16.00
CAT #: HAB 010CD
HAJALI, ISSAM Mouasalat Ila Jacad El Ard CD
"Issam Hajali is most known as the singer and composer of the Lebanese band Ferkat Al Ard. While they recorded 3 albums only their classic 'Oghneya' saw a vinyl release and is highly sought after in the Lebanese record collector scene (A copy changed hands in Beirut this year for 5000 USD). Before the band came together, he recorded this debut album in Paris in 1977. This rare album fuses jazz and folk with Arabic and Iranian influences into unique beauty. It was only released in a limited run of 75 cassette tapes and is now officially licensed and reissued by Berlin based Habibi Funk Records."
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: HAB 010LP
HAJALI, ISSAM Mouasalat Ila Jacad El Ard LP
LP version. "Issam Hajali is most known as the singer and composer of the Lebanese band Ferkat Al Ard. While they recorded 3 albums only their classic 'Oghneya' saw a vinyl release and is highly sought after in the Lebanese record collector scene (A copy changed hands in Beirut this year for 5000 USD). Before the band came together, he recorded this debut album in Paris in 1977. This rare album fuses jazz and folk with Arabic and Iranian influences into unique beauty. It was only released in a limited run of 75 cassette tapes and is now officially licensed and reissued by Berlin based Habibi Funk Records."
PRICE: $36.50
NEBULA Holy Shit (Splatter Vinyl) LP
New limited repress. 22 years after their first release (1999) and ten years after their last album (2008), Nebula are back. And you're thinking "Holy shit!" right now, you pretty much nailed it. Holy Shit is Nebula's first LP since 2009's Heavy Psych, and it quickly puts to rest the question that's loomed since guitarist/vocalist Eddie Glass, bassist Tom Davies, and drummer Michael Amster announced the band's reformation in 2017: Nebula are still Nebula. It's there in the inimitable space-grunge of "It's All Over", or the take-a-drag-and-be-gone "Let's Get Lost", or the way "Tomorrow Never Comes" manages to be so, so heavy and laid back at the same time. It's in the paradise-psych of "Gates Of Eden" and even the snoring you hear before the devilish "Man's Best Friend" kicks in to open the album (the studio couch became a crash spot). Since the days of 1998's Let It Burn EP and the now-classic To The Center debut album (HPS 066CD/LP/LTD-LP), Nebula have always been just a little more dangerous. Just a little more unhinged. Holy Shit shows this front-to-back for the essential part of their character it is, and yet it's not trying to be anything they've done before, whether it's those early outings or Heavy Psych or 2001's Charged (HPS 087CD/LP/LTD-LP), 2003's Apollo, or 2005's Atomic Ritual. It's a sixth Nebula album -- something for which even the most ardent of fans could hardly have hoped. The basic tracks were done in two days, recorded at Mysterious Mammal Studios in LA with Matt Lynch (also of Snail) at the helm. Leads and loops and feedback effects were done live by Glass and Davies as they recorded the basic tracks, just the way they'd do it on stage, and overdubs followed after as needed. A glut of material was produced and whittled down to the core of what you hear here. A sixth Nebula album. And when you hear it, you'll find yourself saying that title all over again. Cover art by Robin Gnista. Edition of 250, yellow transparent splatter vinyl, black/red/green fluorescent gatefold sleeve.
PRICE: $30.50
CAT #: HPS 107LP
BJORK, BRANT Jalamanta 2LP
Repressed! Double LP version. Heavy Psych Sounds present a reissue of Brant Bjork's Jalamanta, originally released in 1999. Brant Bjork: "Jalamanta was a life changing record for me. It's the record that launched my journey as Brant Bjork. Listening to the tapes 20 years later was amazing. Tony Mason and myself were transported back to that moment in time. Jalamanta was a first for both Tony and myself. My first record as a solo artist and his first record as an engineer. We didn't think twice about re-mixing it. With our combined experience over the years, we knew we could take Jalamanta to the place we always wanted it to go... and we did. Dig it." Features a Blue Öyster Cult cover, "Take Me Away".Produced by Brant Bjork. Recorded by Tony Mason at Rancho De La Luna, Joshua Tree, California, February 1999. Re-mixed by Tony Mason and Brant Bjork at North Star Ave., 29 Palms, California, March 2019. Re-mastered by John McBain, JPM Mastering, San Francisco, California. All songs written, composed and performed by Brant Bjork. Words and vocals on "Toot" by Mario Lalli, additional guitars by Mario Lalli and Gary Arcy. Cover photo by Sam Grant, Skull Modern Relics by Joe Herbick. Art direction by Ryan Jones, layout by Branca Studio.
PRICE: $16.50
FAHRLAND Oneness Remixes 12"
...finding your soulmate is a rare and precious gift. even if one leaves this world-since souls don't vanish-they remain in oneness... Features Cherokee. Remixes by Dave DK, Fahrland, and Superpitcher.
PRICE: $26.50
LOS SIQUICOS LITORALENOS Medianos Exitos Subtropicales Vol. 2: El Relincho Del Tiempo LP
The unique and magical sound of Los Siquicos Litoraleños (The Psychics of El Litoral), fermented in the rural north of Argentina, land of gauchos (Argentine cowboys), mate tea, chamamé folk music, and Psilocybe Cubensis. In this remote region, cut off from the fashions of the city, Los Siquicos were able to nurture their obsessions, hone their craft, and develop a singular style that takes the traditional chamamé folk music of rural Argentina, then throws it in a blender with Latin-American cumbia and chicha, the tropicalia of Os Mutantes and Tom Zé, the free music of Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart, The Residents, UFO conspiracies, radical philosophy, and a strong dose of the absurd. Out in the hinterlands, they fully embraced the spirit and ethic of DIY punk, gaining a reputation for wild, open air shows on the backs of flatbed trucks, or from makeshift set-ups in village squares and at local fêtes and fairs, where confused locals half recognize the twisted sound of a chamamé beamed in from another planet. Hive Mind Records are delighted to help bring Medianos Éxitos Subtropicales Vol. 2: El Relincho Del Tiempo (Medium Subtropical Hits Vol. 2: The Neigh of Time) out into the world. The album features a number of brand-new songs alongside tracks chosen from Los Siquicos' extensive archive of home recordings. El Relincho Del Tiempo contains the soupy dub-cumbia of "Para Ser Un Gran Hombre", the fantasy radio-hit "La Danza Del Brontosaurio", and the shamanic ecstasy of "Los Ninos Del Brasil" or "Dostoyevski En El Minimercado". Los Siquicos Litoraleños invite you to take a leap into their world in which the sounds of the future and the past blur into one, where the music of the whole planet is digested and spat out in new shapes, where the noise is joyful."... a unique triumph of homegrown rural psychedelia, standing alone on the edge of an unchartered vanguard... Los Siquicos Litoraleños are the contemporary group you keep hoping exist, but can never find. If you were to reach for spiritual comparisons, you wouldn't be forgetting the most spirited moments from Sun City Girls, Butthole Surfers, Faust, Os Mutantes, Captain Beefheart or The Residents." --Mark Gergis
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: HJP 092EP
"Hebi" is tough, stomping, mesmerizing romany funk, riding Far East from the Baltic Sea on clopping hooves of uranium, with synths from spaceways further out still. Weakheart deejays will scatter, but Sotofett has road-tested this on dubplate for six months, tearing up parties and dancefloors. Deeply meditative, desolately beautiful, "Haru" will stop you in your tracks. Osaruxo's violin could be a rebab or a shamisen, a reed instrument or a voice. Ravishing music.
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: HJR 077LP
VA London Is The Place For Me 7: Calypso, Palm Wine, Mento, Joropo, Steel & Stringband 2LP
The latest volumes in this highly acclaimed series presenting the music of the Windrush generation: the post-war, London recordings of West Indians and West Africans, in the first wave of modern migration to Britain. Volume 7: Calypso, Palm Wine, Mento, Joropo, Steel & Stringband overflows with diverse musical styles, including steel band, string band, calypso, joropo, and mento. Features Lord Beginner, The Lion, The Mighty Terror, Dai Dai Simba, Willie Payne & The Starlite Tempos, The Mighty Terror, Louise Bennett, Marie Bryant, Nigerian Union Rhythm Group, Calypso Rhythm Kings, Bill Rogers, Lili Verona, Billy Sholanke, Lord & Lady Beginner, West African Rhythm Brothers, and Trinidad Steel Band. Sound restoration at Abbey Road; pressed at Pallas. Gatefold sleeve; full-size leaflets."One of the delights of the age" --Songlines."a witty and joyous testament" --Guardian."impeccably curated and packaged" --Wire.
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: HJR 078LP
VA London Is The Place For Me 8: Lord Kitchener In England, 1948-1962 2LP
The latest volumes in this highly acclaimed series presenting the music of the Windrush generation: the post-war, London recordings of West Indians and West Africans, in the first wave of modern migration to Britain. Volume 8: Lord Kitchener In England, 1948-1962 is devoted to the great calypsonian Lord Kitchener. Gatefold double LP with insert, including numerous stunning photographs, and brilliant new writing by Kitch's biographer, Anthony Joseph. Sound restoration at Abbey Road; pressed at Pallas."One of the delights of the age" --Songlines."a witty and joyous testament" --Guardian."impeccably curated and packaged" --Wire.
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: HJR 214LP
For the 1983 edition of Company Week held at London's I.C.A. in May of that year, guitarist Derek Bailey once more invited a typically eclectic collection of guests. Cellist Ernst Reijseger is a mainstay of Dutch new jazz (ICP Orchestra, Clusone Trio...), American wind virtuoso J.D.Parran a veteran of the Black Artists' Group and Anthony Davis and Anthony Braxton ensembles, while saxophonists Evan Parker and Peter Brötzmann, as titans of European free improvisation, need no introduction. French bassist/vocalist Joëlle Léandre is equally at home playing free or performing works by Cage and Scelsi, while Vinko Globokar is an acclaimed composer as well as a trombonist of monstrous virtuosity. He and British electronics pioneer Hugh Davies served time with Karlheinz Stockhausen, and before a brief stint with Robert Fripp's King Crimson, percussionist Jamie Muir was, with Davies, on the very first (Music Improvisation) Company outing in 1970. Bailey once described playing solo as a "second-rate activity"; while at the other end of the spectrum, large improvising ensembles can, if they're not careful, descend into the musical equivalent of a rugby scrum: dangerous, but thrilling -- listen to what happens when Brötzmann comes barreling into the final track here. Sometimes one instrument takes center stage, as Parker's circular-breathing soprano does at the beginning of "Trio Five", but knowing when to lie low, as he does in the brief austere "Trio Three", is just as crucial to the success of the whole. Muir makes sure he doesn't get in the way of Globokar and Parran's leisurely exchanges on "Trio Four", but the trombonist is all over the place on "Trio One" -- transcribe what Globokar does here and it might be the most difficult trombone music ever written -- with Léandre racing up and down her bass and Davies all spikes, squeaks and squiggles, after which "Trio Two" is a lighter affair, Parran's flute and Léandre's vocals twittering together while Derek's acoustic twangs merrily along. With a touch of dry Bailey humor, two of the seven tracks aren't trios at all: "Trio Minus One" is his duo with Reijseger, running the gamut from crazed polyrhythmic strumming (imagine Reinhardt and Grappelli playing Schoenberg and Nancarrow simultaneously) to what must be the fastest cello pizzicati ever recorded. And on the closing ecstatic nonet, Brötzmann and trumpeter John Corbett prove that too many cooks don't necessarily spoil the broth but sure as hell spice it up.
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: HOS 644LP
VATICAN SHADOW Kneel Before Religious Icons LP
Before another Vatican Shadow release appears on vinyl for the first time early in 2020, Hospital Productions reissue a killer 2011 tape release on a 2019 vinyl pressing after appearing on a long sold-out LP edition for Type in 2012. Remastered and slightly edited from the original 4x tape boxset, Kneel Before Religious Icons reasserts its place in the pantheon of Vatican Shadow's prized early releases which, with the benefit of hindsight, arguably amount to one of this past decade's definitive projects. Originally recorded in 2010, the album's eight tracks revolve some of the first material recorded by Dominick Fernow in this mode, aside from his then better-known work as Prurient. At the time, Fernow was still working under cover of anonymity and this release in particular only aided in heightening the intrigue and fascination surrounding this project and the way it eerily resonated with the both the redrawing of geopolitical borders and those between industrial, ambient, noise, and techno styles. The album contains one of the most valued VS outings in "Worshippers At The Same Mosque", with its pall of synth pads, harpsichord, and stepping drums patently influenced by Muslimgauze, while the parade ground trample of "Church Of All Images" -- which would form the basis for a now classic Regis remix issued by Blackest Ever Black -- adds up to one of the project's most militant numbers along with the scudding, bombed-out terrain of "Gods Representative on Earth" and "Shooter In The Same Uniform as The Soldiers". As a historic document of the time and a gripping album in its own right, Kneel Before Religious Icons holds tight among Vatican Shadow's most crucial and convincing communiques.
PRICE: $25.50
VA Spiritual Jazz 1: Esoteric, Modal and Deep Jazz from the Underground 1968-77 2LP
Remastered limited 2019 repress; originally released in 2008. Jazzman Records presents the sound of the unsung musicians who -- in the midst of the Vietnam War and the fallout of the Civil Rights struggle -- created some of the most beautiful spiritual and meditative music of the era. Sometimes funky, sometimes mellow, but always trying to say something about the world in which we live. Existing completely under the critical radar and largely ignored or unknown by music fans and critics alike, most of the musicians featured in this album won't be familiar to even the most seasoned aficionado. Their records, frequently turned down by distributors and record stores, saw little attention when first released -- and have seen even less since. But in this era of musical apathy, where so many music junkies look to the past for their musical fix, Jazzman Records have re-discovered hidden, obscure and esoteric jazz musicians who looked to the four corners of the earth -- and beyond -- for inspiration. Here Jazzman Records evaluates spiritual jazz -- music that is a snapshot of the era after Coltrane, a time which saw the evolution of an underground jazz that spoke about the reform of the soul, the reform of the spirit, and the reform of society: a music which was local and international at once, which was a personal journey and a political statement, and which was religious and secular in one non-contradictory breath. The music on this album reflects the social and historical forces at work during the closedown of the '60s dream; music made by close-knit collectives and individual visionaries, by prisoners and eccentrics, by mystics and political radicals. It includes music by acknowledged masters, and moments of brilliance by unsung figures known to us from just one or two recordings. It is the jazz music of America in the age of civil rights, brutal repression, political assassination and war; a music that would guarantee the survival of the spiritual dimension in a society that was angry and traumatized, but nevertheless had seen hope of better days to come. Soul jazz; Black jazz; Spiritual jazz. Features James Tatum Trio Plus, Lloyd Miller, Morris Wilson Beau Bailey Quintet, Mor Thiam, Ndikho Xaba & The Natives, The Positive Force with Ade Olatunji, Salah Ragab and The Cairo Jazz Band, The Frank Derrick Total Experience, Hastings Street Jazz Experience, Ronnie Boykins, Leon Gardner, and Ohio Penitentiary 511 Jazz Ensemble.
