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Forced Exposure New Releases for the week of 12/23/2019

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New music is due from Four Tet, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., and Tim Barnes, while old music is due from J Spaceman, Oliver Doerell, and Foetus.

we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321

and via mail:
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541 541867
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: 541 541867
Brand new EP by Compact Disk Dummies. Including "Cry For Me" and latest single "Satellites". "Solar Lottery" and "Easy Life" are two brand new tracks. The superb Asa Moto remix of "Satellites" completes this EP.
N 071LP
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: N 071LP
KUTI, FEHLER Schland Is The Place For Me LP
Fehler Kuti on the album (Munich, Autumn 2019): "I remember the first time I read W.E.B. DuBois eclectic masterpiece The Souls of Black Folk. The way in which this Weberian scholar flowed from personal account to prose to sociological analysis to music and even political intervention has had a lasting impact on my own work as a cultural anthropologist. It made me understand that as scholars we must use different means in order to give expression to the totality of the lived experience: There is only so much in an academic text . . . The medium changes the message. In this sense, I guess, I'm a singing cultural anthropologist . . . The widespread availability of Digital Audio Workstations, sequencers, loopers, and delay pedals has led us into a futuristic cul de sac best described by Mark Fisher as the very absence of future. Likewise, I am most skeptical of the 'naturalist' countermovement, the return of folk . . . I involuntarily returned to pop music in its two-folded meaning of something popular and addressing not an essentialist notion of 'Volk' or it's woke cousin 'communities', but society as a whole. I entered the studio just with a few lo-fi sounding melodies and rhythms from my circuit bent CASIO synthesizer. I had no clue what the finished product would sound like. But as soon as Markus [Acher] started drumming, in a way strangely reminding me of Can's Ethnographic Forgery Series, my uptight sounds were suddenly embedded within a warmer global sound spectrum. The alien at home and abroad and the strange overlapped: We were seeing one and the same sound differently but were gently held together by Tobias [Siegert]'s producing. Making music is about building coalitions. It's about suggesting an articulation of styles, sounds and people, that hasn't materialized, yet, but may help us in the current crisis: I wanted Amon Düül II to send their drug-induced archangel thunderbird to rescue the refugees, that had tried to escape the police by climbing up a tree in Munich in 2016. I wanted Sun Ra to taunt far-right protesters in Chemnitz in 2018. And I wanted to mourn the loss of a former kebab shop cum discotheque that served as proof that there is such a thing as a minoritarian universalism..."Music by Julian Warner, Markus Acher, and Tobias Siegert. Recorded and mixed by Tobias Siegert in Munich. Includes download code; Edition of 300.
PRICE: $21.00
"Tim Barnes' latest full-length: DE?D-LOOP, his first solo release since 2002's All Acoustics. DE?D-LOOP offers another arm in Barnes' wide-ranging body of music and work, as well as supplying an additional thread connecting the House, pop and sound art conversations the album engages. In many ways DE?D-LOOP is house music that takes a sideways approach to the language of dance music. As both a concept and a practice, Barnes aims to turn house on its side, reconsidering its structure and form. The tracks on DE?D-LOOP reflect Barnes' status as a renowned percussionist, offering rhythms and textures that both draw the listener in and maintain a spatial and temporal distance/uncertainty. This distance can best be heard on the quiet closing track 'NAKU,' but also in the hyperactive and layered percussion of 'AEMO' and 'GUALA.' This record isn't all concept, however, as the lead off tracks 'HORNA' and 'KONQR' sound like something you might hear at rave, albeit standing outside the club in the middle of day after everyone has crashed. The foggy celebration continues on this record, however; listen to 'JAPE' and its play with language, cracking words open and hearing what comes out of the space between syllable and sound. Since 1995, Tim Barnes has been internationally acclaimed as a musician, having played with a range of artists including Tony Conrad, Ikue Mori, Sonic Youth, Glenn Kotche, P.G. Six, Mike Watt, Royal Trux, Stereolab, Jim O'Rourke, Beth Orton, among others. Barnes has most recently become known for his radical site-specific sound art duo with Jeph Jerman (Erstwhile, IDEA Intermedia, Feeding Tube). Working across both genre and instrumentation, Barnes' singular history as a musician reflects his versatile ear and performance range. Barnes has also done important research and work as an archivist and engineer, most notably through his Quakebasket-imprint. Quakebasket made available and distributed the work of artists like Henry Flynt, Pandit Pran Nath, Christopher Tree and, most notably, Angus MacLise. In looking forward, Quakebasket released music by Michael J. Schumacher, Tetuzi Akiyama, Nick Hennies, and Valerio Tricoli, among many others. DE?D-LOOP is the latest installment of Amish's in-house label Required Wreckers, pairing music and sound art with visual artists who share a thematic or process-based methodology. DE?D-LOOP features the work of American-born and French-based artist/filmmaker Erick Baudelaire's Blind Walls series. These recordings were mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi."
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: AUS 145EP
HAWKES, MARQUIS Hashtag Life Goals 12"
Marquis Hawkes returns to Aus Music after his second album for Houndstooth (HTH 100CD/LP), a slew of EPs for Unknown To The Unknown, and a 12" for Bassiani's in house label, Horoom. Hashtag Life Goals is a three-track EP that's deep, raw, and timeless.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: AX 083DC-EP
MILLS, JEFF The Director's Cut Chapter 5 12"
"Looking back in hindsight to the activity and accomplishments of Axis is with much pride -- to witness the relationship between the music and listener evolving to this point. The Director's Cut reissue project is about manicuring detail. It's about a rare opportunity to enhance what we've done so that the relationship strengthens for the long term." --Jeff Mills Chapter 5 comes on 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: AX 084DC-EP
MILLS, JEFF The Director's Cut Chapter 6 12"
"Looking back in hindsight to the activity and accomplishments of Axis is with much pride -- to witness the relationship between the music and listener evolving to this point. The Director's Cut reissue project is about manicuring detail. It's about a rare opportunity to enhance what we've done so that the relationship strengthens for the long term." --Jeff Mills Chapter 6 comes on 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: BAL 027LP
WARREN, NICK Balance Presents The Soundgarden 2LP
Double LP version. Includes download card. In the space of just a few years since its inception, Nick Warren and his partner Petra's globetrotting concept The Soundgarden has grown to encompass a label, compilations, parties around the world, and a global radio show. From being one of the early defining pillars for progressive house in the mid-90s through to his beautiful work as one half of Way Out West, Warren is an electronic music mainstay. Bringing two discs of exclusive music, Warren explains: "On this album, I wanted to showcase some of my current favorite artists and reflect the more eclectic sound of The Soundgarden. I feel the secret with compilations is to try and choose music which has almost a timeless feel to it." On Rigooni's "Dreamed Numbers" gets the mix off to an early chug with its delicate plucked melodies and rolling groove, leading into the graceful strings of Bigasti & Balad's "With You". Aspen recalls Airdrawndagger-era Sasha as the mix find its feet unhurriedly. An exclusive Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada original "Balance" yields shimmering atmospheric touches and slivers of plucked guitar, with more musicality displayed through the melancholic piano chords of Draper's "Crystal Voyager". The mix continues to twist-and-turn through Emi Galvan's soaring "Embrace" and the arpeggiated groove of Baunder's "38 & 46" and Yoni Yarchi & Daniel Van Der Zwaag's "From Tel Aviv to Amsterdam" brings the mix to a blissed-out climax. The slo-mo graceful, slinky chug of Six's "Berlin" helps to get disc two going in more mellow tempo, with the chord stabs of Black 8's "Black Tiger" giving an almost Detroit feel to this early hypnotic section. The tempo builds as the haunting vocal of Dmitry Molosh's "Note" glides over percolating percussion. Another shimmering Nick Warren & Black 8 production "Dreamcatcher" arrives to give a contrast to the deep, introspective atmospheres that precede it. The languid funk of Eli Nissan's "Restricted Delusions" pushes the listener into a deeper state, before Audio Junkies & Hernan Cattaneo's remix of Stillhead's "Neu Kobenhaven" cuts through in stark fashion with its crystalline chime motif. Oliver & Tom's "Luly" makes for a perfect closer, its sweet xylophone and piano sounds making for a sublime moment.Also features A?rp, Synkro & Arovane, Scippo, Kamilo Sanclemente, Ewan Rill & K Loveski, Ben Archbold, Nico Szabo, Lerr, Armen Miran, Nichols, and No-No & Nobilis.
