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Forced Exposure New Releases for the Week of 5/25/2020

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New music is due from The Dorf/Phill Niblock, Matthew Shipp, and Sean McCann, while old music is due from Terry Riley, Siglo XX, and Maggi Payne.

we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321

and via mail:
FORCED EXPOSURE / 60 Lowell Street / Arlington, MA 02476 / USA

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PRICE: $36.00
CAT #: SSH 004LP
RILEY, TERRY Persian Surgery Dervishes 2LP
Limited restock. The classic minimal music album is now available again on vinyl for the first time since the '70s. During the 1970s, Californian composer Terry Riley concentrated on solo keyboard performances, continuing to make music yet writing down almost nothing. Riley selected a mode, chose a few motifs or basic patterns and then, seated on the floor in front of his audience, improvised on electronic keyboard. The electric organ, superseded at later concerts by a synthesizer, was portable and consistent. By the early '70s, Riley had come to feel that scores were a distraction. Faithful interpretation of an already written piece was a deviation from the true purpose of making music, which was spiritual quest. Fortunately, some of those live performances were captured on tape. Persian Surgery Dervishes, issued initially on the French label Shandar in 1972, features two such concerts for electric organ and reel-to-reel delay, one recorded in Los Angeles on April 18th, 1971, the other in Paris on May 24th, 1972. At the start of that decade, Riley became a dedicated student of the great Hindustani singer Pandit Pran Nath. Looking into North Indian classical tradition, he found correspondences to modal and cyclic ideas that he was already working on. In 1971, Riley started teaching Indian music at Mills College, in Oakland. That experience fed directly into his solo keyboard performances, but other influences were also shaping his music. Personal research into ancient Persian culture and the poetry of Rumi lit up his imagination, while the repetitive swirling of Sufi devotional music from North Africa and jazz, an enduring source of inspiration, reverberate through these performances. The Californian version of Persian Surgery Dervishes starts with low dark tones, dense and brooding like a huddled human figure, deep in introspection. But as the improvisation unfolds Riley's buoyant spirit asserts itself, spiraling out in ecstatic coils. The Parisian concert conveys a different mood, brighter and more open in texture, more relaxed from the outset and breathing with greater freedom as it takes flight. Persian Surgery Dervishes is a mesmerizing record of a vital stage in Riley's ongoing quest for connection with the universal mind and sublime music. "Music is my spiritual path. It's my way of finding out who I am." --Terry Riley, 1976 Includes insert with liner notes by Julian Cowley; Lacquer cut by Rashad Becker; Layout by Jeroen Wille; Remastered by Equusl; Licensed from FGL Productions.
PRICE: $27.50
PAYNE, MAGGI Arctic Winds 2LP
Aguirre Records present a reissue of Maggi Payne's Arctic Winds, originally released on CD in 2010. Fully immersive electronic music by US composer Maggi Payne, inspired by the arctic winds. Payne's sound worlds invite the listeners to enter the sound and be carried with it, experiencing it from the inside out in intimate detail. The sounds are almost tactile and visible. The music is based on location recordings, with each sound carefully selected for its potential -- its slow unfolding revealing delicate intricacies -- and its inherent spatialization architecting and sculpting the aural space where multiple perspectives and trajectories coexist. With good speakers, some space in your schedule, and a mind-body continuum willing to resonate with Payne's electroacoustic journey, but then it will take you to places that other music can't reach. From the sounds of dry ice, space transmissions, BART trains, and poor plumbing she immerses the listener in a world strangely unfamiliar. Maggi Payne is a composer, video artist, recording engineer, photographer, and flutist and is co-director of the Center for Contemporary Music and a faculty member at Mills College, in the San Francisco Bay Area.
PRICE: $23.00
Aguirre Records present a reissue of Maggi Payne's Ahh-Ahh, originally released in 2012 on Root Strata. Originally composed by Maggi Payne between 1984-1987 for the performance group Technological Feets. Formed by video artist Ed Tennenbaum in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1981, the group combines dance, live video processing, and music. Composed on an Apple II computer and various early sampling devices, Payne's compositions are a vibrant response to the call from the moving body. Populated with buoyant pulses, graceful analog swells, dense fog-like drones, and cascading rhythms that shift in space, Ahh-Ahh is a vital document of not only these early collaborations, but of computer-based music as well. She studied with many greats in the field, including Gordon Mumma, Robert Ashley, and David Berhman.
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: BSR 900LP
"Original album released 1983. Now re-released on 180 gram red vinyl with inner sleeve featuring comprehensive sleeve notes."
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: BSR 904LP
SMART, LEROY Impressions LP
"180 gram vinyl reissue of Leroy Smart's long out of print 1977 album."
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: BSR 949CD
VA Burning Rockers 1: The 12" Mixes 2CD
"20 rare 12" cuts from the Burning Sounds reggae vault, released on a double-CD package for the first time. Includes singles and their dub versions from Barrington Levi, Dawn and Christine, The Heptones, Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson and more."