PRICE: $14.50
Linking the ancient and the modern across time and space, the Sokratis Votskos Quartet presents Sketching the Unknown -- a modern jazz journey into the folk and modal music of ancient Greece. Playing rich original compositions, the quartet draw freely on Greek and Balkan folk sources, jazz idioms, and the classical makams of the near East. Returning to ancient Greek modes such as Dorian, Phrygian, and Lydian, a fresh perspective is brought to the modal style that was popularized by Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Herbie Hancock. Expertly versed in musical theory, the pioneering jazz players that adapted these modes for the new jazz of the late 1950s and 1960s worked in full knowledge of their ancient Greek historical origins. The musical freedom offered by these ancient scales helped them take their music to a higher level as they laid the groundwork for the spiritual moment in jazz. On Sketching the Unknown, the Sokratis Votskos Quartet brings that process full circle, linking today's jazz back to the ancient modes and microtonal folk music of Greece and the Near East. Deep modal jazz sounds from an ancient source.
PRICE: $20.00
LP version. Linking the ancient and the modern across time and space, the Sokratis Votskos Quartet presents Sketching the Unknown -- a modern jazz journey into the folk and modal music of ancient Greece. Playing rich original compositions, the quartet draw freely on Greek and Balkan folk sources, jazz idioms, and the classical makams of the near East. Returning to ancient Greek modes such as Dorian, Phrygian, and Lydian, a fresh perspective is brought to the modal style that was popularized by Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Herbie Hancock. Expertly versed in musical theory, the pioneering jazz players that adapted these modes for the new jazz of the late 1950s and 1960s worked in full knowledge of their ancient Greek historical origins. The musical freedom offered by these ancient scales helped them take their music to a higher level as they laid the groundwork for the spiritual moment in jazz. On Sketching the Unknown, the Sokratis Votskos Quartet brings that process full circle, linking today's jazz back to the ancient modes and microtonal folk music of Greece and the Near East. Deep modal jazz sounds from an ancient source.
PRICE: $14.50
VA Spiritual Jazz 10: Prestige CD
Subtitled: Esoteric, Modal and Deep Jazz from Prestige Records, 1961-73. The tenth edition of Jazzman Records Spiritual Jazz series takes a closer look at the music Prestige was recording at the start of the 1960s. This was the period when the modal jazz sound pioneered by Miles and Coltrane was starting to percolate through the jazz underground. In its heyday, Prestige was the only jazz label that could hold a candle to Blue Note. Prestige was always quick off the mark to record new artists, and in the years after Kind of Blue (1959) the label was quick to release some of the most innovative early explorers of the new style. Founded as New Jazz in 1949 by 20-year old jazz fan and entrepreneur Bob Weinstock, Prestige was the only other imprint besides Blue Note to capture the iconic jazz sounds of the 1950s, and like its rival it grew to be an icon itself. If Blue Note documented the sound of hard bop in its most carefully crafted and beautifully presented form, the low-key, jam-session approach that Weinstock preferred meant that the music captured by Prestige has a tough, unfiltered energy that was a lot closer to way it was being played live, night after night, by New York's most prominent jazz musicians. Featuring Afro-Eastern visions from Yusef Lateef and Ahmed Abdul-Malik, deep modal excursions from Mal Waldron and Walt Dickerson, and essential spiritual jazz grooves from Gary Bartz and Idris Muhammed, Spiritual Jazz 10 documents the sound of modal jazz in full flight, unabashed and authentic from the pioneers! Also features Roy Haynes, Latin Jazz Quintet, and Moondog.
PRICE: $25.50
VA Spiritual Jazz 10: Prestige 2LP
Double LP version. Gatefold sleeve with comprehensive liner notes and pics. Subtitled: Esoteric, Modal and Deep Jazz from Prestige Records, 1961-73. The tenth edition of Jazzman Records Spiritual Jazz series takes a closer look at the music Prestige was recording at the start of the 1960s. This was the period when the modal jazz sound pioneered by Miles and Coltrane was starting to percolate through the jazz underground. In its heyday, Prestige was the only jazz label that could hold a candle to Blue Note. Prestige was always quick off the mark to record new artists, and in the years after Kind of Blue (1959) the label was quick to release some of the most innovative early explorers of the new style. Founded as New Jazz in 1949 by 20-year old jazz fan and entrepreneur Bob Weinstock, Prestige was the only other imprint besides Blue Note to capture the iconic jazz sounds of the 1950s, and like its rival it grew to be an icon itself. If Blue Note documented the sound of hard bop in its most carefully crafted and beautifully presented form, the low-key, jam-session approach that Weinstock preferred meant that the music captured by Prestige has a tough, unfiltered energy that was a lot closer to way it was being played live, night after night, by New York's most prominent jazz musicians. Featuring Afro-Eastern visions from Yusef Lateef and Ahmed Abdul-Malik, deep modal excursions from Mal Waldron and Walt Dickerson, and essential spiritual jazz grooves from Gary Bartz and Idris Muhammed, Spiritual Jazz 10 documents the sound of modal jazz in full flight, unabashed and authentic from the pioneers! Also features Roy Haynes, Latin Jazz Quintet, and Moondog.
JBJ 1070EP
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: JBJ 1070EP
MAYFIELD, PERCY Gone Astray/Advice (For Men Only) 7"
A new release on the Jukebox Jam Series features two originally unissued sides from the "Poet Of The Blues", Percy Mayfield. "Gone Astray" is an irresistibly jazzy, mid-tempo rhythm & blues track which just epitomizes class. The flip is a closing time blues lament with Mayfield drawling his way through his guidelines for dealing with heartache and strife.
JBJ 1077EP
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: JBJ 1077EP
BLAND, BOBBY 36-22-36/St James Infirmary 7"
Pure rhythm and soul perfection from Bobby Bland, an uplifting, call-and-response number guaranteed to pack the floor. On the flip side, a solemn and soulful workout of the blues standard.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: KHR 004EP
TABLEAU VIVANT Double Dream Hands 12"
The time of superficiality is over, there needs to be another perspective. The Tableau Vivant, that reenactment of painting by people, offers a new way of looking at things. A look into the depths, into the innermost of the artwork, a liveliness that jumps right out of the picture. Tableau Vivant, the project of the Kame House founder Infuso Giallo and Berlin musician Joshua Gottmanns, dedicates its debut Double Dream Hands to a new liveliness. While Infuso Giallo delivered a new interpretation of Moog-exotica with his first release Ode to Sansevieria (2017), Joshua Gottmanns is an "old hand" in the business and has proven his songwriting qualities in different projects for more than ten years, most recently in his project Neuzeitliche Bodenbela?ge together with Niklas Wandt. But it's not about the merits of past records, but the here and now, about the moment. This may have passed in the next second and at the same time lasting an eternity. In four live sessions (the term "jams" may also be applicable), quite independent entities have emerged that embrace life and come into contact with themselves: Within You, Without You. The congenial pairing of these two new masters of (almost) instrumental songwriting features excursions into new beat and percussive exotica as well as Austro-wave and electronica and is promising a playful mix of travels at the edge of stasis with a peculiar musical drawl and abrupt, danceable explosions of ecstasy.
KK 115CD
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: KK 115CD
Ema By The Sea is Joseph Carvell's debut album under his Pink Shabab moniker. It is the first and long overdue solo record by one of the most trusted bassists in the world of adventurous pop and rock music. When he is not playing with Marker Starling, the former Batsch member can be heard on upright and double bass on a slew of Baby Dee albums like her 2012 collaboration LP with Little Annie or Laetitia Sadier's Find Me Finding You (2017), amongst others. When Carvell is not busy as an active member of the cumbia band Malphino and the Moondog tribute I'm This I'm That, or playing improvised jazz with various friends, he writes Pink Shabab songs at night. With Ema By The Sea, he presents his idiosyncratic approach to subtle disco music for the first time. These nine songs sound as heartbroken as they are uplifting. Ema By The Sea was written in a South London bedroom, but recorded in Southern France. After hearing Carvell perform live as Pink Shabab, Emmanuel Mario, whose album L'infini, L'Univers Et Les Mondes under his Astrobal moniker was released earlier in 2019 on the Berlin-based Karaoke Kalk (KK 112CD/LP), invited the British songwriter into his home studio. It is easy to see -- or rather: hear -- why the two hit it off immediately: drawing on funk, soul, new wave, jazz, and dance music, Carvell's songs meander as effortlessly through different musical worlds as Mario's own productions. Groovy and laid-back, danceable and intimate, the minimalist structures of Carvell's songwriting open up a lot of space and make room for plenty of surprises along the way. Carvell builds his songs around his instrument of choice, the bass. From the driving opener "If Only I Could Hold You One More Time" to the disco and funk influenced "Let Me Explain", "Tried To Tell You", or "Last Of The Boys" and the somber rhythms of the final song "You Can't Go Back", his cunning playing seamlessly oscillates between different styles. In combination with his almost coy singing style and the juxtaposition of an airtight drum programming with colorful synthesizer melodies, Ema By The Sea thus provides a wide-ranging palette of moods -- spooky, lively, cosmic, romantic, you name it. Where in one moment pensive sentimentality prevails, the next song will call you to the dancefloor. Ema By The Sea offers both melancholy and exuberant bliss.
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: KOM 193LP
FIELD, THE Yesterday And Today 2LP
2019 repress. Double vinyl version of the highly-anticipated second full-length release by Axel Willner aka The Field for the Kompakt label. A digital trip through ambient, dance and drone, it's been gently pulsating and washing over you. The Field is Axel Willner, and his release Here We Go Sublime (KOMP 057CD/KOM 413LP) was one of the most acclaimed releases of 2007, receiving a 9.0 on Pitchfork and universal praise. The BBC called it "one of those rare albums that makes you wonder how you ever got by without it." The album is the soundtrack to the spit-shined airport of your dreams -- faceless, futuristic, and fuzzy. You could dance to it, sleep to it, or daydream to it: just a versatile little album. Willner's label, Kompakt, moved on from this successful released with his sophomore full-length, Yesterday And Today. Willner expands his palette, continuing the oblique sampling strategy of From Here We Go Sublime while building up the rhythmic architecture; the album features a group of different musicians and on the title track, Willner collaborates for the first time with Battles drummer John Stanier. Since startling the world with his debut, Willner has been highly in demand as a remixer, with tracks from Thom Yorke to Battles to Maps raising his profile, so that now legions are gathered, in that spit-shined terminal, waiting for their blissed-out departure.
KOM 370-3LP
PRICE: $32.00
CAT #: KOM 370-3LP
Pop -- the album that has become widely recognized as the defining moment in which Wolfgang Voigt brought his listeners into a clearing of his deep, psychedelic forest. A landmark release in the GAS odyssey that drew international attention, Pop was originally released in 2000 on the iconic Frankfurt imprint, Mille Plateux. Pop was heralded by Pitchfork at the time of release as being "an exercise in sonic texture... pure sonic velvet, the layered drone radiating a palpable warmth." Pop was reissued by Kompakt in 2016 as a part of GAS Box (now out of print) and by itself here. First time on 180 gram, triple-LP vinyl; includes original artwork.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: LCT 005EP
Skyf Connection was a short-lived project by long-time friends Anthony Mthembu and Enoch Nondala. At the time they were working for Annic Music, an independent label run by married couple Anne and Nic Blignaut. Although the label was known mostly for Zulu, Sotho, Tsonga and other traditional styles, they had a few disco releases on the label including groups like Keith Hutchinson's Focus and Enoch's discovery Lena, who went on to have huge success under the name Ebony a few years later. In 1984, when an artist didn't show up for a booked session they decided to make use of the studio time and began working on a demo. At the time Anthony and Enoch had been playing for a year at a new club called Gamsho, located on a farm on the outskirts of Kliptown Soweto. Along with Blackie Sibisi, Sepate Mokoena and Elijah "chippa" Khumalo they made up the resident house band. The demo they recorded at Blue Tree Studios was going to be their product they could use to promote their brand of the American sound. They then took the demo to Universal Studios where their friend and trusted engineer Jan "fast fingers" Smit was working. It would be here that they would polish their demo into something they could take to their bosses and have pressed. Equipped with a DX 7, Linn Drum, and some Juno synthesizers they were on their way. The result was four funky party anthems with synth work like no other recording at the time. From start to finish the four tracks portray what would have been a standard night at the Gamshu. "Let's Freak Together" has powerful lyrics encouraging people to let go of their worries, put aside any differences and let the music bring everyone to freak and dance together. The whole album is about the joy we can all feel when we share the same moments and how music can bring people together in a unique way, a philosophy shared with the original nightclubs of 70s New York. Enoch would ditch live music altogether and immerse himself in studio work, starting full time as a house producer and A&R for the recently formed Ream Music. He would go on to produce hit albums for pop artists like Percy Kay and Makwerhu but made his mark discovering countless artists that would become stars in the traditional market.
PRICE: $26.50
A collection of side notes, a tale of the little stories. Compiled over the course of years, renewed, revisited, enlarged and extended, a very personal collage of single frames and flickering motion. Long overdue to find its place in the shelf, Kleintierschaukel's first album is ready to accompany the season change. The perfect fit for upcoming golden hours and longer lasting nights. Features LaNó, Chrischou, Sarah, Christopher Schwarzwalder, and Innsaeidans.
PRICE: $31.00
Le Tres Groove Club present a reissue of Jacky Giordano's IM 24, also known as Organ, originally released in 1977. An aura of mystery hangs over Jacky Giordano, a studio musician who has mostly worked for library music. He is the one behind the amazing label Freesound -- Schifters (1974), Philopsis (1975) , Challenger (1974) -- but as well on Montparnasse 2000 with Pop In Devil's Train (reissued on Le Très Groove Club, LTGC 001LP), on Timing (with Timing N°1 and Timing N°5, under the nickname Jacky Nodaro), on Musax with Boucles Rythmiques (under the nickname Joachim Sherylee, and reissued as well on Le Très Groove Club, LTGC 002LP), or Black Devil's Disco Club (1978) whose paternity is still disputed between him and Bernard Fêvre. Jacky Giordano wasn't an altar boy, far from it, and will have sadly been more known for his troubles with his troubles with justice than for his music. This is his work for the label l'Illustration Musicale (IM) which can now be re-discovered thanks to this new reissue on Le Très Groove Club. Organ (IM 24), as its name suggests, is a tribute to this instrument and all the genius of Giordano, mixing the instrument with bass synthesizers and Rhodes to create grooves tinged with melancholy. A club in the suburbs half empty on a Sunday evening, a grey sky on the esplanade of La Defense, the soundtrack of a B-grade crime movie --this is where Jacky Giordano takes you with Organ and his already cult tracks ("Interrogation Point", "Project Problematic", "Owls Night") for those who had the chance to get their paws on an original pressing of this record.