PRICE: $29.00
VA Visual Impact LP
Reissue of Visual Impact, originally released at 1976. They say: "Descriptive scores for scenes of visual impact". Be With Records say: Arguably the single greatest album in KPM history. An ensemble piece of staggeringly heavy works from none other than Brian Bennett, John Scott, Steve Gray, Jim Lawless, and Johnny Pearson. Visual Impact includes the insanely ace "Nuplex" by Brian Bennett, a nagging, sweeping, punchy funk piece that exists in a world of its own. If you don't know, get to know -- the record's worth getting for this track alone. The same goes for the beautifully paced, string-drenched, horn-fed LP opener "Canaveral Scape", courtesy of John Scott. Truly sublime. Other highlights on the A-side include Bennett's easy, bass-heavy jazz groover "Sequence Of Events" and the spare, building, undercover funk of Steve Gray's aptly-named "Low Profile". The B-side is straight-up fantastic. The percussive, vibey exotica of Jim Lawless's "Keeping Pace" is followed by five tracks of slick, weighty funk breaks from Johnny Pearson. Check the pure groove of "Jaguar" with its head-nod drum break intro, the creeping piano-strings combo and... er... giant neck-snapping breaks of "Giant's Causeway", the speaker-smashing progressive bass groove of "Fugitive", the tense "Rock Climb" and the sheer heft of "Heavy Load". Library largeness. If that isn't enough, John Scott's incessant "Flight Of The Phoenix" ends the session, brilliantly pilfered by M.O.P. for their much-loved "We Run New York". Originally released in 1976 but wonderfully timeless, Visual Impact is a rare example of a library record that's genuinely great listen from start to finish. As with all of Be With Records' KPM reissues, the audio for Visual Impact comes from the original analog tape and has been remastered for vinyl by Simon Francis. Sleeve reproduction duties by Richard Robinson, the current custodian of KPM's brand identity. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $29.00
VA The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story LP
Reissue of The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story, originally released in 1975. They say: "Composite themes and incidental cues for dramatic application". Be With Records say: Well, it's definitely dramatic. No wonder this LP was mined by a multitude of '70s and '80s crime shows. Much like Beat Incidental, this true gem includes a raft of enjoyable sub-ten second incidental cues alongside satisfyingly stretched out, hard-knocking sleuth-funk. The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story is a real library-head's library album. You'll be treated to some of the best works of no less than five different heavyweights of the genre: drummer Brian Bennett, guitarist Clive Hicks (of The Gentle Rain), saxophonist Duncan Lamont, rock bassist Dave Richmond, and keyboard session giant Steve Gray. Something of a dream line-up, they each contributed stellar efforts to create one of the most sought-after of the legendary KPM albums. Both sides of this LP are dripping with insidious grooves and dramatic spy-score themes, bursting with heavy guitars, swirling flutes, creeping piano-funk, and drum breaks galore. Originally released in 1975, it's clear that these library heroes were heavily influenced by the tough funk and street soul sonics emerging from the cutting-edge Blaxploitation soundtracks. Dave Richmond's taut swagger and wah-wah guitar licks of "Nightwatch", Steve Gray's sleazy horn and clav-funk on the A-side opener "Theme For A Hunter" and Brian Bennett's rolling strut of "The Investigator" are just three of the highlights here. That last one being sampled by Jeff Jank under his Captain Funkaho guise on "My 2600" for Stones Throw back in 1999. As with all of Be With Records' KPM re-issues, the audio for The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story comes from the original analog tapes and has been remastered by Simon Francis. Sleeve reproduction duties by Richard Robinson, the current custodian of KPM's brand identity. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $29.00
VA The All American Powerhouse (Themes) LP
Reissue of The All American Powerhouse (Themes), originally released in 1976. They say: "Driving brass and sax ensemble over funky rhythm section, playing tracks of various feel and style". Be With Records say: From the Lincoln Continental that memorably adorns the cover to the tranquil funk contained within, this glowing ode to the grooving force of 70s American soul music is ice cool all over. With brilliant contributions from the Three Key Alans (Hawkshaw, Parker, Tew) as well as Mike Moran, Les Hurdle, and Keith Roberts, this is driving music for only the vibeiest cats. Originally released in 1976, The All American Powerhouse is one of the very best of the Themes library releases. It's killer. A feast of dramatic jazz, horizontal, melodic funk, and bouncing sunshine-y West-Coast feels throughout, there also lurks an intense injection of the Blaxploitation sound. Understandable, given the subject matter and year it was released. Highlights include Alan Parker's confident, horn-heavy wah-wah-fueled album-opener "Sweeny Todd", Hawkshaw's graceful "Getaway" glide and dramatic, breathless "Speed Run", Mike Moran's loose, organ-driven propulsive B-Boy classic "The Pick-Up" and Keith Roberts's percussive tour de force "Overide" that closes out the LP. Yet, perhaps the most significant track here is Les Hurdle's long-adored "Soul Train". A grooving, bass-heavy library classic, it's all swirling strings, stabbing horns, heavy open drums and melodic funk-rock guitars. Add in the funky clavinet, and the combination works beautifully. As with all of Be With Records' other Themes reissues, the audio for The All American Powerhouse comes from the original analog tapes and has been remastered for vinyl by Simon Francis. Sleeve reproduction duties over by Richard Robinson, the current custodian of KPM's brand identity. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $29.00
VA Breath Of Danger (Themes) LP
Reissue of Breath Of Danger (Themes), originally released in 1974. They say: "A selection of suspense underscores and drama blackcloths which vary in intensity and cover a wide range of suspense and drama situations". Be With Records say: A breaky, funky library great masquerading as a horror score. Oh, and the cover art is amazing. Breath Of Danger was originally released in 1974, and rounded up a killer ensemble cast of library legends including Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett, Alan Parker, David Lindup, Kenny Salmon, Barry Morgan, and Ray Cooper. Lindup's opener "Cold Sweat" sounds like hip-hop-friendly mode Axelrod and, indeed, was brilliantly sampled by Kool Keith for his Dr. Dooom project. Alan Hawkshaw and Brian Bennett's "The Manipulator" sounds like it arrived straight out of the same sessions as their legendary Synthesizer & Percussion LP from the same year. Over on the B-side Alan Parker's "Psychosis" is a moving and beautifully restrained funk-guitar/cello/harp workout. Stunning. Kenny Salmon's "Flying Squad" is a sleazy, flute-enhanced gem and the album closes with "Voodoo", a seventy-second riot of sound and color from the dynamic drumming-percussion duo of Barry Morgan and Ray Cooper. Sonically, there's a widescreen vitality in all these tracks thanks to the driving rhythms, vibrant horn sections and blazing guitar work. It renders Breath Of Danger -- 45 years old -- truly ageless. The Themes series is known for having particularly striking sleeves, which was unusual for library records at the time, and Breath Of Danger's scraps of comic-book crazy make for one of the most eye-catching. As with all of Be With Records' other Themes reissues, the audio for Breath Of Danger comes from the original analog tapes and has been remastered for vinyl by Simon Francis. Sleeve reproduction duties by Richard Robinson, the current custodian of KPM's brand identity. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $29.00
LUDEMANN & PIT TROJA, PETER The Now Generation (Percussive Underscores) LP
Reissue of Peter Lüdemann and Pit Troja's The Now Generation (Percussive Underscores), originally released in 1983. They say: "Documentary and industrial underlays for current themes of modern life". Be With Records say: Mind-blowing, percussion-heavy, Afro-tinged, cosmic-disco library bomb. An absolutely outstanding record from 1983 and definitely one of the hardest to find on the collectable German library label, Coloursound. The Now Generation (Percussive Underscores) is comfortably one of the very best library records full stop. The record comes galloping out the gate with a pair of rapid synthy-Euro disco bombs -- the title-track and "Panama" -- before slowing down to a woozy pace on "Inorganic Matter". "African Nightclub" sounds like it reads, and is a particular favorite of Prins Thomas. Indeed, it was used to great effect on his seminal "Cosmo Galactic Prism" mix for Eskimo back in 2007. It's followed by the dark, druggy, slow motion industrial groove of "Grease Plant" before "Southerly" lifts the tempo to close out side A with its Latin funk strut of bells and melancholic keys. For some listeners, though, it'll be all about the opener to side B: "Mechanical Heart". Seven minutes of building, mid-tempo disco-funk joy, deceptively explosive, club-ready gear for body and soul. The back cover dryly describes the track as "Guitar and percussion, light industrial underlay". Hmmm. How about, "after finally emerging from a particularly heavy week jamming in a sunless, lawless German warehouse, Chic warily press record on a wayward, illicit instrumental for basement gatherings". Just wait for those drums at the three-minute mark... The beatless ambience and menacing stabs of the proto-electro "Chemical Threat" follows, before the open drums and incredible fills of the metronomic "Steady Going" and fantastically monotonous funk breaks of "Nepal Trek" round out this sensational set. This is a library masterpiece in no uncertain terms, full of synth funk, Afro beats, exotica, leftfield madness, dancefloor dynamite, and all-around greatness. As with Be With Records' KPM and Themes reissues, the audio for The Now Generation comes from the original analog tapes and has been remastered for vinyl by Simon Francis. Richard Robinson has brought the original Coloursound sleeve back to life in all its metallic silver glory. 140 gram vinyl.
BP 055EP
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: BP 055EP
TRUNCATE The Bell 12"
LA's Truncate (David Flores) returns to James Ruskin's Blueprint with a new three-track EP, having made his outstanding debut on the label back in 2017 with Terminal 5. "The Bell/Initials/Timbre" comes off the back of continued deep and raw releases on his own self-titled Truncate label, his recent Truncei8ht EP for Eats Everything and Andre Campo's Ei8ht, which reached the Top 10 of Beatport's Techno 100 Chart. As a persistently in-demand DJ, Truncate has spent the summer touring the US, South America, Asia and Europe, with further gigs at renowned clubs like Glasgow's Sub Club, Belfast's Shine and London's fabric, amongst others. His new EP for Blueprint has been receiving early support from Ben Sims and of course label head, James Ruskin. Over its three tracks Truncate continues to shape his evolving Truncate sound that he launched in 2011, from the tribal energy of "The Bell", via the piquant twang of "Initials", to the deep sensibilities of "Timbre".
PRICE: $12.50
DEETRON Photon Remixes (Gerd Janson & Carl Cox Remixes) 12"
Fresh from releasing Body Electric EP on Running Back (RB 079EP, 2019), Deetron returns with a new compilation; presenting Photon Remixes. Four stellar re-imaginings of Deetron's iconic track from Carl Cox and Gerd Janson, the new release on Character. Originally out back in October 2014 on the same label, the track Photon on Deetron's Theory Of Light EP was a breakout hit, with avid support from both Cox and Janson, this remix package is a celebration of years of friendship and support. Gerd Janson delivers three remixes, twisting the essential elements of Photon, he manages to create playful and varied takes. Carl Cox ups the tempo on his remix, piecing together a dancefloor workout full of punchy drums and broken keys.
PRICE: $18.50
CAT #: CLE 027LP
KELLY, MAMADOU Les Bateaux (The Boats) LP
LP version. In the early 1970s, a devastating drought brought famine to the West African Sahel. This environmental disaster destroyed the region's agricultural and livestock economy. Millions of people were affected. International relief efforts tried to send emergency aid. "Les Bateaux", the title track of this album, recalls those hard years. It paints a scene of Malian villagers standing on the banks of the Niger River anxiously awaiting the boats carrying food. Mamadou Kelly remembers those years as he calls out the name of each boat's longed for appearance over the horizon. Kelly sings about life. He praises and thanks those who do admirable things. He evokes the spirits of collective memory. Seemingly simple, upon listening, his songs reveal multi-layered complexity. He is a master of the desert blues. His group on this album includes longtime colleague Aly Magassa (electric guitar), Kande Sissoko (ngoni), and Hamadoun "Afo" Guindo (percussion). They are joined on tracks by Malian musicians Adama Sidibe (balafon(, Madou Diabate (violin), and Hama Sangho (backup vocal), as well as American friends Jacob Silver (bass), Cindy Cashdollar (lap steel guitar), and David Rothenberg (clarinets). Les Bateaux was recorded live in Bamako and New York. The tracks were mixed in New York and Los Angeles, and mastered in New York.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: CMR 005CD
"One of a number of sessions cut at the Choreographers' Workshop, this 1963 set establishes Sun Ra's Arkestra as a New York band, sonically coupled to developments in the decidedly urbane downtown arts underground. The stargazing clamor of the music reflects the intensity of a cultural crossroads where concrete and dust pervade any skyward view, from East 3rd Street to Mars and beyond. One of Sun Ra's rarest releases, it had negligible circulation through shops. While most of the Saturn output couldn't get any rarer or mysterious than it already was, When Angels Speak of Love was released in 1966, it was the most elusive and mysterious in the Sun Ra catalog. It's speculated that the record was issued in two micro runs, with estimates around 150 copies. Hard core collectors around the world had been searching for this gem to no avail until Evidence Records' released a CD of the music in 2000. This updated offering utilizes the actual master tapes and we get to hear the Arkestra in its cosmic mid-60's prime via mono and stereo fidelity. Features three additional stereo tracks, with liner notes by jazz historian Clifford Allen."
PRICE: $23.00
VA Fun! Funtasy! Funtastic Adventures! LP
Dedicate moves beyond genre and tempo limits on their very first release. Renowned producers and new talents dedicate this label-release to a soundsphere from smooth and laidback grooves to funky up-tempo beats. Dedicate brought these artists together to start the funtastic musical adventure beyond current trends. Fun! Funtasy! Funtastic Adventures! brings to you exclusive contributions by Busy Krank, DJ Friction, First Touch, Hans Nieswandt, Ise Jr., Kollege Schnürschuh, LX, Pallaspeople, Phonk D, and Studio Gruppe 1. Edition of 150.