CF 023LP
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: CF 023LP
Inspired by a poetry booklet by Kenneth Patchen (from which it takes its title), 14 Love Poems focuses on expression and emotion. Recorded and first released by FMP in 1984. Peter Brötzmann: alto, tenor & baritone saxophone; a-,e-flat and bass clarinet, tarogato. Cover by Peter Brötzmann. Producer: Jost Gebers, Peter Brötzmann. Mix: Jost Gebers, Peter Brötzmann. All compositions by Peter Brötzmann except "Nr. 1 baritone-sax / Lonely Woman" by Ornette Coleman. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: FTR 515LP
EIGHTEENTH DAY OF MAY, THE The Eighteenth Day Of May 2LP
The Eighteenth Day of May were a six-piece, London based group. Originally formed as an acoustic trio consisting of American Alison Brice (vocals, flute), Swede Richard Olson (acoustic guitar, harmonica, sitar), and Ben Phillipson (guitar, mandolin), they combined elements of traditional and contemporary folk with a psychedelic jangle. They spent the summer and autumn of 2003 bonding over Fairport Convention, The Incredible String Band, Steeleye Span, Sandy Denny, and Trees all blending in with the psychedelic music they already loved which was feeding into their home demo recordings. In early 2004 they went electric adding the rhythm section of Mark Nicholas (bass), and Karl Sabino (drums, autoharp) and then lastly ex-Saloon player Alison Cotton (viola). It was after appearing on a cover mount disc for the much missed It Comes With A Smile Magazine that Andy Childs (Head of Hannibal Records/RYKO) fell in love with the band and continued the path of fellow legendary Hannibal head Joe Boyd's policy of signing eclectic artists. Back in 2004 it felt like no one was making music like this -- old weird folk songs, Americana, original psych folk, minimalist drones via great melodies, and eclectic instrumentation. The result was a joyous, unfettered, fluid sound that in one moment could conjure up flashes of The Byrds or Fotheringay and then minutes later the spirit of The Velvet Underground would drift though the music. Live they would even cover artist from Spacemen 3 and The Brian Jonestown Massacre to Buffy Saint Marie to traditional folk songs and would not be afraid to stamp their own identity on them. When it comes to recording their first (and only) LP, they were teaming with ideas and enthusiasm, buoyant from the attention of artists like Robyn Hitchcock and Peter Buck with whom they toured. The LP some 15 years later has not dated one bit, as with all good music its qualities and resonance have matured and endured, its subtleties have become more apparent and beguiling. maybe 2005 just wasn't ready for a band playing contemporary English folk music. Added onto to this retrospective release are several excellent extra tracks, some of which were recorded for a second album that they were never able to complete. Hard to imagine it would have been even better than the first but listen to the tracks recorded and you can only feel sadness that it never happened.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: FTR 517LP
BANSHEE Livin' In The Jungle LP
Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records present the napalm blast that is the forthcoming new Banshee record, Livin' In The Jungle. Hailing from Boston and blazing red hot cinders through your eyes Banshee channel widescreen, kick out the jams motherfuckers psyche-rock-a-rama with a singer doing his best to channel both Alice and Iggy. Yes, they rock like crazy and play with the fired-up fury of The Stooges, MC5, and The Alice Cooper Group as they let their freak flag fly. On Livin' In The Jungle, Banshee detonate over 11 tracks of pure diamond arrangements that will lay you out flat and have your head swirling from the wallop of the sleazy voodoo racket that Banshee have created. Informed in equal parts by the intensity of '60s Detroit and The Alice Cooper Group and with a rhythmic underbelly the calls on in parts the funk explosion of War. From the opening Intro of "Genesis" amid a barrage of bells, chimes jungle sounds, and a group feeling the funk they lay straight into "The Law" where without missing a beat and over a blast of guitar riffs, dive bombing bass lines, thunderous drums and a voice that spits out and caterwails with a vengeance you find Banshee freewheelin' into what will become your favorite rock'n'roll LP for the year 2020. The engine has started and the whole record is executed at a breakneck pace that is a furious rollercoaster ride to sweet oblivion. On the final epic sprawl that is "Caged Birds" which starts out with a garage like "Sister Ray" bump'n'grind chug before descending into a glorious meltdown of fuzzed-up wah-wah guitars and glockenspiels before everything finally fades back into the jungle. Livin' In The Jungle is one rabid rock'n'roll animal of a record.