PRICE: $27.00
EDAN Beauty And The Beat LP
RSD Black Friday 2019 release. "Available for the first time on vinyl since 2011. While Edan's critically acclaimed debut, Primitive Plus, was a celebration of hip-hop's golden age and a true throwback, his sophomore album, Beauty And The Beat, is a vast musical collage that contains many different influences; hip-hop, rock, pop, dusty breaks, hazy loops, luxurious off-kilter samples and curveball tempo changes that are all crafted into one cohesive piece of art. In 2015, FACT placed it at number 30 on the '100 Best Indie Hip-Hop Records of All Time' list. In 2013 NME placed it at number 392 on the '500 Greatest Albums of All Time' list."
LEWIS 105-7
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: LEWIS 105-7
SKINSHAPE I Didn't Know Extended/Version 7"
"Skinshape's 'I Didn't Know' finally gets a vinyl release! With over 15,000,000 (yes, fifteen million!) plays on YouTube and over 2,000,000 on Spotify we thought it was only fair that Skinshape's most popular song was released on glorious vinyl. The track is already on the Filoxiny album so Skinshape extended the mix and backed it with a dub version for the flip. Skinshape is the project of British musician William Dorey. The sound has roots in many genres but in particular 1960s-70s funk, soul, reggae, psychedelic rock, Afrobeat, and folk. Skinshape grew out of a love for old music and the way it sounded. Initially Dorey experimented with samples (especially drumbreaks) to create instrumental hip- hop/trip-hop tracks but then later started to play around with tape machines as a means to create his own 'samples'. This process gave birth to Skinshape with all elements being recorded by Dorey since the first self-titled album released in 2014."
PRICE: $15.00
AN EXPLORE 1: An Exploratory Sonic Investigation CD
"The exploratory sonic investigation from An Explore brings together Rob Macdonald and Lucy Wilkins, united by instrumentalism and experimental methods of composition. The five tracks of 1 are the result of field recordings helping find a natural musical course within. With Wilkins adding layer upon layer of violins and the occasional vocal to go with Macdonald's pianos and guitars, effects pedals became a key instrument in holding sound and aligning with the sympathies, enigmas and solitude of the record. Slowly shapeshifting through Fender Rhodes and violins, 'Pools With Living Things' chronicles evolving chords frozen into a chain of effects processors. Inspired by Japanese garden water musical devices, 'Small Drop (Suikinkutsu)' is as much as about the physical as the orchestrally solemn. ''Suikinkutsu' is where water is allowed to drip into a large earthenware jar onto water, creating beautiful sounds', explains Macdonald. 'I created a version of Suikinkutsu by purchasing a large pot and tray from a garden centre and recorded the water as it dripped into the reservoir, selecting parts where the melody of the water splashing spoke loudest'. 'Under A Bridge' captures moments of a canoe making its way across the Thames as keys wax and wane, twinkle and torment themselves. Out of the manipulation of Moog and Juno on 'Granite', Macdonald and Wilkins head to a Valencia rooftop for 'San Valero', the chimes from the Bells of San Valero in the district of Rusafa drifting across an early summer's evening, before the abrupt ending of the field recorder closes an EP both freeform and visibly outlined."
PRICE: $16.00
AN EXPLORE 1: An Exploratory Sonic Investigation 10"
10" vinyl version. "The exploratory sonic investigation from An Explore brings together Rob Macdonald and Lucy Wilkins, united by instrumentalism and experimental methods of composition. The five tracks of 1 are the result of field recordings helping find a natural musical course within. With Wilkins adding layer upon layer of violins and the occasional vocal to go with Macdonald's pianos and guitars, effects pedals became a key instrument in holding sound and aligning with the sympathies, enigmas and solitude of the record. Slowly shapeshifting through Fender Rhodes and violins, 'Pools With Living Things' chronicles evolving chords frozen into a chain of effects processors. Inspired by Japanese garden water musical devices, 'Small Drop (Suikinkutsu)' is as much as about the physical as the orchestrally solemn. ''Suikinkutsu' is where water is allowed to drip into a large earthenware jar onto water, creating beautiful sounds', explains Macdonald. 'I created a version of Suikinkutsu by purchasing a large pot and tray from a garden centre and recorded the water as it dripped into the reservoir, selecting parts where the melody of the water splashing spoke loudest'. 'Under A Bridge' captures moments of a canoe making its way across the Thames as keys wax and wane, twinkle and torment themselves. Out of the manipulation of Moog and Juno on 'Granite', Macdonald and Wilkins head to a Valencia rooftop for 'San Valero', the chimes from the Bells of San Valero in the district of Rusafa drifting across an early summer's evening, before the abrupt ending of the field recorder closes an EP both freeform and visibly outlined."
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: LTW 024CD
The older brother of Nicky Wire from the Manic Street Preachers, Patrick Jones is a brilliant poet whose hypnotic Welsh lilt empowers his compassionate and very human lyrics full of community and love in these Brexit times with a lone political voice. The 21st Century Dylan Thomas has recorded this album with the Membranes' John Robb who provides the haunting musical pieces, scoring powerful classical strings backings full of the same drama and landscapes as the words. Renegade Psalms, 18 months in the making. The personal is the political. The political has become personal. Raging words and brooding beats. A sonic document of our times. Jones takes aim at borders, the bedroom tax, the monarchy, Tory dismantling of the welfare state, greed, and austerity whilst celebrating the resilience of the human spirit, love, the power of literature and the growing tide of protest as Robb's atmospheric soundscapes fill the grooves with a sense of emotional urgency."Then the world will be for the common people, and the sounds of happiness will reach the deepest springs. Ah! Come! People of every land, how can you not be roused." --The Communist Manifesto, 1848."a cunning concoction of laissez-faire and big brother a meticulous maledicta that sets one against another as Starbucks and Amazon find new ways to fall beneath the radar the most vulnerable, the sick, the poor are targeted by IDS, the moral crusader" --from "Demonise or Die" (for Stephanie Bottrill) .
PRICE: $15.50
Stefan Goldmann's Veiki is a bold foray onto new rhythmic ground for machine-based dance music. While Veiki's sounds appear firmly grounded in contemporary techno, its pulse is neither based on the 4/4 tradition nor on the breakbeat continuum. The meters employed here are distinctly asymmetric -- i.e. they never add up to binary entities, but are odd-numbered instead. With patterns of 7, 9, or 11, they offer possibilities for dislocating the center of gravity not available to standard rhythmic fare. Thus, this may represent one of the few systematic efforts to move slamming machine techno onto an alternative rhythmic foundation: Real broken beat. Asymmetric/irregular meters are part of the ancient music tradition of the Eastern Mediterranean as well as of South Eastern Europe. The patterns employed here are also present in the traditional music of Bulgaria with which Stefan Goldmann grew up. Citing no other aspects and using no "ethnic" samples, these tracks lead a way to resolving the problem of how to bring the tools and traits of cutting-edge electronic music to alternative traditions of music, or vice versa. Structure over surface. Of course, irregular meters have been visited for structural exploration for Western musicians of different backgrounds, such as Don Ellis, Steve Coleman, or Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit who have all developed highly distinguished and idiosyncratic approaches in relation to these. Thus, a reduction of the phenomenon to its core and emergence as a clear-cut and reproducible form appeared imminent for at least two decades. The inexplicable surprise though is that despite the ongoing rhythmic differentiation of breakbeat and techno this obvious step seems to have never been taken decisively. Now here it is.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: MOC 019EP
SUCKUT, MARKUS Voices In My Head EP (Incl. Rebar Remix) 12"
Markus Suckut is a well-known producer in the techno world, whose releases have found a home on such respected labels as Rekids, Odd Even, Hypercolour, or Edit Select, to name just a few. Suckut is also the founder of the SCKT imprint. The Düsseldorf producer has been a part of the Made Of Concrete family for some time now and the pair up between the two on Voices In My Head feels like an ideal match. The title track "Voices In My Head" may give off a tranquil feel but pay close attention and you'll hear the psychosis bubbling below the surface. The synth scribbles that underpin the track would get the best of a sane mind in the right setting. "8" follows. It's a smart, profound cut designed to raise the pressure on the dancefloor. On the flip, "Drift" comes to life with fantastic mind-bending sweeps. Label bosses Rebar close the EP off on a quasi-devotional touch with their rework of "Voices In My Head". The pair stays in the deep end with sublime synths and a stripped back rhythmic architecture. It's a perfect counterpoint to Suckut's original.
PRICE: $12.00
MAGGOT BRAIN Maggot Brain #1 (Dec/Jan/Feb 2020) MAG
"Maggot Brain is brought to you by Third Man Records, under the eye of the 'zine wizard Mike McGonigal. Maggot Brain, a full-color quarterly with heavy cover stock."Features pieces on Alice Coltrane, Swell Maps, Malls Across America, Mia Zapata, Dilla's Donuts, vibrant Detroit sign painting, Index, Big Joanie, how to resist ICE, Daniel Johnston, Les Filles Des Illeghidad, Swampfest, The KLF's greatest pranks, and more! Also features pieces by Luc Sante and Mayakovsky.
PRICE: $23.00
VITELLI, COSMO Holiday In Panikstrasse Part 2 LP
After the major success of Part 1 (MALKA 005A-LP, Cosmo Vitelli and Malka Tuti are presenting Holiday In Panikstrasse Part 2, the second and ?nal part of Cosmo's release on the label. After collaborating with Fantastic Twins on Part 1, the amazing Julienne Dessagne's vocals are back on Part 2 as well for the opening track "Fragments of Reality". Another collaboration on the record is with Croatian singer and vocalist Tanja Vezic, who collaborated with Cosmo on his Les Disque De La Mort release, and who gives a cinematic sort of feeling to the track "Party Old Boy". With "He Just Wanted To Hang Out With The DJs", Cosmo creates a slow burning dark banger that will not go unnoticed. The ?nal track "Irritable" is the perfect mixture between German krautrock heritage and the French disco-synth touch of the '80s -- emotional, growing, and cathartic, one cannot stay indifferent to it. Mastered by Gordon Pohl.
PRICE: $31.00
DIE ORANGEN Zwei Orangen 2LP
Die Orangen is back on the adventurous Malka Tuti with their sophomore album, Zwei Orangen. It's been two years since their debut album Zest animated the underground scene, merging obscure samples, field recordings, krautrock motifs, and a spattering of humor and self-perception into their newly forged genre: krautback. The Australian duo -- Kris Baha and Dreems -- return with two more years of wisdom tucked under their hats to deliver a matured, developed sound. The industrial sonics and propensity for a dusty bush-beaten tone remain, however the samples and ambience take a backseat, handing the map over to the guitar riffs, vocals, and song writing to navigate the albums vast terrain. Collaborators Jono Ma (of Jagwar Ma), Alex Akers (of Forces), and Hayley Morgan expand the album into a diverse journey across zones and styles, offering their own observation of the spacious musical world of Die Orangen. These 11 tracks will make you contemplate, they'll will make you reminisce, they'll give you friendly advice, they'll ask you to dance, and they'll question the direction of your compass... Fear not, however, this is music for everybody. As the Oranges say "Saft für alle".
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: MNQ 128EP
LEWRY, STEFFE Mutate 12"
Mutant industrial acid house from one member of the UK Mutoid Waste Company art and performers collective. The Mutate tracks were created in 1990 when Steffe Lewry, vocalist composer and producer from the UK, active since the mid 1970 (Gong, Planet Gong, Here & Now), was living with members of the Mutoid Waste Company -- the legendary performance arts group founded in West London in the early '80s. Influenced by the movie Mad Max and the popular Judge Dredd comics, they specialized in organizing illegal parties in London throughout the 1980s, driven at first by eclectic assortments of fringe music such as psychedelic rock and dub reggae, but then embracing the burgeoning acid house music movement by the late 1980s. Described as "part street theater, part art show and part traveling circus" in the 1986 LWT documentary South of Watford presented by Hugh Laurie. The group became famous for building giant welded sculptures from waste materials and for customizing broken down cars, as well as making large scale murals in the disused buildings where they held their parties. In 1989, after a number of police raids on their warehouse in King's Cross, they left the country and traveled to Germany where they became notorious for building giant sculptures out of old machinery and car parts, one of which was "Käferman", a giant human figure with a Volkswagen Beetle for its chest, offering a Bird Of Peace sculpture that overlooked the Berlin Wall towards East Berlin and the regime of East Germany. They had a collection of scrap military vehicles, including a Russian MiG 21 fighter aircraft which "followed" them around wherever they went, and a painted tank known as "the Pink Panzer". The three tracks where included in a video compilation of Mutoid art, "How The Mutoids Brought Down The Berlin Wall", edited by film maker Jonathan Barnett.
PRICE: $15.50
VA Microdosing Vol. 3 12"
Microdosing is a series of compilation 12"s selected by Julienne Dessagne, aka Fantastic Twins, and designed in collaboration with French visual artist Geff Pellet. Microdosing is a collective experiment aimed at helping you fighting back your modern obsession with happiness. Those doses will favor psychedelic social techniques against self-help tyranny, creation over soma, provoking over numbing, our outer-selves over our inner-selves. The Microdosing community is an endless Tibetan geometric tattoo on a thousand backs, a black well opening on infinite space. Let us embrace the void in our lives as it is fruitful. Cooper Saver hails from L.A, a city of fallen angels. "Phase 0" is a demonic weapon of choice, its beauty rising from urban ashes. Borusiade's "Worlds" is an industrial mantra, tribal rhythms driving you through the seven circles of agony, the voyage being the destination itself. Zillas On Acid's "S-Test" slowly pours acid into your retina, its groove showing you that the blind are the true see-ers. Scott Fraser's "Deliria" concludes this chapter with the serenity only known to true martyrs. This is not a soothing piece, just the realization that peace comes from eternal damnation. Microdosing is happy to lead you through the dances that know no threshold. To the chant of "the only cure for pain is in the pain", you will travel further through an empty eternity.
PRICE: $33.00
A limited-edition record of the unreleased recording of PLVG (pronounced "plug") recorded in 1973. PLVG is formed of ex-members of the band Calcium, considered the cream of French studio musicians. In May 1971, soon after his triumphant Olympia 70, singer Julien Clerc surrounds himself with musicians Charles Benaroche and Denis Lable. They are joined in '72 by Stéphane Vilar (ex-Calcium) who had just composed the music of Circus Bonjour, Jean Claude Poligot, Richard Lable, and Philippe Gall. The band thus constituted, accompanies the singer contentiously. Tracks are registered with the title "Les Trottoirs" (the sidewalks). Stephen Stills, who was staying at Julien Clerc's house at the time (where he meets Véronique Sanson his first wife, future mother of his son Christopher) says "it's a hit" as soon as he listens to the song. Clerc, a more formal musician, agrees to perform with the band during the first part of his shows. It was during the summer tour of 1973 that the band under the name of PLVG (acronym for Poligot, Lable, Vilar, Gall) made its debut in front of a dumbfounded audience. Whilst taking a break from touring the following month, the group records a dozen titles at the Ferber studio between November '73 and February '74, joined by Zouzou on a cover of a Calcium track: "This Morning". The album never saw the light of day, because Clerc no longer performed on stage. France Gall, in the height of her career, lived with Julien Clerc and left him in 1974 for Michel Berger. Julien Clerc, annoyed, dismissed the musicians and replaced them with keyboardist Gerard Bikialo (ex-Magma), guitarist Georges Kawczynski (nicknamed "Crapou"), and bassist Christian Padovan. Gall went on to compose the soundtrack of Fréquence Meurtre in 1988. Poligot went on to appear in other albums by Jean Claude Vannier, Hugues Aufray, and Jacno. Vilar goes on to compose many music for movies and plays. Denis Lable goes on to be part of cmany different bands including the famous project Utopic Sporadic Orchestra with Christian and Stella Vander of Magma, Didier Lockwood, and Jannick Top, and especially plays the guitar in 1972 on the legendary album of Jean Claude Vannier L'enfant assassin des mouches. Richard Lable goes on to make appearances on albums by Catherine Lara and Hugues Aufray amongst others before attempting a solo career. Color vinyl; includes insert; edition of 1000 (numbered).
