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Forced Exposure New Releases for the Week of 5/10/2021

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New music is due from Yasmin Williams, Faith Coloccia & Philip Jeck, and Those Fucking Snowflakes, while old music is due from The Green Child, Keiji Haino, and MF DOOM.

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1972 007LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: 1972 007LP
OUTSIDERS, THE Calling On Youth LP
"Before fronting classic post-punk group The Sound, Adrian Borland was a Wimbledon teenager enamored of Iggy Pop and the Velvet Underground. With friends, he formed The Outsiders. In 1976, they home-recorded Calling On Youth, a searching full-length that straddles nihilo-punk argot ('Terminal Case' and 'I'm Screwed Up') as well as smudged glam balladry ('Start Over' and 'Weird'). Its release in 1977, on the group's own Raw Edge label, with Borland's cityscape abstraction on the cover, marked the first independent punk full-length in the United Kingdom. The Outsiders, featuring bassist Bob Lawrence and drummer Adrian 'Jan' James, were punk in the moment before punk cut ties with solos and five-minute songs. (Close Up, released in 1978, is more streamlined.) Like the Saints or Crime, they still trafficked in rock 'n' roll. Calling On Youth, though, announces Borland as more than a precious teenage bandleader. The nervous introspection, wiry leads and negative space that he would refine solo and in The Sound, Second Layer and Witch Trials glistens throughout Calling On Youth, beckoning rediscovery."
1972 008LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: 1972 008LP
GORDONS, THE The Gordons + Future Shock LP/7"
"The Gordons crashed upon the do-it-yourself scene of early 1980s Christchurch with torrential force, self-releasing two foundational planks of the vibrant New Zealand underground. Future Shock, a three-song 7-inch released in 1980, is a wild-eyed rampage, as staggering as any feedback-addled punk then being recorded at Southern Studios. The Gordons LP, which followed in 1981, matches the abandon with motorik churn and livewire dissonance, evoking New Zealand antecedents as divergent as This Kind Of Punishment and the Dead C. Brought together on this release, they're a noise-rock landmark anticipating fans such as Sonic Youth. Flying Nun Records, the storied Christchurch label and symbol of the island nation's rich independent music scene, re-released The Gordons and Future Shock together in 1988 following the formation of Gordons outgrowth Bailter Space, which frontman Alister Parker founded with Clean drummer Hamish Kilgour. Bailter Space, which would also come to include founding Gordons members Brent McLachlan and John Halvorsen, settled on a droning shoegaze sound, drawing comparisons to Dinosaur Jr. and the Pixies. The Gordons and Future Shock, however, represent the trio's unreformed id, as startling today as upon release."
AA 4128LP
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: AA 4128LP
SLY & ROBBIE King Tubby's Dance Hall Dub: Middle East Dub LP
2021 repress. On olive green marbled vinyl. Recorded at Stone River Studios; featuring "From the Grass Dub", "Middle East Dub", "Asian Roots Dub", "Flight Of Africa Dub".
AA 8802LP
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: AA 8802LP
KING TUBBY King Tubby's Controls LP
Repressed. All tracks are exclusive to this release (not a compilation of material from the albums on the cover). Tracks: "Ghetto Version," "Ya Man Version," "Tubby's Version," "Pain Dub," "Cowboy Dubbing," "D'Rude Dubber," "Moving Version Dub," "Hardest Dub," "This Ah The Best," "King Edwards Dub," "Maria's Head Dub," "Homing Version," "Bless 'I' Dub" and "Crabbit Version."
PRICE: $11.00
OJAH FEAT. DON FE Lockdown Hope/Lockdown Dub 7"
For Alchemy Dub's first release of 2021, they present their fourteenth 7", a new collaboration between Ojah and Don Fe. The A side contains the track "Lockdown Hope", which was written and recorded during the first lockdown of 2020. It's an uplifting track that invites the listener to dance and dream, bringing optimism with a mix of tough yet alluring militant drums that contrast with the ethereal and inspiring melodies of Don Fe's flute. On the B side you find "Lockdown Dub", a stripped-down dub version mixed by Ojah that they hope will give you that sound system dance vibe that we're all missing.
BEC 5543739
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: BEC 5543739
LIMINANAS, THE I've Got Trouble In Mind Vol. 2: 7" And Rare Stuff 2015/2018 2LP+CD
2021 restock. Following the release of their critically acclaimed album Shadow People (produced by Anton Newcombe) (BEC 5543242/BEC 5543243, 2018), French psych rock band The Limiñanas come back with I've Got Trouble In Mind Vol. 2: 7" And Rare Stuff 2015/2018, the second volume of their I've Got Trouble In Mind series. This new release, the first double vinyl released by the band, compiles 17 B-sides, rarities and other unheard tracks recorded from 2015 to 2018, including covers of "La Cavalerie" from French singer Julien Clerc, "Russian Roulette" from Lords Of The New Church, "Angels And Devils" from Echo And The Bunnymen, and (more surprisingly) the holiday song "Silent Night". Double LP version; gatefold sleeve; includes CD and poster.
BE 000LP
PRICE: $27.50
CAT #: BE 000LP
HAINO, KEIJI Watashi Dake? LP
2021 restock; Black Editions present the first vinyl reissue of Keiji Haino's stunning debut album Watashi Dake?, originally released in 1981. This first ever edition released outside of Japan features the artist's originally intended metallic gold and silver jacket artwork. Over the last fifty years few musicians or performers have created as monumental and uncompromising a body of work as that of Keiji Haino. Through a vast number of recordings and performances, Haino has staked out a ground all his own, creating a language of unparalleled intensity that defies any simple classification. For all this, his 1981 debut album Watashi Dake? has remained enigmatic. Originally released in a small edition by the legendary Pinakotheca label, the album was heard by only a select few in Japan and far fewer overseas. Original vinyl copies became impossibly rare and highly sought after the world over. Watashi Dake? presents a haunting vision -- stark vocals, whispered and screamed, punctuate dark silences. Intricate and sharp guitar figures interweave, repeat, and stretch, trance-like, emerging from dark recesses. Written and composed on the spot -- Haino's vision is one of deep spiritual depths that distantly evokes 1920s blues and medieval music -- yet is unlike anything ever committed to record before or since. Produced in close cooperation with Keiji Haino and legendary photographer Gin Satoh. Coupled with starkly minimal packaging, featuring the now iconic cover photographs by Gin Satoh, the album is a startling and fully realized artistic statement. Housed in custom printed deluxe Stoughton tip-on jackets, including black on black inserts, extras, and hand-colored finishes; Remastered by Elysian Masters and cut by Bernie Grundman Mastering; Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI; Includes download code.
PRICE: $12.50
ASH THE AUTHOR X BARRY MANALOG Cloudriders/Extraterrestrial 7"
The first release from Certain Sound Records is a collaborative effort, the result being two stellar tracks from the dynamic duo: producer, DJ, and label owner Barry Manalog, with MC and all-round wordsmith Ash The Author. Side A, "Cloudriders", is a light and poetic number. The production oozes those jazz stylings reminiscent of that classic hip-hop vibe, something to nod your head to on a late night. Ash's lyrical content is hopeful, and dream filled, rising above the clouds like Superman with his Lois Lane. Smooth as butter, the production and vocals go together effortlessly. Side B, "Extraterrestrial", completely flips the script! Whilst side A had you riding through the clouds, side B completely blasts off and takes you out of this world. The production is gargantuan, heavy drums, haunting samples, it hits you like a slap in the face. Ash comes in on exactly the same tip, a relentless barrage of wordplay and punchlines. Venomous, but still with that slice of wit you'll love him for, Ash's hunger really comes through on this track. To top it off, there are some seriously ferocious cuts from veteran turntablist DJ Chud, from the legendary Steel Devils crew.
CT 085LP
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: CT 085LP
PABLO, AUGUSTUS King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown LP
2021 repress; reissue of the 1976 historic collaboration between producer instrumentalist Augustus Pablo and dub engineer King Tubby."If you had to pick one album that best represents the pinnacle of the art of dub, you'd cull the candidates down pretty quickly to ten or 12, and it would get very difficult after that. Few would fault you for ending up with this one, though, which stands as perhaps the finest collaboration between two of instrumental reggae's leading lights: producer and melodica player Augustus Pablo and legendary dub pioneer King Tubby. Among other gems, this album offers its title track -- a dub version of Jacob Miller's 'Baby I Love You So'-- which is widely regarded as the finest example of dub ever recorded. But the rest of the album is hardly less impressive. 'Each One Dub', another cut on a Jacob Miller rhythm, possesses the same dark and mystical ambience, if not quite the same emotional energy, as 'King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown,' and the version of the epochal 'Satta Massaganna' that closes the album is another solid winner. Pablo's trademark 'Far East' sound (characterized by minor keys and prominent melodica lines) is predominant throughout, and is treated with care and grace by King Tubby, who has rarely sounded more inspired in his studio manipulations than he does here. Absolutely essential." --Rick Anderson, All Music
CT 119LP
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: CT 119LP
SCIENTIST Scientific Dub LP
2021 repress; 1995 release. "A virtual wizard of the mixing desk, Overton H Brown has been one of the key figures in dub since the late 1970s. Getting his start as a teenager at King Tubby's legendary studio in Waterhouse, Brown was known as 'The Scientist' because his imaginative approach to the mixing desk and electronic gadgetry seemed to derive from magical powers that linked him to some intangible, futuristic realm."