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: FOB 063LP
Tibor Szemz? returns with a new album, based on the music for his film about historic figure Alexander Csoma. Tibor Szemz? is a Hungarian composer, performer, media artist. Recently his album Snapshots From The Island (1987) gained renewed interest. Over the years, Tibor Szemzo continued composing classical/electronic works. His pieces often include spoken texts, film, and other media. He creates installations and composes music for his own and others' films. Csoma, his new album, is based on the music for this film about Alexander Csoma. Alexander set up to research the origin of the Hungarians 200 years ago. During his student years, before he enrolled in college, he and two fellow students vowed to go to Central Asia to discover the origins of their nation. In the first thirty-five years of his life, he spent his humble pilgrimage in Asia traveling and studying with Buddhist priests in Tibet in isolation, and devoted the remaining eleven years of his life to publishing some of the material he had collected in India. Now on the 200th anniversary, Szemz?'s cinematic opera wishes to pay tribute to Alexandar Csoma. Over the course of two vinyl sides classical and acoustic instruments are mixed with angelic voices, spoken word in German, Hungarian, and English. Sounding like vintage Tibor Szemzo compositions, vividly performed by the Gordian Knot Company and the Voces Aequales Ensemble.
PRICE: $37.50
VA Minna Miteru 2LP
Double LP version. Gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves and 32-page booklet; Includes download code; edition of 500. In collaboration with Markus Acher's Alien Transistor label, Morr Music presents a collection of hard-to-find Japanese independent music, compiled by Saya, who plays with Ueno Takashi in the iconic duo Tenniscoats. They are part of a current music scene, which is little known outside of Japan. Minna Miteru focuses on that very scene: the featured bands and musicians share a certain idea of DIY, and are also connected through frequent collaborations and mutual appreciation.The following notes were written by Markus Acher, who also plays with Saya & Ueno in the band Spirit Fest: "In 2018 I was sitting in the Tenniscoats' kitchen with beer and music, looking at Ueno's wonderful risograph songbook 'Minna Miteru' (Everybody Watch) which collects the lyrics and chords of their friends' songs alongside his own illustrations, when Saya suggested putting together a compilation of these and other songs for our label. I couldn't have been happier, this sounded like a dream to me . . . here is Minna Miteru, a compilation of recent Japanese indie-music. And I'm very happy about it, because although there have been many great reissues of '70s and '80s Japanese music recently, most contemporary Japanese independent bands and artists are hardly known outside of Japan and so it's hard to find their music. And I couldn't think of a better guide to this special scene than Saya, whose love, dedication, and personal selections have made this such a unique and beautiful compilation. You'll hear some of the Tenniscoats' closest friends and collaborators (Eddie Marcon, Yumbo, Yuko Ikema), but also artists they are fans of, like the legendary Jun Konagaya (aka Grim) and many befriended bands that form a scene of uncategorizable outsiders in pop, like the one-man-orchestra Ichi, the trumpet-trumpet-organ-trio Popo, the mysterious psychedelic songwriter Aritomo, and the pianist/electronic musician, Ytamo. So many beautiful surprises: melodicas, electronics, folk-songs, brass bands, sound-experiments and melodies, melodies, melodies... Every song a treasure, exploding with ideas, and me personally, I could listen to the Tenniscoats and Yumbo collaboration and Zayaendo's 'Hiyodori' forever on repeat." Also features Takashi Hattori, namaeganai, Takako Minekawa ? Dustin Wong, Alpha, Vagamoron, Kasumi Trio, Go Hirano, Satoko Shibata, Tomoaki Saito + Tenco Matsuri, Cacoy, Andersens, Jiro Imai, Urichipangoon, Jun Konagaya, Nikasoup & Sayasource, Borzoi, and 2B.
PRICE: $37.50
SPIRIT FEST Mirage Mirage 2LP
Double LP version. Gatefold sleeve; includes printed inner sleeves and download code. "With Mirage Mirage, avant-pop quintet Spirit Fest gifts their listeners with their richest, deepest record to date. It's no surprise when you consider the group's membership: Saya and Ueno, aka the duo Tenniscoats; Markus Acher, best known as singer of The Notwist; Mat Fowler, who plays with Jam Money and Bons; and Cico Beck, who's making music with Joasinho, Aloa Input, and The Notwist. If that feels like a heavyweight line-up, that's because it is -- yet the overarching mood of Spirit Fest is one of lightness and joy, of experiment and pure pop pleasure. Sessions for the album were split between the Tenniscoats' Tokyo home studio in November 2018, and a small apartment studio in Munich in June 2019. Saya, Ueno and Markus pitched in songs, but sometimes, as with 'Fish With Arms', beguiling moments grew from group improvisations, often kicked off by Cico and Mat. All members stretched their instrumental limbs, too . . . There's a sincere, child-like generosity to the music, and a playfulness with an everyday surrealism you can hear in some of the experimental interjections across the album. Its final sound is the rolling click-clacking of a bicycle wheel. The bike was key to one of Mat's explorations of the Tenniscoats' Tokyo neighborhood . . . Stumbling across art amongst the everyday; that's also core to Spirit Fest . . . There's more here than just avant-pop: see the pronounced folksy lilt to 'The Snow Falls On Everyone'; or 'Mohikone', a gorgeous instrumental, droplets of piano pattering amongst a plangent acoustic guitar. The seven-minute 'Zenbu Honto (Every Thing Is Everything)' is a spiraling psychedelic pop mantra, with field recordings and slithering electronics tracing a path under the scrub-growth of guitar, piano, and drums. There are guest appearances from Micha Acher (The Notwist, Tied & Tickled Trio) on trumpet, and Aiko Okamoto, who takes part in the choral rounds of the album's closing tune, 'Saigo Song'. Whichever way you approach it, though, the guiding force of Spirit Fest is friendship and collaboration, giving life to collective dreaming..." --Jon Dale
MOV 2644LP
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: MOV 2644LP
"The Dutch blues and prog rock group Brainbox was founded in Amsterdam by guitarist Jan Akkerman (Focus), drummer Pierre van der Linden (Focus) and singer Kaz Lux. This selftitled album is considered to be one of the most legendary in Dutch rock history. The album originally consisted of seven tracks, two of which were written by the band itself (Dark Rose and Sea Of Delight). The tracks on this album show great diversity, just listen to 'Dark Rose' and 'Summertime' and you know how great this band sounds. Available as a limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies on clear vinyl."