PRICE: $23.50
HASWELL, RUSSELL 37 Minute Workout Vol. 2 LP
N0!zy blighter Russell Haswell returns to Diagonal five years after his label debut with a spontaneously combusting follow-up to 37 Minute Workout (2014) generated again from a mix of analog/digital synths and modular systems edited on a computer. It was inspired by a visit to CERN, The European Organisation for Nuclear Research, in Geneva; and dinner with Ted Nelson, whose theories of intersingularity and transclusion chimed with the direction recordings took. There are few artists who can genuinely make music that sounds like your needle and/or record is melting, but Russell Haswell is one of them. His second volume of extremely kinky calisthenics is a potent example of daring to be different in a world where exponentially increasing production options are leading producers of all stripes to the exact same conclusions. But, with thanks to Russell's iconoclastic intent, restless nature and ascetic aesthetics, he still sounds quite like nobody else, and, even better yet, doesn't give a shit if you like it or not. Since reincorporating his early love of freestyle electro and Industrial dance music into his patented n0!ze matrices circa the first volume of 37 Minute Workout, Russell has steered that rhythm-driven style into a string of fizzy bangers for Diagonal and even applied it to his production for Consumer Electronics with typically radical results. Russell's 37 Minute Workout Vol. 2 is cut from similarly (but never the same) ragged material as the first batch, and spits, kicks and claws with equal amounts of seething, pent energy and rambunctiousness ready to jab the 'floor in the eye or dissolve a party where needed. Crowbarring cues ranging from the Latin Rascals to Incapacitants and Jeff Mills into seven wickedly awkward designs, Haswell keeps his avant aerobics radically irregular as he hops from the tendon-twitching angularity of "The Wild Horses Of The Revolution Have Arrived Without Knight" to steel-hoofed clatter in "Central Crisis Management Cell" and the lacquer-eating dynamics of "Painful Memories From The Past Need To Be Acknowledged", before toning a proper nasty acid special in the UR inversion "Dancing On The Head Of An Eagle", and seemingly sucking your brain out through a straw with "Starting Something You're Not Able To Finish", with the dry witted, skeletal jazz-funk squirm of "Diplomatic Cocktail Circuit" closing the party down in style. Artwork by Guy Featherstone. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Edition of 300.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: DSB 001EP
VA Delightful Sounds To Boogie 001 12"
Delightful Sounds To Boogie kicks off its first release with this three-track EP, combining two different artists to bring you one record filled with joyful sounds and dancefloor ready rhythms. On the A side there is a disco mix from the well-known producer Prins Thomas. He puts the magic back with this Belgian summer hit -- ideal to reminisce about those lovely summer days on the beach with your friends. Let's get those summer jitters flowing! Upcoming Amsterdam producer Perdu completes the B side with some quality dancefloor tracks. Already releasing killer productions, Perdu treats us to a South African bubblegum edit. Whilst preserving the original joyful sounds, this first track is ready to light up some dancefloors. The second track is a club track that brings the listener on a sweaty journey through a humid jungle.
PRICE: $25.00
"Foetus is the brainchild of acclaimed Brooklyn-based composer JG Thirlwell, also known in the past as Clint Ruin, recording under the name Wiseblood, etc. JG is also mastermind behind the Manorexia, Xordox and Steroid Maximus projects and composes for the TV shows Archer and Venture Bros. Thirlwell is known for his solo sets with electronics, sound installations, composing string arrangements, remixes, commissions, and soundtracks, and has collaborated or arranged for a wide variety of artists including Karen O, Noveller, Zola Jesus, Melvins, Swans, Nine Inch Nails, Lydia Lunch, Coil, Z's, The The, Simon Hanes, Nick Cave and many more. Deaf was the first album by JG Thirlwell as Foetus. Originally released in 1981, it's a wild eccentric collision of ideas and mania from music concrete, funk, no wave to noise. Deaf was released on Thirlwell's Self Immolation label and has been out of print for 30+ years. This is the first vinyl reissue of the album, remastered by Josh Bonati and pressed on red vinyl, with a reproduction of the album's promotional poster inside."
PRICE: $18.00
YOUKOUNKOUN Special Delivery Vol. 6 LP
Edit Service present its sixth release, this time featuring Youkounkoun, a duo comprising of Jeff Lasson, of Get A Room!, and Gaėtan Rossi. After releasing on Multi Culti edits and Edits du Plaisir, the duo delivers a mini-LP with a diverse range of tempos and moods, from dancefloor-friendly cuts to weirder tracks with Gallic oddities, Dutch new wave, Spanish minimal wave, and experimental Iranian music used as the source material. The unsettling post-punk, industrial, and mutant kraut energy in those tracks could not be further removed from lazy run-of-the-mill disco edits. In true digger spirit, Youkounkoun picks tracks never edited before and painstakingly re-arranges them by adding a lot of additional production to completely transform these tracks for the dancefloor.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: ENV 041EP
The Galleria is a project from Morgan Geist (Storm Queen, Metro Area) that ripples with echoes of the indigenous music of long-dead suburban New Jersey shopping malls and NYC radio stations: bombastic freestyle, club dubs, razor-edits, and bubblegum-pop R&B. The newest single, Stop & Go, is the second release since the 2015 debut, Calling Card/Mezzanine (ENV 038EP). Vocals are once again provided by Jessy Lanza, whose two solo albums on Hyperdub were met with critical acclaim and were both shortlisted for the Polaris Prize. Stop & Go features a drum-a-pella for creative mixing, plus an extended, dancefloor-friendly dub.
PRICE: $14.00
PUESTEL, RICO Exhibition 2: Solling I 12"
With Exhibition's second performance, Rico Puestel presents the new series-within-the-series, Solling, conceptually fulfilling the "triad of A" throughout the canvas of this record: Acid, analogicity, and anachronisms. After recently telling a vast and mesmerizing story on Adana Twins' TAU label, Rico Puestel now immerses into his defining habitat roots and creates the long-planned first soundtrack chapter of Solling: A central German uplands area in Lower Saxony, spreading into the North of Hesse, shaped by mixed forests, its rural imprinting, a widespread range of regionally varying cultural idiosyncrasies and a century-extending history, including the shattering throughout the welters of the Thirty Years' War. Being the first of several planned chapters, pre-production mostly takes place there while the music is traversed by sound recorded in that area, leading to an existence irreversibly connected to its birthplace. The impetuous opener "Tilly", characterizing the essence of Johann T'Serclaes von Tilly who commanded the Catholic League's forces in the Thirty Years' War, overrunning the Solling throughout 1624 and 1625, culminates in one retro-futuristic affair, building into an overwhelming storm of percussion tapestry and intertwining layers of acid. The A2 follow-up "Clava" takes the initial impetus to a superior level, overriding itself with an unpredictable enigma-melody after laying the foundation of a high-density groove architecture -- all of this representing the almost intangible chasms of a unicum street and its geographical expanse, filled with Rico's far-reaching primordial retrospections, seemingly connecting several contingent coordinates of mysterious happenings over two decades while anticipating the future. Ultimately, the AA-flipside delivers the groundbreaking Solling composition "Pro Foreste Sulgo", presenting an ancient-like struggle of dark and light as told by the principles of nature with two melodic themes, circling around themselves, bound to collide and meld like atoms -- all placed within the treetops, shaken by the wind, overlooking a future that might already has been...
OME 1001LP
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: OME 1001LP
DEREN, MAYA Voices Of Haiti LP
2020 repress. Fantome Phonographique present a reissue of Maya Deren's Voices Of Haiti, originally released as a 10" record in 1954. Maya Deren (1917-1961) was a Russian-American filmmaker and one of the most important voices in avant-garde cinema of the mid-20th century. She was a muse and inspiration to such up-and-coming avant-garde filmmakers as Curtis Harrington, Stan Brakhage, and Kenneth Anger, who emulated her independent, entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout the 1940s and '50s, Deren attacked Hollywood for its artistic, political and economic monopoly over American cinema. She stated, "I make my pictures for what Hollywood spends on lipstick." When Maya Deren decided, between the end of the '40s and the beginning of the '50s, to make an ethnographic film in Haiti, she was criticized for abandoning the avant-garde film world where she had made her place, but she was ready to expand to a new level as an artist. Deren not only filmed, recorded, and photographed many hours of voodoo ritual, but also participated in the ceremonies. It was in working on this film that Deren recorded the Haitian musicians found on these sides originally released in the very early days of Elektra records. Voices Of Haiti, a beautiful artifact of percussion and chant heavy ritual music, is one of the earliest and best Western ethnographic documents of voodoo culture in Haiti. It is unmissable both for its historical value and for the beauty and spiritual power of the music it contains. Original cover art for the album was created by the Japanese composer and performer Teiji Ito, husband of Maya Deren. Remastered; repressed here as a 12".
JD 047EP
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: JD 047EP
AZYMUTH Jazz Carnival 12"
Repressed. Celebrating the label's 25th anniversary, Far Out Recordings presents a series of limited-edition vinyl 12"s highlighting its contribution to underground dance music. Including reissues of sought-after floor-fillers, previously unreleased club tools and brand-new productions from some key players in Far Out history, the series begins with Global Communication's "Space Jazz" remix of Azymuth's "Jazz Carnival'. One of the label's most requested reissues, it's a typically timeless effort from the duo comprising Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton and has stayed relevant within the house/techno canon for over twenty years. The A side presents the original LP version of Azymuth's 1996 redux of their all-time classic, instrumental disco hit "Jazz Carnival", which originally appeared on Azymuth's first full-length venture on Far Out, Carnival (1996). Presented in a special 25th anniversary house bag, the full-length 12-minute version of this all-time classic has been re-mastered from the original DAT and pressed to heavyweight vinyl. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $14.00
NOCOW Ualldie 12"
Figure's newest addition to its catalog is Nocow's Ualldie EP, a vivid adventure following his trilogy Vozduh (FIGURE 094-1EP)/Voda (FIGURE 094-2EP)/Zemlya (FIGURE 094-3EP) on the main label. Nocow's synths stand out once again, churning out melancholic grooves over five pieces, which showcase his ability to mesh the psychedelic and the heavy, resulting in tracks both bittersweet and punishing. It's a distinct Russianness, a yearning frozen within, which Nocow's cloud techno transports effectively using stereo panning, finely layered percussion and wide strings to paint his imaginative landscape.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: HOS 408LP
Hospital Productions present a reissue of Akitsa's Goetie, originally released in 2001. Repressed 20th anniversary edition with updated layout. Classic debut album that has influenced a generation since with its stunning and inimitable mix of black metal, punk, funeral doom, and industrial ascension. Juvenile black metal madness. Double-LP in wide spine jacket.