PRICE: $29.00
KUNIYUKI All These Things 2LP
Mule Musiq announces the vinyl release of Kuniyuki's masterpiece, All These Things. Originally, it was only released in 2007 on CD. It was Kuniyuki second album, but it's essentially his first album because the first album was a collection of early productions. The first track "The Guitar Song" is a good mixture of jazz, fusion, world music, and electronic music. The second track, featuring African vocalist and percussionist Omar Guaindefall, is a gem. "You Get Me" features the singer Josee Hurlock, who released her fantastic album Residue on Hefner in 2000. She is also featured on the fourth track, "All These Things", too. The fifth track "Flying Music" features poetry by Alex From Tokyo and popular Tokyo trumpeter Shuichiro Sakaguchi. "The Session" is a collaboration of song with Henrik Schwarz. They have met at Mule Musiq's party in Tokyo and clicked immediately. The seventh track "Touch" sounds very nostalgic, recalling the type of African jazz or Spanish fusion popular currently as Balearic music. The last track, "Rain Of Ocean", is primitive, African minimal deep house. A collection of eight timeless and genre-less tracks.
MOV 2503LP
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: MOV 2503LP
"Magma's newest album Zess is a 38-minute musical work by Christian Vander. Composed in 1970, Zess had long been plagued by its incompleteness, its recording was deferred for years. Four decades after its first draft, the work has finally been recorded in an orchestral version that gives it both its true dreamlike dimension and its transcending power. The first public performance took place in Bourges in 1979. It is the last piece in a series of unfinished compositions from the 1970's. During the last 15 years they finished and released all these different pieces. Zess is described as a work that touches the philosophical domain by its treatment of the idea of nothingness and its evocation of the theme of time. Magma turned fifty this year, catapulting into the very exclusive circle of bands who for five decades have never laid down their instruments, nor turned down their volume! The oldest French band still in existence has always played at full sail, never yielding to the siren song of passing trends. The fiercely original music has tirelessly adhered to the highest artistic standards while still reaching a wide audience of all ages.180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve with UV spot varnish, four- page booklet."
NA 5189LP
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: NA 5189LP
J.B.'S, THE More Mess On My Thing LP
RSD Black Friday 2019 release. "The funk starts here. Here it is, rumored no more: the demo Bootsy Collins and his band recorded for James Brown in 1969 that won them the title 'The J.B.'s' -- and changed the course of popular music. Also included is the complete version of 'When You Feel It, Grunt If You Can,' presenting two never-issued songs in a 22-minute medley, and the unreleased instrumental 'The Wedge.' The companion piece to Now-Again's first-ever issue of the lost J.B.'s album These Are The J.B.'s. All tracks mixed by Mario Caldato, directly from Brown's original multi-track masters. Contains extensive booklet with full annotation, liner notes by Brown historian Alan Leeds and never-before-published photos."
PRICE: $11.00
MUHARAM, SITI Ashikibaya ft. Tamar Collocutor 7"
On The Corner Records provide the first taste of a landmark recording that the label embarked upon two years ago on the East African island archipelago of Zanzibar. Pete On the Corner was consulting for the ambitious permaculture development of Fumba Town. The story of Siti Binti Saad, the mother of Taarab is rooted in Fumba. Pete joined the dots to shine new light on the pioneering life of Siti Binti Saad as the innovative town development took shape and looked to connect with the Island's unique history at the center of the Swahili world. Whilst steering a recording project that would celebrate Siti Binti Saad's legacy, Pete brought in producer Sam Jones and the pair met with filmmaker Andy Jones (who documented the life and work of the legendary Bi Kidude) who revealed that Siti Binti Saad had a great grand-daughter, Siti Muharam who led a very private life but had a "golden voice". With music director Issa Matona on board the scene was set to go beyond celebrating the singular legacy of a Swahili pioneer and find a new hero. Siti Muharam has a golden timbre and on this 7" -- you get the first taste of her debut LP that will represent her great grandmother's legacy for the next generations. The 7" is two tracks which are at the furthest reaches of the LP project. The A-side is a Sam Jones "Construct" of "Ashikibaya", featuring Tamar Collocutor, who find new frontiers of this Swahili jazz out across the Indian ocean pushing a cosmic Taarab on the trade winds. The flip is an instrumental affair with Matona driving the stunning "Mandira".
OS 044LP
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: OS 044LP
Early Days maps out Nine Circles interpretation of cold wave and minimal synth. Unbelievably the tracks are mostly from a brief time period, '80-82. Alienation and uncertainty course through the double-LP, with heavy Yamaha chords, metallic machine beats, and brittle vocals. Nine Circles was formed in the early '80s by Peter van Garderen and Lidia Fiala. In 1980, there was band called Genetic Factor. This band split up when the three members got girlfriends and they started to make music together with their girls. So, at that time there were three bands living together in one house. One of the couples were Peter van Garderen and Lidia Fiala. Lidia had been writing lyrics since she was 15 years old. Nine Circles was born. Within two years they wrote about 60 songs. Also living in the house was Richard Zeilstra, who had a job at the VPRO radio, hosting a show called "Spleen" where he gave new wave bands a chance to play. He asked bands to send tapes to him and the best band would have the opportunity to play live at the radio and also got the chance to be on the Radio Nome compilation (1982). Peter and Lidia sent their tape to him and were the only ones of this house to be on the show. Richard knew their music was special. Nine Circles never played a live show, only this one concert live at the radio which is also featured on the LP. Two years later Peter and Lidia split up and Nine Circles subsequently disappeared. In 2009, Lidia's son googled her name just for fun and found a lot about the band Nine Circles. Lidia was surprised, she never knew how popular Nine Circles have been over the years. She got herself on Facebook and since then she got in touch with many people and decided Nine Circles should come back! Peter was not able to join the band these days, he has a different life and he is happy but he is supporting Lidia and likes that she enjoyed doing music again. Peter still had all the old recordings and sent Lidia a lot of the music they made back in the days. The best tracks are collected on this double-LP. Together with Per-Anders Kurenbach, Lidia continues Nine Circles. Together with Per-Anders Kurenbach, Lidia revived Nine Circles. They recorded new material (released on the album Alice) and played live until Lidia had to stop playing live for health reasons in 2016. Nevertheless, they're working on a follow-up album called Emerge which is planned to be released in 2020 and hopefully Lidia will be able to go on stage again soon.
OPT4 025EP
PRICE: $70.00
CAT #: OPT4 025EP
POOH STICKS, THE The Pooh Sticks 5x7" BOX
The Pooh Sticks's self-titled release, present here as a 5x7" box set with five different color 7" singles and a 24-page booklet. This release includes the original five tracks, and for the first time, five tracks on the flipsides. All of the B sides were recorded in 1988 and four of them have never been available before; the other track "Hard On Love", was released in 1989 on a flexi-disc and has never been available in any other format. Originally released in 1988 on Fierce Recordings as a collection of five one- sided singles in a 7" cardboard box (etched on B-sides), with information insert, and hand-drawn designs on the box and labels. The original now sells for £250 if you are lucky enough to find a copy.
OM 043EP
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: OM 043EP
FREE LOVE Extreme Dance Anthems LP
Free Love, the artists formerly known as Happy Meals return to Optimo Music with Extreme Dance Anthems, a phantasmic mini-album from their hearts to yours. They say: "We recorded Extreme Dance Anthems in our recently moved studio, 'Full Ashram Celestial Garden' which is now situated in a building that holds both a church below us and a sex club next door. Most of the tracks were formed from late-night sessions that we started to kind of ritualistically hold, inspired from a particular thought or idea that we later cut down and did a live mixdown of. The music is about physicality and the metaphysical -- it is about a recontextualization of the ineffable as a center point of existence which in turn influences how we engage with everything around us. A celebration of the unquantifiable, unspeakable, indivisible experience as the throne from which all ideas are derived. Even though the world is fucked -- we are here. On the face of it -- I realize that this description might just seem like apolitical hippy bullshit but fuck that -- as a deliberate result of the modern political landscape, our societies' individual and collective disengagement with the metaphysical has led us to treat other humans, animals and our environment like resourceful statistics rather than something that actually holds any inherent value. An Inner Revolution of the foundations of our reality in a way that reintroduces the essence of existence, and not merely its describable derivatives, into the conversation of how we should live our lives informs our perception of the world in a way that demands us to act. The record is about a kind of gradual awakening between the two of us -- a reconnection with the magic around us. The ineffable is not without moments of illumination -- mostly in the form of immediate absurdity: One day we will all be dead but here we are alive instead. The record is called Extreme Dance Anthems because it made us both laugh."
PRICE: $15.50
SHED Oderbruch CD
"What binds you to places? To remembering them. Places you can feel, when you feel at home. Places that affirm your very existence. This place for me is the Oderbruch. This album is dedicated to it." --Rene PawlowitzThe fifth studio album by Shed, aka Rene Pawlowitz, centers thematically on the Oderbruch region in former East Germany where the producer and DJ grew up and continues to split his time (when not in Berlin.) Both the album and track titles as well as the artwork by Arnim Tölke reflect Pawlowitz's deeply personal associations with the borderland's marshy landscape, as well as enormous political and historical changes the region underwent as the last Eastern front during World War II -- and, later, following the dissolution of the GDR. Nevertheless, Oderbruch is not a concept album. Instead, it's an ambivalent ode to the area in which Pawlowitz's family has lived for generations. It's a musical reflection on place and personal history: meeting up at the local gas station, a view to the water, techno rattling the closed windows of cars peeling out toward Berlin or the next local party, cruising along rural parkways flanked by trees with fruit ripe for picking, past weeping willows and abandoned factories where industry once thrived. Outside buzzes with the sounds of nature inextricably linked with childhood memories, but also a landscape defined by the bloody defeat of the Nazis at the Battle of Seelow, ushering in the fall of Berlin and with it, the entire fascist regime. The album's nine tracks are inspired by the intertwined nature of the subjective and historical, which ring through Shed's idiosyncratic take on breaks, bass, techno, symphonic ventures, ambient, and hardcore. But unlike Shed's previous records, Oderbruch incorporates broad pastoral landscapes -- left behind and returned to. Both fit Shed, who under various aliases (Head High, Hoover, Wax, The Higher, WK7, Equalized, The Traveller) has long influenced a number of dance music scenes in Berlin and beyond.
PRICE: $31.00
AHMED Super Majnoon [East Meets West] 2LP
???? [Ahmed] -- the quartet of Pat Thomas, Antonin Gerbal, Joel Grip, and Seymour Wright -- make music of heavy rhythm, repetition, and syncopation set deep into an understanding of jazz and the obscure depths of its history. Across the two LPs which make up Super Majnoon [East Meets West] the group work and rework the music of the late musician Ahmed Abdul-Malik to create a stamping, swinging, relentlessly propulsive record where profundity and physicality root right back to ecstatic feeling. Abdul-Malik was a NYC bassist, oudist, composer, educator, and philosopher who fused aspects of American, Arabic, and East African thought, ethics, meanings, and beliefs in open and experimental ways to make vital, forward leaning jazz. [Ahmed] reimagine the notes of Malik as they push for the trajectory of free jazz to emerge from the clichés and cloy neo-classicisms of current "improvised music". Melodies respirate, swell, escalate, and combust in a driving jazz which yes is technical, yes is accomplished, but ultimately just foot-to-the-floor swings. Super Majnoon [East Meets West] is a title fused from the leader of the Master Musicians of Jajouka Bechir Attar's description of [Ahmed] after hearing them in Switzerland last year (Majnoon is the Arabic slang for "crazy"), and Abdul-Malik's 1959 album East Meets West. Arriving as a double-LP, the first comprises studio recordings of [Ahmed] at Hong Kong's Empty Gallery in 2018 and the second a scorched live recording at OTO from August 2018. The record features photos by Bert Glinn and Taku Unami and "in and out" liner notes by James G. Spady -- historian and journalist from Philadelphia. "When a musician plays, he should paint a picture," said Malik, "he should portray wind, movement, war, the universe -- and after he finishes, he should be able to repeat in words what he has just said in music. The Man I Love -- things have all been said before -- over and over again. The reason people don't come to concerts is that they're used to the sounds." To guard against this "stagnation", said Malik, jazz must branch out, experiment, fight the inbreeding that is now its wont. Musicians must stop looking inward, and instead, open their eyes to the imaginations of other cultures. Malik interviewed by Bob Gannon in Metronome 1958. [Ahmed] is: Pat Thomas - piano; Antonin Gerbal - drums; Joel Grip - bass; Seymour Wright - alto saxophone. Presented in a stunning gatefold sleeve.
PRICE: $25.00
BUSH CHEMISTS Strictly Dubwise LP
Partial Records present a reissue of Bush Chemists' Strictly Dubwise, a classic UK dub album from 1994. This was the first album from the Bush Chemists spilling out of Conscious Sounds studio, London, at a time when the UK dub scene was just blossoming. 25 years after, Strictly Dubwise was released, the LP is long-deleted and the demand for this set is strong. The Bush Chemists consist of Dougie Wardrop and Chazbo, with this album featuring guest vocals from King General, Culture Freeman, and Disco Dread. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $15.50
New album by Fumiya Tanaka. Eight fantastic tracks on CD.
RR 336CD
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: RR 336CD
Radiation Roots present a reissue of Eric Donaldson's self-titled album, originally released in 1971. Eric Donaldson's soaring falsetto has made him one of Jamaica's best-loved vocalists. Born in the country town of Bog Walk in 1947, Donaldson cut some ska material at Studio One in 1964, which never surfaced, and went on to form The West Indians vocal trio at the tail end of rock steady, enjoying minor local hits for Sir JJ and Lee "Scratch" Perry. Winning the annual Festival Song Competition with love ditty "Cherry Oh Baby" in 1971 saw him team up with former Jamaicans vocalist Tommy Cowan and hit-making producer Bunny "Striker" Lee, the subsequent recording of the tune at Dynamic Sounds studio resulting in a spectacular success around the world and subsequent hit cover versions by The Rolling Stones and UB40, among many others. This self-titled debut album was recorded at Dynamics in the wake of the hit with the set of upcoming players known as The Inner Circle, which then featured future members of Third World such as keyboardist and arranger Ibo Cooper and guitarist Cat Coore; along with the enduring "Cherry Oh Baby", there is a popular cover version of the doomed romance saga, "Sylvia's Mother" and an individual rendition of "Love Of The Common People", as well as the castigating "Miserable Woman", all popular with reggae fans at home and abroad. Includes liner notes by David Katz.