PRICE: $35.00
MORRICONE, ENNIO Themes: Western 2LP
180 gram, black vinyl. "Music on Vinyl proudly presents the brand new Ennio Morricone Themes series, a unique collection of the greatest scores 'The Maestro' composed for movies over the past 70 years, divided into different Themes. Western is the first in a series of five double vinyl releases that bring together some of Ennio Morricone's greatest soundtrack music. Each Theme centers on a different movie genre, together they allow the listener to rediscover the unmatched genius of the greatest movie composer of all time. Western contains a selection of defining Morricone songs, featured in legendary (Spaghetti-) Western movies like 'Once Upon A Time In The West', 'A Fistful of Dollars', 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly', 'A Pistol for Ringo', 'The Return of Ringo' and many more, selected on 2 LPs. Starting 70 years ago as an arranger for the piece Mamma Bianca, Ennio Morricone is the emperor of scores and soundtracks. Morricone has always been a huge influence for the likes of Hans Zimmer, Danger Mouse, Muse, Metallica and many more musicians. He's one of the most successful composers of all-time, selling over 70 million records and winning dozens of awards."
OS 006LP
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: OS 006LP
2020 repress of an in-demand Onderstroom title from 2010. "I hear noises, imaginary sounds." Reissue of Siglo XX's first tape. Recorded in April 1981 and distributed among friends and at gigs, this tape was the first product of their collaboration. And what a tape this is! Heavily influenced by the likes of Joy Division and the whole Factory scene, Belgian's finest produced a total of nine incredible dark but catchy cold wave tunes. Add to this two bonus tracks from their first demo cassette and you have an essential document of the first Siglo XX years. Remastered by Kris Delacourt. Second pressing of 500. Reverse cardboard sleeve.
OS 045LP
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: OS 045LP
Second full-length by Bay Area musician Gabriel Ramos; Inventive darkwave with a melancholic touch. Five years after their self-titled debut in 2015, Ssleeping Desiress (OS 026LP) returns with an outstanding second album Exile House. Tapping into melancholic darkwave via 1980s British post-punk guitar worship, delicious analog synths and pulsating drums, the album unfolds like a soundtrack of city life with isolation, identity, and reconciling with one's past as central themes. Over the course of eight tracks Sleeping Desiress showcase their ability to craft "dark pop songs" that sometimes twist and turn but ultimately weave their way into your head, determined to stay there. Ramos's singular voice makes these songs shine even more, switching easily between slow introspective daydreams and upbeat anthems. Think: Glorious Din, Le Travo, and... The Cure. All songs written and recorded August 2017-January 2019 by Gabriel Ramos. Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios. Design by Atelier Brenda. Paper Collage by Gabriel Ramos.
