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Forced Exposure New Releases for the Week of 4/19/21

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New music is due from O C O S I, Klangforum Wien, and FYI Chris, while old music is due from Sir Lord Baltimore, Michael Ranta, and Frankie Armstrong.

we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321

and via mail:
FORCED EXPOSURE / 60 Lowell Street / Arlington, MA 02476 / USA

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PRICE: $23.50
ROLLING STONES, THE Let The Airwaves Flow Volume 5: Paris 1970 LP
Eleven tracks of high-quality rock n' roll feature on this LP from The Rolling Stones previously-undocumented tour of Europe 1970. This set was recorded for French radio and features the band playing with a horn section for the first time and no less than three Chuck Berry covers. Also included are "Dead Flowers" and "Brown Sugar" from the yet-to-be released Sticky Fingers LP. Comes with full sleeve notes and credits.
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: FOX 003LP
LES RALLIZES DENUDES + BE There's No Heaven Like Hell 2LP
2021 restock. One of the strangest and most enigmatic groups in the history of rock n' roll, Les Rallizes Denudes, also known as Hadaka no Rallizes or Hadaka no Rarizu, were a Japanese experimental rock band that is often cited as a pioneering force of the noise rock movement. The story of the band is as strange and difficult as the music they made and although much of the tale is shrouded in mystery, everything apparently begins around Kyoto's radical anti-establishment communes of the late 1960s, where androgynous frontman Takashi Mizutani formed the group in November 1967 while attending Kyoto University. Hard facts are in thin supply and the band's name employs complex punning that essentially equates to "Fucked Up and Naked" in Japanese, a slang reference to being high on drugs. Inspired by the Velvet Underground and other groups employing prominent, overamplified guitar, the band's music was typically based on repetitive rhythmic patterns bolstered by Mizutani's heavily distorted lead guitar, though the poor sound quality of early demos apparently turned Mizutani away from studio recordings, rendering much of their output in the form of live bootlegs, supplanted by the occasional leaked studio demo. Early performances were given as accompaniment to avant-garde theater groups, though the group was soon deemed too loud to be a mere accompaniment, and membership fluctuated frequently, with Mizutani being the only constant, though he retreated from public view following the 1970 Red Army hijacking of Japan Airlines flight 351, with the assistance of original Rallizes bass player, Moriaki Wakabayashi, who subsequently fled to North Korea; the band continued to sporadically record and perform under various guises until 1997. The two versions of There's No Heaven Like Hell, presented here, was recorded on April 1, 1975 at Rallizes House in Fussa, a small town to the west of Tokyo, joining Mizutani with keyboardist/guitarist Taisuke Morishita's experimental group Be, originally known as Yellow. The first version takes the form of an epic slow drone, featuring Mizutani on acid guitar, backed only by Morishita's pulsating synthesizer lines; the second version is in full marathon mode, an hour-long dirge that sees the spacey duo joined by drummer Shunichiro Shoda and a plodding bassist in the latter portion.
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: FOX 049LP
CHERRY TRIO, DON Live In Paris, March 1979 LP
2021 restock. Superb performance by Don Cherry Trio recorded in Paris, March 1967, and broadcast on French radio station ORTF.
PRICE: $26.00
2021 restock. "Anthology Recordings is pleased to announce the reissue of the long out of print -- and never before officially issued in the US -- trilogy of albums by Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes, 1970's N°2, 1971's Âme Debout, and 1972's Paix. Anthology's presentation of these foundational LPs, arguably the group's finest hours on wax, fills in a crucial missing link in the canon of psychedelic and experimental music of the 60s and 70s. In a lineage with other uncompromising women singers such as Edith Piaf, Nico, and Diamanda Galas, Ribeiro's is a sound of possession, of ritual. Her approach shares more with performance art than it does with pop music. It's the sound of love and madness and political tumult, stripped bare and emerged from dark recesses. With her weighty voice, she emphasized expression and meaning over immaculate, adventurous musicality. Each LP includes its own insert featuring photos and original press material culled from Ribeiro's personal archive. Limited first run of 750."
PRICE: $26.00
2021 restock. "Anthology Recordings is pleased to announce the reissue of the long out of print -- and never before officially issued in the US -- trilogy of albums by Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes, 1970's N°2, 1971's Âme Debout, and 1972's Paix. Anthology's presentation of these foundational LPs, arguably the group's finest hours on wax, fills in a crucial missing link in the canon of psychedelic and experimental music of the 60s and 70s. In a lineage with other uncompromising women singers such as Edith Piaf, Nico, and Diamanda Galas, Ribeiro's is a sound of possession, of ritual. Her approach shares more with performance art than it does with pop music. It's the sound of love and madness and political tumult, stripped bare and emerged from dark recesses. With her weighty voice, she emphasized expression and meaning over immaculate, adventurous musicality. Each LP includes its own insert featuring photos and original press material culled from Ribeiro's personal archive. Limited first run of 750."
PRICE: $36.50
FYI CHRIS Earth Scum 2LP
Northern bred, South London based duo FYI Chris announce their debut album, Earth Scum. Following 2020 EP, Black Dragon Loop, "Scum of the Earth" is a nod to the duo's Northern roots and a signal to their friends and fam ethos, featuring Watson's uncle -- Mancunian poet Thick Richard. Blending swirling synths with punk energy, on "Scum of the Earth" Thick Richard's no-frills, spoken word -- "but just remember this planet is made out of dirt, when you call me the scum of the earth" -- is peppered with broken beats and distorted vox lines. Originally a track made from a live recording of Thick Richard taken in the wee hours of the morning in the smoking area of Corsica Studios about eight years ago, he managed to re-record during the UK lockdown in 2020, adding verses from another poem, "People in Crack Houses Shouldn't Throw Rocks". A duo with strong creative vision, follow Thick Richard cycling around the canals of Manchester, tinnies in hand, in the glitchy, wigged out visuals for "Scum of the Earth", directed and edited by Dilesh Patel. Traversing post-punk, jazz, techno, weirdo house, and beyond with a psychedelic spin, across twelve tracks Earth Scum promises insight into the multiverse of FYI Chris. The duo pay homage to their strong sense of community and life as they know it in South London and the North of England, nodding to friends and family along the way. Sonically, the pair showcase their varied palettes and musicality with a darker and more rugged multi-instrumental approach, while shining a light on their gallows sense of humor. Hailing from the North, FYI Chris (Chris Watson and Chris Coupe) met in South London -- fast becoming key players in that tight-knit local community as well as the global dance music scene. Regulars at Peckham's Rye Wax and often at the helm of the Rye Wax radio show; pre-pandemic, the duo could also be found playing gigs in esteemed underground venues across the globe. With their breakthrough release No Hurry / Juliette on esteemed local label Church in 2015, FYI Chris have since released on revered platforms including Rhythm Section, Toy Tonics, Banoffee Pies, remix work for Ninja Tune. Also features Pinty, Simeon Jones, Simeon Jones, and DJ Morris.