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: CSR 291LP
Two giants of the Japanese noise scene present exclusive material on a special limited vinyl release. Controlled Death is the nom de plume of Maso Yamazaki (Masonna), who unleashed his claustrophobic death industrial/blackened electronics debut for Cold Spring in the autumn of 2020 -- a sold-out split LP with Rudolf (CSR 283LP). "Devil's Sacrifice" (in six parts) continues Maso's obsession with heavy, Korg MS-20 drones. Deranged vocals choked under impenetrable, blood-soaked atmospheres of doom, death and decay, saturated with washes of anxiety, paranoia and alienation. Mayuko Hino, "Queen Of Japanese Noise", delivers two lengthy tracks. While the first track is filled with feverish, dense noise and swathes of savage electronics, the second, mind-melting electronic piece -- reminiscent of her debut album Lunisolar for Cold Spring (CSR 245CD, 2018) -- descends into a diseased, suffocating maelstrom, finishing on the verge of psychosis. In addition to self-made instruments, Mayuko plays noise with her six-theremin oscillators (in bright pink) -- the one-and-only in the world, specially made by Ryo Araishi (aka ichion). Mayuko is most well-known for forming C.C.C.C. (Cosmic Coincidence Control Center) in 1990, together with Hiroshi Hasegawa, Fumio Kosakai, and Ryuichi Nagakubo. Picture disc; edition of 400.
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: CRO 011LP
Heady power pop trio Portable Radio announce the release of their debut eponymous LP on Crimson Crow. Lead track and first single "Hot Toddy", introduces the album with its ethereal brooding pop arrangement. Some years ago, the world started to go weird -- and that's when the then duo, Portable Radio, decided it was as good a time as any, to start making first steps. Phil -- and Mof -- shared some messages and a love of melodies, and as a gift to friends and those feeling the weight of everything, recorded a version of Brian Wilson's gorgeous opus, "Love & Mercy". The result was enough for them to start writing songs, and the blueprint for Portable Radio was born -- hope, empathy, fun, love, and mercy. Phil had cut his teeth in the Beep Seals and Mof was a DJ and student of pop, and in each other they both wanted to make music that was a tonic for the times; what transpired was a clutch of songs that were filled with uplifting, rich harmonies -- stirring power pop inspired by Todd Rundgren, Wings, Carole King, Electric Light Orchestra, NRBQ, Emitt Rhodes, '70s west coast AOR, The Zombies, and of course, The Beach Boys. The duo released their baroque pop debut single with You Are The Cosmos recordings -- the double A-Side of "Seven Hills" and "Parades". A cult following started and some shows and radio sessions ensued, joined by extended family -- tap room-Mozart Jim Noir, shed-pop wizard Aidan Smith, and Phil's previous bandmate, the supremely talented Ian Smith (Beep Seals, Alfie). Soon, Robyn Gibson (The Junipers, Bob Of The Pops) joined the ranks for their star turn and appearance on the 12 String High compilation. The two becoming a trio, the output cranked up, seeing the release of the debut Portable Radio EP (produced by Jim Noir) and the Christmas Selection Box, all loaded with killer hooks, washes of dreamy harmonies, and just a sprinkling of cynicism because no-one is impervious to the all-encompassing weirdness of the last couple of years. All of these things were the groundwork for the imminent full-length, the self-titled debut presented here. The LP is full to bursting with big choruses, reflective popsike, FM ready pop, melancholic ballads, with each song is treated like it's going to be a single.
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: NRT 017LP
RESIDENTS, THE Gingerbread Man LP
"Originally released in 1994 (on CD only) and developed into an interactive CD-Rom project, Gingerbread Man remains one of The Residents' standout works, exploring their own twisted counter-take on the classic 1875 fairy tale. Nine curious tales of love, hate, pain, art, death, time, age, fear, doubt, confusion and orchids. Never before released on vinyl, this edition, finally, meets public demand. Remastered and resplendent in restored original artwork and a picture inner sleeve."
PRICE: $22.00
LOGOS Imperial Flood LP
2021 restock. Nexx grime mutant Logos checks the electric blue pulse of UK hardcore music on Imperial Flood, the stunning follow-up to his pivotal underground grime/electronica classic, Cold Mission (LDN 042CD/LP, 2013). Setting a new high-water mark for UK dance-related albums, Imperial Flood stakes a claim for Logos as a key dramaturgist of all things darkside, techy and schooled in the hardcore continuum. Where his debut album highlighted links between '90s Metalheadz D&B, Wiley's Devil mixes, and contemporary sci-fi cinema on its deliciously noirish soundstage, with Imperial Flood he expands that aesthetic in widescreen plasma HD. Pulling in broader influences from acid and dub techno, experimental computer music, D&B minimalism and the speculative literature of Jeff VanderMeer, Christopher Priest, Lando, and JG Ballard, the results vividly speak to the idea of a UK sound as a product of its brutalist, paranoid environment. Arriving ten years after his debut 12", and five after his seminal debut album, Imperial Flood comes after a significant period of creativity for Logos. Over the latter half of this decade he's been instrumental in new grime movements, co-running London's acclaimed club night, Boxed, whilst also diversifying his bonds with Mumdance and Shapednoise as part of improvising noise trio The Sprawl and most importantly with Different Circles; a label/club night catalyst responsible for boundary-pushing dances and a number of cult releases from Airhead, Rabit, Szare and Raime, not to mention his own EPs with Mumdance. It's not difficult to hear how this activity has fed Imperial Flood. From the bullet- time Matrix-style intro of "Arrival (T2 Mix)" through the hair-kissing weightless rave sensation of "Weather System Over Plaistow", he sucks listeners into a soundworld made all the more visceral and real through his exacting production, morphing from the sentinel-bot growls of "Marsh Lantern" to lush viscous/arid acid ambience in "Flash Forward (Ambi Mix)", and Dynamo-style dub on "Lighthouse Dub", before tagging in Mumdance on "Zoned In", and freezing the dance with commanding force on "Stentorian". Ultimately there's no shortage of imitators for this style, but Logos' combination of dedication to his craft and unique grasp of narrative places Imperial Flood in a rare echelon of UK music shared only by the likes of Burial and Raime. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. RIYL: Burial, Raime, Stingray, T++, Rabit, Mumdance.
PT 2006LP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: PT 2006LP
VA Excavated Shellac: Reeds LP
2021 restock; LP version. Includes eight-page booklet and download code. Reed instruments are capable of some of the most impassioned music on the planet, due to the malleability of the reeds themselves -- historically made of plant tissue -- which vibrate when air hits them. The origin of most reed instruments is steeped in rural, pastoral culture. Many insistent, loud, often joyful reed instruments have always been played outdoors as traditional accompaniment for dancing and celebrations. This compelling album is the second volume in the Excavated Shellac release series, featuring rare, never-before-issued 78-RPM records from around the world centered on a unique theme. The previous volume (Excavated Shellac: Strings (DTD 044CD)) focused on stellar stringed-instrument performances. This release examines some of the most intense and hypnotic music set to disc during the early years of international recording, all featuring reed instruments.. All records have been carefully transferred and mastered. Featuring rare and historic photos, jaw-dropping graphics from the 78-RPM era, and extensive liner notes by compiler Jonathan Ward, founder and author of the acclaimed Excavated Shellac website. Includes tracks by I Tre Antonio della Basilicata (Italy), Sylvain Poujouly & Achille Marc (Auvergne, France), Karzana Oyun Havasi (Turkey), Tufanpur Orchestra (Iran), Ahn Ki-Ok and Kin Yin Kuan (North Korea), Guangdong Troupe with Da Kai men (China), T. Rajarathnam Pillai (India), Selim (Albania), Obdulia Alvarez, "La Busdonga" (Asturias, Spain), Jhande Nath (India), Hoseynkali was Roofakah (Kurdistan), Mohamed Efendi Baz (Upper Egypt), Ngoma Ya Kitokomire (Tanzania), Mqonga Sikanise (South Africa), Musicians of Radio Studio Skopje (Macedonia), uncredited musicians (Tajikistan), and Parush Parushev (Bulgaria).
PRICE: $22.00
NEVES, ANTONIO A Pegada Agora E Essa LP
LP version. From samba and bossa nova through to baile funk, with carioca expressions of jazz, rock, and hip-hop in between, the sound of Rio de Janeiro, while continually evolving, has always held an unnamable quality which reflects the magic and mystique of the city itself. Multi-instrumentalist and arranger Antonio Neves is the city's newest trailblazer: the enfant-terrible of Rio's music scene, leading a vital and diverse constellation of both emerging and well-known artists advancing the city's musical legacy. "It all started one sleepless night, after watching a Quincy Jones documentary." Inspired by the legendary music magnate, Neves began writing a list of artists residing in Rio de Janeiro "people that I admire, that I consider geniuses of their instruments, who share with me affinities, anxieties and projects." The list included some of Brazil's most revered living musicians who Neves has worked with in recent years: Hamilton de Holanda, Leo Gandelman, and Dorival Caymmi. Neves also called on some of Brazil's most exciting emerging talents including Alice Cayymii and Ana Frango Eletrico. A Pegada Agora É Essa (The Sway Now) is Neves's second album: a vibrant portrait of the current Brazilian music scene. From the regional to universal, popular to erudite, samba to rap, Latin rhythms to jazz, MPB and pop to good old rock n' roll, Neves walks with fluency and mastery amongst all the musical genres that Brazil has to offer. "My offer to the musicians was complete freedom to express themselves through the songs I proposed -- classics like 'Summertime', 'Luz Negra', and 'Noite de Temporal', and compositions of my own -- creating a space of authorship for the band and the guests. A space for inventions, purges, delusions, laughter. The idea was to bring the freedom of jazz crossed by Brazilian rhythms, such as the traditionals "Partido Alto" ("A Pegada Agora É Essa") and "Jongo" ("Jongo no Feudo" and "Luz Negra"); rhythms of African-Brazilian religions like Candomblé ("Noite de Temporal") and Umbanda ("Forte Apache"); and a tribute to newest Rio de Janeiro's contribution to Brazilian music, the funk Carioca ("Simba"). Features Leda, Esguleba, Alice Caymmi, Ana Frango Elétrico, Hamilton de Holanda, Leo Gandelman, and Edu Neves.