PRICE: $27.50
CAT #: HOS 412LP
2020 repress; gatefold double LP version. Alessandro Cortini is best known as the lead electronics performer in Nine Inch Nails' live unit. His recordings under his own name have gained prominence in recent years and he has become known as one of the pre-eminent Buchla masters in North America. Cortini makes a surprising departure into the 202 on his debut album for Hospital Productions -- Sonno. Sonno was recorded in hotel rooms, using a Roland MC 202 through a delay pedal, recorded direct, sometimes into a small portable speaker system. "I liked to walk around the room with a handheld recorder to hear where the sequence would sound better, turn on faucets, open doors or windows to see how the ambient sounds would interact with the MC 202/delay/speaker sound. It was very relaxing and liberating to make music this way." The result is a beautifully restrained yet oddly emotive album that's quite distinct from the overly academic approach so often undertaken by hardware-driven devotees. Mastered by Matt Colton.
PRICE: $27.50
CAT #: HOS 426LP
2020 repress; gatefold double-LP version. Though known as a touring and recording musician associated with Nine Inch Nails, Alessandro Cortini has really come into his own via his Forse trilogy, and his 2014 Hospital Productions debut, Sonno (HOS 412CD). For his Hospital follow-up, he maintains the grittiness and intimacy introduced on his debut, but expands on it, offering a wider spectrum of emotion and depth. Like Sonno, Risveglio was written and recorded while on tour. The drive to create intimate works during late-night downtime reveals Cortini to be committed to a personal vision beyond the call of duty. While Sonno was created using only a 202 and delay, Risveglio adds a TB303, synced to the 202. In Cortini's words, "The 303 can be such a haunting instrument used in a certain way, and I felt it completely fit the mood of the previous work I have done on the 202, especially when given a specific location in space... it's such a living instrument." The addition of TR606 gives one of the pieces a rhythmic pulse that separates it from the preceding synthscapes and renders Risveglio an altogether more dynamic affair than Sonno. With Risveglio, Cortini emphasizes the imperfections and visceral textures of electronics absent from so much contemporary solo synthesizer music. He carves out a similar space to that formed by Kevin Drumm's releases for Hospital in the worlds of drone and noise by finding the emotional and, ultimately, human voice within synthesis.
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: HOS 442LP
AKITSA Grands Tyrans LP
Hospital Productions present a reissue of Akitsa's Grands Tyrans, originally released in 2015. Repressed edition of the band's fifth album with updated layout. Marks the 20th anniversary of the band. The minimalist turning point and confluence of all the band's influences on the road to underground mastery. Possessed doom punk black metal. Includes fold-out poster.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: JAM 014EP
RUDOSA Next Generation EP 12"
The two-track 12-inch is Manchester DJ/Producer Rudosa's first release for the Italian Jam imprint.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: JAM 015EP
TAUCHEN Runaway EP 12"
Ralph-Armand Beck alias Taucher is up on Jam.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: KDS 013EP
SAZE, SOPHIA Self - Remixes 12"
A key player in the New York scene and boss of her own Dusk & Haze label, it was Francis Harris's Kingdoms that initially released Sophie Saze's standout two-part album, and that is where this forward-looking package of highly original remixes lands. First up is German artist Roman Flügel, who's responsible for a myriad of musical aliases and just as many different sounds. Here he is in experimental electronic mode and reworks "Cure" into an elongated groove with twisted synth lines layering up over the shimmer, shadowy beats. It's a ghoulish track with a creepy atmosphere. Swede Anthony Linell makes tripped-out, heady techno on Northern Electronics, always with a stylish aesthetic. That continues here as he reimagines "Aliens" as an absorbing cosmic soundtrack. Supple, rubbery drums bubble down low while broad pads and astral motifs color the airways above and sink you into a state of trance. New York beat maker and Blueberry Records boss FaltyDL then steps up with a remix of "Self". It is a typically off-kilter groove that seems to float on post-jungle drums while distant synth details make for a dreamy atmosphere. Closing out this killer package is Saze's original track "Dreams", an intense techno cut where coarse textures peel off the industrial clatter of the drums.
KW 027EP
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: KW 027EP
MOHEM, FADI Klockworks 27 12"
Berlin rising DJ and producer Fadi Mohem debuts on Klockworks with four atmospheric techno cuts for the 27th outing on the label. Influenced by early Detroit techno and Berlin dub techno the young artist has built his reputation as a selector with sets at Berghain, Tresor, or ADE. Following a couple of releases on Modeselektor's newly revived label Seilscheibenpfeiler he follows up with a powerful EP on Ben Klock's imprint showcasing his varied taste and seamless production skills.
K 100LP
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: K 100LP
RAZEN Ayik Adhista, Adhista Ayik LP
Razen celebrate their ten-year anniversary with Ayīk Adhīsta Adhīsta Ayīk, an album that takes a paragraph from CG Jung's Memories, Dreams, Reflections as a reference point to set off a journey that goes from light to dark, from day to night, from life to death, and back. As much a reflection of primal imagery and rituals of knowledge as a way of coming to terms with anxieties about the chaos of the night, the album concerns itself with the question: who -- or what -- are we in the moments before (re-)birth, before waking up, in the state in between darkness and light. On Ayīk Adhīsta Adhīsta Ayīk, the wind instruments and organ stabs of band leaders Kim Delcour and Brecht Ameel are expanded with Pieter Lenaerts' five string double bass and sarangi, Jean-Philippe Poncin's bass clarinet and chalumeau, and Paul Garriau's hurdy gurdy. The album sees the group explore new straight-to-the-gut emotional territory, while simultaneously showcasing Razen's intuitive, continuous investigation of the acoustic properties and resonant possibilities of churches and chapels in the countryside around Brussels; after Remote Hologram (2014) and The Xvoto Reels (2017), this time the St Agatha Church (St.-Agatha-Berchem) functions as the conduit for Razen's acoustic sound jolts. With the past ten years entirely devoted to the search for archetypical timbres and connotations by improvising on early music instruments, it's no wonder that the world of Razen would one day collide with the world of CG Jung and take his writing as an inspiration. A sonic hex tour de force from this unique ensemble, Ayīk Adhīsta Adhīsta Ayīk is a present-day, nocturnal emitter of the Coleridge quote that opens Jung's Memories: "He looked at his own soul with a Telescope. What seemed all irregular he saw and shewed to be beautiful Constellations and he added to the Consciousness hidden worlds within worlds." Includes download code.
PRICE: $20.00
LP version. "Legacy Chicago craftsman Mark Nelson's latest offering as Pan American is less a distillation or divergence than it is a return to his musical and spiritual beginnings. Spare, subdued, and largely acoustic, A Son unfurls like late summer dusk on the edge of town, expansive but intimate. Motivated by notions of 'moving backward' and tracing roots -- as well as a couple years of hammered dulcimer lessons -- the album's nine songs were written and recorded in his home in Evanston, Illinois, and honed during a recent solo tour in Europe. The emphasis on uncluttered arrangements and the centrality of the guitar and vocals reveal these songs as the most direct and emotional statement of his career. Nelson cites everything from June Tabor, The Carter Family, Suicide and Jimmy Reed as oblique inspirations, though his truest muse was creative self-inquiry: 'What does music do, Where does music start? How simple can it be? How honest can it be?' After decades of mining post-rock pathways and latticework electronics in Labradford and early Pan American, A Son strips away ornament and distraction in favor of a direct gaze into the heart of what is."
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: MUS 197EP
AVIADOR DRO Nuclear, Si 7"
Formed in Madrid in 1979. Influenced equally by Dadaism and Futurist ideas as by the contemporary sounds of bands such as Devo, Throbbing Gristle, or Cabaret Voltaire, they started creating their own brand of electronic music. Soon after the band won the third prize of a local Battle of The Bands show and were given a record deal as a prize that resulted in La Chica De Plexiglįs 7" (Movieplay, 1980) and La Vision 7" (Movieplay, 1981) both of which were recorded at the same session with a third 7" recorded but not released at the time. Faced with the total lack of interest showed by the label and feeling alienated in a music world which wasn't the one they dreamed of, they decided to do what dozens of their peers were doing worldwide; They started their own label, Discos Radioactivos Organizados (DRO) following the steps of Factory or Industrial Records. Faced with the exit of three members who left the band to form a more radical band (Esplendor Geometrico), Aviador Dro entered Doublewtronix studios to record Nuclear, Sķ, marking the birth of the independent music industry in Spain. The four tracks on the EP became instant classics with "Nuclear, Sķ" being the absolute standout track, while "Varsovia en Llamas", "Sintonia Del Refugio Atomico", and "Godzilla" were perfect nuggets of synth-punk who remain amongst the greatest Spanish pop songs ever. Originally hand-assembled, hand-colored, self-released, and distributed in the total DIY spirit, the first release of DRO remains a perfect example of what a bunch of teenagers can achieve armed with just their youthful energy and idealism. Nuclear, Si, was repressed three times and has been out of print since the early '80s. This reissue of 500 radioactive green vinyl comes out in the year that Aviador Dro celebrates its 40th anniversary.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: MUS 203LP
CHAIN CULT Shallow Grave LP
Athen's Chain Cult return with their first full length following a great Demo (MUS 169LP) and 7" (MUS 175EP) from 2018. Shallow Grave shows the progression of a band who have played non-stop for two years, covering pretty much all of Europe. Chain Cult's post punk is anthemic, militant and idealistic, putting music to a very dark and bleak time and place. You can hear echoes of early The Cure, The Sound, Second Empire Justice-era Blitz, or Wipers in their music but also the passion and conviction of locals Metro Decay, Stress, or Anti... Very much a perfect reflection of what springs to mind thinking about the current Athens scene.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: MUS 204EP
LUX New Day 7"
Barcelona's Lux returns with a new four-track EP and it's pogo thrills the whole way. It's raw, tight, and primal. It perfectly captures the sound of a classic and much loved UK82 release with a basic production and foot to the floor energy. Standouts include "Action" which sits next to the first two singles by Vice Squad and The Expelled. "Mańana", which is more up-tempo, shows a love of Action Pact and all things Riot City Records. Simplicity done well is a hard thing to do but Lux do it without any problems. Comes in a colorful sleeve designed by guitarist Nico; includes lyric insert.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: MUS 207EP
RATA NEGRA La Hija Del Sepulturero EP 7"
On the A side the Madrid power trio puts music to a poem of José Marķa Gabriel y Galįn (1870-1905) turning its melancholic prose into a mid-tempo punk beauty with surf guitars and deep bass tones. A chance meeting of Spanish Costumbrismo and kitsch as seen on the song's video. The flip side "Problemas, No" brings back to life Video's minor hit from 1983 updating the synth pop of the original to a sharp upbeat punk jam which will have you dancing your shoes off. Includes a lyric insert.
PRICE: $12.50
AIROD Rave Cycle EP 12"
Paris-based DJ and producer Airod, aka Dario Brkic, returns to Amelie Lens' Lenske for his second 12" on the Belgian label, Rave Cycle EP. Previous solo EPs on Molekul, on his Elixyr and the acclaimed Voltage EP on Lenske earlier in 2019 have brought him to play at some of the most emblematic clubs of the international circuit and become part of the Exhale showcases. Following a new round of bombastic releases by the Lenske crew: Farrago, Milo Spykers, and Lens herself, it's now the turn for the Elixyr Records boss to bring the heat. As expected from Airod, this new record sounds like it could have been released in 1994. He uses references from rave, acid, and gabber together with his fresh approach, the result are four club-ready cuts to hit massive sound systems. The A side features the title track "Rave Cycle" and "Falling Angels" that with epic narrative and 303 conquering waves become perfect anthems for sweaty warehouse parties. "Bloodshed" on the flip-side illustrates Dario's acid exercises in pure form while "Fury" is the final weapon to burn the dancefloor with hardcore vibes.