OH 034CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: OH 034CD
"Even without an album out: [Santrofi] have already set the world on fire freaking out audiences all over Europe on their 2019 summer festival tour including Sines in Portugal, WOMAD in UK, Roskilde and WOMEX in Tampere. This young all-star band from Ghana brims with gifted musicians and energy on stage. The eight-piece collective is made up of a young generation of awarded musicians who have backed anyone in Ghana from Azonto sensation Sarkodie to Nigerian superstar 2 Face Idibia, but their passion isn't local pop but highlife. And their mission is to bring it back; not only to the world but also to Ghana, where the young generation has forgotten all about this great music. Santrofi's debut album Alewa now brings you a new wave of fresh highlife founded by bassist and producer Emmanuel Ofori who rose from the source having played with Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas, and Kwashibu Area Band, and has now formed his own band collective: Santrofi. The eight musicians are deeply rooted in vintage Ghanaian highlife music in all its forms. The influences range from the riveting fast-paced pulse of '70s dance-guitar highlife, or the other-worldly sound of highlife funk to the polyrhythmic beats and melodies that took Afrobeat across the globe. The members have toured the world with legends like Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas, Gyedu Blay Ambolley, Osibisa, George Darko, and many others. They have learnt from the masters and are now ready to take highlife into the future. Alewa is a metaphor for a popularly known local black and white striped sweet. It symbolizes the need to recognize, accept, tolerate and embrace racial diversity to build a world with love and unity. On stage, Santrofi breaks down hierarchies the musicians alternate their roles each growing on the other's talent while harmonizing as a whole. Alewa was composed arranged, produced, and recorded in Ghana in a joint effort by Santrofi. Santrofi in Akan mythology is a rare and precious bird, identified by its bright colors and four wings; it is so unique, it was forbidden to be hunted. Attempting to catch and lock up the bird will bring you bad luck. If spotted and left to fly away, great luck and fortune can be expected. So let the bird fly!" Santrofi in Songlines CD version includes booklet.
R 071CD
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: R 071CD
GREEN, MALCOLM Electric Landlady CD
Malcolm Green (b. 1952) is a British artist, dancer, and publisher. His eccentric, liquid ideas seem to come with a smile. Or is it a wry grin? His colorful paintings, usually adorned with phrases, are little riddled plaques. Luckily, Malcolm is of the ilk of visual artists who also records audio works (this multiplicity is always interesting). Green's own label Seedy CDs/Sieh Dies issued a number of CDrs between 2000 and 2005, including many of his own works, along those by friends Jan Voss and a CDr reissue of Dieter Roth's classic Die Radio Sonate (2006). Green is, in fact, a member of the Dieter Roth Academy -- and furthermore gracefully ropes the pillars of Roth into his own artistic process. When Recital head Sean McCann approached Malcolm about republishing an album, Electric Landlady excited both of them immediately. It is the sound of an Epson 90-dot matrix printer running sheets of the score for John Cage's 4'33". It is piercing, though a world of ricocheting meaning can be uncovered in between the lines. Green says, "this particular rendering of Cage's handwritten score is in fact somewhat contrary to Cage's intentions, because every performance on the Epson 90 will be more or less identical. For this reason I have titled it differently: Electric Landlady -- in honor of a felicitous misprint of the famous Hendrix record I once encountered in Italy." The subsequent tracks are beautiful, harmonic re-renderings of the printer's voice, "played live without post-editing, with the (accidental) addition of a booming guitar sound that came with the PC program I was using." Electric Landlady concludes with a jaw dropping DJ-remix of the printer, with airplanes and dogs flying high above a field of beats. Includes four-page pamphlet holding program notes by Green; Edition of 150.
R 072CD
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: R 072CD
MCCANN, SEAN Ten Impressions for Piano and Strings CD
Sean McCann on the release (January 2020): "Ten Impressions dates from the fall of 2010, when I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I was contemplating starting Recital at this time, envisioning the first release to be a double-LP of my ambient, slow works. Amassing violin and piano fragments over the next months, I ended up with over four hours of recorded material. Well, then... I sat and looked at the files on my computer and lost all interest. An odd gapping period overtook me and I stopped working on music. Twiddling my time, my listening interest in classical and art-y avant grade music flourished. A year later, or so, I waded back to the pool of strings and keys and thought, 'oh, well, some of these still feel nice.' So, I opened the chest again. I knew this would be the last 'ambient' record I would make for the foreseeable future (still mostly true). I sculpted them lightly, to a sort of pastoral sadness. Working again on these pieces was familiar and easy. This was just before the obsessive editing microscope was glued above my eye (trying to rip it off, now, though). Ten Impressions is available as a clean CD now. I appreciate the confidence from Root Strata (who originally published this as an LP in 2015). So, thank you Maxwell August Croy and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. This is my most Eno/Budd effort, and I feel the recordings stand well ten years later... Not as an Eno/Budd record, but as a taste of what was before and, if I never got into Fluxus and sound poetry, what could have continued to happen." Four-page pamphlet holding program notes; gatefold wallet; Edition of 200.