PRICE: $23.50
LP version. First of two LPs. Far Out Recordings present Mora! and Mora! II. Mexican-American percussionist and former member of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Francisco Mora Catlett originally recorded and released his debut solo LP as a private press in 1987, but the sequel he recorded over the course of the next few years was shelved for decades to follow. A pan-American melting pot of hypnotic Afro-Cuban rhythms, frenetic batucadas, and fiery sambas, Mora! I & II are holy grails of Latin jazz, masterminded by an unsung hero of the genre. Mora grew up in Mexico City where he began working as a session musician for Capitol Records in 1968, before moving to study at Berklee Music College in Boston, MA in 1970. He very briefly returned to Mexico City with the best intentions of cultivating an avant-garde movement in the city, but when the Sun Ra Arkestra came to perform, Mora ended up leaving with the band to tour. Settling in Detroit, Francisco set to work on his self-titled debut, gathering an ensemble of musicians including keyboardist Kenny Cox, founder of the legendary Strata Records, bassist Rodney Whitaker (Roy Hargrove Quintet) and percussionists Jerome Le Duff, Alberto Nacif, and Emile Borde. The album openly embraces and unites the broad spectrum of improvisation, rhythm, and jazz that has thrived throughout the American continents for centuries. In Mora's own words the album intended to "manifest the African heritage presence in the American continent." Epitomizing this outlook, album opener "Afra Jum" deploys a melody based on Haitian, African, and Native American motifs, which is expanded upon by the soulful excellence of the Detroit veterans Cox and Whitaker, amidst a backdrop of Afro-Cuban inspired percussion. The sequel Mora! II was recorded shortly after with an expanded line-up that included trumpet legend Marcus Belgrave, famed for his work with Ray Charles, Charles Mingus, and others. Continuing the concept of the first album, the follow up moves deeper into South America with the samba jazz dance belter "Amazona", led by the rich vocals of Francisco's wife Teresa Mora. The "Afra Jum" concept is further explored, with the original motifs beefed up by the additional horns, and interspersions of Sun Ra inspired rumbling free improvisations. This follow up album remained shelved until 2005, when Mora put it out as a now obscure CD titled River Drum.
PRICE: $23.50
LP version. Second on two LPs. Far Out Recordings present Mora! and Mora! II. Mexican-American percussionist and former member of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Francisco Mora Catlett originally recorded and released his debut solo LP as a private press in 1987, but the sequel he recorded over the course of the next few years was shelved for decades to follow. A pan-American melting pot of hypnotic Afro-Cuban rhythms, frenetic batucadas, and fiery sambas, Mora! I & II are holy grails of Latin jazz, masterminded by an unsung hero of the genre. Mora grew up in Mexico City where he began working as a session musician for Capitol Records in 1968, before moving to study at Berklee Music College in Boston, MA in 1970. He very briefly returned to Mexico City with the best intentions of cultivating an avant-garde movement in the city, but when the Sun Ra Arkestra came to perform, Mora ended up leaving with the band to tour. Settling in Detroit, Francisco set to work on his self-titled debut, gathering an ensemble of musicians including keyboardist Kenny Cox, founder of the legendary Strata Records, bassist Rodney Whitaker (Roy Hargrove Quintet) and percussionists Jerome Le Duff, Alberto Nacif, and Emile Borde. The album openly embraces and unites the broad spectrum of improvisation, rhythm, and jazz that has thrived throughout the American continents for centuries. In Mora's own words the album intended to "manifest the African heritage presence in the American continent." Epitomizing this outlook, album opener "Afra Jum" deploys a melody based on Haitian, African, and Native American motifs, which is expanded upon by the soulful excellence of the Detroit veterans Cox and Whitaker, amidst a backdrop of Afro-Cuban inspired percussion. The sequel Mora! II was recorded shortly after with an expanded line-up that included trumpet legend Marcus Belgrave, famed for his work with Ray Charles, Charles Mingus, and others. Continuing the concept of the first album, the follow up moves deeper into South America with the samba jazz dance belter "Amazona", led by the rich vocals of Francisco's wife Teresa Mora. The "Afra Jum" concept is further explored, with the original motifs beefed up by the additional horns, and interspersions of Sun Ra inspired rumbling free improvisations. This follow up album remained shelved until 2005, when Mora put it out as a now obscure CD titled River Drum.
PRICE: $9.50
CAT #: FTR 380CS
IMPENITENTS, THE Lip Therapy Cassette
"How happy we are to present the debut cassette by this new, scrambled Massachusetts trio. The Impenitents line-up includes Salem's always wonderful Andrea Pensado, whose previous releases for the label are the Without Knowing Why LP (FTR 203LP), Los Condenados' Yeppers! LP (FTR 126LP) and Phurnne's To Love Lightly LP (FTR 401LP), all of which display different aspects of berserk invention mixed with pure charm. On Lip Therapy she is in charge of vocals and some electronics. This is Erik Browns's Feeding Tube debut, although he has shared releases with folks like Belltone Suicide, Noise Nomads, and Limbs Bin while recording as Wish for Skin, Scald Hymn or one of his other various operational noise-handles. His job here involves electronics and scrap metal. Andy Kivela makes his FTR debut here as well, although his work with outfits like Graph, 23 Ensemble, and McCoy Tyner Overdrive has made him in a buzz in our ears for a while now. He handles drums for The Impenitents. The four pieces on Lip Therapy are explosive slugs of roast pork. Andrea's brilliantly destroyed vocals create the orgone haze on top, Andy's drums cover the bottom with lumpy goodness, and Erik's blastoid sonic distress inflates the middle bladder like creamy custard larded with fish hooks. The Impenitents manage to create a collage whirlwind that functions more as free rock spurt than many other similar 'noise' projects. Like Wolf Eyes, their compositions maintain a structural integrity suggesting they are playing music that actually functions in future-rockist terms. The more you listen to this stuff, the more you can begin to understand and appreciate the craft of its construction. So, I suggest you get started right now. 'Cause the full immersion flash of perception might take a while. Good lip health to you!" --Byron Coley, 2021
GY10 003LP
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: GY10 003LP
Restocked. "NYC's 75 Dollar Bill began its prolific career in 2012, after percussionist Rick Brown -- a veteran of the indie underground (Fish & Roses, Run On, V-Effect) -- and noise scene guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Che Chen -- connected via MySpace. Since that initial jam session, when Brown began experimenting with his signature plywood crate drum rhythms, they have released three LPs and a clutch of self-released cassette and digital releases. Last year's double album I Was Real received serious critical acclaim -- The Wire calling it 2019's Album of the Year. On their first live album, Live At Tubby's, 75 Dollar Bill assembled a unique 'little big band' [Sue Garner on bass, Cheryl Kingan on sax, Steve Maing on guitar, Jim Pugliese on percussion and Karen Waltuch on viola] for the small Kingston, NY club show. Recorded on the last day of their spring tour, the record puts a new perspective on themes from their body of work: a little more intimacy, a little more freedom, a little more controlled chaos. Brown's idiosyncratic rhythms are all the more hypnotizing in Tubby's cozy setting, and Chen's furious guitar work cuts and hums with sounds seemingly only attainable on stage. It's an album both challenging and immediate. The expanded 75 Dollar Bill's affinity for improvisation and the avant-garde even leads to a rousing take on the Ornette Coleman classic, 'Friends And Neighbors' that feels right at home in their own repertoire. The listener can't help but feel present and part of the communal joy and catharsis being shared here in this room. This performance at Tubby's turned out not only to be the last show of their tour, but the last show possible as the pandemic hit. Originally offered as a digital only release on 75 Dollar Bill's Bandcamp, Live At Tubby's now documents a highlight and closure of sorts; this kind of musical improvisation and community interaction being on hold for the foreseeable future. This double album on Grapefruit will have to tide everyone over until it can all happen again."
GY11 005LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: GY11 005LP
BLOD Missvaxt LP
"Blod is the solo project of Gustaf Dicksson (Enhet För Fri Musik, Oroskällan), a prolific and crucial figure in the Swedish Underground scene radiating out of Gothenburg and centered around a number of independent labels and including bands such as Enhet För Fri Musik, Monokultur, Oroskällan, Loopsel, and Neutral. Blod has released various home-recorded cassettes and a handful of albums since 2014, all mercurial in nature, exploring various facets of Dicksson's preoccupations. The melodies borrow from tradition and possess a lonesome quality inspired by Swedish melancholy, close relations, and white trash culture. Combined with intentionally banal artwork, the experience can be beguiling and sometimes bleak but at the same time warm and humorous. Missväxt is Dicksson's greatest work yet, exploring the myth of ancient Swedish being and misery but with a sound that is uniquely ecstatic. Inspired by medieval folk music, it's reminiscent of Fairport Convention's marriage of traditional folk music and psychedelic rock. Missväxt features guest appearances by Elin Engström (Loopsel, Monokultur) on drums, Astrid Øster Mortensen on vocals and flute, Joakim Karlsson (Facit) on production and synth, and Magnus Jäverling on flute."