RR 337CD
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: RR 337CD
TRINITY Dreadlocks Satisfaction CD
Radiation Roots present a reissue of Trinity's Dreadlock Satisfaction, originally released in 1979. The reggae artist known as Trinity is one of the music's best-known rappers, known in Jamaica as "toasters" or "deejays" for their key work at the microphone on sound systems. Born Wade Brammer in1954 and raised in the tough streets of the Two Mile ghetto in western Kingston, an early preoccupation with the toasting styles of U Roy and Big Youth kept him away from crime, leading to a debut single as Prince Charming and more solid early work released under the name Prince Glen. Bonding closely with fellow deejay Dillinger brought another name change to Trinity at Channel One studio, which enabled his debut album, Shanty Town Determination (1977), produced by Yabby You, and subsequent breakthrough material for Channel One and Joe Gibbs, the latter releasing "Three Piece Suit," the blueprint for Althea and Donna's "Uptown Top Ranking", which would catapult Trinity to international stardom. Dreadlocks Satisfaction was produced by Bunny Lee for his Jackpot label in 1979, placing Trinity's witty raps over some of Bunny's most unusual rhythms, including alternate, rockers-styled Johnny Clarke takes of The Isley Brothers' "This Old Heart Of Mine" and The Tams' "Riding For A Fall," plus Cornell Campbell's takes of The Sensations' "Every Day Is A Holiday" and The Heptones' "Why Did You Leave"; Trinity also salutes Dillinger on a recut of John Holt's "Linger A While". Includes liner notes by David Katz.
RR 339CD
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: RR 339CD
Radiation Roots present a reissue of Shorty The President's Fire Fire, originally released in 1979. Jamaican deejay Shorty The President may have been one of the more obscure figures to rise from the Kingston sound system scene, but the impact he made on vinyl recordings during the 1970s is no less important and his work remains coveted by reggae connoisseurs. Born Derrick Thompson in rural Trelawny in 1949, like many of his peers, he moved to the Jamaican capital as a teenager in search of better opportunities. As he gravitated to the Rastafari faith, an affiliation with the sound system Conquering Lion sparked interest from producer Rupie Edwards, who produced debut hits "President Mash Up The Resident" and "Yamaha Skank". Edwards issued debut album Presenting Shorty The President in 1976 and after sparse work for Enos McLeod, Joe Gibbs, Pete Weston, Winston Riley, and Keith Hudson, sophomore album Fire Fire was produced by Bunny Lee in 1978, with Shorty riding typically tough Aggrovators rhythms of the day, including Ronnie Davis's updated version of Bob Marley's "Kaya" and The Cables' "Baby Why", Delroy Wilson's "Have Some Mercy", and Barry Brown's take of Wilson's "I'm Not A King", as well as killer cuts of Brown's "Natty Roots Hold Them" as "Roots Man" and "Best Thing In Life" as "Do My Thing". Includes liner notes by David Katz.
RR 340CD
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: RR 340CD
MINOTT, SUGAR Leader For The Pack CD
Radiation Roots present a reissue of Sugar Minott's The Leader For The Pack, originally released in 1985. Sugar Minott is part of the pantheon of Jamaican roots reggae icons, one of a handful of singers that indelibly changed the course of the music and helped it reach a broader overseas audience. Raised next door to one of Jamaica's most popular dancehalls, in the heart of a notorious west Kingston slum, Minott joined The African Brothers in the mid-1970s, making an impact with singles for Rupie Edwards, Clive Chin, and Micron Music, as well as with self-produced work, but the breakthrough came when Sugar went solo for Studio One, spearheading the reuse of classic rhythms at the facility for new purpose. He later moved away from Studio One to record sparse work for Prince Jammy, Mikey Dread, and other smaller producers but the main focus was Black Roots/Youth Promotion, the record label and sound system he established himself. Then, following smash hit "Good Thing Going", Sugar helped to launch the careers of dancehall stars like Tenor Saw and Nitty Gritty. The Leader For The Pack album was produced by Bunny Lee in 1985 at The Rock studio in London, established by Gibraltarians Danny, Eddy and Henry. Sugar's first fully synthesized album, it was arranged by Jackie Mittoo and revived classic rhythms of the past with minimal, synth-driven backing, including "Everybody Needs Love" as "This Is Rockers Music", alongside a great cut of "Sleng Teng" for the title track; "Them Have To Come A We" was co-written by fellow icon, Gregory Isaacs. Includes liner notes by David Katz.
PRICE: $26.50
LOCAL PRODUCT Dolores del Rio LP
Les Adventures de President Bongo: Named and shaped in loving tribute to Tintin, the fabled Belgian journalist who defined what it meant to be an adventurer in the 20th Century. Les Adventures de President Bongo is a unique work that will reveal itself over the next seven years, give or take, in the form of 24 LPs. Edition of 300.SAGA: There is a transient photo kept by two whale hunters that have been left to oversee equipment and housing. At the world's coldest nook they share a single memory of mercy and beauty. The portrait of Dolores del Rios that reaches just below her thin shoulders. Printed on a label of canned fruits she never gets cold during hibernation at 73° North at Mosquito Bay. The almond shaped eyes and the high cheekbones of the goddess is the last memory from the world her custodians were never to see. The glacier made its demands, it received Dolores the goddess like it acquired everything else with its incessant presumptuousness. No one got to know of the passions and desires of the custodians of Dolores del Rios; no one got to know of the childish envy of them who loved the portrait of the goddess and both wanted to keep it to themselves.
PRICE: $29.00
2019 repress. De Natura Sonorum (1975): Premiered at the Salle Wagram in Paris on June 3rd 1975. A suite of 12 movements, divided into two series of six. "The first series comprises six related movements, usually organized in pairs, electronic sounds with instrumental and more rarely, concrete sounds: Incidences/resonances bring into play controlled resonances akin to sounds of concrete origin in a process that helps to expand the variable electronic sound sources. Here, 'incidents' are opposed to one-off 'accidents' in the second movement: 'Accidents/Harmoniques' ('Accidents/Harmonics'). In the second movement, very short events of instrumental origin change the harmonic tone of the continuum they interrupt or overlap. Moreover, the high notes are underplayed, which stimulates the attention given to other phenomena generally hidden by the melodic form applied to the instrumental play. 'Géologie sonore' ('Sound Geology') is similar to a flight over an area where different 'sound' layers come to the surface one after the other. When seen from high above, instrumental and electronic sounds seem to fuse. 'Dynamique de la resonance' ('Dynamics of Resonance') is a microphonic exploration of a single sound resonating through different forms of percussion. 'L'Etude élastique' ('Elastic Study') places together various sounds produced by 'touching' elastic or instrumental skins (balloons, doumbeks) or vibrating strings and a number of instrumental gestures close to this 'touch,' using electronic processes to generate white noise. 'Conjugaison du timbre' ('Conjugated Tone'), the last movement in the series, uses the same substance to apply rhythmic forms onto a perpetually varying tone continuum. The second series of movements draws its inspiration from concrete and electronic sources rather than instrumental ones. 'Incidences/battements' ('Incidences/ Beatings') is a reminder of the first movement in the first series, which then quickly moves into 'Natures éphémères' ('Ephemeral Natures'): an ephemeral play on instrumental and electronic sounds, singled out by their internal trajectory rather than by the material itself. 'Matières induites' ('Induced Matters'): just as molecular effervescence triggers changes of state, it seems that the different states of these sound materials can be generated by each other or through induction processes. In 'Ondes croisées' ('Crossed Waves'), the pizz vibrations interfere with somehow 'visible' water drops on the surface of a similar material. 'Pleins et déliés' ('Downstrokes and Upstrokes') can be listened to as the energies absorbed in the motion of bouncing bodies, while hollow 'bubbles' and points bring together some people's gravity and others' downwards movements. The work finishes with 'Points contre champs' ('Reverse Angle Points'). Here, the notion of perspective of the different sound threads weaving a kind of network, or field, traps the occasional iterative elements in the foreground and progressively absorbs them, giving more space for the angle -- and the chanted sound -- to grow." --Bernard Parmigiani; De Natura Sonorum whose title echoes Lucretius' De rerum natura, similarly explores the multiplicity of sound possibilities. This profuse work, with countless discoveries and dazzling intuitions, has influenced several generations of composers and remains a truly seminal piece in the experimental music soundscape. De Natura Sonorum, one of Parmegiani's masterpieces, has left an indelible mark on the classical period of electroacoustic music. At last, it is being reissued on vinyl and for the first time this includes the whole of its 12 movements." --Christian Zanési & François Bonnet. Housed in a gatefold sleeve.
PRICE: $12.50
JARRETT, WINSTON Work Up Yourself 7"
Heavy hitting roots rarity by Winston Jarrett, produced by Dillinger and first released in 1983. Full color vinyl sleeve; Licensed from Dillinger; Remastered by Equus; Edition of 500.
PRICE: $12.50
Classic roots reggae tune from 1978 by a legend of reggae music Cornell Campbell. Wicked horns on this one. Full color vinyl sleeve; Licensed from Phil Mathias; Remastered by Equus; Edition of 500.
PRICE: $12.00
PERRY, LEE Captive 7"
1978 tune by living reggae legend Lee Perry. "Captive" revealed the continual enslavement of black people in the West, calling for mental and spiritual liberation. The Upsetters dub it on the B-side. Full color vinyl sleeve; Licensed from Lee Scratch Perry; Remastered by Equus; Edition of 500.
PRICE: $12.00
SHADOWS, THE Brother Noah 7"
Obscure little Black Ark roots tune produced by Lee Perry. "Brother Noah" is a harmonic re-telling of the biblical flood by The Shadows, three singers named Sam, Don, and Errol. First time reissue on 7" vinyl. Full color vinyl sleeve; Licensed from Lee Scratch Perry; Remastered by Equus; Edition of 500.
PRICE: $12.00
SIXTEEN, EARL Freedom 7"
Killer piece of 1977 Black Ark magic from Earl Daley, Lee Perry, Steely, Albert Malawi, and Dalton Browne. Original roots reggae by the man Earl Sixteen, recorded and produced in classic Lee Perry style! Full color vinyl sleeve; Licensed from Lee Scratch Perry; Remastered by Equus; Edition of 500.
PRICE: $16.50
DARLING Prins Thomas Remixes 12"
It's been all go at the Safe Trip Institute of late, with a visiting professor of cosmic numerology and solar-psychic channeling joining the label in the laboratory to conduct intense analysis on more audio artifacts. Dr Prins Thomas is currently on secondment from the Full Pupp College of Scandi-Science in Oslo and has provided his own aural interpretations of audio held in the file ST012, colloquially known as Tulipa Moves. This file was said to be the work of an associate fellow of the Institute known only as Darling. The label have subsequently carefully considered his musical re-configurations, which can be found in file ST016, and would like to offer the following observations: "His extensive experimentations on the artefact known as 'Kiss The Glass' tie in closely to his exploration of astronomic numerology. By adding together the various numbers used to represent specific musical elements contained in the recording -- synthesizer leads, TB-303 style' acid motifs, machine drums and so on -- we arrived at a startling total: 84626852. Coincidentally this number is also the given codename for one of the galaxy's most confusing stars. Dr Thomas's other re-framing (of ST012 artefact 05, 'The M Song') is even more ear catching and eye-opening. We observe that the echoing electronic note sequences, chiming motifs and shuffling rhythm represents the transfer of data between two points; one above the surface of the Earth, the other within its hollow interior. This is a significant breakthrough on many levels."
PRICE: $12.00
PAN-POT Confronted Remixes 12"
Ten years ago, Berlin's Pan-Pot put out the Confronted EP on Mobilee (MOBILEE 054EP, 2009), a landmark release centered around the title track, eleven-and-a-half minutes of slow-burning techno. A decade later, the Second State Audio dons have decided to celebrate their classic track with a reissue that reflects their evolution. Featuring two remixes from Pan-Pot themselves, Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix have also recruited four of the scene's hottest talents for a diverse, comprehensive remix package that reimagines the source material for today's dancefloors. Opening up the remix package, the "Basement" remix by Pan-Pot adds barking synths and snatches of vocal FX in a murky, offbeat edit of the classic. Glaswegian rising star delivers a "Raw", lean techno tool with subtle tweaks like the crystalline synths piping through the mix and aggressive, springy bass that charges in mid-way through. Farrago, a Lenske favorite from Belgium, takes the listener on a weirder journey built around bounces, bleeps and discombobulation -- it's by far the most foreign departure on the EP and it lives up to the "Welcome To Goa" title. Up-and-comer Anfisa Letyago, from Naples by way of Siberia, sends a rippling acid synth through the mix like lightning in a hi-NRG alternative perfect for trancier sets in her "Stranger" remix. The word "crazy" is set on an electrifying loop, commanding ravers to give in and let go. Closing the remix EP, the "Paradise" remix by Pan-Pot goes in the opposite direction, opening with bird calls and idyllic chiming synths before moving into breaks-y territory. Surprising and strangely dreamy, it completes a richly varied remix package that breathes new life into a beloved classic.
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: SIL 011LP
CZARFACE The Odd Czar Against Us LP
RSD Black Friday 2019 release. "Czarface's all new release debuts on RSD Black Friday in a never to be repeated green vinyl pressing. The variant cover is exclusive for Black Friday and will not be used on any other issue of the release. Czarface, iron clad crime fighter, heroically returns to his lair after two spine-chilling adventures with MF Doom and Ghostface Killah. In his secret hideout, he has whipped up a few uncanny surprises for longtime Czar fans... expect curveball concepts, solo exploits, and noggin nodding neck-snappers alike. The Odd Czar Against Us launches this November for RSD Black Friday on green vinyl, and Czarface goes full Voltron, employing every asset in his arsenal, maximizing lyrical efforts from Inspectah Deck & Esoteric and pulse-pounding production from in house beatsmith 7L & Jeremy Page. This album stands to be the group's most ambitious and challenging effort to date. Are the odds against him this time, or are they against the underworld? Tune in to find out!"
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: SOL 011EP
RUH, DANA Still Vause 12"
After Dana Ruh's highly-acclaimed contribution for the Slices Of Life 10.1 compilation in 2018 (SOL 010-1EP), now her 12" follows with three driving, funky, and percussive house tracks. As DJ, producer, and label owner (Brouquade, Cave Recordings) and co-distribution owner (KMA60), Dana Ruh is one of the driving forces of the Berlin club music scene. Beyond her world-renown DJ skills and running a Berlin-based record shop and event space, Dana Ruh has become a prolific producer, who spends every free minute on developing her unique take on electronic music. She releases, not only on her own labels Brouquade and Cave Recordings, but also other imprints like Underground Quality, Ostgut Ton (in collaboration with André Galuzzi), and RDV. Her club music productions are defined by a particular hazy and moody touch. The tracks are well arranged and always contain the right amount of roughness, which lets the music sound alive and organic. With Still Vause, Dana Ruh presents three powerful titles from driving and percussive, to funky and stripped down. "My Friendly Fire" sends you on a hypnotic drive accompanied by warm sub bass frequencies that make your trouser legs flutter. "Takes Time" brings you back to reality with its energetic drumming, and the funky, minimal. "To Convince" finalizes this ep with organic percussions and warm sounding strings.
