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Forced Exposure New Releases for the week of 12/28/2020

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New music is due from B. Cool-AidB, Inspector 34, and Joshua Abrams, while old music is due from MF Doom, 13th Floor Elevators, and Johnny Osbourne.

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PRICE: $25.00
VA Singapore Nuggets. The Ladies LP
During the '60s and early '70s, Singapore had one of most vibrant and interesting music scenes in Asia and even the world, and this compilation presents undeniable proof of it. Focusing exclusively on the female presence on the scene (be it as solo singers, backed by other bands or as band leaders), Singapore Nuggets. The Ladies presents such and amazing collection of songs many will be shocked by the sheer genius of this ladies. Ranging from naive pop to fuzzed-out garage (and more!) all within the confines of Pop Yeh-Yeh, the fresh, colorful, local sound of '60s Singapore, in which western influences and Chinese, Arabic, and Indian sounds were mixed by locals to create a wonderfully idiosyncratic style. A must! Features Chew Yan And The Stylers, Lim Ling & Silvertones, Grace Lee And The Stylers, Violet Tang & Saints, Rita Chao & Quests, Sakura, Naomi & The Boys, Linda Yong And The Silvertones, Patrina with Maurice Patton & Melodians, Liu Hui Yun, Evey Lyn & The Siglap Five, Teresa Khoo & Her Five Notes, Doris Ang & The Sandboys, and Shang Guan Su Shen.
CT 085CD
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: CT 085CD
PABLO, AUGUSTUS King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown CD
2020 repress, digipak edition of King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown, the historic 1976 collaboration between producer and instrumentalist Augustus Pablo and dub engineer King Tubby. "If you had to pick one album that best represents the pinnacle of the art of dub, you'd cull the candidates down pretty quickly to ten or 12, and it would get very difficult after that. Few would fault you for ending up with this one, though, which stands as perhaps the finest collaboration between two of instrumental reggae's leading lights: producer and melodica player Augustus Pablo and legendary dub pioneer King Tubby. Among other gems, this album offers its title track -- a dub version of Jacob Miller's 'Baby I Love You So' -- which is widely regarded as the finest example of dub ever recorded. But the rest of the album is hardly less impressive. 'Each One Dub,' another cut on a Jacob Miller rhythm, possesses the same dark and mystical ambience, if not quite the same emotional energy, as 'King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown,' and the version of the epochal 'Satta Massaganna' that closes the album is another solid winner. Pablo's trademark 'Far East' sound (characterized by minor keys and prominent melodica lines) is predominant throughout, and is treated with care and grace by King Tubby, who has rarely sounded more inspired in his studio manipulations than he does here. Absolutely essential." --Rick Anderson, AllMusic
PRICE: $15.00
OSBOURNE, JOHNNY Meets Roots Radics 1980-1981 "Vintage" LP
Johnny Osbourne with Meets Roots Radics 1980-1981 "Vintage". Osbourne is one of the most popular Jamaican reggae and dancehall singers of all time. His nickname is the "Dancehall Godfather". Roots Radics band features Lincoln "Style" Scott, Errol "Flabba" Holt, Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont, and more. Green vinyl.
FB 5127LP
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: FB 5127LP
EL MICHELS AFFAIR Enter the 37th Chamber (Gold Vinyl) LP
2020 repress. "With one foot in the past but their eyes firmly set on the future, El Michels Affair are among the leaders of a resurgent funk & soul movement from New York City that's sweeping both the music community and the charts. Led by saxophonist/organist Leon Michels and producer/engineer Jeff Silverman, El Michels Affair began as a loose collaboration of session musicians (including members of top-selling acts Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, the Budos Band, and Antibalas) that looked to blend some of the vibrant quality of soundtrack records with the recording aesthetic of early reggae, and the rawness of 60's rock -- they called it 'Cinematic Soul.' This delicate balance was evident on their 2005 debut album Sounding Out the City, which earned critical acclaim and acted as the inaugural full-length release for Michels and Silverman's burgeoning label Truth & Soul (also the moniker for the duo as a production team). The buzz generated from the album and a series of moderately successful 7" vinyl singles from Truth & Soul led to an invitation by Toyota's Scion division for El Michels Affair to accompany the rapper Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan for a promotional concert. As avid Wu-Tang fans, not only were the band leaders thrilled with the opportunity, but Michels found that the 'Cinematic Soul' sound was consistent with the moods of RZA's gritty soundscapes on the classic Wu-Tang releases. The concert was such as success, El Michels Affair went on to play several more concerts nationwide backing Raekwon and other members of the Clan, and the shows led to the recording of two smash 7" singles featuring instrumental reinterpretations of the Wu-Tang classic songs 'C.R.E.A.M.' and 'Bring Da Ruckus.' The singles combined to sell an extraordinary amount of over 7,000 units worldwide, and their success led to a contract in 2007 with indie hip hop powerhouse Fat Beats Records to record an entire album of Wu-Tang Clan interpolations entitled Enter the 37th Chamber. Since the contract was inked, a worldwide explosion of retro soul led by Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, and Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings has transformed the pop music landscape, and the Truth & Soul production duo have been in strong demand, recording with everyone from breakthrough Grammy-nominated artist Adele to punk rock innovator Iggy Pop. They've been commissioned for official remixes of Amy Winehouse and Dinah Washington (for the popular Verve Remixed series), and produced for Australian multi-platinum acts Jet and Gabriella Cilmi. Despite the eclectic group of clients for the Truth & Soul production company, El Michels Affair continued to build an audience within the hip hop community. A track from Sounding Out The City was sampled for Ghostface Killah's 2007 track 'Shakey Dog Lolita,' and a horn part written and performed by Michels (for Menahan Street Band) was famously lifted for Jay-Z's smash single 'Roc Boys.'"