BE 033LP
PRICE: $16.00
CAT #: BE 033LP
GERMAIN Pre-Release Dub LP
2021 limited restock. "Eight song dub LP in hand silkscreened disco jacket. First time reissue of this rare and obscure Germain produced dub LP from 1983. This LP was long a source of confusion for collectors. Only ever released in small quantity on a Germain label with no titles or credits, this LP came in either a generic disco jacket or in the jacket for the totally unrelated and (then) aborted Jah Life In Dub LP. The eight tracks on this LP include some prime Germain roots rhythms of the day, including a very sound system/dubplate style choice of three different cuts of the 'Dirty Harry' rhythm! We're happy to make this excellent LP now available to all, in a great looking hand silkscreened disco jacket, adorned with its fitting new title of Pre-Release Dub!"
BB 173LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: BB 173LP
2021 restock. LP version on 180 gram vinyl. Bureau B presents Cluster's USA Live, a 1996 recording of Cluster's first tour of the USA. This release consists of tracks from Purple Pyramid's 1997 CD First Encounter Tour 1996, reworked and reselected in collaboration with the musicians and presented on vinyl (for the first time) and on CD. Includes new artwork. "The US recordings are loud and impassioned. Some tracks are really loud, the mood is frankly disquieting. Tonal differences aside, this takes us back to Cluster's musical frame of mind in the early 1970s. Given the vast expressive repertoire on which Moebius and Roedelius could draw from almost twenty years of relentless experimentation, perhaps this ought not to surprise us. Furthermore, as artists of the moment, they are able to respond flexibly and immediately to the ambience, the situation, their own condition. Something in the USA was fundamentally different to Japan. On the evidence of the US live recordings we can surmise that the USA tour was anything but introspective. As if Cluster were intent on proving that they were neither purveyors of cozy ambient electronica nor producers of new age muzak. The way they played America was completely unpredictable, sometimes even chaotic. Expansive passages switch abruptly with rhythmic stretches, raw noise erupts in quiet places -- Moebius and Roedelius pull out all the stops. It all amounts to quite an ordeal for the audience, possibly even disappointing one or two listeners in the process. But Cluster's music was always multifaceted, so surprises were never far away. The USA live album does not escort the listener to bright, mellifluous swaths, but to rugged, karstic regions, no less a part of Cluster's world. It is an uncomfortable album with rough edges. Still, it is a good thing that Moebius and Roedelius used these forceful improvisations to conclude their journey together for the foreseeable future. Cluster bid farewell to their listeners twice in 1996: softly and almost lost in reverie on Japan Live (BB 174CD/LP), then not long afterwards they went out with a bang on First Encounter Tour/USA Live. Once again the two musicians had shared the full spectrum of their artistic visions. Alas, a double goodbye does not make the split any easier. Fast-forwarding into the next millennium, however, we are happy to hear the cry: Cluster ahoy!" --Asmus Tietchens.
BB 174LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: BB 174LP
2021 restock. LP version on 180 gram vinyl. After Curiosum (BB 038CD/LP, 1981), the last Cluster album to be released on Sky, Roedelius and Moebius turned their attention to solo work. It was not until the early 1990s that Cluster returned to the electronic music stage with Apropos Cluster (BB 171CD/LP, 1990) and One Hour (BB 172CD/LP, 1994). The duo also took to the road for live shows in Germany and Europe, followed by tours across the USA and Japan. Some of these concerts were recorded in digital quality and offer compelling evidence of just how dramatically Cluster's music had evolved -- to what degree Moebius and Roedelius had found serenity as they matured. The tracks collected here are gleaned from live performances in Osaka and Tokyo. In technical terms, and all the more so musically, the recordings are on par with meticulously prepared studio productions. The material thus provides an ideal opportunity to compare Cluster music of the past and the present (1996). Cluster had, of course, gone digital. Few analog sources made the cut, with keyboard samplers now their instrument of choice. It stands to reason that what amounted to an extrinsic decision did nothing to alter the style of such sophisticated artistic personalities, instead merely widening the range of creative possibilities available to them. Cluster were indeed unfazed by the multiple sonic sources now in their grasp. They avoided wallowing in endless narcissism, concentrating instead on relatively few elements of sound and form. Particularly in a live context, this led to immensely serene and engaging music. Tracing the arc of suspense in these improvisations, the equanimity and nuance that Roedelius and Moebius bring to their music becomes apparent, inciting a positive sense of excitement in the conscientious listener. This release consists of tracks from Captain Trip Records' 1997 CD Japan 1996 Live reworked into a new version and presented on vinyl for the first time. Includes liner notes by Asmus Tietchens and new artwork.