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: SAB 095LP
YOUNGS & RAUL REFREE, RICHARD All Hands Around The Moment LP
"For their first meeting, Richard Youngs (Glasgow) and Raül Refree (Barcelona) have created a suite of stately, circular longform songs that manage to connect Tim Buckley's Happy Sad to Federico García Lorca to plainsong liturgy. The largely acoustic and quietly urgent All Hands Around The Moment finds Youngs in an impassioned and emotional space he's rarely inhabited since Sapphie, elevated by lush chamber folk/jazz compositions that incorporate piano, guitar and more, performed by both Youngs and Refree. The four pieces that build the whole of All Hands Around The Moment harness transcendence in repetition, and feature gorgeous progressive minimalism in full spectrum. Dark existential themes flow into mystic uplifting expressions of humanity, without missing a beat. In its timelessness and prescience, the realities present in All Hands Around The Moment make for a powerfully engrossing listen from top to bottom."
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: SAB 096LP
"Absalom is the fourth full length release from Donovan Quinn (Skygreen Leopards/New Bums), and his first solo outing in seven years. Coming out of the psychedelic underground school of '01, Quinn has slowly built an idiosyncratic catalogue that combines obsessive long-form metaphors and oblique arrangements with simple song structures. As on previous albums, there is a consistent lyrical narrative that runs through shifting sonic spaces. Sparse singer-songwriter arrangements, outsider art piano ballads, loping numbers with a folk rock combo, and baroque pop string arrangements all find their way into the brew. Reuniting with frequent collaborators Ben Chasny, who mixed the record, Elisa Ambrogio, Jessica Roberts, Jason Quever, Michael Tapscott and Eric Amerman, Quinn recorded Absalom in several home and professional studios to achieve a veritable collage effect with instrumentation and musicians changing from song to song. The idea for Absalom started with an abandoned project called 'Fan Fiction,' intended to build songs based on the lore of other artists, as well as expanding on originals previously written by Quinn. Tucked away in the vaults are demos continuing the stories of characters from two Squeeze hits, Clarice Lispector's Aqua Viva, Jozef Czapski's lectures on Proust in a Soviet prison camp, Jackson C. Frank's 'Tumble In The Wind', and the biblical story of Absalom. Bored by the limitations of the project, 'Fan Fiction' was scraped, but the themes of familial dissolution and love in the Absalom story that provided a genesis for what became the Absalom album. Printed on the back of the LP sleeve are two quotes that provide a good starting point to the type of blues contained in therein."
PRICE: $17.00
LUCIFER WAS Underground And Beyond CD
Sommor Records present a reissue of Lucifer Was's debut album Underground And Beyond, originally released in 1997 as a picture disc LP. Killer hard psych-prog from Norway, Underground And Beyond from cult proto-metal band Lucifer Was, contains songs written in 1971-72, but not recorded until 1997. Established in 1970 in Oslo, Lucifer Was were a powerful psychedelic hard-rock/hard-prog band that lasted until 1975. During those years, they gigged locally and played at some big festivals but they never got the chance to register any recording. The band hibernated until 1996 when they reunited again for a live concert. The chemistry was still there so they entered a recording studio and recorded in just 18 hours their first ever album, Underground And Beyond, featuring songs written in 1971-72. Their line-up included two flute players plus bass, drums and the killer lead guitar of Thore Engen. Fully '70s analog -- a powerful sound with devastating distorted lead guitar and flute. Imagine a cross between Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, and Atomic Rooster. Remastered sound; includes color insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby) plus rare photos.
PRICE: $38.50
CAT #: SNS 016CD
O'ROURKE, JIM To Magnetize Money and Catch a Roving Eye 4CD BOX
A four-hour work, recorded at Jim O'Rourke's studio, Steamroom, between 2017 and 2018. Detailed and delicate electronic layers, processed instruments, and ambiguous field recordings come together in a slow-moving, fascinating kaleidoscope with multiple reflections and wrong turns, always in a constant state of flux. The finely crafted art of subterfuge. The four-CD set To Magnetize Money and Catch a Roving Eye is a hypnotic, multi-faceted, labyrinthine piece which flows as slowly as a river while speeding back through memory. Composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist Jim O'Rourke was born in Chicago in 1969. He is a veritable chameleon working at the frontiers of very diverse musical genres.
PRICE: $21.00
ONDNESS Meio Que Sumiu LP
Portuguese electronic alchemist Bruno Silva, aka Ondness, aka Serpente, lands his first ever vinyl release as Ondness on the ever-evolving Souk imprint. 2018 couldn't have been better for Bruno Silva. Two major releases under his moniker Serpente, A Noiva (Tormenta Eléctrica) and Parada (Ecstatic, ELP 044LP) and a Ondness tape, Not Really Now Not Any More (Holuzam). Meio Que Sumiu is the first vinyl release by Ondness, following more than a dozen releases on tape, CDRs, and digital. He's also graduating to vinyl on the Discrepant family, after his 2018 tape Celas Death Squad combining Serpente and Ondness works as a split (SUC 020CS). "Meio Que Sumiu" can be translated as the "community that disappeared" and it alludes to the disappearance of outdoors communities and how it affects the music we listen (and how we listen to it). Ondness wanted to release an album less about himself and his inspirations, and more about his aspirations about how dance music could be in an era of constant interactivity and information. But also, how it fails to be that aspiration. Once again, like in Not Really Now Not Any More, Bruno works in the territory of science fiction. Investigating the present and future with nostalgia about how things could be and could evolve. It's music in the realm of non- existing, instead of raving nostalgia about dance music from the 1990s, Bruno explores the idea of possible futures with different approaches to dance/electronic music in each song. In Meio Que Sumiu it's obvious his music has matured and found its listeners. Bruno is no longer a bedroom musician. (He never was, but he sure worked on that idea. And very well, you might say). The dancefloor is now his, with music that explores the deeper immersion of ourselves. Communities may be changing, but the principles of dance music are always the same. Even with motion sickness for future nostalgia, like the music in Meio Que Sumiu.
PRICE: $23.00
2019 repress. On Keira, Susso, aka bassist/producer Huw Bennett, creates music inspired by, and directly sampling, the magnificent sounds of the Mandinka people, recorded during a recent trip to Gambia. Initially travelling with the aim of gaining perspective as a musician and to discover a new world of music first hand, Huw found himself humbled by such a welcoming community of artists, mostly belonging to the celebrated Suso and Kuyateh griot families. The tracks are composed entirely from original source material, field recordings, and Huw's talents as a multi-instrumentalist; performing tuned percussion from the region including the Mandinka balafon, kutiringding drum, as well as drawing on his skill as a professional upright/electric bassist. The music produced has a contemporary electronic sound, whilst still paying homage to a traditional Gambian aesthetic. Keira (meaning "peace") guides the listener through Huw's journey up the River Gambia, being welcomed into remote dusty villages, where your people are the most important thing in life.
SNDW 12040EP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: SNDW 12040EP
Soundway presents two rare, Parang dancefloor cuts from early 1980s Trinidad & Tobago. Parang is a style of folk music that originated from Venezuelan and Colombian immigrants that came to the Caribbean, and evolved to include elements of Latin music, disco and soca -- as is evident in this release. Although traditionally played during the festive season in Trinidad and Tobago, parang music continues to heat up dancefloors all year round. These two in-demand tracks were originally released on the local RH Productions label in Trinidad & Tobago. Fully restored, remastered, and officially licensed -- both are now repressed for the first time on vinyl. A track each from Colleen Grant and Sandra Hamilton. For fans of: Body Beat compilation (SNDW 132CD/LP), Rebles' Sweetest Taboo single (SNDW 12036EP), The Millers' Easing single (SNDW 12037EP), Steve Monite/Tabu Ley Rochereau edits (SNDW 12025EP), Voilaaa, Nu Guinea.
PRICE: $15.50
VA Buzzsaw Joint: Cut 5 + 6 CD
Buzzsaw Joint was born of a club offering Londoners the chance to revel in the sounds of good ol' trashy rock n' roll in all its vintage vinyl forms. Club top-cat, Fritz, then took the primitive buzzsaw sounds online with a series of savage Mixcloud mixes created by record fiends from all over the globe. Now, the high-octane energy of Buzzsaw Joint has manifested into the physical form with a run of compilations on Stag-O-Lee. Get your ears around the wild n' weird sounds of the extraordinary and inimitable Buzzsaw Joint! As usual with Stag-O-Lee, the label compile two vinyl volumes on one CD into 73-minute/32-track monster! The first 16 tracks come courtesy of Sophisticated Savage from Sweden. Dusty Stylus, an Australian native, offers another 16-track trip from mesmerizing blues to moody popcorn. Features Bill Springer, Stick Evans, Herb Zane, The Starfires, The Kingston Trio, The Don Schraier Rocktet, The Metallics, Blues Blenders, Jimmy Uke and his Islanders, The Demons, Jimmie Raye, Doodie Woo, Melvin Smith, Rhythmaires, Ray Johnson, and The Scholars, Elmore James, Two Crows & The Diggers, Dennis Roberts, Jolly Jax, Tommy Williams & The Fingerpoppers, Ted Taylor, Margo, Pearl Woods, Grade Wicker, Piney Brown, Tabby Thomas, Billy Ray, Otis Blackwell, Leo Baxter, Big Jack Reynolds, and Moose John.
ASCD 011-12CD
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: ASCD 011-12CD
The anticipated fourth album from Dub Dynasty -- UK dub pioneers Alpha & Omega (Greensleeves) meet son and nephew Alpha Steppa (Steppas Records). With three critically-acclaimed albums and an extensive worldwide touring schedule, Dub Dynasty are quickly becoming a household name within the international soundsystem community and beyond. Traveling the world with their heavyweight and uplifting sounds underpinned by a conscious message of peace, love, and unity. Features Wellette Seyon, Joseph Lalibela, Fikir Amlak, Echo Ranks, Cologne, Yehoud-I, Nish Wadada, Ras Hassen Ti, Cian Finn & Ras Tinny, Earlyman, Nai-Jah, Joe Pilgrim, and Setondji.
ASLP 011-12LP
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: ASLP 011-12LP
Double LP version. The anticipated fourth album from Dub Dynasty -- UK dub pioneers Alpha & Omega (Greensleeves) meet son and nephew Alpha Steppa (Steppas Records). With three critically-acclaimed albums and an extensive worldwide touring schedule, Dub Dynasty are quickly becoming a household name within the international soundsystem community and beyond. Traveling the world with their heavyweight and uplifting sounds underpinned by a conscious message of peace, love, and unity. Features Wellette Seyon, Joseph Lalibela, Fikir Amlak, Echo Ranks, Cologne, Yehoud-I, Nish Wadada, Ras Hassen Ti, Cian Finn & Ras Tinny, Earlyman, Nai-Jah, Joe Pilgrim, and Setondji.
PRICE: $33.00
19 GADI PIRMS SAKUMA 19 Years Before The Beginning LP
"Sometimes our own creations surprised us," says Inguna Rubene, flute player, guitarist, bassoonist, and songwriter for 19 Gadi Pirms S?kuma (19 Years Before the Beginning). Created with the idea of lasting for a single performance, 19 Gadi Pirms S?kuma developed into one of the most delicate, intriguing groups in Latvia's 1980s and early 1990s music scene. Formed in 1988, the band arrived at a time when the Soviet Union was showing the first signs of unravelling. "19 Gadi Pirms S?kuma started because we wanted to prepare a musical program for an exhibition organized by Hardijs Ledi?s, Juris Boiko [both from the band/performance collective NSRD] and other avant-garde artists at the Aizrobezu Art Museum [now the Art Museum of Riga Bourse]. It could have remained as a one-time musical project if it were not for two journalists from West Berlin who were at the exhibition," Rubene reveals. "They asked for the band's album, but there was none." The band: Inguna (vocal, flute, bassoon, rhythm guitar) Daiga Mazversite (Daiga Mazv?rs?te) (synthesizer), Ilgvars Riskis (Ilgvars Ris?is) (percussion), and Viesturs Slava (keyboards, guitar, programming, vocal); improvised a studio in Riskis's apartment and with the modest equipment available to them set about recording. They laid down four tracks, one of which, "Singapu?ras Ve?js?", appears on this compilation. Listening to it now, the frantic synths, percussion and Rubene's vocal reveal the urgency of the time. Shortly after that first recording session they were invited to play West Berlin's Transmission Festival, sharing the stage with the likes of Einstürzende Neubauten. The following year, two new members joined 19 Gadi Pirms S?kuma: Uldis Vanags (woodwinds) and Ugis Serins (U?is S?ri?s) (saxophone). Once more they entered the studio, this time laying down five tracks, "Die Wilde Frau", "Ruhig", "Kurmja Deja", "Nikni Zv?ri", "P?ri Upei", all of which are present on this compilation. Seemingly disparate acoustic and synthetic sounds orchestrated into swooning, surreal songs. Elements of minimalism combined with synth pop and echoes of folk melodicism. Much like their contemporaries and collaborators NSRD, 19 Gadi Pirms S?kuma's music captures frustration with their own reality, and a playful drive to make up a new one. In the years since that initial burst of life, 19 Gadi Pirms S?kuma remained active. In 1990 their track "Nakts Ir Mana Zemapzi?a" was released on the Ien?c Aus?s compilation of underground Latvian music (1990), the first record released in Latvia following its independence.
SR 485CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: SR 485CD
BURGESS, ANTHONY Conversations with the Anthony Burgess cassette archives (1964-1993) 2CD
A collection curated by Alan Dunn in collaboration with the International Anthony Burgess Foundation and Sub Rosa. Anthony Burgess's second wife Liana carried a cassette recorder with her at all times to capture her life with the author and their son, Andrew. This extraordinarily intimate audio archive of over 1,000 cassettes now sits with the International Anthony Burgess Foundation and artist Alan Dunn has been granted access to select excerpts from it and curate sonic conversations from others. The first disc contains the very first and last known recordings of Burgess's voice alongside domestic incidents, rehearsals, and answering machine messages, while the second disc invites 23 artists and musicians to remix the rare material into a unique Burgess portrait, far beyond A Clockwork Orange (1962). Features The Reverend Max Ripple, Vicky Clarke, Dinah Bird, Alan Dunn & Noisesurfer, Roy Claire Potter and Kieron Piercy, Mark Vernon, David Birchall, Marion Harrison, Jeff Young, Scanner, Ade Blackburn/Clinic & Paul Sullivan/Static, Foreign Investment, Tobias Hazan, Eye Suriyanon, Band Of Holy Joy (James Stephen Finn & Johny Brown), Chris Watson, and Guy-Marc Hinant & Laszlo Umbreit. Double-CD version includes 16-page booklet.Born in Manchester in 1917, Anthony Burgess was educated at Xaverian College in that city and at Manchester University. He served in the army from 1940 to 1946 and as an education officer in Malaya and Brunei from 1954 to 1959. He published more than 50 books, including A Clockwork Orange and his masterpiece, Earthly Powers (1980), and composed around 250 musical works. He was created a Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres by President Mitterrand of France and a Commandeur de Mérite Culturel by Prince Rainier of Monaco. He died in London in 1993. His books are still read all over the world.Alan Dunn is an artist and curator based between Liverpool and Leeds, where he is a reader in Art & Design at Leeds Beckett University. His projects have been presented at Tate Britain, ICA, Liverpool Art Prize, BBC Radio and Bluecoat. The International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester is an independent educational charity which encourages public and scholarly interest in all aspects of the life and work of Anthony Burgess.