PRICE: $31.00
DASZU Zone of Swans/Lucid Actual + 1/2 Dativa 2LP
"Excavation of astounding underground post-punk recorded from 1979-1983. Vinyl edition comes in a heavy-duty tip-on jacket. First time on vinyl for all tracks If there's one thing we've learned from doing reissues for twenty years, it's that there is often a lack of justice in the arts. All too often, the intensely talented are shunted aside, or not able to access the means to a greater hearing, or marginalized (or eradicated) by larger societal (commercial) (racial) (political) forces, to name just three potential prongs of an art-crushing pitchfork. The less an artist's work can be categorized, the greater the odds of being an eternal outsider. The more pure those artistic efforts are, the greater the chance they cannot be categorized. Such is the case with the music of Daszu. They were three, and minimal. Bass, synthesizer and drums. I'd like to tell you that the music of Daszu reminds me of This Heat. I'd like to tell you that the music of Daszu reminds me of the Pop Group... or A Certain Ratio... or as some have suggested, early Devo. It does, in purity of intent -- in the great expansive reach of the attempt, and the self-assurance of the resulting music. This intensity of intention is evident in the dark, burbling and buzzing electronics; in the propulsive drumming; in the insistent bass-lines; in the emotional vocals; and in the evocative and poetic lyrics."
PRICE: $23.00
VA Ayahuasca: Cumbias Psicodelicas, Vol. 1 LP
2019 repress. "What have we here? At first glance it seems like the missing volume from our Groove Club series, which it so easily could have been! This is stunning collection - which took more than fifteen years to put together - of hot, rare tracks that combine cumbia with psychedelic rock. Starting in the late 1960s, there was a boom of tropical music in Peru, both in Lima and the provinces. Cumbia Peruana merged this tropical sound with that of psychedelic rock. Aspects of cumbia were mixed with electric (often fuzz) guitar, played over Andean and jungle rhythms?this combination provoked an explosion of original music. An instrument to lead the way, usually from the introduction of the song; over this, hypnotic layers of keyboards and guitar with fuzz and wah wah; add simple bass-lines; and to top it off, syncopated rhythms from bongos, congas, huiros, cymbals, timbales, often played at breakneck speed. In the end, it's like a sonic cousin to Nigerian music: these musicians liked guitar, they had a fondness for echo, and they loved a murky high-octane jam. Fierce, funky and full of flavor!"
PRICE: $16.00
CAT #: MAM 202CD
The psychedelic masterpiece nobody heard -- First ever official, authorized release of psychedelic mega-rarity. After a suffering an LSD-induced mental breakdown, Los Angeles-based songwriter Craig Smith renamed himself Maitreya Kali and custom-pressed Apache / Inca, a double-LP documenting his musical, personal, and spiritual journey. His message to the world, encoded on the album jackets in rambling, quasi-mystical Messianic verse, was urgent, desperate, delusional, and disturbing. Recorded between 1967 and 1971, the music tells a different story. Achingly beautiful, haunting acoustic folk songs; luminescent psychedelic folk-rock; eerie, off-kilter acid rock; fragments; field recordings -- all meticulously woven into a magical, mesmerizing whole. Apache / Inca is an extraordinary work. Not the dark, self-indulgent ramblings of a cracked Messiah, but a thoughtfully-crafted collection of work by a singer and songwriter of remarkable depth and talent whose world was falling apart. Soon afterwards Maitreya -- and Craig -- disappeared into the shadows. He died homeless in a North Hollywood Park in 2012. Decades after its creation, Apache / Inca was discovered by collectors and hailed as a psychedelic masterpiece. It is now one of the most revered and sought-after artifacts of the era. Includes seven tracks by the Penny Arkade, produced by Michael Nesmith. CD version comes as a digipak; includes 32-page booklet.
PRICE: $12.00
DISCIPLES True Love/True Dub 7"
Music Mania and Indica Dubs present a triple color vinyl 7" series in their Mania Dub series. These unreleased songs have been produced by one of the biggest pioneers of UK dub: The Disciples. The Disciples were formed in 1986 by brothers Russ Bell-Brown and Lol Bell-Brown. They were given the name by Jah Shaka, after producing exclusively for Jah Shaka. "True Love": played with exclusive mixes over the decades by Aba Shanti-I! The slow but heavyweight bass line and synths are the perfect combination of a serious sound system killer tune. One of the most popular demanded dubplates for release. Color vinyl; pressed to make a red-yellow-green set with the two other 7"s in the Disciples Dubplate 7" Series.
PRICE: $12.00
DISCIPLES African Odyssey/African Dub 7"
Music Mania and Indica Dubs present a triple color vinyl 7" series in their Mania Dub series. These unreleased songs have been produced by one of the biggest pioneers of UK dub: The Disciples. The Disciples were formed in 1986 by brothers Russ Bell-Brown and Lol Bell-Brown. They were given the name by Jah Shaka, after producing exclusively for Jah Shaka. "African Odyssey": named after the spiritual vibe of the tune, this tune has always got people dancing in sound system sessions. Color vinyl; pressed to make a red-yellow-green set with the two other 7"s in the Disciples Dubplate 7" Series.
PRICE: $12.00
DISCIPLES Deep Space/Deep Dub 7"
Music Mania and Indica Dubs present a triple color vinyl 7" series in their Mania Dub series. These unreleased songs have been produced by one of the biggest pioneers of UK dub: The Disciples. The Disciples were formed in 1986 by brothers Russ Bell-Brown and Lol Bell-Brown. They were given the name by Jah Shaka, after producing exclusively for Jah Shaka. "Deep Space": played regularly as dubplate by King Shiloh sound system and many more. This fast tempo steppers tune drops well in sessions every time. Color vinyl; pressed to make a red-yellow-green set with the two other 7"s in the Disciples Dubplate 7" Series.
PRICE: $32.00
DIE WILDE JAGD Morgenrot 3x12"
The second instalment of Minimood's multidisciplinary fusion series features Die Wilde Jagd with an extensive rework of the neo-romantic "Morgenrot" as well as a vast array of diverse remixes by Ancient Methods, CV313, Luigi Tozzi, Roman Flügel, Rude 66, Steve Bug, The KVB, Vactrol Park, and Variant. This gatefold 3x12" vinyl-only release is visually enhanced with intricate hand-drawn artwork including inlay by Dusseldorf based artist Susanne Giring. Written and recorded by Sebastian Lee Philipp with his Uhrwald Orange studio collaborator Ralf Beck, Morgenrot originally appeared on Die Wilde Jagd's debut album in 2015 (BB 203CD/LP). For this release, Philipp and Beck re-visited the song: the ensuing "Fangschuss Version" enjoys an augmented arrangement, additional instrumentation and a haunting guest vocal by New- Zealand based singer, Nina Siegler. In Philipp's words, the "Fangschuss Version" constitutes "a venture to capture the spirit that has been guiding this fusion release -- a desire to explore the concepts of friendship, time, distance and memory. An attempt to unveil fragments of the unseen and to reveal the surge of a distant remembrance in an embracive listening experience." "Morgenrot" subsequently gets a highly varied remix treatment by a range of carefully selected artists. While Vactrol Park navigate the original audio material into beautiful ambient territory, Ancient Methods showcase an epic masterpiece of enchanting medieval-vibed techno. The KVB turn the track into a dreamy cold-wave trip and Rude 66 dives into a dark, primetime, anthemic dimension. For Roman Flügel, it's a slow, organic, starry-eyed approach and Luigi Tozzi transforms "Morgenrot" into hypnotic and loopy, minimal, deep techno. The rework by Steve Bug plays with the original's melody and a danceable kosmische-infused house cut emerges. The final two remixes are both crafted by legendary Echospace Detroit mastermind Stephen Hitchell: absorbing deep trips into mesmerizing dub techno by CV313 and into foggy lo-fi ambient by Variant.
PRICE: $25.50
MALARIA! Compiled 2.0 2LP
Repressed. January 1981 found Gudrun Gut and Bettina Koster in Christopher Franke's Berlin-Spandau Studio recording their first Malaria! EP (Zensor Records). Christine Hahn of The Static with Glenn Branca and Barbara Ess, joined in from New York, and Manon P. Duursma fresh from Nina Hagen's O.U.T. project, and Susanne Kuhnke completed the line-up. Malaria! started touring intensively soon after the release of their 12", commencing with a concert with New Order at Brussel's Ancienne Belgique, and going on from there to concerts with Siouxsie and the Banshees, Birthday Party, The Slits, The AuPairs, Raincoats, Nina Hagen, John Cale, and Einstürzende Neubauten. They played venues as diverse as the Mudd Club, Peppermint Lounge and Studio 54 in New York, the Documenta in Kassel, the Bat Cave in London, Les Bains Douche in Paris, Milky Way and Paradiso in Amsterdam, ICA in London, the Piazza Santa Maria Novella in Florence, and Markthalle in Hamburg and naturally, again and again, at the SO36 in Berlin. While touring, Malaria! used their time off to record in Studios in New York, London, Brussels, New Orleans, and in Berlin -- How Do You Like My New Dog? 7" (1981), Weisses Wasser 12" (1982), New York Passage 12" (1982), Revisited cassette (1983), and the Emotion album (1982). At the BBC studios in London, Maida Vale, Malaria! recorded a John Peel Session. Malaria! took a break in 1984 -- Bettina and Christine re-located to New York, and Gudrun and Manon stayed in Berlin to form Matador with Beate Bartel, but not before they recorded their mini-album, Beat The Distance (1985). In 1992 Gudrun, Bettina, Christine, and Manon met up in New Orleans with Jim Thirlwell (Foetus) to record Elation 12". Elation was followed by Cheerio (1993), which again was recorded in Berlin. Chicks on Speed did their own version of Malaria!'s song, "Kaltes Klares Wasser" in 2001, and the remix went into the German Top 10. Malaria! has been an instrumental part of Berlin music history, as recently presented at the "Zurück zum Beton" at Düsseldorf's Kunstakademie, Kunsthalle Wien "Punk!", "Geniale Dilletanten" Goethe Institut, and in B-Movie.
PRICE: $23.00
MOFFETT, KARMA Sitting Still Within/Sitting Still Without LP
"Sound has the ability to heal. This is the primary tenet that has been driving Karma Moffett for over 35 years. Pure tones, resonant harmonics, the sounds of the earth. At the dawn of the 80's, as the burgeoning movement of privately-issued New Age was taking hold, Karma Moffett was a pioneer. Eschewing the use of synthesizers and other increasingly-available electronic technology, Karma crafted his meditative, introspective music using ancient instruments. Primarily utilizing Tibetan bells, and singing bowls, Karma Moffett crafted sounds that led the listener on an inward journey. 1982's Sitting Still Within/Sitting Still Without is Karma Moffett's earliest triumph. Combining the aforementioned Tibetan bowls & bells along with naturalistic field recordings, Karma's first album is a testament to the power of minimalism and repetition. An ambient voyage that truly draws the listener inward, and outwards, Sitting Still Within/Sitting Still Without is music for healing."