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: CMR 001LP
Limited restock; LP version. "This landmark album, now being reissued in a definitive stereo edition, marks the debut of the new Cosmic Myth Records label. Cosmic Myth plans to reissue Sun Ra's Saturn Records catalog titles under official license from Sun Ra LLC, comprised of the heirs of Sun Ra. Sun Ra albums like The Magic City prove the categorical futility of 'File Under: Jazz.' When assessing the post-Chicago (1960-on) work of Ra, 'jazz' turns out to be less a genre than a journalistic and marketing convenience. Jazz has a glorious tradition. Sun Ra was schooled in it, emerged from it, and grew to transcend it (though he never abandoned it). Even the cheeky term 'Space Jazz' cannot frame the extremes to which Ra pushed his art in the mid-1960s. In this regard, The Magic City was a pinnacle. 1965 was a turbulent year for the Arkestra and its leader, and many consider The Magic City a flashpoint for that upheaval. Arkestra drummer Tommy Hunter, quoted in John Szwed's 1997 Ra bio Space is the Place, describes a typical performance of the period: 'It was like a fire storm coming off the bandstand.' On the original 1965 The Magic City LP, issued on Saturn, the monster 27-1/2 minute title track sprawled across side A. The 'Magic City' to which Ra refers was his birthplace -- Birmingham, Alabama. The term was the town's motto, emblazoned on a billboard by the train station near Sunny's childhood home, intended to reflect the city's explosive growth as a Southern industrial epicenter after the discovery of iron ore, coal, and limestone deposits. Birmingham was a place about which Sun Ra felt and expressed ambivalence: an outpost of racial segregation and grim smokestack-pocked landscapes, yet a city for which he felt twinges of nostalgia and affection. (His heirs still live in the area.) Ra customarily supervised the Arkestra's improvisational process via keyboard cues or hand signals. He was always in charge -- hence critic Simon Adams describing the title track as '27 minutes of controlled freedom.' 'The Magic City' was never performed in concert; saxophonist John Gilmore said it was 'unreproducible, a tapestry of sound.' Although shorter in scope than side A's magnum opus, the four works on The Magic City's flip side reflect the same improvisational approach, spatiality, and lack of structure. One session outtake, 'Other Worlds,' an alternate version of 'Shadow World,' is included as a bonus track on side B. For this definitive edition, historical and technical liner notes are provided by noted jazz historian Ben Young, who restored and remastered the album with his Triple Point Records partner Joe Lizzi. Both men have been recognized for their extensive work on the Grammy Nominated Albert Ayler boxset, released on John Fahey's Revenant records in 2005."
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: DKR 169LP
2021 restock. "Killer and rare late '70s dub LP, which is in fact the dub companion to I Roy's Musical Shark Attack LP. If you know Channel One albums, then you know that LP is loaded with the hardest late '70s Channel One roots rhythms. What most people don't know, however, is that I Roy's album was actually voiced over this dub LP, as it was completed and ready before Channel set about making a new I Roy album. This is one fantastic dub LP, now properly issued, direct from master tape, in a newly-designed jacket made to match the I Roy album, a companion piece in design and music. Eleven killer slices of Revolutionaries dub from 29 Maxfield Avenue, this is a Musical Dub Attack!"
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: DKR 189LP
ANDERSON/ROOTS RADICS, GLADSTONE Sings Songs for Today and Tomorrow/Radical Dub Session 2LP
2021 restock. "20 song 2LP release in gatefold jacket. The dub LP features dubs to 7 of the 10 tracks on the vocal LP. Gladstone 'Gladdy' Anderson is a true legend in Jamaican music, a prominent figure in all three key decades of its history, from the 1960s thru the 1980s. Gladdy was versatile, being a piano/keyboard player, singer and arranger. In the 60s and 70s, he cut classic albums as a solo artist and band leader for Federal (with Lynn Taitt and the Jets) and Harry Mudie, and was a session musician on countless sides for others. For a time, he also comprised half of a vocal duo along with Stranger Cole. This duo have the distinction of being the first artists released on the Channel 1 label, with 'Don't Give Up the Fight' being released in 1973. Moving into the '80s, Gladdy joined the Roots Radics Band as piano player and arranger, and from Channel 1 studios, played on countless tracks with the Radics, the dominant band of the decade. During that time he also self-produced much material. Most of this material has been sorely overlooked, being released across a variety of short-lived labels or thru his long standing partnership with the Overheat label in Japan, who's releases are difficult to get elsewhere. One such set of tunes is being reissued here, the fantastic Sings Songs For Today and Tomorrow LP, along with it's almost-companion dub set Radical Dub Session. Originally released in the early 80's on the Jahmani and Solid Groove labels respectively, these didn't make much of a mark during their time. They are however, some of the toughest Radics material we've ever heard, and the finest of Gladdy's vocal work in the 80s, one of our most favorite of eras. The vocal album stands alongside others like Steve Knight's Orphan Child album as one of the greatest unheralded albums of its decade, originally lost among the flood of 80s album releases. In beginning this project, we learned that our friends at Only Roots in France shared a similar passion for these albums, and we recognized the perfect opportunity for our first collaboration. As two labels with the same goals, cooperation not competition is the way ahead in keeping this music alive, so here it is! We hope you enjoy this fantastic set of albums as much as we do."
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: FTR 580LP
"Originally issued as a CDR on Matt's own Child of Microtones label, the stone madness of this session was so overwhelming we begged him to let us do it on vinyl. Luckily for one and all, he agreed. Recorded here and there, with a variety of different ensembles. Galactic Ooze is one of the most fully warped missives from Planet MV, and that is saying something. While there is a certain continuity between the layered threads of MV's deeply processed vocals and amazing stunned-noodle guitar figurines, the music here is always in flux. There's lots of electronic jiggering which brings to mind the squeedle elements of Blows Against the Empire (still the apex of the Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra's discography), but there's none of the dogmatic claptrap that sometimes derails that album's liberationist thrust. The music on Galactic Ooze is a sweet sideways slip into deep space. Amidst tightly forested jams, there are many beams of sound that act like sun rays, illuminating the process from within, with skeletal frameworks outlined in pure scorch. You can catch whiffs of everything from the roll of Soon Over Babaluma-era Can to the thunder-echo of Yabby You's Beware It Dub at various points in the program, but the insanely sweet angularity of the guitar lines is trademark MV throughout, no matter how wildly the deck shifts at times. And for all their cosmic detailing, the songs are as abundantly human as always, addressing the eternal mysteries of life (whether lived in the woods of on the street). And asking the kinds of questions that require something more than a snappy answer. Galactic Ooze is a beautiful mutational meditation on where we exist inside our own personal cosmos. And its secrets unfold at their own pace, layer by layer by layer. As a great man once said, 'walking on water wasn't built in a day.' You can that that to the bank." --Byron Coley, 2021
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: GFM 014CD
Frankie Armstrong is considered the "godmother" of the natural voice movement. She began singing professionally in 1964 and came to wide notice in 1972 with her cult classic record Lovely on the Water (Topic Records). She has gone on to work with historic and contemporary legends alike -- including Anne Briggs, Dave Van Ronk, Peggy Seeger, Leon Rosselson, Alistair Roberts, Stick in the Wheel, and Lankum. Frankie's long and impressive career was recently marked with the Gold Badge Award from the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Frankie is now releasing her twelfth record Cats of Coven Lawn to mark her 80th birthday. The album was recorded over a couple of weekends in Brighton with critically acclaimed producer Tom Pryor and consists of mainly live takes with minimal overdubs, creating a warm lo-fi, almost anti-folk aesthetic. This is a brave record sonically -- traditional on one track, then verging towards outsider art on the next. It's bare-boned with eerie harmonies, raw unapologetic vocals, minimal instrumentation, and at times startling a capella performances. The song selection is daring and incredibly varied -- traditional songs ("Lizzie Wan", "Willow Song"), songs written by her friends ("Dead Funny", "Marcy's Guest House"), and songs that demonstrate Frankie's longstanding commitment to social and political issues ("Where I Live on the Map", "Song of Strength", "We Are Women", "Bread and Roses"). This album strives to represent the many intriguing facets of one of the UK's most important folk singers. Frankie is joined by her friends throughout the record, lending vocals, writing and instrumentation. Guest performances come from Martin Simpson, Bird in the Belly, Brian Pearson, and Bread and Roses. The warm lo-fi aesthetic, combined with the group performances from Frankie's friends creates an intimate, charming album -- an album akin to sitting around the dinner table with Frankie and her friends and reliving her memories through song. An incredibly personal album -- at times, sad, funny, odd, eerie, joyful, but always authentic.