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: SUB 017CD
Koenraad Ecker and Frederik Meulyzer make their Subtext debut with Carbon. Based on field recordings made at Norway's Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a secure seed bank located on the island of Spitsbergen, Carbon grapples with the many contradictions that lie at the heart of our shift into the capitalocene. The project began in 2017, when Ecker and Meulyzer scored the performance Frozen Songs, a commission by Zero Visibility Dance Company led by Ina Christel Johannesen. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was conceived of as an effort to preserve copies of seeds from key crop varieties, ensuring their persistence in the event of large-scale crises. Yet the area is warming faster than anywhere else on earth, causing the permafrost to melt and putting the seed vault at risk. Across from the Seed Vault lie the decrepit remnants of Svalbard's mining activities of the early 20th century; Carbon wrestles with the incongruities nestled in the town's landscape. Reflecting on dissonances of stasis and change, closeness and distance, enclosure and expanse, as well as cynicism and hope, Ecker and Meulyzer consider the urgency of our situation while trying to sidestep all-too-popular depictions of dystopia. From close, supple sounds to cold, brutal sonics, Carbon meditates on the many challenging questions and contradictions raised by the Seed Vault and its surroundings; a landscape that embodies and makes visible the many intertwined phenomena that shape our current predicament. Ecker and Meulyzer, formerly known as Stray Dogs, have released works such as Wasteland (VV 018LP, 2013), recorded in deconsecrated church in Antwerp, and Kalkar, recorded in the cooling tower of a former power station in Germany. Koenraad Ecker works in the fields of electro-acoustic music, field recording, radio plays, stage performance, and text. Together with Andrea Taeggi, he is part of the duo Lumisokea. His output encompasses studio albums, audiovisual installations, texts, performances, and sound design for film. Frederik Meulyzer is a percussionist active in projects including Belgian jazz band Hamster Axis of the One-Click Panther, contemporary music and theatre company Post uit Hessdalen, and experimental psych-krautrock band Slumberland. The ecological impact of the production of this record will be compensated through a carbon offsetting program.
PRICE: $14.50
IMBERNON & RAXON, EDU Vapor Trails EP 12"
Edu Imbernon and Raxon: this collaboration was only a matter of time... Both based in Spain, both crafting some remarkable immersive and expressive electronica, both working on some of the most forward-thinking labels in their field. Both making their full Systematic debut right here, right now. Two men, two tracks, two distinct sounds and narratives: "Vapour Trails" takes the lead with a distinctive rolling drum arrangement that drives the track into unknown. Built up layer-by-layer, there's a cool sense of mystique where key elements such as the guitar line and main chords are held back until midway when the breakdown and main pay-off bring everything together dramatically. "Betera", meanwhile, taps into a brighter, more emotive sound that celebrates the Systematic signature Romboy and his troupe have developed over 15 years. Powerful, evocative, and not afraid to writhe in the melodic side of techno, we guarantee this will be warming a lot of hearts and souls on dancefloors over the colder months ahead. Beautiful!
PRICE: $25.50
After his stunning introduction to the world of modern funk on Mofak's Drunk Of Funk album (2018), Emcee Originate has taken the baton and is up next to represent his loose-knit musical collective with The Journey. Indeed, the project feels like a continuation of the sleek, Mothership-friendly sounds from Drunk Of Funk, which makes perfect sense, with Mofak himself behind the boards for most of the album's production. The global impact of modern funk is full on display here: Mofak's production feels like it would be right at home on the sun-drenched California streets, yet he hails from Marseille, France, while Originate's casual, conversational flow fits so perfectly, you'd think he was a Snoop protege, yet he hails from Montreal, Quebec, and carries with him the vibrance of the city's bubbling music scene. He intersperses his bars with singing, adding a melodic flair perfect for the dynamic chord progressions and heavy synth bass he rhymes over. Originate speaks to the players, the ladies, and anyone who wishes they were intertwined in that mix. The Journey is the perfect soundtrack for the pre-party, the ride there, and the funk-tion itself. Features Eli, LEX, CG Queen, KNLO, and SAM I AM MONTOLLA. 45RPM.
PRICE: $20.00
QOSO Morning Routine 12"
Qoso brings you Morning Routine on TTT.
PRICE: $20.00
WASWAAS Antidote 12"
Five-tracker from Waswaas.
WIRE 431
PRICE: $10.00
CAT #: WIRE 431
WIRE, THE #431 January 2020 MAG
"2019 Rewind: Our massive annual survey of the last 12 months in underground music, including our definitive records of the year charts; opinion, analysis, musings and reflections from 2019's most active and influential critics, artists and musicians; plus Claire Sawers on science fiction in contemporary sounds from Moor Mother to Clipping; Rob Turner on new journeys in longform listening; Emily Bick on why music criticism matters, and more!"
GET 51333LP
PRICE: $33.00
CAT #: GET 51333LP
NAS Stillmatic 2LP
RSD Black Friday 2019 release. "Pressed on silver-colored vinyl! Few hip-hop artists have achieved the same level of critical acclaim and praise that 90s veteran and Queens native Nasir 'Nas' Jones has. Across his over 25-year career he has been ranked as one of the greatest rap performers and lyricists by MTV, The Source, and Complex, among other publications, all while selling over 30 million records worldwide, and releasing eight consecutive platinum albums. In particular, his 1994 debut Illmatic is hailed as a paragon of underground hip-hop, a turning point in East Coast rap's development, and one of the all-time greatest debut albums in general. Though Nas' artistic legacy is without question, it was not always the case; if Nas had flourished during the mid-90s, he had stumbled clumsily while transitioning into the 00's. After achieving universal praise via Illmatic and commercial success with its' follow-up It Was Written, Nas' next few releases were considered inconsistent and lackluster compared to the critical one-two punch they followed. During this time period he had abandoned the socially-conscious and philosophical topics that made him a critical darling in favor of more commercially viable gangsta rap. Though he maintained a chart presence for much of the late-90s, review scores began to dwindle, and his status among the hip-hop community was thrown into question. This would change in 2001 with the release of Nas' fifth studio full-length, which made the effort to re-establish him as a legitimate artist. Eschewing the pop-friendliness he'd found success with, Nas instead opted to return to the underground style he came up in, with tracks about American politics, ghetto life, and social upheaval. Perhaps sensing this need to return to his roots, he titled the album Stillmatic, a clear and present reference (and sequel of sorts) to Illmatic. The ploy worked perfectly; Stillmatic was hailed by critics as a stunning comeback, and a brilliant return to form, earning rave reviews from rap outlets such as The Source and HipHopDX as well as from more mainstream publications as The Rolling Stone and The Village Voice. Praise was heaped upon the complexity and introspective nature of Nas' lyrical content, the top-tier production from veterans like Large Professor, DJ Premier, L.E.S., and Trackmasters, and hard-hitting guest appearances from AZ, Mary J. Blige, and Amerie. Stillmatic would see release on December 18th of 2001, right as Nas was caught in the middle of a highly publicized feud with fellow New York rapper Jay-Z. As such, the record features one of the feud's most intense apexes in the form of its second track 'Ether', a ruthless Ron Browz-produced diss track. A response to Jay-Z's own diss 'Takeover', 'Ether' savaged the Brooklyn-native, accusing him of brown-nosing to get ahead, of plagiarizing earlier rappers such as Notorious B.I.G. and KRS-One, and dismissing his street cred. To this day 'Ether' is considered one of the best and most potent diss tracks ever recorded, a major turning point in the Nas/Jay-Z feud, a standout among the already critically acclaimed Stillmatic, and is even credited with boosting Jay-Z's career by proxy. Now in 2019, decades after the record's release, Get On Down proudly brings you this deluxe LP reissue. Stillmatic has never been repressed on vinyl since its original 2001 release, and is now presented with remastered audio, and pressed on silver-colored wax just in time for Record Store Day Black Friday!"
TEG 1085EP
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: TEG 1085EP
JOHNSON, ROBERT Sweet Home Chicago/Walkin' Blues 10"
RSD Black Friday 2019 release. "After years of constant road work in juke joints and on street corners and plantations, Johnson matured into a remarkable, advanced and complex professional musician with skills beyond the average bluesman. Robert entered the studio confident and prepared to record with outstanding original material. Utilizing a driving boogie rhythm, the third song in the first session recorded November 23, 1936 was the blues standard 'Sweet Home Chicago.' Destined to become one of Johnson's most popular songs, it was recorded numerous times over the years by such prominent artists as Magic Sam, Buddy Guy, Earl Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Fleetwood Mac, Freddie King, Eric Clapton, and Junior Parker. The origin of 'Sweet Home Chicago' is loosely based on two songs, 'Kokomo Blues' recorded by Scapper Blackwell in 1928, and Kokomo Arnold's 'Old Original Kokomo Blues' recorded in 1934. While both songs made reference to going back to Kokomo, Indiana, Johnson changed the character of the song to reflect the desire to leave the South for better opportunities (a common goal of many discriminated African Americans in the Deep South): 'Back to the land of California, to my sweet home Chicago.' The fourth song in the third session recorded November 27, 1936 is the classic 'Walkin' Blues,' written by Johnson's mentor Son House. Johnson's interpretation of 'Walkin' Blues' incorporates elements of House's 'My Black Mama' and 'Death Letter Blues' with a similar slide guitar technique and vocal approach inspired by House. 'Walkin' Blues' remains a popular song among musicians, recorded by Muddy Waters, Paul Butterfield, Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, and The Grateful Dead."
PRICE: $26.50
2019 repress; 2LP version, featuring 8 out of the 11 tracks from the CD. This is the fourth full-length release from Bonn-based DJ, producer and park ranger, Dominik Eulberg. After the Heimische Gefilde (TRAUM 019CD) album, which won the German critic award as the first techno album ever on which comments by the artist himself appear in spoken word, Eulberg has this time aimed at an album which embodies various facets of electronic music. Diorama therefore resembles something totally new and original and can be referred to as an affiliation towards the real "authentic" Eulberg sound cosmos. He has accomplished this with the highest possible standard and contemporary sound aesthetic. Eulberg has set the bar at an extreme height for himself and the result will pile-drive even the die-hard fans into solid, rocky soil. Eulberg has unbuttoned his "techno coat" and has come up with timeless electronica no one would have expected of him. It is his first album where he has rather played music instead of manipulating it and it holds up that skill from the very beginning to the very end, non-stop. For Diorama, Dominik Eulberg has selected, in cooperation with Germany's nature magazine NABU, the 11 greatest wonders of domestic nature, because it is not only in exotic parts of the world that one can find incredible innovations of nature -- they can also be found at your front door. Their existence is concealed from many of us and only by means of closer examination and a raised awareness for their secrets can we discover this world full of miracles. For this world of hidden wonders, a graphic diorama was specially designed, depicting a well-known world full of unknown phenomena. For each wonder, Dominik Eulberg has composed a piece of music which reflects in sound and dynamic the accounted wonder.
PRICE: $37.50
Four LP version. Gatefold sleeve; includes six-page insert, an engraved side, and download code. Function's long career has seen him uncover a vast range of sonic identities, a mainstay through house, techno and industrial with collaborations with the likes of Regis, Damon Wild, alongside his highly influential Infrastructure imprint. With influences deeply tied to pop art, rave, and gay scenes, and early memories of block-parties emitting Kraftwerk and Strafe, he found himself seeking out the undercover illegal nights of the '90s on a quest of sexual unearthing, mixing the ever-yearning escapology mission of disco with the influential DJ sets of Jeff Mills. For his new album Existenz, he marks a clear step away from the corporeal techno of his recent releases. Pivoting around themes of religion, sexuality, trauma, and healing, it is a work expansive and celebratory, a clear liberation from a deeply internalized past. Formed from a collection of recordings made in a period from late 2016 to mid-2019, Existenz takes the form of a creative outburst in reaction to a number of traumas. Life partner Stefanie Parnow assisted the production process in its entirety, providing inspiration, spiritual healing, and featuring vocal contributions. Cosmic synths soar and swoop in "Pleasure Discipline" through towering stacks of rhythm that stutter and creak to a halt before rebooting, a firm robotic response to human intervention. "Zahlensender" reflects a spatial Tetris of urban life, as digitalization set within an XYZ matrix confronts the sprawling city. "The Approach" recalls the unification of the self, a state of delirium non-subjective and smooth, as all connections and functions give way to simple intensities of feeling, crossing the threshold into spirituality. "Golden Dawn", featuring Stefanie Parnow, marks a further elevation of dubbed-out euphoria. His ode to the effortless short-trip urban navigation "Kurzstrecke" finds Function in motion, upfront, and bold, snapshots of conversation and flickers of light. "Ertrinken" finds metallic bass jabs swamping snipped synthetic voices, with hidden stores of emotion set as a nod to the history of vocoders as a tool for encrypted military communication. House icon Robert Owens features on "Growth Cycle" and "Be", entrenching a celebratory atmosphere over Function's clubwise leanings. "Downtown 161" reflects the unmistakable filtered and squashed interjections of television, and sampled dance vocals -- a sound for the curious, dreamers and dancers. With Existenz, Function reveals an essential body of work -- thought experiments on the role of identity and spirituality after a lifetime of upheaval and trauma.
PRICE: $47.50
COMATEENS 1980-1985 3LP
In the fall of 1978, after working with a series of bands, New York-based musician and composer Nick West became interested in experimenting with minimalism, collaborating with guitarist and songwriter Ramona Jan and Lyn Byrd. They decided to play pure pop but to substitute a primitive electronic beatbox for a human drummer. The result was Comateens, becoming one of the first groups to discard the traditional sounds and line-ups used by everyone else in New York City's downtown music scene of the late 1970s. In 1980, Nick's brother Oliver joined them as guitarist, and after going on to release three major label albums -- Comateens (1981), Pictures On A String (1983), and Deal With It (1984) -- and with some successful tours and dance-club hits behind them, the band split up following the terribly untimely death of Oliver in June 1987. However, in 1988, Virgin Records issued another LP entitled West & Byrd, recorded by Nick and Lyn as a duo, and in 1991 released a retrospective compilation called One By One: Best Of Comateens, now a rare and much sought-after record among collectors of new wave music. Acclaimed by Etienne Daho, the band has made a name for itself with the singles "Late Night City", "Get Off My Case", and "Don't Come Back". 1980-1985 collects the band's three major label albums. Triple-LP comes in gatefold sleeve; includes eight-page booklet, printed inner sleeves, and download code.