HC 020LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: HC 020LP
BLO Step Three LP
Limited restock. LP version. Hot Casa Records is proud to present this Holy Grail of Afro-Funk and rare gem from the '70s Lagos music scene. Reissued for the first time outside Nigeria, including an interview and photos of the original band members. The three core BLO band's members were "B" for Berkely "Ike" Jones on guitar, "L" for Laolu, "Akins" Akintobi on drums, and "O" for Mike "Gbenga" Odumosu on bass. BLO was formed just as a trio in late 1972 and split up in 1982. They developed their music on tour before they recorded their first album, Chapter One in 1973 on EMI Records. They built something unique, original and different than any other young African group at the time, blending rock with its African roots and transmuting it into soul-fusion. They left an indelible impression on the Nigerian music scene and became an institution for worldwide music lovers. From Clusters to Afrocollection alongside with the Lijadu Sisters, they'd been involved in many various acts. They also toured with Ginger Baker, the famous English drummer of both power trio Cream and Salt, whose influence has been considered by Laolu Akins as "another major player in the development of BLO." After their highly inspiring worldwide tour with Salt, leading them from Munich's Olympic Jazz Festival to the USA, BLO decided to work on their own concept album with the main ingredients of Afro, rock and dance. Immediately preceding their disco period, Step Three is a real and beautiful definition of Afro soul music.
HT 010LP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: HT 010LP
VA Rockers Inna Hungry Town Vol. 1 LP
Limited warehouse find... Vintage Augustus Pablo from the late 70s, reissued on vinyl, limited edition by the Rockers camp. Artists: Barrington Spence, Ricky Grant, Immortals, Horace Andy, Augustus Pablo, Prince Mohammed, Roman Stewart.
PRICE: $25.00
13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS Live At The Avalon Ballroom September 1966 LP
Mind blowing recording by the amazing 13th Floor Elevators at their peak, live at San Francisco's Avalon Ballroom, in 1966. With a good, raw and powerful sound, a kick ass set composed of Elevators classics and some great covers ("You Really Got Me", "Before You Accuse", "Roll Over Beethoven"), and a band absolutely on fire, one can safely say this is the best live recording by the 13th Floor Elevators. A perfect testament to the greatness of Roky Erickson and his Elevators, the best psychedelic band to ever walk this planet.
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: NSD 102LP
MF DOOM Special Herbs Volumes 3 & 4 2LP
2020 repress. "MF DOOM is the man in the iron mask. The most mysterious figure in hip-hop has also become one of the most popular, supplying beats and rhymes for Gorillaz, De La Soul, Madlib, Danger Mouse, and Wu-Tang Clan, and drawing praise from heavyweights like Just Blaze, Nas, and Mos Def. Since 2002, DOOM has released numerous volumes of Special Herbs, one of the longest-running instrumental series in hip-hop history. Now, volumes three and four of the acclaimed series are available on vinyl for the first time in years. With obscure loops and dusty samples galore, Special Herbs Volumes 3 & 4 is a must-have for any DOOM fan or hip-hop head."
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: NSD 106LP
MF DOOM Special Herbs Volumes 5 & 6 2LP
2020 repress. "MF DOOM is the man in the iron mask. The most mysterious figure in hip-hop has also become one of the most popular, supplying beats and rhymes for Gorillaz, De La Soul, Madlib, Danger Mouse, and Wu-Tang Clan, and drawing praise from heavyweights like Just Blaze, Nas, and Mos Def. Since 2002, DOOM has released numerous volumes of Special Herbs, one of the longest-running instrumental series in hip-hop history. Now, volumes five and six of the acclaimed series are available on CD for the first time in years. With obscure loops and dusty samples galore, Special Herbs Volumes 5 & 6 is a must-have for any DOOM fan or hip-hop head."