R 073LP
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: R 073LP
ONDA, AKI Nam June's Spirit Was Speaking To Me LP
Recital label head Sean McCann on the record (2020): "A spellbinding tribute from one multi-faceted artist to another. New York-based artist Aki Onda (b. 1967) conjured a transduction to the Korean multi-media pioneer Nam June Paik (1932-2006). Aki himself describes the project: 'Nam June's Spirit Was Speaking To Me occurred purely by chance. In 2010, I was spending four days at Nam June Paik Art Center in South Korea for a series of performances and had plenty of free time to wander . . . I have always felt a close kinship with him as an artist, and so it was a great opportunity to immerse myself in his works and ephemera. It was that night I made the first contact, via a hand-held radio in a hotel room in Seoul . . . Scanning through the stations, I stumbled upon what sounded like a submerged voice and I began to record it in fascination. I concluded this was Paik's spirit reaching out to me. The project continued to grow organically as I kept channeling Paik's spirit over long distance and receiving cryptic broadcasts/messages. The series of séances, conducted in different cities across the globe, began in Seoul in 2010, and continued in Köln, Germany in 2012, Wroc?aw, Poland in 2013, and Lewisburg, USA in 2014. The original recordings were captured by the same radio which has a tape recorder, with almost no editing, save for some minimal slicing and mastering. Paik is known for his association with shamanism, a practice that constantly surfaces in his works all through his career. In an interview, he stated 'In Korea, diverse forms of shamanism are strongly remained. Even though I have created my work unconsciously, the most inspiring thing in my work came from Korean female shaman Mudang.' . . . These recordings also became a way for me to explore the mythic form of radio -- a medium which is full of mysteries. The transmissions captured may be 'secret broadcasts' on anonymous radio stations. There are in fact hundreds of those stations around the world, although the numbers dwindle as clandestine messages can now be sent via encrypted digital channels...' Nam June's Spirit is a beautifully formed homage, I cannot think of any other like it. An intimate, flickering language discovered through the air." Includes 20-page art booklet including rare photographs of Nam June Paik from the set of Michael Snow's film Rameau's Nephew (1974), two essays on radio-wave phenomenon (by Onda and Marcus Gammel), and a remembrance of Paik by Yuji Agematsu. Edition of 250.
R 074LP
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: R 074LP
Saturday Night is the debut LP by old friends and collaborators Alex Twomey, Matthew Sullivan, and Sean McCann. Recorded over numerous evenings at the artists' homes, and completed just before the birth of Matthew's daughter, Flora. The album became an excuse to spend time with one another as well as perform. As the trio ordered take-out, drank scotch, smoked on patios, laughing off the weight of reality -- they stumbled into moments of musical focus. This album has a prism of fidelities. High and low resolutions press together as the environment blows through the instruments. The woozy, side-long titular track of hesitant cello and pianos opens the record. Quiet music with blemishes and inebriated pauses, breathing an alleviated air. Phrases with failing propellers, teetering between melodic and apathetic. The true speed of their Saturday nights. Side two opens with "London On My Mind." Reflecting the other pole, manic cassette treatments duel over Twomey's placid keyboard, ultimately breaking into a little joke on the piano. "Collection" features guitar by Sullivan, remembered for his thick fog of work under the alias Earn. With Sullivan's return to the instrument, he is joined by Twomey on upright piano and McCann processing the room in real-time. The brief final work, "Bird," recalls the style of the group's private press cassettes, The Bird and Charlotte's Office: poorly-played pleasant-hearted music. In 2019, two practice sessions were filmed by Sullivan on VHS, the audio has been isolated for this cassette. Includes 20-page color photo of stills documenting the recording process booklet; Edition of 225.
R 075BK
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: R 075BK
Sean McCann, Recital label head, on Papers (April 2020): "In addition to the musical objects she creates, Sarah Davachi is also immersed in the theoretical issues that surround her practice. This twin engagement began in her youth in Canada, studying philosophy and music, and working at a specialized musical instrument museum. Her compositional ambitions led to the doorstep of Mills College, fertile with history. Accompanied by a thesis for pipe organ and electronics, she also wrote a tangential document that ties experimentalism and phenomenology and the concept of the 'irreal.' A few years passed as Davachi continued to research and write with an extensive content development project for the museum in Canada. Since 2017, she has been working toward her PhD in musicology at UCLA, with a dissertation on critical organology (the study of musical instruments) and texture in early music, popular music, and experimental music. Papers positions historical and technological conclusions to face their philosophical underpinnings. Illuminating the mysteries of temperament and character in harmony, placing medievalism into the present, giving a narrative of studio recording as world making, and musing on her revered theories about art. Two of the essays dissect sympathetic compositions: Natura Morta by Walter Marchetti and In A Large, Open Space by James Tenney. Fingerprints bordering pathos. The book concludes with six artifact studies: an Italian virginal, a Bösendorfer piano, the Novachord, the Mellotron, the modern harp, and the OSCar synthesizer. Comprehensive details of their development, mechanisms, and cultural significance are laid to bare. I walked downstairs a few weeks ago and Sarah was tuning her harpsichord with a hammer given to us by our friend James Rushford, who had accidentally bought the wrong type a few years back. I sat on the chair beside her; she was setting the instrument to a quarter-comma meantone temperament (from roughly the late 1400s). With only a laymen's understanding of tuning, Sarah demonstrated for me an explanation so simple and beautiful that it made me smile continually. The unique identity of each triad, in this early form, became tangible that afternoon. I could hear how one interval sounded apart from the same in another key. The book elucidates similar experiences. When I read Papers, I admire Sarah's ability to frame the tableau of history with an elegant open end."