GY11 006LP
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: GY11 006LP
NEUTRAL Gra Vag Gamlestaden LP
"Neutral's seminal album, Grå Våg Gamlestaden, is widely considered ground zero for the explosion of creativity that has transpired in the Swedish Underground ever since. It is the noisy experimental rock album that opened the door and welcomed in so many artists working behind the scenes. Gothenburgers Dan Johansson (Sewer Election) and Sofie Herner had previously made music together in the band Källarbarnen when they started discussing a new methodology and a fresh sound for recordings in 2013 under a new name as a duo. After witnessing Herner and Johansson's live performance in an artist's studio in the spring 2014, Gustaf Dicksson, who was running the Omlott record label at the time as well as performing under his own moniker, Blod, offered to release an album by Neutral on the spot. Herner recorded most of the instruments and voice, Johansson worked on manipulating the recordings, experimenting with reel-to-reel techniques. The title of the album translates as 'Grey Wave Gamlestaden' and was chosen as an inside joke about the neighbourhood Gamlestaden where Johansson and Herner lived. A major theme on the recording is a certain kind of bleakness but with a wry smile closely identified with the spirit of the neighborhood. In the fall of 2014 Grå Våg Gamlestaden was released, limited to 200 copies, and sold out quickly without many copies making it outside of Sweden. Around the same time, Johansson and Herner joined forces with other underground artists in their widening circle to form a sort of Gothenburg supergroup making music together as Enhet för Fri Musik. Grapefruit's reissue of Grå Våg Gamlestaden is the first time Neutral's masterpiece has seen the light of day since it sold out quickly in 2014. This vinyl-only gatefold reissue is limited to 300 copies."
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: HAB 010LP
HAJALI, ISSAM Mouasalat Ila Jacad El Ard LP
Limited restock; LP version. "Issam Hajali is most known as the singer and composer of the Lebanese band Ferkat Al Ard. While they recorded 3 albums only their classic 'Oghneya' saw a vinyl release and is highly sought after in the Lebanese record collector scene (A copy changed hands in Beirut this year for 5000 USD). Before the band came together, he recorded this debut album in Paris in 1977. This rare album fuses jazz and folk with Arabic and Iranian influences into unique beauty. It was only released in a limited run of 75 cassette tapes and is now officially licensed and reissued by Berlin based Habibi Funk Records."
PRICE: $11.00
The Blackstones were formed by Leon Leiffer in 1974. Since the initial group formation, there have been several line-up changes, currently the group consists of: Leon Leiffer, Tony Mahoney, Jr. Bailey, and they have recently been joined by A.J. Franklin (Chosen Few, Federals). On tours they have supported Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, Rufus Thomas, Dennis Brown, Owen Grey, John Holt, Alton Ellis, and many more soul/reggae greats. In 2013, the Blackstones were voted the No. 1 vocal group in the reggae section of the BBC Radio London awards. Also, their Mellow Mood album recorded for Stingray in 2018, was a main contender for the Reggae Grammy Awards for that year. Over the years they have worked with many notable Jamaican producers, Count Shelly, Fatman, Phill Pratt, Lloyd Charmers, Lindel Lewis, Tony "Ruff Cut" Phillips, Winston Curtis, Jah Larry, Tony Owens, and the late great Bunny "Striker" Lee and the legendary, Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd, at Studio One in JA. This release features two sides of their consistent repertoire. A contemporary reggae re-work of William DeVaughn's US '70s soul classic, "Be Thankful" and also a re-work of the Yabby You '70s roots reggae track "Deliver Me". The vocal tracks are replete with instrumental versions from Alvin Davis (hornz)/Steven "Marley" Wright (guitar) and dub versions from Alien Dread.
PRICE: $15.00
"In 1979, Johnny Thunders met up with his teenage hero Wayne Kramer of the MC5, and together they formed Gang War. Johnny had just released his So Alone LP; Wayne was not long out of jail after serving two years of a sentence of four for a coke bust. The band lasted almost a year but no records were released. These live recordings bear testimony to this unique partnership between two rock legends. They also demonstrate the difference between the two -- as Wayne Kramer has said: 'Music is important to me and I value the honor, the opportunity, to be an important musician. Johnny, on the other hand didn't consider himself a musician. He considered himself an entertainer.'"
PRICE: $19.50
2021 repress. The Congos were formed by Cedric Myton (born 1947 St Catherine, Jamaica) and Roydel "Roy" Johnson (born 1943 Hanover, Jamaica), around the mid-seventies, a time when the Rasta message coming out of Kingston and other pockets of the Jamaican Island was at its most prominent. Cedric Myton's singing career began back in the rocksteady era in reggae's musical story. He formed the Tartans group taking lead vocal duties alongside Devon Russell, Prince Lincoln Thompson, and Lindbergh Lewis. Roydel previously sang as a member of Ras Michael and the Sons of Negas. The Congos possess what all bands look for: a unique sound that draws the listener to them. Lead singer Cedric Myton's style and phasing, with his distinctive falsetto voice makes this just the case. Built on a foundation of classic rhythms and with the aid of then producer, Lee Perry, the groups statement of intent was laid down with one succinct message. The Congos mighty 1977 Heart Of The Congos album, is quite simply one of the best reggae albums ever recorded. Producer Lee Perry had wanted to record a classic Jamaican vocal group in his newly built Black Ark Studio. The voice of Watty Burnett was added at the time to cover baritone vocal duties. The studio after various changes in equipment etc. was finally finding its way. A sound built in Lee Perry's backyard in Cardiff Crescent, Washington Gardens, Kingston, but existing until then in Mr. Lee Perry's mind. The album they cut would be the defining group release to come out of The Black Ark studios, when the vital elements, vibes, musicians, songs and singing would gel to form Heart Of The Congos.
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: MUS 160LP
Snob has snarled around the local London scene since 2014, leaving a trail of two self-released 7"s and adulation in their wake. It's now the year 2018, and Snob finally offer their fully-fledged follow-up of tense hardcore punk that's characterized by frantic snotty dictation, agitated guitar lines, and pummeling rhythms. The ten songs on the self-titled 12" are filled with disparities -- sneering hi-energy, sentient meat and potato, adroit silliness, agitated apathy -- creating a bleak and angry sonic force. The whip-smart whip-short lyrics are almost a poetry-to-arms that rails against all of the absurdities of modern living. To these ears, Snob is like if you left YouTube tabs of Icons Of Filth, Peni, Nog Watt, and Jetset/Bloebad all playing at once, and it somehow sounded wonderful.
PRICE: $22.00
BAKRADZE, GACHA Obscure Languages LP
Hailing from Georgia's capital Tbilisi, Gacha Bakradze is one of the national scene's leading electronic music exponents. He returns to Lapsus Records with his new album Obscure Languages, his second release for the Barcelona label. Following the superb LP Word Color (LAPSUS 017LP, 2018), which appeared in several "album of the year" lists for publications such as Pitchfork and XLR8R, the prolific producer presents Obscure Languages. This new piece of work could well be described as a sound continuation from his previous album and maintains a powerful narrative at its core. Obscure Languages delves into the world of cinematic soundscapes, replete with microscopic details and fragments that showcase a luscious IDM style audio palette, laced with ambient, avant-techno, bass, and sound design.
PRICE: $14.00
TWO SHELL SoulCity EP 12"
Following on from the huge success of 2019's Access EP on Livity Sound Recordings (LIVITY 036EP), Two Shell return to Livity Sound with the SoulCity EP. This new EP expands their sonic utopia, injecting early dubstep and grime influences with their signature optimistic digital futurism for maximum dancefloor effect.
PRICE: $14.00
Forest Drive West returns to Livity Sound with the Dualism EP, a tour de force of stripped dub aesthetics and swirling psychedelic rhythms. One of the finest breakthrough UK producers of recent years, in a short space of time Forest Drive West has created an enviable catalog across labels such as Livity Sound, Rupture, Echocord, Whities, and Mantis. This new EP marks some of his best work to date. The final track on the EP, "Scorpion", features Melbourne based percussionist Lucky Pereira whose frenetic but tightly locked drums add a fizzing energy to Forest Drive West's deep atmospheric rhythm track.
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: LTW 029LP
Blackpool based noise rock and punk trio Those Fucking Snowflakes are a vibrant clash of political punk, hardcore rock, and math rock that has been getting the likes of Tom Robinson and Gideon Coe as well Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods. The band formed as a means to scream the dread and horror faced in these confusing times of our modern society. From the current mess of the UK political system to the intolerance of, well, everything. From race and gender to such simple items as Greggs releasing a Vegan Sausage Roll, the band are shouting about it backed with a tight unique sound and occasional off kilter humor. The band have self-released two EPs: U Ok Hun? and Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage on their own label The Recording Industry Is Dead, Records.