MST 4003LP
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: MST 4003LP
VA Electrosteen LP
Electrosteen is an initiative to bring Palestinian traditional music, in its widest sense, into the contemporary international art/musical scene. A team of professional researchers/musicians/technicians carry out an extensive fieldwork, documenting the oral musical traditions of different ethnic and religious communities of historic Palestine. An audio material library, collected from existing archives or recorded from professional and non-professional urban, rural and Bedouin musicians, was found at Popular Arts Center in Ramallah. An agreement was signed between Made in Palestine project and Popular Arts Center to use this library that represents an important data base to produce new music. This is how, during a two-week workshop, a team of carefully selected Palestinian contemporary young musicians and DJs were asked to work on the production of original tracks, using this database as a starting point. Features Muqataa, Mehdi Haddab, Walaa Sbait, Bruno Cruz, Sarouna M, Julmud, Al Nather, Shab Jdeed, Nasser Halahlih, SAMA, Basel Naouri.
PRICE: $14.00
NIGHTWAVE The Journey EP 12"
Musar continues to explore the healthy landscape of underground and alternative electronic music with the debut release on the label from Nightwave. The Journey is a fitting title for the Glaswegian producer, DJ, and promoter, who has been a lynchpin for the city's vibrant music scene since her first release in 2010. In the time since, Nightwave has a developed a punchy and highly original sound that blends potent influences of acid, techno and forward-thinking bass music, with releases on DABJ, UTTU, Fool's Gold, DEXT, and her own imprint, Heka Trax. For her Musar debut, Nightwave celebrates, in her own words, "joy, dance, exploring inner worlds, the celebration of nature and life and how it all interconnects". On a delicate tip, opening and title track "The Journey" establishes the EP's "rainforest rave" aesthetic, spiraling upwards with weightless energy. It's underlying percussion steps forward on "Jiboia Groove", which blossoms thrillingly into wave upon wave of ethereal, breakbeat-led rave. "Monkey Puzzle" pulls a similar, if more uncompromising trick, only with its rhythmic timber instead succumbing to layers of rough-hewn, squealing acid synthesis and pounding snare drums. Naive founder and Lisbon's rave goddess, Violet generously remixes "The Journey" in intriguing fashion, unravelling a trippy and tense riddle at the heart of the rainforest.
MM 30Y-2EP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: MM 30Y-2EP
HOOD & IGNACIO, ROBERT And Then We Planned Our Escape/Organa 12"
Music Man celebrates its 30th birthday with a limited series of special color vinyl, containing two classic tracks that were important in the label's history. Up next are Robert Hood's "And Then We Planned Our Escape" (2007) and Ignacio's (aka Steve Rachmad) "Organa" (Remastered, 1997).
PRICE: $25.00
COIL Theme From The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex (Yellow Vinyl) LP
Yellow vinyl in yellow sleeve. Musique Pour La Danse present Coil's unreleased soundtrack for the VHS only, pre-internet, sexual education documentary entitled The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex released in 1992. Members for this project were John Balance, Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson, and Danny Hyde. The OST, to quote John Balance's interview for Compulsion Online, "is [a] slightly new age-y, progressive house type thing". Another way to approach it is as a delightful collection of Balearic beats, smoking jazz not far removed from Badalamenti's work with David Lynch, somewhat of an ambient house album for your home listening and early morning sunrise dances, Coil style. Taken from the original masters provided by Danny Hyde, The Gay Man's Guide To Safer Sex features a new sexy edit of the main theme. Bonus tracks "Nasa-Arab" and "Omlagus Garfungiloops" are taken from the 1992 CD-only release Stolen And Contaminated Songs, both being original versions of the radically reworked (for the OST) "Nasa-Arab 2" and "Exploding Frogs" in order to balance the whole album and extend the listening pleasure.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: MPD 019EP
BARUKA AKA ORLANDO VOORN Play It Loud (Remastered) 12"
As the title subtly suggest, this has to be played loud! In recent days, the title tune (that FX mix) has been played recently by the usual suspects. A classic and strong 12" by Orlando Voorn under his Baruka moniker focusing on twisted funky Detroit techno sound with his special signature. A colorful release, first issued in 1994 and remastered for the 21st century.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: MPD 020EP
BARUKA AKA ORLANDO VOORN The Lost Funk (Remastered) 12"
An absolutely gorgeous 12" by Orlando Voorn under his Baruka moniker focusing on ambient house/IDM and downtempo; think of the heyday of Black Dog, New Electronica, Artificial Intelligence, and Fat Cat Records shop, with Orlando's touch and a truly delicious acid line on "Circles." First released in 1994; remastered for the 21st century.
NEW 9368CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: NEW 9368CD
VA Pure House Anthems: Mixed By Majestic 3CD
The UK's No.1 dance and urban music brand Pure returns with Pure House Anthems, celebrating the very best of house, deep house and tech house, the cream of the crop of current and recent house anthems. For this album, Pure team up once again with legendary Kiss FM DJ and producer, Majestic to curate and mix the album. Majestic has risen through the ranks to become the UK's new leading authority on all things house. This multi-skilled artist can do it all, having won across the board acclaim for his work as a club and festival MC, music producer, remixer, club DJ and radio DJ plus he's has been riding high this summer with his anthem "I Wanna Be Down". Pure House Anthems showcases 60 tracks across three CDs packed with 2019's biggest dance tracks mixed with the crossover, multi-million streaming house hits from the past five years. Features MEDUZA, Goodboys Joel Corry, Majestic, FISHER, Solardo & Eli Brown, Leftwing : Kody, Weiss, Amira, Sam Divine, TJR, Xavier, Majestic & Luis Rumore?, MK, Au/Ra, CamelPhat, Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic & Nikki Ambers, James Hype, Kelli-Leigh, Mark Knight vs Mr. Roy, De'Lacy X Rainie, Kideko, Loose Change, Patti Low, Gregory Porter, Claptone, Dirty Vegas, Elderbrook, Secondcity, Low Steppa, Dansson & Marlon Hoffstadt, Fatboy Slim, Hot Natured, Anabel Englund, Shadow Child, Josh Butler, Bontan, Calvin Harris & Disciples, Sonny Fodera, Alex Mills, Jax Jones, RAYE, OFFAIAH, Siege, Blonde, Melissa Steel, Anton Powers, Redondo, Azari & III, Jamie Jones, Infinity Ink, Skream, Rudimental & Preditah, MORGAN, Tube & Berger & Juliet Sikora, Ben Pearce, Craig David, Disclosure, Wankelmut & Emma Louise, George Mensah, Degrees Of Motion, Sammy Porter, Disciples & Eyelar, Alex Newell, Karen Harding, Zac Samuel, Oliver Heldens & Becky Hill, GotSome, The Get Along Gang, Route 94, Jess Glynne, Manston & Simms x Deedods, Yousef, RY X, The Original, Ryan Blyth X After 6, Malisha Bleau, Black Saint, Just Kiddin', Krystal Klear, and Duke Dumont.
LL 003EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: LL 003EP
DIMBAS & LA DIFERENCIA, DANIEL La Diferencia - Antal & Palms Trax Edits 12"
Heavy zouk 12", double-sider! Both tracks taken from Daniel Dimbas's 1985 La Differencia album. Officially licensed from Debs Music. Palms Trax and Antal on edit duties.
PRICE: $12.50
VA Varios I 12"
First EP of the Varios compilation series. Including tracks by Ryogo Yamamori, Yogg, Viels, and Ribe.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: OCS 015EP
PORTRAIT Energy Band 12"
Our Circula Sound's resurgence continues with Portrait's Energy Band; a six-track EP that fuses widescreen sound design and club sonics. Drawing on his background in both London and Berlin's electronic scenes, Portrait's palate is at once wide-reaching and focused, filtering techno, electro, and drum'n'bass tropes through a futurist lens. Energy Band is an EP for forward-thinking dance floors.
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: OXE 003LP
DOERELL, OLIVER My Life With M.: Theater Music 2008-2018 LP
My Life With M. -- an organic contact with sound where theatre and music could be perceived as a tool for the creation of a distant dream. Oliver Doerell's sonorities transpose a nostalgia for something never met or somewhere never been, an osmosis of absence and memory interrupted by scattered fragments of abstraction. The album reveals Oliver Doerell's artistic collaboration with German-Iranian dancer and choreographer Modjgan Hashemian. All pieces are reworked compositions for theater plays from 2008 to 2018. A wide acoustic spectrum is built throughout the merge of home-made instruments, electro-acoustic and digital means. The artist is subtly mastering sound textures, distortions, altered frequencies, voice insertions, and blends reality and mysticism into his unique soundscape. The founding member of Dictaphone and SWOD, Oliver Doerell (aka Cummi Flu) releases the first album under his artist name and invites the listener to contemplate and to discover another one of his artistic personas. Grab a comfortable chair and enjoy the audition. 180 gram vinyl; edition of 400.
OY 001EP
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: OY 001EP
Following stand-out performances at this year's Mutek and Sonar Festival, RBMA graduate and NTS regular J Colleran launches new imprint, Oyae, with a five-track masterpiece, simply titled "EP01". Produced in Dublin, Ireland, J Colleran originally experimented with processing old and new work evolving into them fresh elements. Taking these textures and layers, he then assembled them into collages to create beds for additional parts to be added. He adds: "The music always felt unfinished, and I knew there was something missing. Sometimes I'll walk about listening to a project at half volume and allow the ambient sound of the city to come into the mix. It's never usually that direct an influence but when I heard a motorbike speeding past, I wanted to pull something straight from that and repurpose it. I started ripping YouTube clips of motorbike engines and began processing them with granular synthesis. This eventually led to these new elements becoming the focus of the record and I broke down and restructured the original recordings around them." From the glassy and translucent chorus-chimes in the ambient opener "Arena (crush44 edit)", "Bene" zooms things forward with granular euphoria and ecstatic melodies of raw, robotic-emotion. "Interframe" steps off the rollercoaster, for an ambient-hardcore-jungle mashup of morphing textures and hints of muffled robotic speech that ascend into eventual silence. "2Hydra" features Red Bull Music Academy's Nami Sato from Japan on vocals, comfortably slips and slides into glitchy movie atmospheres. "S-Flood" closes out the EP, with meticulously atmospheric chord washes, concluding some of J Colleran's most essential work to date on an imprint that is one to watch.
PRICE: $20.00
2019 repress; LP version. "Originally released in 1982, Kakashi is another high water mark in the 80s Japanese underground. This album, which has gathered cult status in recent years, is the project of musical visionary Yasuaki Shimizu, and considered to be a highlight of his solo career. Shimizu was the bandleader of Mariah, who also saw their album Utakata No Hibi reissued by Palto Flats in 2015. Kakashi offers a similar blend of saxophone experimentations, jazz fusion and ambient dub excursions."