PRICE: $12.00
ELLIS, NOEL Live In Love 7"
Noel Ellis is the son of legendary Studio One/Treasure Isle recording artist Alton Ellis. Located in Canada he recorded a self-titled LP for Summer Records and a few singles. A few years later in 1988 he records "Live In Love", a classic digital roots tune that has stood the test of time with glory. Produced by Anthony "Basic" Hibbert. Edition of 500 copies in purple sleeves.
PRICE: $24.00
"Legendary guitarist Michael Chapman chose tracks from his two Americana albums from 2000 and 2002 for this release. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, and featuring extensive sleevenotes, this is a stunning release. Michael also took the photograph for the front cover."
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: TAL 019LP
LP version. Includes download code. Tastaturstuecke Vol 1 introduces nine outstanding new compositions for church organ, harpsichord, and self-programmed software. The album comprises the first collaborative recordings of Brian Parks (Atlanta) and Phillip Schulze (Düsseldorf). The two musicians first met in the early 2000s at the famous Wesleyan University, Connecticut, where they regularly attended seminars of their teachers Alvin Lucier and Anthony Braxton. Through extended preparations for a series of live performances in Europe in 2019 (e.g. at the Approximation Festival, Düsseldorf) Parks and Schulze developed and refined a unique approach towards composition, highlighting their interest in the correlation of the invariable flawlessness of a computer versus the human performer on church organ or harpsichord. Largely written for church organ and harpsichord all pieces also correspond perfectly with the physical spaces the recordings have taken place at. The album was recorded in three different churches in Düsseldorf which have been chosen for the different qualities of their specific room acoustics. Treating slight differences in pitch, phasing, overtones and rhythm all compositions on Tastaturstuecke Vol 1 offer an evocative density and flexibility that imbue the music with an organic feel. The nine pieces range in shape and form from concise and sharp clarity such as "Ranking Studies 1-3" to the extended, exquisitely paced radiance of the eight minutes of "Partials Chrorale". "Mensuring Canon for 8 voices" is obsessively restated in constantly changing permutations whereas the metronomic "Reliefs For Ecclesial Space" sounds urgent, deep and explosive. The last piece, "Activated Progression", in particular reverses the roles between computer and the human musician. The software never messes up the phase. The human would do his best to gradually change from one state to another. Once decisions are made regarding registration and finger assignment, the human should behave like a well-fabricated wind-up toy. The two hands remain offset the entire time, and at the fastest possible speed, enact patterns of three notes (left hand) and four notes (right hand). The computer meanwhile, moves from Euclidean rhythm to Euclidean rhythm over leisurely time periods.
PRICE: $13.00
CAT #: TAO 001CD
SHIPP, MATTHEW The Piano Equation CD
"Further honing a singular cosmic musical language, Matthew Shipp begins celebrating his landmark 60th year with this new work for solo piano. The Piano Equation is also the inaugural release from Tao Forms, a new label devoted to enlightened and elevated free jazz. Over more than half of his lifespan, Shipp has built up an unparalleled body of work and a wholly original musical language that only becomes more hyper-focused and distinctive with the passage of time. Shipp's abstract eloquence is on vivid display throughout The Piano Equation, which presents Shipp alone at the piano, brilliantly solving his higher-order musical mathematics, approaching each new unknown from unexpected vantage points as in some form of cubist algebra. Shipp builds his solo music in a cellular fashion, formed like the building blocks of human life out of disparate elements that combine and evolve in ever-unique and fascinating forms. 'There are billions of different human beings on the planet, all constituted with the same genetic material but all completely different,' he says. 'All of these pieces can be generated with a different mother/father idea and the basic cellular material can unfold in billions of ways.' Stride, swing and the avant-garde collide like so many elemental particles, the aftereffects radiating outward in increasingly complex and intricate formations. The scientific, the personal, the political and the fantastic co-exist throughout Shipp's work, melding in the radical vocabulary that the pianist employs on the album, which speaks with its own alien yet familiar logic. Fragments of melody coalesce and transform, dissolve or shatter into kaleidoscopic reveries."
PRICE: $13.00
CAT #: TAO 002CD
DICKEY TRIO, WHIT Expanding Light CD
"Free improvisation is as much an act of discovery as of creation. On their breathtaking debut, Expanding Light, the brand-new Whit Dickey Trio shines their collective illumination into the heretofore unexplored darkness between them. The album teams the drummer with one of his most long-standing collaborators in saxophonist Rob Brown & for the first time with the young firebrand bassist Brandon Lopez, in what is certainly hoped will be an ongoing communion. The light and the dark, intimate friends and fresh relations -- these are a few of the dualities embodied by the new recording label Tao Forms (launching May 1, 2020 with The Piano Equation, a cosmic solo piano outing by Matthew Shipp). This second release by the label continues the remarkable creative renaissance which Dickey embarked on with his stunning and widely acclaimed 2019 double-album by the Tao Quartets, a Yin and Yang pairing of two distinct ensembles. Expanding Light is an exercise in going full-bore Yang. The result maintains a visceral ferocity even at its most abstract and more gentle moments, a sonic territory that the drummer refers to as 'free grunge,' influenced as much by Nirvana at their finest as by the holistic experimentation of Dickey's mentor, Professor Milford Graves."
