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Creation to release pre-publication of Sotos' latest

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Creation Books recently announced that it would be releasing a special version of Predicate, the upcoming book from author Peter Sotos, months in advance of its official release date. Due out in October, this pre-publication edition of 500 copies only comes with a free copy of the new book Waitress, which will never be available in stores and can only be obtained by pre-ordering through the publisher's website.

About Waitress:

Waitress by Peter Sotos is a new compendium book which includes: a facsimile reprint of all 20 editions of Parasite; unedited and previously untranslated interviews with Peter Sotos; and a section of Buyer's Market text and images. Over 200 pages in length and full-sized at 8.5 X 11", Waitress is strictly limited and only available here.

About Predicate:

The Dunblane Massacre in Scotland, March 1996, remains the most abhorred act of mass murder ever perpetrated in the British Isles. Thomas Hamilton, a 43-year-old former scout leader, entered Dunblane Primary School armed with 4 handguns and shot dead 16 schoolchildren and 1 teacher before turning his weapons on himself. Ten years on, controversial author Peter Sotos re-examines Dunblane, dissecting Thomas Hamilton’s motives and life and revealing the gay sub-culture of clandestine paedophilia which spawned this most reviled of all killers. Sotos covers such subjects as Operation Ore, the Wonderland arrests, Russian orphanages, Megan’s law and non-nude Teen websites to illustrate how art and reality blur into the banality of pornography, voyeurism and murder.

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