PRICE: $22.00
WEDDING PRESENT, THE Locked Down And Stripped Back LP
"The Wedding Present recorded a full acoustic and stripped back album during the lock down from COVID-19 featuring classic Wedding Present hits and deep cuts and new tracks like 'We Should Be Together' which is a duet with Louise Wenner of the britpop band Sleeper. 12 tracks in all included 'My Favourite Dress' and 'You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends.'"
KAI 15079CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: KAI 15079CD
KLANGFORUM WIEN Olga Neuwirth: Solo CD
"I know that the arts won't change anything, but art can point towards what has become ossified and reveal the desolate state of society and politics. I refuse to be yodelled away." --Olga Neuwirth "... and so she produces continuously changing musical textures, incessantly posing questions, boldly and impetuously combining the most contrasting elements. This album is part of Klangforum Wien's Solo five-CD series of recordings of pieces for one performer, which is the ensemble's response to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic."
KAI 15092CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: KAI 15092CD
"For me, the flute is the instrument which can most deeply realize my musical ideal. The flute can produce a sound by means of the breath, and can be a vehicle by which the breath transmits the sound's life-power" --Toshio Hosokawa "The six flute compositions on this CD, rendered impressively and with intense devotion by Yoshie Ueno, each show a way of experiencing the music intended by Toshio Hosokawa as a profound art of expression."
KAI 15095CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: KAI 15095CD
KLANGFORUM WIEN Toshio Hosokawa: Solo CD
"Toshio Hosokawa, Japan's pre-eminent living composer, creates his distinctive musical language from the fascinating relationship between Western avant-garde art and traditional Japanese culture. His music is strongly connected to the aesthetic and spiritual roots of the Japanese arts (such as calligraphy), as well as to those of Japanese court music (such as Gagaku). He gives musical expression to notions of beauty rooted in transience: 'We hear the individual notes and appreciate, at the same time, the process of how the notes are born and die: a sound landscape of continual 'becoming' that is animated in itself.' This album is part of Klangforum Wien's Solo five-CD series of recordings of pieces for one performer, which is the ensemble's response to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic."
KAI 15096CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: KAI 15096CD
KLANGFORUM WIEN Salvatore Sciarrino: Solo CD
"Salvatore Sciarrino's oeuvre is the preserve of silence. It can be encountered in the sound spaces of night, in nocturnal trickles, creaks, creepings and wings; filigree sounds disappear into silence and re-appear abruptly and in short bursts, in large, irregular forms. The soundscapes of his music continually probe the thin line between life and death, recollection and oblivion, light and dark, growth and decay. In these transitory realms, the scans of a magical originality find their very own space. This album is part of Klangforum Wien's Solo five-CD series of recordings of pieces for one performer, which is the ensemble's response to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic."
KAI 15098CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: KAI 15098CD
KLANGFORUM WIEN Rebecca Saunders: Solo CD
"Everything is already here. I simply provide a frame, a context. The world is so saturated with noise. To filter out the nuances, or to exclude certain fragments, stands at the beginning of my work process. But it's not the beginning of a piece." --Rebecca Saunders "Solo pieces occupy an important place in Rebecca Saunders' oeuvre, since at least during the preparation period, the composer's solitude is transformed into a dialogue with the soloists with whom she seeks a close collaboration; the sheer physicality of their playing providing a source of lasting inspiration to the composer. She deeply explores the world of the sounds, offering a declaration of love to the respective instrument, soloist or to music in general. This album is part of Klangforum Wien's Solo five-CD series of recordings of pieces for one performer, which is the ensemble's response to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic."
KAI 15099CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: KAI 15099CD
KLANGFORUM WIEN Georges Aperghis: Solo CD
"I always have this mental image of a small, imaginary theatre. When I compose music, however, I don't think of the musicians' bodies and their movements. I simply think of the music. I compose sound-gestures, not bodily gestures." --Georges Aperghis "In accordance with his line of thinking, he sets sound gestures to music in his instrumental pieces, proceeding from linguistic units - even in pieces which have absolutely no textual source. One might be able to describe his works for solo instruments as literally inventing a new sound language, as 'speaking music'. This album is part of Klangforum Wien's Solo five-CD series of recordings of pieces for one performer, which is the ensemble's response to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic."
KAI 15100CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: KAI 15100CD
GRUBER & ENSEMBLE DIE REIHE, HK Friedrich Cerha: I. Keintate - Eine Letzte Art Chansons CD
"Friedrich Cerha, whose monumental Spiegel cycle and his completion of Alban Berg's Lulu have secured him a place amongst the most eminent composers of our time, celebrates his 95th birthday on 17 February 2021. This album presents two of his lesser known very typical Viennese works, featuring chansonnier HK Gruber. While somehow in the tradition of the local music played at the Heurigen, both pieces dig deep into the musical and spiritual soul of Vienna's folk and art music. This extraordinary album celebrates an extraordinary composer who has been a KAIROS artist since the label's beginning. The album also marks the 100th release since KAIROS joined the paladino label group, thus making it a double Viennese celebration."