PRICE: $23.00
SANTTANA, LUCAS 3 Sessions In A Greenhouse LP
LP version. Mais Um present a reissue of Lucas Santtana's 3 Sessions In A Greenhouse, originally released on CD only in 2006. On the 15th anniversary of its original release, Mais Um revisit a lost classic from the catalog of one of Brazil's most regarded and influential contemporary songwriters. Featuring Tom Zé and mangue beat pioneer, Gilmar Bola 8, Lucas Santtana's 3 Sessions In A Greenhouse fused psyched-out samba and baile funk with original Black Ark-style studio distortion and spiritual dub dread, laying the foundations for his seminal Sem Nostalgia LP five years later (MAIS 002CD/LP), and in the process, establishing Santtana as an elemental force of Brazil's current new wave. "At the beginning of my career, I was experimenting, trying to figure out my sound. On 3 Sessions In A Greenhouse, I discovered what I am and what I wanted to do in music. All the pieces connected. Everything just felt like the right place at the right time." Comprising four originals and four Santtana/Seleçao Natural dubs (plus a CD bonus track), 3 Sessions In A Greenhouse was and is a sound clash unlike any to have come before. Produced by Santtana and Recife's dubsetter himself, Buguinha Dub, each session was approached as an opportunity not to just record each instrument but to create an environment in which the studio becomes the centerpiece. Recorded and mixed entirely live as a group, with no overdubs, 3 Sessions feels uniquely intimate and relaxed (best typified by the band's "chat" in-between recordings). Tropicalia icon Tom Zé features on Santtana's slightly zippier version of Zé's samba dub "Ogodô Ano 2000" and American journalist Phylis Huber's reading of an extract of Virgina Woolf's The Waves on the expansive nine minute-long Balearic/Afrobeat dub "A Natureza Espera", is poignant and trippy. Santtana's take on Naçao Zumbi's "Pela Orla Dos Velhos Tempos", featuring original member and percussionist Gilmar Bola 8 on vocals, takes on techier references of the Detroit type, whilst vinyl closer "Into Shade" is a sumptuous psych rock dub ballad, co-written by Arto Lindsay. Remastered by German dub shaman, Stefan Betke/Pole. RIYL: Dennis Bovell, Tom Zé, Gilberto Gil, Beck, Caetano Veloso.
PRICE: $31.00
"The pieces presented on Rainbow de Nuit treat the ears to a carousel ride waltzing through a multiverse made up of surrealist puppet theaters, dramatic film noir act changes, and a mosaic of polyphonic instruments and toys alike. In other words, a score to a fable brought to life with haunting yet charming melodies and occasional hallucinatory voices reminiscent of laughter and infantile epiphanies which we hear on 'Tarzan en Tasmanie' and 'Madrigal for Lola'. This is taken a step further by Fenech, to a brief libretto of incomprehensible tongues on 'Pocarina'. Amid the mysterious and dark ('Septième Ciel' and 'Rugit Le Coeur') also lies tender and simple compositions ('Rainbow de Nuit' and 'Chevalier Gambette'), murky suspenseful melancholy ('Levy Attend' and 'Eno Ennio'), and casually slipping into pensive psychedelic backdrops ('Un Cercueil à Deux Places') -- forming a colorful blend of sounds. A world of echoes. A tale of tales. One persistent earworm that you'll likely be whistling and humming along to on a first listen."
MM 120LP
PRICE: $36.00
CAT #: MM 120LP
HARARI Rufaro / Happiness LP
"Two classic South African psychedelic afro-rock albums reissued by Matsuli Music The Beaters ? Harari was released in 1975. After changing their name, Harari went into the studio late in 1976 to record their follow-up, Rufaro / Happiness. In 1976 they were voted South Africa's top instrumental group and were in high demand at concert venues across the country. Comprising former schoolmates guitarist and singer Selby Ntuli, bassist Alec Khaoli, lead guitarist Monty Ndimande and drummer Sipho Mabuse, the group had come a long way from playing American-styled instrumental soul in the late sixties to delivering two Afro-rock masterpieces. Before these two albums the Beaters had been disciples of 'Soweto Soul' -- an explosion of township bands drawing on American soul and inspired by the assertive image of Stax and Motown's Black artists. The Beaters supported Percy Sledge on his 1970 South African tour (and later Timmy Thomas, Brook Benton and Wilson Pickett). But their watershed moment was their three month tour of Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) where they were inspired by the strengthening independence struggle and musicians such as Thomas Mapfumo who were turning to African influences. On their return, the neat Nehru jackets that had been the band's earliest stage wear were replaced by dashikis and Afros. 'In Harari we rediscovered our African-ness, the infectious rhythms and music of the continent. We came back home inspired! We were overhauling ourselves into dashiki-clad musicians who were Black Power saluting and so on.' Sipho Hotstix Mabuse, talking of the band's time spent on tour in the (then) Rhodesian township from where they took their name. As well as expressing confident African politics, Alec Khaoli recalled, they pioneered by demonstrating that such messages could also be carried by '...happy music. During apartheid times we made people laugh and dance when things weren't looking good.' The two albums capture the band on the cusp of this transition ... The second album Rufaro pushes the African identity and fusion further, with key tracks 'Oya Kai (Where are you going?)', 'Musikana' and 'Uzulu' whilst the more pop-styled 'Rufaro' and 'Afro-Gas' point to where Harari were headed to in years to come. The popularity and sales generated by these two classic albums saw them signed by Gallo and release just two more albums with the original line-up before the untimely death of Selby Ntuli in 1978. Whilst they went on to greater success, even landing a song in the US Billboard Disco Hot 100 in 1982, it was never the same again."
PRICE: $18.00
STOTT, ANDY Never The Right Time CD
It's been a decade since Andy Stott released Passed Me By (2011), a radical re-imagining of dance music as an expression of "physical and spiritual exhaustion" (Pitchfork). What followed was a process of rapid remodeling: We Stay Together (2011) -- slow and fucked, for the club, Luxury Problems (2012) -- greyscale romance, Faith In Strangers (2014) -- destroyed love songs, Too Many Voices (2016) -- 4th world Triton shimmers, and It Should Be Us (2019) -- the club, collapsed, a run of releases that gradually untangled complex ideas into a singular, chaotic body of work somewhere between sound-art, techno and pop. In early 2020 - with a new album almost done and an offer to produce for a completely mainstream artist on the table -- personal upheaval brought everything to a sudden standstill. Months of withdrawal eventually triggered renewed curiosity, a different approach. Stott began to record hours of raw material; slow horns, sibilance, delayed drums, wondering flutes -- whatever, whenever. And although software made it possible to iron out every kink and knot, Stott tirelessly looked for them -- in pursuit of a sound that was human in all its awkward asymmetry. With vocals recorded by Alison Skidmore, the album was finally completed late in the year -- taking on a completely different shape. Its songs were desolate, melancholy, defiant, beautiful -- often all at once. The sounds echoed music around Stott during those months: Prince, Gavin Bryars, A.R. Kane, Bohren & der Club of Gore, Robert Turman, Cindy Lee, Leila, Catherine Christer Hennix, Junior Boys, László Hortobágyi, Nídia, Prefab Sprout -- the unusual, the familiar. And echoing that mix of new and old, each of the songs on Never The Right Time seem woven from the same thread despite following different trajectories; from the lovelorn shimmer of opener "Away Not gone", to the clattering linndrum pop of "The Beginning", through "Answers" angular club haze, and the city-at-night end-credits "Hard To Tell". These are songs fueled by nostalgia and soul searching, but all hold true to a vision of music making as a form of renewal and reinvention. A ten-year cycle, complete. Mastered by Rashad Becker.
M 1315CD
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: M 1315CD
BARTZ NTU TROOP, GARY Live In Bremen 1975 2CD
"The musical life of the American jazz saxophonist Gary Bartz is busy and eventful. The eighty-year-old American Bartz jammed with Freddie Hubbard, Lee Morgan and Pharoah Sanders at a young age. In 1965 he became a member of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. In 1970 Bartz joined the Miles Davis Band, played with Davis at the Isle Of Wight -- Festival and on his studio/live album Live Evil. In 1972 Gary Bartz founded his own band, NTU Troop. He borrowed the name from the Bantu language. Bartz: 'Ntu means unity in all things, in time and space, life and death, in the visible and the invisible. Musically, it stands for an alliance of bop, free, rock and African music.' On 8th November 1975, Gary Bartz performed with the NTU Troop in Bremen's Post-Aula. Radio Bremen was there and now the recording is being released physically and digitally on Moosicus. Gary Bartz was joined on stage by drummer Howard King, bassist Curtis Robertson and pianist Charles Mims, an extraordinary, musically brilliant quartet that was well-rehearsed and coordinated. Unfortunately, it was short-lived, because quite soon after this performance, the NTU Troop went their separate ways again. King, Robertson and Mims went on to work with Roberta Flack, Lou Rawls and Patrice Rushen, among others, while Bartz continued his solo career with such major labels as Capitol Records and Arista. For Gary Bartz, jazz is 'improvised composing', which can be heard on this live album recorded 46 years ago."
PRICE: $15.50
JUS-ED Flight To Tokyo 12"
2021 restock. After the album Vision Dance (MULE 021CD) on Mule Electronic, Jus-Ed returns with the follow-up single, Flight To Tokyo. "Flight To Tokyo" on the A-side is dark, hypnotic house with a female vocal loop. "The Machine" on the B-side is a typical underground-quality-style deep house track.
MOV 2776LP
PRICE: $30.00
CAT #: MOV 2776LP
IJAHMAN Are We A Warrior LP
"Reggae artist Ijahman aka Trevor Sutherland released his Are We A Warrior album in 1979. Growing up in Trenchtown, Jamaica before emigrating to England aged 17 where he joined The Vibrations and later forming Youth And Rudie And The Shell Shock. 'Are We A Warrior' and 'Moulding (Whip That Tarantula)' are classic roots reggae songs and the album was produced by the legendary Jamaican musician Geoffrey Chung. Are We A Warrior is part of Music On Vinyl Selected Reggae Classics series, and it includes this sticker on the seal."