PRICE: $31.00
BERESFORD, STEVE The Bath Of Surprise LP
Original copies. Released in 1980. Recorded by Steve Beresford and David Cunningham. Instruments used include: acoustic guitar (with microphone and battery amplifier), percussion, piano, synthesizer (toy), euphonium, trumpet, toy piano, drums, whistling, bass, cymbal, drums, ukulele, cymbal, tape (previous performance), electronics, piano (with toy piano inside), and performer (with whirled bee, whirled tube, clarinet mouthpiece, footclickers, blechtrommel, giggle stick, musicbox, bath water, nailbrush, body, tubes, reeds, balloons, cowbox, musical toothbrush, duck call, electronic bird, squeaky chops, chicken box, toy record player, plastic horn, talking telephone, astro-phaser.
PRICE: $17.50
ZWEIKOMMASIEBEN Zweikommasieben #20 MAG
The twentieth issue of Zweikommasieben Magazin tries once again to trace what forces shape contemporary musical practice and its underlying aesthetic premises. It features interviews with artists like pianist and composer Kelly Moran, who discusses her desire to give a more palpable form to her emotions through her music. DJ Lyzza and performer Aya (fka Loft) understand their work in terms of the impact it might have on the nightlife and its attitude towards minorities and marginalized groups. Kelman Duran, whose music offers a melancholic echo to the history of reggaeton, describes how he attempts to keep his compositions clear of most discursive ballast. These interviews (and more) are complemented with columns and contributions, including the poetry of Cia Rinne, a photographic essay by Georg Gatsas as well as pieces by Paul Woolford and Sea Urchin. The artists featured and their musical practices may raise questions that have been exhaustively debated in other disciplines of art. However, these contexts are neither more suited to address them, nor have those questions been answered with any degree of finality. The latter claim, in particular, would be naļve and Zweikommasieben #20 proves that there is a myriad of ways of addressing these questions in aesthetic discourse. Also includes interviews with: Mana, Not Waving, Osheyack, Siavash Amini, Still; a portrait of Carl Gari; an essay on "Hardcore After The Revival" and a special feature on Meakusma Festival; and a regular column by Simian Keiser (poetry: "Sound Texts"). English/German; 120 pages; 210x288x9 mm.
QV 016EP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: QV 016EP
BASSA CLAN Caroline EP 12"
Quality Vibe Records announce the 180 gram vinyl-only series. The Italian duo Bassa Clan is here with a remix from the Russian Swoy.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: RUP 012LP
SUSOBRINO La Hoja De Eucalipto LP
Field Recordings, carefully chosen percussion, electronic spice, and acoustic ingredients; this is the foundation for every recipe that Bolivian-Belgian artist Suso Perez (aka Susobrino) creates. In 2018, he presented his debut EP Mapajo; since then he has won several awards at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards of Belgium. He introduced his creations to numerous festivals in Belgium and abroad. La Hoja De Eucalipto brings alive a more energetic and aggressive part of Susobrino -- a work focused on ethnic and world sounds, mixing his masterful percussion with electronic beats to create a unique and distinctive sound. On this album Susobrino created a story of five beings looking for answers in their individual lives. The first track, "La Hoja de Eucalipto" is the ceremony right before the journey. It's a three-part composition to set the tone of the entire album: question, answer and interpretation. "Despertar" (wake up in Spanish) is the realization of the journey; the guitar interprets the rain as a cleansing force. "La Marcha" is the physical start of a long journey -- they will be walking for days, weeks, or even months. The exciting, courageous travelers leave their families and friends and head towards unknown lands that they never dared to enter. Many days of walking pass and they reach a new habitat: a dense jungle. This brings tension and fear out of the five travelers. Everyone gets separated from each other and they question the likelihood of getting out of the unknown jungle. Eventually, the five beings survive the unknown jungle. Exhausted and lost, they keep walking with no idea where to go. That's when they stumble upon "Polahimįn". A mysterious entity who's very eager to help and knows exactly where they have to go. With riddles and poems, he gives them directions. "El Desierto de Pazmancś" represents a new habitat, an endless dessert. Yet, the beings are refilled with courage, crossing the entire dessert. That's where Polahimįn is waiting for them. "El Enfrentamiento de Polahimįn". This is the end boss; the final chapter. The five grown travelers find themselves facing many challenges. This is where the listener, can interpret if it's a good or bad ending. Or an open ending? Susobrino plays and records everything in his humble studio in Belgium. Percussion, quena (flutes), guitar, charrango, field recordings and a Yamaha DX9. RIYL: Chancha Via Circuito, Nicola Cruz, and Dengue Dengue Dengue.
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: RUP 013LP
Instrumental-experimental-tropical quintet Satanique Samba Trio, known for its iconoclastic research in Brazilian traditional rhythms, is pushing the envelope on the low fidelity field once again! 10" Mais Bad is a conceptual sequel to Mó Bad (2015). Mais Bad is a new collection of low fidelity bagatelles, forged into existence by Satanique Samba Trio's thirst for aesthetical deconstruction. All instruments in this ten-track album have been recorded with the same cheap cell phone from the early 2000s. It is meant to sound desperate, harsh, and absolutely surreal. A little over the top, maybe? Yeah, but hey: that's just how a country in crisis should look and sound like, right? Greetings from Brasķlia, Brazil! Personnel: Munha da 7 - electric bass and regency; Gustavo "Don Chavez" Elias - acoustic guitar; Jota Dale - Cavaco; Lucas "Sombrio" Muniz - bass clarinet; Lupa Marques - drums.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: REC 163LP
Since their signature on Record Makers in 2005, the three boys from Hypnolove have never followed any rules and made everything possible to make their fans dance, with no disregard for '80s pop music, considered at the time far too cheesy. Eurodance, Italo, sweet space disco, boogie-funk: all these styles and subgenres that have somehow become respectable and craved by diggers today are part of Hypnolove's sound. After Eurolove thirteen years ago, a first LP considered by the band as a thrilling compilation of singles mixing new-wave and Italo, Hypnolove was back on stage (and in clubs) helped by genius producer Mickey Moonlight. Ghost Carnival (REC 098LP), their second album was then focused on zouk, exotica music and Italian disco. For their third album entirely recorded in a proper studio for the first time, Hypnolove was forced to more coherence in their sound. They decided to follow a clear line: make a 100% French record inspired by the French dance music made in France during the '70s and '80s, when a handful of studio heads were driven by the ambition of conquering the world by re-appropriating the emerging new genre that was funk at the time. Slap basslines, silly erotic hip-hop-ish lyrics, edgy guitar grooves... This new version of funk invented by some French ambitious musicians found its identity under the name of French boogie. The record also recalls their all-time favorite soundtracks composed by Serge Gainsbourg, Pierre Bachelet, Francis Lai, or Vladimir Cosma. Plexus is a joyful record, full of irony and sublimated by wet voices dipped into a cocktail of Isabelle Adjani's "Pull Marine" and Corryne Charby's music. A record in which the band dives feet first in the groovy bass lines, the Macumba disco, the "Paris Latino-like" boogie, the disco balls and the luminous dancefloors, the '80's and 2020s...
PRICE: $26.50
"In 2016, 21 years after Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. were founded in Osaka, Japan, there was a major shift in the line-up and 'Next Generation' was added to the band's name. We now view the first 20 years of the bands career as chapter one in our story, and we are now turning the page to start chapter two. In 2018, it's time to re-record our classics with this new line-up, we just opened the door to the next stage!" --Kawabata Makoto, 2018Twenty-four years into their existence, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. have circled the globe at least a few dozen times, released over 100 albums in their various guises and played thousands of shows. In recent years, they've experienced seismic line-up changes which has given them yet another new lease of life... or a rebirth if you will. Original members Kawabata Makoto (guitar, speed guru) and Higashi Hiroshi (synthesizer, noodle god) are now joined by Jyonson Tsu (vocal, midnight whistler), Satoshima Nani (drums, another dimension), and Wolf (bass, space & time) and as anyone that has seen the new line-up live will testify, things have gone even more cosmic... Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe sees the band return to their old label Riot Season for the first time since 2012's IAO Chant From The Melting Paraiso Underground Freak Out (REPOSE 032CD/LP). Both label and band have gone on some wonderful journeys during that time apart but both felt the stars were finally correctly realigned to renew their partnership in all things weird. Long time AMT fans will immediately recognize some of the song titles listed on the album sleeve here. But the songs themselves have been reworked and transformed far away from their original versions. New boy Jyonson Tsu's quiet, almost whispered vocals bring a whole new aura to proceedings, despite the familiar riffs hidden in the depths below them. It's so laidback in places it's practically horizontal, with only occasional trademark piercing guitar squeals threatening to destroy the peace and calm. The whole of side two is taken up with the twenty minute epic "Black Summer Song"... and if this is an indicator to where the AMT mothership is heading going forwards we're all in for another fucked up and magical ride. Red vinyl; edition of 300.
RLP 3209LP
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: RLP 3209LP
LP version. Includes CD. As David Fricke points out in his liner notes, this is not just another novelty guest-project, the Krokofant on Q is like a brand-new band. In fact, all the involved are so happy with this album that there's more to come with a bunch of new material already written. After three albums in three years as a trio, and sensing the possible danger of being stuck in a formula, they all felt a need to try something new, taking the band one step further. Especially Tom Hasslan, guitarist and main composer, felt an urge to expand the canvas and sonic possibilities. Ståle Storlųkken (Elephant9, Supersilent, Terje Rypdal) was the trio's first choice for a keyboardist. He had seen Krokofant live in 2015 and, in his own words "had an instant kick", so he said yes straight away. Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Scorch Trio, The Thing, Atomic) had seen them the same year, and practically invited himself to join up at some time. Hasslan's tunes are perfect vehicles for Storlųkken to present the full scope of his playing; from sheer pastoral beauty to full on jazz skronk. The same can be said about Jųrgen Mathisen, who is given ample room for soloing. By introducing Håker Flaten and his bass, work was lifted from Hasslan's shoulders while a "proper" rhythm section was born, Skalstad and Flaten instantly bonding. Personnel: Tom Hasslan - guitars; Axel Skalstad - drums; Jųrgen Mathisen - saxophones; Ståle Storlųkken - Hammond organ and keyboards; Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - bass.
PRICE: $15.50
BubbleTease Communications and Running Back team up once again for Mim Suleiman's fifth studio album, Si Bure. During the course of Si Bure you will find Mim at her very best. It's easy to imagine the Zanzibar-born-UK-based vocalist and percussionist dancing and prancing to the 14 songs featured here. The tropes of house and disco are mixed here with wonderful rhythmic adventures, infectious futuristic pop, and ultramodern African music, while the mesmerizing and addictive lyrics are sung in Swahili and deal with love and affection, freedom, oppression, unity, and everyday life. Enchanting, entrancing and entertaining all the way. Produced by Maurice Fulton. CD version comes in a gatefold sleeve.