PRICE: $22.00
LOSCIL Monument Builders LP
2021 repress. LP version. "Monument Builders is the new album from Loscil, the ambient/electronic project of prolific composer Scott Morgan. It was primarily created on sample-based instruments in Morgan's century-old Vancouver home. Like that aged space, this music is also rough-hewn, with rickety samples of boiling kettles and resonant moving air. Recordings from a vintage micro-cassette recorder contribute distortion, rattles and textures that serve as both percussion and abstract aural color. According to Morgan, the genesis for the album may have begun as he viewed an old VHS copy of the American experimental film Koyaanisqatsi. 'Something about the time-tarnished visuals and the pitch warble on Philip Glass's epic score added a new layer of intrigue for me,' says Morgan. 'Glass has always been an influence but lo-fi Glass felt like a minor revelation, as if the decay was actually enhancing the impact of the film's message.' The investigations on Monument Builders also took inspiration from the anti-humanist writings of influential philosopher John Gray, as well as photographer Edward Burtynsky's iconic aerial photographs of pollution and environmental destruction. 'Gray's writing, particularly his book Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals, reinforced a bleak notion I had that we humans don't have much say in how it all turns out,' says Morgan. 'With Burtynsky, I was struck by the fact that something so strikingly beautiful could be the result of large-scale waste and exploitation.' Monument Builders was composed during a period in which the life-and-death battles of close friends and family forced Morgan to examine his own feelings on mortality. In the course of that introspection, Morgan found himself buoyed by a feeling of celebration and a stubborn sense of survival -- an acknowledgement of what it means to be able to breathe and create amidst the clash of love and chaos. Ultimately, Morgan hopes the music here can offer listeners solace while leaving room for exploration and surprise."
PRICE: $27.00
HECKER, TIM Radio Amor 2LP
2021 repress. "This is the first reissue for Tim Hecker's classic 2003 album. The original recordings were remixed by Tim Hecker and mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering."
MOC 14019CD
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: MOC 14019CD
"If you are not familiar with James Blood Ulmer, you are certainly missing an important artist in your collection. This particular album is probably his best work. With Calvin Weston as one of two drummers, the music drives forward at a frenetic pace, while Ulmer dives in and out with short riffs. Irene Datcher, who sings on a few of the cuts with the gravel voiced Ulmer, has the vocal power to rise above the busy music and is a real stand out. Most impressive is the flying bass of Amin Ali! This album is not for the faint of heart. Ulmer's melding of harmonic-melodic Jazz (a la Coleman) rocks and takes some listening effort. The listener should relax and focus on James' guitar as the rest of the band comes to you like a steamroller."
MOC 14049CD
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: MOC 14049CD
"The term Swamp Rock was invented for albums like this. ...Continued is Tony Joe White's second album released in 1969. Tony Joe White not only possesses an original, strong, intoxicating voice, he's a blistering singer-songwriter and musician with one foot in the blues and the other in the swamp, laying out one luscious number after another that will reach out and knock you over. Tony Joe White is a musician with an enormous fanbase among musicians of many different genres. This album features the single 'Roosevelt And Ira Lee' and his evergreen 'Rainy Night In Georgia', one of the most covered songs ever (a.o. by Ray Charles, Otis Rush, Randy Crawford, John Holt, The Gladiators). Including two bonus tracks."
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: OHM 059CD
OCOSI 373Ahell CD
It took almost 20 years for O C O S I to get together again, since they parted their ways in the early 2000s. The duo of Paul M. and Simon S., formed in London in the heyday of rave, creates downtempo, atmospheric bass-fueled beats, in a drugged-out '90s haze reminiscent of Boards of Canada, or early Autechre, but with a darker bent. The evolution of O C O S I, from its time in the days where producers traded DATs and Minidiscs frequently, is explained by Simon: "Back then, everything was done in one room in London on an Ensoniq ASRX sampler and now it's done long-distance in between Ibiza (where Paul resides) and Newcastle Upon Tyne -- where I do". Notably, with all the years passed, distance between and personal changes, the principle of their work remained the same. "Simon and myself began bouncing sounds back and forth. Both knowing the O C O S I blueprint, the album came together quite naturally, and fast," stresses Paul. "The result was familiar, but also a move towards new sonic territories." Combining slow beats, bass and avid usage of space to create the atmosphere, O C O S I has made a massive step forward with it, while remaining true to themselves. As Simon says: "We started talking again. About the sounds, their abstract nature, films, putting them together. But also, remembering what meaning has O C O S I for us." Mastered by Daniele Antezza @ Dadub Studios. Artwork by LE PEEP. RIYL: Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Scorn, The Orb, Autechre.
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: PART 4038LP
VA Upside Down Volume One 1966-1970: Coloured Dreams from the Underworld LP
2021 restock. Particles present the first volume in their Upside Down series on vinyl for the first time -- a lysergic pop extravaganza featuring original artifacts from the psychedelic age with twenty flower power wonders from way down under. From the luminous void that wields such pleasures as Barry Crocker's "Imitation World" and other lysergic pop platters to the menacing feats of apocalyptic freakbeat courtesy of The Expression, Robbie Peters, and The Executives, Upside Down delivers twenty, long-forgotten relics from down under with a potent collection of psychedelic pleasures, circa 1966-1970. Other artists include: The Groove, Ronnie Burns, R Black and The Rockin' Vs, Normie Rowe, Magic, Trojans, Motivation, The Tallifer Group, The Twilights, Kevin McCann, Nineteen 87, Autumn, Dick Roberts and The Troubled Minds, and Nonesuch. Comes on 180 gram, lime-green vinyl; Includes a two-page, color insert with comprehensive liner notes and rare photographs; Edition of 1000 (hand-numbered).
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: RLL 044LP
KRAFTWERK Live in Koeln Sartory Saal, 22 March 1975 LP
Limited restock. Kraftwerk, live in Koeln Sartory Saal on March 22, 1975 WDR.