PRICE: $17.00
75 DOLLAR BILL Wooden Bag LP
Restocked; 2018 repress. "Wooden Bag is 75 Dollar Bill's debut record on the Other Music Recording Company label. Originally released in January of 2015, our limited vinyl debut, Wooden Bag, followed various cassette and digital EPs, and quickly sold out. Now back in print from new lacquers cut at Chicago Mastering and manufactured at Memphis Record Pressing, this re-release sounds and looks fantastic. A must-have for fans both old and new, the LP comes packaged in a custom 'disco sleeve,' which reproduces the original's hand-stamped art, and includes a download card." "The album's seven gyrating, hypnotic dances feature maracas, shakers and homemade-horn -- accented guitarscapes; imagine Yo La Tengo but with Indian music rather than the Velvets as prime inspiration." --Brad Cohan / Time Out New York
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: ROG 100LP
LP version. "Joshua Abrams' Cloud Script - Cloud Script - Joshua Abrams (double bass), Ari Brown (tenor saxophone), Jeff Parker (guitar), Gerald Cleaver (drums)."
PRICE: $18.50
CAT #: SMC 010LP
INSPECTOR 34 Love My Life LP
Love My Life is the latest full-length album from Lowell MA's Inspector 34. With their Don't Worry This Is OK EP (SMC 004EP), Inspector 34 showed a wild capability to make a simple rock song big and boisterous, but Love My Life cracks the whole chestnut open, creating a gigantic universe to crawl inside and lie in. With a wide embrace of sound, the 13 songs on Love My Life emit faint whiffs from all types of American budget lo-fi records of the past 30 or so years, from Guided by Voices to U.S. Maple. And it's the variety that grabs you -- starting with the tripped out "Love" intro moving into the staggered groove of "Everybody," ribbed with delicate fuzz and a fizzy electronic exoskeleton somehow reminiscent of Animal Collective's Centipede Hz, the album ends with the mushing Akron/Family groove that boils over on "Ride the River of Light." In between, there's the sizzle of a "Thick Bologna" slice hitting your buttered frying pan in the cold morning before you lay it down on your morning biscuit, oozing out grease like the great Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919 -- it settles in your guts, a perfectly honed and stoned rocking chair groove. "My" slips in shortly after and wedges itself in between your brain and your mind as a solidified, rock tumor metastasizing the same way a Surfer Rosa joint would, clocking in at under a minute-and-a-half. "Grow Old" is a glacial grower, adding elements like ticking guitar parts, choral vocals, and guttural grime. It's a jungle of solid guitar motifs laced with a Sgt. Peppers kaleidoscopic wonderment similar to Olivia Tremor Control's Dusk at Cubist Castle. This is junk rock, sludge pop, indie rock for the apocalypse. Influences pop out sharply at times, but dissolve quickly; one minute you think you're in the bridge of an OK Computer B-side, the next you're submerged in a simmering fuzz tunnel with a set of limber guitar chords that titillate like no other this side of the Mississippi. Inspector knows their sound oozes from the space and lulling strums, never too bogged down, but wildly intricate like waves of sonic mercury. Love My Life is a noisy odyssey through a quantum field with mellowing currents of fuzz, coalescing into warm, phosphorescent pockets of self-portraiture.
TDP 54051LP
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: TDP 54051LP
BLAKE, TIM Crystal Machine LP
Trading Places present a reissue of Tim Blake's Crystal Machine, originally released in 1977. British synthesizer wizard Tim Blake became a mainstay of the adventurous musical Gong collective in the mid-1970s and joined legendary rockers Hawkwind by the end of the decade. In between, he recorded a number of experimental solo albums, of which the first, Crystal Machine, was the most innovative and ambitious. An album taken from epic live performances staged at the Seasalter festival in 1976 and at Paris's Palace Theatre in 1977, the disc had four extended synthesizer suites and a locked fragment at the end, all featuring Blake on various futuristic keyboards, including an EMS Synthis A, a Minimoog, and an Elka Rhapsody, as well as an EMS Frequency Shifter, an MXR Flanger, and a Sony TC Tape Deck Echo, performing in tandem with a Spectra Physics 164 Argon Laser, and a Crystal Machine Projector, operated by Patrice Warrener for maximum trippy-ness. The result is an innovative masterpiece of ambient electronica with a touch of jazz-funk, as heard most noticeably on "Metro Logice" and "Last Ride Of The Boogie Child." This is a deep dive into all that is possible in the realm of the synthesizer, repeated listening revealing the hefty skill woven in layers of dexterous playing. Licensed by Cherry Red.
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: UKY 013LP
"Black be the god, black woman is god, black man is god, thank u" --B. Cool-AidB. Cool-Aid is the duo of Long Beach, CA producer Ahwlee and Pink Siifu from Cincinnati, Ohio. Syrup has borderline neo soul tones and is reminiscent to Anderson .Paak. Includes printed inner sleeve and download card. 135 gram vinyl; Edition of 300.
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