PRICE: $26.50
SULEIMAN, MIM Si Bure 2x12"
2x12" version. BubbleTease Communications and Running Back team up once again for Mim Suleiman's fifth studio album, Si Bure. During the course of Si Bure you will find Mim at her very best. It's easy to imagine the Zanzibar-born-UK-based vocalist and percussionist dancing and prancing to the 14 songs featured here. The tropes of house and disco are mixed here with wonderful rhythmic adventures, infectious futuristic pop, and ultramodern African music, while the mesmerizing and addictive lyrics are sung in Swahili and deal with love and affection, freedom, oppression, unity, and everyday life. Enchanting, entrancing and entertaining all the way. Produced by Maurice Fulton.
PRICE: $32.00
CAT #: RBL 072LP
Limited edition LP version on red marble vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve with insert. "The original soundtrack for the cult film, Lucifer Rising, by Underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Composed by Bobby BeauSoleil who is joined in the performances by his prison band, The Freedom Orchestra, recorded 1975-1979 at Tracy Prison. The music of Lucifer Rising is closely linked with the occult elements with dark psychedelic mystical sounds. Bobby composed electronic sounds interspersed with interesting slow trumpet fanfares, keyboard wizardry and fine guitar solos. For sure one of influential soundtracks ever and one of the most important psychedelic ambient album of music history. Magical & essential. Artwork by Malleus."
PRICE: $23.50
COMPRO ORO Suburban Exotica LP
LP version. Gatefold sleeve. Compro Oro; a psychedelic underground road trip to Africa, the Middle East and the Americas via Belgium. On the band's Suburban Exotica, the spirit of Cal Tjader, Mulatu Astatke, or Marc Ribot is never far away. One of the leading bands in the ever-expanding new wave of Belgian jazz, Compro Oro's wayward and psychedelic approach to a broad range of sounds has gained them a devoted fan base since the band's formation in 2014. Produced by Ghent-based multi-instrumentalist Dijf Sanders, Suburban Exotica digs deep into several ethnic music traditions, leaving the listener enthralled in dark grooves and rabid psychedelica. From the danceable beats and colorful sounds of "Miami New Wave", the exotic rhythms and textures of "10 Dollar Jeans Jacket", and the curious vibraphone infusions and wild guitar riffs of "Rastapopoulos", to the heady, bass-laden mover and shaker "Lalibela", and traditional Latin and Cuban rhythms of "Dark Crystal", Compro Oro offer wild, profound, and uncanny flavors that explore the best of Afro-Cuban music and jazz-tinged psychedelia. Suburban Exotica features drummer, keyboardist, and percussionist Joachim Cooder, son of guitar legend Ry Cooder who played on both the landmark Buena Vista Social Club albums and the Manuel Galban spin-off, Mambo Sinuendo. He adds percussion and his effects-laden electric mbira to three tracks on the album: "Miami New Wave", "Rastapopoulos", and "Dark Crystal". "I had a great time playing on this record. Compro Oro blends together so many interesting rhythms and styles that I never knew what was coming next. I like to work that way." On Suburban Exotica, Compro Oro's Wim Segers adds, "Thanks to Bart (Vervaeck) and saxophonist Nathan Daems (Black Flower), I've discovered Arab and Turkish music. I've learned to embrace my own neighborhood. When you live in this part of Ghent, Eastern rhythms are the beat of the street." Vervaeck chips in, "We aren't Cuban; we aren't Morocccan --we know that. We just sail from one coast to another. Finding our own place."
AS 1919EP
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: AS 1919EP
DUBZOIC MEETS ALPHA & OMEGA Divine featuring Fikir Amlak 12"
Steppas Records is back with another heavyweight single in collaboration with Dubzoic, Alpha & Omega, and Fikir Amlak. The earth-rocker sounds of Italian producer, Dubzoic, alongside A&O's mystical foundation style, blend with Caribbean/American singer Fikir Amlak's ethereal and enchanting lyrical and vocal talents to deliver a stand-out Soundsystem single. This release features Dubzoic and Fikir's original vocal edit, with a mystical flute cut plus two incredible mixes from UK dub pioneers Alpha & Omega (Greensleeves, Steppas Records). Until now played as an exclusive dubplate, Steppas Records is excited to unleash this tune to the world, beautifully mastered and pressed to limited edition vinyl.
PRICE: $31.00
VA X -- Ten Years Of Artefacts 3LP
Stroboscopic Artefacts releases X Ten Years Of Artefacts a 13-track album curated by Lucy, the nom de techno of Luca Mortellaro. It celebrates ten years of his label by boldly confirming its raison d'źtre: a continual redefinition of modern techno. X Ten Years Of Artefacts is a various artists album in which the label's key artists respond to its tenth anniversary with fresh compositions; artists with divergent perspectives are equally at home expressing themselves. These tracks' timbres, tempos, and moods differ greatly yet -- somewhat improbably -- they seem together, ideologically unified. On X Ten Years Of Artefacts, Mortellaro features solo as Lucy, in collaboration with Rrose as Lotus Eater and together with Speedy J as Zeitgeber. (Rrose also appears alone with "The Myth of Purity.") Shifted, Efdemin, L.B. Dub Corp (Luke Slater), James Ruskin, Denise Rabe, Adriana Lopez, Chevel, Alessandro Adriani, and Serena Butler each also feature, representing a group of singular artists whose relationships with the label range from years to months; Stroboscopic Artefacts' past, present and future must exist simultaneously. Back in September 2009, Lucy released Why Don't You Change/Dub Man Walking (SA 001EP), the first record from Stroboscopic Artefacts, which began a discography that, ten years later, is almost unparalleled in its ambition and vision. Put simply, Mortellaro wanted to create something that didn't exist. Stroboscopic Artefacts would be respectful of, and indebted to, the great techno and electronic music artists of the past but would develop new paths forward for the label and the genre. The label refused to perpetuate the established dichotomies of electronic music: between the dance floor and home listening, between club music and experimental music, between the past and the future. It took risks knowing it wouldn't always work. But within a year or so of the label's inception, it was obvious Stroboscopic Artefacts' approach had captured imaginations far beyond its Berlin base, showing us that the boundaries of techno are often constructs of limited imagination. The label pursued constantly evolving methods of releasing music. It created concept-driven series like Monad, Stellate and Totem, establishing frameworks that would give freedom in limitation. Standout albums by Lucy, Xhin, Dadub, Zeitgeber, Chevel, Kangding Ray, Lotus Eater, and Alessandro Adriani were deeply considered longform presentations. Now is the moment for Stroboscopic Artefacts to look fondly at its past while drawing breath, re-energized, and hinting at new chapters. In four-panel gatefold; includes download.
PRICE: $12.50
A staple of South America's ever-effervescing techno community, Colombian-born producer Adriana Lopez sure ain't no stranger to the aficionados of wild four-to-the-floor epics, having delivered the totality of her typical, custom cut bunker-busters on Developer's Modularz and her own imprint, Grey Report, in about a decade of intense dancefloor activism, For her first sortie away from her usual recording homes, Adriana steps up in no real unknown territory either, with Stroboscopic Artefacts' Totem series providing a much suitable shelter for her deep-penetration, quaky club weaponry to grow and expand. Kicking things off in frontally brutal fashion, the title-track "Embera" sets the mood right away, swallowing us amidst the countless spans and layers of hypno-tech quicksand. With the kinetic energy gauge now set to eleven and kicks thumping their way across a forest of obsessive synth spirals, Adriana then whips up a frenzy of delayed percussions, spaced-out riffs, and jammed radar echoes on "Saija", sure to keep the dancers in a state of willful enslavement. Opting for a more straightforward, steady-flying angle of attack, the EP's closer "Awa" tops it all off on an equally abrasive and elegant note, true to Adriana's trademark mix of groove-making finesse and uplifting potency.
STR12 020EP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: STR12 020EP
LHASA The Attic/Sexxor 12"
"To understand where 'The Attic' came from, we have to go back to one of my oldest memories: watching movies on German TV. Those that left the deepest marks on me zoomed in on the bad sides of technology and predicted the downfall of mankind. A next cornerstone was 'Are Friends Electric?'; it was the first time I was blown away by the sound of synths. I quit the army and made 'The Attic'. When the demo was finished, we went handed it to Olivier Pieters, who played it, going on to become one of the signature songs for which they switched on the big lasers..."
PRICE: $12.50
FOUR TET Teenage Birdsong 12"
"Four Tet might be the quintessential Spotify electronic music artist. Kieran Hebden's tunes, melodic and emotional, suit the evening commute as well as any dance floor. That's certainly the case for 'Teenage Birdsong,' a Four Tet track that helped launch a Spotify playlist dedicated to 'alternative electronic' music." --Resident Advisor The 12" version includes remixes by Avalon Emerson and Overmono.
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: TRD 004LP
Repressed. "'Afro-Danish saxophonist John Tchicai spent his youth playing alongside the greats- recording and performing in NYC with Albert Ayler, John Coltrane, Archie Shepp and Don Cherry amongst many others. Following a meeting at the Coimbra Jazz festival in 2004, he agreed to record with John Coxon and Ashley Wales. The beautiful resulting album sold out almost immediately on its release in 2005 and is available here for the first time on vinyl. Eloquently balanced between Eric Dolphy and Lee Konitz, his 'wise and lyrical' alto saxophone and bass clarinet playing make this 'one of his finest recordings' [Richard Williams in The Guardian] Essential."
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: TRD 005LP
SPACEMAN, J Guitar Loops LP
Repressed. "'J. Spaceman recorded this strange record at his own Amazing Grace Studio in June 2005. Hard to describe in words, it contains elements of systems musics with gamelan-like overtones. Looped cells are contained within longer improvisations, forcing the listener to engage with and make some order from the insistent chaos. Music without precedent or tradition- a perfect companion piece to the new Spiritualized LP.'"
WG 067EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: WG 067EP
Watergate Records favorites Frankey & Sandrino make a timely debut on the club's imprint, with a classy remix by Tiefschwarz in toe. If you've found yourself at the Oberbaumbrücke institution on a Thursday in recent years, chances are Frankey & Sandrino were responsible for the soundtrack. The pair of Sandrino Tittel and Frank Beckers have captained the Thursdate residency since 2018, serving up a beguiling blend of deep grooves and twinkling chords progressions. The four-track Nova EP is the embodiment of this immersive sonic palette. "Chimes" is built around a strong melodic lead that rises and falls throughout the lustrous seven-minute cut, as lilting pads and delicate drums patterns complete the work. The title track follows on, a delicious exploration into the deep, as subtle acid lines rub shoulders with meandering synths to build a masterful snake-like groove. Tiefschwarz's remix of "Chimes" brings heat to the package as the original is imbued with a muscular percussive heartbeat. "Black Hole" is a sweeping composition made for the after-hours as a searing low-end synth is juxtaposed with an effervescent melody line to create an atmosphere-heavy finale.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: WRH 007EP
GAMBINO, CARLO Dance For You 12"
Cinthie's we_r house returns January 2020 with its seventh release, a four-track EP coming courtesy of Carlo Gambino. Leeds born producer and DJ Carlo Gambino has become a name synonymous with deeper leaning house from the UK over the past decade, releasing his material via the likes of 3am Recordings, Zingiber Audio, and his own Midnight Social Recordings, amongst others. Here though he joins Cinthie's we_r house, following releases on the label from Kevin Over, Alessio Viggiano, and Toman.
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