PRICE: $13.00
CAT #: NSD 166CD
MF DOOM Special Herbs Volumes 9 & 0 CD
"MF DOOM is the man in the iron mask. The most mysterious figure in hip-hop has also become one of the most popular, supplying beats and rhymes for Gorillaz, De La Soul, Madlib, Danger Mouse, and Wu-Tang Clan, and drawing praise from heavyweights like Just Blaze, Nas, and Mos Def. Since 2002, DOOM has released numerous volumes of Special Herbs, one of the longest-running instrumental series in hip- hop history. Now, the ninth and tenth volumes in the acclaimed series are available on vinyl for the first time in years. With obscure loops and dusty samples galore, Special Herbs Vol. 9 & 0 is a must-have for any DOOM fan or hip-hop head."
OR 004EP
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: OR 004EP
12" EP featuring music by London based producer and DJ Koichi Sakai, a well-known head in London music circles thanks to his role in co-founding the legendary Afrobeat Vibration nights alongside Dele Sosimi. In collaboration with Ghanaian percussionist and singer Afla Sackey (Afrik Bawantu), this project sees Koichi mixing African percussion instruments and themes with synths and drum machines. The A Side features the dancefloor workout "Jingo", a fresh take on Babatunde Olatunji's original featuring vocals and percussion by Afla Sackey and guitar by Mao Yamada, with Koichi on synths and drum machine. On the B Side, "Wono", the title track from Koichi's debut LP, gets the remix treatment by Osunlade who takes Afla's lead vocals and a few percussion elements and turns it into a stripped-down, hypnotic dancefloor monster. On the second B Side track, Venezuela producer Pocz, aka Carlos Mayoral, creates a funked-up, Latinized version of the original featuring a brand new bassline and jazzy synths. This EP comes as a lead up to Koichi's first LP, Wono, to be released towards the end of 2019.
PRICE: $25.00
BISK Vacation Package LP
"If you slide in on Bisk's homepage, you will see at the very top it says 'Good Electronic Music' -- a brave, and foremost, true statement. Being an active producer since 1996 Bisk has released seven albums, and after a 12-year hiatus he returned again in 2012. Bisk's eighth album is Vacation Package on Ominira. Vacation Package consists of eight eclectic tracks, their origins being traced back to several performances taking place at radical live music venue Forestlimit, Tokyo, in late 2019 and early 2020. Reinterpreted, reconstructed, sawed into pieces, Bisk presents his own fragmented interstellar funk: ultramodern yet effortlessly cool and timeless, with a slight relaxed nonchalance. Warm, groovy basslines centering stretched out cosmic colors, gliding melodies and vocals. Bisk's play with rhythms and his intense, at times rather sparse, drops of beats makes the pace so speedy that, contrary, the record seems to go in ultrarapid -- taped so fast it actually plays to the listener in slow motion. Bisk presents a sincere and emotive collection of work with Vacation Package. Funky and slick, without the cheese."
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: PQR 001LP
Events currently taking place throughout the world only serve to stoke a fire under the likes of Pillow Queens, who find themselves continually inspired by a Dublin that is no stranger to fighting social injustice. Street artists, fashion designers, musicians, film makers, and more comprise a scene which routinely champions queerness and marginalized groups, and engages with and activates young people in response to the likes of the city's ongoing housing and mental health crises. Pillow Queens' songs of togetherness and unity ring out louder than ever before. In their short lifespan as a band, they've released two demo EPs, performed on a successful string of UK and Irish dates and festival appearances, had playlisting from BBC 6 Music, and found themselves opening for the likes of American Football and Pussy Riot, as well as stadium performances opening for IDLES and Future Islands. With all this under their belt, the band began working with Mercury Prize nominated producer Tommy McLaughlin for their single "Gay Girls" -- which received a nomination for the RTE Choice Music Prize song of the year, as well as International pickup from NPR's World Cafe and KEXP. The song also found its way into the heart of actor Cillian Murphy and his BBC6 mixtape show. 2019 saw Pillow Queens venture into mainland Europe, as they lit up the Eurosonic festival and completed a string of tour dates opening for Soak. The tour was a messy and joyous affair captured beautifully in the DIY video for the bands summer single "HowDoILook". In Waiting is Pillow Queens' debut album, the result of four years of brotherly love in a sisterly unit from Ireland's most urgent, yearning, rock band. Crafted from the band's lives, and honed in a studio in rural Donegal in the northwest of Ireland, this is a record by queens in waiting and kings in the making. It's an album about love; self-love, queer love, the anxiety-inducing fault lines of romantic love, and the love for a city and a country that simultaneously has your back and is on your back. Gatefold sleeve.
RCD 2212CD
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: RCD 2212CD
Original score by Krzysztof Penderecki. New reading and conduction by Mats Gustafsson. The first (and until now only?) recorded interpretation of Krzysztof Penderecki's Actions For Free Jazz Orchestra took place in 1971 at Donaueschingen and featured the New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra, assembled by Don Cherry for the occasion and conducted by the great Polish composer. That orchestra also consisted of 14 musicians, including international jazz heavyweights such as Kenny Wheeler, Peter Brötzmann, Thomasz Stanko, Terje Rypdal, Han Bennink, and others. Don Cherry himself did not perform. Penderecki had heard the Globe Unity Orchestra a couple of years earlier and was fascinated by the possibilities of working with musicians from a different background and with other perspectives than he was used to from the classical world. The challenge for all involved was to find the right balance between composition and improvisation. The idea was initially met with some skepticism from the musicians, but this soon gave way to acceptance and even eagerness. The new, extended reading by Mats Gustafsson and Fire! Orchestra was commissioned by the Sacrum Profanum festival in Kraków, Poland in 2018. The idea was to place this classic piece in a contemporary setting, with a new approach and a new body of sound. However, the original score was used as a platform for the new reading, connecting history with the present. A score in this context is most often of a graphic nature to present reference points, visualized on the sleeve by Kim Hiorthøy's cut-up adaption of Mats Gustafsson's score. It's also worth noticing that the instrumentation is more or less identical to that of 1971, the main difference being a tuba replacing one of the trombones. Finally, this new reading clocks in at 40 minutes, and is thus considerably longer than the 1971 version. This line-up of the Fire! Orchestra is unique in that it's the first time without founding members and singers Mariam Wallentin and Sofia Jernberg. It's also the first time with guitarist Reine Fiske.
PRICE: $20.00
BARRECA, MARC The Sleeper Wakes LP
"Scissor Tail presents the first vinyl issue of Marc Barreca's 1986 album The Sleeper Wakes, originally only released on cassette by the Seattle electronic ambient label Intrepid. Marc Barreca has been creating and performing electronic music since the mid-1970s. His 1980 album, Twilight, reissued on vinyl in 2016, was one of the earliest releases on Palace Of Lights. Recent releases include Shadow Aesthetics (2018) and three collaborations with K. Leimer. Previous reissues include work on the acclaimed VOD box set American Cassette Culture, the Cherry Red compilation of seminal U.S. electronic music and the 1983 cassette Music Works For Industry. His work is also included in the collection of The British Library. The Sleeper Wakes has been out of print for many years and Scissor Tail is very happy to remaster and reissue this great work that was ahead of it's time, employing analog treatments of sampled sounds arranged in a very interesting and intuitive way."
LP 7002LP
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: LP 7002LP
JAMES, ELMO The Sky Is Crying LP
Originally released in 1965. From the back cover: "When Elmo James sings 'The Sky Is Crying', it is almost possible to hear the drops falling. This is a man whose talent allows him to create a totally convincing picture of the lyrics he is singing. In a large sense, Elmo James is more than a singer. He is a story-teller of considerable aptitude, possessing a talent and an insight that enables him to communicate everything that he feels. Elmo is most at home with the blues, as this album ably illustrates . . . This is an album that is well paced in terms of material and performance. Make way for Elmo Hames who has quite a way with a song."
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: SIS 006LP
"With her ambidextrous and pedidextrous, multi-instrumental techniques of her own making and influences ranging from video games to West African griots subverting the predominantly white male canon of fingerstyle guitar, Yasmin Williams is truly a guitarist for the new century. So too is her stunning sophomore release, Urban Driftwood, an album for and of these times. Though the record is instrumental, its songs follow a narrative arc of 2020, illustrating both a personal journey and a national reckoning, through Williams' evocative, lyrical compositions. Williams, 24, began playing electric guitar in eighth grade, after she beat the video game Guitar Hero 2 on expert level. Initially inspired by Jimi Hendrix and other shredders she was familiar with through the game, she quickly moved on to acoustic guitar, finding that it allowed her to combine fingerstyle techniques with the lap-tapping she had developed, as well as perform as a solo artist. Deriving no lineage from 'American primitive' and rejecting the problematic connotations of the term, Williams' influences include the smooth jazz and R&B she listened to growing up, Hendrix and Nirvana, go-go and hip-hop. On Urban Driftwood, Williams references the music of West African griots through the inclusion of kora and hand drumming of 150th generation djeli Amadou Kouyate, on the title track. Yasmin Williams is virtuosic in her mastery of the guitar and in the techniques of her own invention, but her playing never sacrifices lyricism, melody, and rhythm for pure demonstration of skill. Storytelling through sound is important to her too. As detailed in the liner notes, the songs on Urban Driftwood were completed during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, in the midst of a national uprising of Black Lives Matter protests in response to the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. But while Urban Driftwood illustrates current struggle, can't help but open-heartedly offer a timeless solace."