PRICE: $14.00
RANTA, MICHAEL The Great Wall / Chanta Khat CD
Michael Ranta has collaborated with Takehisa Kosugi, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Jean-Claude Eloy, Conny Plank, Mike Lewis, and Hartmut Geerken, just to name a few. He was also assistant to Harry Partch and performer in the Gate 5 Ensemble in the 1960s. Additionally, Ranta performed in Stockhausen's ensemble during the 1970 World Expo in Osaka. Ranta's resume also includes recordings by Helmut Lachenmann, Herbert Brün, Toru Takemitsu, Josef Anton Riedl, Mauricio Kagel, among others. Throughout his extensive recordings and live performances, Ranta has furthered the trajectories of contemporary percussion composition alongside works for tape and electronics. His works are fully immersive which evoke vast spaces, ritual, and create an expansive presence for his accompanying multimedia commissions. For this CD release, two of Ranta's longform pieces are included: "The Great Wall" and "Chanta Khat". Originally scored for the HT Chen Dance Company as a theater production, "The Great Wall" premiered in 1984 at the La MaMa experimental theater in New York. This highly detailed composition for electronics, voice, percussion, and tape offers a massive drone-based accompaniment for Chen's stage presentation of the legend of Meng Jiangnu. Yet, Ranta's composition also creates a fully formed soundtrack that stands beautifully on its own. The atmosphere is very much in the spirit of Kosugi's multimedia masterwork Catch Wave and Jean Clade Eloy's large-scale production Yo-In which also features Ranta. "Chanta Khat" was completed in 1973. An early version of this piece originally premiered as part of a multimedia installation at the 1972 summer Olympics in Munich. This powerful work for tape and electronics includes Ranta's field recordings documenting his travel in Laos during a lunar eclipse earlier that same year. The piece is a haunting and equally frantic work where the local villagers are heard responding quite emotionally and viscerally to the celestial event of the day. "Chanta Khat" was later reworked and remixed in 1973 at the NHK electronic music studio in Tokyo. This version is featured here in its entirety. Packaged in a six-panel digipak with fully remastered and restored audio. Includes detailed notes by Michael Ranta and features new artwork by Timo van Luijk.
PRICE: $16.00
CAT #: ROG 110CD
PARKER & ROB MAZUREK, JEFF Some Jellyfish Live Forever CD
"Rob Mazurek and Jeff Parker: the perfect match for a unique duo. Previously released as LP, sold out in this format. Rob Mazurek / Jeff Parker -- Some Jellyfish Live Forever -- Rob Mazurek (cornet, mutes), Jeff Parker (guitar, effects)."
RCD 2219CD
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: RCD 2219CD
Only nine months after Hedvig Mollestad momentous debut solo album Ekhidna (RCD 2215CD/RLP 3215LP), the guitarist is back fronting her trio. With their previous album, Smells Funny (RCD 2203CD/RLP 3203LP, 2019), this explosive and expansive trio experienced a breakthrough of sorts, having gone from strength to strength through five albums since their 2011 debut Shoot! (RCD 2115CD/RLP 3115LP, 2011), gathering respect from both rock and jazz camps, sharing big stages with the likes of John McLaughlin and Black Sabbath, and being equally comfortable on jazz and rock stages. Hedvig enforced this breakthrough with Ekhidna, appearing on both jazz and rock best of 2020 lists, like coming in third in Prog's "Album of the Year" poll. With the hypnotic title track, the spacious ballad "Four Candles" and generally a more varied mood, Ding Dong. You're Dead. is the trio's most dynamic album to date. That said there's still enough solid and creative riffing here to satisfy the headbangers, as well as the jazzheads, as they further explore the free and open landscapes most notably started with their Black Stabat Mater album (RCD 2183CD/RLP 3183LP, 2016) and continued with Smells Funny. As Nate Chinen wrote about Black Stabat Mater in JazzTimes: "Her trio, which has Ellen Brekken on bass and Ivar Loe Bjørnstad on drums, caught my ear then with its audacious style references: the loose swagger of early Black Sabbath; the density and prowl of peak Led Zeppelin; the expeditionary urge of Jimi Hendrix; the incantatory fervor of John McLaughlin." This trio radiates confidence and have become a surefire hit on the Norwegian live scene. And while we rightly praise Hedvig's exceptional abilities, let's not forget how important the rhythm section is to make it all work so well. Ellen Brekken is an accomplished bassist, driving the band just as hard on the electric bass as on the acoustic. Then there's Ivar Loe Bjørnstad, not your regular rock drummer, not your regular jazz drummer, but in possession of the loose swagger mentioned above.
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: SCR 180LP
SOMBRE, CHEVAL Time Waits for No One LP
LP version. White vinyl. Cheval Sombre releases his third album -- his first solo release for more than eight years, following 2018's critically acclaimed collaboration with Galaxie 500 and Luna frontman Dean Wareham, and the first of two new albums scheduled for 2021, both of which have been produced by Sonic Boom. Cheval Sombre is the nome d'arte of Chris Porpora, a poet from upstate New York whose otherworldly psychedelic lullabies on his self-titled album from 2009 and its follow-up, Mad Love (2012), won him a cult following. Time Waits for No One ushers in his most prolific period, and serendipitously the world has finally slowed down to his pace. This is no lockdown record, but Cheval Sombre's reclusive, reflective music is its perfect soundtrack. "I've always said that what I really want to do with music is to give people sanctuary," he explains. "Pandemic or not, the world has always felt as though it were spinning out of control to me, and so if folks have slowed down, I do see it all as an opportunity to discover vital realms which have always been there, but we've been too rushed and distracted to encounter." Time Waits for No One is also his finest and most fully realized body of work to date and, appropriately enough for a record that has taken so many years to come to fruition, across eight original songs, an instrumental and a closing cover of Townes Van Zandt's "No Place to Fall", its overarching theme is time itself; what it is and what role it inevitably plays in all of our lives. But the record is also timeless, contrasting the musical simplicity of Cheval Sombre's open-tuned acoustic guitar curlicues with the beautiful, sweeping and ornate arrangements of Sonic Boom's keyboards and Gillian Rivers' and Yuiko Kamakari's strings. The end result is something akin to Daniel Johnston backed by the Mercury Rev of Deserter's Songs. Elemental and earthbound, but simultaneously and very subtly shooting for the stratosphere.
PRICE: $28.50
XQUI Twenties LP
Xqui travels back one hundred years, navigating a twisted channel to the roaring Twenties. As this record crackles into life, sounds begin to melt and warp in a visceral transgression of time. Uncompromisingly immersive; startling; melancholic; confusing; beautiful -- Twenties is the rebirth of a fading spirit song of ages. Xqui on the album: "Often when I have an idea for a new track with a new approach or sound, it snowballs into something bigger. Whether that be a longer track, an EP or even an album, each time I try to have a theme that carries through the project. Lleisiau was based around voices, Microchasm was my industrial ambient album and Ambients found me in a more reflective and serene state of mind. With Twenties it was simply the thought of using archive recordings and footage to expand into something more tangible. I found dozens of recordings from the 1920s which I thought worked well with some of my more trademark sounds. I was looking at images for the search term '1920s' when I came across an image of a man from one hundred years ago who was wearing a facemask which was presumably from the time of the Spanish Flu pandemic. It was not until I saw it that I realized, with irony, that the same thing was happening here and now . . . I recorded and collated more field recordings and manipulated them to give the noise on the album. I feel it is probably my most complete work to date and I'm incredibly proud of it. I present to you, the Twenties." Xqui first appeared in April 2018 with his Britannia EP which was swiftly followed by the Dragon album. Using field recordings which he manipulated via mobile phone and laptop, he created incredible soundscapes and was quickly compared to Eno, Basinski, and Mansell. Since then, he has been in rich productive form with Twenties being his seventh full-length album. His work with boycalledcrow under the moniker of Wonderful Beasts received massive critical acclaim resulting in the approach from a filmmaker to provide soundtrack material as well as a sold-out debut compact disc.