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: TMR 200LP
2020 repress. "The White Stripes fourth album and major label debut mastered direct from the original, analog source from the 2002 recordings at Toe Rag Studios. Two 180 gram black vinyl discs, double-gatefold, printed inner sleeves and MP3 download card included. This album is dedicated to the death of the sweetheart. Still as poignant today as when it was originally released in 2003."
PRICE: $22.00
MAI, LUCA T. Heavenly Guide LP
Baritone saxophonist Luca T. Mai is best known for his membership in the mighty Italian avant rock trio ZU. On his solo debut album, Heavenly Guide, he shifts his probing and powerful saxophone artistry from energetic soundscapes to celestial, layered sax drones. Immersive and deep. Recorded in September, 2018 at ZK squatt Riot Studio by David C. And Luca T. Mai.
PRICE: $22.00
DORJI & TYLER DAMON, TASHI To Catch A Bird In A Net Of Wind LP
Tashi Dorji (electric guitar) and Tyler Damon (drums/percussion) have developed a musical language that is not only shaped by original forms as free jazz, metal, rock, and Buddhist monastic music. Their sound merges passion and emotions of literature, art, cultural movements, politics -- flashes of ecstatic intensity, blurred timbral lines, fractal repetition, noir-ish, cinematic mystery and inclinations toward free play hint that the two are pleased to follow a winding path to destinations yet unknown. Recorded by Dave Zuchowski on March 25th, 2018, as part of Elastic Arts' 2018, Chicago. Artwork by Aaron Turner. Mixed by John Dawson; Mastered by Martin Siewert. In 2017 the duo released an album for Trost with Danish saxophone player Mette Rasmussen (TROST 167CD)."Together, the combination of Dorji's high-end metallic power-tool skree and Damon's manic-but-earthy hippie clomping are a perfect pairing. Each has a musical spoon in the other guy's soup to begin with, resulting in a collaboration that seems almost brotherly. [...] I'd say expect great things, but they're already happening." --The Free Jazz Collective
XI 142CD
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: XI 142CD
Co-released with Umland Records, Germany. On one night in 2019, The Dorf (German for "village") took a heavy dose of the music of Phill Niblock. The impact on the musicians, gathering to play a double-length version of Niblock's "Baobab" and (in a second set) three "Dorf" tunes, was deep. It felt a bit like going to church -- a truly spiritual experience. At first, the audience did not believe the announcement that the "drone" piece would last for 46 minutes. Afterwards, their reactions showed the impression Phill's music had made on them. After a 20-minute break, three pieces followed -- a different game altogether, but connected to "Baobab" in the way that the energy and the feel for the evening had been thoroughly set by Mr. Niblock. Already his physical presence changed the reception for both musicians and listeners and the taste for this "wall of sound" was palpable. The Dorf (in itself already an orchestra of something like 25 people) had been augmented by friends to a total of 35 musicians -- almost too big to be true. In the second part of the evening, Katherine Liberovskaya projected along to the music some of her outstanding video work, which is obviously not documented on this album. Play the record at a not-too-soft volume and stick with it. One way or another, the music will get to you. Recorded live on September 19, 2019, domicil Dortmund Germany. Personnel: Moritz Anthes - trombone; Marvin Blamberg - drums, sampler; Julia Brüssel - violin; Simon Camatta - drums, sampler; Denis Cosmar - sound; Marie Daniels - vocals; Felix Fritsche - saxophone; Sebastian Gerhartz - saxophone; Christian Hammer - guitar; Florian Hartlieb - computer; Stefanie Heine - saxophone; David Heiss - trumpet; Volker Kamp - bass; Oona Kastner - synth, vocals; Jan Klare - saxophone, directing; Anja Kreysing - accordeon; Maika Küster - vocals; Katherine Liberovskaya - visuals; Raissa Mehner - guitar; Alexander Morsey - sousaphone; Johannes Nebel - bass; Fabian Neubauer - keyboards; Phill Niblock - composition; Kai Niggemann - Buchla; Adrian Prost - trombone; Gilda Razani - Theremin; Guido Schlösser - synth; Ludger Schmidt - cello; Hanna Schörken - vocals; Oliver Siegel - synth; Maria Trautmann - trombone; Luise Volkmann - saxophone; Martin Verborg - violin; Andreas Wahl - guitar; Florian Walter - saxophone; Max Wehner - trombone; Emily Wittbrodt - cello; Achim Zepezauer - electronics.
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