SV 177EP
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: SV 177EP
SCREAMERS Screamers Demo Hollywood 1977 12"
"These songs were recorded a few months after the Los Angeles punk scene began. These five statements of intent transcend Punk and project forward into the future: to the analog synth wave of the late '70s and beyond, to the present day, four decades later, when they finally receive an official release. Sourced from the original reel-to-reels, they are a revelation compared to the countless copies that have been circulating by multiple generations of tape-traders. Here, for the first time, is the Screamers' initial and legendary manifesto. The Screamers concept was simple, yet audacious: take the spirit and the look of punk -- the pseudo-psychotic aggression, the spiky hair, vacant stares and barely concealed sadomasochism -- and match it to a different configuration than the typical '60s rock template. As launched, the Screamers featured two keyboard players (Tommy Gear and David Brown), a drummer (KK Barrett) and an intensely charismatic singer (Tomata du Plenty). The idea was to be confrontational -- to evoke (as Tomata described in an early interview) a state of anxiety. Forty years later, this release builds on the groundswell of interest in the Screamers that has been occurring in the early 21st century. There are web sites with detailed histories of the group and several bootlegs of demos and live material from 1977-79. The video of '122 Hours of Fear' -- perhaps their peak moment, recorded at Target Video in August 1978 -- has now passed over 650,000 views online. This is the Screamers' time, and the time is now." --Jon Savage (excerpt from the liner notes). Cover featuring artwork by Gary Panter.
SR 551LP
PRICE: $45.00
CAT #: SR 551LP
Limited restock, last copies... "Preserved on two reels in Rashied Ali's tape archive, this document may have been only the second time that Ali had led a band in public. The band membership is stellar and unprecedented, and the tunes they play predate all known segments of Ali's career as a composer or bandleader. Ali was still officially on the job as Coltrane's drummer when he assembled this cast for perhaps as little as two sets of music in the Spring of 1967. It appears to be the earliest documented activity for the late tenor saxophonist Ramon Morris, who had thoroughly absorbed the lessons of John Coltrane, post 1961. Trumpeter Dewey Johnson had his peak moment of fame two years prior, appearing with Coltrane on the orchestral Free Jazz masterpiece Ascension. Pianist Stanley Cowell was just emerging as a distinctive voice among the open-minded 'Young Lions' of the day, on his way from Marion Brown's quartet to groups led by Max Roach. Bassist Reggie Johnson was already familiar with Slugs; he had worked there, alongside Ali and Cowell, across the previous two years. This stereo recording gives us a front row seat -- with all the grit and mayhem from those heady times. Meticulous remastering from the original tapes has polished this bit of East Village verité into a riveting, glistening-but-raw pearl from the black underground of the Sixties. 2xLP gatefold tip-on jacket, pressed on RTI Vinyl."
PRICE: $13.00
CAT #: TAO 005CD
"Jesup Wagon is the astonishing new work from the fertile creative mind of ascendant tenor saxophonist-composer James Brandon Lewis. Voted Rising Star Tenor Saxophonist in the 2020 DownBeat Magazine International Critic's Poll, for his ninth release (and his TAO Forms debut) he leads the Red Lily Quintet, an exceptional inter-generational ensemble assembled specifically for this project. The album speaks eloquently to the forever-evolving continuum of the jazz tradition. Essentially a collection of tone poems -- or, as Duke Ellington might have called them, "tone parallels" -- Duke being the instigator of this type of programmatic jazz. Jesup Wagon is an evocative appreciation of the life and legacy of turn-of-the-19th century African-American musician-painter-writer-scientist George Washington Carver. Sustainable agriculture was a key component of Carver's prescient thoughts into action; his Jesup Wagon was a part of that. The album consists of seven pieces that create a portrait of stunning clarity and depth. Jesup Wagon marks another remarkable step for James as player and composer. Helping him get it all out on this release is the Red Lily Quintet, anchored by the tectonic rhythm section of bassist William Parker and drummer Chad Taylor, and rounded out by cornetist Kirk Knuffke and cellist Chris Hoffman. The album also features liner notes by the great American historian Robin D.G. Kelley, who in 2009 released the definitive Monk biography, Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original. His notes contain much historical detail about Carver, particularly as they relate to the tunes."
PRICE: $22.00
LOVE, CALVIN Highway Dancer LP
Highway Dancer was the latest addition to Calvin Love's catalog of cerebrally-crafted, atmospheric indie pop, before his B-side and rarities album Night Song came out via Taxi Gauche Records in 2020 (TAXI 011LP). The album stems from the same period of songwriting as his 2017 EP, Ecdysis, and encapsulates the observations and inspiration from Love's life on the road. Highway Dancer is now reissued on vinyl. Calvin Love on the record: "The songs you hear on this album were compiled from a larger collection over the past three years. Many of the songs are the subconscious soundtrack to my life and travels before my mind had a chance to conceive them. Inspiration came from everything that attracted my inner soul to the external forces and beauty this world has to offer." For fans of: Weyes Blood, Father John Misty, Cut Worms, Sam Cohen. Marble color vinyl; edition of 200.
PRICE: $22.00
CURRENT 93 Invocations Of Almost LP
2021 restock; LP version, ivory vinyl. Current 93 have dreamt a new album, Invocations Of Almost, using music from her FuturePast and her PastFuture, to accompany David Tibet's art exhibition, Invocations Of Almost, which opens on March 9 at The Begovich Gallery in Fullerton, CA and lasts for around two months. The CD version is 59 minutes long, as it is launched on David's 59th birthday, March 5, whilst he is in LA for the official opening of his show. The music on Invocations Of Almost will be played on a continual loop in The Begovich Gallery whilst the exhibition is open.
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: TTW 138CS
The dusty streets of apartheid-era Soweto, July 27, 1987. The politically charged funeral of a young activist who fled South Africa to became a commander in the military wing of Nelson Mandela's African National Congress. Police await in armored cars. The funeral is restricted by specific government decree. The man being buried is Peter Motau, assassinated in neighboring Swaziland on the orders of South Africa's most notorious government-sanctioned killer, Eugene de Kock, orders carried out by his secret police unit in a bloody ambush. For De Kock and the apartheid government, Peter Motau was a terrorist. For the singing, chanting mourners at his funeral, he was a freedom fighter, a hero from the streets of Soweto itself. ZA87 is a raw audio document of one extraordinary day under apartheid. A father mourns, himself breaking the regulations declaring any political statements at the funeral illegal. Young activists, the "Comrades", sing in praise of the banned ANC's military wing, sirens blare, helicopters hover overhead, a police officer orders all television and photojournalists to leave. Nigel Wrench's microphone remains. Also there is Winnie Mandela, on behalf of the ANC's exiled leadership. Banned from speaking at the funeral, she speaks instead into Wrench's microphone and stages a remarkable intervention as the police seek to detain activists. The authorities sought to keep the events of that day away from the eyes and ears of anyone who wasn't there. ZA87 breaks that silence. Nigel Wrench is an award-winning journalist whose career began in South Africa under apartheid. He is the winner of a Sony Award for "Out This Week", BBC Radio's first national lesbian and gay news program, and a New York Radio Award for BBC Radio 4's "Aids and Me", chronicling his experience of living with HIV. "Few journalists have quite so intimately captured the essence of their era's great moral panics as Nigel Wrench" --The Quietus. ZA87 is the follow-up to Wrench's acclaimed first cassette on The Tapeworm, ZA86, "a remarkable documentation of South Africa under apartheid in 1986" (Boomkat), "chilling and at times stunningly beautiful" (The Quietus), "stylistically not dissimilar to Adam Curtis's 2015 documentary Bitter Lake, its hypnagogic float through the rushes feels curiously vivid, free of the dating or distancing effect further media packaging might bring" (The Wire).
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: TTW 140CS
SHIROISHI AND ZACHARY PAUL, PATRICK Of The Shapes Of Hearts And Humans Cassette
Patrick Shiroishi is a Japanese-American multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Los Angeles who is perhaps best known for his extensive and incredibly intense work with the saxophone. Over the last decade, he has established himself as one of the premier improvising musicians in Los Angeles, playing solo and in numerous collaborative projects including Upsilon Acrox, Corima, Oort Smog as well as improvising ensembles Danketsu 10 and Borasisi. Shiroishi may well be considered a foundational player in the city's vast musical expanse. Zachary Paul is a violinist and composer currently located in New York. His work explores the boundaries of perception, the invocation of trance states, and the juxtaposition of stasis and movement. Zachary has released solo work on Touch and Preserved Sound, and has performed with the Sonic Open Orchestra and the String Orchestra of Brooklyn. He is also a regular member of the band Nadoyel and a frequent improviser in a variety of musical idioms. These recordings capture a meeting between Patrick and Zachary, a few days before Zachary left Los Angeles and embarked across the country. The sounds of Garfield Park echoed while the San Gabriel mountains burned, and Patrick and Zachary intoned a prayer for our shared futures.