SV 076LP
PRICE: $38.00
CAT #: SV 076LP
FRUSCIANTE, JOHN Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt 2LP
2021 repress. "Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt is the first solo record by John Frusciante. Between 1990 and 1992 the guitarist made a series of 4-track recordings, which at the time were not intended for commercial release. After leaving the band Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1992, Frusciante was encouraged by friends to release the material that he wrote in his spare time during the Blood Sugar Sex Magik sessions. Originally released on Rick Rubin's American Recordings label in 1994, Niandra LaDes is a mystifying work of tortured beauty. Frusciante plays various acoustic and electric guitars, experimenting with layers of vocals, piano and reverse tape effects. Channeling the ghosts of Syd Barrett and Skip Spence, his lyrics are at once utterly personal and willfully opaque. Frusciante's rapidfire, angular playing shows how key he was in the Chili Peppers' evolution away from their funk-rock roots. His cover of 'Big Takeover' perfectly deconstructs the Bad Brains original with laid-back tempo, twelve-string guitar and a fierce handle on melody. The album's second part -- thirteen untitled tracks that Frusciante defines as one complete piece, 'Usually Just A T-Shirt' -- contains several instrumentals featuring his signature guitar style. Sparse phrasing, delicate counterpoint and ethereal textures recall Neu/Harmonia's Michael Rother or The Durutti Column's Vini Reilly. On the front cover, Frusciante appears in 1920s drag -- a nod to Marcel Duchamp's alter-ego Rrose Sélavy -- which comes from Toni Oswald's film Desert in the Shape. This first-time vinyl release has been carefully remastered and approved by the artist. The double LP set is packaged with old style tip-on gatefold jacket and printed inner sleeves."
SV 127LP
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: SV 127LP
FALL, THE Perverted By Language LP
2021 repress. "The Fall returned to Rough Trade in 1983 to release a pair of singles ('The Man Whose Head Expanded' and 'Kicker Conspiracy') and Perverted By Language, their sixth proper studio album. Perverted By Language hints at the band's shift towards a distinctly pop approach, one that they would perfect via their Beggars Banquet output that immediately followed. Yet again, the force and panic of their initial Rough Trade recordings remains the foundation for much of the album. A transitional recording in the absolute best sense, Perverted By Language is The Fall both as they were and as they would become. The emergence of Brix Smith is often cited as the impetus for The Fall's move toward outward pop, and she first makes her first appearance with the band on Perverted By Language. Nowhere is her presence felt more than on 'Hotel Blöedel,' where she handles lead vocal duties alongside Mark E. Smith whose mangled violin accompaniment roots the song's cold romanticism in his unmistakable brand of strange. 'Garden' provides a new take on The Fall's stretched-out tendencies -- using ringing, clean guitars to build a nearly 10-minute epic more subtly than ever before. The opener, 'Eat Y'self Fitter,' is wholly classic Fall: a playfully circular bass line drives the album's strongest vocal spout, complete with emphatic breaks where Mark E. Smith issues the song's spiteful decree with equal parts glee and scorn. Superior Viaduct's edition is the first time that Perverted By Language has been available on vinyl domestically."
PRICE: $21.00
GANT-MAN Distorted Sensory 12"
Legendary Chicagoan General Juke aka Gant-Man returns with Distorted Sensory, his brand-new acid house adventure. A longtime veteran who's been behind the decks since before he was even a teen, he's been an essential part of Chicago dance music history since the Dance Mania days in the mid-90s, and a major pioneer in jumpstarting the juke movement that followed. This new single, and his debut solo release on the Teklife imprint explores the time-honored tradition of jacking, channeling the very essence of house music though a modern lens. Employing an enigmatic 303 bassline that mutates and breathes as if it were alive, Gant plays malicious melodies that run up and down octaves in a freaky, hallucinatory manner. Squelchy synth movements are met by eerie FM tones, reminiscent of Cajmere's classic Chicago staple the Percolator. A rugged 909 drum kit bangs the track along in true jacking fashion, making it the perfect tool for shaking the floors of dark, sweaty warehouses. In addition to the original, two of the UK's finest contribute remixes as well. Hyperdub boss Kode9 puts things into overdrive with his 160 BPM warped vision of Gant's acid, sliced up to appeal more to the footworkers and fans of psycho tempos. Dubstep pioneer Loefah strips back the original percussion and lets the 303s float over a cloud of deep sub bass, adorned with lovely splashes of rolling snares and micro percussion. With an array of stone-cold classics under his belt, from ghetto house anthem "Juke Dat Girl" to his brilliant collabs with the late DJ Rashad "Heaven Sent" and "Juke Dat Juke Dat", Gant-Man is a true renaissance man. For over 20 years, he's consistently shown the world the complexity that makes up his city's dance culture, never sticking to one area or tempo. Distorted Sensory is a beautiful celebration of Chicago house music, a return to its true raw design, and a reminder of just how timeless an art form it really is.