PRICE: $17.00
BROTZMANN, PETER Solo - I Surrender Dear CD
A long desire of extraordinaire saxophone player Peter Brötzmann was a studio recording of some of his favorite jazz tunes and his own music -- a grand bridge over the music important for his life and his musical career in the past and present. Trost invited him to Martin Siewert's studio in Vienna to do so in summer 2018. The result is intense, beautiful and touching. Features compositions by Harry Barris/Gordon Clifford, Sigmund Romberg/Oscar Hammerstein II, Herbie Nichols, Dizzy Gillespie, George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin, and Sonny Rollins. Personnel: Peter Brötzmann - tenor saxophone. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Martin Siewert. Liner notes and artwork by Peter Brötzmann.
PRICE: $22.00
BROTZMANN, PETER Solo - I Surrender Dear LP
LP version. A long desire of extraordinaire saxophone player Peter Brötzmann was a studio recording of some of his favorite jazz tunes and his own music -- a grand bridge over the music important for his life and his musical career in the past and present. Trost invited him to Martin Siewert's studio in Vienna to do so in summer 2018. The result is intense, beautiful and touching. Features compositions by Harry Barris/Gordon Clifford, Sigmund Romberg/Oscar Hammerstein II, Herbie Nichols, Dizzy Gillespie, George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin, and Sonny Rollins. Personnel: Peter Brötzmann - tenor saxophone. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Martin Siewert. Liner notes and artwork by Peter Brötzmann.
PRICE: $22.00
BROTZMANN/SCHLIPPENBACH/BENNINK Fifty Years After... Live at the Lila Eule 2018 LP
For the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the legendary Machine Gun recordings at the Lila Eule in Bremen, Peter Brötzmann put together a trio with the Berlin pianist, composer Alexander von Schlippenbach and the percussionist Han Bennink, who already sat on the drums 50 years ago. They were so pleased with the music that they decided to release it and continue to play gigs as the trio. Machine Gun was originally recorded in May 1968 by an octet consisting of influential musicians of new jazz and improvised music. The LP was repressed on Cien Fuegos in 2018 (CF 020LP). Personnel: Peter Brötzmann - tenor saxophone, b-flat clarinet, tarogato; Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano; Han Bennink - drums.
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: JBH 084LP
TAEHA TYPES Mechanical Keyboard Sounds: Recordings of Bespoke and Customized Mechanical Keyboards LP
Mechanical Keyboard Sounds: Recordings of Bespoke and Customized Mechanical Keyboards is made and recorded by the master of this modern art, Nathan from Taeha Types. Yes, this is actual typing sounds on amazing future/retro/cutting edge keyboards, every track and keyboard different. Listen and weep, or sleep, or something to this incredible and unique listening experience -- the first mechanical keyboard album ever. For the last few years a small scene has been growing: the mechanical keyboard scene. It makes total sense as most people use keyboards every day, so why not have an amazing keyboard to use instead of total crap? Just look down: it's shit, isn't it? Some people worked out that things could be improved -- a lot. They started to make incredible, kinky keyboards, using both old and new tech: the possibilities and options in construction are endless. There are key cap options, spring options, and even backplate options (steel, aluminum, copper), and of course, case options too. All these options make a big or little difference. Once made these keyboards are carefully lubricated spring by spring to give them that little extra smoothness and "ping". The results are beautiful, fetishistic, and futuristic in an odd retro style, and they sound amazing when they are typed on. This is classic ASMR/whisper porn; the gentle click and rattle of carefully lubed springy keyboards make the hairs on the back of the neck rise. Either that or wooed into a peaceful, sublime state. This is a classic and groundbreaking new Trunk album for modern stressful times, from a selection of (enhanced) keyboards from the '80s, '90s, and now. They were recorded by the master maker of the modern mechanical keyboard, Nathan from Taeha Types. He has a large following on Instagram, YouTube (videos of his hands typing on his keyboards hit 10K in just a couple of days after upload), and he now has over half a million views on his Twitch channel where he constructs keyboards live. Notes by Jonny Trunk and Stu London (AKA Futurecrime) from the London mechanical keyboard scene. He knows what the fuck he is talking about. One might not understand it, but one can catch up really quickly. Mastered by Jon Brooks. Presented in full-color sleeve, with special foil pantone.
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: TKR 086LP
PERRY & MR. GREEN, LEE "SCRATCH" Super Ape vs Open Door LP
"Tuff Kong Records presents a truly special and one of a kind project from the multi-talented producers/artists Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Mr. Green. Using the same ethos as his popular #LivefromtheStreets series (as seen on VICE/ Noisey as well as Complex and Netflix) Mr. Green's goal was to do something that had never been done before. Although at the surface the record is a standard 18-19 minute EP, digging deeper, listeners will find a sonic roller coaster that seamlessly combines over 20 different genres of music and styles. Super Ape vs. ?: Open Door includes some truly heavy hitters and cultural icons contributing vocals, including Sheek Louch (The Lox), Daniel Son, HR (Bad Brains) and Eric 'Scratch' Andre (Adult Swim, Disney's Lion King etc.) Lee 'Scratch' Perry is an iconic music producer, singer and inventor noted for his innovative studio techniques and a pioneer of the development of dub music with his early adoption of studio techniques. He has worked with and produced for a variety of fellow iconic artists such as Bob Marley, Beastie Boys and The Clash and was sampled by Kanye West for his production for Jay-Z's 'Lucifer.' He has been named by Paul McCartney as one of his greatest inspirations and included on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 100 most important musicians of all time. At the young-age of 83 years old, he still tours and headlines shows and festivals all over the planet. Although Lee 'Scratch' Perry began making music over fifty-years before Mr. Green, he maintains that Green is one of his inspirations and even may have helped launch his career, presumably through time travel, portals and Open Doors. 'Are you ready out there for me? I'm ready for you... Mr. Green, opens all the doors in the United States of America for me, so listen to our new project and the open door.' Featuring artwork by SCARFUL."
UT 052
PRICE: $9.95
CAT #: UT 052
"It's another exciting issue. Legendary rock photographer Chuck Krall (Creem, Rock Scene, Rolling Stone) opened his archive to us including rare and unseen photos from the 1970s (the Ramones, Bo Diddley, Arthur Lee, the Dead Boys, Flamin' Groovies, Link Wray and more), and also shares his remarkable story. We also have feature stories on Florida '60s garage gods We the People, Aussie proto-punk hard rockers Coloured Balls, mercurial blues guitar master Michael Bloomfield, New England '60s teen crazies Rasputin & the Mad Monks, obscure UK new wavers the Kameras, cult private press psych/hard rock band Seiche, and the early Pretty Things remembered by their first manager, Bryan Morrison. And look for our expansive, mind-bending interviews with Cleveland proto-punk legend Craig Bell (Mirrors, Rocket From The Tombs), eccentric pop genius Brute Force, and the late Don Grady (My Three Sons, Yellow Balloon). All this and more, including our eagerly pored over review sections covering the latest reissues and rock-related books."
PRICE: $18.00
MCGHEE, DONNA Make It Last Forever CD
Wewantsounds present a reissue of Donna McGhee's Make It Last Forever, originally released in 1978. Donna McGhee has been one of the key female singers of the New York disco scene, gracing several cult albums with her superb singing. The Brooklyn native began her career singing gospel in her grandmother's choir from an early age. Her first break in the industry came when she was spotted by bass player Johnny Flippin, who invited her to join his band. The group was none other than The Fatback Band led by drummer Bill Curtis. This was 1975 and the album was Raising Hell. McGhee's vocals can be heard throughout the album, including the dancefloor classic "(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop". She stayed with the group for another few years recording Night Fever in 1976 and touring across country. Following an encounter with producer Greg Carmichael, Donna McGhee jumped ship and started working with the prolific producer and his partner Patrick Adams. A string of collaborations followed with singles and albums: Donna can indeed be heard singing with Bumblebee Unlimited, Universal Robot Band, and on Phreek's classic self-titled album from 1978, singing on the track "May My Love Be With You". In 1978, After Greg Carmichael set up his own label, Red Greg Records, he and Adams decided to get McGhee in the recording studio and produce her first solo album. With the pair playing most of the instruments, they got five tracks out of the session. The result, Make It Last Forever is an all-time Adams/Carmichael classic: funky disco arrangements with a touch of synths over a pulsating groove magnified by McGhee's superb sexy singing. All five tracks have become classics in their own right. "I'm A Love Bug" was a remake of Bumblebee Unlimited's cult favourite from 1976, "Love Bug" (also released on Carmichael's Red Greg label) while "Make It Last Forever" was later re-recorded by Inner Life (featuring Jocelyn Brown). "Do As I Do" and "Mr. Blindman" keep the groove going and finally, we have "It Ain't No Big Thing". The remake of a 1976 single by Personal Touch, produced by Adams for his PAP label and arranged by Leroy Burgess, it is one of the highlights of the album and is a superb catchy composition which has now become a true underground disco standard. An essential disco album. Newly remastered audio.
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"During a trip to Death Valley, California in 2010, two friends decided to drive an old Saturn station wagon down a four wheel drive road into the wilderness. After a few hours of driving through the canyons, ever so slowly so not to bottom out the car, they came upon a clearing. It was filled with burned out vehicle carcasses and double wide trailers that had all been shot at, set on fire, vandalized, and finally left to become relics of the desert. It was surreal in the sunset of painted rocks and dead silence. Upon returning home to an A-frame house in Sugarloaf California, Brian Collins started Hurt Valley as a recording project. Many ideas and songs were fleshed out next to a wood burning stove and firelight. Fast forward a few more years, and with a relocation to Los Angeles in 2014, Hurt Valley became a routinely worked on project. What happened next, along with the comings and goings of many different friends and neighbors, was the recording of a series of songs over the course of a few years. Days, nights and weekends, and anytime in between, songs were crafted and recorded in a living room, in an apartment, in Los Angeles. This is what would become Glacial Pace, an album that is part memoir, part dream, part feeling -- good, bad, and in between."
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CAT #: XL 100IT-EP
JOY OVERMONO Bromley/Still Moving 12"
Joy Orbison and Overmono team up a massive new 12" for XL Recordings. Two of the UK's most respected and exciting prospects in electronic music, Overmono and Joy Orbison have joined forces to release a 12" single that's already been making the rounds on the DJ circuit to rapturous reception. But one of the decade's final club bangers comes from an unlikely place -- the rural London borough of Bromley. Overmono's studio, based in a former magazine printers, already had a rich history in UK dance music before brothers Tom and Ed Russell arrived, having been in use by various prominent artists and DJs since the '90s. Leaving the city daily to commute to the studio in the suburb of Bromley -- the opposite direction to the usual daily grind-helped back up the duo's creative ethos and push them to make music further outside of the known and well-trodden paths. Sharing the same sentiments as the Russell brothers, Joy Orbison has been a staple of the UK scene for over ten years and excitement still bubbles over whenever he releases a new record. This collaboration could hardly feel more natural; two intricate and detailed tracks holding a distinctly UK feel. Both "Bromley" and "Still Moving" are an ode to the place where they were made, a moment in time tied and influenced inextricably by that particular geo-location, something once so familiar in dance music that's now all but lost.
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CAT #: YEW 010CD
Yew Records announces the release of Eggshell a limited-edition CD by Alabama-based multidisciplinary artist, Kyle Eyre Clyd. The recordings expanded through feeling and form offering tensions that resonate in a high frequency range. Space is dramatic not letting go, pulling the listener in, the body as a resonator a total resonator. Observations to follow here, Kyle Kessler writes in her own words: "Eggshell is hard to swallow. It's not an invitation to let go, it's an occasion to eavesdrop, to oggle with the ears, and to forget music beyond the hour. This album was recorded and mastered between attacks of physical and mental anguish. Unfolding neither optimistically nor pessimistically, it establishes a logic of its own, borrowing a bit from healing music but presenting no cure. Discordant drones hang in the air with numb aftertaste. A little beauty provides temporary relief. Infinity is delivered via the physical (chronic.) Following the isolation of subjective pain, an interest in the empirical conditions of the world returned to me in tiny increments. For the best sonic experience, play it loudly in the open air. Your patience will be rewarded.""According to, an eggshell finish has an extremely subtle shine, though lacking the smoothness of a satin finish does not highlight imperfections quite as much, covering well with a single coat. This, in terms of house paint, can be functionally desirable, and may be helpful in apprehending the functionality of Eggshell, the latest sound work by Birmingham, Alabama-based availablist Kyle Eyre Clyd. The CD, comprised of eight largely wordless tracks (the eavesdrop-layer of album centerpiece 'Affect/Language' being the only exception), articulates a kind of sustained sheen throughout, and while sibilant in terms of sheer hertz and fluttering at times at the higher thresholds of distinction, has a cumulative effect is that is one of subtle enclosure. As in her past work, the suspended stirrings of some empirical drama hovers within these tracks and in how they relate to each other in sequence, yielding not clandestine works nor an easily discernible whole, but rather a perception of relations. If an aesthetics of drone pervades then we are here in the province of Guy Reibel, Intersystems, A Handful of Dust, or even the first and final sections of Xenakis' La Légende d'Eer. Either way, practitioners abide, and with Eggshell, Ms. Clyd reveals a functional surface of sound which articulates the holism of experiential listening and creation." --Keith Connolly, NYC 2019.
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KUNDAN LAL Majlis 10"
Kundan Lal returns with new outernational downbeats. Three of the tracks on ???? | Majlis are based on Pakistani dance classics by Muhammad Ashraf ("Paky Life"), Khalil Ahmed ("Ovo Rhaps"), Sohail Rana & the Five Caps ("Vulgar Dragons"), and one on Turkish psychedelia by Mo?ollar ("Tudamus"). Selected micro-sequences of these old recordings are tangled up in a dubby soup of Dr. John-esque swamp percussion, off-beat bass lines, drone-y organs, a creaking synthesizer assembly, and the trademark oriental field recordings by Kunsaf Halil, which are spread all over the record. ???? | Majlis can perhaps be seen as the missing link between Débruit and the Contact Field Orchestra.
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NEGRO, JOEY 2019 Essentials 2CD
Joey Negro's 2019 Essentials is a similar proposition to the successful Remixed With Love series (ZEDD 030CD, 038CD, 045CD), albeit slightly more house-y in places. This double CD contains four exclusive new remixes of disco classics from Double Exposure, The O'Jays, Tamiko Jones, and Delia Renee. Along with these are a selection of the best Joey Negro remixes from what has been a great year musically including his reworks of CeCe Peniston, Horse Meat Disco featuring Kathy Sledge, and Sunkids. Joe Negro also originated some new music in 2019 under the aliases of Mistura, Doug Willis, and Lakeshore Commission, which are also included; add to this remixes of Zedd classics from Grant Nelson, Crakazat, and Dr. Packer. Only one of the 19 songs has been available on CD before. Also features: AC Soul Symphony, Delia Renee, Bobby D'Ambrosio, Raquel Rodriguez, D.C. LaRue, Crackazat, Wardell Piper, Foreal People, JKriv, and Z Factor.
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