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: TTW 141CS
HOWLROUND Worm Food Delivery Cassette
Both tracks produced by Robin The Fog at The Sticky Shed, Penge during lockdown 2020. Side A features a recording of a wine glass. Side B is created entirely from closed input sounds of the tape machines themselves. One take, no edits, no overdubs, no artificial FX. Mastered by Steven McInerney. A.H.M.F. and long live the Wyrm. Robin The Fog is a sound designer, radio producer, audio archivist, educator and occasional DJ based in London. His work falls under the broad term "radiophonics" and includes composition, sound installation, field recording and documentary. Best known as founder and chief strategist of "tape loop quintet" Howlround, he also produces work alongside DJ Food and Chris Weaver as The New Obsolescents and with Ken Hollings as The Howling. Originally described as a "second wave hauntologist", his current obsession is attempting to use closed-input feedback loops to create primitive techno, which is quite a long way from where he started. His biggest fear is being swallowed by a python, but living in South London he appreciates the contingency is a remote one.
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: TTW 142CS
SONS OF GOD, THE Electric Fauna Cassette
Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred, September 3, 1999, Fylkingen, Stockholm -- a small chamber play where The Sons put the small animals on pasture and let them live their own lives, but under strict supervision and with a fixed eye so that no accidents may happen, so that no one is injured, so that no one is ill-informed, or how it might be if not everything is organized and supervised in a well-structured society. You can't just let things be without direction, then there would be nothing at all (or death!!!). No, The Sons give a taste of a well-balanced diet in this presentation, which is expected to take four hours, which will be beautiful and moist and will be able to give a much-needed sense of well-being in these difficult times. Maybe we need another clarification: The animals, here at the service of The Sons, give away their little sounds, The Sons, however, direct them with firm hands (and sometimes a little with force) to follow their wishes. The Sons simply get the cute little fellows to produce sound and together form a musical structure that is not of this world. We'll see how it goes.
PRICE: $14.50
Stardust uses cassette recordings from 2015-2018. Some songs (in different form) appear on the Mára recording Here Behold Your Own. Remixed using dubplates of Faith Coloccia's mixes and additional recordings by Philip Jeck in Liverpool, UK, 2020. Mastered by Denis Blackham. Artwork and photography by Jon Wozencroft.Faith Coloccia is an American artist and composer based in Vashon, WA. She was born and raised in Palm Springs, CA, and attended Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles (BFA). Her work is focused on time deconstruction, inherited memory, indexical archives and how sound affects the body in space. Using voice, field recordings, visual scores and traditional instrumentation, she unites composition, spirituality and installation acoustics into a cohesive whole. She performs under the names of Mamiffer and Mára and has been commissioned by and performed at festivals such as Big Ears (US), Hopscotch (US) and Sacrum Profanum (PL). She has collaborated with artists such as Daniel Menche, Jon Mueller, Aaron Turner, Circle, and Eyvind Kang. Her work has been released on SIGE Records, Karlrecords. Room40, and Touch.Philip Jeck studied visual arts at Dartington College of Arts in the 1970s and has been creating sound with record-players since the early '80s. He has worked with many dance and theater companies and played with musicians/composers such as Jah Wobble, Steve Lacy, Gavin Bryars, Jaki Liebezeit, David Sylvian, Sidsel Endresen, and Bernhard Lang. He has released 11 solo albums. Suite, a vinyl-only release, won a Distinction at The Prix Ars Electronica, and a cassette release on The Tapeworm, "Spool", playing only bass guitar. His largest work made with Lol Sargent, Vinyl Requiem was for 180 record-players, nine slide-projectors and two 16mm movie-projectors. It received a Time Out Performance Award. Vinyl Coda I-III, a commission from Bavarian Radio in 1999, won the Karl Sczuka Foderpreis for Radio Art. Philip also still works as a visual artist, usually incorporating sound and has shown installations in Liverpool, London, Berlin. Philip Jeck has won the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Composers 2009. He has toured in an Opera North production playing live to the silent movie Pandora's Box (composed by Hildur Gudnadottir and Johann Johannson).
UE 302BK
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: UE 302BK
TYFUS/MILES AWAY, DENNIS Skins, Brains & Guts / Oi In Eupen 10"+BOOK
Catalog of Dennis Tyfus's exhibition "Skins, Brains & Guts" that took place at Mieke Van 'schaijk Gallery in The Netherlands between 11/07/2020 and 02/28/2021. The book contains a one-sided 10" of Miles Away (Milan W's sleazy late night jazz pseudonym)'s soundtrack to "Oi In Eupen". A film that was shown in the exhibition, with the painter Luc Tuymans as a detective and the most notorious Antwerp bartender (of Café De Kat and De Nor) Marcel De Cleer as a police officer playing the roles of their lives.
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: UTR 136CD
GREEN CHILD, THE Shimmering Basset CD
Available on CD for the first time. The Green Child is the once long-distance, now based in the same house recording project of Raven Mahon (furniture maker and former member of Grass Widow) and Mikey Young (recording engineer and band member of Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring). The duo draws its spectral pop sound from an illusory past as much as they stalk into pastures new. Broadly retro-futuristic in scope, verdant acres of lushly evocative synthesizers and vintage drum machines underpin most of The Green Child's upbeat yet decidedly uncanny songs. More assured and auspicious, the songs collected on Shimmering Basset are concerned with life after relocation and deal with distance and staying connected. Shimmering Basset also concerns itself with the subjects of transport, escape, the centering of home, humanity in the performative news arena and the idea of time being a beast, animate and hungry. "Fashion Light" conjures up a brilliance from the first few sparks of the album, spinning dizzy dots of synth melody into a classy slice of avant-pop, with live drums courtesy of Shaun Gionis. "Low Desk: High Shelf" follows in likewise sprightly mode. Glancing synths criss-cross, worthy of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, echoing off the straight-up beat, allowing Raven's collected vocal to stitch its haunted path. A floating kick drum sets off the shivery flurries of sound on "Witness", featuring bristling electronic percussion from James Vinciguerra. Blossoming basslines and saxophone blushes sweep through the relaxed atmosphere of "The Installation". "Tony Bandana" makes a break for it as a rock song with Arron Mawson lending his bass skills to the foray. The Green Child acknowledge an interesting array of musical cues from New Musik via Sade to Hot Chocolate, the latter most keenly felt on the slinky groove behind "Dreamcom". Clockwork sequencing, drawbar organ amid bouncing guitar spirals and a lightness of vocal touch make for a potent potion. The duo covers "Resurrection" by Canadian '60s popsmith Andy Kim later on the record, turning his orchestral "hymn of searching" into a grandiose tower of overlapping drones, languid vocal reverb, and strummed chords. Meanwhile, "Health Farm" is awash with questing keyboard melodies, its notes speeding into each other like Boards Of Canada with the legato ramped up. "Double Lines" draws this fascinating album to an end, seeping into the room like an apparition. Shimmering Basset is a robust album of compelling melody, expanded vision, and melancholic grandeur.
PRICE: $20.00
"John Andrews is picking flowers from each corner of his life and presenting you with an unusual bouquet. His imaginary band 'The Yawns' are back! Third time's a charm. In hockey terms, they call it a 'hat trick' and you know who's always wearing a ratty old hat? John Andrews. Three years in the making and we have Cookbook, the third, and most colorful record from your favorite New Hampshire based craftsman. Unknowing folks usually assume he lives in New York City or Los Angeles but confer with John for five minutes and if he's in the right mood he'll talk your ear off about the granite state and the old, seedy colonial barn where he's tracked his records with his weird and wonderful friends. Take a listen to his previous effort, 2017's Bad Posture. It was the grassroot slacker's pie in the sky. His head was stuck in the past. He probably excessively listened to 'Cripple Creek Ferry' and he most likely wasn't keeping up with household chores. Time moves on, but just look at him now! All grown up yet likely still feeling those growing pains. After a few more years of traveling we now have Cookbook, fresh out the oven... phew! About nine or ten new tracks, but who's really counting? The lyrics are simple and endearing, inspired by mid-century love songs. His inspirations are all across the board. If his subconscious was a bootleg taper, life would be the show. At any rate, it doesn't sound like a record made in New Hampshire, but make no mistake, this is a dyed-in-the-wool Yawns record, refreshingly straightforward yet full of character. It's less of a crowded honky tonk, and more of an empty, poignant speakeasy. You can finally relax indoors after a weary day out in the cold. Have you ever seen that painting of dogs playing poker? It might as well be what they were listening to as the bulldog pushed his chips forward." --John's mom
XM 004EP
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: XM 004EP
SATIVA CLUB Sativa Trax 12"
"New limited 12" from XCPT posse coming under label headz new alias: Sativa Club. Three tracks exploring a wide spectrum of jungle inspired club music. 'Phonato Riddim' spreads instantly a bulging bag of breaks merged harmonically with heavyweight drum patterns, room quaking subs, and synapse bending vocal samples emerging forcefully from hazy soundscapes. 'Sound of Silence' opens the flip side in a beatless smoky environment where blurry hypnotic frequencies quickly get squashed in a rolling drum break. Finally, the 176 bpm full-throttle payoff of 'Amen Drake': slabs of processed amens, paradroid percussions, gently layered synth lines and fucked up wet-dream vocals. Hypnotic dubwise galore on both sides."
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: YAZ 1035CLP
BROONZY, BIG BILL Do That Guitar Rag 1928-1935 (Color Vinyl) LP
2021 repress; color vinyl version. Originally released in 1973. "The late Big Bill Broonzy looms as one of the few country blues greats whose career seems as remarkable as his musicianship. He played every professional role available to the untutored black guitarist of his generation: that of the country blues soloist catering to dance audiences, the city bluesman beguiling record-buyers with full-dress lyric themes and a slow song delivery, and the folk entertainer trading on familiar standards ear-marked for white listening audiences... It is his early career as a country bluesman that this LP, like its companion volume The Young Bill Broonzy commemorates."
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