PRICE: $14.50
CONSOLIDATED We're Already There CD
Consolidated, the political dance/industrial music band from the early '90s joined again for a studio session in San Francisco last summer, resulting in a new album, We're Already There. The first release on Consolidated's own label The End Of Records. What else to expect, the new recordings are an innovating mix of industrial, to hip-hop, to rock and funk with mixtures of live instruments and electronics. Topped with left political activism and politically radical lyrics address issues such as America, Covid, and ecocide with song "The Flood", demand "Free Music, Stop America" with "Musica Sin Frontieras" and welcome guest vocalist Greta Thunberg on the track "The Ol' Mass Extinction Blues". The album starts in "traditionalConsolidatedgroove" with the song "Capitalism A.F.", a mix of beats, industrial sounds, and hip-hop. Followed by funky pop songs, danceable industrial jams, techno beats, reggae, and blues influences plus a remarkable noise track. Main musicians are Adam Sherburne (guitar/vocals) and Mark Pistel (synths/beats) backed by Lynn Farmer (Meat Beat Manifesto) on drums, who replaces the original drummer Phil Steir. The complete album is recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Pistel at "Room 5" in San Francisco. The cover shows art paintings from Ayelet Hay (front) and William Kendall (back). On We're Already There, Consolidated plays more music than ever. "I have zero interest in being in a band, especially my own..." "I had to develop a different way to be involved with music for aesthetic and mental health reasons..." "FREE MUSIC! is not to the detriment of artists, it's literally the end of artists-as anyone perceives them in the last 500 years" --Adam Sherburne. Consolidated are known for their live performances, in which a microphone is passed among audience members to discuss, rebut, argue or elaborate on song topics. Consolidated: Adam Sherburne and Mark Pistel.
WIRE 446
PRICE: $10.00
CAT #: WIRE 446
WIRE, THE #446 April 2021 MAG/CD
"The Wire Tapper 55. Every copy of the April issue will come with a CD of the 55th volume in our ongoing series of underground music anthologies, featuring 16 new or archival tracks by Muslimgauze, João Lobo, Mariel Roberts, Maxx Mann, Carlos Niño & Friends, Nun Gun featuring Sohail Daulatzai, Gentle Fire, Craig Scott's Lobotomy, and more. Don Cherry in Watts: As Don and Moki Cherry's work is the subject of a new book, Gabriel Bristow revisits the global music traveller's roots in the post-bop milieu of Watts, Los Angeles in the 1950s. Invisible Jukebox - Mike Paradinas x Lara Rix-Martin: ?-Ziq meets Meemo Comma and Planet Mu meets Objects Limited as the two UK electronica trailblazers sit down together with The Wire's mystery record collection."
TDP 54010LP
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: TDP 54010LP
STEEL MILL Green Eyed God LP
2021 restock. Trading Places present a reissue of Steel Mill's Green Eyed God, originally released in 1972. Fabled British prog-rock band Steel Mill was formed in Wandsworth, a working-class district of south London, during the late 1960s, after singer/keyboardist David Morris began working with saxophonist/flautist John Challenger, who had played with folk group, The Garret Singers, the initial Mill line-up was complete once they were joined by former Roadrunners band member Colin Short on drums, Derek Chandler on bass, and Terry Williams on guitar. The nascent band rehearsed for about one year, playing very few live gigs, before cutting demos in April 1970, their pensive sound miles away from the British blues blueprint that then dominated London, though there was the occasional hard-rock element beneath their pastoral prog. By the time that proper recording sessions were booked at Marquee Studios to cut a single with producer John Schroeder (who had worked with countless acts, including The Shadows and Status Quo), Short had been replaced by former Rumplestiltskin drummer Ricky "Rupert" Baer. The resultant single "Green Eyed God" surfaced on Penny Farthing in 1971 and although it only managed to reach number 51 on the British charts, the song hit number 17 in Germany. By the time further sessions were arranged at Delane Lea studios to yield a debut LP, the group's rhythm section now featured bassist Jeff Watts and drummer Chris "The Rat" Martin. Somehow, Penny Farthing wasn't very impressed by the album itself, leading to its initial release in Germany via Bellaphon; it did not receive a British release until three years later, by which time there had been further line-up changes and a shift towards glam. Nevertheless, Green Eyed God remains an enticing slice of little-known prog, unjustly ignored at its time of creation. Licensed by Larry Page Productions.
TDP 54042LP
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: TDP 54042LP
2021 restock. Trading Places present a reissue of Sir Lord Baltimore's self-titled album, originally released in 1971. Fresh from their US tour supporting Black Sabbath, Brooklyn-based heavy metal trio Sir Lord Baltimore expanded to a quartet for the recording of their self-titled sophomore album, released by Mercury in late 1971. The new addition was guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Joey Dambra, brother of guitarist co-founder, Louis Dambra, adding a dual-guitar element to their hefty sound. The album begins with the epic "Man From Manhattan", a symbolic allegory of a resurrected Christian icon in a new setting; in contrast, "Where Are We Going" captured the rawness of the group in live glory and "Chicago Lives" a twin-guitar attack. Somehow, the band did not survive long after its release, though Joey later recorded with John Lennon; this reissue spins at 45 RPM for maximum fidelity. Licensed from Cherry Red. Gatefold sleeve.
TDP 54045LP
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: TDP 54045LP
2021 restock. Trading Places present a reissue of Heron's self-titled album, originally released in 1970. Short-lived British folk-rock band Heron was formed in the suburban town of Maidenhead, Berkshire, in 1967, when guitarist/pianist Roy Apps and singer Tony Pook began playing with guitarist Robert Collins, inspired by the music of Bob Dylan and The Incredible String Band. Collins soon quit the group, yet Heron solidified into a noteworthy entity upon the entry of the broadminded and perceptive guitarist and mandolin player Gerald T. Moore, a veteran of R&B bands in nearby Reading, who brought a higher level a musical dexterity, song-writing ability and arrangements; guitarist Martin Hayward was another early member that did not remain with the group for long. Once accordionist/keyboardist Steve Jones was in the fold, things leapt forward through Apps' role as Student Entertainments Secretary at the Reading College of Technology, which allowed the group to open for Ralph McTell and other established performers. Signed as songwriters to Essex Music, they were spotted by Donovan's producer, Peter Eden, who signed them to Dawn Records, an alternative subsidiary of industry giant, Pye. Their self-titled debut album, produced by Eden, was recorded in the open air at a Pook's family farm in rural Appleton-On-Thames. For the rare 12-inch single "Bye And Bye," the title track was a wistful wish for the romance of travel, written by Moore, followed by his heart-broken "Through And Through"; Moore's unusual reading of Bob Dylan's "Only A Hobo" sparked considerable media interest and Pook's "I'm Ready To Leave" was a contemplative closer, again tinged with melancholy. "Bye And Bye" received considerable airplay, but a vinyl delivery strike ultimately curtailed demand. As expanded Heron went on to record sophomore set Twice As Nice & Half The Price (1971), before Moore quit the group to back his Persian girlfriend, Shusha; he subsequently founded the world's first white reggae act, GT Moore and the Reggae Guitars. Licensed by BMG.
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